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[ Summer sighing ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Daniel: [ Chuckling ] Really? Well, challenge accepted, lily. No, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

Summer: What are you so happy about?

[ Daniel exhaling ]

Daniel: I don’t know. Life. Okay, look, I’ll admit, not everything’s perfect. You know, there is our mother. But things are going really well with lily and things are going great with omegasphere.

Summer: Maybe, that’s what I need to do. Maybe I need to play your damn video games. Do you think that that would help me fix my life?

Phyllis: Oh, come on in.

Nick: You know, it’s bad enough that you made us grieve for your death. You even watched us do it. But your stunt cost summer her marriage. You have ruined all of your relationships time and time again. But how can you destroy what summer and kyle had? Who does that to their own daughter?

Phyllis: I mean, don’t– don’t try to make me feel worse than I already do.

Nick: Oh, no, that would be a bonus. I’m here for one reason only and that is to offer you a deal.

Phyllis: What kind of deal?

Nick: If you are acquitted, if a jury finds you innocent of the crimes you committed, I will pay for every cent of your legal fees. And in return, all you have to do is leave town forever. After what you did to summer, I never want to see your face again. No one does.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. Thank you for bringing aria by. I swear she has gotten bigger since the last time I saw her.

Mariah: Since yesterday?

Sharon: Well, babies change quickly.

Tessa: If you’re trying to imply that you want to see aria every day, message received.

Mariah: The only way to get her to settle down is by driving her around now. So, once she was conked out, we figured we would risk it and come grab a cup of coffee, and also, check in on you.

Tessa: But everyone needs to stay quiet, so she’ll stay asleep.

Mariah: So, how are you doing after the cameron incident? I talked to faith yesterday and it seemed like she was pushing it a little bit to, like, sound okay.

Sharon: Well, I think she’s gonna be fine. She’s a warrior. Both my daughters are warriors. You survived your own kidnapping by that terrible ian ward and then stitch. I know you haven’t forgotten.

Mariah: I definitely try to. [ Chuckling ] Except the part about giving birth to dom. But no, we got very lucky in the gene pool, faith and I. Strong and resilient. So, tell me that you are doing okay.

Sharon: I am. I am feeling really strong. I’m looking forward, not back. I have a brand new company to run! And I have new partners in nick and adam, which I’m meeting with them in a bit.

Mariah: How is it that the three of you are working together? [ Laughs ] And more importantly, how have you guys not killed each other yet?

Nick: So, you’re saying, after our meeting with dad last night where you, me and sharon all agreed we were on the same page–

Adam: He pulled the rug out from under us. He says he needs to take charge himself. So, he’s calling the shots now.

Nick: Hm. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense, adam.

Adam: Well, he flew off to germany today to meet with the money guys about an influx of cash. So, we are to do nothing, and wait for further “instructions.”

Nick: What’d you do? Did you piss him off again?

Adam: No, nick. I swear I didn’t do anything.

Nick: This is about newman media and your need to just swallow it up. So, you went ahead with your plans and what a surprise, it blew up in all our faces. You didn’t just ruin things for yourself. You ruined them for me and sharon too. Good job. (Man) what if my type 2 diabetes takes over?

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Phyllis: Hey, sorry I’m late. I think I dozed off and–

Daniel: Is it tough for you to be in this room after the gala with your collapse and stark?

Summer: Or maybe, you’re remembering being a guest at your own funeral? Watching us all in pain, grieving?

Phyllis: Hey, you know what, I’m letting that go. I’m gonna let that go. Move on. I hope you can too.

[ Daniel scoffing ] It’s the past. I can’t change it. I’m really a different person now, so… I mean, I really am. I swear it. You know, I used to think the most significant second chance I had was building the grand phoenix. My rise from the ashes, you know.

[ Phyllis chuckling ] That’s not, um– that’s not my most significant second chance. My most significant second chance is my future… with you two. My beautiful children. I’m committed to rebuilding my life. I really am. I’m gonna do whatever it takes, guys, to earn your forgiveness. I really am. I really want to. No more missteps, okay? Anyway, I– I’m glad that we can all spend some time right now because I have a decision to make and I want your input. What do you think about me going to work for adam newman?

[ Daniel laughing ]

Nick: You just can’t let go of this ridiculous need to take back newman media.

Adam: Look, if I even thought that I can make you understand where I’m coming from–

Nick: Don’t bother. Did you really think you could pull one over victor newman? Our company is under the newman umbrella. He agreed to our terms. He gave us three months, free reign, and it’s not enough for you.

Adam: Listen to me. This isn’t about me. No matter what you think, it’s about us and our plans for the new company, okay? Once we get rolling, newman media is going to be redundant, so why should we wait three months when we can start making moves right now?

Nick: Just stop and think about it. Dad says he’s taking over, then he immediately leaves the country because he says he needs to secure financing, really? Our father can get someone to drop a million bucks with a phone call. Don’t you see what’s going on here?

Sharon: Nick and i have worked very well together in the past. And nick and adam, they’ve crossed paths at newman from time to time. Yes, this is new territory for us as a trio. It is a partnership made up of three people who view things very differently, so there’ll be a learning curve.

Mariah: That’s one way of putting it.

Sharon: But we’re figuring it out. There will be challenges, sure, but, you know, that’s exciting. Each of us brings unique skills and experience to the table.

Tessa: Sharon, you bring an entire company. Boss lady, inspiring us per usual. I do love that you’re an inspiration for our little girl.

Sharon: Well, thank you, tessa. And I feel confident that nick and adam and I, despite our differences, will accomplish great and positive things. We’ll give as good as we get, that’s for sure. And I think that’s the most exciting part of this new venture. Oh, and that brings me to an important question. Would you ever consider leaving jabot to come work with your mother? Even when I was with the people I love,

Mariah: Um, I… was not expecting that. You really want me to come work for you?

Sharon: With me. And yes, definitely.

Mariah: You know that I– I still work at jabot, right? I– I mean, I– I’ve put in a few hours here and there when I can, just crisis management stuff. But my maternity leave is about to end and I was planning on going back full time.

Sharon: No, I’m aware of that and we can talk about that in a second, but first of all, in a perfect world, no jabot, would you consider it?

Mariah: Maybe? I– I don’t know. I mean, what would I even be doing?

Sharon: Director of marketing, vice president of marketing or whatever title you think is good for you. We need someone vibrant, creative, forward thinking, someone with a strong vision who isn’t afraid to think out of the box.

Tessa: I mean, that’s you, babe.

Sharon: And with your background, power communications, jabot, do I need to even mention gc buzz? You understand media relations and image building better than anyone else I can think of. I want this company to exude positive energy and community strength. I want it to launch with excitement and fanfare and who better to lead that charge than you?

Tessa: I mean, yeah, she’s describing you. This could be an amazing opportunity.

Sharon: Of course, I would understand if you would never even consider jumping ship because you’re perfectly happy at jabot. Are you?

Daniel: Okay, so let me get this straight. The first stop on your apology tour is to tell us that you’re gonna be working side by side with adam newman?

Summer: Yeah, mom. Adam? Seriously, I would think that somebody looking to clean up their image might choose somebody a little less, I don’t know, shady?

Phyllis: Oh, come on. Give me a chance here. You don’t even know what the position is yet. I’m– he is running what used to be mccall unlimited. And your grandfather acquired the business. You don’t know about it? I would think that someone would tell you about it. But he’s making it a media platform, basically and I’m gonna be the it whiz.

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Come on, I have bills to pay. I have children. I have legal fees. Michael was gonna give me the friends and family discount, but I don’t know if heather’s gonna do the same thing. And I’m sure I have to pay back that life insurance policy that jeremy stark claimed. I don’t know where he stashed that money. He took half of what was in my bank account, and then, all my assets are frozen until after the trial.

Daniel: Okay, if it’s money, if money’s a problem, then I can help with that.

Summer: Yeah, I could too.

Phyllis: No, I don’t want a handout from my children. I appreciate it. Thank you. But I want to work. I want to be busy. I want to be a productive citizen of the community. It’ll keep my mind busy. You know, before I have to face the trial.

Summer: Look, mom, I get the instinct to want to get to work. I mean, that is the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now. But adam? He’s not gonna help you polish that shiny new reputation that you’re going for. Why don’t I try to find you something at marchetti? I mean, maybe, you could come back to the home division.

Phyllis: No, that’s not a good idea. Working for marchetti. But thank you. So sweet. Listen, guys, adam isn’t doing me a favor. He’s offered me a high level position based on my skills. He doesn’t feel sorry for me. It’s just business.

Daniel: Yeah, but it’s also adam.

Phyllis: I can handle adam. There’s just one other little part that I’m worried about.

Daniel: Okay. What are you worried about?

Phyllis: Uh, his partners are nick and sharon. You know– you know, I can tolerate sharon. We tolerate each other. We’re fine, we’re fine, it’s– it’s nick, um… I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me… for what my actions cost you.

Adam: Okay, nick. Well, what don’t I see? Tell me.

Nick: It is a test. Dad’s doing what he’s doing because your stubbornness and your obsession demanded a reaction. So, he provided one. So, this is where we are.

Adam: What are you talking about?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Dad lays down the law and then he just slips off into the shadows because he wants to see how we’re gonna react. Are we gonna follow his orders? Are we gonna kill each other? Are we gonna attempt to do what we wanna do despite dad saying that we can’t do anything right now and sit tight?

Adam: Yeah, that does sound like our father.

Nick: Of course it does. It’s an impossible situation. There’s no way to move forward. If we follow through with our plans, despite dad’s orders, then we look disobedient. Or we can just sit around and do nothing. Wait for him to tell us what to do, and then, we look ineffective, like we’re just wasting time.

[ Scoffs ] It’s a lose-lose.

Adam: Then, I say, the lesser of two evils is the way to go.

Nick: So, you’re gonna make me guess?

Adam: Look, if we lose momentum now, we might as well forget about the whole thing. So, I vote we don’t wait for a sign from the great victor newman. We do what is right for business now. We call dad’s bluff.

Nick: So, call dad’s bluff. You think that’s the play?

Adam: I think it beats sitting on our hands.

Nick: And what exactly does that mean for you? Does that mean getting your hands on newman media, even though that’s a sticking point for dad? Because if that is the case, adam, I’m not down with that.

Adam: Why not?

Nick: Because that has nothing to do with moving our business forward.

Adam: Yes, it does.

Nick: It has nothing to do with being proactive. That is about you settling old scores, no matter what you pretend to call it. You know, the three of us, we got together, we talked about our ideas, we were excited about it. We were ready to implement them. But then, this newman media foolishness, and it is foolish, adam, is holding everything up. So I gotta say, it’s easy to be on dad’s side with this one.

Adam: Okay. Well then, what is your idea to prove to dad that we deserve to remain in control?

Nick: We let the world know that we mean business. That adustus, along with kirsten’s old company, is ready to be a powerhouse. We make a splash. Some big launch event, something that lets our colleagues and puts our competitors on notice. We get everybody talking. Fortune favors the bold and all that. Dad will see that his faith in us was justified. Maybe we get his support. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get his approval? And for god’s sakes, man, change the company’s name. Adustus? It symbolizes everything that is wrong with your approach.

Mariah: You know how much I love working at jabot. But I have to admit, things there are a little shaky right now. There seems to be some kind of power struggle going on.

Sharon: Really?

Mariah: When I talked to kyle, he made it seem like it was connected to diane who’s engaged to jack, and tucker who’s involved with ashley again, and something about a coup. I don’t really know, but it made me feel like my work environment was unstable. Possibly likely to get more so. You know how much I respect jack. But kyle is the one who hired me. He’s the whole reason that I was drawn to jabot in the first place, and now that he’s left altogether– I will explain another time, but the bottom line is he has left his family company for a position at newman media.

Sharon: He needed a change, and maybe, you do, too.

[ Mariah scoffing ]

Mariah: Maybe. But it would be a big move and I don’t want to leave jack in the lurch.

Sharon: Well, I can talk to jack for you if you want. I know he will understand. He knows how special it is to work with family.

Mariah: And how treacherous.

Sharon: Well, that’s not gonna be an issue with us.

Tessa: I don’t want to discount your loyalty because it’s what we all love about you, but is anyone at jabot thinking about you right now? How you might be caught in the crossfire of a family feud? I mean, the tap dancing you’ll have to do with the press.

Mariah: Well–

Tessa: Okay, forget all of that right now. What are your exceptional instincts telling you to do? What do you really want?

Summer: You don’t think that dad can forgive you? I mean, is he really that angry? If he is, he hasn’t let me know.

Phyllis: Well, he knows how much you’ve been through. He’s not gonna heap all his anger on you. I was spiraling out of control.

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. But nick knows that the situation got out of hand.

Phyllis: Yeah. But who was the one who brought jeremy stark into genoa city? I did that. And it was wrong. I should have just let diane show her true colors because she was gonna do that. She was bound to implode.

Daniel: I think that–

Phyllis: Bound to implode.

Daniel: I think that at some point, the second guessing needs to stop. What happened, happened. Summer and I are just happy that you’re not dead.

Phyllis: That’s so nice of you to say.

Daniel: But if you are constantly looking back, thinking about what you could have done, you know, if you’re feeling ashamed, if you’re stuck in the past then you can’t be here with us in the present. So, I guess if you want, I guess you should take the job with adam.

Summer: Yeah. His company is technically owned by grandpa, right? It’s under the newman umbrella. So, maybe it would be good for your image. I mean, if the newmans can get past everything you did, everyone else should be able to, too.

Phyllis: Maybe. You think your dad could get there?

Summer: Dad cares about you, mom. I mean, you know that he does. Plus, he’s forgiven you for a lot of other terrible things in the past, so.

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s true.

Summer: Look, once he understands everything that you went through and why you did what you did, I mean, you guys will be friends again. Trust me.

Phyllis: Thank you, summer. That means so much coming from you. From prom dresses…

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

Adam: Okay. Uh, let’s hear your brilliant ideas. What should the company name be?

Nick: Something that doesn’t hinge on destruction or revenge. I mean, adustus literally in latin means “to burn.” We should come up with something as a team.

Adam: Okay. Like what? The terrific trio? The gleeful threesome? I know, we could call ourselves the three stooges!

Nick: For once can you stop being so defensive?

Adam: What are you talking about? You don’t like those suggestions?

Nick: We need to get sharon’s input. She’s literally bringing an entire tech company to the table. She should have some say in this.

Adam: Sharon, she’s fine with adustus.

Nick: Are you sure about that?

Adam: It feels like I’m striking out with you left and right.

Nick: Adam, all your ideas come from a place of wounded pride and rejection. I mean, it’s obvious, your need to take back newman media is just so you can teach victoria a lesson for being dad’s chosen one and for firing sally way back then. Can’t you just let it go and move on? Do you know how many times I’ve been left out of the inner circle? More times than I can count. But I’d like to think that I’ve left all that rejection and pain behind me and I’m in a much better place now.

Adam: Oh, that’s how you deal with rejection, huh?

Nick: A lot of what victoria’s doing, I don’t like. But there isn’t anything I can do about it now that I’ve been pushed out of my coo position. But I’m going to embrace this new venture as a way to get out of the inner circle. It’s a chance to break free and we can both benefit from that, adam.

Phyllis: Seriously, you two are such kind, compassionate human beings. I wish I could take credit, but I can’T. I can’T. The credit goes to your fathers.

Summer: Mom.

Phyllis: No, it does. I wish, I wish that I could be more like danny romalotti and nick newman. I’m working on it. So, I take the job with adam, right?

Daniel: Yeah. Sounds like there’s a “but” in there.

Phyllis: Well, I’m facing a murder trial. So, yeah, I mean, if I can’t beat this, if christine gets what she has always, always wanted, me in a jail cell for the rest of my life, it won’t matter if I take a job or don’t take a job. I mean, if I can’t beat this and I can’t clear my name, then it really won’t matter about a new and improved phyllis because the new and improved phyllis will just be sitting in a jail cell talking to her cellmates about what used to be.

Tessa: You know I don’t want to pressure you.

Mariah: I know.

Tessa: I just want you to put yourself first.

Mariah: You and aria come first, always and forever.

Sharon: I don’t wanna pressure you either, mariah, but the sooner you could let me know–

Mariah: Okay, mom, I will think it through.

Sharon: [ Laughs ] Of course. And again, as much as I would love to have you a part of this team, I will completely understand if you decide to stay at jabot. Or at least I’ll pretend to.

[ Laughing ] Okay, I gotta get going. I have a meeting with nick and adam. Cutie.

[ All chuckling ]

Mariah: Hey. It is really nice to see you so happy about this new venture. I feel like it’s the perfect antidote to the horror that you’ve been through.

Sharon: It has been incredibly healing. And I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time.

[ Mariah chuckling ]

Mariah: Come here. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Summer: Thinking the worst, it’s not gonna help your situation. Once you get in front of a jury, they’re gonna understand why you did what you did. And, I mean, you have a witness, carson, who’s gonna make them understand.

Phyllis: Yeah. If he comes through for me.

Daniel: What do you mean if? He already gave his statement, he’s gonna testify at the trial, he’s gonna paint a picture of how you found yourself in an impossible situation.

Phyllis: Right. I mean, but sometimes people say they’re gonna do something and then they decide not to do it. Or they do what they care about for themselves versus what’s the right thing to do.

Summer: Mom, no more doom and gloom. New job, right? New you.

Daniel: And… you have our support. And our love.

Summer: Yeah. And heather is fighting for you, mom. Michael’s already clued her into all of christine’s tricks and she’s got a few of her own, I’m sure.

Phyllis: That’s true.

Summer: Everything’s gonna be okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: You’ve got to believe that.

Phyllis: Okay.

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Tessa: Oh, she’s still asleep.

Mariah: Okay. So, what do you really think about me possibly leaving jabot to work for sharon?

Tessa: Well, in spite of what kyle said about some internal conflict brewing, jabot has been around for a long time. It’s a leader in the cosmetics industry. It’s not going anywhere.

Mariah: And sharon’s new company combines two faltering entities, mccall and cameron kirsten’s firm. Reinvention is good, but maybe stability, predictability are better.

Tessa: And adam’s in the mix. I mean, is that a good thing? I mean, maybe his contributions make the company a success. But what’s the working environment like? I mean, sharon deserves a pleasant, stress-free workplace.

Mariah: That is a very good point. I mean, sharon and nick, great. Sharon, nick and adam? Maybe not so great. And once upon a time, adam was obsessed with sharon and now I guess it– it’s sally, but who knows what’s next for that guy?

[ Both laughing ] But on the flip side, how stressful and uncomfortable is it gonna get at jabot?

Tessa: Hmm. I know that you want to look at every angle, assess every risk, but you’re not gonna have complete information to make this decision. You’re gonna have to trust your judgment. What do you think will give you the best chance at success and happiness?

Adam: Freedom. Liberty. Libertas.

Nick: Come on, man. Just stop it.

Adam: What? Come on, bro. Freedom. I mean, that’s what you were just talking about, wasn’t it?

[ Nick sighing ]

Sharon: Gentlemen. What did I miss?

Adam: Oh, you know, nick was just trying to get us to change the name of the company.

Sharon: Really?

Adam: Okay, look, fine. Adustus did come from a dark place. I will accept that. But that’s how I felt. I felt burned and I was ready to go scorched earth, but it doesn’t mean that my ideas for the company are not sound. And you’re never going to convince me that it isn’t redundant and stupid that our new company and newman media are separate entities under the same corporate structure.

Sharon: Look, adam, we’re all coming at this having just faced major shifts in our lives. We need to look at our new venture as a reinvention, a way to shed old negative ways and look toward a positive future.

Nick: I was just telling adam the exact same thing.

Adam: Hm. And by negativity, you mean me? Let’s be honest, how many times have you, and nick, for that matter, done your best to try to get me to change course? I mean, really tried to get me to do what you thought was best. How many times has it worked? I mean, you two knew what you were getting with me. Do you honestly believe that it’ll be possible for me to change? My a1c was up here; now, it’s down with rybelsus.

Summer: Thanks.

Daniel: Yeah, did you, uh, happen to notice the way mom reacted when we started talking about carson?

Summer: Yeah. She seemed really scared. And it– it didn’t seem like a general fear of the unknown or a fear of going to prison. I mean, it felt, like, weirdly specific, like there’s a problem and she’s not telling us about it.

Daniel: What do you think it is?

[ Summer sighing ]

Summer: I don’t know. The first time mom brought up carson to me, she was saying that she would have to pay him off to get him to back her claim that stark was threatening her.

Daniel: Yeah, but I mean, you wanted to take it one step further, didn’t you? You wanted him to say that he saw mom kill stark in self-defense.

Summer: Okay. It was just an idea, all right? Mom shut me down anyway.

Daniel: You know, last time we talked to michael, he made it sound like carson was the key to getting all these charges against mom dropped. If he didn’t really see anything…

Summer: That means that he’s lying. But in exchange for what? And we don’t know anything about the statement that he made to the police. But do we really think that mom is on board with perjury now?

Daniel: I don’t know. But I can tell you this. There’s definitely more to the story than mom’s willing to tell us.

Mariah: Helping sharon launch something new, something that means so much to her? That would just fill my heart up. You know, getting to ride alongside her as she goes into this new venture, I– I love that.

Tessa: And I love it for you. And maybe that outweighs everything else. You’d be taking a risk here. But from what you said, staying at jabot might be a risk, too.

Mariah: True.

Tessa: And I’ve never known you to back away from a challenge.

Mariah: You want me to do this, don’t you?

Tessa: I want you to do what you want to do.

Mariah: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Tessa: But jabot was important to you when you were working with kyle. And it’s still a nice job, but it’s just a job. This, on the other hand, is something special. I mean, you’d be a part of building something, maybe something just as long lasting as jabot in the long run. And you’d be working with sharon. I mean, the way you light up when you talk about working with her, what a wonderful example for aria. And what a great opportunity for the woman I love.

Mariah: You know me so well.

Sharon: You would like to pretend that you’re irredeemable, a lost cause. You wear it like a medal that you want us all to see. But this is me here and I know better. I think nick does, too.

Nick: Yeah, it’s hard for me to admit, but I’ve seen glimpses of the human being inside there. And as I was saying, I know how the bitterness can get when the exclusion and the pain is piled on. It can be a vicious cycle.

Adam: Okay, just stop. I’ve– I’ve heard enough from you two, okay? You win. Positive energy only from here on out. That’ll be the goal, at least. No more chip on the shoulder. Okay, but I’ll do my best. I’m not gonna promise anything I can’t 100% deliver on.

Nick: Fair enough.

Adam: And to hell with victoria. Forget about her and forget about victor and his tests and his mind games.

Sharon: What tests and mind games?

Adam: You know, it doesn’t even matter because we have work to do. And I’m not gonna think about newman media for the time being. But you should know, before this enlightening conversation, I made a move without consulting with you.

Sharon: What kind of a move?

Adam: I offered phyllis a job. Head of it.

Nick: You did what? You offered phyllis a key position in this company? She broke my daughter’s heart. She ruined summer’s marriage. She’s probably on her way to a life sentence for murder. What were you thinking?

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Oh, speak of the devil. Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey. I’ve decided to accept your job offer. But listen, um… I’m gonna need your help with something first.

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