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Liam: Steffy, it’s me. Hey. Uh, so you didn’t respond to my text. I figured I’d come and check on you. Did you– did you get a chance to talk to finn about the hug while at the courthouse?

Steffy: No, no. Finn had to pull an all nighter at the hospital. I was solo with hayes this morning and kelly’s at a sleepover. With a guard outside.

Liam: Okay, that’s good. But you got– you got to talk to him, steffy.

Steffy: Liam, I don’t even really know what I saw in the video. I know finn wouldn’t do something.

Liam: Yes, I– I– I know, you want to give him the benefit of the doubt because you and finn, you’ve– you’re married. You’ve been through a lot together, most of which at the hands of sheila, by the way, but please, I’m begging you, I’m begging you, do not blow me off or treat me like I’m– I’m overreacting here. You’re the mother of my child. I love you and kelly. I’m going to protect you forever. And when I saw finn embracing what we know to be a monster at the courthouse, I’m sorry, but my trust for him took a nosedive. I mean, how do you show a psychopath like that compassion? I mean, she– clearly, she didn’t show any for you or finn when she left you to die in that alley, right? So for me, for me, this calls into question not only his judgment, but his loyalty, for god’s sake.

Steffy: That is– that is not fair. Finn has taken care of me and the children. We are his number one priority.

Liam: You were his number one priority before sheila came into his life. That we know. But now? I don’t know, okay? And– and I’m not going to sit back and watch you and kelly and hayes’ life be put in jeopardy by– by sheila. I’m– I’m not.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Finn: My stepdaughter’s supposed to be getting dropped off here soon from sleepover. Do– do you mind just bringing her down her directly to me?

Sam: Of course.

Finn: Okay. Thanks.

Sam: Oh, dr. Finnegan, I heard about sheila carter’s release. I’m very sorry.

Sheila: I’ve been given

a second chance.

Thank god.

Thank– thank god, my son.

Thank god.

[ Knocking on door ]

Deacon: It’s open.

Sheila: You really should keep your door locked. You never know who just might show up.

Deacon: I still can’t believe you’re a free woman. Come here. I’m so happy for you.

Sheila: Mm. Just imagine how happy I am.

Deacon: Yeah, but I gotta admit, I did have this whole conjugal visit fantasy going on.

Sheila: I’ll give you a lot of reasons why you should be glad I’m not behind bars.

Deacon: Yeah, I still don’t know if walking around with you in my arms is the best thing for my world.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what? Changes. There have been changes and second chances, deacon. You know, I– I– I am not going to waste my second chance and I am going to make the most of my newly found freedom.

Deacon: Sheila, what exactly do you mean making the most of your newfound freedom? I mean, you did just waltz out of prison on your nine toes. Maybe you ought to keep a low profile for a while.

Sheila: Oh. You are so sweet to worry about me, but you don’t need to.

Deacon: Hm, so you telling me not to be worried? That’s got me worried.

Sheila: Well, no, I assure you. I– I mean, the stars are aligned. Everything’s going my way. Fate is smiling on me. Out of prison. A second chance to have a relationship with my son and my grandson. Everything is coming up roses for sheila.

Deacon: You seeing how you’re starting to freak me out?

Sheila: Well, don’t worry. You see, I am going to have a relationship with my son. You can bet on it.

[ Door clicks open ]

Kelly: Finn!

Finn: Hey, sweet pea. Oh, wow. Is everything okay?

Sam: Yes, her friend’s mother just dropped her off.

Finn: Oh, good. How was the sleepover?

Kelly: Super fun. But I can’t tell you.

Finn: Why not?

Kelly: Sworn to secrecy.

Finn: Oh, sleepover code. No, I get that. Well, I’m glad you had a good time. You’re not too tired for the beach?

Kelly: No way. Let’s do it.

Finn: Okay, well then, it’s a date. Come on. [ Chuckling ]

Liam: Kelly’s our daughter. She lives in this house half the time.

Steffy: You never had any reason to be concerned before.

Liam: Yeah, right. I didn’T. But I do now because it’s sheila.

Steffy: If you think I would let anything happen to the children, that I would let anyone, including finn, threaten them–

Liam: It’s not– it’s not about you. I– I know– listen. I know finn has been good to you and the kids, but clearly there is a connection there. You can’t look at that video and tell me otherwise and whatever– whatever his feelings for sheila are, they are an open invitation for her to come back into your lives. And I’m– you think I’m just going to sit back and let that happen? I’m not.


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Deacon: Sheila, you really think finn and steffy are just going to forgive and forget?

Sheila: Okay, look, it might take a minute for steffy, if at all, but finn is going to accept me.

Deacon: I just don’t want you getting your hopes up. This is the exact cycle that gets you in trouble. You know, you get your hopes up about something and then you start obsessing on it, and then before you know it, you’re taking actions that are crazy.

Sheila: I hate that word.

Deacon: Okay, okay, objectively, what makes you think that finn is going to be any different than steffy? You shot him and then you shot his wife.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] Do you have to keep bringing this up? I’m– I’m trying to celebrate my freedom, deacon.

Deacon: I just don’t want you setting yourself up for disappointment.

Sheila: Well, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’m not.

Deacon: What am i missing here?

Sheila: Okay, when the judge dropped all of the charges and he gave me back my freedom, the bailiff took me out into the hallway and… I was just– I was flooded with emotion. I’m in shock. I was thankful. I was– I was grateful. And I saw my son. Finn came to me. And if you could see the look in his eyes, deacon, it was so pure. He didn’t look at me with hatred or fear or judgment. He just– he’s just looked at me. It’s like for the first time, it’s like he really saw me. I– I… I put my arms around him. I could feel his heartbeat. And he slowly put his arms around me too and he– he held on, he squeezed. Tighter and tighter. I finally had him in my arms. The way it always should have been. And that’s the feeling I am never going to forget. And he’s not going to forget it either.

Finn: I– I got a surfboard and your bathing suit and beach toys all in the car, so you and I can have some time before your daddy daughter day. And I was thinking, when we’re there, we could build, like, an epic sandcastle.

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: Yeah? [ Chuckles ]

Sam: You two are really sweet together.

Finn: It’s because this one here is the sweetest of the sweet and it makes it easy to love her.

Kelly: I love you, too.

Finn: That means a lot. Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of what’s important. Uh, sam, um, I’m going to be at the beach, but I’m on call, okay? So, make sure you call me if anything changes with mr. Rodriguez’s condition, okay?

Sam: Of course, doctor.

Finn: Thanks. Okay. Ready to hit the beach?

Kelly: Let’s go.

Finn: All right.

Liam: Steffy, you gotta believe me. I debated whether or not to come to you with this because I don’t– I don’t want to undermine your marriage or your relationship to finn, but this is also not the kind of thing you ignore, right? The stakes are too high.

Steffy: I know that you’re trying to lookout for me and kelly and hayes, and I appreciate it.

Liam: Okay, but there is no such thing as too careful when it comes to sheila. So don’t– just don’t let your guard down.

Steffy: I know, I know. Believe me, I’m not going to put the children at risk, but you are wrong about finn.

Liam: Okay, how do you know? Did you see the same video I did? What do you think?

Steffy: I know my husband. Yes, I– I don’t know why he hugged sheila. I’m still trying to make sense of it. It is upsetting, but I do trust that he is not going to allow sheila back into our lives. He knows how dangerous she is and he’s going to protect us. I’m sure of it.

Deacon: Why, it sounds like that embrace was pretty intense?

Sheila: It was amazing. All of a sudden, it’s like this hole in my– in my heart was suddenly filled. And I know finn felt the same way.

Deacon: Gotta admit, I’m– I’m blown away.

Sheila: I told you, never underestimate the bond between a mother and her son.

Deacon: Look, you really think that you’ve got a shot– bad choice of words.

[ Sheila laughs ] Do you think that you and finn can really have a relationship?

Sheila: I– I’ve been given another chance, deacon. I’m not going to waste it. I’m– I’m going to do whatever I need to to prove to finn that I’ve changed, that I deserve their love.

Deacon: Sheila, just be careful, all right? I don’t want to see you get hurt. I mean, maybe finn and steffy, they’re not so ready to forgive.

Sheila: But finn is, I’m sure of it. I didn’t get a chance to see finn grow up. I missed that part of life, but I– I can make it up now with kelly and hayes.

Deacon: Who– where are you going?

Sheila: I’m going to see my son. Because somehow, some way, I’m going to convince him that– that I can be a positive force in his life. And his family’S.

Steffy: Thanks for dropping her off. We’ll have another play date soon, all right? Thanks. Bye. That was carol. She dropped kelly off at the hospital with finn. He’s going to take her to the beach for a little bit and then she’ll go home with you.

Liam: Okay.

Steffy: We’re also looking for a new nanny. We definitely want someone who is trained in self-defense.

Liam: I mean, yeah, good, ’cause just now it’s like ordinary things like play dates or, you know, beach days, they just take on a whole new intensity.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s our reality now. Now that sheila is out of prison, who knows where she could be?

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Finn: Whoo. I’m hungry. Are you hungry?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: Do you want some puffs?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: All right. Hey, you know what we need to do? We need to build a moat for these castles. What do you think?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: Okay, well, let’s do it.

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: All right, here. Take the shovel. The moat needs some water. Can you go get some?

Kelly: Yeah.

Finn: All right. Cool. Here, you want this one?

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Finn: All right. Let’s go. Come on. (Rebecca) this can’t be real.

Liam: Steffy, I– I’m sorry, but you– you– you can’t ask me to be giving finn the benefit of the doubt after what I saw. It’s just– that’s not a risk I’m willing to take with kelly or hayes or you.

Steffy: I understand why you’re concerned. And I respect you for telling me what you saw between sheila and finn. Yes, I– I don’t understand it. It is upsetting, especially when we agreed that sheila was not gonna come back into our lives. So, the thought of– the thought of sheila actually near him, much less with his arms wrapped around her, like, it doesn’t make sense. But he is my husband and he hasn’t given me a reason not to trust him. What he did? Yes. I– I don’t like it. I feel awful about it. I don’t understand it, but I’m not willing to throw everything I know to be true just because of one hug.

Liam: You don’t have to throw everything– what that one hug proves is that right now, you can’t just rely on finn to protect kelly and hayes.

Steffy: Liam, just stop.

Liam: No, I’m not– I’m not gonna– I’m not gonna stop because you and kelly and hayes are too important. And right now, until you have a conversation at least, finn can’t be trusted. Now– you know me, all right? I’ve got a good gut for stuff like this, and I am– steffy, I am telling you, I have a feeling something is going to happen. Something awful.

Kelly: Sally sells sea shells down by the sea shore.

Finn: That’s a good one. Where’d you learn that?

Kelly: Camp. We do a lot of tongue twisters.

Finn: Yeah? Well, how about this one? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck–

Kelly: If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Finn: That’s pretty good.

Kelly: The moat dried out again.

Finn: Oh, you’re right. Well, that happens. But hey, we always got to be careful around the water, right? Always respect the ocean.

Kelly: I remember.

Finn: Okay. Good.

[ Phone ringing ] Hang on one second. It’s dr. Finnegan. Hello? Oh, sorry, you’re– you’re breaking up. Okay, yeah. One second. Honey, I’m just going to take this phone call, okay?

Kelly: Okay.

Finn: Just stay right here, okay? Don’t move. Can you hear me? One second. Hello? Well, no, one second. What’s going on? Okay, no, no, no, no. He needs to stay on the iv drip, but we’re going to have to move him to the icu and– and get dr. Nick on that immediately because we need to check his levels. Send over his chart and I’ll evaluate.

Sheila: Kelly, come on back, baby. Come on.

Finn: Okay, no, move him to the icu as soon as you can because we can’T…

[ Kelly screaming ]

Sheila: Kelly, no! Kelly! (Wheezing)

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