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Reeve. Uh, hi. Uh, listen, um, I know you’re practically running Salem PD at this point, but, um, today is usually your day off, so I was just wondering if you were free. Uh, yeah, actually I am. No hot plans? Nope. You know, uh, Talia, she’s out doing community service, so I figured I’d stay in, relax, you know, read big little lies, and um, meditate.

Uh huh. Okay. Why? Did you have something else in

mind? Just wondering if maybe you wanted to go to a wedding? Because my sister’s getting married, and um… I could use a plus one.


morning, beautiful. I mean, what? You know I love breakfast in bed. Happy wedding day. Happy anniversary. Happy first day of the rest of

my life.

Matty, your phone is blowing up. It’s rather distracting, babe. Just put it on vibrate, I’ll be out in a sec.

Mattie of Honor, at your service. What do you think? Too much? Yeah, fine. Where are you? Why? You didn’t even look at me! I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to tear my eyes away from these… Libidinous turns of phrase, or shall I say sexed messages from your new lover, I presume.

Eric? Hey, what’s wrong? What happened?

I spoke to Nicole.

She needs you. Get the results back from the genetic testing.

Okay, is that it’s not EJ’s kid. What? I mean, how is that even possible? See, the thing is, Nicole, she hasn’t been with anybody besides me and EJ. Which obviously makes the kid mine. But you already knew that! Didn’t you?

You swapped my cheeks yourself. See, the results conclusively said that I was not the father, which turns out that I am. You could be the only one who screwed with the test. You tried to keep me away from knowing that it’s my kid. You’re a lying bitch!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Dear baby, please don’t be mad at me. No, I just, I was Don’t! But I was terrified whenever I found out Nicole was pregnant that she would leave me for her. Where are you going? I don’t want to be with you. I don’t want to be anywhere near you. But our baby! I’m pregnant! you money. I don’t want money. I want you.

Yeah, well, I don’t want you. I don’t want to be anywhere near you. You know what, Nicole? It was my first love. And our baby is going to be born into this world with love.

And on the other hand, I never really want anything to do with you. Eric, but our baby!

Baby? it?

Are you alright? Oh!

Hey! Hello, hello. I was just reading this article about Abe and Lonnie rescuing him. I can’t believe he was kidnapped by some delusional nurse. He’s actually still alive. I know. It is quite literally unbelievable. Not to mention absolutely brilliant news. Uh huh. And, I have some news of my own. Really? Mm hmm.

Dr. Sorensen’s office just phoned. The results of the genetic testing are in. Already? Mm hmm. And we just had those done yesterday. I greased the wheels a bit. Put it on the fast track for analysis, since I knew you were anxious to get the results. Mm hmm, yeah. So, is everything alright with the baby?

Listen, Gweny, I can explain. You don’t owe me an explanation. And I’m sorry I read your text, but you did ask me to turn your ringer off and they were all sort of popping up all over the screen. Right. That happens. But now, I can’t help but wonder, who is this mystery man who’s lying in bed naked waiting for you?

Are you up to some roleplay perhaps? Let me guess. You’re a cabana boy who accidentally walks into the wrong bungalow. Actually, that’s not bad. Obviously you don’t know who those naughty texts were from, right? No, I mean, how could I? According to your contacts, his initials are MP. Ah, yes, MP. Matthew Perry.

What? The actor from Friends? What, who, Chandler? No, no, it’s a guy that I met on matchup. com. Ross is way more my type anyway. Yeah, actually I can see that Well, that’s wonderful Matty. So when did you meet this bloke? Oh a couple of days ago Did you? Well, I was under the impression that you and I were best friends.

We are. Well, then why didn’t you mention him to me? Because it was you know, just a hookup. I didn’t wanna make a thing out of it and because truthfully I Might be catching some feelings, I don’t want to jinx it. Okay. So what are you waiting for, then? Spill, tell me, is he incredibly hot? Oh, you have no idea.

He is a certified level 3 smoke show. Well, good for you, Matty. Well done. So… You gonna go off to see M. P., be that naughty little cabana boy with the level 3 smoke show? Hmm, well, he says the only thing missing is me. No, M. P. can just hang out by himself for a little while. Really? He seems pretty desperate to see you.

Hey, listen to me. My best friend in the entire world is getting married today, which means today is a very important day for me too. The only person I am focused on right now is you. You’re beautiful, right? Um,

You know what I was thinking this morning? That with all your, uh, pillow drool, and the way that your mouth hangs open when you sleep, and you make that adorable little snorting sound. Oh yeah? It is, it is, it’s adorable. Despite all that, You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.

And my soon to you, my soon to be husband. I am more in love with you than ever. You know, when my alarm went off, and there you were right next

to me, I I don’t know, I thought about it and it’s just silly to worry about the whole don’t see the bride before the wedding thing. I mean, what could happen to us that hasn’t already happened, right? True, true. Oh, Gabby, I cannot wait for you to be my wife

again. And I promise you this time, the death do us part. Part? It’s for real.

So… Gabby’s getting married today? Was this like a sudden decision? No, no, no, no, no. I’ve known for a few weeks now, but But, uh, Yeah, I mean, I didn’t invite you obviously because Yeah, you’re keeping our relationship on the DM. Yeah, but Yeah, but, uh, now that they’ve taken my badge, there’s really no point in keeping up appearances, is there?

I mean, are you sure about that? You know, the acting mayor did fire you, and now that Abe’s been found alive, there’s a real possibility that he can reinstate you. Yeah. Yeah, and when he comes back to the job, he’s not exactly going to be gung ho on us dating. Yeah. So do you really think that this is a good time for us to go public?

Abe back on the job? Not sure that’s gonna happen anytime soon. I mean, not with him struggling with amnesia. And even if Ape does come back, and he’s mayor again, and he wants to reinstate me, I gotta say, being let go, it’s, um, it’s been oddly liberating. Really? Mm hmm. How so? Well, it’s out of the obvious.

You know, that gives me proper time to write my life’s memoir and, uh, to have a midlife crisis. Um, well, it’s made me think about things. It’s made me think, like, my job isn’t necessarily the most important thing in my life. And if I had to choose between being commissioner of Salem PD or being with you, I’d choose you.

That’s very sweet of you to say. But, I mean, you just got out of a divorce, and… Oh, oh, oh, I see. You think this is some sort of a rebound thing, huh? Is that it? Alright, you’re not wrong. I haven’t exactly had the best luck with relationships. That is true. I did think about… Giving up on them, and on love, and then I met you.

This feels different. Feels right.

I feel the same to me too.

Good. Please head that out. Your sister’s not coming back for hmm. Hours.

Whoa, there I, uh.

I think you better open this. Right now? Yeah, now, before you get too carried away. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, and another happy anniversary. Why five? Because we were robbed of our first four, and I figured I might as well play a little catch up. So, for the first anniversary, it’s traditional to give paper.

And for the second, cotton. The third, leather. And then the fourth, fresh fruit and flowers. And for the fifth, wood. This is so sweet and thoughtful, but I feel bad I don’t have anything for you. I think you do. Are

you sure you don’t want to dash over to CMP for a quickie? I’m sure you have time. No, I’m gonna go tell that snake charmer to keep a serpent in his pants. He’s for real. Poor MP, I’m sure he’s going to be very disappointed, I’m


You know, they say that it’s in bad form to text with your boyfriend on your wedding day when you’re about to marry the woman of your dreams. You’re knocking, Kristen. Hmm. Yeah, well, the door was open. So. This boyfriend of yours. Leo Stark is not my boyfriend. Okay, well, your paramour, your boy toy, whatever you want to call him.

Like I said, I’m just I need him thinking that I’m interested so I do not lose this inheritance. Ah, okay, right. Since, uh, I am so looking forward to a cut of the inheritance, I will not tell anyone that my daughter caught you and that little twerp in Flagrante. However, May I remind you, if you have not forgotten, that…

That little twerp is your fiancé Gwen’s best friend. Yes. I know. And, uh, has it occurred to you that the two of them are as thick as thieves and will talk about everything and anything? Leo is not going to tell her anything. Why the hell would he? Oh my god. Because… She is, I’m guessing, not only his best friend, but his most trusted confidant.

And, uh, one day, he will spill the beans. And when he does, dear nephew, you will

be screwed. And not in a good way. So, Official privileges at University Hospital? No, she does not. And since she flew back home last night, we’re to pick up the results ourselves. But she assured me they’d be self explanatory and that if we need to give her a call, with any questions or concerns, we’re free to do so.

I see.

There is no reason to believe that something is wrong. But if there is some concern over our genetic history, we’re more than prepared to deal with it. Together. And if there isn’t, we can rest easy. Right. So, why don’t we go to the hospital and pick up the results now? Shall we? It’s the baby. The baby with?

What do you mean? I just, I had a nightmare. It was, something terribly wrong happened. I don’t know if the testing hasn’t revved up your anxiety. No, it’s not that. I just, I love this baby so much already. Okay. And you’re really scaring me so bad. Alright, shh. Come here. Just relax. Why don’t you close your eyes, all right?

Just take some big, deep breaths, and everything’s gonna be fine, I promise. I mean, you can always try counting the sheen.

Better? Mm

hmm. I’m gonna be fine. I’m Okay. You relax.

It’s not our test results that I’m worried about. It’s EJ Nicole’s.

What will we do if they show that… Our babies.

Eric’s. Man, I could lie here all day. Me too. So, when’s the wedding? Eleven. Oh, we better get going. Wait, we? Does that mean you’re going? Of course I’ll go.

I want to be with you every chance I can get. Okay.

So, where is it? What’s the dress code? Well, it’s at the DiMera mansion, and uh, you can basically wear whatever you want. Mom jeans, wine shirt, my sister does not care. As long as you’re going to be on her side of the aisle, she’ll be happy. Right, right. You know, I can’t help but wonder how many DiMeras must be living in that mansion now.

Oh my God. EJ and Nicole, they’re going to be there, aren’t they? Well, yeah, probably. I mean, it is his brother that’s getting married. Yeah. You okay with that? No, I’m fine with it. The question is, are you? I mean, I know how upset you were yesterday when you found out about Nicole’s pregnancy. Oh, I was shocked.

Yes. Upset? No. No, I’m not. You know, as far as I’m concerned, EJ and Nicole deserve each other, I don’t give a damn. Yeah. What about you, though? Remember all those things that Nicole said when she found out you were pregnant? Yeah, but that was my choice to make. I did what was right for me. I mean, as far as Nicole Walker is concerned, I don’t care.

And I would feel a little resentment if it was Eric that was gonna be the father of that child, but it’s not. It’s EJ’s. Yeah. And quite frankly, the only person I feel sorry for is that child. Right?

Oh, I don’t know why I’m such a bundle of nerves. Oh, you shouldn’t be. It’s not like either one of us has a family history of genetic disorders. Unless being a screw up is in the DNA? Oh, asking for a friend, of course. No, and you can tell your friend… I don’t think that can be passed down. So, shall we? Where are you two going?

Uh, we’re going to the hospital to pick up some lab results. Aren’t you, uh, forgetting something? Ta da da da! Your wedding, yes, yes, yes, of course. We wouldn’t miss it for the world. We won’t be long. Okay. Look, EJ, I… I know I didn’t get to ask you this formally, to be my best man, but… For a good reason. Okay, just…

You see, I don’t have anybody else to help me get ready. And, I know you and I have had our ups and downs, but I’m hoping this most recent truce can be more of a permanent detente, and we can put this Cain and Abel crap behind us. That is a lovely sentiment, and I too am hopeful, uh, unfortunately, I’m not.

No, no, no, you know what, why don’t, why don’t you stay and help Stefan? But, I, I thought that this is important, the man’s getting married today. I can go to the hospital myself. Yes, I’m sure and I’ll be back in time to get ready. I mean, if you’re really okay with it. I am. Now, you fulfill your best man duties, and I will be back soon with good news, I’m sure.

Mm hmm. Okay? Definitely good news. Mwah. Okay. Okay.

I’m calming down, I’m calming down for you, little one, because I know that panicking isn’t good for you. Yes, that’s right. Mm. Mm. If any luck, EJ will be the father of that baby. What do you say? Should we find out? You talking to yourself? Oh, to the baby, actually. Couldn’t sleep. Oh, I’m sorry. Hey, you know what I was thinking?

You should come down to the pub with me. I mean, since I told Brady yesterday about the baby and I think it’s time that I share it with my dad and Kate, too. And, you know, you can join us for lunch. It would be great. Oh. I know I’d love to, but I just, I can’t. I promised my brother that I would spend some time with him before he began serving his time, and you know, he was a wreck yesterday after the hearing.

Okay, I mean, I understand. But give my love to Kate and your dad, okay? Of course I will. I will understand. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah.

Who is it? It’s Kristen. May I come in? Uh, sure.

I brought you something. It’s a family heirloom. It’s old. It twinkles blue. Well, I mean, someone probably swiped it from the lost and found on the Titanic. Meaning, it is very, very old. Yeah, I got it. I just wondered if you wanted to wear it today. Why? Why? Well, because we’re going to be family. And you have gone out of your way to be nice to me since your oh so romantic reunion with my brother.

I know it’s probably because you just needed support with the DiMera board. And also, I, I figured you didn’t have a maid of honor, so I just wanted to say I was available. You know, I’m studying your face, looking for the poker tell, trying to figure out if you have an ulterior motive. No, my only motive is to forge a friendship with you, my soon to be sister in law.

I suppose I, uh… Because I’m getting shared custody with Rachel, I’m feeling rather charitable.

I’m really happy to hear about your daughter, Kristen. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Uh, so, um, would you like me to put this on? Sure. Um, thank you. Sure. Yeah.


Oh, look who’s dressed to the nines for no apparent reason. Either you are auditioning to be the next Bachelor, in which case good luck, or you didn’t get the memo. You’re not invited to the wedding. What wedding? Mine. I’m getting married this morning. Well, what a coincidence. So am I. You’re kidding. No, no, no, I’m not kidding.

And, uh, well, I assume you’re having the ceremony right here. You’re assuming right. Well then, another coincidence. So am I. Well,

I suppose I ought to get into my dress if I don’t want to be late to my own wedding. Ah, Gwenny, I can’t believe you’re moving out. Leaving me alone in this dark, low ceilinged little room with the outdated window treatments. Not that bad. And generally, you know, husband and wife do tend to live together.

Although, I am going to miss this dark, low ceilinged, walled room with you. Yes, it’s going to be so depressing, schlepping around that 10, 000 square foot mansion. All the cooks and butlers, the theater, indoor pool. Yeah, well, you know, I did live there before, so I am quite familiar and know my way around all those 10, 000 square feet.

But last time you were a nanny, now you’re going to be the lady of the manor, bossing people around.

Yes, it will be quite different, won’t it? More enjoyable, I presume. However. There’s a however? Yes, of course there is. I’m not going to have my best friend who can make me laugh harder than anyone else can. Who comforts me when I’m feeling low. It’s not like you’re moving to another galaxy. We’re gonna see each other all the time.

Damn well better. And Gwenny, I hate to bring up the crass topic of money, but how am I gonna afford this place without you? You’re gonna have to give me a raise, okay? Yes, or maybe you’re just gonna have to cut down on all the room service and pay per view porn. Those were art films. Really? 40 gays in 40 nights.

The Devil Wears Nada. Well, maybe not those.

Gwennie, Without me around to rhapsodize about all of your incredible attributes, You better not lose sight of how special, and wonderful, and perfect you are. Well, if I do forget, I’m just gonna have to ring you, aren’t I, so you can remind me. Anytime. Day or night.

You’re Matty. You

know I adore you.

I’m going to cherish all of our memories that we’ve made. Here. In the Salem Inn room. I adore you too. I’m gonna miss you so much. Oh gosh. I’m gonna miss you too.

Wow. Is this okay? Is. Uh, okay, yeah, let me just clarify, so when we talked about dress code, I should have stipulated that you’re not supposed to upstage the bride. You look amazing. Wow. Thank you. And you don’t look so bad yourself. Thank you. So, what’s the protocol? Do we need to get a card or a present? No, no, no, don’t worry about it, because I’m just going to re wrap the waffle iron that I got my sister at her last almost wedding.

Perfect. Hey. Hey. Hi there. Hi. Are, uh, you two… Never mind. It’s none of my business. No, it’s fine. And yes, we are. I mean, that’s assuming if you were asking if we’re seeing each other. Yeah, that was my question. That’s great. Thanks. So, it looks like you have some news of your own to share. Floor’s open. Yeah, I was stopping by to see my dad and tell him that Sloane and I are expecting.


You are positively glowing. Thank you. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been this happy since the day Ariana was born. I can’t believe I’m gonna marry my soulmate. Oh, look at you. Kristen, I know that you’ve always thought of Brady that way as, as your soulmate, and, and maybe now that you’re sharing custody of Rachel, maybe that magic will come back again.

Yeah. Maybe.

Suck in. Suck in! Ugh, my goodness, girl! You’re like a negative size two. Why is this so tight? Well, full disclosure, I took the gown straight off the mannequin, who was probably a negative size four. And of course there wasn’t anyone around to do alterations, unfortunately. What? It was a time sensitive situation.

You see what’s happening here? This is me biting my tongue, practicing radical acceptance. Matty, I know you probably think that I should be whisked away in some straitjacket for marrying some guy that I barely know, but in all of my years where I’ve had relationships with men, well, sort of, Relationships with men.

Well, I’ve never clicked with anyone the way that I do with Dimitri. It’s like, um, well, you can sort of say it’s like love at first sight. Like what you had with Craig. I was scamming, Craig! Okay, yeah, maybe not the best analogy. Since, um, Dimitri’s not scamming me, of course. But, um, See, look, what I’m trying to say is that, um, I thought that I could only ever love Xander.

And he loved another woman. And that was my heartbreak. But, Dimitri… Oh, he is going to make me so happy. In fact, he already has. And that’s because he’s not pining for anyone else. He doesn’t have an ex wife or a lover that he can’t get out of his mind.

Matty, that’s because for the first time in my life, I am involved with somebody who only has eyes for me.

Listen to me, nephew. I don’t know what exactly is behind this whirlwind courtship or your ridiculously hasty decision to marry Gwen Ryschek of all people, which I’m sure is going to end up in lots of tears and probably in a courtroom, but in any case, Stefan has reserved our family home for his wedding, so you’re going to have to find another venue.

Uncle, I completely understand your concerns, and obviously it isn’t an ideal situation, but, uh, Well, I can’t do that to Gwen. She’s gonna be here any minute now, expecting to be married right here in the mansion. You think I give a rat’s ass what that woman is expecting? You do not get to blindside us with ridiculous demands.

Do you understand that? Okay, can I, uh, chat with him for a second, please? Can you take it down a notch? Why the hell should I? And why are you so calm about all this? I mean, talk about chutzpah. That son of a bitch is trying to commandeer the house, the staff, the champagne. EJ, can you listen to me for a second, please?

You remember what Kristen said, right? That his co CEO is at DiMera. It is in our best interest not to alienate one of our biggest shareholders. Now, I have to find a way to get along with this guy. I’m still gonna sleep with one eye open, but I don’t see any reason to antagonize the guy over a situation that can be easily remedied.

Remedied? Remedied how? Think about it. These two, they don’t have any friends, and they’re probably haikus longer than the guest list. So why not just set out a few extra chairs? If I’m not mistaken, what you’re trying to say… What I’m saying is we have a double wedding.

That’s wonderful, Eric. That you’re finally getting the child that you… Always wanted. Congratulations. Thank you. You ready? Yes, yes I am. Alright, if you’ll excuse us. We have a wedding to attend. Have fun.

Hi, I am here to pick up some lab results. What’s the name? It’s, uh, Walker. Nicole Walker. May I see some identification? Of course. Yeah. Um.

You know what? It seems I have left it at my house, but I can tell you that the date of service was yesterday with Dr. Sorenson. I’m still going to need to see some identification. If you really need proof that I am who I say I am, feel free to just call my husband, E. J. DiMera. Oh. That won’t be necessary.

I’ve got them right here. Ah,

thank you so much.

Hi. Hi, darling. Is everything alright? I thought you’d be back by now. Yeah, I’m sorry. There was a traffic jam on University Parkway. I’m just picking up our results now, so if I’m late to the wedding, go ahead and start without me. Actually, uh, weddings, plural. What? I don’t… Turns out that, uh, Stefan and Dimitri have agreed to a double wedding.

Wait, a double wedding? What? Okay, I know, but I should have asked you first. You’re expecting me to share my wedding date with that, that creep? Dimitri, you hate him! And Gwen was checking me and she let me take the fall for drugging Abigail. Have you lost your mind? Gabby, I… I am so sorry, really, but we didn’t have a lot of time to come up with an alternative.

The important thing is, you and I are going to be married. You’re going to be husband and wife again, okay? Yeah, I guess we have no choice.

What is going on here? Apparently we’re having a double wedding. No. Oh God, no. No, no. The last double wedding that I was involved in with him was a… Category 5 disaster. Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe you should call off. Call off

my wedding?

I… I don’t want to call off my wedding. Well, then, what about a… Conscious on marrying? Can’t we just go to the courthouse? We don’t have an appointment. Well then, let’s go tomorrow. I mean, come on, what’s, what’s 24 hours? I know that you’re so dead set on getting married before your 40th, darling, but really Gwen, darling.

Everyone is here. I know this isn’t what you expected, but… Look, Dmitri is right. He is right, and you are a vision, Gwen. And right now, everyone and everything is ready to go. Yes, yes, that’s right. And, and I didn’t want to tell you this yet, but I may have got you a little something special and had it engraved with today’s date.

And… And Gabby and Stefan have very generously agreed to share their special day with us. So in a way, with all this love in the air, it’s, uh, well, it’s kind of magical, don’t you think? Well, I’m down. And are we doing ceviche this time? I have developed a shellfish allergy. For Can we get this show on the road, because I have been waiting years to marry this man, and I don’t want to wait longer.

Okay. Okay, yes, yes, I don’t, I don’t want to wait any longer either. So let’s tie these knots. There she is. There you are, and you brought a plus one. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much, and you look beautiful, as always. Thank you, so do you.

What’s going on? Oh, we’re having a double wedding. The more the merrier. Oh. You say so. Uh huh.

Oh, hey, EJ. Where’s Nicole? Oh, she said to start the ceremony without her. She’s been delayed. Oh, what a shame.

Hi, I’m here to pick up my test results. Oh, your name? Nicole Walker.

Oh, I’m sorry, it says here they’ve already been picked up.

Okay, Nicole Walker. No genetic anomalies detected, blah blah blah. Okay, where is it?

E. J. DiMera.

Not a genetic match. Dear God. The baby’s not EJ’s. It’s Eric’s.

Welcome, one and all. We are here to join this man and this woman, and this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Marriage is a sacred institution based on trust, love, and mutual respect. Should anyone present see any reason why these two Excuse me, why either of these two out of the four should not be wed.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Who left that part in?

Well then. Wait a minute.

I have something to say.

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