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Rafe goes to Jada’s apartment and says he knows she’s practically running the police department these days but he knows this is usually an off day, so he asks if she has any plans. Jada says she’s free and mentions that Talia is out doing community service, so she planned to just stay in, read, and meditate. Jada then asks if Rafe had something else in mind. Rafe then asks if she’d like to go to a wedding because his sister is getting married and he could use a plus one.

Gabi wakes up to Stefan bringing her breakfast in bed. Stefan wishes her a happy wedding day and happy anniversary as they kiss.

Dimitri lays in bed, texting Leo that he’s totally naked and just missing him.

Gwen does her make up in her room as she hears Leo’s phone going off. Leo calls from the bathroom for her to just put it on vibrate as he’s getting dressed. Gwen picks up Leo’s phone and reads the text which she tells Leo that she presumes is from his new lover.

Sloan has a nightmare about Eric finding out that Nicole’s baby is his, then getting furious and walking out on her. Sloan then wakes up in a panic so Eric asks her if she’s alright.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion which is set up for a wedding. Nicole tells EJ that she was just reading the article about Lani rescuing Abe and says she can’t believe that Abe was kidnapped by a delusional nurse and that he’s actually still alive. EJ calls it unbelievable news and says he has some news on his own. EJ then informs her that the results of the genetic testing are ready. Nicole is surprised since they just did that yesterday. EJ admits he may have put a rush on it, knowing Nicole was anxious for the results. Nicole then asks if everything is alright with the baby.

Leo tells Gwen that he can explain. Gwen says he doesn’t owe her an explanation. Gwen apologizes for reading his text but says he asked her to turn it off and it popped all over the screen. Gwen admits now she can’t help but wonder who this mystery man is that is naked in bed and waiting for him. Gwen asks if Leo is up to some roleplay. Leo points out that Gwen doesn’t know who sent the texts. Gwen notes that his contact listed him as “MP”. Leo claims that it’s initials for Matthew Perry but not the actor. Gwen asks when he met him. Leo says it was a few days ago. Gwen thought they were best friends and questions Leo not mentioning him to her. Leo claims it was just a hookup and he didn’t want to make a thing out of it. Leo then admits that he might be catching feelings and he doesn’t want to jinx it. Gwen asks what he’s waiting for then and tells Leo to spill. Gwen asks if Leo is going to see this guy. Leo says he can hang out by himself for a little while. Gwen points out that the guy seems pretty desperate to see Leo. Leo says that his best friend is getting married today which means it’s an important day for him as well, so the only person he’s focused on right now is her.

Stefan calls Gabi the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on and his soon to be wife. Gabi says she’s more in love with him than ever as they kiss. Stefan comments that he was surprised she was next to him when he woke up as he thought she was spending the night at Rafe’s. Gabi thinks it’s silly to worry about the whole not seeing each other before the wedding deal, asking what can happen to them that hasn’t already happened. Stefan can’t wait for her to be his wife again and promises this time will be for real as they kiss.

Jada asks Rafe about Gabi getting married today and if it’s a sudden decision. Rafe says he’s known for a few weeks now but he didn’t invite Jada because they were keeping their relationship on the DL, but now that they’ve taken his badge, there’s no point in keeping up appearances. Jada asks if he’s sure about that, pointing out that now that Abe has been found alive, there’s a possibility that Abe could reinstate Rafe and he wouldn’t be gung ho about them dating. Jada then asks if Rafe really thinks it’s a good time for them to go public. Rafe is not sure Abe will be back on the job anytime soon when he’s struggling with amnesia. Rafe adds that even if Abe does come back as mayor and want to reinstate him, he’s felt oddly liberated by being let go. Rafe jokes about the time it’s given him but says it’s made him think about things. Rafe states that his job is not necessarily the most important thing in his life and if he had to choose between being police commissioner or being with Jada, he’d choose her. Jada says that’s sweet of him to say but brings up that he just got out of a divorce. Rafe asks if she thinks this is a rebound. Rafe admits he hasn’t had the best luck with relationships and he did think about giving up on love, but then he met her and it feels different and right. Jada admits it feels the same to her too as they kiss. Jada mentions that Talia isn’t coming back for hours as they continue kissing onto Jada’s bed.

Stefan gives Gabi a Happy Anniversary card, noting that they were robbed of their first four anniversaries so he’s making up for lost time. Gabi calls it sweet and thoughtful but feels bad that she doesn’t have anything for him. Stefan thinks she does as they kiss in bed.

Gwen asks Leo if he’s sure that he doesn’t want to run over for a quickie. Leo assures that he won’t while Gwen remarks that she’s sure “MP” will be disappointed. Leo texts Dimitri back, warning him that Gwen saw his texts but that luckily he’s in his contacts as MP, which he explains to him stands for Magic Penis. Dimitri responds that they’ll just have to wait until the honeymoon’s over. Kristen sneaks up behind Dimitri and comments on him texting his boyfriend on the day he’s supposed to be marrying the woman of his dreams. Dimitri argues that Leo is not his boyfriend and claims he’s only playing along so that he doesn’t lose the inheritance. Kristen says she’s so looking forward to her share of the inheritance, so she won’t tell anyone that Rachel caught him in bed with Leo. Kristen reminds Dimitri that Leo is Gwen’s best friend and that they will talk about everything. Dimitri assures that Leo won’t tell Gwen anything and asks why would he. Kristen argues that Gwen is Leo’s best friend and most trusted confidant, so one day he will spill the beans and when he does, Dimitri will be screwed.

EJ tells Nicole that they have to pick up the results themselves but the doctor assured they would be self explanatory and that they would be free to call with any questions or concerns. EJ adds that there’s no reason to think anything is wrong, but if there is, they are prepared to deal with it and if not, they can rest easy. EJ suggests they go to the hospital to pick up the results now.

Sloan tells Eric that she had a nightmare that something terribly wrong happened with the baby. Sloan says she just loves the baby so much already. Eric holds her and tells her to just relax, promising that everything will be alright. Eric tells her things will be fine as he gets up to go shower. Sloan remarks to herself that it’s not her test results she’s worried about, but EJ and Nicole’s. Sloan wonders what to do if the results show that Nicole’s baby is Eric’s and declares that she can’t let that happen.

Rafe and Jada lay in bed after having sex, saying they could lie there all day. Jada reminds Rafe that they have to get going for the wedding as she agrees to go with him. Jada asks about the dress code. Rafe says it’s at the DiMera Mansion, so she can wear whatever she wants as Gabi won’t care as long as she’s on her side of the aisle. Jada wonders how many DiMeras must be living in the mansion now. Jada then realizes that EJ and Nicole will be there. Rafe asks if she’s okay with that. Jada says she’s fine, but the question is if Rafe is since she knows how upset he was when he found out about Nicole’s pregnancy. Rafe clarifies that he wasn’t upset, just shocked. Rafe states that as far as he’s concerned, EJ and Nicole deserve each other and he doesn’t give a damn. Rafe asks about Jada though and the things Nicole said when Jada was pregnant. Jada says that was her choice and as far as Nicole is concerned, she doesn’t care. Jada says she would feel resentment if Eric was the father of her child, but it’s EJ’s, so the only person she feels sorry for is the child.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t know why she’s nervous. EJ encourages that they shouldn’t be since they don’t have a family history of disorders. EJ and Nicole go to leave, but Stefan enters and asks where they are going. EJ explains that they are going to the hospital to pick up some test results. EJ assures that they won’t miss his wedding and won’t be long. Stefan mentions not getting to formally ask EJ to be his best man. Stefan then brings up that he doesn’t have anyone to help him get ready, so he hopes their most recent truce can allow them to put their past feud behind them. EJ starts to turn him down but Nicole tells EJ to stay and help Stefan as it is important that he’s getting married today and she can go to the hospital by herself. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole assures that she’ll be back in time to get ready. EJ says if she’s really okay with it. Nicole tells EJ to fulfill his best man duties and she’ll be back soon with good news. Nicole kisses EJ goodbye and exits the mansion.

Sloan gets dressed and talks about calming herself down because panicking isn’t good for the baby. Sloan remarks that with any luck, EJ will be the father of that baby and asks if they should find out. Eric comes out of the shower and asks if she was talking to herself. Sloan says she was talking to the baby as she couldn’t sleep. Eric invites Sloan to come to the Pub with him, pointing out that he told Brady about the baby so it’s time to tell Roman and Kate. Eric adds that Sloan can join them for lunch and it will be great. Sloan says she’d love to but she can’t as she promised Colin that she would spend some time with him before he begins his prison sentence. Eric understands as Sloan sends her love to Roman and Kate. Sloan then kisses Eric and exits.

Gabi gets dressed for the wedding as Kristen enters her room to bring her a family heirloom that is old and blue if she wants to wear it. Gabi asks why. Kristen explains that they are going to be family and acknowledges that Gabi has gone out of her way to be nice to her since her romantic reunion with Stefan, even if it is because she needs support with the DiMera Board. Kristen adds that she figured Gabi doesn’t have a maid of honor so she would offer herself. Gabi remarks that she’s trying to figure out her ulterior motive. Kristen insists that her only motive is to form a friendship with her. Kristen adds that she’s getting shared custody with Rachel, so she’s feeling charitable. Gabi says she’s happy to hear about her daughter and congratulates her. Kristen then puts the necklace on Gabi as she thanks her.

Dimitri enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion in a suit. EJ comments that Dimitri is dressed to the nines for no reason as Stefan guesses Dimitri didn’t get the memo that he’s not invited to the wedding which Dimitri questions. Stefan explains that he’s getting married this morning. Dimitri laughs and calls it a coincidence because he is too. Dimitri assumes Stefan is getting married right here in the living room and then declares it another coincidence, because he is too.

Gwen tells Leo that she better get dressed so that she’s not late to her own wedding. Leo can’t believe she’s moving out and leaving him alone in the room. Gwen says that generally, husband and wife tend to live together. Gwen admits she will miss the room with him. Leo jokes about Gwen will be living in the DiMera Mansion. Gwen recalls living there before so she knows her way around but states this time will be more enjoyable. Gwen adds that she won’t have her best friend, who makes her laugh more than anyone and comforts her when she’s feeling low. Leo assures that they will still see each other all the time. Leo then asks how he’s going to afford the place without her and jokes that she will have to give him a raise. Gwen jokes that he’ll have to cut down on the room service and pay per view porn. Leo urges Gwen to not lose sight of how special, wonderful, and perfect she is. Gwen says if she does forget, she’ll just have to call him to remind her. Gwen tells Leo that she adores him and she’s going to cherish all the memories they have made here. Leo responds that he adores her too and he will miss her so much. Gwen cries that she will miss him too as they hug.

Jada joins Rafe in the Pub after getting dressed. Rafe jokes that Jada’s not supposed to upstage the bride but she looks amazing. Jada tells him that he doesn’t look so bad himself. Jada asks if they need to get a card or present. Rafe decides he will just rewrap the waffle iron that he got Gabi at her last almost wedding. Eric arrives and greets them. Eric starts to ask if they are together but says it’s none of his business. Rafe tells him it’s fine and confirms that they are seeing each other. Eric says that’s great. Jada comments on it looking like Eric has his own news to share. Eric admits he was coming to see Roman and reveals to them that he and Sloan are expecting.

Kristen tells Gabi that she is positively glowing. Gabi says she hasn’t been this happy since her daughter was born and she can’t believe she’s going to marry her soulmate. Gabi acknowledges that Kristen always thought of Brady as her soulmate and encourages that maybe now that they are sharing custody of Rachel, that magic will come back again.

Leo helps Gwen with her dress. Gwen knows he probably thinks she should be taken away in a straight jacket for marrying a guy that she barely knows, but says she’s never clicked with anyone like she does with Dimitri. Gwen calls it like love at first sight. Gwen thought she could only ever love Xander and he loved another woman which was her heartbreak, but Dimitri is going to make her so happy and already has because he’s not pining for anyone else or have any ex that he can’t get out of his mind. Gwen declares that for the first time in her life, she’s involved with somebody who only has eyes for her.

EJ tells Dimitri that he doesn’t know what exactly is behind his whirlwind courtship or his hasty plan to marry Gwen which he’s sure will end in a box of tears or a courtroom. EJ informs him that Stefan has reserved their family home for his wedding, so Dimitri will have to find another venue. Dimitri understands his concerns but says he can’t do that to Gwen as she will be there any minute, expecting to have their wedding there. EJ doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Gwen expects and yells at Dimitri that he doesn’t get to blindside them with ridiculous demands. Stefan takes EJ aside and asks him to take it down a notch. EJ questions Stefan being so calm about this. Stefan reminds EJ that Kristen said as co-CEOs, it was in their best interest not to alienate a shareholder. Stefan adds that he will still sleep with one eye open, but feels it’s best not to antagonize Dimitri over a situation that can be easily remedied. EJ questions how. Stefan points out that Dimitri and Gwen don’t have any friends, so they can just set out a few extra chairs. Stefan then declares that they have a double wedding.

Jada tells Eric that it’s wonderful that he’s finally getting the child that he always wanted. Rafe congratulates Eric and he thanks him. Rafe and Jada then exit the Pub together.

Sloan goes to the hospital and tells a nurse that she’s there to pick up test results for Nicole Walker. The nurse says she will need identification. Sloan looks in her purse but then claims she left it at home but she tells the nurse the date of service and the name of the doctor. The nurse repeats that she will still need identification. Sloan questions her needing proof and warns that she could just call her husband EJ DiMera. The nurse then says that won’t be necessary and hands over the test results. Nicole then arrives at the hospital and gets a call from EJ, who asks if she’s alright as he thought she’d be back by now. Nicole says there was a traffic jam so she’s just picking up the results now. Nicole adds that if she’s late to the wedding, they can go ahead and start without her. EJ responds that’s actually weddings as Stefan and Dimitri have agreed to a double wedding. Gabi comes in with Kristen and questions that. Stefan knows he should’ve asked her first. Gabi questions having to share her day with that creep Dimitri when Stefan hates him and complains that Gwen let her take the fall for drugging Abigail, so she asks if Stefan lost his mind. Stefan apologizes but says they didn’t have a lot of time to come up with an alternative. Stefan declares that the important thing is that they will be married again. Gabi guesses they have no choice. Gwen walks in with Leo and questions what is going on here. Gabi responds that they are apparently having a double wedding. Gwen begins to worry and says the last double wedding she was involved in was a disaster. Leo suggests it could be a sign that she should call the whole thing off as Dimitri walks in. Gwen argues that she doesn’t want to call off her wedding. Gwen asks if they can just go to the courthouse but Dimitri points out that they don’t have an appointment. Gwen asks if they can do it tomorrow. Dimitri points out that everyone is already here. Kristen agrees and says everything and everyone is ready to go. Dimitri tells Gwen that he also got her something special engraved with today’s date. Dimitri adds that Gabi and Stefan have agreed to share their day with them, so with all this love in the air, it’s magical. Gabi asks if they can just get the show on the road because she’s been waiting years to marry Stefan and she doesn’t want to wait any longer. Gwen agrees that she doesn’t want to wait any longer either. Rafe and Jada arrive and greet Gabi. Rafe then asks what’s going on. Gabi informs him that they are having a double wedding because the more, the merrier. Gabi then asks EJ where Nicole is. EJ responds that she said to start without her because she’s been delayed.

Nicole goes to the front desk and tells a nurse that she’s there to pick up her test results but the nurse informs her that it says the results have already been picked up, leaving Nicole confused.

Sloan opens the test results in a hospital room and finds out that it says EJ is not a genetic match. Sloan then realizes that Nicole’s baby is not EJ’s, it’s Eric’s.

The double wedding at the DiMera Mansion begins. The justice of the peace asks if anyone has any reason that either couple should not be wed. Gabi questions leaving that part in. Leo then interrupts and announces that he has something to say.

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