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Chad surprises Stephanie with a prepared breakfast at home. Stephanie says it looks amazing but she might need help working up an appetite as they start to kiss until the doorbell rings. Chad jokes that he will get rid of whoever that is as he then answers the door to see Alex.

Kristen talks on the phone with Elliot Roth, who says he wasn’t planning on being in Salem this long and asks if Dimitri has returned from his honeymoon as he’d like to settle the matter about his marriage so he can release the funds. Kristen informs him that Dimitri has not returned yet but she will have him get in touch as soon as he does. Kristen reminds Elliot that he could leave the funds with her but Elliot insists on meeting Dimitri and Gwen before any funds can be released. Kristen claims she’s just trying to help. Kristen reminds Elliot that it’s best they keep this between them and away from certain prying eyes in the house.

Stefan and Gabi kiss in their room until Gabi decides play time is over. Stefan says he has to agree if they are going to get to the bottom of what’s going on in the house, then they have no time to waste. Gabi suggests starting with the curious case of Elliot Roth. Gabi promises that once they get to the bottom of what Kristen is up to, they will shut their door and not come out for a month as they continue kissing.

Dimitri and Gwen return home to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Kristen greets them and asks how the honeymoon was. Gwen responds that it was mostly great. Dimitri informs her that they had some unexpected company. Gwen reveals that Leo turned up. Kristen questions if Leo had a reason for showing up in Iceland. Dimitri tells her about the secret Madonna concert that Leo talked about. Kristen is surprised they are back home ahead of schedule and asks if it was because of Leo. Gwen responds that Kristen knows exactly why they are back ahead of schedule and she does too.

Leo walks through the town square, complaining that he’s going back to the Salem Inn alone while his best friend gets to be with his boyfriend. Leo is then surprised when he bumps in to Sonny. Leo comments on Sonny being back in Salem. Sonny wishes him luck with his bag. Leo stops him and asks when he got back and why he’s here. Sonny reminds Leo that his uncle Victor died. Leo says he’s so sorry. Sonny says sure he is and turns away.

Dimitri informs Kristen that he told Gwen that they needed to talk in person before the upcoming DiMera board vote so they can strategize. Kristen apologizes for interrupting their honeymoon. Kristen says she assumed Dimitri would fill Gwen in but didn’t know if he had a chance yet. Dimitri tells Gwen to go unpack as he and Kristen have a lot to discuss and the sooner he finishes, the sooner he can devote himself to Gwen. Gwen then heads upstairs. Kristen questions Dimitri about Leo. Dimitri says Leo’s presence had to be explained once Gwen found him at the hotel. Kristen thought Dimitri was just stringing Leo along to keep him quiet about the trust fund money, then questions why Dimitri invited Leo on his honeymoon, unless there is something real between them.

Rachel goes to Stefan’s room and greets him. Stefan calls her his favorite niece and tells her that he has a problem that only Rachel can help him with. Stefan explains that Gabi told him that they were playing 20 questions which he calls his favorite game. Stefan talks about Gabi trying to guess a secret and he loves secrets almost as much as the game. Stefan suggests they pick up where she and Gabi left off. Rachel asks if Gabi would be mad. Stefan says maybe a little but thinks it would be fun if they could guess the secret before Gabi. Rachel argues that’s not fun, but mean.

Gabi shows up at Elliot Roth’s room at the Salem Inn. Elliot asks if there’s something he can do for her. Gabi tells him that this visit is about what she can do for him. Elliot thinks back to Kristen telling him that Gabi was hellbent on sleeping her way to the top of DiMera and that she couldn’t know about Dimitri’s fortune. Elliot tells Gabi that it’s an intriguing offer but he’s in the middle of breakfast. Gabi says this won’t take long and wants to put her daughter in his school. Elliot says he’s not the person to speak to on that matter. Gabi asks for the name of who to talk to and she’ll call them now.

Stefan promises Rachel that playing the game with him would not be mean to Gabi because they are always trying to one up each other. Stefan adds that Gabi will probably try to recruit her to get back at him and it will be fun for everyone. Rachel asks if all married people are as weird as him and then agrees to play the game. Stefan tells her that it’s really important that nobody else knows they are playing since it’s about a secret. Stefan states that he has 19 questions to figure the secret out since Gabi asked one. Stefan goes over the secret being about someone in the house and asks if it’s Dimitri. Rachel admits that it is. Stefan asks if Kristen knows what the secret is which Rachel confirms. Stefan says the best secrets are about money and asks if Kristen and Dimitri are stealing money. Rachel shouts of course not so Stefan apologizes for letting his imagination get the best of him.

Dimitri claims to Kristen that he didn’t invite Leo and that he just showed up at their hotel room. Dimitri adds that he’s been gently stringing Leo along so that he doesn’t go chirping to Gwen and then he can get his prize. Kristen reminds Dimitri that it’s both of them getting the prize which will only happen if Dimitri convinces Elliot that his marriage is legit. Dimitri assures that he can handle him. Kristen warns that Elliot just called and was very eager to see them. Kristen asks how Dimitri is going to keep Gwen from finding out that he is the heir to a fortune when she has to meet the man who holds the purse strings first.

Chad tells Alex that Stephanie told him that she was with him when he got the news about Victor and he’s really sorry. Alex thanks him and says it’s been rough on everyone but he didn’t come to interrupt their breakfast but to ask a small favor. Alex brings up he and Stephanie having a meeting with Yuri soon about the Basic Black project and then asks Stephanie if she can handle it by herself. Chad reminds Alex that he meant it when he said he wasn’t going to try to keep them apart anymore. Alex says he appreciates that but that’s not why he’s asking. Stephanie asks if Alex has somewhere else to be. Alex admits he doesn’t. Chad points out that Alex is running Basic Black, so he should be there. Alex explains that he’s just not up for anything these days. Stephanie asks if it’s because of Victor. Alex states that the last time he saw Victor was when he moved out of the house after he gave Maggie the job that he thought he should have and he was petty about it. Alex says he was bitter and angry, so now he’s trying to find a way to live with that because he knows it hurt Victor even if he never showed it. Stephanie is sorry that he’s struggling with that and tells him not to worry about the meeting and take time for himself. Alex thanks her. Chad asks if Alex plans to just go back to his place and wallow in his guilt, questioning if that’s his solution.

Leo stops Sonny and tells him not to leave like that. Sonny tells Leo that he’s been on a plane for hours so he doesn’t have the time or energy to deal with Leo’s act. Leo questions Sonny thinking his sympathy is an act. Sonny argues that it’s like Leo has an ongoing act where nothing he says sounds sincere. Leo calls that unfair and says he got weepy over the news. Leo talks about his therapy sessions which Sonny mocks. Leo insists that he cried because he knew how sad this would make Sonny. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t reach out to him. Leo admits he’s bad about things like that and he’s sorry. Leo then says he knows Sonny is really upset with him because he helped Xander kidnap Bonnie. Leo wants to explain but Sonny says he already did. Sonny adds that he expects that kind of behavior from Xander but Leo kept talking about wanting to be a better person. Sonny argues that Leo just ends up hurting people, especially those that care about him, and it’s always about Leo, what he wants and needs and nobody else. Leo argues that he’s not a narcissist which Sonny laughs at. Leo insists he has a heart with feelings and emotions. Leo mentions volunteering at an animal shelter. Leo then asks if he only cared about himself, how he can explain how he’s fallen head over heels in love which Sonny questions. Leo tells Sonny that it’s quite serious as the guy is rich, gorgeous, and completely obsessed with him. Sonny mocks the idea as unbelievable. Leo claims his guy’s name is Matthew Perry. Sonny tells Leo to keep dreaming. Leo questions Sonny not believing him which he confirms. Leo decides he will prove it to Sonny by showing him a picture and asks what he has to say then.

Dimitri tells Kristen that he’s sure there’s a way to satisfy the lawyer without getting Gwen involved. Kristen wishes him luck with that since Elliot called this morning and specifically mentioned Gwen. Kristen decides she will leave Dimitri to figure out how to come clean with Gwen as she then exits the room.

Elliot tells Gabi that she’ll have to go through the school application process like everyone else. Gabi asks if things would be different if she had a son. Elliot responds that the school is open to all genders but Gabi reveals that the school is an all girls school, so she tells him that he can drop the façade and tell her who he really is.

Stefan asks Rachel if the secret has something to do with Dimitri and his new wife Gwen. Rachel says that Gwen doesn’t know anything about it. Stefan asks if that means Dimitri is having a play date with someone he should not be having a play date with. Rachel asks if sleepovers count. Stefan says they definitely do and asks if Dimitri is having a sleepover. Rachel says yes so Stefan asks who it was with but Rachel points out that’s not a yes or no question. Rachel tells Stefan that he has 9 questions left as Kristen walks in and questions what he has 9 left about. Stefan explains that they were just playing a fun game of 20 questions. Kristen asks Rachel what kind of questions she was being asked. Stefan says she can’t tell her because it would ruin the surprise which Rachel agrees with. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen to have cookies. Kristen guesses Stefan will have to live with the suspense and exits the room. Stefan hopes that Gabi is having better luck than him.

Gabi questions how the real headmaster of Martin Prep would feel to find out someone is impersonating him. Elliot then breaks down and admits he’s not the headmaster and that he’s an attorney who has come to Salem to make sure the terms of the Von Leuschner codicil are met. Gabi questions what the hell that is.

Leo asks Sonny if he’s proven his point. Sonny looks at the photo that Leo showed him which is just of a body without a face. Sonny asks why he’s still standing here. Leo tries to say they are friends. Sonny brings up Justin being a wreck when Bonnie was kidnapped and how Bonnie was a wreck as well and that’s his family. Sonny declares that Leo didn’t give a damn and betrayed their friendship and betrayed him. Sonny says that comes with a cost and walks away.

Gwen rejoins Dimitri in the living room and asks if it didn’t go well with Kristen. Dimitri claims it went fine but Gwen senses something is not right and asks what is troubling him. Gwen tells him that whatever it is, they can work it out together.

Alex tells Chad that he wasn’t planning on wallowing. Stephanie asks if that was really called for when Alex is in mourning. Chad explains that he’s not trying to be insensitive but he knows what it’s like to want to isolate and shut off from the world when grieving. Chad encourages Alex to move through it and points out that Alex said he hasn’t been home so he tells Alex that now is the time to go home and work things out with Maggie. Chad says burying the hatchet with Maggie will make amends to Victor and honor his memory. Alex agrees that Chad is right and thanks him. Alex decides he will head over there right now. Chad wishes Alex luck as he exits. Stephanie then kisses Chad and calls him a good man, noting that was exactly what Alex needed; a friend. Chad doesn’t think he’d call them friends as it’s a little too soon for that.

Leo goes to his room at the Salem Inn, complaining that if only Sonny could see Dimitri. Leo remarks that Dimitri is real and way hotter than Sonny and Alex.

Alex goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny then arrives and they hug. Sonny asks what Alex is doing there since Justin told him he moved out. Alex explains that he came to see Maggie but she’s taking a nap so he decided to wait around. Sonny is sure that Maggie will be thrilled to see him, but Alex is not so sure about that.

Dimitri starts to tell Gwen something but gets interrupted by a text from Leo. Dimitri tells Gwen that he’s sorry as he needs to take care of this and steps away to read the message from Leo, which states that he almost told someone about them but he didn’t because he knows how important it is to keep it hush hush and reminds Dimitri to fake it ’til you make it. Gwen asks if everything is alright. Dimitri responds that everything is fine and claims the text was from Kristen and they have to cut a deal with another shareholder. Gwen remarks that dealing with the DiMera family is like a minefield. Dimitri says he needs to go run an errand and clear his head a bit. Gwen tells Dimitri that he’s got this. Dimitri thanks her and kisses her then says he will see her soon. Gwen remarks that she can’t wait to hear how he figures this out. Dimitri then exits the mansion.

Gabi returns to Stefan in their room. Stefan explains that he and Rachel’s game got interrupted by Kristen but they were so close. Gabi tells him to forget all about that because she knows the secret.

Alex explains to Sonny that he came to try and make things right with Maggie. Sonny encourages that Maggie is going to need everyone’s help to get through this, so he’s really glad that Alex will be part of it. Alex and Sonny then find an old photo album of Victor and look through it.

Chad and Stephanie have breakfast as Stephanie says she hopes that Alex takes Chad’s advice, noting that it was caring and thoughtful. Stephanie adds that she’s really proud of Chad for extending himself to Alex like that. Chad remarks that it’s a good thing he didn’t listen to Kristen then, because she said he was making a huge mistake and that he shouldn’t trust Alex with Stephanie no matter what. Stephanie calls that cynical and no surprise coming from Kristen. Stephanie jokes that sometimes he thinks the DiMeras don’t know how to be happy unless they are stirring up drama which Chad agrees with.

Dimitri goes to Leo’s hotel room and tells him that they have a problem. Dimitri worries that if he can’t figure everything out fast, it’s all over.

Stefan asks Gabi if Elliot just came clean. Gabi explains that his incentive to keep quiet isn’t as strong as Kristen’s because he’s only here for a job. Gabi reveals that there’s a boatload of money out there for Dimitri and all he has to do is prove that his marriage to Gwen is real. Stefan feels this has Kristen all over it, so maybe Dimitri is cutting her a share or he has to. Gabi suggests Kristen is the one who knows who Dimitri is having sleepovers with. Stefan jokes that his nephew has a side piece. Gabi comments that all they have to do is find out what her name is and then they are in the driver’s seat..

Dimitri tells Leo how close he was to telling Gwen everything. Leo assures that Gwen would not take it well if she finds out that he’s been lying to her from the very beginning along with him. Dimitri states that Leo’s text earlier to fake it until you make it gave him an idea. Dimitri says his terms says he has to have a wife but it doesn’t have to be Gwen. Dimitri suggests finding someone to pose as Gwen and if he can pull this off, Elliot will leave satisfied, he’ll get the money, and Gwen will be none the wiser. Leo asks who he has in mind to impersonate Gwen, reminding him that he has to sell it to Elliot and it has to be someone he knows he can trust or else he could be blackmailed. Leo then suggest himself.

Gwen drops a glass that smashes on the floor. Kristen walks in and questions her being upset. Gwen asks why she wouldn’t be upset. Kristen then assumes that Dimitri told her everything. Gwen questions what she’s talking about.

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