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Lucy: Thank you, Tracy. I’m so glad you could set aside our decades of nitpicking and bad blood to come to our aid at this horribly difficult time.

Tracy: Actually, I’m here to protect my legal claim to the Deceptor.

Lucy: [ Laughing ] Wait. Wait, wait. No. You actually think you have a legal claim to the Deceptor?

Maxie: Lucy created it, so that’s not possible.

Lucy: [ Laughs ] Wait, wait. So you’re — she’s trying to steal our product. Why? Why? Why would you do that? There’s no motivation. What, is this about some ancient feud we had? [ Gasps ] Wait a minute. [ Chuckles ] No, it can’t be. This is about my relationship with your brother? Rest in peace.

Tracy: Your “relationship”? Do not try to gloss it over. You had a cheap and tawdry affair with Alan while he was married to Monica.

Lucy: Hm. So this is sort of a morality lesson? Who are you to talk to me about that? Do you realize how many mob bosses and con artists she’s been married to? Let me see. It’s like “a” to “W.” Larry Ashton to Mitch Williams. There’s more, too, in between.

Maxie: Okay! As much fun as this stroll down memory lane has been, can we focus on the here and now? Alright? And figure out how we’re gonna get this bogus case thrown out?

Bailiff: All rise! The honorable judge Kerr is presiding.

Sam: I can’t believe I let you convince me to help you with this plan. You know it’s crazy, right?

Cody: Yeah, that’s what I’m counting on — people thinking I’m crazy.

Sam: Well, I have to admit that your loyalty to Sasha is admirable.

Cody: Thanks, Sam. I don’t hear that word used to describe me, like, ever.

Sam: But you do know that this plan could go sideways in like a million different directions. And if you truly think that they’re drugging Sasha, what if that happens to you, too?

Cody: Look, Sam, this is the only way I can get in to see Sasha and help her out.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Cody: [ Exhales sharply ] Showtime.

Dante: Hi. Uh, excuse me. I’m Detective Falconeri with the PCPD. Sasha Gilmore is one of your patients here. I’d like to ask her some questions about her involvement in the stabbing at The Metro Court pool.

Gladys: I lied.

Nina: You did?

Gladys: Yes. I do have a gambling problem. I was truthful about that. And I do have a huge debt because of gambling. But that’s not why I need the $50,000. I need it because… the doctor who’s treating Sasha at Ferncliff won’t let her out until I pay him.

Nina: What doctor? I’m — Gladys, how am I supposed to believe anything you tell me? You come in here and you tell me you need $50,000 to cover your gambling debt, and now you’re telling me, “oh, no, that money isn’t for my gambling debt. I need it to get Sasha out of Ferncliff.” And how is that even possible? What kind of doctor would prevent her from getting out?

Gladys: It’s complicated.

Nina: Of course it is! Yes! But you better find a way to simplify it because right now, Gladys, there’s no way I’m giving you any money. Who is this doctor?

Gladys: [ Scoffs ] Well… under the heading of “it’s a small world,” turns out he’s one of the people I play poker with.

Nina: Your poker buddy just happens to be your daughter-in-law’s doctor.

Gladys: Yeah. I thought he was a friend. But he’s turned on me and Sasha. He saw an opportunity to squeeze money out of us, and he’s holding Sasha hostage until he gets his money.

Selina: Your bodyguard said I could come in.

Sonny: Selina, what can I do for you?

Selina: I appreciate you seeing me when we haven’t previously scheduled a meeting.

Sonny: Well, I don’t see you as someone who just drops by for idle chit-chat. My time is important. Your time is important.

Selina: Correct.

Sonny: So, you come to my office, it must be important.

Selina: It is.

Sonny: Okay.

Selina: Unfortunately, I have an unwelcome update for you. The poker game that’s been running in the back room of The Savoy is dead… unless you step in and save it.

Judge Kerr: Mr. Montgomery, state your case.

Jackson: Thank you, your honor. We’re here today to substantiate the plaintiff’s claim of theft of intellectual property. We have verifiable proof, including blueprints and schematics of the original design of the item in question.

That is not possible!

Jackson: …Along with witness testimony that will back my client’s claim. And we have expert witnesses from the cosmetics industry who will testify as to the incredible similarity between the Deception product and my client’s original idea. Your honor, we contend that we have very strong proof to mount a prima facie case, and we are going to be suing for damages.

Judge Kerr: Thank you, Mr. Montgomery.

Jackson: Thank you.

Judge Kerr: Ms. Vance, what is your response?

[ Elise clears throat ]

Elise: The defense acknowledges the plaintiff’s allegations, but this so-called “verifiable” evidence hasn’t been seen by me or my client. Your honor, this case is the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit. I mean, clearly, the plaintiff has one goal — to coerce a financial settlement to stave off the annoyance of a prolonged and pricey court trial. I move that this case should be dismissed.

Judge Kerr: Mr. Montgomery, Ms. Vance, approach the bench. Let’s see your evidence.

Nurse Janice: Excuse me. Can I help you?

Dante: Uh, yeah. I’m a detective with the PCPD. I’m here to talk to Sasha Gilmore about the stabbing at Metro Court pool. Follow-up questions.

Nurse Janice: I see. Well, on the good-news front, Sasha hasn’t been violent here.

Dante: That’s great.

Nurse Janice: In fact, she spends most of her time sleeping. But the bad news is she found someone here at Ferncliff to smuggle in illegal drugs.

Dante: S– really?

Nurse Janice: Yes. We don’t know who’s doing it, but we’re putting a stop to it. Sasha really does have the best doctor, but because she’s been using those illegal drugs, she’s set back her overall recovery.

Dante: Okay, well, I especially would like to talk to her now, if that’s okay.

Nurse Janice: Yeah. That room right there. If she’s awake.

Dante: Thank you. Sasha? Sasha. Can you hear me?

Dr. Brooks: So, Ms. McCall, you have medical power of attorney for Mr. Bell?

Sam: I do.

Cody: Yeah, I mean, I certainly wouldn’t have made this appointment if I were calling the shots! I think this whole thing’s stupid!

Sam: See? It’s the little outbursts like that that I’m talking about. That’s why we’re here. Cody has been a very close friend of the family for a really long time, and he’s just acting out of character lately. Very erratic. It’s like he’s putting himself in dangerous situations on purpose.

Dr. Brooks: Like what? Do you have some examples?

Sam: Well, he walks in traffic whether there’s a “walk” sign or not.

Dr. Brooks: A lot of people don’t wait for the proper light to change. You ever been to New York City?

Sam: Yeah, I have. But this isn’t just about Cody being an aggressive walker. It’s almost like he’s pushing the boundaries. The other day, I was in his apartment, and it’s on the seventh floor, and I turned around for a second, and he was climbing out the window on the ledge. And it’s a very narrow ledge.

Dr. Brooks: Cody. Do you want to say something for yourself? Are you having a difficult time?

Cody: I just, uh — I really don’t want to be here right now.

Dr. Brooks: Here in my office or in the hospital in general?

Cody: No. I don’t want to be on this planet anymore. I mean, what’s the point?

Nina: What makes this man think he could extort money from you when you don’t have any?

Gladys: Through Sasha. H-h-he knows I had access to her accounts, and he wants me to use her money to pay him off.

Nina: Why don’t we just go to the head of the hospital? Or we could go to the cops.

Gladys: Oh! Mnh. Oh. [ Chuckles ] I’m afraid of the impact that would have on Sasha. I mean, the cops would just think that we were getting her out of Ferncliff so she could claim that she had a bad day when she stabbed Cody. And they would still charge her with attempted murder.

Nina: Yeah.

Gladys: [ Stammers ] But, you know, she wasn’t herself that day. Between the strain of the interview and psycho Cody Bell, it was all too much, and Sasha just…cracked.

Nina: I don’t buy it. Sasha’s been fine. Something else must have been going on.

Sonny: Since Curtis was shot, I know he can’t run The Savoy on a day-to-day basis, but he’s got a great staff, and they’re gonna be able to keep the lights on till he comes back.

Selina: Maybe. If that was what was happening. But instead, Curtis’ father, Marshall, stepped in, and he doesn’t know anything about running a successful nightclub. The first thing he did was to ban the backroom poker game. I was hoping you could have a word with him… explain the situation… let him know the poker game is good for The Savoy.

Sonny: [ Sighs ] I’m not gonna say anything to Marshall, and neither are you. He’s going through some health issues right now that I know all too well. His son was paralyzed. So if he wants to shut down the poker game at The Savoy, that’s the end of that story. And I’m gonna be very unhappy if I get reports that you’re interfering with Marshall or Curtis.

Selina: My deepest apologies, Sonny. It was not my intention to offend you.

Sonny: Maybe not, but you did. I’m very protective of Curtis and his dad.

Selina: What happened to Curtis is tragic. From what I read in The Invader, the police don’t believe he was the intended victim. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, that being said, the future of The Savoy is in doubt, with or without the backroom poker game.

Sonny: [ Sighs ] Maybe, maybe not. But that’s up to Curtis and his family to decide. I’ve never asked you about your dealings with Curtis, and I’m not asking you right now. What I’m saying is… do not pressure Curtis or his family.

Selina: Me? Pressure anyone? That’s really not my style.

Sonny: Do not play naive with me, Selina. I know you better.

Gladys: All I know is Sasha met with the doctor and he told her she was improving, but, um, then he must have started messing with her head.

Nina: Wait. Are you telling me that this doctor was playing mind games and messing with Sasha’s medication?

Gladys: I don’t know. Probably.

Nina: Why?! Well, maybe to slow down her progress and recovery so you would remain her guardian and you could pay him from Sasha’s bank account?

Gladys: I-I believe that was his plan, yeah.

Nina: What did he do to mess with her head? Gladys, what did this doctor do?

Sam” Ow. Oh. Ohh! I am…so sorry.

Dr. Brooks: I asked your friend to give us some privacy, Cody, because I want you to feel 100% comfortable with me. You can tell me anything. So I have to ask — are you having suicidal thoughts?

Cody: Suicidal thoughts? No. No. I wouldn’t go that far. I mean, more like, uh — I don’t know — suicidal impulses?

Dr. Brooks: Okay. I’m not sure I understand the difference.

Cody: Well, I think if somebody is having, like, suicidal thoughts, they’d be more proactive, you know? Like, they’d go online to research “how long can I leave my car in an enclosed garage before it kills me,” or, “how many pills do I take of whatever drug before I can kill myself with it?” [ Chuckles ] You know? Yeah.

Dr. Brooks: And you’re not having those thoughts?

Cody: No! No. No.

Dr. Brooks: So how do you define a “suicidal impulse”?

Cody: I don’t know. I guess, you know, it’s kind of like what Sam said, you know? Um, maybe like crossing the street without having a “walk” sign. It’s not like I planned it out. I was just sitting at a street corner and the sign said “don’t walk,” and then all of a sudden this thought flashed in my brain. It was like, “well, what would happen if you did walk? I mean, what are the actual chances of a car hitting you?” And, uh, so I walked in traffic, you know? But I didn’t get hit by a car. And I just kept walking, you know? It’s not like I stayed at the intersection just crossing until a car hit me. [ Laughs ]

Dr. Brooks: When you walked against the “don’t walk” signal, how did that make you feel?

Cody: Um, a little high, I guess, from it. You know? The adrenaline rush from beating the system. What’s the — what’s that old phrase? You know, the bigger the risk, bigger reward. It was like that. And with any high… you got to do something bigger to feel it again. I mean, that’s — that’s the only reason I went out my window onto my ledge, ’cause that was way riskier.

Dr. Brooks: How did that make you feel?

Cody: Like the closer to death, the higher the high. And, uh, sometimes maybe it’d be better to… just go for it.

Elise: Your honor, whatever evidence Mr. Montgomery is introducing to you, I have had little opportunity to review.

Judge Kerr: Ms. Vance, this is not a trial — just a preliminary hearing as I consider the merits of this potential case. If it is to go to trial, you will have plenty of time to examine the plaintiff’s evidence.

Gladys: I don’t know exactly what the doctor is doing. We have to get Sasha out of there.

Nina: Anyone who would use a human being to extort money needs to be stopped! Give me his number.

Gladys: I can’t.

Nina: Gladys… get this doctor on the phone right now.

Sam: I am so, so sorry. [ Chuckles ] I’m usually not this klutzy.

Dr. Montague: No, no. It’s alright, really. I was due for an upgrade on my phone anyway, so you might have actually done me a favor.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sam: Gladys. That’s an unusual name.

Dr. Brooks: Cody, as a medical professional, if I think someone is suicidal, I’m obligated to take certain actions.

Cody: I don’t care! I’m not afraid! I’ve never been afraid!

Dr. Brooks: [ Sighs ] Can you help me understand why your family friend, Ms. McCall, who has your power of attorney, was worried enough about you to schedule this appointment to have you evaluated?

Cody: I don’t know, man. Sam likes to worry.

Dr. Brooks: Perhaps. But the more important question is, in this instance, does she have a good reason to be worried?

Cody: Okay. Look. I — [ Sighs ] I used to make a living as a stuntman, right? Um… I’ve jumped off horses. I’ve jumped out of a speeding car. I’ve, uh — [ Chuckles ] I’ve jumped off of pretty much everything. But my specialty was, um… was skydiving out of planes. And, um… sometimes when I would be getting ready to jump out of a plane, I would… I’d wonder if I had — had the guts to — to jump and not pull my chute. Because then, I… wouldn’t have to struggle anymore… and I wouldn’t have to think about anything ever again. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything ever again. Everything would just be quiet. Everything would just be — just be over. [ Sniffles ]

Selina: I hear what you’re saying, Sonny. You found my answers lacking. And I want to make up for it.

Sonny: I think I’ve made myself clear at this point. Uh, you need to be transparent. I w– I want to know where you’re going for business, who you’re doing business with. If there’s any outside players coming into Port Charles doing business through you, I need to know that! Do you understand what I’m saying?

Selina: No one has reached out to me. I promise you that.

Sonny: Okay.

Selina: And if anybody does, you’ll be the first person to know.

Sonny: [ Laughs ] Okay. I’m surprised to hear you say that.

Selina: Why is that?

Sonny: Well, because you’re smart. You’re a sharp businesswoman. And usually sharp businesswomen have, you know — they have — they have something to fall back on, a deal on the side.

Judge Kerr: From what I’ve seen, there’s enough evidence to justify a trial. We will allow a discovery period, and the case can proceed. I set the trial to begin six months from today.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Bailiff: All rise!

Lucy: Six — six months? What just happened?!

Elise: Well, I can’t answer that question until I’m able to examine whatever evidence Jackson submitted.

Lucy: Six months. Do you understand? We — we will be ruined. Deception will be ruined!

[ Telephone rings ]

Sonny: Yeah. Send him in.

[ Receiver clicks ]

Selina: Does that mean our conversation is over?

Sonny: Well, I don’t think you got anything else to tell me, so, yeah, it’s over.

Selina: You know where to find me.

Dante: Hey — oh. Hey. Sorry. I didn’t know I was interrupting. I can wait out in the restaurant for you.

Sonny: No, don’t worry about it ’cause Ms. Wu and i were just having a conversation. Don’t worry about it. We’re done.

Selina: Until the next time.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Selina: Detective Falconeri.

Dante: Hm.

Selina: I do hope you find out who was responsible for shooting Curtis Ashford. What happened to him is such a tragedy.

Dante: Yeah. Yeah. Safe to say everyone at the PD is anxious to crack that one.

Selina: Good luck.

Dante: Hm. Well, Gabe said you were in a meeting. I didn’t know someone was actually in the room with you and that it was Selina Wu. Don’t suppose you want to tell me what you guys were discussing?

Gladys: He’s not answering. I’ll call back in a few minutes.

Nina: I’m gonna call Sonny.

Gladys: Please don’t! What do I have to do to convince you? This is the only way. Pay the monster off, and we get our girl back. The last time I saw Sasha, she was in very bad shape. It took her a long time to even recognize me. I-I mean, for a second, I thought she was doing better until… she asked me if Brando was with me. So, please, Nina. I know how much you care about Sasha. You have to give me the money.

Nina: No, this is crazy. This is — this is crazy. This doctor needs to be stopped. I’m gonna go talk to Sonny.

Gladys: Oh, no, no! You will do no such thing!

Sam: Again, I am so, so sorry about spilling my coffee and making you miss your call.

Dr. Montague: Not a problem. Oh. Here. You know, if you don’t mind me asking, what brings you to the hospital?

Sam: Oh, a friend of mine is here for a visit, and I-I said I’d stay and wait.

Dr. Montague: Well, that’s nice of you.

Sam: Yeah, I just wish I would have brought a deck of cards or something. I get so bored just waiting around.

Dr. Montague: Cards, do you say?

Sam: Yeah.

Dr. Montague: And what is your game of choice?

Sam: Poker.

Dr. Montague: You can always play poker on your phone. Plenty of options online.

Sam: Oh, no, no. I’ve tried that. I just — I don’t like it. I like actually feeling the cards in my hands.

Dr. Montague: So do I. You know, I play in this, um –in this regular game. It’s a lot of fun. And if you’re a good player… you actually might be able to win some good money, not that you heard that from me.

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Dr. Montague: Um… I know business cards are really old-fashioned, but, uh, I’m just not a guy who likes to put his entire life on his phone —

Sam: Because you never know when someone might spill coffee on it, am I right? Smart.

Dr. Montague: So here’s my card. It’s got my cellphone and my e-mail. Drop me a line, and I’ll get you into that game.

Sam: Thank you. It’s nice meeting you.

Dr. Montague: You too.

Nurse: Oh, excuse me. But you’re Cody Bell’s health proxy, right?

Sam: Yes, I-I am. Sam McCall.

Nurse: Dr. Brooks is ready to speak to you about your friend.

Sam: Okay.

Tracy: Well, that went just about as well as we could have hoped for.

Jackson: Are you happy?

Tracy: Happy? I’m practically giddy.

Jackson: Good. I’m not gonna kid you. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re off to a really great start.

Okay, well, all we have to do is wait for Elise to go through all of Tracy’s evidence. Hopefully, once she’s done that, she can convince the judge that the evidence is fake and get the lawsuit dropped. Right?

Yeah. I mean, Elise is an excellent attorney. I’m sure she’ll come up with a plan once she’s seen all the evidence.

No one is more shocked about this evidence than me. I think we all walked into court today assuming this case would have no merit because it was fraud. Now, once I get my hands on this so-called evidence, I can make a plan for our next step.

Okay. Good. So what about the Deceptor? Six months is a long time. We at least can keep selling it, right?

Elise: I’m afraid not. Since Judge Kerr believes this lawsuit has merit, you’ll have to freeze all sales on the Deceptor.

Lucy: We c– we can’t do that. If we can’t sell the Deceptor, then Deception is not gonna last. We don’t even know what the outcome of this trial is gonna be. Look, my company — that stock is tanking. And if we have to adhere to this… we can’t do it. You don’t understand. I really believe that Deception will go bankrupt.

[ Chuckles ] Ah. Okay. Could you just let me know what sort of evidence you were able to dummy up to make believable so the judge was fooled? Because, to me, this seems like malicious harassment.

Tracy: You’re wrong, Lucy. There is nothing malicious about this lawsuit, and there’s no harassment. As usual, you are the architect of your own disaster.

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] And what does that mean?

Tracy: [ Inhales sharply ] It means your uncanny ability to attract scandal like a magnet. Remember CoeCoe Cosmetics? Basically a Ponzi scheme. And now the intellectual property theft of… the Deceptor. So I am happy to tell you that this can all be resolved quickly and quietly.

Lucy: [ Chuckles ] Meaning?

Tracy: Well, meaning the lawsuit can all go away. No trial. No nasty publicity.

Lucy: Do you want to just spit it out? Do you just want to tell me? Just say it. What do you want from me?

Tracy: 75% of Deception.

Lucy: Ah.Of my company?! That would just leave 25% for us.

Tracy: Ohh! Good math work, Lucy! Think of it. If this goes to trial and you lose, you get zero percent. So, as good at math as you are, you must realize that 25% is, in fact, more than zero percent. Job well done, Jackson.

Jackson: Thank you, Tracy. Elise. Call me.

Brook Lynn: I really need to talk to my grandmother.

Jackson: Tracy, what are you still doing here? I thought you said you had a meeting to get to.

Tracy: I do. I just want to send this e-mail first.

Jackson: Okay. That better not be you continuing to search for some local attorney to handle this.

[ Both chuckle ]

Tracy: Not after the bang-up job you did today. No need, friend.

Jackson: Good to hear. Good to hear. You know, it’s too bad the judge set the start date for the trial out six months. I was taking a real liking to that pool at the Metro Court. Have a wonderful day.

[ Scoffs ] Yep. Knew that was coming. If the judge seemed to think there was enough evidence to go to trial, that means Ms. Quartermaine must have plenty of documents about the development of the Deceptor. How would Tracy even be able to get her hands on such proprietary material?

Sonny: Dante, what part of my business life do we usually talk about?

Dante: Well, when I was undercover working for you, you told me all sorts of stuff, but now you just talk about coffee importing.

Sonny: Well, Selina wasn’t here talking about coffee.

Dante: Okay. I guess I won’t ask you any more questions about that, then.

Sonny: You’ve always been very smart.

Dante: Yeah, I have.

Sonny: Yeah.

Dante: I’m not here to argue with you or talk about Selina Wu.

Sonny: What brings you by?

Dante: Sasha.

Sonny: What happened?

Dante: You care about her… and the news isn’t good.

Sasha: [ Gasps ] Please, Janice! Don’t let dr. Montague near me!

Nurse Janice: What? Sasha, what are you talking about? This isn’t me. Don’t you get it?! I am like this because he’s drugging me!

Sasha: [ Breathing shakily ]

Nina: Gladys… Sonny considers Sasha to be his family. We need to get him involved.

Gladys: No! No. If we tell Sonny that my gambling debts are a small reason why Sasha is in so much trouble, do you know what he’ll do to me? At best, he’ll send me packing from Port Charles. And I don’t even want to think about the worst thing is that he would do.

But, plus — Sonny is powerful, but he doesn’t have a magic wand. He can’t snap his fingers and get her out of Ferncliff. She’s there under a doctor’s orders.

Nina: Well, Sonny is a very, very persuasive man. I want you to stop evading, and I want you to tell me this doctor’s name!

Gladys: I’m not telling you that.

Nina: You’re saying to me that this man is hurting — hurting Sasha, and you won’t even tell me his name?! How do I even know what you’re saying to me is true? You could be making this entire story up so — so you can pay your gambling debts!

Nina: Is you r life beiaking this up.

Gladys: Sasha is genuinely in trouble. But if I tell you the doctor’s name, the first thing you’re gonna do is tell Sonny. And I know how Sonny operates. Sasha’s doctor will mysteriously disappear, and then she’ll be at the mercy of whoever’s been helping him. And I don’t even know who all is involved in this scheme. It could take months for us to get Sasha out of Ferncliff, but we might lose her before that. Please, Nina. You have to believe me.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nina: You answer that call.

[ Ringing continues ]

[ Ringing stops ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Dr. Montague: [ Scoffs ] Gladys, you should know by now it’s never a smart decision to ignore my calls. Your account is now past due. I expect payment in full by the end of the day.

Wait call 1h everything that Tracy presented, but don’t you think it seems like, the way the judge reacted, they already had all our research, all our development? How could that happen? How?

You know what we got to do? We’ll talk to Spinelli. We’ll find out maybe in this crazy world there’s some sort of software where an outsider could actually spy on our most secret part of the Deceptor.

Maxie: What if it wasn’t an outside job?

Lucy: What do you mean?

Maxie: What if it was an inside job?

Lucy: Gladys? She doesn’t have the savvy to be able to hack —

Maxie: I’m not talking about Gladys.

Lucy: Okay. Who?

Maxie: Brook Lynn. Lucy, don’t you remember when she confessed to downloading all of the Deceptor information onto a flash drive for some social-media campaign?

Lucy: You’re right. She told us she downloaded all the Deceptor secrets onto that drive.

Brook Lynn: Maxie was swamped when she was called away from her desk, and I was just trying to be proactive, so I used her computer to download the files.

Files on a shared drive that you had absolutely no access to!

Brook Lynn: I-I didn’t put two and two together that the information was under lock and key.

Do you know the two words “trade secret”?

Trade secrets. That’s what it is. Do you know what would happen if our competitors got ahold of this information?! We could kiss our cash cow bye-bye!

Lucy: She — she acknowledged — she took that flash drive home with her.

Maxie: Look. I know it has to be Brook Lynn. But… I just — it doesn’t sound like something she would do. And I trust her with my life.

Lucy: I know. I know. You know what? It doesn’t sound like something she would do, unless her unscrupulous grandmother was holding something over her head.

Ladies, if you want your mole, look no further. I mean, it’s obvious. Brook Lynn has been working behind the scenes with Tracy.

Dante: I tell you, seeing Sasha like that, it’s tough. She’s, uh… I mean, completely out of it. A-and apparently the nurse says someone’s smuggling in illegal drugs for her. That sounds bad, right?

Sonny: Yeah. That’s not a good thing. So…

Dante: [ Sighs ] I mean, she is Brando’s widow. I consider her family. Look at everything that she’s been through. And I know from my own bipolar that if you got — if you got mental-health issues, you can crash at any time. You don’t need a reason. But I talked to — I talked to Sasha just before she had her breakdown, and she seemed good. So if somebody triggered her…

Sonny: I’m gonna call. I’m gonna call.

Dante: Wait. H-hold on.

No. Just I’m — look. I know you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do. I understand. But let me — let me do what I got to do. I’ll make some calls. I-I-I’ll look into this. And I’ll let you know what I find out.

Gladys: The quickest, cleanest way to end this is to give me the money to pay Sasha’s doctor. Once he has the money, he will let Sasha be released from Ferncliff. Isn’t that what matters most? Bringing Sasha home.

Nina: Sonny’s dealing with so much already. He shouldn’t have to worry about the disaster you created for Sasha, if any of this is even true.

Gladys: It’s true.

Nina: Alright. I’ll give you the money. But it’s for Sasha’s doctor. That’s all. Do you understand me? And if this doctor doesn’t release Sasha or if she’s harmed in any way, I promise you, Gladys, that Sonny is gonna be all over this and all over you.

Gladys: It — it’ll work out. I swear. And — [ Sighs ] I can’t thank you enough, Nina. I promise I will repay you somehow.

Nina: I won’t hold my breath.

Sam: Okay. Here’s the paperwork that you need. I really hope my friend can get the help that he needs here. Okay, Cody, I think that your stay at Ferncliff is gonna be really good for you. Just listen to what the nurses and doctors have to say, okay? And if your plan goes sideways… and hurts Sasha… I will kill you.

Dr. Montague: Janice. How is our Sasha doing this afternoon?

Nurse Janice: Not very well, I’m afraid.

Dr. Montague: Why? What’s happening now?

Nurse Janice: She’s showing signs of paranoia.

Dr. Montague: How so?

Nurse Janice: She told me you were deliberately drugging her.

Dr. Montague: Well, thank you for telling me that, Janice. Sadly, Sasha is continuing to deteriorate.

Nurse Janice: Isn’t there anything else we can do to help her?

Dr. Montague: Yes. Yes. And we will. It’s time for drastic measures.

Nurse Janice: No. No, no, no. No. Please. Please leave me alone.

Dr. Montague: I’m afraid that’s not possible, Sasha. You see, once someone becomes my patient, I’m with them till the very end.

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