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Eli takes care of Lani in the hospital. Lani encourages him to chill. Eli talks about the scare she gave him and suggests next time she gets a lead in a dangerous situation, she could give him a call first. Lani agrees to and assures that she’s fine as Kayla said the sedative that Whitley gave her has been flushed out of her system. US Marshal Sam Gerard enters and says he’s glad to hear that so he can finally take her back to prison.

Kayla gives Theo coffee at the hospital. Theo talks about being relieved that Lani is okay and he can’t believe that she actually tracked down Abe, who is alive. Theo says he thought he was seeing things and couldn’t believe it was real. Theo wonders if Abe will get his memory back at some point. Kayla encourages that his amnesia should be temporary. Theo asks if she’s saying there’s a chance that Abe will never remember them.

Paulina sits at Abe’s side in the hospital, talking about how she can’t believe he’s here as she thought she lost him forever. Abe wakes up, so Paulina asks how he feels. Abe responds that he feels strange and tired. Paulina states that he’s been through so much. Abe questions being in the hospital. Paulina explains that he was drugged but the doctors are getting it out of his system. Abe asks how he was drugged. Paulina calls it a long story so she thinks it’s best that he just relax and she will answer all his questions when he feels a little better. Abe says there are two questions that can’t wait. Abe then questions who Paulina is and where his wife is.

Whitley is handcuffed in the interrogation room at the police station. Marlena enters to check on her and asks how she’s doing since seeing her in the morning. Whitley questions seeing her this morning and mistakes Marlena as an actress on Body and Soul.

Dimitri and Leo kiss until Leo stops and says they can’t do this to Gwen because he’s feeling guiltier than ever as Gwen is his best friend and Dimitri is her groom. Dimitri claims that he wishes things were different and that they could be together out in the open, but reminds him about his inheritance. Leo complains that he would have to rid himself of the guilt he feels or he’ll inherit a straight jacket. Dimitri asks what he’s saying. Leo declares that this affair has to end. Dimitri argues that he doesn’t mean that. Leo talks about how he would hate himself and how he loves Gwen. Leo then says he’s losing the fight as Dimitri removes his shirt. Dimitri tells Leo that tomorrow, he marries Gwen, but tonight he is all Leo’s.

Gwen returns to her room at the Salem Inn as she forgot her phone and reaches in her purse for her key.

Theo didn’t realize that Abe’s amnesia could be permanent. Kayla encourages that it’s rare but they can’t rule out the possibility. Theo asks if there is anything they can do to increase the chances of him recovering his memory. Kayla explains that they starting by flushing the drugs out of his system and letting his brain heal. Kayla says sometimes, the memories just come back but if they don’t, then they will try other options like hypnotherapy. Kayla thinks what will help Abe most is the love of his friends and family. Theo assures that he’ll be there for him but he can’t help but wonder if this is somehow all his fault.

Paulina knows Abe’s mind is all jumbled up but insists that she is his wife and she loves him very much. Abe responds that he doesn’t even know her. Paulina shows him her ID. Abe asks about the other woman. Paulina explains that was Whitley King, who was his nurse at the hospital and pretended to be her, then kidnapped him. Paulina adds that Whitley tricked them in to thinking Abe was dead. Abe questions why she would do that. Paulina says Whitley is clearly off her rocker.

Marlena tells Whitley that she’s confused. Whitley talks about watching Body and Soul for so many years. Marlena explains that she’s thinking of a fictional character while she is Dr. Marlena Evans. Marlena talks about how they worked together at the hospital until recently and that Whitley was also one of her patients as she’s a psychiatrist. Marlena wants to help her if she will let her.

Dimitri asks Leo if they are doing this or if he should put his clothes back on and leave Leo there to finish up by himself. Leo supposes it would be a shame to let all this nudity go to waste. Gwen then walks in and questions what is going on here. Dimitri thought Gwen was going to the office. Gwen points out that she left her phone. Gwen then asks how the planning is going that they said they were going to do. Leo says they had been working on the surprise for the wedding but got sidetracked. Gwen asks if he cares to explain what happened to Dimitri’s clothes.

Sam apologizes for barging in and introduces himself to Lani, noting that she caused quite a stir with her disappearance. Eli argues that she was knocked out and held against her will. Sam explains that he’s aware as he was with Rafe and Jada when they found her. Lani thanks him for tracking her ankle monitor. Sam says he was just doing his job, which also includes taking her back to Maryland and he’s afraid they have to leave right away. Eli says he’s sorry but he can’t let him do that.

Kayla questions why Theo would think he had anything to do with Abe’s amnesia. Theo talks about how Claire always talks about karma, so he’s just wondering if what he did a couple years ago might have caused what happened to Abe. Kayla asks him what he’s talking about. Theo explains how when Ciara lost her memory, he started dating her again even though she didn’t remember Ben and they almost got married which is similar to what Whitley did to Abe. Kayla argues that Whitley kidnapped, manipulated, and drugged Abe and made them all believe he was dead so there’s no way it’s similar. Kayla adds that’s not how the universe works. Theo asks if she doesn’t believe in karma. Kayla says she’s of two minds on it because she’s seen bad things happen to good people and the opposite, but she believes that being a good person is it’s own reward. Kayla calls Theo a good person and says she knows that the only people responsible for Abe’s condition are Colin Bedford and Whitley King.

Marlena wants to talk about what happened at Whitley’s apartment this morning. Whitley claims she’s tired and suggests talking about it another time. Marlena feels that’s not a good idea because they already made a breakthrough, so it’s important that they continue or else she’s afraid that Whitley may harm herself or someone else because of what happened to Abe. Marlena knows it wasn’t her intention, but Abe was hurt by what she did and so was his family.

Abe says that if what Paulina is saying is true then he was kidnapped by Paulina. Paulina assures him that it was Nurse Whitley. Abe says that would explain why she would never ever let him leave the apartment as she said he was in danger and a man attacked him. Paulina admits that part is true and is why he was in the hospital the first time. Paulina says that Colin knocked him out in Chanel’s bakery and asks if he remembers that. Abe recalls waking up in the hospital and that Chanel was next to him. Paulina says Chanel then went to go find her. Abe remembers a woman coming by. Paulina says that was his nurse who took advantage of his confused state. Abe brings up Whitley showing him their wedding picture. Paulina argues that it must been a fake and photoshopped. Paulina then gets her phone and shows him their actual wedding photo. Paulina calls it one of the happiest days of their lives and asks if it seems familiar at all to him. Abe stops and says he does remember her now.

Sam understands Eli would like more time with his wife, but she was given furlough to attend her father’s funeral and it turns out he’s actually still alive. Eli says that’s his point since Lani thought she lost her dad and she’s been granted a miracle. Eli asks if Lani can have a few days with her dad at least until he’s out of the hospital. Sam says his hands are tied and it’s not his call. Eli argues that Sam could make a plea on her behalf. Eli adds that Abe is having memory loss and having Lani around could help him remember. Sam jokingly remarks that a case of amnesia after a miraculous return from the dead sounds like something from Body and Soul which he claims his wife makes him watch. Lani asks if there is any way that he could arrange for her to stay a little longer. Sam says he sympathizes with her but repeats that his hands are tied and they are already booked on the next flight. Lani accepts that and asks if she can at least say goodbye to Abe before they go.

Paulina exclaims that she’s so relieved that Abe finally got his memory back but Abe says that’s not what he meant. Paulina then questions if he doesn’t remember her. Abe explains that he remembers her from his dream as he dreamed that he was jumping the broom with his bride and it was her that he saw clear as day. Paulina encourages that his heart was trying to remind him and asks if she’s still in his heart. Abe apologizes and says other than a couple moments from the wedding, he honestly doesn’t know who she is and he certainly doesn’t remember their love. Theo then walks in, excited to see Abe is awake. Abe then asks if he’s his son Brandon, but Theo clarifies. Abe says that can’t be because he saw Theo and he’s not him. Paulina tells Abe that he’s been spending time with an impostor pretending to be Theo that was arranged by Whitley as just another one of her deceptions.

Whitley complains that she respects and admires Abe so she would never hurt him and just wanted to keep him safe as she didn’t want him to end up like her husband. Marlena knows Whitley blames herself for her husband’s death and thinks that’s why she tried to replace him with Abe as if that tragedy never happened. Marlena tells Whitley that she’s not Paulina Price, but Whitley King. Whitley complains that she doesn’t want to be Whitley King because that means she killed her husband and is an awful person that has nothing to live for.

Paulina insists to Abe that the young man that he thought was Theo was an actor named Jerry Prentiss that Whitley hired. Abe remembers seeing Jerry’s name in the credits of Body and Soul. Paulina asks if seeing Theo now triggers any other memories but Abe says it doesn’t. Paulina feels there must be something to help him remember. Lani then walks in to the room. Abe exclaims that it’s her as Paulina and Theo smile.

Dimitri tells Gwen that this all must seem strange but assures there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. Gwen says she’s waiting. Leo claims that Dimitri doesn’t have a proper suit for tomorrow so he convinced him to try on one of his. Dimitri claims he was desperate with the wedding only hours away. Leo insists that is why Dimitri was in a state of undress. Gwen is not buying it and claims she knows what’s really going on here. Gwen tells Leo no more lies and asks if he honestly thought she would believe Dimitri would fit in to Leo’s suits. Gwen then accuses Leo of just wanting to see Dimitri in his underwear. Leo goes along with it and talks about having a crush on a straight man. Leo apologizes to Dimitri for putting him through that. Dimitri says all is forgiven, so Leo thanks him for understanding. Leo thanks Gwen for knowing him so well and putting up with him anyway. Gwen acknowledges that he is her BFF. Gwen declares that after tomorrow, Dimitri is all hers.

Marlena encourages Whitley not to think that way and that when she gets the help she needs, she’ll be able to let go of her terrible guilt. Whitley talks about how good her husband was to her and she didn’t know he was in danger to help him. Whitley feels he’s probably looking down from Heaven with shame over the person she’s become. Whitley cries that she doesn’t even recognize herself.

Kayla tells Eli that Steve and John are on their way home with Jerry Prentiss. Eli asks Kayla to thank them for him as he can’t do it himself since the US Marshal is insisting that Lani go back to prison immediately. Kayla acknowledges that has to be rough on her. Eli states that Lani just got her dad back, but at least she’s being allowed to say goodbye.

Paulina asks if Abe remembers Lani. Abe recognizes her as the woman who came to rescue him at the apartment. Abe recalls Lani telling him that she was his daughter. Paulina asks if he has any memories before that. Abe wishes he could remember but he can’t. Lani tells him it’s okay and she’s just so glad they got him back. Abe brings up how brave Lani was in standing up for Whitley. Paulina calls Lani the bravest woman she knows which Lani credits her for. Paulina hugs Lani. Eli then enters and asks how it’s going. Lani tells him that Abe is awake which Eli says he’s so happy to see. Abe says he’s sorry and asks who Eli is. Eli introduces himself as Lani’s husband. Abe questions having a son in law. Eli says they are just so relieved and happy that he’s back because they missed him. Eli says they all love him and hugs Abe. Abe thanks him for his kindness. Eli hates to cut things short but declares their time is up, so they have to go. Paulina complains that Abe just woke up. Eli says they don’t have a choice. Abe asks where they are off to. Lani explains that they live in Maryland with their twins. Abe questions being a grandfather. Paulina shows him a photo of their grandchildren. Lani talks about it being very difficult to be separated from her kids but says she has other obligations to fulfill so it will be awhile before she can come back. Lani promises to come back and visit soon. Lani tells Abe that she loves him, will be thinking of him, and looks forward to when they can all be back together. Lani hugs Abe as they say goodbye. Paulina thanks Lani for bringing Abe back to them, noting that they couldn’t have done it without her. They hug as Lani says she’s just grateful that she could help. Lani tells Paulina and Theo that she loves them

Whitley questions Marlena being so kind to her when she knows Abe is her good friend. Marlena wants to help her through her pain. Whitley asks what’s the point when she’s just going to end up in prison. Marlena says she doesn’t know about that but she knows she’s been through a terrible trauma so she wants to help her through that. Whitley feels she doesn’t deserve help after hurting so many people and questions how she’s going to make up for that.

Dimitri asks if Gwen is heading back to the office now that she got her phone. Gwen notes that it’s getting late so she might just stay in and get all the rest she can before the big day while also allowing them to celebrate. Dimitri says he will be leaving to go shopping and find an appropriate suit then. Gwen encourages that he’ll be perfect in anything he wears which Leo agrees with. Dimitri shakes Leo’s hand and tells them to have a wonderful night. Dimitri tells Gwen that he’s counting down the moments until she walks down the aisle to him. Gwen says she can’t wait as they kiss in front of Leo.

Lani says goodbye to Theo and points out that she’ll be up for parole in 6 months. Theo hopes that by the time she gets back, Abe will be himself again. Theo says he will keep her posted. Eli adds that next time they come home, it will be for good. Eli then tells Sam that they are ready. Sam then escorts Eli and Lani out through the elevator.

Kayla visits Abe in his hospital room. Kayla talks to him about being his doctor and also a very close friend along with her husband Steve. Abe says he’s sorry but it doesn’t ring a bell. Kayla encourages that it will come to him. Abe calls it frustrating not to be able to recognize his family. Kayla assures that they are just happy to have him back and that the whole town loves him and are rooting for him.

Marlena tells Whitley that she deserves help, so she’s going to get it and she’s not alone. Paulina then enters the room to confront Whitley. Marlena asks how Abe is. Paulina responds that physically, he’s just fine but when he opened his eyes, he asked for Whitley. Paulina complains that she did her best to set him straight, but Abe doesn’t remember her or know her or his children. Whitley cries that she’s so sorry as she knows she put them all through hell and asks if there’s anything she can do to help. Paulina then slaps Whitley and tells her to shut her damn mouth as she doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Marlena tells Paulina to go. Paulina declares that she just wants this bitch to know that she can’t undo all the damage she’s done with just a sorry. Paulina shouts that it’s going to take a hell of a lot more as Marlena escorts Paulina from the room and Whitley is left in tears.

Dimitri goes home to the DiMera Mansion, telling himself that he can do this and all he has to do is fake a marriage for an entire year, then he will get his inheritance. Dimitri declares that in the meantime, he sees no reason why he should have to give up Leo.

Leo and Gwen sit together and eat cake. Gwen can’t believe that tomorrow, she’s going to marry a man that she absolutely adores, who adores her back. Gwen knows Leo had his doubts in the beginning but she thinks now he can see how very right they are for each other and how happy he makes her. Leo responds that he does and that makes him happy. Gwen says it means so much to her that Leo has come around. Gwen admits that without Leo’s blessing, she doesn’t think she could go through with the wedding because that’s how important he is to her. Gwen tells Leo not to worry as it will happen for him too someday and he will meet the most amazing guy who loves him as much as Dimitri loves her and then they will both have their happily ever after, just like they dreamed of.

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