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are divorced. You just signed the papers. Oh yeah. I’m sorry. No, no, no. It’s

Don’t pee. I won’t, I, I won’t minute. Something smells really good. Okay. You can listen now. I can. Oh my goodness. Look at you. I’m a princess. You are a princess. Oh my goodness. Yes. Well, these look spectacular little princess. They’re pumpkin. I made them from scratch. Oh, did. Hello everyone. Mommy, you look great.

She’s a. Yes, I know. And daddy’s gonna be a king, which makes us the royal family. Can grandma be a part of the royal family? Oh, well that’s up to her, isn’t it?


so tell me, what are you doing going through Kristin’s things?

Oh my goodness. What a surprise. , you look terrific. This for you.

I dunno. Come on, come on in. I’ll get you some coffee. Honestly, Stephan, I was just gonna drop this off with Harold and keep going. Well then it’s a good thing I open the. But you’re working? Nah, it’s nothing important. I’m just getting caught up on stuff to mirror, that’s all.

So, which one of you wants to sign first?

I do.

I cannot wait to be rid of you once and for all. Stephen. Hey, what is it? What’s wrong? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Dr. Ralph Lee Shin everything okay in Ja. I’m sorry to hear that, but the reason I’m calling is Gabby told me about going to the lab.

Yes. It was very wrong of her to hold a scalpel to your throat, but I wanted to know how you managed to convince her that you hadn’t brainwashed Stephan, because we need to keep our stories straight Now. What exactly did you tell her that got her to back down?

What? What kind of. But why in God’s name did you have to erase her memory? You told her the truth. Do you understand? You wouldn’t have had to erase her memory if you hadn’t told her what she was never supposed to know. I know Gabby was in attack mode, but still you spineless little.

I think you, who are you talking to?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Thanks for the update. Catch you later, Don. You look provocative. Hmm. Uh, I asked you who you were talking to. Well, curiosity killed the cat. Yeah. I am curious, I mean, you said I was in a attack mode and, well, that doesn’t sound particularly complimentary, so I’d like to know who you said it to. To a venture capitalist and they think attack mode.

Is the sexiest thing going Venture capitalist. We have to raise a lot of money in a very short amount of time. That is, if we’re going to take over me, really think we can do it. All you have to do is trust me.

So I was just thinking about you. Well, if I’m honest, I’ve been thinking about you kind of nonstop since our fake trip to our fake beach. Uh, that’s, that’s why I stopped by. I wanted to return the sunglasses and the shirts. No need. It’s a gift, yo. Okay. Thank you. Well, I, I, I should go, but, uh, you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Oh right. Yeah. Thank you.

You know, I was, uh, thinking it is very kind of you to stop by and drop that stuff off so quickly, but if I’m honest, I was hoping you were just stopping by to see me.

Well, I think, uh, Marlene is enjoying the pancakes, Rachel, and I’m quite pleased at how they turned out. Well. They’re very good. Rachel. Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry. I mean, princess Rachel, thank you so much. You know what, Rachel? Sweetheart, you know it’s gonna make those even better. Jelly. Do you mind going to the kitchen and grabbing some?

Sure. Be right back.

Well, I can see you’re having a wonderful Halloween. You’re just including joy and excitement. I think Rachel’s pretty excited, , but you treat her mother like a intruder, you know? Don’t you think your granddaughter can see you searing at me. This is Brady’s home. He’s invited you here. Without notice, I might.

We weren’t warned about it, but I feel kind of sad for Chloe because I think she and Brady have been very happy together. If you’re so upset at how Chloe was treated, you can take that up with Brady. It was his idea to dump her

that, come on. I wasn’t going through Kristen’s things. I was, I was looking for this guy. Here he is. It’s Rachel’s favorite dog. Had to find him. She was worried about it and. Found him, right? Oh, that explains everything. Yeah. So mission accomplished, I guess. So how about you and I just cut the crap now, I’m sorry.

Out of the blue, you break up with Chloe. I bring Myla to home from the hospital, and now we have Kristen Dira as our star border. And when I ask you. Repeatedly what’s happening here? You just go into your, I’m doing this for Rachel Mantra. I am. But what about the fact that it’s not good for Rachel and now in the name of God, could you even move that woman into this house here without talking to Mar later?

You know how long she was on death store? She comes in here and finds out Christ and Demira is living in her house. No. Have you even forgotten what that woman has done to Mar Lane? And not to mention everybody else she loves including No. No. I haven. I’m sorry, things with Kristen moved really fast and I, um, I meant to tell you before you headed out, and I’m really sorry about what this is doing to Marlena, but I, um, how you calling me?

Hanging here kid? Come on. But what that, what will you just believe? But believe me when I say that I’m doing what I think is best for the people that I love, I never doubted that poor moment. Thank you, but kid, I am your dad and you can trust me. So whatever the hell is going on here, you can tell me.

What kind of car are you driving these days? You know I can’t drive. Yeah, well you still have the greatest smile in the world. And you’re still goofy. Yeah. Sadly. Yes, I am. I missed you so much.

So come with us to H Town Square. Oh, Eric’s working, honey. Yeah, but it does sound like fun. It is. They give out like a thousand pounds of candy every year. A thousand p what? Hey, aren’t she supposed to be in a costume? It’s in the, it’s a surprise. Mm-hmm. . Okay. I got. Why don’t you come by in your costume here afterwards and we’ll take some photos and then I can still tell your candy

Hey, uh, are these the photos from the dude? Oh yes. But you are not working today and you are on your way to the warden town Square.

Oh, actually, uh, I do have to work today too. Then who’s gonna take my trick or treating? I have to tell you. I like your outfit a lot. Well, it’s not for you. I’m taking art. The Horton Town scare. What is that? Well, they, they decorate the square. The shops all give out candy. The kids get dressed up. So you’re a kid now.

Very funny. Now Ari, Ari wanted us to be cats and I’ve just missed so many Halloweens with her, and either I was working or she was in Phoenix, but not that I’m outta work, I just feel like I’m making up for lost time. Hmm, that’s nice. Yeah, she’s almost a teenager now. Pretty soon she’ll want nothing to do with me.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting nothing to do with you. Well, what about Stephan? The truth is I did wanna see you, but it just didn’t seem fair. Why not? Well, I’m not the greatest company these days. I’ll be the judge of that.

Okay. It’s, it’s also cuz you said that you were, you know, madly in love with you.

I think what you want is a girlfriend, and what I want is pretend trips to pretend beaches, and it just didn’t seem fair to let you think it was something else. Well, don’t worry about being fair. I enjoy spending time with you

and I know you’re not gonna get over Brady in a day. Especially after the way he dumbed me. Yeah. That was not cool. Yeah, but I even, I understand that, you know, Rachel hates me and he’s really worried about her. That still doesn’t excuse the way he treated you. I still get that. You know, he’s under pressure.

You know what I don’t understand is letting that evil woman move to John and Marlena’s. I, I just don’t get it and I keep forgetting. I’m talking about your sister. I’m sorry. That’s okay. I am well aware that Kristin is not about to win any popularity contests. It just doesn’t make any sense moving her into the house.

Well, maybe it’s because they have a shrink on call 24 7. Sorry, that wasn’t funny. No, but it’s just so absurd. I’m sorry I didn’t, I didn’t come here to unload all my problems onto you. No, no, no. Come on. That’s what I’m here for.

Have you had breakfast? They put out a hell of a spread. It sounds great, but I’m late for work. 30 minutes tops, huh? Tell you what,

we will pretend that we are at the breakfast buffet at the Villa Costa Costa Arena, Miami Beach. Hmm. And we will also pretend that neither of us has ever heard of sale. Heard of what

I’ve always been impressed and a bit mystified at, uh, Chloe’s talent for soliciting sympathy. Maybe because sympathy. A completely foreign concept to you. Take go. Mommy . Thank you darling.

Were you still having a fight? ? No, honey, we were just waiting for Daddy. Oh. Or should I say King Brady? Yeah. Come to think about where. Brady and I, grandpa John, dad, I trust you more than anyone on the planet, and I know it’s gotta be hard for you to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, because you won’t tell me what you’re doing.

You’re just handing me a cover story, don’t you think? I know. I know, I know. This is, let me tell you this. I am doing what I think is best for my family, and I’m doing it the way that you would do it. I’m asking you to trust me on this one. I do, I do. Are you sure? There’s nothing that I can do to help you

there. You boys are in my room going through my things and, uh, apparently talking about me. Well, you know what, Kristen? It’s my house. This is my. And I can talk to him when I want to, where I want to, and about any damn thing that I wanna,

this is only day one. I hope he doesn’t crack under pressure. He won’t, neither will Marlena. Well, don’t expect me to. I can take whatever they dish out. What about Rachel? Have you given one ounce of thought about the, the loving, stable environment you’ve created here? You know, there is a petulant streak in your family That I find very annoying.

Okay, then just move out. But is she right now? This invasion of my privacy forces me to, to state the obvious. Brady. I may be many things but stupid. Stupid is not one of them. My hold over you is that I alone have the serum so that I can help your beloved. Beloved stepmother says that she doesn’t well crook.

Now, if you had a hold of that serum, then I would not have hold of you

So no Brady. It is not in my underwear drawer. And. Under the floorboard, it is someplace where you will never find it, and you are under my thumb.

I know this doesn’t hurt you, but any man who doesn’t want to be with you is a damn fool. It’s. It’s just why, I mean, it’s the way that Stefan hates me. It’s like when we first met and we were at each other’s throats, but it’s not, it’s different. I mean, we used to fight, but there was this underlying connection and now he looks at me like, like I make him sick.

That’s why I knew that Ralph had to have done something except I talked to Ralph and I know that’s not true. I wanna remind you of something you said because I think it is true. Stephan’s attitude towards you makes moving on easier. The Stephan you knew and loved is gone, but I’m here and I swear the way I feel about you will never change.

I, I feel the same way about you, and I’m gonna concentrate on you. Okay? And I’m gonna forget about stuff, and I swear

I’ve forgotten how good these croons are, right? They’re out here every morning. Hey, we could have a standing breakfast date. I know I’m nothing if not relentless. Hold on. Oh, it’s Nicole. She’s probably what I am. Nicole. Hey, I’m on my way, Chloe. I, I’m sorry. I need a big favor. Sure. Can you take Holly to the Horton Town Scare?

I promise we’d go and something came up. Yeah, sure. I’d love to. Do you need to swing by the office to pick her up? Yes, of course. I’ll be right there. Hi. Must be my lucky day. First I get to have breakfast with you and now I get to take Holly. Trick or treating. Huh? That’s great. How about I go with you?

Look what iPhone.

Those pancakes look great. Those are better than great . Mommy and me made them together. Mm. You look thirsty. Would you like some orange juice? I would love some orange juice. Princess, Rachel, thank you very much.

Is everything okay? Well, I don’t think so Do you,

Brady, I want you to know that I am not angry with. Whatever leave. I expect you to go searching for the serum. You are take action kind of man, but you’re not gonna find it. So right now, for all our sakes and more, even for Rachel’s sake, I’m asking you to accept what you cannot change. Like you always.

Except what you cannot change. That’s a serenity prayer, isn’t it? I mean, don’t you think that the three of us need a little Serenity Brady? Come on. Right now. Right now. I mean, what we wanted, it’s, it’s, it’s within our grass, so just please just stop fighting it. It wasn’t long ago that you, you wanted us all to be a family and now we are.

No, we’re not. You will always be Rachel’s mother, but what we had is gone. You resent by taking the res, they’re shaking the re no on. What I resent is you using three human beings to blackmail me in a submission. That’s not a family. Kristen. That’s tyranny. Do you want power over me? Do you wanna bring me to my knee?

You know, grad, this could be the time and place to do just.

No, Kristen? Not here. Not now, not anywhere. Not ever. I wouldn’t count on it. You see, there’s a, a cliche now it goes, there’s a thin line between love and hate. And, uh, we both remember that you used to love me, but you are not the woman that I used to love. See, the Kristin that I loved would never humiliate herself by trying to blackmail someone into sleeping room.

Kristin, I can see that you have all the power at present. I’ll concede that you have me under your thumb at present. You can make me do whatever you want me to do. Do you know what you can’t do? You can’t change how I feel and what I feel for you is contempt.


You are not gonna win this one Brady. Come on. Holly and I are old friends. We used to hang out all the time when you guys lived here. Remember she was the Sant person in this house, albeit a very low bar. She always liked you. Yeah. Then it settled. The three of us will go together. Um, well, we don’t have any costumes, Uhha.

Oh, but we do.

I’m sorry. I keep talking about Stephan. Gabby, I’ve said it before, your husband who you really love very much came back from the dead, or is she going to talk about it? Just having a hard time accepting that he hates me, and that’s why I was sure that Ralph had done something to him, but I know that’s not true.

It feels like when Stephan died, so did his love. But I, I know it’s over. We’ve signed the divorce papers and thank God I have you and you always will love you, right? I have to get going cause I gotta go pick up Ariana Sons. How come with you? It’s, it’s a who in town scare. It’s corny. Kids running around.

Not a drop of champagne anywhere. You’d hate it. I think it sounds like a really good way for RA and me to get to know each other a little better. Don’t you have to go into the office? Nah, I can take the morning off. I just, uh, I don’t have a costume. Ears. Ears. I’m going to the town. Square dresses, ears. No.

Ariana and I are both cats, but she doesn’t wanna wear her ears because, well, she says it messes up her hair. So here you go. How do I look like the cats me?

You look so beautiful, sweetheart. Say to you, mommy. Oh, thank you. And what’s taking your daddy so long? Got me to go get him? Oh, no, no, no, honey. Um, we’ll give him another five minutes. Um, Yeah, you should come with us. Yes, please. . Well, thank you. I’m afraid we don’t have any costumes. Oh, well what about that old, uh, devil’s costume from last year and, uh, John, I’m sure you can find a Roman collar around here someplace.

What? Too soon we’ll pass. Oh, well, maybe next year. Oh,

You look great, daddy. Right? Thank you so much. Is this Princess Rachel J. King Brady? Yes, I am. You may call me Your Majesty. Okay. Your Majesty . All right. Shall we go? Huh? Princess Rachel, king Brady. Sure. Queen Kristin. All right. Time to go.

Thank you.

This is a nightmare. Rachels having a good time. Yeah. Yeah. And that helps.

Him and Dog Brady refuses to tell me what’s going on here. I’m baffled. I can’t figure out why he brought that awful woman here to,

they didn’t like the proofs. They didn’t like the proofs. They loved them . Really? That’s great. Yeah. What? Well, um, the problem is they want more photos and they want them yesterday. It’s for the Black Friday marketing blitz. So they’re pulling more clothes and they’re sending them over. Okay. That, that’s, that’s good news.

Yeah. Yeah. I guess, I guess. Um, but there’s, I talk to them, um, I try to actually talk them out of it really, but they want me to do this shoot too. I’m not saying why this is bad news. I wanted to spend time with Holly. She, you know, she did seem pretty happy about going with Lou and Stephan. Yeah. How would you sit through it and we’ll get you there in time so you can catch up with him?

No. Eric, I, I don’t want you to rush through the photo shoot. I’m telling you they were crazy about your work. I mean, this, this could get your photography career started again. Listen, when you’re the model, everything just works better and faster. I mean, you said it. We work really well together.

You know, it’s like we planned this. Chloe and I are dressed for the beach and. Or a shark, which means we are very, very scared of you. Good. You’re supposed to be scared on Halloween, right? I mean like that’s the point, isn’t it? Absolutely. Yeah. I’m going to Sweet. It’s before all the brownies are gone. Okay.

Go. Go. Hurry, hurry. I like that kid. Yeah, she likes you too. Yeah. She seems to remember all the stuff that you guys did together. Well, you know it’s because I exposed her to the finer things in life. Oh, really? Classical music, foreign films. I’m pretty sure Metallica is not classical music and the past and the furious movies are not foreign.

Well, you gotta start somewhere. I know why you guys get along. You’re probably the same age emotionally. Okay. That’s only when I’m with you. Okay. When I’m with you, it’s, it’s like I’m not this money driven corporate warrior. I’m, you know, laid back surfer dude. Oh wow. Okay. Well, I’m gonna start calling you surfer dude.

Then call me anything you want.

Well, stuff it really didn’t expect to see you here.

Hey Nicole. I am ready whenever you are. Okay. So where do you want me,

Stephan? Chloe, do you know Gabby’s daughter, Ari? Yeah, of course I do. Happy L Honey. Uh, do you know Holly Nicole’s. Hi. Hi. You are smart to ditch the hair. Yeah, they look dumb. Did you just get here? Yeah, I’ll pick you to the high though. They’ve got popcorn balls. Is that okay? Yeah, sure. Have fun. Sorry, it’s my dad.

I have to take this. Oh, Holly looks like she’s having problems with that door. So fin, I’ll be right back.

So who are you pocket or tubs? Neither. And, uh, trust me, Gabby, you don’t need to make small talk. Yeah, no. Yeah, you’re right. We have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

Kristen wasn’t kidding. That kitchen does look like a tornado. Hit it,

John. They’re gone. You can talk to me now. Excuse me, you haven’t said a word in 20 minutes. Well, I, I, I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’m just, I’m just mulling over something that, uh, that Brady said. You know, I was pounding him pretty hard about leaving Chloe, Kristen moving in here, and then he finally said something he said,

I’m doing what I think is best for the people that I love. He didn’t, he didn’t say for Rachel, he said For the people that I love, doc. I think I know why Brady was in Kristen’s room going through her things. What are you thinking? He was looking for that serum.

Okay. Don’t go too far. Okay. I can see you. I really nice doing these things together. We’re standing here together. We’re not doing this together. Would you mind just meeting me halfway? For Rachel’s sake, you need to stop saying for Rachel. None of what you’re doing is for Rachel’s sake, okay? You’re wrong.

You’re wrong. I’ve never seen her so happy. Everybody living under the same roof, everyone she loves. I mean, think about how I must feel living in the same house with John and Marlina. I am making a huge sacrifice for her. Hmm. Oh my God. Look at that little creep. He’s just cut in front of her. Oh, he’s gonna regret this big time.

As much as I regret the day I laid eyes on you.

We know that Ralph has always been on the Demira payroll, so what, what if, what if Kristin got the serum from Ralph and has been using yet the blackmail Brady doesn’t make any sense if Kristin. Had had Blackmailed Brady with a serum. And the moment he knew that we’d all recovered, he would’ve left her, he would’ve gone back to Chloe.

But instead he moved Kristin in with us. So what was he looking for in her room and why the hell won’t he tell me what’s going on here? I, I, I swear to God, I don’t know how or why, but Kristen is calling all of the shots here, Brady. He’s doing everything he can to try to change. Brady. Hey, I’m assuming that you’re King Brady.

King Brady. I still don’t believe adults should wear Halloween costumes, at least past the age of 10, but yeah. But you’re doing it for Rachel’s sake, right? Yeah. I know Chloe, I saw that you came with my, uh, brother Stephan. I know how much he adore. I hope Rachel has a fun Halloween. Oh, she will. With her mom and her dad.

She’s very happy that we’re a family again,

Chloe, actually, I was, uh, meaning to ask you, I noticed your way with Holly. Is Nicole okay?

What about. Oh, no. That’s awful. No, no, no. You’re beautiful.

Well, um, that’s, that’s the one you’re gonna go with. I’m gonna go change and meet Holly of this square. Yeah. Okay. Go have fun.

Nicole asked me to bring Holly here, and then I volunteered to tag along. How does Brady feel about that? Brady and I aren’t together anymore. Oh, that’s why he’s here with. And Rachel, he’s here mainly for Rachel, right? Yeah. Stephan, looks like you didn’t waste any time making your move. Stephen and Holly are my friends.

Yeah, of course. Stephan came to hang out with Holly. Well, it was great bumping into you. Happy surfing. Hey, hey, hey. You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. I, um, I just, I’m surprised to see that Chloe and, and Brady broke up because I saw them like two minutes ago and it looked like there was still a connection. I’m gonna go check up on Ari,

just like there’s still a connection between you and Stephan. Uh, I’m, I’m sorry for whatever that was with Gabby. Are you two? No, no, no. You two are divorce. I just signed the papers. Oh yeah. I’m sorry. No, no, no. It’s exactly what I wanted. It still doesn’t make it easy. Trust me. I, I have experience.

Well, it looks like we’ve both got what we.

Stephanie, what up?

Sorry to keep leaving messages, but I’m pretty wound up as you can imagine. So I’m telling you again that as soon as you get that file from Sloan Peterson, I wanted live it to me immediately. Stephanie, I wanna thank you again for all you’ve done to neutralize that Viper. Me and my Chanel, we forever your dead.


what the hell? Hope this isn’t a bad time. It always is for you, Ms. Peterson. Not to mention our business is concluded. And who gave you that idea?

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B&B Transcript Thursday, October 27, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Yes, yes, of course you’re gonna get the exclusive.

Eye on fashion always has the first position. Of course. Okay. All right, I’ll see you at the preview. Bye, bye. If you’re looking my father, he’s not in. I’m assuming he’s with my mother.

Brooke: You love rubbing it in, don’t you?

Steffy: Rubbing what in?

Brooke: How delighted you are. You worked hard to undermine my marriage. I’m sure you’re thrilled with the way things worked out.

Steffy: I wasn’t undermining you, brooke. But it is true, I am happy that my parents are back together.

Brooke: For the moment.

Steffy: For good. My father is filing for an annulment. So, if you don’t mind, I have to get back to work.

Brooke: Oh, you’re dismissing me?

Steffy: I’m just really trying to avoid another one of your predictable lectures about destiny. I heard it from hope a few days ago, I don’t need to hear it from you.

Hope: Hm. Yeah, I can’t still believe that paris told you.

Thomas: That you think I’m hot.

Hope: That’s not what– okay. Look, context is very important here in this.

Thomas: Hope, you don’t exactly have to be, like, self-conscious or anything. Look, I’m flattered. Obviously, you know how I feel about you.

Hope: You know what, let’s just– let’s move past this.

Thomas: Move past the greatest compliment I’ve had to date? Okay. All right. Well, you wanna discuss the lineup for the preview? ‘Cause, I actually have a few thoughts.

Hope: Actually, I was hoping to see the chiffon dress with the tapered waistline.

Thomas: Hope wait, before you go back there.

Hope: Is that it over here?

[ Hope gasping ]

Douglas: Checkmate!

Liam: Wait. How– who– who taught you how to play chess this well? Is it– was it– is it your great-grandfather?

Eric: Yeah, his grandfather, his father as well. It’s kind of been a group effort actually. Now, he is teaching all of us. And you, too, it seems.

Liam: Clearly.

Eric: You’re really good at this.

Douglas: Should I tell him?

Donna: Oh, okay.

Eric: Tell me what?

Douglas: Donna’s been giving me pointers. It’s a secret.

Eric: What? Donna? You play chess?

Donna: Not only do I play, I was actually scorekeeper of my high school chess club for a year. What? I needed an extra curricular!

Eric: I never would have guessed.

Douglas: Donna is a lot of fun.

Donna: Am I? Really? How fun? How fun?

Liam: Seems like there’s a lot of that going around here. Fun, the fun, the fun.

Eric: We have really enjoyed having douglas here with us.

Douglas: I’m having an awesome time, too.

Liam: That is so cool. I’m so happy but, I gotta tell you, your mom and beth and me, we all really, really, really miss you. Do you think… maybe it’s time for you to come home?

Brooke: Hope says what she feels.

Steffy: And surprise surprise! It’s exactly how you feel. Like my parents reuniting is somehow orchestrated by my mother and me.

Brooke: Wasn’t it?

Steffy: No. And you know that. But instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that you’re the one responsible for your failed marriage, you want to point the finger at us. But my mom and I are used to it. You’re not gonna get what you want, brooke. My father has made up his mind. He wants to be with my mother and he’s making it permanent by ending it with you legally. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but you had it coming, especially after aspen.

Brooke: Where’s hope right now?

Steffy: In a meeting with thomas. I’m sure that’s an issue for you, not that it matters to him.

Brooke: Yeah, well, you conveniently forget the way thomas was. He was completely detached from reality, but, you know what? I haven’t forgotten and I really am concerned. And hope shouldn’t forget either because there is the slightest possibility that it could happen all over again.

Hope: What is that mannequin doing here, thomas?! Explain!

Thomas: Someone downstairs brought it up.

Hope: Why?

Thomas: I don’t know. Maybe they thought that it would be good for me to put dresses on something that looked like you.

Hope: Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. Who in their right mind would go and take–

Thomas: Hope, hope, I would never want someone to bring that thing up here, all right? I don’t understand why it wasn’t burned to the ground after the last time I saw it. That reminds me of a painful, dark past. I don’t want to remember that. Right now, I am focused on being a great father to my son. Tell me you believe me. I need you to say that you believe me.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Steffy: Your concerns are unfounded, brooke. Thomas’ life doesn’t revolve around hope anymore.

Brooke: Oh, really? They work together! They’re raising douglas together! Thomas makes sure that hope’s over at eric’s as much as possible–

Steffy: They share a son! He’s not obsessed with her anymore! You need to drop this, brooke.

Brooke: Oh, you mean look the other way? Steffy, there’s already warning signs that thomas is getting too close to her and I’m not gonna let that happen.

Steffy: Let me ask you something. How would my father feel if he knew that you were harassing his son? I think it would just reaffirm why he left you and went back to my mom.

Brooke: I’m not harassing his son. I’m concerned about my daughter, and I think ridge would understand that. I know he loves his son, he’s giving thomas the benefit of the doubt, but he also knows his history. And if thomas is trying to drive a wedge between liam and hope, and using douglas to do that, I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

Douglas: You want me to–

Liam: Come home. Yeah. Only because your mom and beth and me, we really miss you, like, a bunch.

Douglas: Do I have to leave?

Eric: No, of course not.

Douglas: See? It’s okay with great granddad if I stay!

Liam: No, sure, yeah, you can stay. It’s just–

Eric: I’ll tell you what. I’ll leave you two here to talk, all right? Donna and I will go into the den.

Donna: That’s a great idea. Okay.

Liam: Can I level with you? Home just isn’t the same without you, man.

Douglas: But mom and beth can come here. They can see me.

Liam: No, yes, of course they can. I just–

Douglas: I love it here. This is where I wanna be. What I really want is to be with both my parents. My mom and my real dad.

Thomas: I swear I didn’t put it there. I had no idea that thing still existed, let alone it was still in the building. Just please tell me that you believe me.

Hope: I… I believe you. I’ve seen the changes that you’ve made, thomas, especially with douglas and you’re a devoted father and it’s beautiful to see and also you’ve been doing really amazing work for my line and for that I am grateful to you.

Thomas: So, it’s not because you think I’m hot?

[ Thomas laughing ]

Brooke: Am I interrupting?

Hope: Mom? Thomas and i were just… do you need me?

Brooke: I would like to talk to you. Alone.

Thomas: Okay.

Brooke: What are you doing? What’s going on with you and thomas? Suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night?

Liam: Hey, douglas. You know that I would never claim to be or try to be your dad, right? I mean, like, I just, I don’t know, I kind of think we’ve been having a lot of fun. Like all the soccer games I’ve been taking you to, and the science projects, and– oh, my god, do you remember when I helped you design your halloween costume last year? That was dope! Right? We had a lot of fun, I thought.

Douglas: Yeah.

Liam: Nice. Well, yeah, I mean– I just– I kind of feel like we were buds. Like best buds, even.

Douglas: We were.

Liam: Nice. Well, I really miss that and, I dont know, I was kind of hoping maybe you did, too.

Douglas: I do, but…

Liam: It’s okay. Trust me, you can’t hurt me. You can say it, whatever it is. Douglas, I will understand.

Douglas: It’s just, you’re really cool and all, liam, but so is my dad. I like hanging out with him and my mom. They’re my family. My real family.

Thomas: Yeah, so then brooke barges into the design office saying that she has to speak to hope “alone”, like her and I aren’t working on our preview right now and have a thousand things to do.

Steffy: What did brooke want?

Thomas: I don’t know, like, bashing me to hope? What? What’s going on?

Steffy: Nothing, it’s just… brooke and I exchanged words.

Thomas: When?

Steffy: Right before she came to see you. Obviously, she’s still upset about losing dad. So, now she’s starting on you as a way to get back.

Thomas: Okay, look, you know what? It doesn’t matter because brooke’s trying to do the same old, same old. Just saying that I’m losing my mind, going crazy. But hope isn’t gonna believe her. Not this time. Hope is solidly in my corner. If I didn’t know before today, I do now.

Brooke: Are you really encouraging thomas?

Hope: Mom, when thomas is not here working hard on my line, he is spending quality time with douglas and their bond has grown and it has been a really beautiful thing to see.

Brooke: Okay, that’s not what I’m talking about. What really concerns me is–

Hope: Mom, I– I get your concerns! And I do appreciate them, but you’re not the one spending all this time with thomas. I am! I’ve seen how he is at eric’s, when he gets to play baseball with douglas. And, also, how much he’s helped me here with my line.

Brooke: So, you have complete faith in thomas?

Hope: Yes.

Brooke: Well, that’s what concerns me. Because you’re too trusting and when it comes to thomas–

Hope: I already know what you’re about to say, it’s what you’ve always said. That I can’t forget about his past, that I need to keep my guard up, which I am. But I also am allowed to think that he is capable of change, especially for our son’s sake!

Brooke: Okay, look, I know this is complicated for you. I do. But I was standing at the door and I heard you both talking. Is it true that you think thomas is hot?

Hope: Okay– it is not– it’s not what you think.

Brooke: Well, it certainly seemed like something.

Hope: All right, then. Paris and I, we walked into the office. We caught thomas in a state of undress. He took his bike to work that day, he was in the middle of changing, and then paris was going on and on about how hot she thought he was–

Brooke: And you feel the same way?

Hope: And I only agreed with her so that we could get back to work! Mom, it is nothing to worry about!

Brooke: Honey, yes it is! I’m very concerned about this! Thomas was obsessed with you. He had a mannequin that looked just like you. You’re spending a lot of time with him here at work. So, yes, I’m concerned. And, in fact, liam is very worried. And you’re over at eric’s a lot to be there with thomas.

Hope: Not with thomas, to be there with douglas!

Brooke: You know the difference, but does thomas? I’m not convinced that he does.

If you have type 2 diabetes

or high blood pressure…

Hope: I don’t wanna argue about this.

Brooke: I don’t want to argue either, but liam, beth, and douglas, they’re your family. Not thomas and douglas.

Hope: Mom, I know that. And I get why you’re concerned, but I also need you to understand that I believe thomas has changed and he’s not a threat to anyone anymore.

Brooke: I don’t know about that, honey. I mean, he still resents me. Every time I look at him, I see the hate in his eyes.

Hope: Okay, I think you might be reading into things just a little.

Brooke: No, I’m not. I know thomas for who he is. He has a history of instability and of manipulating people to get what he wants. He says he’s past all that, that he’s accepted your marriage to liam. But, I dont know, it certainly hasn’t stopped him from doing–

Hope: Mom. I hear what you’re saying, but, believe it or not, I actually have to get back to work. With thomas. Because we have a very big fashion preview to get ready for. So, let’s put a pin in this. Okay?

Brooke: God.

Hope: Love you!

[ Brooke sighing ]

Steffy: You’re preaching to the choir about brooke. I don’t want to waste any more time on her. She’s out of dad’s life and dad’s back with mom.

Thomas: Yeah, thank goodness. You know, I just don’t want brooke interfering with my relationship with hope.

Steffy: Relationship?

Thomas: You know what I mean. Like, we’re working together, we’re raising a kid together, and things are finally clicking between us.

Steffy: Good, I’m happy for you. Just don’t let her catch you half-naked again.

Thomas: Ha!

Steffy: Hope! We were just talking about you.

Hope: Oh?

Thomas: All good. I assure you. Are you and your mother done?

Hope: Yeah, but I would love to get back to work if that’s okay?

Thomas: Sure.

Steffy: I have a meeting, you two can use my office. Just keep your pants on, stud.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Hope: So, steffy knows?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, just about the part where you and paris walked in on me pretty much half-naked, but not the part about you calling me hot.

Hope: Oh, gee, thanks.

Thomas: You’re welcome.

Hope: By the way, my mom overheard us as well.

Thomas: Oh, great. I’m sure she came down on you wanting to warn you that I’m a crazy person.

Hope: Oh, I don’t need to be warned by my mother or anyone else. Thomas, I meant what I said. I’ve seen the effort that you’ve put into working on your relationship with douglas, and now the way he lights up when you’re in the room. It’s a beautiful thing. And I, also, again, am very grateful for all your help on my line. You’re an exceptional designer with an eye for beauty and fashion.

Thomas: Well, it’s not hard to exemplify beauty on the line when I’m working on your line–

[ Phone ringing ] And thinking about you. Uh, do you want to try on my most recent design? It’s right back there.

[ Ringing continues ]

Hope: Okay, sure. Why not?

Thomas: Okay, cool.

[ Ringing continues ]

Thomas: Hey! Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I was looking for those colors, it’s like an aqua. Basically all the blues and the reds are kind of missing. Yeah, I just need the samples. Okay, great. Yeah, a half hour’s fine. Okay, cool. All right, thanks. Bye. Wow. What do you think?

Hope: It’s breathtaking.

Thomas: You’re breathtaking.

Hope: Here, come here.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Do you think if we bring it in in the sides, it will help with the fall of the dress a little bit?

Thomas: It was just

a fantasy. Stop.

Hope: Are you okay?

Thomas: Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah. What am I doing? Hope’s married. I can’T.

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Days Update Thursday, October 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Brady and Kristen’s daughter Rachel brings Marlena pumpkin pancakes at home. Rachel is dressed as a princess for Halloween and then Kristen joins her in the room, dressed as a queen. Rachel mentions that Brady will be a king. Kristen comments that they will then be the royal family. Rachel asks if there’s room for Marlena in the royal family. Kristen guesses that is up to Marlena.

Brady enters Kristen’s room and finds her bag on the bed. Brady opens it up but John walks in and questions what Brady is doing by going through Kristen’s things.

Nicole brings Holly to the Basic Black office. Holly runs in and excitedly hugs Eric. Eric tells her that she looks terrific and so does Nicole.

Stefan brings Chloe in to the DiMera Mansion and invites her to have coffee. Chloe doesn’t want to interrupt him working but Stefan says he’s just getting caught up on DiMera Enterprises. Stefan picks up a stack of papers and sees his divorce papers, then he flashes back to signing them. Chloe asks Stefan what’s wrong. Stefan claims nothing at all.

Li calls Dr. Rolf from his room at the Salem Inn. Li tells him that Gabi told him about confronting him at the lab. Li wants to know how Dr. Rolf convinced Gabi that he didn’t brainwash Stefan so they can keep their stories straight. Li questions what exactly Rolf told Gabi that got her to back down. Dr. Rolf reveals that he injected her with a drug to erase her memory because he told her the truth. Li argues that he wouldn’t have had to erase her memory if he didn’t tell her what she was never supposed to know. Li angrily calls Dr. Rolf spineless until Gabi comes out of the bathroom in a cat costume and questions who Li is talking to. Li hangs up and lies to her about the call being work related. Li tells Gabi that all she has to do is trust him when it comes to them taking over DiMera.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s been thinking about her non stop. Chloe brought back the sunglasses and shirt from when he created a beach set up in her hotel room but Stefan says there’s no need and that they are a gift. Chloe thanks him and decides she should go but Stefan points out that she hasn’t had her coffee yet. Chloe then takes it and thanks him. Stefan calls it very kind of her to stop by and drop the stuff off so quickly, but he was hoping that she was just stopping by to see him.

Marlena compliments Rachel’s pancakes and thanks her. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen to get some jelly. Kristen then mocks Marlena’s Halloween spirit. Marlena thinks Rachel is pretty excited while Kristen complains that Marlena is treating her like an intruder. Kristen feels Rachel can see Marlena sneering at her. Marlena points out that this is Brady’s home and he invited her here without notice or warning. Marlena feels sad for Chloe because she thinks she and Brady were very happy together. Kristen argues that she can take that up with Brady because it was his idea to dump Chloe.

Brady claims that he wasn’t going through Kristen’s things but looking for Rachel’s favorite stuffed animal and now he found it. John tells Brady to cut the crap and questions him breaking up with Chloe out of the blue and now they have Kristen DiMera. John says when he asks him repeatedly, he goes in to his doing it for Rachel mantra. John questions it not being good for Rachel and how Brady could move Kristen in without talking to Marlena first. John asks if Brady has forgotten what Kristen has done to Marlena and everyone she loves. Brady shouts that he hasn’t. Brady apologizes and says things moved fast with Kristen and he intended to tell him. Brady asks John to just believe him when he says he’s doing what is best for the people he loves. John responds that he never doubted that for a moment but argues that he can trust him and tell him whatever the hell is going on here.

Holly invites Eric to come with her and Nicole to the town square but Nicole points out that Eric is working. Holly talks about all the candy they give out. Eric suggests Holly come back after in her costume and they can take photos. Nicole then gets a text and declares that she has to work today now too. Holly questions who is going to take her trick or treating.

Li tells Gabi that he likes her outfit a lot. Gabi explains that she’s taking her daughter Arianna to the Horton Town Scare where they decorate the town square and give out candy. Gabi talks about how Arianna wanted them to be cats and she’s missed so many Halloweens with her. Gabi feels now that she’s out of work, she’s making up for lost time. Gabi comments that Arianna will be a teenager soon and won’t want anything to do with her. Li remarks that he cannot imagine anyone wanting nothing to do with her. Gabi asks what about Stefan.

Chloe admits that she did want to see Stefan but it didn’t seem fair since she’s not the greatest company these days. Stefan says he’ll be the judge of that. Chloe brings up Stefan saying he was madly in love with her. Chloe thinks Stefan wants a girlfriend while she just wants pretend trips, so it didn’t seem fair to let him think it was something else. Stefan tells her not to worry about being fair as he enjoys spending time with her. Stefan knows she won’t get over Brady in a day and says it wasn’t cool how he dumped her. Chloe says she understands that Rachel hates her and Brady is really worried about her. Stefan feels it still doesn’t excuse how he treated her. Chloe gets that Brady is under pressure but doesn’t understand letting Kristen move in to John and Marlena’s. Chloe apologizes for talking about Stefan’s sister. Stefan acknowledges that Kristen is not popular. Chloe repeats that moving Kristen in to the house makes no sense and calls it so absurd. Chloe says she didn’t come to unload all her problems on him but Stefan says that’s what he’s here for. Stefan offers Chloe breakfast. Chloe says she’s late for work but Stefan convinces her to stay for 30 minutes and adds that they can pretend they are on Miami Beach.

Kristen tells Marlena that she’s always been mystified by Chloe’s ability to garner sympathy. Rachel returns with jelly for Marlena’s pancakes. Rachel asks if they were fighting. Kristen says no and that they were just waiting for King Brady. Kristen wonders where Brady and John are.

Brady tells John that he trusts him more than anyone on the planet and he knows this must be hard for him. John argues that he knows Brady is just handing him a cover story. Brady repeats to John that he’s doing what he thinks is best for his family and he’s doing it the way John would do it. Brady asks John to trust him. John asks if he’s sure there is nothing he can do to help him. Kristen comes in and interrupts them, questioning them being in her room, going through her things, and talking about her. John responds that it’s his house and Brady is his son, so he can talk to him when and where he wants to about anything he wants to. John then exits the room. Kristen tells Brady that this is only day one so she hopes John won’t crack under pressure. Brady assures that he won’t and neither will Marlena. Kristen says not to expect her to because she can take whatever they dish out. Brady asks if she’s given one ounce of thought about the environment she’s created for Rachel. Kristen complains about Brady so he tells her to move out. Kristen accuses Brady of invading her privacy and says she may be many things but not stupid. Kristen reminds Brady that her hold over him is that she has the serum to help Marlena. Kristen says if Brady had the serum, she would not have hold of him, so it’s not in her underwear drawer or under the floor boards. Kristen declares that the serum is some place where he will never find it and he is under her thumb.

Li acknowledges that Stefan hurt Gabi but says any man who doesn’t want to be with her is a damn fool. Gabi says it’s just the way that Stefan hates her and how it’s different from when they first met. Gabi says they used to fight but had an underlying connection and now he looks at her like she makes him sick. Gabi adds that’s why she knew Dr. Rolf had to have done something but she talked to Rolf and found out it wasn’t true. Li reminds Gabi that Stefan’s attitude towards her makes moving on easier because the Stefan that she knew and loved is gone, but he’s here and swears that the way he feels about her will never change. Gabi says she feels the same about Li and will concentrate on him. Gabi swears to forget about Stefan as she kisses Li.

Stefan and Chloe have breakfast together until Chloe gets a call from Nicole. Chloe tells her that she’s on her way. Nicole apologizes and says she needs a big favor. Nicole asks Chloe to take Holly to the Horton Town Scare because she promised they would go but something came up. Chloe says she’d love to so Nicole asks her to pick Holly up from the office. Chloe says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Chloe tells Stefan that it must be her lucky day as first she gets breakfast with him and now gets to take Holly trick or treating. Stefan offers to go with her.

John brings Rachel her favorite stuffed animal. Rachel goes to get John some orange juice. Marlena asks if everything is okay. John doesn’t think so and asks if she does.

Kristen tells Brady that she’s not angry with him which Brady laughs at. Kristen says she expected him to go searching for the serum but reiterates that he’s not going to find it. Kristen asks Brady to accept what he cannot change. Brady points out that she never does. Kristen thinks the three of them need serenity. Kristen declares that what they wanted is in their grasp and asks Brady to stop fighting it. Kristen reminds Brady that not long ago, he wanted them to be a family and now they are. Brady disagrees and says she’ll always be Rachel’s mother but what they had is gone. Brady tells Kristen that using three human beings to blackmail him is not a family. Kristen asks if Brady wants power over her and to bring her to her knees. Kristen sits on the bed and suggests this could be the time and place to do just that. Brady tells her no, not here, now or ever. Kristen says she wouldn’t count on that, remarking that there is a thin line between love and hate. Kristen reminds Brady that he used to love her. Brady argues that she’s not the woman he used to love because the Kristen he loved would never humiliate herself by trying to blackmail someone in to sleeping with her. Brady concedes that she has all the power and can make him do whatever she wants, but she can’t change how he feels and what he feels for her is contempt. Brady then walks out of the room. Kristen remarks that Brady is not going to win this one.

Stefan tells Chloe that he and Holly are like old friends and used to hang out all the time when she lived in the mansion. Chloe admits that Holly always liked him. Stefan decides the three of them will go together then. Chloe points out that they don’t have costumes, but Stefan says they do.

Gabi apologizes to Li for continuing to talk about Stefan. Li understands that her husband came back from the dead so she’s going to talk about him. Gabi admits that she’s having a hard time accepting that Stefan hates her and that’s why she was sure that Dr. Rolf did something to him but she knows that’s not true. Gabi feels like when Stefan died, so did his love for her. Gabi knows it’s over and they signed the divorce papers. Gabi thanks God that she has Li. Li responds that she always will. Gabi kisses him and says she has to get going to pick up Arianna from the Kiriakis Mansion. Li offers to go with her. Gabi says it’s for the kids and corny so she thinks he would hate it. Li thinks it sounds like a really good way for he and Arianna to get to know each other better. Gabi asks if he doesn’t have to go to work. Li says he can take the morning off, but he doesn’t have a costume. Gabi points out that she and Arianna are both cats, but Arianna doesn’t want to wear her cat ears because she says it messes up her hair, so she puts the ears on Li and they kiss.

Kristen rejoins Rachel in the living room and wonders what’s taking Brady so long. Rachel offers to go get him but Kristen decides to give him another five minutes. Kristen invites Marlena and John to come with them which Rachel agrees with. Marlena points out that they don’t have costumes. Kristen asks about Marlena’s Devil costume from last year and suggests John could find a collar around here. Kristen asks if it’s too soon. John says they will pass so Kristen says maybe next year. Brady then comes in dressed as a King. Brady, Kristen, and Rachel then exit together. John tells Marlena that this is a nightmare. Marlena points out that Rachel is having a good time. John says that helps some but Brady refuses to tell him what’s going on here. Marlena admits she’s baffled as she can’t figure out why Brady brought Kristen to stay with them.

Nicole finishes a call and tells Eric that they loved their proofs but the problem is, they want more photos now so they are sending over more clothes. Eric thinks that’s good news but Nicole says there’s more as they want her to do that shoot too. Eric isn’t seeing why this is bad news. Nicole says she wanted to spend time with Holly. Eric points out that Holly seemed pretty happy to go with Chloe and Stefan. Eric suggests they zip through it and get Nicole there in time to catch up with them. Nicole doesn’t want Eric to rush through the photoshoot because they were crazy about his work and this could get his photography career started again. Eric declares that when Nicole is the model, everything just works better and faster and they work really well together.

Stefan and Chloe bring Holly to the town square, dressed in their beach outfits while Holly is dressed as a shark. Holly goes to the bakery to get a brownie. Chloe tells Stefan that Holly seems to remember everything they did together. Stefan jokes about introducing her to Metallica and the Fast and the Furious. Stefan states that when he’s with Chloe, it’s like he’s not a money-driven corporate warrior. Gabi and Li arrive with Arianna. Gabi remarks that she really didn’t expect to see Stefan here.

Eric sets up for the photoshoot and tells Nicole that he’s ready whenever she is. Nicole comes out in a red dress and asks where he wants her.

Holly and Arianna run off together to get popcorn. Li gets a call from his dad and steps away to take it while Chloe goes to help Holly with her costume, leaving Gabi and Stefan. Stefan tells Gabi that she doesn’t need to make small talk. Gabi agrees that they have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

Marlena tells John that he hasn’t said a word in 20 minutes. John responds that he’s just mulling over something that Brady said when he was pounding him about leaving Chloe and moving Kristen in. John informs her that Brady said he’s doing what he thinks is best for the people he loves, not for Rachel, but the people he loves. John thinks he knows why Brady was in Kristen’s room going through her things, because he was looking for that serum.

Brady and Kristen bring Rachel to the town square and she goes to join the kids in bobbing for apples. Kristen comments on missing doing these things together and asks Brady to meet her halfway for Rachel’s sake. Brady argues that none of what Kristen is doing is for Rachel’s sake. Kristen argues that Rachel has never been happier with everyone she loves under one roof. Kristen adds that she’s making a huge sacrifice by living with John and Marlena. Kristen then sees a kid cut in front of Rachel so she decides to go make him regret it. Brady remarks to himself that it won’t be as much as he regrets ever laying eyes on her. Brady then turns around and runs in to Chloe.

John tells Marlena that they know Dr. Rolf was always on the DiMera payroll, so he asks what if Kristen got the serum from Dr. Rolf and used it to blackmail Brady. Marlena argues that it doesn’t make sense because Brady would have left Kristen and gone back to Chloe as soon as they got better, but instead, he moved Kristen in. John wonders why Brady was in her room then. John declares that whatever is going on, Kristen is calling all the shots and Brady is doing whatever he can to try and change that.

Chloe and Brady greet one another. Brady comments on still not believing adults should wear Halloween costumes but he’s doing it for Rachel. Kristen comes back and comments that she saw Chloe arrive with Stefan and she knows he adores her. Chloe says she hopes Rachel has a happy Halloween and walks away while Kristen remarks that she will because she’s with her parents and is very happy that they are a family again. Chloe goes back over to Stefan. Gabi comments on Chloe being with Holly and questions if Nicole is okay.

Eric and Nicole go over her photos. Eric picks one and says she looks beautiful. Nicole then goes to change out of her dress.

Chloe informs Gabi that Nicole asked her to take Holly. Stefan adds that he volunteered to tag along. Gabi asks how Brady feels about that. Chloe clarifies that she and Brady are no longer together. Gabi acknowledges that’s why Brady is here with Kristen. Chloe points out that Brady is here mainly for Rachel. Gabi remarks on Stefan not wasting any time making his move. Chloe responds that Stefan and Holly are her friends. Gabi mocks the idea that Stefan came to hang out with Holly and storms off. Li follows Gabi and asks if she’s okay. Gabi claims she’s fine and is just surprised to see Chloe and Brady broke up because she saw them a few minutes ago and it looked like there was still a connection. Gabi goes to check on Arianna while Li complains to himself about there still being a connection between Gabi and Stefan. Chloe apologizes to Stefan about Gabi but Stefan assures that they just signed the divorce papers and it’s exactly what he wanted. Chloe knows it’s not easy as she has experience. Stefan hugs Chloe while Gabi looks on. Kristen comes over to Li and remarks that it looks like they both got what they wanted. Kristen then goes back to Brady while Gabi rejoins Li.

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GH Update Wednesday, October 26, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

Victor and Nikolas argued over Nikolas’ relationship with Ava.  Victor told him that Helena had indulged him too much and that it was time that he embraced his future as a Cassadine without Ava.  

At Nina’s apartment, Ava opened the confession letter that Nikolas had given her and found the note that Victor had left for her, which said “missing something?”  Ava showed the note to Nina and they both initially misconstrued the circumstances surrounding it.  They each blamed Nikolas for stealing the note rather than placing the blame with Victor.  Ava seemed furious and vowed to get revenge on Nikolas.  Nina asked her what she planned to do. Nina added that Nikolas stealing the confession letter didn’t make sense.  Ava said that she was absolutely right and that she didn’t think that Nikolas had stolen the letter.  She also showed Nina the confession that Nikolas had recorded on her phone.

At the salon, Holly soaked her feet and declared Felicia a genius. Felicia smiled because she had been worried that Holly had been humoring her by agreeing to go to the salon. Holly confessed that she had been, but the pedicure had changed her mind. Felicia was pleased and hoped that Holly would stop lying to her. Holly argued that the stiff upper lip was the British way and acknowledged that she felt confused and a little embarrassed because she had always prided herself on being able to take care of herself but someone had clearly gotten the better of her. The conversation turned to Luke’s death, and the investigation into the possibility that Victor was behind it. Holly admitted that she had trouble believing that Luke was really dead, but Holly wanted to help uncover the truth about the cable car crash. Felicia giggled out loud as she recalled the slap Holly had given Victor. “Trust me, I’m just getting started,” Holly said.

At the PCPD jail, Anna rested on a cot as Mac arrived to check on her. Anna stood up and admitted that she’d been going stir crazy, while Victor had been getting away with murder. Robert came in beaming with joy as he shared the news that Holly had returned. Mac was happy for his brother, and Anna was eager for news about her friend. Robert explained that physically, Holly was fine, but she had no memory of the past two years. Anna was desperate to get out of jail, but she conceded that the police had incriminating evidence against her. Robert revealed that he had to recuse himself from the case, so Anna would have to wait for her arraignment. Anna implored Robert to call Valentin to let Valentin know what had happened. Robert was reluctant, but Anna explained that she was concerned because all her calls had gone to voicemail, and Victor had made Valentin’s travel arrangements. She suspected Victor had intended to keep Valentin from interfering in Victor’s efforts to frame her for murder. After Robert left to make the call, Anna took the opportunity to warn Mac that Deputy Mayor Ashby was in cahoots with Victor.

Anna explained that Lucy had overheard Victor and Ashby’s phone conversation the night before Lucy had been shot. Just then, Robert returned to report that his call to Valentin had gone to voicemail. Anna’s concern mounted, but Holly’s arrival offered a brief respite. After Holly exchanged greetings with everyone, Holly passed along a message from Felicia for Mac to meet Felicia at the hospital. Mac wanted to postpone the DNA test, but both Anna and Robert insisted it was too important for Mac to miss. Mac left, so Robert and Anna filled Holly in about the incriminating evidence against Anna. Robert confirmed that a box of bullets had been found in Anna’s home that had matched both the brand and caliber of the casing recovered from the pier. Holly agreed that it sounded like a setup. Anna revealed that she had recognized the trench coat worn by the shooter, which Anna suspected had been taken from her home — along with Anna’s gun — when the bullets had been planted. Robert admitted that forensics had found gunpowder on the trench coat.

Anna was certain Victor had arranged everything. Holly pointed out that the WSB might intervene, but Anna explained that she’d been digging into Luke’s murder privately because the case had been closed when someone had confessed to sabotaging the cable car that had killed Luke. Holly was curious why Victor would target Luke in the first place, so Anna told Holly about Victor’s search for the Ice Princess. Holly asked how many people had to die for the infamous diamond. “Far too many,” Anna said.

Holly recalled that Luke had once mentioned that Helena Cassadine had put a curse on the jewels. Anna told Holly how devastated Robert had been when he’d been told that Holly had died. Moments later, a furious Robert returned to let Anna know that her arraignment had been pushed back to the following day. Robert promised to get Anna out of jail. Anna was confident Robert would succeed, and together, she and Robert would go after Victor. “Count me in,” Holly said.

At the hospital, Austin greeted Maxie and Georgie. He gave Maxie a quick kiss, while Georgie remained silent and grimaced. Maxie and Austin were eager to take Georgie for ice cream, but Georgie refused to play along. Georgie demonsrated what a complete brat she could be and Maxie demanded that Georgie apologize to Austin for her childish behavior. “Never,” Georgie said. Maxie made it clear that there would be no ice cream until Georgie apologized, prompting Georgie to blame Austin for ruining everything.

In Britt’s office, Britt explained that she knew about Sam’s checkered past, and she told Sam she was curious if Sam had ever been a jewel thief. Sam tensed as she asked if Britt was wearing a wire. Britt assured Sam nothing of the sort was going on but she told Sam she did want to retain her to investigate the necklace. Britt showed Sam pictures of the diamond necklace that she had found in Peter’s safe deposit box. Sam admitted the necklace was worth millions if the diamonds were real. Britt assured Sam the gems had been real enough to cut glass.

At Volonino’s, Cody was working out on the weights when Dante arrived. Dante apologized for being late, and they spoke about the past when Dante and Cody had been kids and Dante had given Cody a bloody nose. The conversation turned serious when Dante admitted he’d had a rough day because he’d been forced to arrest Anna, who he knew was innocent. Dante asked about Cody’s day. Cody only admitted that he had spent some time with Britt. Dante chuckled because Britt had clearly not heeded Dante’s advice to stay away from Cody. Dante explained that he’d been looking out for Cody, but Cody told Dante he didn’t want him getting between him and Britt.

Cody reached into his gym bag when he received a reminder notification about the DNA test. Cody sighed with apprehension. Cody opened up to Dante about Mac and the possibility that Mac might be Cody’s biological father. Dante couldn’t believe that Cody hadn’t mentioned it to him sooner, especially since Dante knew what it was like to find a long-lost father. Dante explained that despite everything, Dante and Sonny had managed to forge a close relationship, and it had been Sonny who had gone to Turkey to rescue Dante from a dire situation. Dante admitted that Sonny was a good man despite Sonny’s “questionable lifestyle.” Later, Sam was waiting when Dante and Cody emerged from the locker room. After Cody left, Sam and Dante exchanged a kiss, and they each admitted they had had a crazy day. Sam decided Dante won the prize when he told her about Anna’s arrest. Dante was certain she had been framed by the Cassadine’s and he acknowledged that he was unable to do anything about it at that moment. Sam smiled when Dante decided to focus on them, and he leaned down to kiss her.

Britt noticed Mac and his family gathered at the elevator, and she realized Cody was there for the DNA test. She told Cody that she hoped he got what he wanted, but Cody confessed he wasn’t sure what that was.

After Ava left, Nina called Valentin, but the call went to voicemail. She admitted she was jealous that he was able to visit with Charlotte, and she was eager to hear all about it. However, Nina wanted Valentin to know that things were “weird” in Port Charles because Lucy was missing — and his father might have been responsible.

Victor explained that the world was in chaos, and the Cassadines were positioned to bring order to that chaos. “And order begins at home,” Victor said. Victor announced his decision to move into Wyndemere to keep an eye on Nikolas. Nikolas objected, and claimed the castle was under extensive renovations, but Victor didn’t care. After Victor walked away, Nikolas spotted Ava. Nikolas realized Ava was upset, so he urged her to leave before she ran into Victor. Ava refused, and she told him about the confession that Victor had taken. Nikolas admitted that he already knew, and he filled Ava in about Victor’s threats. Ava wasn’t intimidated, but Nikolas warned her that Victor might deal with Ava the way Victor had dealt with Lucy.

At the elevator, Victor praised Nikolas, but Nikolas warned Victor that Helena had once believed she could control Nikolas, too — and it had not ended well for her.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Sally that he tried his best to persuade Victoria not to fire her and Chloe, but Victoria has made up her mind. Sally is grateful that Nick fought for her and Chloe and assures Nick she will land on her feet. Sally calls Chloe and leaves a message telling Chloe that what they were afraid would happen has happened.

Victoria tells Nikki that she has offered Nate the job of CEO of Newman Media and he is taking time to think about the offer. Victoria also tells Nikki that she thinks Nick and Sally are dating. Nikki isn’t happy about that, and later talks to Nick about the situation. Nikki thinks that Nick’s relationship with Sally will antagonize Adam and also anger Summer and Victor. Nick tells Nikki that his relationship with Sally is nobody’s business but his own.

Harrison arrives in Costa Rica for the last few days of Kyle and Summer’s honeymoon. Chelsea sees Johnny at Chancellor Park and when Victoria arrives she tells Johnny to wait for her at Crimson Lights. Victoria asks Chelsea to respect Johnny’s wishes and if she sees him in town she shouldn’t approach him.

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Days Update Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe hopes Paulina is kidding about hiring Leo. Paulina confirms that Leo is her new assistant to work on the campaign. Abe warns Leo not to get comfortable. Paulina questions what is wrong with her hiring Leo. Abe asks where he should begin.

Johnny finds Wendy in the town square and informs him that he spoke to his sister so Wendy is free to stay with her and her girlfriend until she finds a place. Wendy can’t believe it and calls him her savior. Wendy says this is so unbelievably nice of them. Wendy asks if Johnny’s sister is gay. Johnny clarifies that she is bi and so is her girlfriend, then adds that her girlfriend used to be his wife.

Allie asks Chanel what she wanted to tell her before. Chanel then gets Paulina’s text, saying their problem is going to be taken care of and things are looking up, so she tells Allie that she doesn’t even remember so it must not have been that important. Allie points out that she seemed really upset and questions her just not remembering.

Sloan meets Chad at the Brady Pub and questions Stephanie not being there when this is a major deal. Chad assures they will be just fine and offers her a drink. Sloan calls him quite the charmer but continues to question where Stephanie is.

Stephanie successfully breaks in to Sloan’s apartment and finds Alex inside, handcuffed to the bed. Both are shocked and question what the other is doing there. Alex remarks that it’s obvious what he’s doing here. Stephanie points out that he’s doing it alone. Alex informs her that Sloan had to go to a meeting. Stephanie asks if he’s okay with Sloan just leaving him handcuffed. Alex argues that what’s happening here is between two consenting adults so it’s not a crime, while Stephanie just committed a felony by picking the lock which means she wasn’t expecting Sloan to be here. Alex asks Stephanie again what the hell she’s doing here.

Chad informs Sloan that Stephanie isn’t there because it allows her a certain plausible deniability. Sloan questions the sudden urge to make the deal. Chad says they got the funds together so they are anxious to get the deal done. Chad asks her to give him the materials and then he will give her what’s in the briefcase. Sloan questions who talked Paulina in to the deal since she seemed pretty dead set against it. Chad responds that he can be very persuasive. Chad tells Sloan to show hers and then he’ll show his. Sloan remarks that she’s starting to understand why they sent him to meet her.

Wendy questions Johnny’s sister dating his ex-wife. Johnny adds that Allie is his twin sister but they have different dads. Wendy can’t believe it but Johnny swears it’s the truth as they sit together. Johnny talks about he and Chanel hitting it off right away but then he found out Chanel and Allie were old friends that had kissed a few times but they were in other relationships at the time. Johnny tells Wendy about how he and Chanel flew to Italy and got married but then The Devil came along and ruined everything. Johnny adds that after a bunch more drama, he and Allie both wanted to be with Chanel but she chose Allie. Wendy understands that must have been really hard for him. Johnny admits that it was but says he’s really happy for them now.

Chanel questions what made Allie think she was upset. Allie reminds her that she said no when she asked if everything was okay and now she’s acting like she can’t remember why. Chanel then says she has to run an errand and will be right back. Allie questions Chanel leaving when Johnny is about to bring Wendy over. Chanel promises to be quick and hurries out of the apartment.

Abe informs Paulina that Leo was recently facing multiple felony charges. Paulina exclaims that she knew Leo looked familiar and remembers that he was arrested for the murder of Abigail DiMera and stabbing Sonny Kiriakis. Leo argues that he was totally exonerated while Abe says he’s hardly innocent. Abe brings up how Leo blackmailed Sonny in to marrying him and conned Craig Wesley in to becoming his husband so there’s a pattern here. Abe calls Leo a gold digger. Leo argues that he was but now he’ll be earning his own by working a legitimate job. Leo questions if he doesn’t deserve a second chance but Paulina does when she’s made mistakes. Leo brings up Lani bring in prison. Paulina decides she likes Leo’s spirit. Abe warns Paulina not to let Leo fool her. Paulina says she has a gut feeling about Leo and that almost always pays off. Paulina tells Leo not to make her regret hiring him. Leo assures that he looks forward to serving her and he will see her at 9 AM as he then exits the office. Abe picks up Leo’s donkey mask and tells Paulina that he can’t believe she hired this jackass.

Wendy tells Johnny that it’s a bummer how things ended for him with Chanel. Wendy asks if he’s seeing anyone else now. Johnny says no and admits he came close with someone he really cared about but then his dad forced her to leave town. Wendy asks if that’s something his dad does a lot because she was talking to Tripp earlier. Johnny is surprised to learn Wendy knows Tripp. Wendy explains that she met Tripp and Joey in Hong Kong last summer. Wendy informs Johnny that Tripp told her that EJ forced his mom out of town, but then realizes Tripp’s mother is who Johnny was interested in. Wendy points out that Ava’s old enough to be his mother but Johnny says so what. Johnny praises Ava as great, funny, smart, and beautiful. Wendy tells him that she’s sorry it ended. Johnny jokes that it wasn’t as humiliating as what happened with Chanel since he didn’t lose her to his sister.

Sonny goes to Allie’s and brings her a picture frame that Arianna made her in art class for her birthday. Allie asks how Will is. Sonny says he’s good but busy. Allie guesses Sonny misses him. Sonny admits he does a lot. Allie tells Sonny that he can always come over any time he’s bored or lonely even though it’s often dull around here. Sonny questions that and brings up them being friends with Alex. Sonny asks if Alex isn’t keeping things exciting.

Alex says if Stephanie’s not talking, he’ll have to ask Sloan when she gets home, why Stephanie broke in to her apartment. Stephanie tells him not to so Alex tells her to start talking. Stephanie then informs him that Sloan is blackmailing one of her clients and they have a file full of damaging materials and they want money. Alex questions who the client is but Stephanie says she can’t tell him. Alex guesses that it’s Paulina. Stephanie says it’s a dirty deal and Sloan is fronting it. Stephanie remarks that Alex has horrible taste in women. Alex points out that he used to be attracted to her and calls it her loss. Stephanie questions how it doesn’t bother him to be sleeping with a snake. Alex blows it off. Stephanie argues that Sloan has no conscience or soul and profits off greedy cowards. Alex reminds Stephanie that she broke in which is a crime and questions how she knew Sloan wouldn’t be home.

Chad tells Sloan that he’s ready to do this and questions if she’s not. Sloan says she is but she wasn’t sure she could trust him, so she didn’t bring all the materials he’s asking for but he can just go back to her place and get them. Chad tells her there’s no rush. Sloan thought he was ready to do this. Chad suggests they take advantage of Stephanie not being there and says instead of working against each other, they can work together. Sloan doesn’t know what he means. Chad offers to go to Stephanie and tell her they couldn’t make a deal and that Sloan doubled the price, so Paulina pays up and they split it. Sloan remarks that she thought Chad was the good DiMera. Chad responds that something very bad happened in his life recently and that changes the way you see the world. Chad removes a stack of bills from the briefcase and suggests they talk it over drinks. Leo interrupts and asks if Chad’s giving that way then says to count him in. Chad questions what Leo is doing here. Leo responds that he smelled money.

Johnny tells Wendy that Ava is a very special person and was going through a hard time while he was rebounding. Johnny says nothing happened but now he’ll never know if anything would have thanks to EJ. Wendy understands Johnny’s motivation to take EJ down and realizes this isn’t just about having Stefan’s back after what EJ and Li did to him. Johnny admits it’s personal for him but he wants to move through it all and move on to something or someone less complicated. Johnny then decides they should get going to Allie’s.

Allie tells Sonny that Alex can be a lot of fun and that she and Chanel really like him. Sonny questions them actually liking him. Allie explains that they ran in to him in the town square in the summer and they really hit it off. Allie mentions that they were thinking about hanging out tonight. Sonny asks what was on the agenda. Allie says they had no set plans and were just going to see where the night took them. Allie questions Sonny’s look. Sonny then asks Allie if she and Chanel had a threesome with Alex.

Alex questions why Stephanie doesn’t seem worried about Sloan catching her in the act. Stephanie informs him that she arranged for Sloan to be otherwise occupied. Alex realizes it was the phone call earlier and questions if Chad’s just coming through for her in all kinds of ways. Stephanie tells him not to go there again. Stephanie begins searching the apartment for the file that Sloan is using to blackmail her client or at least find the name of the person behind it so she can neutralize the threat. Alex reminds Stephanie that even if she finds something, she has another problem in him.

Chad tells Leo to move on as they are in the middle of something important. Leo complains about Sloan interrupting his business to remind him that he owes her money. Sloan points out that it was in the town square and he looked like a jackass in the outfit. Leo informs her that he was just promoted to a high level position in Paulina’s campaign. Sloan finds that hard to believe. Leo shows her his first pay check. Sloan takes it and decides she’ll keep it as his first down payment. Leo argues that he was about to head to the ATM with that. Sloan tells Leo that he has to pay up on his debts. Leo asks her to give him something to get by on, so Sloan takes a bill from Chad’s stack of fake bills and gives it to him. Chad asks Leo to please leave so they can get back to their discussion. Leo then identifies the money as fake, questions Sloan about it, and says to never trust a lawyer as he then walks out of the Pub. Sloan questions Chad about trust. Chad tries to tell her not to listen to Leo but Sloan says she’s never met anyone more obsessed with money than Leo, so if anyone knows a fake, it’s him. Sloan declares that she’s out of here. Chad stops her and says they can figure something out. Chad says he’s just the messenger. Sloan questions if Paulina sent him with a briefcase full of fake cash to pass along to her. Sloan says she doesn’t think so and now she knows why Chad has been working that charm. Chad declares that if she wants money, he’ll write her a check right now but Sloan says she no longer trusts him or his money. Sloan warns Chad to tell his boss that the deal gets made tomorrow or else Paulina’s daughter’s secret will go public. Sloan then walks out of the Pub. Chad texts Stephanie that Sloan is coming and tells her to get out now.

Paulina is glad that Abe came around on Leo. Abe says he wouldn’t go that far but he believes in second chances. Paulina calls Leo a breath of fresh air with the election getting so close. Abe encourages that Paulina is well on her way to victory. Paulina calls him the most supportive husband but she doesn’t know about him stepping down as mayor if she wins. Abe tells her that’s already settled. Paulina agrees not to argue and tells him how much she loves him as they kiss. Abe brings up that before Leo showed up, Paulina said she had something she wanted to tell him, but then Chanel arrives. Abe invites Chanel to join them for dinner. Chanel thanks them but says she hoped to talk with Paulina privately. Abe says he’ll see Paulina at home and exits with the food. Paulina asks if Chanel got her text. Chanel confirms that she did but not until after she told Allie there was something she needed to know. Chanel adds that she was about to tell her but someone interrupted them. Chanel worries that Allie knows something is up so she won’t let it go.

Sonny tells Allie that he’s just wondering with no judgment and she doesn’t have to tell him. Sonny talks about Alex being braggadocios so he wants to hear it from her.

Johnny brings Wendy to Allie’s apartment. Wendy admits she’s a little nervous. Johnny encourages that she’ll fit right in. Johnny then opens the door with Wendy, right as Allie reveals to Sonny that she and Chanel had a threesome with Alex.

Stephanie orders Alex not to say anything to Sloan. Alex questions why he should protect her. Stephanie finds a file cabinet and says she’ll be gone in two minutes, then Alex can go back to his fun and games and pretend he never saw her. Stephanie gets Chad’s text that Sloan is coming back. Alex remarks that he can’t wait to fill her in. Stephanie pleads with Alex. Alex argues that he doesn’t owe her anything. Stephanie points out that if this job blows up, so does her career. Alex questions why he should care. Stephanie responds that there’s a lot more at stake here than her PR firm or Paulina’s campaign. Stephanie begs Alex to have a heart and argues that he’s not that petty to bust her for not going out with him. Alex asks if she’s sure about that as Stephanie goes to hide in the back while Sloan returns home. Sloan asks Alex if anything interesting happened while she was gone.

Johnny remarks that he didn’t realize they were walking in on a game of truth or dare. Allie introduces herself and Sonny to Wendy. Wendy thanks her for agreeing to this as Allie informs Sonny that Wendy is going to be staying with them for a little while. Sonny decides he should get going. Johnny suggests Allie might have more fun facts to share as Sonny exits the apartment. Johnny jokes that now it’s just the “three” of them now and makes a menage joke. Allie tells Johnny to grow up while Wendy tells Allie not to let Johnny bust her chops. Wendy adds that she’s totally cool with what they overheard. Allie thanks Wendy and says it’s nice to have someone who isn’t being a jerk about this. Johnny claims that he was just having some fun with it while Wendy argues that Johnny was trying to embarrass Allie. Wendy adds that Johnny has some history that some people might be as snarky about as he’s being with Allie.

Chad remains at the Pub and worries about Stephanie not texting him back.

Stephanie remains hiding in Sloan’s apartment. Sloan tells Alex that she should’ve never left him as that was a big mistake. Alex informs her that something did happen while she was gone. Alex claims he was all by himself and getting so lonely as they then start kissing. Stephanie then comes out, mouths “thank you” to Alex as he nods to her and she sneaks out the door.

Sonny runs in to Leo in the town square. They talk about Sonny being on the mend from being stabbed. Leo informs Sonny that he is newly employed. Sonny questions someone in Salem actually giving him a job. Leo reveals that he was hired by Paulina Price as he is the new executive director of affairs. Sonny takes it as he is her assistant. Leo calls it an honor to work for the future Governor and suggests they go out and celebrate. Sonny suggests waiting until Paulina actually wins the election first. Leo remarks that there is no doubt.

Stephanie joins Chad at the Pub. Chad explains how Leo interrupted them and recognized the fake bills right away. Chad apologizes and says he never should’ve took the money out of the briefcase. Stephanie says it’s not his fault that Leo walked in. Chad asks what their next move is and worries that Sloan could be at the police station right now. Stephanie disagrees since if Sloan told them about the fake money, she’d have to tell them that she tried to blackmail them and she’s too smart for that. Chad worries that they are on a very tight deadline so he hopes Stephanie has better luck than he did, or Paulina and Chanel are going to pay the price.

Paulina tells Chanel how much she trusts Stephanie. Chanel worries that Paulina is putting a lot of faith in one person and questions if she can really handle this. Paulina states that Stephanie told her that by the end of the night, Sloan Peterson won’t be a problem for them anymore. Chanel asks if she’s heard from Stephanie. Paulina says not yet but promises that everything is under control and she doesn’t have to worry. Chanel worries about Allie because she’s been through enough and doesn’t need this. Paulina encourages that Allie loves her and will stand by her no matter what. Chanel asks if she’s chickening out by not telling Allie because part of her is scared that Allie won’t look at her the same. Paulina understands that Chanel is trying to protect Allie the same way that she’s trying to protect Abe. Paulina informs Chanel that Abe offered to step down as mayor if she wins and move to the capitol with her. Chanel calls that amazing. Paulina calls it the most selfless, loyal, and generous offer so she doesn’t want to drag him in to this. Chanel cries that the waiting is so hard. Paulina encourages that it will be over soon and then they’ll be in the clear as they hug.

Leo questions if Sonny is not on Paulina’s team. Sonny assures that he is, but he’s just waiting until after the election to celebrate. Leo suggests they celebrate his new job then. Leo tells Sonny to pick a night and he’ll take he and Will out to dinner because it’s time they put their differences aside. Sonny responds that Will isn’t here as he’s in LA for work. Leo says it will just be them then and it will be epic. Leo tells Sonny to text him some dates for next week. Leo tells Sonny to take care of himself and hugs him, saying he’s so glad he’s doing better. Leo says he’ll see him at their celebration and then walks away.

Chanel returns home where Allie introduces her to Wendy. Chanel encourages that Wendy will really love it here. Johnny decides his work here is done so he will leave them to get better acquainted. Chanel stops him and says she knows it’s late but she wanted to celebrate Johnny and Allie’s birthday together, so she got them a cake from the bakery. Chanel lights candles on the cake and has Johnny and Allie blow them out. Wendy asks what they wished for. Allie jokes that her wish didn’t come true because Johnny is still there.

Stephanie informs Chad about Alex being handcuffed to the bed and calls it quite a sight. Stephanie feels if she had a little more time she could’ve gotten in to the filing cabinet. Chad worries that now that Sloan is on high alert, they will never get back in to the apartment. Stephanie then points out that Alex totally could have busted her, but he didn’t. Stephanie then wonders if it’s possible but they get interrupted by Paulina calling. Stephanie tells Chad that she told Paulina that she would have this handled by tonight, so she wonders what to say to her now.

Alex and Sloan continue kissing in bed and talk about it being worth the wait.

Stephanie answers Paulina’s call and admits she should’ve called sooner. Paulina complains that Stephanie said she had a fool proof plan and that it would be handled by tonight. Paulina questions if she made a promise she couldn’t keep. Stephanie assures that she meant every word. Paulina wants action and asks where the file is. Stephanie responds that she’ll have it in her hands by tomorrow and she will stake her reputation and the future of her company on it. Paulina complains that her daughter’s future is also at stake and tells Stephanie not to let them down because they are counting on her. Stephanie hangs up and tells Chad that she just keeps digging herself deeper. Chad asks what Stephanie was going to say about Alex earlier. Stephanie repeats that Alex could have blown her out of the water but he didn’t. Stephanie says Alex is not modest so something else must be going on. Stephanie mentions how she told Alex that Sloan was a sleazy criminal so she wonders if Alex wasn’t just saving her in the moment, but maybe he’s on their side in this now.

Sloan frees Alex from the handcuffs as they continue kissing in her bed.

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GH Update Tuesday, October 25, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

At Kelly’s, Dex confronted Josslyn and asked if the current state of things between them was how it was going to be from now on. She asked him if he still worked for Sonny, he replied in the affirmative and she then said that she didn’t see a change in things on the horizon.  Josslyn tried to appeal to Dex to quit Sonny’s organization by bringing up Jason.  She told Dex how loyal Jason and her Mom had been to Sonny and she asked him to look where they all are now.  She told Dex that Jason had been working for Sonny since he was younger than Dex is currently and that Sonny regarded Jason as family.  She reiterated that Sonny had still betrayed Jason and asked Dex how long he thought it would be before Sonny betrayed him.  Dex recalled his secret arrangement with Michael to take down Sonny and told Josslyn that he needed the job with Sonny.  Cameron then walked into Kelly’s and noticed that Josslyn was upset.  He asked what was going on.  Dex said that he had upset Josslyn by bringing up Sonny.  He apologized to Cameron.  When Dex left, Josslyn admitted to Cameron that she had known Dex longer than she previous admitted and that she had saved him from one of Sonny’s “employees.”  Cameron told Josslyn that he had known Josslyn had rescued Dex because Michael had already told him. Cameron wondered why Josslyn hadn’t told him, and she claimed it had been because she didn’t want Cameron involved in any of Sonny’s dealings.  Cameron said that he and Josslyn had been distant for months and that they needed to plan something together soon.  Josslyn agreed and the two embraced.  But, Josslyn still had a look of disappointment on her face.

Earlier, at the hospital, Cameron had been worried about an upcoming trip that Elizabeth planned to take with Terry to Monterey. Cameron noted that Elizabeth’s parents, Jeff and Carolyn lived in Monterey, but Elizabeth thought the chances of seeing her parents were slim.

Cameron confided that things hadn’t been going well with Josslyn. Elizabeth blamed Esme and said she hated what that horrible girl had done to them. Elizabeth vowed to spend time with Cameron and his brothers when she and Terry returned.

Later, Elizabeth appeared in Finn’s office. Elizabeth saw that Finn, Violet, and Gregory looked sad. Violet and Gregory left, and Finn said that he had just told Violet about Reiko’s death. Elizabeth asked if Finn would check on her boys while she was gone. Finn said that he would and then Elizabeth and Terry departed for Monterrey.

Britt and Cody, at an undisclosed bank location, wondered what was inside Peter’s safe deposit box. A man returned with the box, and Britt briefly hesitated before she agreed to search the box. Britt was shocked to discover a heavy diamond necklace inside. Cody said he knew how to tell if the necklace was real, and he used a compact from Britt’s purse to scratch the glass with one of the diamonds. Cody noted that real diamonds scratched glass, and he said the necklace was authentic.

Britt wondered about the necklace’s origins and how Peter had gotten his hands on it. Britt decided to keep the necklace stored away at its current location. 

At Nina’s penthouse, Ava and Nina shared martinis, and the two recalled the events of their day. Nina surmised that something was wrong with Ava, and she asked why Ava was avoiding her problems with Nikolas. Ava said she couldn’t decide what to do about Nikolas. Nina assured Ava that she wouldn’t judge Ava, regardless of her decision. Ava admitted that part of her wanted to cut Nikolas out of her life but that she’d reconsidered after Nikolas’ offer to confess to a crime. Nina wanted to know what Nikolas had done. “That’s just it. He didn’t do anything. I did,” Ava said. Ava said that if the secret ever became public, it could be the end for both Nikolas and her. Nina wondered why Ava hadn’t made Nikolas pay. Ava said it was because Nikolas would lay down his life for her. Nina’s phone rang, and she promised to continue her conversation with Ava when she returned. After Nina excused herself, Ava went to her purse to retrieve what she thought was Nikolas’ letter of confession. Instead, Ava was startled when she saw a letter that had been written on the same stationary. “Missing something???” 

At the Metro Court, Victor and Nikolas argued over whether Nikolas should divorce Ava. Victor called Nikolas’ feelings for Ava an “obsession.” Victor stated that he wouldn’t allow Nikolas to put the Cassadines at risk because of Ava, and he added that he had gone to great lengths to ensure the Cassadines’ future.

Nikolas said the Cassadine legacy was in his hands, not Victor’s. Victor wanted to know what Nikolas had meant, and Nikolas suggested that the two agree to a mutual exchange of information.

Victor remarked that Nikolas and Valentin were a lot alike because they were each focused on their own desires instead of the greater good. Victor and Nikolas’ argument became heated, and Victor accused Nikolas of loving Ava more than Spencer. Victor said that Nikolas had allowed Ava to destroy Nikolas’ relationship with Spencer. Victor remarked that Nikolas had not once visited Spencer in Pentonville.  Nikolas remained surprisingly cool throughout Victor’s grilling until he learned that Victor had stolen his letter of confession that he had given to Ava.  Nikolas was stunned that Victor had found the confession. “You will do exactly as I say and divorce Ava, or one way or the other, Nikolas, I will take you out,” Victor threatened.  Victor was still unaware that not only is there a letter of confession, but also a video.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Let’s talk out here.

Lily: Okay, but I don’t have a lot of time. I told jill that I would keep her up to date on what’s happening with the ipo.

Billy: And we’re still not telling her that I’m stepping down as coo? Is that correct?

Lily: Uh, no. I have enough to discuss with her right now.

Billy: Yeah. That’s for sure. Listen, uh, thank you — because I know that you’re protecting me from the maternal backlash that will ensue. So, I appreciate that.

Lily: Yeah, I just want to keep our focus on whether we should go public, and I think that mentioning your decision is just gonna be a distraction that no one needs right now. Have you heard anything more about what’s going on with connor?

Billy: No. But he’s adam’s son, so I’m sure he’s a genius at disguising his feelings.

Lily: Well, he’s also chelsea’s son, which means that he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Billy: I mean, what’s a kid supposed to think? He finds out that his mom’s his cousin’s biological mom, too. I know how difficult it’s been on johnny. He doesn’t even want to think about chelsea, doesn’t want to mention her name, doesn’t even want to talk about it.

Adam: They should just hand you over the best costume award already because this is genius.

Connor: Dad, stop. It’s not that big a deal.

Adam: I’m serious. A few seconds ago, I looked over and I actually had to remind myself that you’re my kid and not some flesh-eating zombie. I was about to run out of here terrified, screaming bloody murder.

Connor: Let’s just go.

Adam: What are you talking about? We got a little time before you have to be at beckett’S. If we go over now, they’re gonna put you to work cleaning the bathroom and planting bloody hands in the front yard.

Connor: Sounds like fun to me.

Adam: [ Sighs ] The whole reason that we got dressed up early is so your mother could see you in your costume. You know? She should have been here by now.

Connor: She’s late for things. Like, everything — waking up, going to sleep, dinner. And then she apologizes for stuff nobody apologizes for.

Adam: She’s like that with you?

Connor: All the time.

Adam: Hmm. Do you know why?

Connor: Because of johnny. She’s sad about him constantly, so there’s no time left for anything else, including me.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Ringing continues ]

Nick: I got your message. What’s going on?

Victoria: Come in and close the door. I thought about our last conversation regarding newman media.

Nick: Have you made a decision about who will be the permanent ceo?

Victoria: I have. And despite your objections, I’m moving forward with my decision to replace sally, hopefully with nate.

Nick: Have you made him the offer yet?

Victoria: No, I will be meeting with him later this afternoon. Look, I realize that you’ve been sally’s advocate from the start, so I thought that my coo should be the first to know.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Devon: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Hey, you’ve reached devon hamilton. Sorry I missed your call. Leave a message.

Nate: [ Sighs ] Devon. Hey. It’s me. Look, I know we said a lot of things last night in the heat of the moment, but it’s good we got it out and the open, right? Now we can deal with it, try to heal. You know, we fight hard, but when it’s all said and done, we’re family. When one of us makes a mistake, we patch things up. What we don’t do is quit on them. So we need to find a way to mend this, man. I know we can figure this out. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

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provided by…

Lily: Look, johnny and connor are at difficult ages, you know? They’re goin they’re trying to figure out who they are and where their place is in the world, and it’s a lot to process.

Billy: I know. I know it is. I just wish there was something I could do or say to make johnny feel better.

Lily: Well, you are. You’re doing what’s important. You’re there for them. I mean, they have a lot of people in their lives that love them and just want to help them through this.

Billy: It’s so like you to put the kids’ feelings first, even with everything that’s on your shoulders, given with the ipo being in the air and everything else.

Lily: Well, like I said, devon and I have it handled.

Billy: So, uh, hear me out for a second, but I spent last night tossing and turning, trying to figure out a way to make this whole transition easier.

Lily: It’s really not necessary.

Billy: I know, but I was thinking maybe I could be the go-between with my mother, you know, keeping her informed on everything that’s going on at chancellor-winters.

Lily: Okay, billy, you really don’t have to worry about it. I am ready for you to step back from your duties. You made it very clear that this isn’t what you want to be doing. And I’m glad. I’m grateful that you were honest with me ’cause I just want you to be happy.

Billy: Well, I don’t want to leave you in the lurch, though.

Lily: You’re not, okay? I will be fine until I find your replacement, someone who wants to be there.

Billy: [ Sighs ] It’s not the best timing, is it? Nate gets fired, and now you’ve got this major fire to put out.

Lily: Well, that’s my job. With devon.

[ Cellphone pings ]

[ Sighs ] I have to go back to the office.

Billy: I’ll go with you.

Lily: No, billy, just stay here, okay? Deal with what you have to deal with. Everything is fine. I’ll be fine.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Sally: I hope I’m not interrupting, but I just had to come over and tell you what a fantastic costume this is.

Adam: Oh, this? This, uh — this is my doting dad costume that I, uh, wear on special occasions, but thank you.

Sally: Mm.

Adam: Yeah.

Sally: I was talking to your son.

Connor: Thanks.

Sally: So, what are your plans for halloween?

Connor: I’m going to a party at a friend’s house later.

Sally: How are you at trick-or-treating.

Connor: We’ve been working on a map of the best houses to hit for weeks.

Sally: Smart.

Connor: Then we’ll go back to his place, have pizza, watch a few movies.

Adam: But nothing scary.

Sally: Oh, yeah, ’cause, you know, it’s halloween, the night when witches and goblins and monsters of all sorts filled the streets. But, yeah, no one watches anything scary.

Connor: [ Laughs ]

Sally: Have you taken, like, a million pictures of this incredible creation?

Connor: My mom usually does all that. Has she called back yet?

Adam: Not yet, buddy.

Connor: She probably won’T. Let’s just go. I can wait at home for the party to start.

Adam: No, why don’t we just give her a few more minutes, okay?

Connor: Why bother? She’s not coming. She does that now. She makes promises, and she doesn’t follow through.

Adam: And why would you say that?

Connor: She just doesn’t care anymore about anything.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, you know what? Maybe we should go check on her.

Connor: Because you think something’s happened to her? Mom is okay, right?

Nick: I’m surprised your decision to fire sally came so abruptly.

Victoria: We’ve discussed the possibility. Letting her go has always been an option.

Nick: I thought I’d convinced you to give her some time to prove herself, to at least show her that much respect.

Victoria: I’ve already done that. It’s time to move on. She’s not the right person for the job.

Nick: Tell me something, vick. If you could remove sally’s personal life from the equation, would that affect your decision?

Victoria: I’m not gonna lie to you. Your growing relationship has given me pause that.

Nick: That should have absolutely nothing to do with your choice.

Victoria: You repeatedly refused to answer my question the two of you were spending together, which tells me that even you realize that this could be a potential problem.

Nick: Executives in this company have dated each other many times over the years. You yourself have been involved in some of those relationships.

Victoria: Yes, of course. But in this particular situation, I’m afraid that it will impact your judgment and your objectivity.

Nick: Give me one instance where I’ve given her preferential treatment.

Victoria: Well, you went awfully easy on her when she didn’t show up for that marketing meeting.

Nick: That’s not true. I treated her like I would treat any executive who made a very minor mistake.

Victoria: Are you sure about that?

Nick: Vick, she has been loyal to us. She has been dedicated to us. Do you remember she didn’t run certain stories because she had our back?

Victoria: Ask yourself something. Would you be so passionately defending her if you didn’t have this obvious personal connection to her? Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Chelsea: [ Exhales heavily ]

[ Sighs ]

Adam: Look, I’m sure your mom’s fine. She probably just lost track of time doing something.

Connor: She doesn’t have a job. So, what’s she so busy doing that she’s forgotten about halloween?

Adam: Your mother would never forget halloween. There’s got to be — I don’t know — a whole bunch of pumpkins blocking the road or a bunch of kids out in the neighborhood looking for something sweet.

Sally: So, what is the ranch giving out?

Adam: Um…toothbrushes.

Connor: What? Dad, no, we can’T.

Sally: You’re kidding, right?

Adam: Hey, someone’s got to do it, and this year it’s us. As a matter of fact, I should probably run to the drugstore and pick some up so somebody else doesn’t buy them all. Um, sally, would you mind hanging out with the future winner of the costume contest?

Sally: I really don’t know if I should be sitting with the toothbrush family. But as long as connor is okay with it?

Connor: Sure.

Adam: See you guys soon.

Connor: Buy candy. And lots of it.

Adam: We will see. Thank you.

Connor: Alright. Name your top three favorite halloween candies. Go.

Nick: I’m not gonna talk about my relationship with sally because that’s off limits. And I’m a little offended that you don’t think I can separate my work from my personal life.

Victoria: I don’t understand why you’re fighting this so hard.

Nick: Sally has done a stellar job now for months.

Victoria: And I respect your opinion.

Nick: It’s not an opinion, vick. It’s facts. Look at the numbers.

Victoria: Look, the call is ultimately mine.

Nick: Well, I don’t understand your thought process.

Victoria: It’s a logical one. I want to be surrounded by people that I trust and respect. I don’t want to have to be second-guessing people’s loyalties or wondering if they’re gonna let their personal issues get in the way of work.

Nick: So, you want to install this man who was willing to turn his back on his own family and company for his personal ambition? If he’s willing to do that to his own relatives, what do you think he’s gonna do to us, vick? So, please explain to me how hiring him makes sense.

Nate: Come on in. I’m guessing this is the part where you give me a more personal take on how you feel about my betrayal?

Billy: No. I think I did a pretty good job of making you understand how i felt about you backstabbing us when you confessed.

Nate: Mm. So, how can I help you?

Billy: Well, I think I should actually congratulate you.

Nate: For what?

Billy: For being a bigger screw-up than I am. You know, I — I’ve gambled. I’ve cheated. I’ve lied. I’ve done a lot of things that a lot of decent people wouldn’t do. So, if I did what you did, people would expect it. But you… you know, you’re a good person. You’re smart and dependable, someone that people admire.

Nate: Okay. So, what are you saying? We’re alike?

Billy: No, no, no. No, I’m definitely not saying that. No, I’m a legendary bad boy. You are an upstanding citizen who made a terrible mistake, one that can be fixed if you make it right with devon. And, of course, the rest of your family. Which is what I would like to see happen.

Nate: Why? What possible difference could it make to you? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Billy: You know, when i finally got over the initial shock about what happened, I, uh — I started to think about my own history, about working in the family business and the battles that I had with my siblings. And I — I remember. You know, I had to decide that jabot wasn’t the right place for me, mostly because I was trying to live up to what other people’s ideas of what I should be doing.

Nate: I get it.

Billy: The difference is, nate, you loved being at chancellor-winters. And you’re good at it, okay? Those ideas that you had for the music festival — those were good ideas, and I supported them. It shows that you have good instincts.

Nate: Which devon couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge.

Billy: Yeah. That’s fine. But you know what? There’s always two sides to every story, and, yes, devon has a part in that.

Nate: Yeah. I’m glad you realize it.

Billy: The truth is you and devon — you’ve gotten past some pretty serious issues. And you can get past this one. And I want to see that happen because the longer this goes on, the harder it’s gonna be to heal.

Nate: As frustrated as I was by the way devon handled things, I regret my actions. I was blinded by my desire for power. He and elena were right to call me out on it. But devon won’t even admit he had a part to play in it.

Billy: I’m sure that was a very calm and rational conversation, trying to figure out who was more wrong.

Nate: Yeah, we both got pretty heated.

Billy: Have you tried reaching out?

Nate: Yeah. Um, he keeps sending me to voicemails. Won’t return my calls. I mean, why would he? He and lily probably hate me by now.

Billy: I don’t think that’s true. I mean, I know lily was very upset. She was disappointed, and she was hurt.

Nate: Yeah, and she’d probably never trust me again.

Billy: Well, that’s up to you, man. I mean, you got to do everything you can to earn their trust back.

Nate: I don’t even know where to begin.

[ Cellphone ringing ] That’s devon.

Billy: Answer it. Say two very underrated words — “I’m sorry.”

Nate: [ Sighs ] Hey. Devon.

Devon: I got your message. And if you want to talk to me, let’s do it.

Sally: Should we get some pastries?

Connor: Probably not. With the toothbrush threat hanging over my head.

Sally: [ Laughs ] I guess you’re right.

Connor: You’ve probably got better things to do. I’m cool with waiting alone. You know that I can handle being here by myself because that’s what I was doing the last time you saw me.

Sally: Fair enough. But I did promise your dad that I would hang out with you until he got back.

Connor: But why would you do anything for him? I know the two of you aren’t friends anymore.

Sally: Did he say that?

Connor: No, but —

Sally: Well, good. ‘Cause, yeah, even though some stuff happened and things are different now, it doesn’t mean that we’re not friends anymore. Has anything like that ever happened to you?

Connor: With me and beckett. The guy who’s having the party tonight. We play this video game together all the time, but then he decided he wanted to play something else.

Sally: A game you weren’t into.

Connor: Yeah. So we didn’t hang out for a while, but then we realized there’s this game we both like, so —

Sally: So everything’s good now.

Connor: The best.

Sally: See? And I have a feeling you are gonna have a great time tonight, and you’re definitely gonna have one of the coolest costumes there.

Connor: You think so?

Sally: Oh, trust me. I know a good costume when I see one. Top tier for creativity and 10 extra points for wearing it well.

Connor: Did you dress up for halloween when you were growing up?

Sally: Oh! I beg your pardon. I still do. It is my favorite holiday.

Connor: Even more than christmas?

Sally: Oh, well, yeah, because on halloween, you get to be someone else, anyone you want.

Connor: What’s your costume this year?

Sally: Well, I thought you. Would never ask. I am going to be irma vep.

Connor: Should I know who that is?

Sally: No, but it is a character in a movie way before your time. But it is also… an anagram.

Connor: Wait, I know. You move the letters and create another word.

Sally: How are you at puzzles?

Connor: You’re going to be a vampire.

Sally: The worst.

Connor: Very cool.

[ Both laugh ]

Adam: Chelsea, it’s me. Chels?

[ Knock on door ] Chelsea, if you’re in there, I’m just here to check on you. We were waiting for you in the coffeehouse. And you didn’t show up…

Chelsea: Oh, no.

Adam: So I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.

Chelsea: Connor. Oh, my god. I’m late.

Adam: Chelsea?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Even though some

things are far away,

Chelsea: I — I was feeling under the weather and I meant to call you and, um — I don’t know — I must have fallen asleep.

Adam: Well, I called you about a hundred times.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Connor’s over at crimson lights, and he’s waiting for you to see his costume.

Chelsea: No. How upset is he?

Adam: He’s okay. But we were worried about you.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. He’s gonna think I forgot about him.

Adam: Well, with all this stuff with johnny, he does feel like you’re pulling away from him, like he’s not your priority, and this certainly didn’t help.

Chelsea: I don’t want him to feel that way. He’s my whole heart. I am — I am really, really sorry.

Adam: I know you are. And if you’re sick, you’re sick, but, you know, maybe next time you could let connor know so we could adjust our expectations.

Chelsea: You’re right. I mean, I should have texted you, and I just — I won’t let it happen again.

Adam: It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it, okay?

Chelsea: Okay. Um, can you just, like, give me a minute to — to make myself presentable, and then we’ll go to the coffeehouse?

Adam: Sure.

Chelsea: Thank you.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: This is how corporations work. Allegiances change on a case-by-case basis.

Nick: So you’re making excuses for a man who is willing to sell out his own family.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Nate took a risk in a high-stakes game. His play was interrupted, but he never once revealed that I was the person he was working with.

Nick: And how long do you think that’s gonna stay a secret? You know everything comes to light.

Victoria: Nate displayed the kind of loyalty that I can appreciate.

Nick: What about the kind sally showed with that whole mess surrounding ashland’s death? She could have run with that story, told the truth about what happened, and gotten a hell of a lot of attention from it. But she didn’t do that. She held some back. I thought she showed the perfect blend of journalistic integrity and loyalty to this family.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Of course you’d say that.

Nick: This has nothing to do with my friendship with her. I’m thinking about what is best for this company. She’s proven she can do the job, vick. You haven’t even bothered to ask what her plans are for the future or how many great ideas we could lose by replacing her with someone else. So, you tell me. Who’s thinking about what’s best for newman, and who is reacting from their own personal feelings?

Nate: Come on in. I wasn’t sure you were getting my messages, but I’m glad you called. I was hoping we could talk. You know, have a real conversation without all the anger and accusations.

Devon: So, the opposite of what happened when we ran into each other at noah’s club?

Nate: We both said a lot of things in the heat of the moment that we shouldn’t have.

Devon: Did we?

Nate: I said a lot of things that I know were upsetting.

Devon: Yeah, I’d say so.

Nate: But what I didn’t say and what I want you to know is I’m sorry. I was so busy defending my actions and blaming you for your role in what happened that i didn’t apologize for what I did.

Devon: You said my role in what happened.

Nate: Look, what I did was reprehensible, that I would even consider allowing someone else to take control of chancellor-winters, of the legacy of two families, away from you and lily and jill, that I would try to justify my actions. And the fact that I didn’t follow through with it is immaterial. I’m owning up to what I did. And I hope you know I would never do anything like that again. Look, my hope is that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and that we can all find a way to get past this together. But the only way we can do that is if we’re completely honest with each other. So…talk to me, man.

Devon: You want to talk? Okay. We can talk. Sure. I’ve, uh — I’ve actually been giving a lot of thought to what you said about neil, accusing me of holding on so tight to his memory that I’m squeezing all the life out of the company and how I wasn’t allowing any room for growth and new ideas and how my love for him was ruining our relationship, shutting you down and holding you back.

Nate: It was out of anger.

Devon: Yeah, maybe. But, you know, maybe there is some truth to what you said, too. Pain hits fast.

Lily: Why are you here?

Billy: I’m gonna trust you didn’t mean that the way that it sounded.

Lily: I told you I could handle this.

Billy: Yeah, I know. Of course. And I will step back, like i said I would. I just, you know, wanted to try and alleviate some of the pressure that you’re under.

Lily: What do you mean by that?

Billy: I just left nate, and we had a good conversation.

Lily: Why?

Billy: Because I wanted to try and facilitate an end to the family drama because it’s in the best interests of everyone.

Lily: Yeah, but he’s my cousin.

Billy: Yeah, no, I know that. But I’m, you know, a neutral party.

Lily: Well, I mean, you’re hardly neutral. You were as furious as the rest of us. So, what happened?

Billy: Well, you’re right. He was braced for another attack when I walked in, but we were able to have a good conversation, and I just expressed that I get it. You know, family drama happens. It happened to me at jabot. But reconciliation is possible when you have forgiveness. I also told him it’s going to be up to him to convince you and devon that he deserves that.

Lily: Okay. I-I don’t understand why you took it upon yourself to go talk to him without even running it by me first.

Billy: Because I know how much family means to you and devon and this company. And I just wanted to do my part, you know, before I resigned.

Lily: Billy, just be honest. I mean, this has nothing to do with you wanting to help my family heal. This is because you feel guilty about walking away.

Devon: The point I’d like to make is that even if neil’s memory does have a hold of me in some way, I still tried to let you in.

Nate: It didn’t feel like it at the time.

Devon: Well…I did. And let me tell you, I’m gonna miss my dad for the rest of my life. So, yeah, dealing with his loss — it affects every decision I make. But ultimately it was my choice to go ahead with the merger. It was my choice to bring you on as coo, even with you having no experience. And, you know, I did the best job I could at giving you the same kind of guidance and the same kind of focus that neil would have given you if he were still around — at least, i thought. But you didn’t see it as that. You just saw it as me trying to squash your dreams.

Nate: Yeah, um… I guess I let my own emotions and ambitions cloud my perspective.

Devon: Well, it’s nice that you can admit that, but, you know, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that you went out of your way to screw over your family. And honestly, I don’t know how anybody does that, no matter how frustrated you get.

Nate: I convinced myself it was ultimately in all of our best interests, that it would lead to a bigger and better chancellor-winters.

Devon: With you running things, though, right?

Nate: Yeah. In retrospect, it was just a rationalization.

Devon: Weren’t you always the guy preaching how important it was to you to create this family legacy to leave behind for the kids, for the next generation, for charlie and mattie and moses and dominic, any kids you might have down the line?

Nate: I lost track of what was most important to me. At the time, all I could think about was what would be good for me in the short term. I had this vision of proving to all of you what a great leader i can be.

Devon: And who was blowing your head up with all these ideas? Who were you sharing information with about our ipo?

Nate: That doesn’t matter anymore.

Devon: How you gonna say it doesn’t matter?

Nate: Because I’m not selling shares that would have made a takeover possible. Hell, I don’t even have shares because I’m not a part of the company anymore. So this other ceo is no longer a threat.

Devon: But, nate, just because you didn’t do what they asked you to do doesn’t mean whoever it is, is done going after our company.

Nate: You’ll be prepared to prevent anyone from attempting that kind of move. Audra will make sure of it. This is about what I did.

Devon: What about what you’re doing right now? You’re choosing to protect this ceo instead of your family.

Nate: I’m not.

Devon: Okay. Give me a name then.

Nate: I’m sorry, devon.

Devon: You’re sorry? Do you know the definition of “sorry”? How you gonna sit there and say you’re sorry when you’re clearly okay with leaving us vulnerable to another attack? If you are sorry, tell me a name. Okay. You know what? I will definitely remember this.

Nate: Devon, look —

Devon: What, nate? I have nothing to say to you unless you’re gonna help me out. Did you think just by saying you’re sorry that I’m gonna forgive you and, what, trust you again?

Nate: I know it’ll take some time.

Devon: I think it’s gonna take all the time. Why do you deserve a second chance?

[ Door slams ]

Victoria: Sally has done an adequate job. That’s my professional opinion. But I believe that nate would be a better fit for newman media.

Nick: Loyalty issues aside, what makes you think nate’s gonna do a better job?

Victoria: Nate has been a trusted family friend for years. He stepped up for us. He put his integrity on the line when we asked him to. This incident doesn’t prove that he can be trusted. And do you know what, nicholas? My instincts tell me that nate is gonna surprise all of us.

Nick: And if you’re wrong and it doesn’t work out?

Victoria: Well, then I have other candidates to choose from. So, whether you like it or not, nicholas, this change is happening. Sally’s out. And chloe, as well. The only question is, do you want to break the news to sally or would you like for me to handle it?

Nick: So you’re not even gonna wait to see what nate’s answer is?

Victoria: It’s not gonna change my plan. If nate’s not gonna come on board as ceo, then I will choose someone else.

Nick: Well, if I can’t change your mind, then I’ll be the one to tell her.

Victoria: As you wish.

Connor: What’s your favorite scary movie?

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ] Get me a bowl of popcorn and “poltergeist,” and I’m good.

Connor: I saw that and couldn’t sleep with the lights off for a week.

Sally: Oh, that’s when you know it’s good — ’cause it won’t leave you.

Sally: I remember watching it with my aunt when I was a little bit older than you, and it still makes me scream.

Connor: No way.

Sally: Oh, yeah, that creepy clown scene?

Connor: I know!

Sally: Yeah. The way you’re watching it, you know the clown’s supposed to be in the chair, and then…

Connor: Where’s the clown?

Both: Ahh!

[ Both laugh ]

Connor: Clowns and ventriloquist dummies?

[ Chuckling ] Ohh.

Sally: I wouldn’t be surprised if that one starts walking tonight.

Connor: Ohh.

Sally: I have a question for you. Which is creepier — clowns or vampires?

Connor: Easy. Clowns. At least you know exactly what a vampire is going to do to you.

Sally: So you don’t trust a clown?

Connor: They’ll smile at you, but they’re always planning a surprise.

Sally: You are absolutely right.

[ Both laughing ] Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Chelsea: Connor, you look incredible. This is the coolest zombie costume I’ve ever seen.

Adam: You like it?

Chelsea: Oh, I love it. Hi, sally.

Sally: Hi.

Chelsea: Are you excited about your party later?

Connor: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, we just drove by it, and it’s all decked out. It looks like a, um — I don’t know. It looks like a — like a — a haunted castle.

Connor: Cool.

Chelsea: Do you want to go outside and we can take some pictures together?

Adam: That’s a good idea. We should do that.

Connor: See you, sally.

Sally: Have fun tonight. And remember — not too many scary movies.

Chelsea: It’s gonna be a great night.

Connor: Hi, uncle nick.

Nick: Dude, sick costume. Hey. Um…we need to talk.

Billy: I am just trying to make my transition as smooth as possible.

Lily: Yeah, I know, but i told you that you don’t have to worry about it, just like I told you that I support your decision to leave the corporate world because it makes you so unhappy. So, if you’re feeling guilty about your decision, don’T.

Billy: Lily, I’m just trying to help.

Lily: No, I know you’re trying to help, billy, but it’s not helping. It’s having the opposite effect. You shouldn’t put yourself in the middle of what’s happening with nate. It’s not your problem to solve anymore, okay? So, it’s my company, it’s my family, and I will handle it the way I see fit.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Nate: I got your message.

Victoria: So glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you would or not.

Nate: I was surprised you reached out. I don’t imagine there’s much more for us to discuss.

Victoria: Actually, we have quite a lot to talk about. Have a seat. I’m just gonna go ahead and cut right to the heart of the matter. How would you feel about taking over as ceo of newman media?

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GH Transcript Wednesday, October 26, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Fantas are you threatening me? Yes, nikolas, I am.

[ Scoffs ] After all of your talk of putting family first. Look, nikolas. I know helena indulged you growing up, calling you her chosen one — the treasured cassadine heir. Yeah, “indulged” is hardly the word I would use. I wouldn’t wish my childhood on anybody. And you see, that’s exactly my point. Your problem is you’ve always underappreciated the privileges bestowed on you. It’s time you expanded your horizons, looked at the bigger picture. A picture that doesn’t include ava. Ava: Son of a bitch! Oh, hey. What happened? Remember the confession that I told you about? Yeah, the one that could put nikolas in prison? It’s gone. What’s that? Oh, oh! That snake! Well, the prince giveth and the prince taketh away. Well, I’m not gonna let that little weasel get away with it. What are you gonna do to him this time, ava? Austin: Hey. Hi. Perfect timing.

[ Chuckles ] I need a break. I need some ice cream. Hello. I need to say hello to you. Hello. Hi. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some rocky road. Yeah, I’m ready for some classic chocolate cone. That’s me. How about you, georgie? Chocolate’s boring. Wait a minute. First, we do not flavor-shame. And second, chocolate is an enduring classic. Okay, it is, but maybe there’s something more exciting. What’s your — what’s your favorite, georgie? Dad knows. Mom, can’t we call him? I want dad to come instead. Yeah. I get it. Your dad’s super fun. Oh, hi, sam. Hey. Aunt sam! Hi, georgie. Oh! What are you guys up to? We’re getting ice cream. You can come, too. That way, I’ll have someone to talk to. Oh. I-I would love to, but I actually have a meeting. With who? Oh, your aunt britt. Boo!

[ Bell dings ] Hey-oh. Oh, hey. Glad you made it. I did. You wanna spar a few sessions? I can teach you a thing or two. Oh, this coming from the guy who hides under the barroom table after the brawl he starts. Ow, that’s hurtful. I’m a trained professional, man. These hands — I’d mop the floor with you with these hands. Mm. Plus, I-I don’t want to bust up that nose again. Okay. We were 12, and that was a sucker punch. Ah, keep telling yourself that.

[ Laughs ] What’s the matter? You all tuckered out after locking up innocent men all day? No, just, uh… one innocent woman.

[ Cell door clangs ] Robert?! Sorry. Just his better-looking brother.

[ Sighs ] I’ll take what I can get. How you doing? I’m going stir-crazy. I can’t just sit here while victor gets away with murder. Felicia, you’re a genius. I really am. This was the perfect suggestion. I was kind of surprised that you agreed to come. I thought you were just humoring me. I was. But now that we’re here, this is lovely.

[ Laughs ]

[ Relaxing music plays ] You must be exhausted after everything you’ve been through. It’s not every day you find yourself washed up at the quartermaines’, missing two years of your life. As for everything I’ve been through… …I wish I knew.

[ Dramatic music plays ] And I wish… you’d stop lying to me.

Georgie, do not boo your aunt britt. I’m sorry, aunt britt. I just want us all to get ice cream. You can come, too. That’s very sweet. Thank you. But your aunt sam and I have something important to talk about. I’ll try not to keep her too long, okay? Shall we? Yeah. Lead the way. Enjoy your ice cream. Um, austin? Yeah? Maybe you should stay and help aunt britt and aunt sam with the important thing. Georgie, you’re being rude. Apologize to austin. Never. No apology, no ice cream. See? You ruin everything.

[ Sighs ] So, uh, what’d you get up to today? Trust me. I know what I’m doing.

[ Exhales sharply ] You just ruined my mirror.

[ Laughs ] Diamonds scratch glass. It’s real, and I’m fairly certain you can now afford to buy every mirror on the planet. Hung with britt a little. Oh. Ha! How did I know that?

[ Sighs ] How’d you know what? Well, I tell her to do something, and she does the opposite. Like you. What’d you tell britt? I told her not to jerk you around. Why would you say that? Because you’re my friend, man, and she’s not. Yeah. No, no, no. I know your opinion of britt, which, hey, totally justified based on what she did with you and lulu. But I don’t want any more help from you with her, okay? Wow. Alright, man. I will, uh, stay out of it. Yeah, well, I mean, thanks anyways for having my back. I do appreciate it. Sure.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ugh. What’s “ugh?”

[ Chuckles ] Oh, it’s just a reminder. I’ve, uh, got to go to G.H. You do? What for? What’s going on? It’s a dna test.

[ Sighs ] Mac scorpio might be my dad. Did robert call you? Felicia called me. Can you believe it? Holly’s alive. I can’T. I mean, it’s — it’s incredible. Dante didn’t have any details. What do you know? I’m s– I’m sorry, I don’t have any details either. I can’t imagine how robert feels.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Well, I imagine you can ask the man himself. Robert: Hey, you hear the news? Holly’s come back to us! Holly: You think that I’m lying? There is no way that you are okay with all of this as you are clearly pretending to be. Of course I’m not okay with it, but I happen to be english, and this is what anguish and torment look like in a brit.

[ Chuckles ] You washed up on a shore with no idea where you’ve been in the past two years. Pedicure’s not going to fix it. Well, that’s not what pedicures are really for, is it? No. But we’re friends, aren’t we? You can admit what you’re feeling. You’ve got to feel confused and scared and angry and so many things. All of the above. P-plus, also, I feel embarrassed. For what? Because I’ve always taken care of myself, and — and whatever happened, someone obviously got the better of me. Oh, please. I get enough of this “I’m invincible, I’m responsible for the whole world” malarkey from mac and robert. Uh, not anna? Yeah, her too.

[ Chuckles ] Mm-hmm. What about you? Okay, fine, me, yes. I’M… I have my moments, but mac and I, we’re a team now, and what I’ve learned from that is that I’m not alone, and neither are you. I’m not sure what happened. Nikolas seemed so sincere. Well, then — then what? Nikolas just thought you were gonna keep that confession nice and neat in your purse and you wouldn’t notice it was gone? That doesn’t make any sense. You know, you’re right. It doesn’t make any sense. You know, I don’t think that nikolas did this. Then who did?

[ Sighs ] It’s still here. Okay, ava — ava, you need to slow down… hm? …And tell me what is going on. I told nikolas that a written confession wouldn’t be enough. You know, it’d be much too deniable. And so he agreed to put it on video. And you still have the video confession. Right. And so taking the written one, that doesn’t change anything. Nikolas knows that. So that means someone else stole the note? Exactly. Someone who doesn’t know this video exists. We both know ava is responsible for esme’S…absence, and that makes her a liability. A distraction. You know, I’m much more distracted by my uncle threatening me. Let’s call that tough love, shall we? I’m saving you from yourself. Oh, as much as I appreciate the sentiment, fortunately for both of us, I don’t need saving. Oh. All evidence to the contrary. Did you or did you not sleep with your son’s girlfriend? Hmm? Hardly the actions of a man in control of his life. Yeah. I made a mistake. But I can guarantee that esme won’t be coming between ava and me anymore. Oh, I know that. Assuming no part of esme shows up. Yeah, I can guarantee that esme won’t be found.

Yeah, so I figured, uh, why not have the test? What the hell, man? Why didn’t you say something? I guess it never came up. You bring it up. I mean, I know a thing or two about finding out you got a father unexpectedly. We don’t know anything for sure. That’s what the dna test is for. This whole thing might just be a mistake, you know? Okay. But w-w-what — what are you thinking about this? I mean, do you care which way it goes or what? Well, I don’t know. I mean, I’m supposed to be all positive about the possibility

[Laughing] And all psyched, you know? Everyone keeps telling me how great of a guy mac is. Well, yeah, mac’s a stand-up guy. But, I-I mean, you could do a lot worse [Laughs] Than mac as a father. Like leopold taub. Man, so what does this mean? Y-you — you’d be mac’s kid.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I guess I’d also be, uh, felicia’s, what, like — like stepson and maxie’s sort of brother and uncle to her kids. I don’t know. Oh, and don’t forget about D.A. Robert scorpio. Oh, geez. [ Laughs ] Can you picture that? Yeah, you already — you already are. Yeah, me with a D.A. As an uncle. That’d be good for you. I don’t know. Doesn’t it make more sense for a guy like leopold to be my father? An amoral bastard who teams up with cesar faison makes a lot more sense than chief of detectives mac scorpio. No, no, no, no, no. Don’t — don’t do that, man. Don’t do what? Don’t sell yourself short. Given the advanced state of the pregnancy and the severity of the arrhythmia, I was wondering if there were any out-of-the-box concerns I might have missed. I know you threatened to sic the nsa on spinelli if he didn’t create a fake match between you and britt. Why was it so important for you to get set up with britt? Britt: Thank you so much, dr. Quartermaine. This was a big help. Bye. Sorry, I had to talk to monica about a case. Yeah, no — no problem. So what’s this about? I know you have a colorful past. So, uh…

[Chuckles] Were you ever a jewel thief? This is victor’s handiwork, part of his ridiculous crusade to tear me and nikolas apart.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing? I’m asking nikolas where his demon of an uncle is. No, you know what? Ava, it’s — it’s — it’s not a good idea becau– hey! Hey! You know victor, he’s a very, very dangerous man. Do you know he kidnapped my aunt liesl? He threw scott out of a plane! Well, with a parachute and max– maxie told me that he was meeting up with lucy at some weird sunset cruise before she disappeared.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. It’s nikolas. They’re — he and his uncle are both at the metro court. That’s great. Okay, then you’re gonna stay far away from the metro court. I’M… look, nina, I’m not gonna do anything crazy. And that’s victor’s secret weapon, isn’t it, really? He uses his veneer of dignity and smarm to goad people into a frenzy. Well, not me! Not today! No, today I’m going to be an iceberg, and I’m going to sink him! Do you have to? Victor is trying to destroy my marriage! Didn’t nikolas do that when he slept with esme? Nikolas and i will never be done. Not until I say we’re done. I am so sorry. I really thought inviting you would help. It’s fine. No, it’s not. It — it is. And, okay, maybe this is a little too soon, but there are moments when she looks exactly like her dad.

[ Sighs ] Don’t take it personally. I’m not. Ever since ellie and spinelli broke up, georgie’s had it in her head that her dad and i should be together. I mean, like, georgie’s never really had that, so… no. And for what it’s worth, you two are awesome co-parents. As evidenced by our polite and thoughtful daughter? Anyway, um, I — I just wish spinelli was dating someone. Well, if nothing else, georgie would have another target then, right? No. Because I want him to be happy. I mean, he’s such a great guy. Yeah, he’s a super great guy. He has a lot to offer. And if he would stop being so stubborn and use society setups to get his own match — okay, I-I mean — I-I think you’re putting a lot of faith in this society setups. I mean, it’s just a dating website algorithm that pairs people based on whether or not they like pickleball. You know, mayonnaise over ketchup. No, no, it’s a lot more than that. Holly: Thank you for your concern. Really? Really. And I’m doing fine — as fine as anyone could be under the circumstances. And it is really scary to not know where I was a year ago or two. But I’m back among friends, and — and that’s giving me strength. But enough about me. I want to hear about you. Tell me, you and mac. Tell me everything.

[ Laughs ] Mac is the best. We’ve really been enjoying our grandchildren. Maxie has three now. And he’s back at the pcpd. Yeah, but you’re still not telling me about you. Well, actually, I’m getting back into private investigating. Ah. Now you’re talking. Mm-hmm. Details. Well, first, anna and I, we — we went to austria to, uh, uncover the truth about luke’s death.

[ Sighs lightly ] I still can’t believe he’s gone. Tell me about victor cassadine.

[ Chuckles ] He’s not going to forget about you anytime soon. That was one hell of a slap you gave him. [ Chuckles ] Trust me, I’m just getting started. I am so glad holly’s alive. How is she? Is she all right?

[ Sighs ] Physically, she’s fine. And otherwise? She’s got no memory of where she’s been for the last two years. Oh, no. It’s so awful not to remember parts of your life. Yeah. I mean, she’s not going to admit that, of course. Did jordan call you? I never got any of jordan’s calls. Somehow the ringer on my phone got turned off. Well, that’s very unprofessional. Well, I cannot imagine how I got so distracted. It’s alright — you get a pass. I know what it means to you to have holly back. Well, um, holly’s fine, or pretending to be. Uh, I’m fine. My ringer’s back on. How can I help you? Get me the hell out of here. If only. Yeah. I know. The police have my gun. Which, of course, has the same caliber as the bullet casing recovered from the docks, which was fired recently. I can’t believe ada arden doesn’t see this for the frame-up job that it is. My hands are tied on this one, babe. I know. You have to recuse yourself. Otherwise, at best, it looks like bias, and at worst, it looks as if you’re interfering with a police investigation. For now, we’re going to have to wait for the arraignment. I need you to find valentin. Alright? He’s supposed to be visiting his daughter at her boarding school in switzerland. “Supposed to be”? Well, yeah. The visit was arranged by his father. You think dear old dad had set him up to keep him out of the way? Victor’s done such a good job setting me up. I can’t very well prove that he’s responsible for luke’s death from behind bars. And if he believes that valentin is helping me, then both he and charlotte are in danger.

You want to know if I was ever a jewel thief. Are you wearing a wire? I’m not trying to entrap you. I want to hire you. To steal jewels? Okay. I now realize how that sounded.

[ Laughs ] Can we start over? Please, yes. Okay.

[ Breathes deeply ] So I held on to that box of effects I inherited from peter. I finally forced myself to sort through it, and among the odds and ends was a key to a safe deposit box with this. Wow. If these diamonds are real… they’re worth millions. Well, they’re real enough to cut glass. Hey, what are the odds they were acquired legally? It’s peter, so probably not. They could have been stolen, maybe from my father, or they’re blood diamonds or they’re from something that I want nothing to do with.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Um, then why do you need me? I want you to find out where this necklace came from.

[ Grunting ] You don’t deserve to have leopold taub as your father.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not the most upstanding citizen. So what, man? You’re your own man. It doesn’t matter who your father is, alright?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know about that. I mean, where I come from matters, you know? Yeah. Dealing with a father who’s dead and gone is a lot easier than someone who’s gonna judge me. Well, you know what? I found out sonny corinthos was my father when I was flat on my back in a hospital bed after he had shot me, after he found out I was working undercover. -[ Chuckles ] -Okay. And yet somehow you guys managed to bounce back after that? Yeah. You know, it took some time, but, I mean, look, I spent my life taking guys like sonny down. But…I was undercover on a job over in turkey. Oh, t-turkey? T–

[ Laughs ] Isn’t that a little far out of your jurisdiction? Yeah, a little bit. But I was — I was working for the wsb at the time, and, I — man, I got pretty messed up over there. And sonny — he would stop at nothing to come and get me and bring me home. So despite everything questionable about him, my father’s a good man. Who’s still a mobster. Eh, allegedly.

[ Both chuckle ] All right. So I know you and sonny are close now, but I mean, do you really think I could have that with mac scorpio? Why not? Valentin can take care of himself. I used my one phone call to try to contact him, and it went straight to voicemail. Yeah, well, he’s traveling, he’s — he’s not — just… give me your phone.

[ Sighs ] Come on. Can you please at least check up on him? Yeah. [ Sighs ] This is his number. Well, there’s no reception down here. Just go upstairs. I need to know — is deputy mayor ashby involved in my case? I don’t think so. Why? She’s working with victor. Do you have any proof? Mm-hmm. Lucy overheard a conversation between victor and the deputy mayor the night before lucy was allegedly shot. A huge part of being in a relationship with nikolas is dealing with his family. You’re already on the fence about your marriage. Well, like I’ve made clear, if I choose to end my marriage, it’ll be on my terms, not victor’S. Okay. Alright. Let’s just say that you decide to stay with nikolas. Have you considered what your life is going to be like with — with uncle victor looking over your shoulder constantly, forever? ‘Cause he’s not going anywhere.

[ Sighs ] Victor is just obsessed with this vision he has of a united cassadine family, and I’m clearly not in that image anymore. I thought he liked you. Well, he did, I think, at first. What happened? I don’t know. You know, after nikolas had sex with esme, I didn’t immediately forgive and forget. So maybe victor saw that I’M… not so easily controlled, you know — that I wouldn’t just fall in line with his agenda. Ava… wouldn’t it just be easier for you if you walked away? Not yet. Not until I get some answers.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] What’s done is done. It’s time to move forward. And working together, we cassadines have a global reach. Cassadine holdings are already international. Oh, I mean more than just business and money. This world is in chaos, nikolas, and we cassadines have position to bring order to that chaos, and order begins at home. What does that mean? It means you need supervision, my boy. I’m going to be moving into wyndemere.

I’m not supposed to say anything, but zelda is not the brains behind society setups — spinelli is. Great. As you know, spinelli is a genius when it comes to computers and coding and all that. Uh-huh. He developed an algorithm that matches people together. But remember — it’s a secret. It’s a secret algorithm that matches people together. Got it. Exactly. Yeah. But if people knew that zelda was really a front and it was spinelli’s algorithm that was matching people together, it would hurt the business. Right. So please don’t tell anyone. Who am I going to tell? Wait, I’m a little confused, though, about something. Uh, why is it a secret? I mean, doesn’t every dating site use an algorithm to match people together? Well, spinelli’s matching system considers the whole person. Okay. I don’t know what that means. What does that mean? Um… one thing I do remember is that it has something to do with data points or points of data, something like that.

[ Fo otsteps approaching ] Mom, I want to go home. Okay. Well, you know what you need to do before we leave? What? Georgianna.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. Thank you for saying that, but it’s okay. I understand. I know how important it is for you to do stuff alone with just you and your dad and your mom. So, I don’t know, maybe — maybe you could think of some things that are special that you could do with your mom and me. Like what? I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe you could think about it, too? Maybe. Thank you. That’d be great. I’d — I’d like that. You can’t move to wyndemere. Well, why not? Wyndemere is more than large enough to accommodate the both of us, especially as ava’s no longer living there. I-it’s undergoing a major renovation, okay? There is going to be a tremendous amount of noise. There’s not going to be any privacy. Oh, come on. You must be exaggerating. No, I’m — I’m — well, it can’t take that long. I’m having actual masonry done. Hell, I had to shut down the north tower because it’s unsafe. Oh, what’s one tower and a little noise? Now, I’m going to arrange to have my things sent over to wyndemere. I’ll move in tonight. Any luck, robert? Straight to voicemail. Well, maybe valentin didn’t recognize the number. It’s a port charles area code. I left a message. With any luck, he’ll get back to us soon.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Holly: This is insulting. I literally return from the dead, and no one is talking about me? How dare you all. Holly. Hi, how are you? Hello, mac. Oh!

[ Breathes sharply ] How are you? Really, how are you? Better than you are at the moment. How did it happen this time? Uh, well, I got careless, you know. I — I recruited an asset that I really shouldn’t have. Lucy? Good news travels fast. Oh, my god, mac. I completely forgot. Felicia is waiting for you. She asked me to remind you about, uh, an appointment. Wow, I didn’t realize how late it was. Um, look, it’s not urgent. I can postpone. You can’t do anything for me right now. Is it cody bell? ‘Cause if it is, go. It’s important. If your brother says you should go, you should go.

[ Sighs ] Great seeing you. Are you sure you want to know how this necklace wound up with peter? Because right now, you can claim plausible deniability. Break the necklace up and sell the pieces off individually. I don’t want peter’s blood money. Or my father’S.

[ Breathes deeply ] Or whoever’S.

[ Sighs ]

[ Tapping on desk ] So, yeah, I’ll just figure this out on my own. I’m — I’m sorry if I wasted your time. -I appreciate you stopping — -no, you know what? I — I’ll take the case. You will? Potentially stolen jewels, possibly involving cesar faison? How could I pass that up? Oh, good, you’re still here. Where’s victor? Okay, before you do anything rash — why would I do anything rash? Well, you’re clearly upset. Am I?! I’m just calling it as I see it, and what I see, my uncle victor is going to see through. So can we please just go somewhere more private and talk? No! I’m not going anywhere. Not until I talk to your uncle. Besides what was in my car, have the police found any other conveniently placed pieces of evidence against me? Pcpd found an open box of bullets in your residence. Don’t tell me — the same brand and caliber as the casing found on the docks. Just lying out in the open? Who does that? Besides people trying to frame other people. What about I.T.? Are they done analyzing the drone footage? The footage shows me supposedly shooting lucy at close range. Not yet. The coat that they found in your car, uh… matched what the shooter was wearing. Well, it’s worse than that. God forbid that this should be easy. No. What else? That trench coat is mine. I-I recognized it when I saw it in my car. Victor’s people must have stolen it when they broke into my house and took my gun and the ammunition. A lot of people have trench coats. Who’s to say it’s the same one that was in the video? Forensics. It’S…covered in gunpowder residue. Oh. Well, that’s not good. Victor really is bending over backwards to make sure that I’m sent away for murder.

hey, valentin, it’s me. I got a message from charlotte that you’re visiting her. I’m very, very jealous that you get to see her. I want to hear all about it. Valentin, things are a little weird here. Lucy is missing, and your father may be involved. I — I need you to give me a call when you get a chance. Dante: Alright, well, you keep me posted. Yeah. Ready to go?

[ Sighs ] Don’t I look ready?

[ Laughs ] -Actually… -I’m going to take off. Okay, man. Good luck. Yeah.

[ Bell dings lightly ] Was it something I said? Not today, it wasn’T. Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm. Wait, wait. Wait, whoa. Um. [ Chuckles ] Mm. You put an extra little something in that kiss. I did. I did. What’s going on? Just a crazy day. Oh, well, I bet you my day was crazier than yours. Okay, go for it. Okay. Let’s hear it. Britt… mm-hmm. …Hired me as a P.I. I arrested anna devane for murder. You win. If anna was investigating victor for the wsb, they should be able to intervene on her behalf. Oh, I was working alone. And a cable car operator — he claimed responsibility for the crash. So the wsb, they just decided that the matter of luke’s death is closed. But I am certain that victor is behind it. Why did victor go to so much trouble to kill luke after all this time? Well, we believe that it’s because he wants whatever remains of the ice princess diamond. The ice princess?! Mm. How many people have been killed for that stupid, bloody diamond?! Far too many. Luke told me that helena cassadine had put a curse on it. I don’t believe in curses, but… there’s one thing we can all agree on — the cassadines are toxic. Do you have any idea what victor did? Yeah, he stole my written confession. He’s trying to use it as leverage to get me to move forward with the divorce. Well, he doesn’t know about the video of you reading the confession, right? Definitely not. Well, good. I can’t wait to see his face when he realizes his little power play has fallen flat. Ava, you cannot tell victor about the video. If he knows that you have a copy of my confession, you will become a target. Please let me keep you safe. And what exactly do you think uncle victor would do to me? Maybe the same thing he did to lucy. Please go before victor comes back. We need him to believe that his plan is working, that you and I, we’re getting a divorce. We shouldn’t even be seen talking like this. Too late.

How damaging is the evidence against anna? It’s pretty bad. Bad as in terrible coincidence or expert frame-up? Cassadine-level frame-up. Oh. I’m kind of worried about her, actually. Okay, look, if you want to scrap the plans and just go home tonight, we can — no. That’s the last thing I want to do. There’s nothing I can do for anna or lucy tonight. If we just go home… you’re just gonna think about it. That’s exactly right. Yeah. And — and I’ve been really, really thinking about going out with you. Me, too. Ah. That’s good, because… mm-hmm. No case, no job… mm-hmm. …No nothing is more important to me than us. Nikolas, I’ve reconsidered. I-I think I’ll postpone my arrival. Arrival? Where are you going? Hell, maybe?

[ Laughs ] Wyndemere. I’m moving in with my nephew. Oh, are you? Oh, well, you two will be practically inseparable. You’re gonna love that. You and I are done here, ava. We are, are we? My lawyer will be in touch. So I take it you’ve told ava you’re going through with the divorce. Yes. Ah, that’s my boy. I knew you’d see it my way. Yeah, one thing, uncle — helena thought she could control me once, too. You might recall… that did not end well for her. Grandma! Grandpa! There she is! -Hey! -Hey! -Oh! Hi! Hi! Everything okay? Oh, yeah. We were, uh, just visiting austin.

Mom was visiting him. Mm. I was just here. Mac: Well. Oh. Anyway, what are you guys doing here? Cody! [ Laughs ] Here I am. And here are all of you.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t tell me you’re all here to… you’re here for the test, are you? Wait, the dna test? You’re going to go through with it? Too late to turn back now, right? [ Chuckles ] This is great news. I promise you will not regret it. Who are you? I’m cody. Who are you? My name is georgianna spinelli. Second of my name. Deprived of ice cream. Age — 9. Mm. Do you like chocolate ice cream?

[ Scoffs ] Chocolate’s boring. That’s what I said! See? Uh, the lab’s on 10. We should get going. I want to come with you. Sure, kiddo. Mac. Come on, let’s go. Come on. Are you coming? Uh, yes, ma’am. In a second. Okay. Here for the test? The moment of truth. I hope you get what you want.

[ Sighs ] If only I knew what that was.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator doors sliding open ] Present circumstances aside… it is really good to see you, my friend. Present circumstances aside, likewise.

[ Chuckles ] You know, robert was devastated when he heard that you died. Well, I’m — I’m sure he — no. Holly, he was devastated. Bad news. Is there any other kind? Your arraignment — it’s been pushed till tomorrow.

[ Breathes sharply ] Of course it has. I promise you… we’re going to get you out of here. I know you will. And then we go after victor. Oh, yes. Count me in.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


, please tell me your journey about Leo. No, I hired him as my assistant. I’m the new Mary. No, no. Mary says in Florida. Hailing my real estate business. You’ll be here working for the campaign. Don’t get comfortable, babe. Why you being such a funny du about this? What’s wrong with my hiring, Leo? Where do I begin?

Pack your Thanks, Johnny. I, I spoke to my sister, Allie said that you’re more than welcome to stay with her and her girlfriend until you find some place more p. Oh my God, you’re my savior. And this is so unbelievably nice to them. Well, maybe as a thank you, you could, uh, use your hacking magic and double their wifi speed.

Yeah, I’ll totally do that. No, that was a joke. You don’t, there’s no cyber crime necessary. Hmm. We’ll see. Now when you say girlfriend, is that girlfriend as a roommate or they’re a couple. Yeah, they’re a couple. Oh, so your sister’s. Uh, actually she’s bi. They both are. Uh, oh. One other thing you should probably know.

My sister’s girlfriend used to be my wife.

What did you wanna tell me before?

Oh, honestly, um, I, I don’t even remember. So it must not have been that important, but you seemed really upset. How could you just not.

Did, uh, Stephanie send you alone? Please take a seat.

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t be here. This is a major deal. Well, I’ve handled plenty of major deals in my time. We’re gonna be, just find the two of us. Can I get you a drink? You’re quite the charmer, Mr. Damira. That is not lost. Neither is the fact that you still haven’t told me where your boss is.

Well, I’m waiting. What am I doing here? You first Stu? I.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our.

Isn’t it, uh, obvious what I’m doing here? Looks like you’re doing it alone. Sloan have to run to a meeting. Were you expecting a sit here? Why else would I have come?

What? You’re okay with her just leaving you like this? What if you have to use the bathroom? Seems pretty inhumane. Wow. Seems a little judgmental. Just so you realize, Stephanie, what’s happening here is between two consenting adults, which means it’s not a crime. You, on the other hand, have just committed a felony.

Felony. Sloan had that door locked when she left and you picked it. Hmm, which means that you did not expect her to be here. Which also brings me back to my original question, Hey, what the hell are you doing here?

My boss isn’t here because it allows her a certain plausible deniability.

But why this is an urge to deal. Well, Stephanie told you we are waiting to get the funds together. Now we have. So we’re as anxious to get this deal done as you are. So why don’t you give me the materials and I will give you what is in this briefcase

who talked Ms. Price into this deal. She seemed pretty dead set. Well, I can be very persuasive.

Why don’t you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Now I’m starting to understand why they sent you to meet me.

So your ex-wife is dating your sister? My twin sister. Her name is Ali Buck. We have different dads. Now you’re just messing with mouth. No, I, I swear I’m, I’m telling you the truth. Well, if it is, I don’t wanna stick my foot in my mouth. So, d you said Allie’s, girlfriend’s name is Chanel? Uh, yeah, Chanel Dupre.

She, um, she and I hit it off right off the bat, and then I found out that she and Allie were actually old pals, but at the time, there was nothing going on between. Uh, they kissed a couple times, but Chanel claimed she was over it and Allie was in a serious relationship at the time. So, you know, life went on.

Uh, they opened a bakery together. I started working on my first big film, Chanel and I flew to Italy and got married. Um, then the devil came along and just ruined everything. So, wait, what Devil sound? Metaphor. I wish. So anyway, uh, fast forward through a bunch more drama to Allie and I both wanting to be with Chanel.

We told her she had to make a choice and she chose Allie, the end. Johnny, that must have been really hard for you. It was. It was, um, Now I’m really happy for him. Chanel is, uh, one of a kind now. He’s a very lucky woman. What makes you think I was upset? I asked if everything was okay and you said no. And now you’re acting like you can’t remember why.

Shoot, what? Uh, I, I gotta run. Um, I have to run an errand. I will be right. You’re, you’re gonna leave Johnny’s about to run that girl over. I’ll be quick, I promise.

If you had vetted your new hire more closely, you would’ve found out that Mr. Stark was recently facing multiple felony charges. I know you looked familiar. You were arrested for the murder of Abigail Dara and stabbing Sonny Kakkis. Hello. I was totally exonerated that you were hardly innocent. You blackmailed Sonny in the marrying you.

You conned Craig Wesley into becoming your unlawfully weighted husband. So do you sense a pattern here? I have excellent taste in men. You are a gold digger. I was a gold digger. Now I’ll be earning my own gold working a legitimate job. Oh, so I don’t deserve a second chance. But your wife does. Are you seriously comparing yourself to Paulina?

She’s made mistakes like cooking up a secret plan to bulldoze the beloved town square. Should she be prohibited from running for office because of that? Should your daughter be shunned in perpetuity when she’s released from prison? I say he who is without sin, you know, however the rest of that line goes.

Amen. I like this young man’s. Don’t let him fool you. Have you ever known me to suffer fools? I had a feeling about Leo, a gut instinct, and when I trust that, it almost always pays off. So I’m still hired. Do not make me regret it. Never. You will count your lucky stars, as do I that our paths have crossed Ms.

Price. I look forward to serving your fabulousness tomorrow morning. 10:00 AM sharp. Well then you’ll be an hour late since we start at nine around here. Nine. It is. Yay. You. So exciting.

You know, no disrespect intended, but I know you, you want to give people a second chance, but, but I can’t believe you hired this jackass. Such a bummer how things ended with Chanel.

So, are you seeing anyone else down? No, no. I, uh, did come close with someone who I, who I really cared about, but then, uh, then my dad forced her to leave town. Is that something your dad does a lot, act like a total jerk? Yeah. All, all the time? No, no. I mean, make people leave. Because I was talking to Trip earlier and he said that, wait, you know Trip?

Yeah. I met him and his brother Joey in Hong Kong half summer. Huh. Anyway, when I talked to him earlier, he said that your dad drove his mom out of town.

Wait his, is this the same person we’re talking about Trip’s? Mother is the one that you were interested. But isn’t she old enough to be your mother? Yeah. Yeah. So what? I mean, a Ava was great, you know, she’s funny, smart, beautiful, right? Yeah. Oh, I’m sorry. It ended. Yeah, me too. But I mean, at least it wasn’t as humiliating as what happened with Chanel, meaning, Meaning I didn’t lose her to my sister.

Sunny. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hey, I thought you were still, um, at home recovering. Yeah, I’m just getting a little better every day. Oh, well come on. That’s so great to hear. Um, so what brings you by right. Um, so Will reminded me that Ari made you something in our class. I know it’s. It’s a couple days late, but happy birthday.

Oh my God, I love it. Stop. This is so cute. . Well, please tell her thank you for me. How is my brother, by the way? I owe him a call. I, he’s good. You know? Busy. Yeah. Yeah. Bet you miss him, huh? Yeah. Well, well, you know, if you’re ever lonely or bored, you can always come over, although it’s pretty, pretty dill around here most nights.

Really? Um, cuz I heard, um, that you guys are friends with my brother Alex. He’s not keeping things exciting. Not talking fine. I guess I’ll just have to ask Sloan, when she gets home, why you broke into her place. Don’t. Then answer me. All right. Sloan is blackmailing one of my clients. She represents someone, I don’t know who, but they have a file full of damaging materials and they want money in exchange for silence.

And who’s your client? I can’t tell you that. Well, it’s obviously not me, so it has to be some high profile client who’s rich, has a lot to lose,

like a governor’s race, like polling a price. All I will say is it’s a dirty deal and Sloan is the one fronting it. My God, you have horrible taste in women. I used to be attracted to you. How did I ever pass at my chance with you? Only I’d known what a kink Myer you were. Mm-hmm. . You’re lost. Seriously. Alex, how does this not bother you?

You’re sleeping with a snake. Come on, whatever. Whenever this woman has no conscience, no. Jesus represents scum like Leo Stark. She profits off of greedy cowards who dig through people’s paths and then threaten to destroy them if they don’t pay up. That is a crime. Okay. You just broke into this place, Stephanie, and as I pointed out to you earlier, that is a crime.

So I do have one other question about your little breaking and entering routine. How did you know that Sloan wasn’t gonna be home?

I’m ready to do this if you. No, no, I am, I just, I just didn’t know if I could trust you, so I didn’t bring all the materials you were asking for, but I can just go back to the house and get them Well there. There’s no rush. You just said you were ready to do this. Well, as you said, my boss isn’t here, so why don’t we take advantage of that?

I’m sorry. Well, instead of working against each other, why don’t you and I find a way to work together? I don’t quite know what you. I could go to Stephanie and tell her I couldn’t make a deal. And since we couldn’t settle right away, you doubled your price. Paulina pays up and you and I split the surcharge right down the middle.

I thought you were the good damira. Yeah. Well, something very bad happened in my life recently, and that changed the way you see the. So

why don’t we grab a drink and talk about the specifics. Are you giving that away? Count me in baby Leo. What are you doing here? I smelled money next to your cologne. It’s the sweetest smell I know.

You know, Ava is a, uh, she’s, she’s a very special person. She was going through a hard time. I was rebounding. Nothing happened though, and uh, I’ll never know if anything would have thanks to my dad. No wonder you’re so motivated to take him down. I realize. This isn’t just about having your Uncle Stephan’s back after what your father and brother did to him.

You’re right. It’s more than that. It’s personal for me, but honestly, I, I just, I wanna move through it, all of it and move on to something or some less complicated.

Uh, anyway, uh, we should probably get going to my sisters. It’s, it’s getting late, right?

Uh, yeah. Your brother can be a lot of fun. Chanel and I really like him. You and Chanel actually like Alex. Yeah, we ran into him over the summer in the square. The three of us really hit it off. We were actually just talking about having him overnight, seeing he wanted to hang. Oh, wow. Spicy. What was, uh, on the agenda?

Uh, I don’t know. No set plans. We were just going to see where the night took us.

Are you looking at me like that? Ah, okay. Um, I am just wondering. Okay.

Did you and Chanel and Alex? Um, I’m just curious, uh, did you guys okay, did you guys have a threesome with my brother?

You don’t seem too worried about Sloane catching you in the act. Why is that? I have arranged for her to be otherwise. So that phone call earlier that was from you where she’s just hanging out with Chad now. He’s just coming through for you in all kinds of ways, huh? Okay. Let’s not go there again. Okay.

Okay. Fair. Oh wow. What are you doing? Aren’t you embarrassed? Nope. Wow. Where you going? What are you going? Looking for the file that Sloan is using to blackmail my client. If I can’t find that, maybe I can at least find the name of the person who hired her and then I can neutralize a threat. Well, sweetheart, I thank you’re forgetting that even if you do find something, you still got another problem.

What’s that? Me?

Could you please move it along? We’re in the middle of something very important. Oh, I’m so sorry for the interruption. It’s just that Ms. Peterson was so pleasant when she came to my place of business to remind me that I owe her money. Oh, it was town square and you were passing out free cookies. And you looked like a complete idiot in that jackass outfit.

It was donkey and I’ll have, you know, I was promoted to a high level position in the price gubernatorial campaign. I find that very hard to believe. Oh yeah, this is my first paycheck. Oh, let me just, oh, goodie. And it’s already endorsed. I’ll just take that as a down payment. Hey, I was just about to head to the ATM with that.

You gotta pay up on your deadly. You don’t want that collection agency I told you about coming after. Well at least gimme a little something to get by on. A boy’s. Gotta eat.

Mel. Watch. Obliged.

Wait a minute. Leo, can you please leave? Sloan, I would really like to get back to our discussion. Oh, your discussion about what to do with all this fake. Excuse me. Listen lady, I don’t know what you’re doing with these fake bills, but I could have gotten in real trouble if I tried to use this somewhere.

Never trust a lawyer. Speaking of trust,

Don’t listen to Leo. He doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. I’ve never met anyone who’s more obsessed with money. If anyone knows a fake, when he sees it, it’s him. I’m out of here. Hey, so listen. They just, please don’t go. We, we can figure something out. I remember, I’m, I’m just a messenger. If you wanna tell me that Paulina Price sent you with a briefcase full of phony cash to pass along to me.

No, I don’t think so. Since the moment I came in, you’ve been working that charm and now I know why you want money. Hmm. Real money. I’ll write you a check right now after what you just pulled. I don’t trust you or your check. You can tell your boss that the deal gets done. Otherwise her daughter’s secret is gonna go public.

Very stuff. Marie, I’m so glad you came around on. I wouldn’t go that far , but I do believe in second chance. Like a breath of fresh air. We need that around here. An infusion of energy that carries down the home stretch. That election is getting so close. Mm. Well, you know, if the polls are any indication, you are well on your way to victory.

Mm. And you are the most supportive husband anybody could ask for, although you are stepping down as mayor. If I win, not aim, I a, I don’t know. You know, that’s already been settled, so why don’t we just, just stop arguing with me about it. Okay? Okay. No more arguments. I’ll just. Express my gratitude and tell you how much I love you.

Oh, well, you know what, , I love you too.

You know, um, well, I hate to mention this, but uh, before Leo showed up, he said you had something that you won’t tell me. What is Mama? Oh, hey Heidi. Hi, Chanel. Come on in. Well, Chanel, it’s great to see you. Hey, you know what? Your mother and I were just going to have dinner. You wanna join us? Mm-hmm. , Abe got some takeout from Julie’s place.

Oh, uh, thanks. But I was actually hoping that we could talk privately. Oh, uh, sure. You know, I’m going to keep this all very morph, . Okay. I’ll see you at home. All right. You will. All right, Madea.

Did you get my texts? Yes, but not until after I told Allie there was something she needed to know. Did you tell her about the black man? I was about to, but then someone interrupted us. But she knows some things. I don’t think she’s gonna let it go.

And, and, and like I said, like I’m totally just wondering, there’s no judgment here at all. And if you don’t wanna tell me, you don’t have to. But I mean, if you, if you, if you wanna tell me, please tell me, because, you know, um, Alex just kind of, you know, he’s a. A braggadocious, dude, so I just, I want to hear from the horse’s mouth.

I’m not calling you a horse, but I just, I cut me off whenever you want to.

Okay. I’m a little nervous. Don’t be all. And Chanel are great. Youre. Since you asked, I will tell you yes. Janelle and I had a threesome with your brother. What?

You’re not going to say anything just long. Why not? Why should I protect you? Bingo. I asked you a question. The file has to be in here. Two minutes I will be gone, and then you can go back to your fun games and pretend you never saw me

crap. Sloan’s on her way back. She could be here any minute. Oh, great. I can’t wait to fill her in.

Please, please, why keep my mouth shut? Forget about it. I don’t owe you anything, babe. I know,

but if this job blows up, so does my career and I should care because, because there is a lot more at stake here than SJR or Pauls campaign. I am begging you, Alex. Have a heart. Okay. You wouldn’t bust me just because I refuse to go out with you, would you? You’re not that petty. Sure about that.

Oh, I’m back. Oh. Anything interesting happened while I was gone.

Didn’t realize we were walking in on a game of truth or dare. Hi, you must be Johnny’s friend. I’m Allie, and then this is my brother-in-law. Sunny, I’m Wendy. It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for agreeing to this. Yeah, no, of course, of course. Um, Wendy’s gonna stay with us for a little while. Oh, great.

Okay. Well, I should get going. Well, you sure? I mean, maybe Allie’s got some other fun facts you’d like to share with us, that it could be fun.

Well, I guess it’s just the three of us now. Yeah. Guess. God, my, my back’s been hurting a little bit lately. Is there a place around here I could get a good mage? Oh, massage. Sorry. I meant to say massage. Grow up, grow up, and don’t let him bust your chop. So for what it’s worth, I’m totally cool with it, what we overheard.

Thank you Wendy. It is very nice to have here. Who’s not being a jerk about this, like my brother. I was just having some fun with you. Okay? Uh, no you. You are trying to embarrass her, which is not so smart. Considering, considering what? Oh, come on. Isn’t it obvious you’ve got some history too, Johnny, that some people might be just as snarky and doll mannered about as you’re being with your sister?

Damn it, Stephanie, why aren’t you texting me back?

Should have never left you. Big mistake will let that happen again. Something did happen while you were gone. Oh. It was all by myself. Oh, I was getting so lonely. Oh dear.

Oh, look who it is and look at you. Why Jackson Cus it’s almost as if you weren’t stabbed by someone who turned out not to be. Yeah, I’m uh, definitely on the man I can tell. And I have some good news on my own to share. Oh yeah. I am newly employed, so you can tell that smoking hot brother of yours, I don’t need a job from him anymore.

Well, not that kind of job anyway. Someone in Salem actually gave you a job. Yes. Mr. Snarky Pants. I was hired by none other than Paulina Price. You are looking at the new executive director of Candidate affairs. That woman doesn’t so much just make a phone call without consulting me first. Oh, so you’re her assistant.

All I can say is that it is a huge honor to work for the future governor of this fine state. In fact, you and I should go out and celebrate since I can tell how thrilled you are for me. Yes, I am very thrilled for you, Leo. But in terms of celebrating, how about we wait until she actually wins the election first?

Oh, please. Like there’s any doubt. Leo Stark, the guy accused of murdering Abigail, he’s the one, Sloan, represented him. So as soon as he spotted us, he. And recognize the counterfeit money right away. Guess it’s one of the skills you require being a lifelong grifter. I’m sorry, Steph. I should have never took the bills outta the briefcase.

No, it’s not your fault. Leo walked in. So what’s our next move, Ms. Sloan’s probably at the police station right now riding this out. I don’t think so. And if she tells the cops that we tried to pass her fake money, then she’d also have to tell them that she was blackmailing us and she’s too smart for that.

Either way, we are in a very tight deadline, so I hope you had better luck than I did, or Paulina and Chanel are gonna pay the.

Honey, I implicitly trust Stephanie Johnson to But Mama, it seems like you’re putting a lot of faith in one person. Do you really think she can handle this? She told me and I quote, by the end of the night, Sloane Peterson won’t be a problem for you as Chanel. So, have you heard from her? No, not yet. But as I said in my text, everything’s under control.

You don’t have to worry, baby. I promise you. I’m not just worried about what’s gonna happen to me. I’m also worried about Allie. She’s been through enough. She doesn’t need this. She doesn’t need it. Oh, honey loves you. Yes, she’ll stand by you no matter what.

Chickening out because I, I don’t wanna tell her. Part of me is scared that she’ll never look at me the same. No, you’re not chickening out. You’re trying to protect her the same way I’m trying to protect Abe. Do you know what that meant to, he offered to step down as mayor, if I win to move to the capital with me and to fully embrace his role as the first gentle.

Wow, that, that is amazing. It truly is. That man on my husband, he, he made the most selfless, generous, loyal gesture. And I just wanna reciprocate by not dragging him into this. Yeah. It’s just so the waiting, it’s just so hard. No baby. I know. It’ll be over soon. Now we just gotta, we gotta hang in there and then we’ll be in the clear.


Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Are you not team price? No, I am. I’m just, you know, waiting to celebrate after she wins the election. Oh, okay. Well then let’s celebrate something else. Like what? Me getting this fabulous new job, pick a night, I’ll take you and will me out to dinner. It’s time we put our differences aside.

Well, Will’s not here. He’s in LA for work. Well then it’ll just be the two of us. Then should be epic. Text me some dates. Okay. Any night next week, but Thursday I’m having cupping therapy on Thursday during the day, so I’m gonna be very fluffy at night. Right. Got it. Do take care of your adorable self.

Jackson. K. So glad you’re better. I’ll see you at our celebration.

Hey, everybody. Hi. You’re back. Hey, is this our new guest? Yes. Uh, Wendy. This is Chanel. Hi, Wendy. Welcome. Thank you. I, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Oh, our pleasure. Um, you’re gonna really love it here. We’re pretty chill, chilling. Yeah. Most of, most of the time. What does that mean? Ignore. Well, uh, my work here is done.

Ladies, I will leave you all to get better. Acquainted. Oh, Johnny, wait. So I know that it is a little late, but I wanted to celebrate your guys’ birthday together. Oh, to breathe That is, uh, that’s really nice. . I, um, knew that Johnny was coming by tonight, so I, uh, I went and I got this from the bakery.

I this

All right,

you go. And All right. Make a wish. You too, right? Ready? Yep.

Holly, what’d you wish for? Oh, it didn’t come true. He’s still here.

Hmm. Alex Kerrys was handcuffs to the bed. It was quite a sight, but if I had just a little more time, I could have gotten into that filing. Well now that loan’s on high alert, we’re never gonna get back into the apartment.

What are you thinking? Alex? Totally could have busted me, but he didn’t. Is it possible? Is what possible?

It’s Paulina. I told her I would have this handled by tonight. What am I gonna say to her now?

I’d say that is worth the weight, wouldn’t you? No questions, but my arm is starting to fall asleep. I think I’m losing feeling. Mm-hmm. . Okay. I’ll set you three. Mm. It’ll cost you. I’m good for it. Mm-hmm.


better much.


You’re right. I should have called. When we spoke earlier, you said you had a full proof plan and that our problem would be solved by the end of the night. Now, did you make me a promise you can’t keep? Absolutely not. I meant every word. I’m hearing a lot of words. Ms. Johnson. What I’m waiting for is the action.

Where’s the file? You’ll have it in your hands by tomorrow. Why? Better? I will stake my reputation in the future of my company on it. It’s not just your future. It’s my. And I was just with Chanel and she’s counting on you as much as I am. Do not let us down.

I just keep digging myself deeper. You were gonna say something about Alex before, what was it? Yeah. Um, earlier at Sloan’s Place Heat. He could have, he could have blown me outta the water, but he didn’t. Okay. Well, maybe he wanted to wait until he got his clothes back. Alex isn’t modest or patient, I think something else could be going on.

Like what? Well, without disclosing any details, I made it very clear that the woman he’s sleeping with is not only sleazy and shameless, but she’s a criminal. So I wonder, wonder why, if, if he wasn’t just saving me the moment, if. He’s on our side in this now.

Oh, oh, final. How’s your arm? Most better. There’s some other parts of me that could really use your attention. Mm-hmm. , you’re sick. Um,

Don’t peek. I won’t. I I won’t. Wait a minute. Something smells really good. Okay. You can live now. I can. Oh my goodness. Look at you. I’m a princess. You are a princess. Oh my goodness. Yes. These look spectacular little princess. They’re pumpkin. I made them from scratch. Oh, did you? Hello everyone. Mommy, you look great.

She’s a queen. Yes, I know. And daddy’s going to be a king, which makes us the royal family. Can grandma be a part of the royal family?

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Upbeat music]

Hope: Whoa, okay!

Paris: Hello!

Thomas: I thought I locked that!

Paris: I can’t speak for hope, but I’m glad you didn’t! You look– doesn’t he look–

Hope: Um, so do you always make a habit of getting naked at the office or is this just a special–

Thomas: No, no I rode my bike into work today and I was just changing.

Hope: Okay, well then, I think we should get going.

Paris: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah. All right.

Liam: I was hoping to have breakfast with my wife, but, you know, lately seems like she can’t get to the office fast enough.

Brooke: She is putting in the extra work and the extra time, as she should, because this upcoming showing is going to be a very critical moment for her and her line.

Liam: Yeah, which, I– you know, I totally get.

Brooke: But I do understand why you would be bothered.

Liam: I just wish thomas didn’t have to be part of the package. That’s all.

Brooke: Yeah.

Brooke: Here you go!

Liam: Oh, thank you!

Brooke: Yeah!

Liam: You know, I’m kind of digging this new ritual of ours. These tea time grievance-filing powwows.

Brooke: Oh, gosh. I love it! You know, we are on the same page when it comes to thomas. I don’t like it when he works so closely with hope. In fact, I’ll never trust him again because of what he’s done to her in the past. And not to mention the way he pushed ridge back to taylor!

Liam: Speaking of, how’re you holding up?

Brooke: I’m– I’m crushed. I am. I’m confused. I don’t know why he left to be with her. It doesn’t make any sense!

Liam: It could just be as simple as what you already said: Steffy and thomas lobbying hard to get their parents back together.

Brooke: They were relentless! And it seems like they’ve succeeded. For now. Only for now.

Thomas: Couldn’t stay away, could you?

Steffy: Oh.

Thomas: Oh, hey, sis.

Steffy: Why are you always half naked in a fashion house? Isn’t that a bit counter intuitive?

Thomas: Yeah, okay, I thought I locked the door, all right? I was changing because I rode my bike into work today and paris and hope just caught me in my boxers.

Steffy: Wow, okay. Starting their day with an eyeful of you. Interesting.

Paris: Did you see thomas? Like actually see thomas?

Hope: Yeah, that was kind of hard to miss.

Paris: He should bike into work all the time, thomas has got it goin’ on!

Hope: In the sense that he’s a very talented designer, yes.

Paris: True, but that’s not what I’m talking about. There’s something about him. Something about his eyes, something behind that smile that’s just so dark and dangerous, but also sexy. Like, thomas is the kind of trouble you’d want to get into. Tattoo studio gel pencil liner from maybelline new york.

Brooke: Credit where it’s due. Steffy, thomas, and taylor, I mean, look what they managed to do in record time. Ridge dumped me and went to taylor. Thomas insinuated himself in every aspect of hope’s life. He managed to get douglas out of his home and move him over to eric’s, so now hope has to go visit her son over there. I mean, what are they gonna do next? What, kick all the logans out of forrester creations?

Liam: No, because eric would never allow that. Especially not since he’s back with donna.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I’m sure they’ll try. They’re on a forrester roll. They’re used to getting what they want.

Liam: Yeah, well, not hope, because I won’t allow that.

Brooke: Well, you’re a good man. I’m glad that my daughter chose you to be her husband.

Liam: Yeah, I’d like to remind thomas of that choice. I’ve got eyes on him, I’m not just going to let him move in on my wife.

Brooke: You better keep that determination. If you feel hope slipping away, if you feel thomas stepping in, you’ve got to jump in with a vengeance! Really, I mean, learn from me. If your marriage is fragile at all, it’s going to be under attack.

Paris: Thomas is one sexy man!

Hope: You can say that.

Paris: Okay, hope, you’re married, not blind! You can appreciate a gorgeous man when you walk in on him half-naked!

Hope: No need for morning coffee, right?

Paris: Exactly! Okay, this is a safe room! You can admit that you find thomas attractive without worrying about if I’m going to judge you. I know that you guys have your crazy history, but sometimes that makes a guy more intriguing. The whole bad guy syndrome.

Hope: Uh, oh! Sounds like someone’s speaking from personal experience!

Paris: Yes, but we’re talking about you right now.

Hope: Okay. He’s interesting. I’ll give you that.

Paris: More like fine as hell! I see y’all have been hanging out a lot recently at work and with douglas.

Hope: Okay, okay, you know what? If I admit that he is hot, while pointing out that I love my husband, liam, and think that he is the hottest man in the world, can we just get back to work, please?

Paris: See, see, right there, I knew it! Married’s not dead! You can still appreciate the beauty in other men, and thomas is definitely worthy! Not to mention, he’s crazy about you. Probably makes him even more attractive.

Hope: Work.

Steffy: Do you know about mom’s big surprise for dad?

Thomas: Yeah, yeah, she bought back the beach house, they’re gonna live there.

Steffy: It’s insanely romantic.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s funny how things fall into place.

[Audio rewinding]

Brooke’s voice: I’d like to

report a child in danger.

Cps agent: And your name,


Thomas: Brooke logan.

Steffy: It’s finally all good. Everything’s worked out. Finn’s back, kids are happy, mom and dad are back together, douglas is living with you.

Thomas: Yeah. So many twists of fate.

Steffy: Yeah, it was long overdue. I just won’t take any of these moments for granted. Obviously, I know first hand how quickly life can change. So, we just have to cherish every minute we get together.

Thomas: Totally understand what you mean. Yeah, it’s been so great having douglas in the same home, you know? Not just every once in a while, but, like, day in, day out, I’m there putting him to bed at night, I’m there in the morning when he wakes up. I’ve gotten a sense of, like, where his little mind is gonna run off to next and it’s just amazing, I’m so grateful.

Steffy: I’m grateful I get to share it with finn. We just need to find someone for you.

Thomas: You know what? Don’T. I’m good. I’m good, and right now I just want to focus on hope and her line. If you’re on medicare,

Brooke: I still don’t know what happened. I would’ve bet my life that ridge and i could hold steady against any kind of interference and yet, here we are. He’s over there with taylor and I’m home alone.

Liam: Yeah, well, I mean, I’m not counting you and ridge out just yet and, honestly, I think anybody that does is setting themselves up for failure. Look, ridge is still ridge. He’s gonna do what he always does, which is find his way back to you. And when that happens, if he’s lucky, you’ll still want him.

Brooke: Well, thank you, for your support, but I don’t want to think about my problems right now. I am worried about hope and some of the choices she’s making. Douglas is living over there at eric’S. Why is she allowing that?

Liam: Yeah, I’m– I’m worried about that, too. There’s something– I don’t know. There’s a difference in the way that hope relates to thomas now and I don’t like it.

Thomas: Hey! I thought hope was in here.

Paris: She was, you just missed her. But we sure didn’t miss you! You been working out?

Thomas: I do everyday, it’s a great stress reliever.

Paris: Well, whatever you’re doing, it’s working.

Thomas: You trying to make me blush?

Paris: Oh, yeah right! You probably get that on all your dates!

Thomas: No, I don’t really have time for that. I’ve been putting all of my energy into the preview.

Paris: Hm. What a waste. Well, just know you got yourself a couple of new admirers today.

Thomas: A couple?

Paris: Ooh, I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Thomas: You said something, so there’s no reason backing off now.

Paris: Okay, I am not the only one that thinks you’re hot. Someone else who saw you earlier thought so too.

Thomas: Hope really said that?

Steffy: Katie’s lined up a ton of press for the preview. Two days worth. You up for it?

Hope: More than I’ve ever been before.

Steffy: That enthusiasm will come through and serve hope for the future. Your designs are really remarkable.

Hope: Well, thomas and zende have really outdone themselves.

Steffy: Yeah, you’ve got the right team.

Hope: Yes, I do.

Steffy: Also, you and i should sit down with paris and figure out a creative way to tie the foundation to some charities your line supports.

Hope: I love that idea.

Steffy: Great, then I’ll have donna schedule a meeting.

Hope: Awesome! So, is there anything else you need from me?

Steffy: Yeah, actually, well, katie is gonna get back to us, you know, about the media schedule, and I’m also gonna have my brother do some interviews as lead designer? Hopefully, you have no issues with that.

Hope: No, not at all. He’s a very important part of hope for the future and I think everyone should know that.

Steffy: You two have been really putting in the hours working on your line.

Hope: That we have. I’ve really appreciated his dedication and commitment.

Steffy: You know, he’ll do anything for you.

Hope: I just– I appreciate his support.

Steffy: That’s great. I’m also just wondering how things really are between you and thomas. As someone living with type 2 diabetes,

Thomas: Absolutely, yeah. Hey, thank you very much, I appreciate that. Yeah, no, we’re just waiting on a few pieces of silk and then your orders will be on the way. I mean, half of it is already pretty much there, but we’re just honestly waiting on that silk. Okay. Yeah. Oh, that’d be perfect. All right, all right thanks, I’ll talk to you soon. All right, bye.

Paris: Okay, I will see you later!

Thomas: Not so fast. What you said earlier, about hope.

Paris: Did I say something about hope?

Thomas: You see, that’s the thing, I’m trying to figure out if you’re messing with me.

Paris: Would I do that?

Thomas: Yeah, absolutely, like, in a heartbeat.

Paris: Fair. No, but this time, I’m telling the truth. Hope actually admitted she thinks you’re hot, so. Don’t let that go to your head.

Thomas: I’ll try.

Steffy: I’m just curious about how things are going with you and thomas. You’re spending a lot of time together.

Hope: Well, you know how busy things get before a preview.

Steffy: Yeah, but also talking about douglas. He’s staying with thomas. That means you’re going over to my grandfather’s regularly.

Hope: Yes, I am, but that’s because douglas is there and he is having a great time.

Steffy: It’s really wonderful to see the way thomas is bonding with douglas. You’re okay with that, right?

Hope: Yes. I’ve always wanted douglas to know his father’s love. That’s never changed.

Steffy: But, up until recently, thomas had a limited role in douglas’ life. Now that he’s seeing his son more, that means you’re going to be seeing thomas more. Is that an issue?

Hope: Steffy, everything’s going just fine between thomas and me.

Steffy: Yeah, but that wasn’t the case before. Just feels like things have changed now. Like you’re seeing thomas through a different lens.

Liam: Hope used to have her guard up when it came to thomas. And rightly so.

Brooke: The fact that you’re this worried validates my own concerns. I mean, hope is just way too trusting when it comes to thomas.

Liam: Yeah, it’s almost like she’s forgotten how dangerous it is to take him at face value.

Brooke: It’s like what you said. She believes that thomas has changed.

Liam: Yeah, well, that’s the problem ’cause I don’T.

Brooke: And I don’t either. I think he’s just gotten more subtle.

Liam: Yeah, he’s gotten more subtle and he also has home court advantage as long as douglas is staying over at eric’S.

Brooke: And that should’ve ended a long time ago!

Liam: Yeah, well, I agree, but hope says she doesn’t want to trigger a huge custody battle, and I believe her when she says that, but the problem is that thomas knows that, right? And he’s using it to his advantage to get in her head, like he did before when he didn’t even have as much access to her as he does now!

Brooke: It just feels like she’s spending a lot more time with thomas than she is with you.

Hope: Hey, thomas!

Thomas: Hope!

Hope: I don’t mean to interrupt, you seem like you’re super focused, which is great news for me and my line.

Thomas: Well, I’ve always got time for you.

Hope: Can I see what you’re working on?

Thomas: Yeah, sure, of course! Here you go!

Hope: Wow!

Thomas: What do you think?

Hope: It’s different.

Thomas: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah, is this for the showstopper?

Thomas: Maybe. So, what are your thoughts?

Hope: Well, I like the statement that it makes.

Thomas: That’s kind of what I’m trying to do here. You know, I want to make something a little bit different, a little bold, edgy, provocative.

Hope: Well, I say you follow your inspiration. Go for it!

Thomas: Wow! That’s why you’re so great to work for. You trust your creatives.

Hope: Of course, I mean, why wouldn’t I? You are one of the best designers here.

Thomas: Yeah, well, if I’m a great designer, it’s only really because of you.

Hope: Me?

Thomas: Yeah, this is your line! It’s hope for the future! When I’m making a design I’m thinking about how it’s going to look on you, you know? Is it gonna exemplify your beauty? Is it gonna flow on your curves? Will it look good on your body? Do you ever think of me that way?

Hope: What do you mean?

Thomas: Do you ever think about my body?

Hope: No. Of course not.

Thomas: That’s not what I heard.

Hope: No, I– oh, my gosh. Have you been talking to paris?

Thomas: Maybe a little bit. Look, I’m really flattered. It’s okay! Don’t look like that!

Hope: It’s not what you think.

Thomas: I think that you said that I was hot. Look, your secret is safe with me.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Anna tells Mac and Robert that Lucy found out that the Deputy Mayor is working for Victor. Robert tells Anna that a box of bullets found in her match the bullets in the gun that shot Lucy. Robert also tells Anna that her trench coat had gun powder residue. So, Anna asks him to contact Valentin because she fears they are in danger.

Britt asks Sam to find out how Peter came into possession of the diamond necklace.

Cody and Mac go to the hospital to take the DNA test.

Robert tells Anna that her arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow.

Nikolas and Ava decide to make Victor think they are getting a divorce until they can figure out his plan. Victor tells Nikolas he is moving in to Wyndemere.

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Adam worries when Chelsea doesn’t show up to see Connor in his Halloween costume before he goes to his best friend’s Halloween party. Connor tells Adam that Chelsea is sad about Johnny all the time and she doesn’t care about him anymore. Adam worries when Chelsea doesn’t answer her cell phone, so he heads to her hotel room to check on her. Chelsea tells Adam she is feeling under the weather, but the truth is she didn’t answer the phone because she was asleep. Adam and Chelsea head to Crimson Lights to see Connor in his costume. Connor is having fun talking with Sally about her favorite Halloween movies.

Billy advises Nate to apologize to Devon and try to mend the rift between them. Nate talks to Devon later and apologizes to Devon and he admits that he was blinded by power and Devon admits that he didn’t let the company grow because he was holding on too tightly to Neil’s memory and the way Neil would want things done.

Lily is upset with Billy because he spoke to Nate and advised him to apologize to Devon for what he did.  Lily thinks Billy did it because he feels guilty about leaving the company.

Devon asks Nate to give him the name of the CEO to which he was giving company secrets. Nate refuses to do so and Devon tells Nate he will never forgive or trust him.

Nick does his best to persuade Victoria not to fire Sally and Chloe from Newman Media but she tells Nick she is replacing Sally even if Nate turns down the job. Nick heads to Crimson Lights to give Sally the bad news. Victoria asks Nate if he wants the job as CEO of Newman Media.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Phyllis: You won’t believe what just happened.

Nikki: I hope it’s about diane. Is she on the way out?

Phyllis: Probably. Something went down between her and jack at jabot.

Nikki: Details, details!

Phyllis: I don’t really have details. I mean, I saw them in his office talking. I mean, it looked like something heavy was happening, so I sort of accidentally, on purpose interrupted.

Nikki: Good move.

Phyllis: Nikki, diane was so rattled.

Diane: Rattled? Like — like, what do you mean? Was she sad? Was she angry?

Diane: No. She was crying.

Nikki: [ Gasps ]

Phyllis: I wasn’t sure if they were tears of anger or tears of sadness. I mean, I don’t know. But by the looks of both of them, whatever happened, it was big.

Diane: It went on for months like this. Until I discovered that he was using me as a mule.

Jack: Wait. He had you smuggling drugs?

Diane: No, not drugs. Cash. Either his assistant or his driver would hide bundles of cash in my suitcases when I wasn’t looking. And then jeremy would remove them when we got to the location and deposit them in a local bank. Millions and millions of dollars, jack. He was sheltering illegal funds and using me to do it. Tucker was the man in the bentley. That’s the one thing I lied to you about. We were connected in L.A., But it was just a random run-in.

Jack: When was this?

Diane: About six months before I started reaching out to you. Tucker recognized me immediately, and I was hoping he would drop it, but of course he didn’T.

Jack: That wouldn’t be his style, no.

Diane: No, not at all. He, um — he was able to connect the dots because he knew people who had done business with jeremy. And somehow he uncovered evidence of my crimes that the feds had overlooked. But he promised that he would keep quiet if we helped each other.

Ashley: Jack? Hey. What’s got you so deep in thought?

Jack: Oh, some work stuff.

Ashley: Okay, that is not the face of somebody who’s thinking about business. I know how much you care about jabot, but this is not that. So, what’s going on?

Jack: Well, it turns out that you and nikki and phyllis were right.

Ashley: Right about what?

Jack: Diane.

[ Glass slams ]

Diane: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

Tucker: What’s happened? Do we need to go somewhere private?

Diane: Do me a favor, tucker. Go away. You’re the last person I want to talk to right now. In fact, I would be happy if i never had to speak to you again. More than ever, I regret allowing you to blackmail me into colluding with you.

Tucker: Someone’s found out what we were up to in L.A., Haven’t they?

Abby: Noah was right. That exhibition was great. I think he’s onto something with this whole combination club/gallery thing.

Chance: Yeah. I won’t lie. I was too busy kissing you. I didn’t notice any of the art. Mm.

Devon: Hey, you two.

Abby: Hi.

Devon: I just wanted to come over and apologize for you guys having to see that the argument between nate and me. It was really out of line. And, uh, I appreciate you coming in to make sure that it didn’t get any worse.

Chance: Well, don’t thank me. Thank abby. It was her idea. We just wanted to help de-escalate the situation.

Abby: Why were you and nate so upset? I haven’t seen the two of you at each other’s throats like that in quite some time.

Devon: Yeah.

If you have type 2 diabetes

or high blood pressure…

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Billy: Hello, gorgeous.

Lily: Hello.

Billy: Hi. Mwah!

Lily: What’s all this?

Billy: Well, you have had a hell of a day, so I thought you deserved something a little special.

Lily: Aww. Thank you.

Billy: You’re welcome. On top of that, I thought we could use tonight as a little celebratory dinner as I say farewell to chancellor-winters before things get a little sticky.

Lily: Sticky? What do you mean by that?

Billy: I know we decided not to tell my mom about me leaving, but we will soon enough, and when we do, things could go a number of ways.

Devon: I really don’t want to get into the whole nate thing. It was a blow-up that was a long time coming. That’s all.

Abby: I’m so sorry to hear that.

Devon: It’s fine. Really. I actually came here to talk with tucker and I thought that i would be able to avoid running into nate and I was clearly wrong.

Abby: Is whatever is going on between you and nate really that bad?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, it is. It’s just a long history of issues that have finally boiled to the surface.

Chance: Hopefully you two can work it out.

Devon: Oh, I don’t think we’ll be working anything out. I, uh — I think that what’s been done is beyond repair.

Tucker: [ Inhales deeply ]

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Tucker: You can tell me, diane. Was our plan somehow uncovered? Ah. Who was it? Phyllis? Nikki? Did they find some unturned stone?

Diane: No, but it was only a matter of time before they did.

Tucker: I see.

[ Chuckles ] So, it was you. You jumped the gun, eh?

Diane: I had to get ahead of things before it was too late — because as soon as this whole thing came out, it would have ruined my relationship with kyle and harrison, and I was not going to let that happen. So I had to do damage control before this whole thing blew up in my face.

Tucker: Who, precisely, did you confess to?

Diane: [ Sighs ] Jack. I told him all about the darker parts of my life in los angeles.

Ashley: I knew you were talking about diane, jack. In what way were we right?

Jack: Oh, pretty much all of it. Diane and tucker did cross paths in L.A. Diane got herself in a sketchy situation as taylor jenson.

Ashley: Oh, I bet she did.

Jack: And just as she got herself out of it, tucker came into the picture. He was the man in the bentley. And once he had discovered that diane was alive and what she had been caught up in, he offered her a deal.

Ashley: What kind of deal?

Jack: He would stay quiet about her identity and her transgressions, and he would offer her some information that might reconnect her to kyle.

Ashley: Allie.

Jack: Exactly. He offered up what he knew of my granddaughter as a means for her to manipulate her way back into our lives.

Ashley: Hmm. And what did tucker get out of this?

Jack: Well, this is the part you’re not going to like. He expected her to feed him information about you.

Ashley: This is about his obsession with me?

Jack: I’m sure he wanted her to do some other things.

Ashley: Like what?

Jack: Well, she was very vague about the rest of it. The bottom line is, she has been lying to us from the beginning. There’s nothing like hitting the waves.

Abby: I am so sorry about you and nate.

Devon: Oh, don’t be at all. It’s, uh — it’s — it’s been very eye-opening seeing a side of him that I never imagined. But, um, we definitely don’t need to talk about him any more. So, you guys need to enjoy yourselves. You’re all dressed up, so you’re clearly on a date that I’m ruining, so…

Abby: Stop. No. Don’t be silly. You didn’t ruin or interrupt anything.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Chance: Uh, I’m sorry. It’s the — it’s the station again.

Abby: Wait, I thought the last time they texted you said you had it covered.

Chance: [ Groans ] Eh, it looks like things have changed. They need me at a crime scene now.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: I’m sorry, baby. I got to go.

Abby: Okay, well, apparently, that is what I signed up for when I married a detective.

Chance: Look, I’m going to make this up to you. I promise.

Abby: Okay.

Chance: Bye. I’ll see you, man.

Devon: Yeah, man. Be safe. Well [Chuckles] Looks like we’re on our own tonight. Would you like some company?

[ Both chuckle ]

Nikki: What is the point of you being at marchetti if you’re not gonna dig deep? Ask questions. I mean, you’re supposed to be there to get the scoop on diane firsthand.

Phyllis: Hey — hey! You know what? My part of this plan is going great. If I wasn’t at marchetti in the first place, I would have never seen what was going on between jack and diane. I mean, yeah, I may not have details yet, but it’s only a matter of time before I get the rest.

Nikki: Why didn’t you press harder for more information then and there?

Phyllis: Listen, I wanted to grill jack, but he slipped out of the office too quickly.

Nikki: Well, you could have gone to his house and talked to him.

Phyllis: No, I couldn’t! What, I just knock on the door and I ask him questions? He’s not gonna be forthcoming. We’re not at that level.

Nikki: Yeah, I guess that’s true.

Phyllis: Yeah. Nikki, trust me. Trust me when I say diane is at her tipping point. She really is. It’s only a matter of time before she snaps.

Nikki: Oh, god, I hope you’re right.

Phyllis: I am right, and when she does snap, no one, not even kyle, will think it’s a good idea to keep her around.

Tucker: You said the darker parts of your life in los angeles. What do you mean?

Diane: I told jack about my involvement with jeremy stark and…with you.

Tucker: Ah.

[ Breathes deeply ] Um, forgive me. Was I not the one who gave you everything you needed to get you where you are right now? Would you have ever gotten the information about jack’s granddaughter, allie, were it not for me, which you used to your full advantage? Are you saying you regret all that now?

Diane: Okay, I-I-I admit that that played a key role in reuniting me with — with my son and — and giving me the opportunity to meet my grandson.

Tucker: Yeah. You know, what you should be regretting right now is that you don’t have the strength or the willpower to keep your mouth shut.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] Well, maybe if you would have ended our arrangement when you got what you wanted instead of reneging on our deal, I could have kept my mouth shut. But the longer I kept working with you, the greater chance i had of getting caught. You, tucker, forced my hand.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] Well, you may have thought you were getting out ahead of things by confessing, but I don’t think you’ve considered the other side.

Diane: What other side?

Tucker: You realize jack is absolutely going to tell kyle — and possibly others — everything you confessed to him? And then what happens to your progress?

Diane: [ Scoffs ] I did think about that. But better he hear it from me than somebody else.

Tucker: Yes, from you. Right.

[ Laughs ] Do you think that will make any difference once people find out that the once sneaky, conniving, death-faking diane jenkins… is actually still the same self-serving, lying manipulator?

Ashley: I got to say it. I told you so.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: How often have I told you over and over again that diane cannot be trusted?

Jack: Gee, I thought you would be outraged that diane was giving tucker information about you.

Ashley: That’s not why I’m upset, jack. I could care less what tucker knows or doesn’t know about my life. I’m angry because they used allie and the loss of her father to get to us. It’s disgusting the way they preyed upon an innocent young girl.

Jack: Wait, we already knew that diane was doing that.

Ashley: Listen. Okay, diane said that she was motivated out of love because she wanted to get back in kyle’s life. She said nothing about making a deal with the devil. And how many times did she swear to us that we knew everything? The fact that she’s working with tucker during this time, it’s despicable. You must be furious. Want your clothes to smell freshly

Lily: So, are you worried that jill is gonna feel like you’re letting down her and the company by quitting chancellor-winters?

Billy: I think she could be upset that I’m walking away before the issues that the company has are settled. But ultimately, she’s gonna see that chancellor-winters is in a great place.

Lily: And what makes you so sure?

Billy: Because you are capable of anything. And she believes in you, as i do. In fact, I think she has more faith in you than she ever had with me.

Lily: Oh, stop. Come on. That’s not true.

Billy: Well —

Lily: Deep down, she sees your strength and value, no matter what she says.

Billy: There’s a part of me that thinks maybe that’s true, that maybe chancellor-winters is better off without me. And the simple fact is, she’s going to be right because you are amazing, even more so than you realize.

Lily: Well, thank you for the compliments and the recognition. Although — I don’t know — it’s bittersweet for me, you know, and also a bit worrisome.

Billy: Mm? What’s there to worry about? I mean, you do want me to find my passion and pursue it, right?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Yes, but in the past, whenever you’ve had a lot of time on your hands, you tend to get yourself in trouble.

Tucker: I thought I made it very clear to you that I had two primary objectives, one of which was reuniting with ashley. Right? Mm-hmm. You know how important that is to me, yes?

Diane: Yeah.

Tucker: Yeah. Well, if jack has told her anything of what you’ve told him, then that destroys any chance I had with her. You realize that, that you have thrown my chance at reconciliation with her under the bus, along with my other plans? I’ll tell you what, though, diane — I am not gonna give up on my goals.

Diane: I’m not saying that you should. I only told jack that you wanted information about ashley, nothing more.

Tucker: [ Chuckling ] Oh, okay, well, in that case, no big deal.

Diane: Oh, come on. Your ex-wife has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with you. And I had to give jack something. I figured this held lower stakes. It’s not like you really had a chance with ashley to begin with.

Tucker: You know that for a fact?

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Tucker: Well, I know something for a fact, diane. Your little confession is gonna tear down everything you think you’ve built. Bad move all around.

Jack: Yeah, I suppose i should be furious. Frankly, I don’t know how i feel. I never could really trust diane.

Ashley: Kind of seemed like you did.

Jack: Well, I gave her the benefit of the doubt for kyle’s sake, but there was a tinge of doubt, even in our best moments. Though I have to admit this has caught me completely off guard.

Ashley: Selfishly speaking, I’m happy that you’re not harboring any illusions about diane. But I’m sorry that it’s thrown you like this. I really am.

Jack: I’m just glad kyle and summer aren’t here for this.

Ashley: Yeah, well, they’re gonna have to know the truth soon, jack.

Jack: Kyle’s gonna be devastated to learn that after swearing up and down that she had changed, his mother continued to lie to him. He doesn’t deserve this.

Ashley: I know. It’s gonna be difficult. But something has to be done now. Diane is far too involved in our family, jack, and we cannot let her get in any deeper.

Abby: Thank you. Actually, I am happy that we have this time together. I feel like there are some things you need to get off your chest.

Devon: Am I in for a grilling, abby?

Abby: Oh, you bet you are.

Devon: Is that what this is?

[ Both laugh ] Oh, gosh. Uh… okay. I’m sure you weren’t thrilled to see me with tucker ’cause I know he’s not your favorite person.

Abby: Well, if it were up to me, he’d be far away from genoa city, but I’m not gonna criticize you for spending time with your father.

Devon: Well, thank you for that. Appreciate it. We actually had a really good conversation.

Abby: Oh, great. But that must mean that your mood has to do with nate.

Devon: You are correct, yeah. But I’m not gonna ruin your night even more by making you listen to my problems.

Abby: Stop. I would much rather be helping a friend than wallowing in my feelings about chance prioritizing work over everything else once again.

Devon: Okay. Well, I’m going to remind you of this moment because you asked for it, so…

Abby: Please do. Try me.

Devon: …I hope you don’t regret it.

Abby: I’m not gonna regret it.

[ Both laugh ]

Devon: Um, do you remember a little while back when i mentioned that I was having some difficulties working with nate?

Abby: I do. You said that you felt like he wasn’t respecting you.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Yeah, when I saw the two of you arguing, I was worried that’s what it was about. So, it hasn’t gotten any better?

Devon: Well, that depends on your definition of “better” ’cause he’s not my coo anymore.

Abby: Oh, my god. Did he quit?

Devon: No — oh, actually, yeah, he did at first, but then he came back. Pand since, we’ve all just realized that he’s not the best fit.

Abby: I’m sorry.

Devon: Don’t be sorry at all. It really is for the best. But what’s bothering me is something that he said when we were having it out the other day.

Abby: What was that?

Devon: He brought up neil, and he said that I’m hanging on so tight to his memory that I’m squeezing the life out of the company and that I can never truly open myself up to having a partnership.

Abby: Well, I’ve known you a long time. I mean, you’ve been in business for a very long time, and I’ve never known you to have a problem with anyone from your staff.

Devon: Well, staff is one thing. He’s talking about someone who’s my equal or somebody that’s, you know, standing on semi-equal grounds as me. Apparently, that’s what I can’t stomach.

Abby: Aren’t you and lily equal partners?

Devon: Yeah, we are, but she mainly handles the chancellor side of things. And I’m — you know, I oversee everything winters. And according to nate, I can’t or I won’t allow anyone to step in to neil’s territory.

Abby: Well, what do you think? Is there any validity to nate’s line of thinking? (Peaceful music) I love being alive, man.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

When do you spray febreze


Devon: Well, do you think there’s any truth to what nate’s saying? Is that why you’re asking me this question?

Abby: Look, I’m not saying that it’s true, but I — I have to wonder, if it’s not true, then why does it bother you so much? Neil was a very important part of your life. He was an incredible father and a mentor, and you two started hamilton-winters together. It’s like a monument, like a — a living legacy of neil’S.

Devon: Yeah, and I’ve tried to live up to it.

Abby: Yeah. I mean, he’s the only father that you knew most of your life. So it makes sense that you would want to hold on to that.

Devon: Yeah. I also think that’s why I was hesitant at first to do the merger, you know, just ’cause a part of me felt like I was betraying what neil would actually want to do.

Abby: And I’m sure it’s natural to feel that way. But if you weren’t comfortable with the merger, then why did you agree to go through with it?

Devon: Because the more that lily pushed me to do it and amanda encouraged me, I just suppressed my feelings of doubt. But, you know, was nate right to say that I purposely held him back just ’cause he’s not neil? Or ’cause I’m not past losing my dad? I mean, I don’t — I don’t know.

Billy: Me? Trouble?

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Come on. I’m not gonna get into trouble. Although I’m not gonna do much until I really figure out what my next steps are. Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a world-class couch potato.

Lily: Ohh, that’s not funny.

Billy: Let’s think about how good I would be at that, okay? I’d have a little utility belt…

Lily: Oh, god.

Billy: …Remote, phone, some snacks right there, a hard hat with, like, a beer on either side. I’d really never have to get up, unless, of course, I have to tend to my lady.

Lily: Mnh. Okay.

Billy: Hey, I’m not gonna get lazy or do anything like that. But I’m also not gonna jump in to the first thing that comes to mind.

Lily: I know, but you are this creative, adventurous person, and you have too much energy to sit around doing nothing all day.

Billy: Promise me something.

Lily: Anything.

Billy: Promise me that you won’t spend a second worrying about me.

Lily: I’ll try my best.

Billy: Well, let’s start practicing right now. You need to clear your mind and not think about a single thing except for dancing with me in the middle of this restaurant.

Lily: [ Laughing ] Oh, god. Aww.

[ Both laugh ]

Ashley: I’m sure there are still things about diane that we don’t know. She probably has an ulterior motive that she’s hiding from us that has to do with tucker.

Jack: I…

Ashley: Why? Why are you still so hesitant about going after her?

Jack: I suppose on some level I understand what she was caught up in. She was trying to restart her life. She wasn’t doing anything for malicious intent.

Ashley: Jack, jack, this is diane jenkins we’re talking about.

Jack: If what she told me was true, she felt forced to do sketchy things for fear of her real identity being exposed.

Ashley: Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. Really. Poor diane. She couldn’t go on living under an assumed name? I’m supposed to have sympathy for her because of that?

Jack: Everything she did was for survival.

Ashley: Oh, yeah.

Jack: I don’t know that she had any other motive. But then again, I don’t know that she didn’T.

Ashley: Please stay with that suspicious instinct.

Jack: We need more information before we jump to conclusions here. How are things with you and tucker? You still think you can get him to tell you things?

Ashley: Well, I am more committed than ever to string him along to get as much information as I can about him and diane. And you know what? I think our entire family needs to be prepared for anything.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Diane: [ Breathes deeply ] Tucker, I will manage this situation just like I have the whole time. I only confessed to jack because he has repeatedly shown himself to be sympathetic.

Tucker: Mm. Well, now that he knows the truth, those days are over.

Diane: No, not necessarily. Jack understands how people can be trapped by circumstances. Hopefully, he understands why i did what I did in L.A. And he can help kyle understand, too. No, he — he will help me preserve the relationships that I have worked so hard to develop with my son and grandson.

Tucker: You’re all gonna live happily ever after, diane.

Diane: You know —

Tucker: For sure.

Diane: Why is that so hard to believe? Why? I explained to jack that through it all, I was the victim. First I was under jeremy’s thumb, and then I was under yours.

Tucker: No one — no one, especially jack, will ever see you as a victim. What you ought to be worried about right now is how I see you. And right now I see you as a liability. I brought in ensure max protein

Diane: If I’m such a liability, then you shouldn’t want anything more to do with me, and this is where we part ways.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] I’ll always give you points for nerve, but I’m not done with you, not by a long shot.

[ Cellphone pings ] Huh. This is ashley. She’d like to meet. For your sake, diane, I hope that jack has not told ashley anything you told him. ‘Cause if I have to clean up this mess… I’m gonna make your life so hard.

Diane: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

Nikki: Well, actually, diane plays a small part in my day-to-day life, and I want her gone as a public service to the people of genoa city, especially summer.

Phyllis: No, we’d both do anything for summer.

Nikki: But her departure would impact you more than the rest of our little coalition. I mean, ashley’s in europe so often, she’s not gonna see her. You have the misfortune of daily contact with her.

Phyllis: Thank you. Thank you. Someone who finally sees my suffering. Yes. It’s hell. I want her gone. I mean, this lunatic she-devil has been swallowing up my life day by day.

[ Sighs ] I gave up my career so I could go to marchetti and spy on her.

Nikki: And I appreciate your sacrifice.

Phyllis: Thank you. It’s gonna pay off. We both know there’s a secret that she’s hiding, and we’re gonna find out, but until then, I’m gonna use what I have to my advantage. I like the job there. I like it, and I’m really good at it. Nikki, I want my life back.

Abby: I think you’re being too hard on yourself.

Devon: Yeah, maybe. Maybe I’m not.

Abby: You’re not fully responsible for what happened with nate.

Devon: Yeah, no, believe me, I — I know that he definitely deserves his share of blame. ‘Cause, regardless, even if I am holding on to neil’s memory, he chose how to respond.

Abby: Well, I’m glad you recognize that. Everyone’s responsible for their own actions. You for yours, nate for his. Look, no conflict is one-sided. It takes two.

[ Indistinct conversation ] With downy infusions, let the scent set the mood.

Chance: Hey.

Devon: Hey, man.

Abby: Oh, my gosh! I didn’t think you’d be back tonight.

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: Mwah! Did you solve the case already?

Chance: Oh, hardly.- Just got someone else to take the lead.

Abby: Well, that’s great.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, well, uh, thanks for keeping her company, man. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna steal her back now.

Devon: Absolutely, absolutely, she’s all yours. PAbby: Wow. I cannot believe that you left what sounded like an important case.

Chance: Well, nothing is more important than dancing with my beautiful wife.

Abby: Mm.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Diane: Is there another shoe that could drop? I mean, I-I certainly don’t think so. But I live in fear that one of those enemies is going to find something that’s going to change the way that you and kyle see me, wh-whether or not it’s — it’s even true.

[ Exhales sharply ] I guess i just didn’t realize how, uh — how hard it would be to redeem myself, how long this battle would take.

[ Crying ]

Jack: I can see this has been tough on you. My advice? Take the clean slate kyle and i have offered you. Let that fortify you from here on.

Diane: Thank you. It means a lot. I appreciate you so much. You have the least reasons of anyone to make me feel worthy, believed, safe. And yet you do.

Jack: I’m glad that’s so.

Diane: Me too.

[ Glass slams ]

Phyllis: Hey. How are you doing? I don’t want to pry.

[ Sighs ] Listen, diane. What did you do to screw up this time? Hmm? I’m just saying that because when I saw you in jack’s office, I mean, obviously you did something.

Diane: Phyllis, you are relentlessly destructive. You’re like a vulture just circling around, waiting to feed off of other people’s pain.

Phyllis: Wow. Okay. Well, that’s a vicious attack. My goodness. Um, okay, I was just extending myself out of concern. You know, I’ve gone out of my way to proclaim and honor our truce, out of my way out of respect for our families and the good of marchetti, of course.

Diane: You know, that is just like you, acting like you’re protecting the people you love when you’re secretly savoring an opportunity to say “I told you so.” You know, it’s — it’s — it’s very dark and very perverse.

Billy: [ Clears throat ]

Lily: Thank you.

Ashley: Hey, it’s so good to see you both!

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hi. Yeah, it’s been so long.

Billy: What are you doing? You picking up a little, uh, late-night takeout?

Ashley: Why, no, actually. I’m meeting a human being for a drink, billy.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Okay. Well, just promise me that it’s not tucker.

Ashley: Uh, if I did, I’d be lying.

Billy: Ashley, why would you be spending any time with —

Ashley: I have my reasons.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: Billy. Lily. After spending time with devon tonight, it’s nice to see the rest of chancellor-winters’ leadership team.

Lily: Tucker.

Billy: Good luck with that.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Lily: Bye.

Ashley: Bye. Anyway… hi there.

Tucker: I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get your text. Does this mean you’re open to finally giving me the benefit of the doubt?

Ashley: Well, that depends.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] That sounds promising. On what?

Ashley: On how open and honest you are with me tonight.

Tucker: Aha. Well, I’m an open book. What do you want to know?

Ashley: I want to know everything about you and diane and los angeles. And one more thing. Go slow. And start from the very beginning.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, October 25, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 i I hope that you and rory are having fun. You’re for sure having more fun than me. Cam’s working, and I’m gonna try and write a paper at kelly’s, so please call or text me back when you see this. Bye. Make sure your brothers start their homework right after school before doing any art or baking projects. Got it. And have I told you how much I appreciate you offering to stay with them, especially on such short notice? Mom, it’s no problem at all. Oh, and I’m sorry in advance if they give you a hard time. Hard time? What? They think they’re too cool to have their older brother looking after them? Too cool, too old, too responsible — you name it. But I’m gonna feel better knowing you’re with them. Oh, which reminds me, um, kevin and scott are on call in case you need them — finn, too, obviously — and I am sending you the contact info where terry and i will be staying. Okay, got it.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Send.

[ Sighs ] Uh… okay. Mom, you’re going to monterey? Y-you can’t go there. Hey. You excited about the big trip? I am. Tell you what, a spa’s sounding pretty good right now. Not a bad location for a medical conference, right? No. It was really nice of you to bring elizabeth along as your plus one. Yeah, I am looking forward to getting time with her and, of course, learning so much from our colleagues. Hey, terry. You don’t have to pretend with me. I know the real reason why you and elizabeth are going away. Lowell: Thank you, dr. Westbourne. I’ll go retrieve your safe deposit box. Oh, it’s — it’s not mine. It belonged to my late brother. He left it to me. Ah. It’d be under peter august. Or henrik faison. Yeah, h-he was — he was into names. Good to know. I’ll take a look. “He was into names.” I don’t know, it just came out. How are you doing?

[ Sighs ] Oh, you know, I’m, uh — let’s see. I’m filled with dread, anxiety, and, yeah, more dread. Yeah, well, maybe it won’t be so bad. I mean, I didn’t know what to expect about this place, but it seems legit so far. Yeah, well, things were never what they seemed with peter. He was nothing, if not surprising.

[ Door opens ] Hi. Ava: Hey. It’s a little early, don’t you think? And do not say it’s five o’clock somewhere.

[ Chuckles ] I would never say that. It’s true, though. So, I made myself a double, but I am feeling generous. Care to join me? Uh, maybe. All right. What’s the occasion? Are we toasting a celebration or drowning our sorrows? I’ll give you one guess. Keep me apprised of the anna devane situation, all right? I want to be updated on any developments. Meantime, I’ll be focusing my attention on family.

What if, after all this, the — the box actually turns out to be empty? Then it will be an hour of my life I’ll never get back. But then you’d be free. Never have to think about peter again. That’d be nice. But let’s be real. That box probably has jimmy hoffa’s head in it.

[ Chuckles ] Or the location of amelia earhart’s plane. Mm. Or a bar of stolen gold from fort knox. Whatever it is [Sighs] The odds are high or very high that it will complicate my life. Not necessarily for the worse. Isn’t that the definition of a complication? Well [Sighs] I mean, a complication is an obstacle. You don’t strike me as the type of person to run away from a challenge. Not my mo, no. Must be a part of you that thinks that whatever’s in there is worth it, or we wouldn’t be here. I only came because you said it was urgent. I don’t have much time. Well, I cannot imagine what could be more pressing than family. Well, it’s on par. All right, then I’ll get straight to the point. I ran into your wife yesterday. Oh, I’m aware. Yeah, ava came storming to wyndemere demanding to know why you implied that I wanted a divorce. You had no right to go behind my back. I didn’t think I was speaking out of turn. After all, you did assure me your divorce was being handled. If you’re gonna force me to end my marriage to the woman that I love, you can at least let me do it on my timetable. Ah, you seem to be under the misapprehension that you have some semblance of control here. My dear nephew… nothing could be further from the truth. Hmm. Mmm. Oof! Mm-hmm. This is nice. Yeah. Isn’t this nice? It’s pretty nice. Boy, it’s been quite a day, and it’s not even over yet. What happened? What happened? Well, olivia let me have it this morning — again. I know it is painfully clear that she is never going to accept me as her partner. Nina, who cares? You and sonny are going strong. You’re kicking ass at the metro court. Life is good. Yeah. And then sonny and i had to meet martin grey and sasha this morning. And, you know, the courts were about to appoint her a stranger for her guardian. Fortunately, gladys stepped in. Is that — is that fortunate, or…?

[ Chuckles ] Well, it’s the best possible outcome right now. And, yes, gladys is not an easy person. But you know what? She genuinely cares for sasha, and she was brando’s mother. And sasha was very, very happy that it was gladys and not some court-appointed stranger. And that’s all that matters, right? Mm-hmm. Whoa, tiger. Ahh, yeah. How about another one? Although, we’re out of vermou– ah-ah. Ava. Hm? How long is this roommate situation gonna last? Don’t be mad at elizabeth. What? W-why would I be mad? Daddy! Hi, sweetheart. How are you? Ohh. It’s so good to see you. Are you ready to go buy my halloween costume? Welcome to my life for the past hour. Hello, dr. Randolph. Hi, professor chase. Well, are you ready? Well, you know you are — you are really, really early. I tried my best. I was too excited to wait. Okay, uh, I’ll tell you what. I just, um — I — I just need to have — finish a quick conversation with dr. Randolph, and then I’m gonna meet you and grandpa in my office. Is that okay? Can I watch the video of uncle chase singing again? Yeah, on my phone? You got it. Here, let me give that to you.

[ Chuckles ] All right? Knock yourself out, all right? Come on. Thank you. Yeah, no, look, I, uh — I’m not mad, you know? You, uh — you — you realized that elizabeth could use a few days away, and you found a way to make that happen for her. And I’m — I’m grateful. I have a funny feeling if I would have suggested the same thing, it wouldn’t have gone over as well. I-I doubt that. Mm. But yes, hopefully this will be good for elizabeth. Give her a chance to think and, with any luck, get her some of those answers she’s looking for. Cameron: Mom. Monterey is where grandpa jeff and grandma carolyn live. Aren’t you worried about running into them? Uh, the thought did c-cross my mind. Um, but it’s a big place. There’s — there’s no chance. You don’t have to worry about me. Okay, what else? What am I forgetting? Oh, I went grocery shopping yesterday.

[ Sighs ] There’s lots of food in the house. Um, but if you guys want to order pizza, go for it. And I know you’re gonna roll your eyes at me… but while I don’t mind josslyn coming over, I don’t want her spending the night. Oh, that’s definitely not happening anyway. Oh. Are things not going well between the two of you? Hi, joss. Hello. So, this is how it’s gonna be? Do you still work for sonny? I do. Then, yes, this is how it’s gonna be. Okay, look, we have differing opinions on sonny.

[ Chuckles ] The man who had you hung from a meat hook. I haven’t forgotten. Really? So you’re just choosing to ignore it or, worse, make excuses for it. Regardless of what you might think of me, I will always be grateful to you for saving my life. Hmm. You mean the life you don’t give a damn about. That’s not true. Prove it. Quit your job. I can’T. Why? You just — you love the mob so much? No, that’s not it, okay? I — then what is it? It’s complicated, okay? Okay. Then please enlighten me.

Everything’s fine between me and joss. Then what did you mean by — nothing. I — I don’t want to talk about it. Okay. All right, I respect your privacy. But if you want to talk, I’m here. Things have just been difficult since joss and i got…videotaped. We’ve just been struggling to find our footing. Because of esme. God, I hate what that girl did to you. Yeah, at least she’s gone now. She should be in prison.

[ Sighs ] Cameron, I’m really sorry. For what? For not making things easier on you during that time. I was dealing with my own issues and I — mom, don’t, okay? I’m so happy that you’re feeling better now. And I’m so happy you’re doing something for yourself. Thanks. I’m gonna miss you guys. We’ll miss you, too. Maybe when I get back, we can do something fun as a family. I thought aiden and jake were too cool for something like that. Yeah, probably, but I’m still the mom, so… fair enough.

[ Chuckles ] Um, I got to get to work. I love you. I love you, too. I’ll see you soon. Okay. Go ahead. Explain to me what I’m not getting. Dex: After what sonny just did to me, hanging me from a meat hook overnight, deciding he was my judge, jury, and executioner? Yeah. Sonny definitely has this coming. I need this job. Right, because there’s not one other thing you could do for a living besides running errands for a man who almost killed you. What did you expect sonny to do? Not that. He thought I’d stabbed avery’s mom, his lawyer, and killed his cousin. Of course he took action against me. Okay, but you know what he didn’t do? He didn’t put two bullets in my head and bury me in the woods. He didn’t kill me first and ask questions later. Am I happy about what happened? Obviously not. But sonny apologized, and I’m choosing to accept that. Because he is an honorable man. Oh, please. Sonny has never been an honorable man. Just look at what happened with jason. I just hope that whatever we find

[Sighs] Doesn’t change things between us. Why would it? Well [Chuckles] I know how, uh, jumpy you can be about your family, and I just hope that whatever it is, doesn’t mess up the peace that we’ve been able to find over the last couple days. Yeah, well, I can’t make any promises.

[ Chuckles ] What? You can’t even agree that we’ve found some peace. How’s this? Your support has been shockingly helpful throughout this whole thing. Better? I’ll take it. You kicking me out? Of course not. I’m actually surprised at how much I love having you here. You certainly have come a long way. But, ava, you know I loved giving you a place to stay while you recovered. But you’re better now. And even though I have plenty of space, this is feeling less and less like a temporary stay and more and more like a place for you to hide. Why are you avoiding problems with your husband? This outrage over the woman you love is laughable. Do you and ava even bother to keep score anymore? You go back and forth ad nauseam between breaking up and some over-the-top declaration of your devotion to each other. And that’s only in the short time I’ve been here. Why do you care? Because it’s becoming tedious to those around you. Oh, I’m so sorry that my marital woes have been so rough on you. A marriage that will soon be over. You and i had an understanding. Yes, well, things have changed since then. How so? You’ll learn in time. I will not allow you to put the rest of this family at risk over your obsession with ava. I have gone to great lengths to ensure the future of the cassadines. So have I. Face it, uncle victor. You need me. Do I? The cassadine legacy is in my hands.

Jason morgan, sonny’s former enforcer, his right-hand man? And now he’s dead. And that’s what’s gonna happen to you if you stay in this position. From what I understand, jason morgan didn’t die doing anything for sonny. You’re right. Jason died in greece trying to help a friend. But jason worked for sonny from the time he was younger than you. Over the years, jason was shot more times than I could count. He was arrested more times than I could count, sent to prison. He never had anything of his own. Whenever he tried to do something for himself, it failed because his loyalties were always with sonny. Maybe that’s how he wanted it. Of course that’s how he wanted it. Jason never did anything he didn’t want to do. What kills me was that his justification was always how great of a man sonny was. This noble guy who loved his family and who would always take care of my mom. Your mom? She and jason were best friends. Beyond. And sonny knew that. He would literally do anything for her. And guess what? What? It wasn’t even two months that jason had been gone before sonny betrayed my mother, our family, and everything that he was supposed to stand for. Really think about that. Sonny was able to betray a man who devoted his entire life to him, who would have — and did — take a bullet for him. Sonny considered him a brother. How long before sonny betrays you? Terry: There she is. Ready? I think so. I really appreciate you doing this with me. You know I’d do anything for you. I don’t know. Accompanying me to find answers to long-buried secrets? It kind of goes above and beyond. There is one thing… I know. It’s too much of me to ask of you. No, it’s not. But I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t tell you that I think you’re making a mistake. Hey, sorry about that. Hi, sweetheart. Oh, not a problem. No, halloween costume shopping can wait while you save lives. Right. Isn’t that right, violet?

[ Laughs ] Thanks for looking after her this afternoon. Oh, are you kidding? After all the time I’ve missed out on, I value every moment with my granddaughter. Eh, you might change your mind after this afternoon. Nah, a little shopping doesn’t scare me.

[ Laughs ] Everything okay with, uh, dr. Randolph? Yeah, yeah, as a matter of fact, um, she’s taking elizabeth to a medical conference in monterey. Um, it’s a spa, so that should be nice. After everything elizabeth’s been through, she could use a little relaxation. Daddy? Yeah? Who’s this? What the hell are you talking about? I can’t tell you yet.

[ Gasps ] You don’t like being left out of the loop on mysterious plans. Imagine that. You have to earn the necessary trust. Yeah, and why should I fill you in when you haven’t given me a single clue as to what you’ve been up to since you’ve been back? I see. You want a simple exchange. Information for information. Is that too much to ask? As a matter of fact, yes. Ava: You know very well how complicated my relationship with nikolas is. You know, I’m not even sure that I — I want him to be my husband anymore. Then you must be planning his demise.

[ Chuckles ] All options are on the table. You’re ava jerome. There are only two options. You’re either ripping his clothes off or you’re ripping his heart out.

[ Chuckles ] I know. And I can’t decide.

[ Sighs ] I’ve never been in this situation before. What situation? Hey, listen, you’re not gonna get any judgment from me. No, I know. That’s not what I’m worried about. Then what’s the problem? Britt, I should explain something to you. Here you are, dr. Westbourne.

[ Sighs ] Your key, please.

[ Sighs ] You okay? Um, yeah, it’s just… seeing it. Now it’s real. There’s no law that says you have to open it. But I do. I’ll give you some privacy. Well, here goes nothing.

You know, when we first met, I definitely judged the type of person I thought you were. But then… you kept surprising me and doing the right thing when I least expected it. Now I’ve disappointed you. Is that it? I’d be lying if I said no. I’m sorry about that. Me too. Not for me, but for you. You know, my mom and jason are incredible people who gave everything they had to sonny, trusting that he would do right by them. Instead, he screwed them both over. And I don’t want you to be one of those people. What’s, uh — what’s going on here? Cam. Everything all right? Oh, sorry, it’s my fault. I said something about her stepfather that upset her. Won’t happen again. Is that, uh — is that really what happened? Yeah. Yes, and it’s fine. Are you sure? ‘Cause that — that didn’t seem fine. I mean, do you want me to talk to him or — or to sonny? No. No, cam. Uh, the truth is… I know dex a little better than I’ve been letting on. Actually, I rescued him from sonny. Rescued him how? Well, sonny decided to go after whoever killed brando, and he ended up thinking that was dex. Uh, obviously, now we know that that’s not the case. So basically, I — I intervened before anything really bad could happen. Oh, wow. Dex was lucky that you were there. Yeah, for all the good it did. You seem to be more upset about dex than sonny. I mean, what is it about this guy that gets you so worked up? Nina: Of course, ava, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to, but I can see that you’re struggling, and I would love to help you if I can. There’s a significant part of me that would like to just cut nikolas out of my life, you know, be done with it. Then why don’t you? Why haven’t you? Things have happened that… …have made me reconsider. Well, that’s not vague at all.

[ Laughs ] Hm. In his desperation to prove himself, nikolas made a gesture to show me that I could trust him. Well, it must’ve been a pretty grand gesture to have you so conflicted. It was inspired, I’ll give him that. Essentially, nikolas gave me control over his life. Okay, now I’m officially intrigued. He wrote out a confession. A confession? To what, a crime? What did nikolas do? That’s just it. He didn’t do anything. I did. You know, you and my son are very much alike. Yeah, me and valentin. You both profess a desire to be kept in the loop, yet your actions exclude you from that very privilege. You’re both more focused on your own selfish desires than the greater good. And how is controlling my life serving the greater good? Because ava has clouded your judgment. You’ve handed her the means to your own destruction. Because I love her! Damn it! Apparently more than you love your own son! I need to know why I’m having these fragmented memories of reiko.

[ Sighs ] My parents kept records of — of the time that we spent on the mariana islands. There’s got to be photographs, diaries, just something to give me a clue as to what actually happened. And there’s no chance you can just come out and ask them? No. No chance. I need to be in their house alone, searching. You don’t have to do it alone. Finn spent time in the mariana islands with reiko. It could be useful to have him with you. Not until I know what I’m dealing with. It’s your relationship. And I’m here to do whatever you want. But I was just talking to finn, and — does he suspect anything? No, no. It’s just so clear he’s all in with you.

[ Sighs ] And he’s such a good guy. I know. I know. That’s why I can’t tell him. I’m afraid if I say something before I have all the information, it’s just gonna ruin things between us. Or it could bring you closer. I’ve never seen this lady before. Can I see that, sweetheart? Um… this is, uh, reiko. Her name was reiko. And many, many years ago, we were married. Did you get divorced? Not exactly. It’s actually, uh, kind of a sad story why we’re not still together. I want to hear it. Mm. Um… reiko passed away. How? How? Sh– she got very sick. And you couldn’t save her that time? No, I — I tried, but I couldn’t save her. You know, honey, sometimes people get so sick that no matter what the doctors do, they just can’t get well again. I’m sorry, daddy. I’m sorry, too, sweetheart. Oh, it’s heavy. What is it? Holy… I was kidding when I said it might be diamonds and rubies. Maybe you knew peter better than you thought. Have you ever seen anything like this? Oh, my god. Do you think it’s real? I know how to find out. Hand it over.

Do you, uh, have, like, a compact? Why? Do you need to fix your makeup? Ha-ha. Uh, trust me. I know what I’m doing.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Uh — [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ] You just ruined my mirror.

[ Laughs ] Diamonds scratch glass. It’s real, and I’m fairly certain you can now afford to buy every mirror on the planet. Where do you think it came from? I don’t know. But it looks like millions of dollars’ worth of jewels. I watch a lot of “antiques roadshow.” Where the hell did peter get a necklace like that? He never said anything about it to you? I would remember. Maybe he told maxie. No way could she keep that to herself. How the hell did peter get his hands on this? Uh, cody, what are you doing? It just feels like the world has been upside down lately. I mean, trina gets arrested, brando gets killed, diane attacked. And what, people like esme and sonny get a free pass? Does not seem fair. I want so badly to believe in justice and doing the right thing. But it’s like the rest of the world isn’t on board. For what it’s worth, I am — on board, I mean. It’s worth a lot. Just so you know, joss, your moral compass is one of the top 10 reasons why I love you. Only 10, huh? Well, I said top 10. Oh. If I listed all the reasons why I love you, I don’t think numbers could go that high. Mm. Speaking of doing the right thing… uh-oh. I, uh — I knew about you rescuing dex. You did? Yeah. How? Michael told me. Oh. And I’m just — I’m — I’m wondering why you didn’T. Well [Scoffs] I mean, I-I — I didn’t want you involved in any of sonny’s shady dealings. I-I get that, but… but? …Sonny aside, I mean, you have to agree. Recently, you and i have not been on the same page. Or maybe I’m totally off-base. No. You’re spot on. Hey, finn, can I talk — hi. Everything okay? I made daddy sad. No, you didn’T. You could never make me sad, just the opposite. Gregory: We’ll meet you at the car. Okay. Let’s go, pumpkin. All right. Get it? Pumpkin? We’re going halloween shopping? Good one, grandpa. Have a good trip. Thanks. What happened? Oh, uh… violet found an old picture of reiko in my phone, and she wanted to know who she was and what happened. And I guess just… trying to explain it to her brought all that back. And it made you sad. It was a sad time in my life. It was, uh… reiko died in a very tragic way. Finn, you did everything you could to save her. And out of that really hard time, you made an amazing discovery that’s helped a lot of people. It’s been a long time. I just, uh — I don’t think I was prepared for having to explain that to violet. Hey, um, I forgot. Y-you said you wanted to tell me something. Uh, yeah, I [Sighs] I just wanted to ask if you could check on the boys for me while I’m gone. Cameron’s in charge, but it would make me feel better knowing that you had eyes on them, as well. Absolutely. Hey, don’t worry about anything except enjoying your trip, okay? I’ll try. Wait, does this have anything to do with when you told me that you and nikolas needed each other? I am dying to know what nikolas confessed to, but I am guessing that we’re all better off if I don’T. That’s a wise choice. But obviously, it’s really serious. If it ever got out, that’d be it for nikolas. Sounds like it’d be it for you, too. Mm-hmm. That’s why he thought that protecting me would be enough to restore my faith in him. Well, he’s just not protecting you. He gave you the means to ruin him. And just like that, without a second thought. But you didn’t take him back. He had sex with esme. Ohh. How does one make up for that? Then why don’t you deploy his confession and make him pay? Because regardless of what he did… …nikolas would clearly lay down his life for me. And, no, I’m — I’m not — I’m not ready to forgive him, but I’m not ready to give up on him yet either.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Just — [ Groans ] Uh, hold on. Just hold it.

[ Clattering ] Oh. Oh! Listen, ava, I’m heari ngeverything you’re saying. I just have to take this. When we get back to this conversation, we are gonna figure out this together, okay? I promise. Yeah, nina.

[ Sighs ] Victor: You’ve allowed ava to destroy your relationship with your son. Spencer was angry with me long before ava was in the mix. Yes, of course spencer was hurt. He was angry at you for feigning your own death. But it’s the ava component that’s really alienated him. You’ve essentially orphaned your own son, nikolas. That’s not true. Oh, really? So how did your last visit with him go at pentonville, hm? Oh, that’s right, of course. You’ve never visited him in prison, have you? Not once. ‘Cause you’ve been too busy fawning over ava. How can I respect that? Spencer is your son, a cassadine heir, but you’re consumed with that woman. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Ava is a-a delightful human being. But you seem to be confused about what really matters here — family, the kind you have blood ties with — and what clearly does not. But I can help you. With what? Building bridges with your son. I have influence with spencer. And I can use that to your advantage if you get rid of ava. Or I can use it to push you two apart. Classic. Using my son and my relationship as a bargaining chip. Trust me. It doesn’t end there.

[ Knock on door ] Train’s leaving.

[ Sighs ] You better get going. I’ll miss you. I’m gonna miss you. You have a good time, okay? So, we have been a little out of sync. More than a little, sometimes. Well, cam, it’s no wonder. Ever since the sex tape got posted, we’ve — we’ve hardly had a chance to come up for air. I know. It’s a miracle we’re still together. Anybody else would have cracked, but you’re my best friend. And you are mine, but I miss my girlfriend, joss. She misses you, too. So what are we gonna do about it?

[ Laughs ] We’re gonna plan something, okay? Just you and me as a couple. Sounds good? I’m in.

I can find a few things to blame it on

I looked right through you

and you could only watch me fall cody: I’m sorry about the whole freezing up thing. I’ve just never held anything so expensive before. What’s with the picture?

[ Sighs ] Well, peter probably stole this. It could be evidence of a crime. I mean, that’s a big assumption. Most likely an accurate one. You don’t want to get the necklace appraised? Well, thanks to you, I don’t have to. Mr. Lowell? Besides, it’ll be safer here until I figure out what to do with it.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. Of course. We’re here seven days a week for any future needs. Are you coming? Yeah, I’m just — I — are you sure you don’t want to take it with you? I mean, what if you lose the key or something? I’ll put it somewhere safe. What? My mother taught me.

What is this?

You might say…

it’s my life. And as you can see… it is now in your hands. I’m done with this conversation. I’ll decide when we’re done. What else could you possibly have to say to me? I’ve been keeping this close. I thought it might be useful in case I needed some added incentive for you to do right by your family. You’ll do exactly what I say and divorce ava. Or one way or the other, nikolas, I’ll take you out.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 Try not to worry. Ms. Price. Try not to worry. This is my daughter’s life we’re talking about. Not to mention my bid for governor. I know it’s at stake, believe me, but you can trust me. I’ve got this all under control. You better mean that I do. I’ve come up with a foolproof strategy and I’m just about to fill my associate in, so I better hang up the phone.

But Paulina, I promise you Sloane Peterson will not be a problem for you or Chanel anymore.

So what’s this foolproof plan that, uh, that we have? Beats the hell outta me.

Holly was waiting for us in the driveway. I didn’t hear your key in the lock up girl. It was so cute. Henry started bouncing in his car seat as soon as he saw her. Who? Holly. Yeah, I, I think it’s really great that Nicole decided to make the sleepovers a weekly thing. Yeah. And it’s just nice because now one night a week, you and I will have a night to ourselves.

So what do you wanna do tonight? Well, maybe we could call Alex.

No. Will I get it? And of course you should stay and do your job, but I was just, I was really looking forward to seeing you.

No, look, no, I, I know, I, I just, what about next weekend?

Okay, I’ll just try I guess, but I love you.

Bye. The hell did, will do now. Nothing. Um, he was just, Supposed to come for a little visit, but he’s stuck in LA doing rites. Ah, that sucks. Hey, do you want, do you wanna stay in tonight? Like hang out? We could order, uh, food Watch, American Ninja Warrior on peak talk. Oh, I’m sorry brother. That sounds great.

But I actually have plans. Plans. What kind of plans? Well, you may not be getting lucky. Tonight’s sunny boy, fresh as I am. I.

Oh crap. Turf. Um, are these free? Uh,

not so fast. You’ll be jackass. Take off that mask. Take off my maer. I’m gonna start screaming my head off for the cops.

You are so busted, Mr.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You really wanna call Alex? Yeah, why not? Well, I just thought that we agreed that the threesome was not gonna be a regular thing we did. Yeah. No, I just, I just thought maybe the three of us could grab drinks. Oh, okay. I guess, Dre, Hey, you and I, we are 1000% on the same page about hooking up with Alex. It was a one time.

I just figured that the sooner the three of us go back to hanging out the less awkward it will be. . Oh yeah. Right. That, that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Um, but can we do it another night? I just, um, I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight. Is everything okay

No, it’s not.

So what you, just back to being a player. You are the one who told me I need to get over Stephanie and move on. Okay. Since when, need to take my advice. All since I found out that Stephanie is not just not interested in me, she’s caught up on somebody else. Who? Your pal. Chad Damara. So when you told Pauline that we had this handle, you were just blowing.

I was up all night trying to figure out some way to neutralize Peterson and I kept coming up empty. Right. Well, she’s not the most ethical lawyer, so why don’t we just hire her PI and try to dig up some dirt on her. That would take too long. Paulina wants this handled Yesterday you saw Paulina’s copies of what she has on Chanel.

If we could just get our hands on the originals, right? Well, that’s gonna be complic. There. There always, there’s always the option of just paying off Sloan’s client, whoever here she is. Pauline is touting herself as the ethical candidate. She’s not about to be a party to extortion. She also thinks, and I agree with her, that Sloan’s client is just going to keep demanding more.

Okay. Well I never said that Pauline had to be the one to pay it. Well, where else are we going to get the money? Me. How did you know it was me? My PI told me that you were hiding in plain sight dressed as a mule. I thought I was kidding. Sadly, I was wrong. First of all, it’s not a mule, it’s a donkey. And second, I’m not hiding.

I’m working for a polling enterprises campaign committee. Somebody in this town actually gave you a job. I’ll have, you know, I have a very impressive resume. Leo, I have told you and told you a resume and rap sheet are two very different things and I have told you and told you that you are very rude. You know what?

Enough of the chit. I want the money you owe me now,

unless you don’t mind playing a very unpleasant game. A pen. The tail on the donkey.

You can relax. Chanel darling darling. Our problem is going to be all taken care of. Everything’s looking. Oh yes.

Wow. What are you so happy about? ? Oh my you you said my polling numbers would go up and they did. Oh well you know that is wonderful. But don’t you let your guard down cuz the other side, they are going to come after you with attack hats. . I’m tough. No, I agree with that, but I do know from experience that those ask can get really personal and they’re gonna come after the fact that Lonnie’s in prison.

Well, they do that. I will drive myself over to Tim’s office and ring his corny ass net. That’s one thing to go after me, but nobody messes with my daughters.

Hey, Dupre talk. You know, you can tell me.

Yeah. Yeah, I can. Um, I’ll get it.

Hey, great. You guys are home. I, I really need a favor from you guys.

I’m telling you, there’s no way that Chad is interested in someone else. It hasn’t even been that long since Abigail died, and he was madly in love with her. Yeah, well, I just saw him with Stephanie. They didn’t even notice me because they only had eyes for each other. There’s no way that Chad would, and they denied it when I asked them if they were hooking.

I’m sorry you asked them if they were hooking you. I know Sonny. I know. Not my finest hour. Look, even if Stephanie isn’t with Chad, it’s clear that she doesn’t want any part of me. So what, you’re just back to being a player. Mm. You were the one who warned me that one day somebody would come into my life and make me wanna change my ways.

And guess what? It happened. Her name is Stephanie Johnson. Only hitch. She wants no part. So now I’m going to soothe my broken heart with as much meaningless sex as possible.

I would never ask you to use your own money to solve a client’s problem. You didn’t ask. I offered Sloan’s client wants a seven figure payoff. Okay. Used to pay off million dollar extortion attempts. Mr. Rockefeller? No, but I do have a trust fund and you’re the one that told Paul Anna you’d have this handle by tomorrow morning.

Okay. I’m only gonna say this one more time. I will not allow you to use your personal funds to get me out of a jam with a client. Our client, our client, we this together. That’s what you said. Besides that worst things I could do with that money that help out the future, governor of our. And I could use Pauline on my side.

Well, what if the wrong person finds out? People will say that I used my company to help a Damara get a governor in his pocket. Yeah, I didn’t think of that. I was just thought throwing money at the problem helps

upon further reflection. You could be right. You good? Yeah. We’re gonna give greedy Sloan Peterson, the payday she’s been looking for.

Don’t play with me stark. I defended you successfully against some serious charges. Now it’s time to pay up. When you took my case, you said something about the free publicity being payment enough. I wouldn’t say that if I was dead drunk. If you don’t cut me a check, that doesn’t bounce. I’m gonna send you to a collection agency and the one I use doesn’t take no for an answer.

Do we understand each other now?

Johnny, you really need to start calling before you just come over. Chanelle and I, were in the middle of something, Allie. It’s okay. Our conversation will keep until later. So, um, Johnny, what’s up? Last I heard you were moving into the mansion with Ava. Yeah, yeah, I did. Uh, I did move back home. Mm-hmm. . And what about Ava?

She had to leave town. Without saying goodbye to Henry, he’s her grandson. Well, she had to make a quick getaway. My dad was about to have her arrested.

You are threatening me with bodily harm, and that is against the law. I can make a citizen’s arrest. You’re absolutely right, and I am so sorry that you misconstrued what I was saying. Oh, please see, as an officer of the court, I would never stoop so low as to threaten a client with bodily harm, even one who is in serious areas.

So sue me, wouldn’t it be the first time I am getting really fed up here? Well, look, you cannot get blood from a turn up honey. And I am seriously strapped. Why else would I agree to take a minimum wage job dressed up as a beast of burden? Your kinks are your problem. You owe me in one way or another. I always get my man.

And by the way, you bet on the wrong horse, donkey talk English. There’s no way that Paulina Price will ever be moving in to the governor’s mansion? Not now, not tomorrow. Not ever. And how do you know that? I saw in the news that she’s pulling ahead in the polls. So what all it takes is one dirty scandal and Miss Price’s political career will be over faster than your little romance with that ZA doctor.

Yeah. Odd girls. They’re so lucky to have a mama. As fierce as you are about them, you really think that I really do because they both say I really get on their nerves with that . But uh, I just love them so much. Oh, and they love you back just like I do. Not to mention how proud I am. That you’ve decided that you, you want to be of service to the people of this state, which is why I have, uh, why, why, what I have made an important decision.

Oh. Oh, that sounds ominous. No, it’s all good. At least, uh, I hope you’ll think so. Well, we, we won’t know what it is until you tell me what it is you. Right, right. Yes. Well, if you’re elected governor, I will resign as mayor and move to the capital with you.

Look, I just, I don’t think you should give up on finding the, I have met the one Sonny. Her name is Stephanie. Oh, it’s not, because if she was the one, you wouldn’t have to convince her. It would’ve. To happen. Yeah. I don’t like to let things just happen. I like to be proactive. God, I really, I hate that word.

Oh, you do. You my man, I’m gonna do me, which means I’m gonna go back to doing what I do best. And that is having as much no strings attached sex with as many beautiful women as humanly possible. In fact, your brother just made his triumph return to the streets by closing out an incredibly smoking hot reason.

Come on, Alex. Here is what? You had a threesome. Oh, skeletal.

Do I know any of the parties involved? Both of them. Allie Horton. Andre,

you’re kidding, right? Mm-hmm. . No, I’m not kidding. I knew it was my idea at first, and they rejected, but then they came around. They agreed to stop. Stop. Stop me. I don’t wanna know any of details. Stop. Allie is Will’s younger sister. I know the CS brothers have great taste in Hor. You cannot let anyone find out about this.

Okay? Oh, oh, woo. Oh, that’s my companion for the evening, Alex. She’s ripping and roaring. I gotta go. Alex. Alex is just kidding about the valley thing, right? Because you were trying to mess with me. Alex, Alex.

So now we’re playing slow off. We sure are. Okay, but where are you going? I’m going to get the checkbook for the trust fund. I left it at my father’s house unless you want handle tonight a while. No, I already told you. I’m not letting you use your own money. How else are you gonna get your hands on that much cash?

I just realized it’s easy. I’ll go to my father.

I did not know Steve Johnson had that kind of money laying around. He does technically what? Sorry? I’m lost. Dad and John helped the DEA bust a drug, Lord, a few months ago, and they used counterfeit money to set the guy up. Oh God. I know where this is going. Well, I know for a fact that the bogus bills are still stashed at the Black Patch office in case they ever need to use it.

You can’t be serious. Uh, if that money fool the drug, lord, it’ll fool Sloan, and I’m sure my father and John won’t mind. You wanna pay Sloane Peterson off with counterfeit money. Actually, I was hoping I could put you in charge of that. And what the hell are you gonna be doing while I’m passing off the fake Benjamins?

I’m glad you asked. Well, you’re making that bitch think that she just won the lottery. I will be breaking into her apartment.

What’s up? Stop. Is that how you greet all your dates? Is that what This is a date when you text me to skip the restaurant and come straight here. I figured this was more of a bully car. Just get in here and shut your mouth. So now I can’t even talk. I have my friends for convers.

I could let you move out of. It’s your home. You’ve dedicated your life to serving the people here. Well, and I’m very proud of that, right? But now it is your turn to be of service to the people of this state. And I wouldn’t wanna miss that. And my Deputy Mary is more than capable of taking care of things.

You’re really going to give up your career to be my first gentleman. There’s nothing I want more. What did I do to deserve you? ? You were you? Oh, oh, what’s what’s wrong? It’s something I have to tell you. Excuse me.

What’s that? Oh, he works for the campaign. Uh, honey, the volunteer office is down the hall. Oh. I’m a paid employee. I’m here for my check. Oh, shoot. Mary didn’t mail those checks, not mine. Uh, look, why don’t one, you take care of this and I will, uh, I’ll go pick his up some food for dinner. Okay. Sounds good, boo.

Okay, Mr. Dokey, let’s see about getting you paid. What? That would be excellent. What don’t I know you from somewhere. I don’t think so. Hmm. I really feel like I’ve seen you before.

I can’t believe it. Ava used a fake marriage license to get Jake’s chairs of Damara. Yeah. She’s good. Mm-hmm. not that good. My dad figured her out. Like he hasn’t done just way worse things. True. So, uh, what was his favor? You wanted to ask us? Uh, well, I was wondering if your couch is still available. Oh, hell no.

Absolutely not.

Johnny, we’ve talked about this. You cannot stay here. Come on hor. No, no, I’m sorry. The last time it drove me nuts. And we’re not gonna go through that again. You, you don’t understand. Okay, I’m gonna be staying at my dad’s. I’m not asking for me, I’m asking for a friend how her name is Wendy. I just met her, but you guys are gonna love her.

Mr. Me. It’s been a while. Oh my goodness. It’s too long. It’s been too long. How old are you? Oh, I’m fine, thanks. Oh, I’ve just been shopping mostly for Victor . He never shops for himself. . Well, you know what, um, speaking of Victor, yes. Do you know if he’s going to support Paulina and the governor? As far as I know, the whole karaoke family is behind her.

I’ve already mailed in my ballot and Victor’s well, mail in voting is the way to go. Mm-hmm. and I voted for you too. Oh, well you know that, that means more to me than you know. I just thought of something. What if you and Paulina both win? Won’t you two hate being apart? Well, we won’t actually be apart. No, wait a minute.

How are you gonna manage that? How are you the first of my friends to hear this news? But if Paul Nina is what to governor, I’ll be leaving Salem.

Uh, Leo Stark, that’s me. This sounds familiar. It’s just one of those common names. Oh, not to me, not. Oh, you’re my first Leo. Oh my God. What? Those shoes are those from? Teresa Donovan’s New Genie Collection. ? Yes, they are. Oh, I like a man that knows his couture footwear. , , . Oh, that’s it. Oh, I’m sorry. But that’s a going way for handing out cookies.

Oh, I’m gonna have to hand out a lot more of them. Hard time. You ever have a money-grubbing shyster lawyer breathing down your neck? Oh, what’s this guy’s name? It’s a her Sloan Peterson with an E. Well, how’d you get mixed up with her? She defended me for like two weeks and now she thinks she owns me. If I pay her off, I’m gonna be sleeping on a bench in the Horton Town Square.

We can’t have that. You know what? I might just be able to help you out.

You’re gonna break into Sloan Peterson’s department. We have to get our hands on the documents that she’s holding over, pulling its head, right? Yeah. What if they’re not there? We have to start somewhere. Do they teach, break and entering at public relations school? No, but I am Patch Johnson’s kid in high school, I picked the lock to the teacher’s lounge with my student ID card.

I will do whatever it takes to get my hands on whatever it is. Sloan’s hiding in there.

This is for that dinner. You missed, baby. I have missed so much of my life, but it certainly is not dinner.

ignore it. Oh, it. Ignore it. Oh, great, babe. Oh, can’t. I was wondering what I was gonna hear from you. Now you know, I hope this is good news for your client’s sake. You’re getting what you want. Sloane, my associate will be at the Brady Pub in one hour. One hour. Okay. I’ll be there. And where do you think you’re going?

I have a very important meeting. Yeah. More important than the best sex of your life. Someone thinks quite highly of himself. Tell you what? This meeting, it shouldn’t take very long. So why don’t you stay put and do what? I’m gonna sit around twiddling my thumbs until you get back. Yeah, I don’t think so.

Forget about it. Oh.

Oh, that’s, that’s what I’m talking about. Okay. Right. That’s exactly what I want you to do.

Your meeting’s all said, so I will go pick up the fake loop, bring it back here, and. I’ll head over to Sloan’s department. You really think it’s gonna work? It better?

Mine, some company. No, I d if it’s you. No, don’t turn off your, it’s fine.

May I Please? Go ahead. . Okay. . I don’t mind if I do . That movie looked pretty sad. . Yeah, well it’s uh, it’s pretty fitting for my mood.

You’re missing Will. Yeah, I dunno. Um. He was just supposed to come out for a visit. He’s stuck in La Don Rights. Hmm. I know a little bit about being married to men who are also married to their careers. . Uncle Vick should have retired a long time ago. Uh, he’s not the type to play golf or build bird houses, but neither was Mickey.

Do you ever wish

that they would put you first more?

Yes. I still wish that that Victor would sometimes. Yeah. Same with you. Yeah.

I know this has been a problem for you and Will before. Yeah. I just, I don’t know. Something has to change. You know, I, I can’t let this break us up again.

You know, we all ought to talk to Abe Carver. Abe, why? I just ran into Abe. He said that if Paulina wins the governorship that he is gonna resign as mayor and go wherever she is.

I’d love to know how he, yeah, he made that decision. the guy, right? Indeed.

How can you help me deal with Sloane Peterson? You need money to pay her off, right? You’re gonna give me a loan that is so generous. How can, how can I ever thank you. Do I look like a credit union to you? Um, no. I’m not offering you a loan. I’m offering you a j o b,

so you want. Us to let some random girl that you just met move into our apartment that I live in with my kid. Look, she’s not some random girl. Okay. She’s LE’s little sister, which means she’s about to be Gabby’s sister-in-law. Okay, well, if she’s that rich guy’s sister, then why isn’t she just buy herself a con or move into the mansion?

It’s literally a mansion. She can just take Ava’s old rooms. Now I don’t want to living in the same house as me. She and I are working on something and it involves my dad and her brother. What are you up to now, Giovanni? It’s nothing dangerous. Wendy and I just don’t want my dad to catch on to the fact that she and I are working together.

Well, when does she wanna start staying here tonight? Tonight, , Chanel and I have not been living together that long, and this will be our second house guest. Both thanks to you. Look, look, she’s not gonna be staying for that long, okay? She just needs to save up enough money to get her own place. Well, why doesn’t she just borrow the money from her brother?

She doesn’t wanna. , what do you think? I’m okay with it if you’ll thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay. I promise you I will make this up to you. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Right. Okay. You are an angel. Oh.

Found here. James Bond. Wow. Shut up. Sloan just left. Are you. As ready as I’m gonna be. Well, that’ll have to do. Be careful. Moy. Penny, you

okay? Girl? I’s, see if you can still remember what Papa tell you.

So Abes gonna give up his whole career just for Paulina. Well, that’s what he said, and he didn’t seem to have any doubts about it.

What are you thinking? I’m thinking that maybe getting stabbed in the back with a knife was a, um, sign from the universe. What kind of a sign? Well, Alex is in charge of Titan. Mm-hmm. , he’s doing just fine. So maybe I take a page at Abe’s book, you know, just quit. Move to LA with Will, if that’s what you really want.

But I don’t know. I, I’d love being the CEO of Titan. It’s like, it feels like what I was born to. And Will loves making movies.

You know what? I think that the two of you should figure out a way to meet each other halfway. I think you’re totally right and I think you better go find Victor. Thank you for sharing your pizza. Goodnight sweetheart. Goodnight. Thanks.

Hey, me again. Um, are you working?

Okay, good. We gotta talk.

Hey, I hope that this is enough to make Wendy feel comfortable. Oh, she’ll be fine. Oh God. I didn’t realize my phone was on silent. I missed a lot of calls. My mom texts me. Is everything okay with her? Oh yeah, yeah, she’s fine. She’s just checking in. Hey, uh, we never finished that conversation that we were having when Johnny came by.

You said you had something to tell me.

Here’s the deal. My assistant, her name is Mary, she’s been trying to handle the books for my campaign and my business from Florida . It is not working out to say the least. I need another assistant, someone who’s right here in Salem, and that would be, Pay is better than it is for a part-time campaign worker.

Plus there’s benefits. 401k health plan, a dental plan. I could use a cleaning. I’ll take it. Something you need to know. Now you remember that movie about the devil who wears Prada? Remember it? I know every word. Oh, well Mary will tell you that I think that PR wearing devil is the hero of the movie . And that ma little nobody is just lucky to have a job.

I understand. Don’t worry, Ms. Price. I will work my fingers to the bone, making sure your every need is met.

what are you doing here? Stuff. I was here when you left. That was. Uh, was being the operative word. Leo is now my new assistant.

Looks real to me.

You made it. Oh yeah. And for the sake of your client and your boss, I better like what I see in that briefcase.

Yes. It’s still got it.

What? What the hell are you here, here?

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: Are you ready for someone who’s committed to you and only you? Devoting himself to your happiness? Brooke, you will never have to question my priorities or doubt my loyalty. So, what do you say? You wanna make me the luckiest guy in the world? Tell me you’ll marry me.. tell me you’ll be my wife.

Ridge: I can’t believe it. You– you actually bought it back, you bought the house back.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Filled with all these memories.

Taylor: And now we can make more memories. So, what do you think? You wanna do it?

Ridge: I’ve got the blindfold on, might as well–

[ Taylor laughs]

Taylor: No, turn– turn our old house into our new private hideaway?

Bill: Well, this doesn’t mean you get time off. Have a son on your own time.

[ Laughs ] All right, I’ll see ya later.

Liam: What was that about?

Bill: Ah, it’s official. Taylor bought back the beach house and your brother is already moved out.

Liam: What the hell?

Bill: Ah, what can I tell ya? I– I, uh… you know, she used to live there with ridge and now that they’re back together, I guess she’s feeling nostalgic. I wasn’t about to sell, uh, the bel air house, that– that is my home. And now that brooke is free of ridge, well, I want a place big enough for her to move into.

Liam: You’re that cocky. I mean, you really think brooke is gonna turn to you.

Bill: Absolutely.

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: You’re speechless.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m just thinkin’ about all the great times we had in here, all the– all the fun we had even after the kids were born.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Taylor: Yes, we did. Oh, ridge, I– I know this is a lot. I do. And I also know that you do not like surprises.

Ridge: No, I hate surprises. But I’m gonna make an exception. Thank you.

Taylor: So, yeah? Yeah?

Ridge: Yeah.

Bill: Ridge bailed. Full pivot back to taylor. He and brooke are done.

Liam: Yeah, uh, o– okay, but– but does that just automatically mean that you’re in? Dad, there are, uh, other men in the world.

Bill: Why’re you whispering, liam? And there are none that have the history with brooke that I do.

Liam: None that you are allowing yourself to imagine, but you just mentioned one of them– hope’s father.

Bill: Deacon?

Liam: Yeah.

Bill: I brought him up as a joke. You seriously think brooke would entertain the idea of having that low-life back in her world? No. Our favorite convict doesn’t stand a chance of a life with someone like brooke.

[ Brooke laughs ]

Wow, I– I actually can’t believe this. I mean, you… you brought a ring. You’re proposing.

Deacon: Look, I know it’s premature, I mean, I– I know you’re still technically married to, what’s his name? I’m sorry. Look, brooke, what can I say? You bring it out of me. I’m a man of action.

Hope: Dad, I’m a little confused. I mean, how and when did you even get that ring?

Deacon: I have wanted to come by here so many times since I’ve been back in L.A. And just dropped on one knee. I’ve carried this around for a long time, just waiting for the right moment to propose my love to you. And thanks to, uh– thanks to our daughter, that moment’s now. Brooke, look at this ring as a symbol of a better future, not just for us but for our daughter, too. Imagine what that would mean to her. All you have to do is say, “yes.” W memories to be made.

Taylor: So, wyatt took all his personal things, so everything that is left here at the house comes with it. And it’s a good thing, because, um, this new couch is a lot more comfortable than our old one.

Ridge: Interesting, ’cause I remember getting very comfortable with you on the old couch, quite a few times.

Taylor: Well, like you said, there are new memories to be made.

Ridge: I like this.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: An old place for a new start.

Taylor: Yeah… yeah, and this is a new start for us. And as happy as it is, it doesn’t mean that, you know, that your heart isn’t heavy right now. Ending a marriage, that’s a lot. You know, I– I still don’t know exactly how we got here, except something about a– a pine cone falling on your head.

[ Both laugh ]

Ridge: Huh.

Taylor: I know there’s something. And, no matter what it is, I am here for you, ridge. Good or bad, I am here. So, whenever you’re ready to open up… I’m ready to listen, okay?

Bill: So, you’re telling me that thomas spends all day with hope–

Liam: Yes, for this tofu–

Bill: And most evenings as well.

Liam: Most, no, but a good chunk–

Bill: And sometimes spends the night–

Liam: With beth, yes.

Hope: And hope has no idea what thomas is doing, that he is completely manipulating her?

Liam: Oh, she doesn’t appear to, no. But– but brooke and I certainly do and we don’t like where this is headed especially given how much time they’re spending together.

Bill: Okay, well that’s– that’s good, you and brooke are on the same page, at least, and– and presenting a united front. And once I’m back in brooke’s life, which should be soon, I can help steer hope away from thomas, as well.

Liam: I actually really appreciate that. Although, I think, maybe, you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.

Bill: Really? All right, listen, you can think whatever you want. Okay, in fact, I’m gonna kind of enjoy that and– and it’ll be funny. You know why it’ll be funny? Because i am going to choose you to be my best man. That means you’re gonna have to make the best man’s speech and you’re going to tell everyone how wrong you were.

Liam: All right, you know what? I look forward to that. You tell me when and where to show up and I’ll be there.

Bill: Well, I better get crackin’ on that right now. I’m gonna pay brooke a little visit and get workin’ on her future.

Liam: Hey, dad.

Bill: Yeah.

Liam: Just… be careful. She’s hurt.

Bill: I know.

Brooke: I am touched. Truly, I am. But as for you and me… uh, well, we’re always going to be hope’s parents. We’re always going to be grandparents to hope’s children. But as a couple, deacon, I mean, you know how I feel about ridge. I’m not gonna give up on him.

Deacon: You can– you can’t blame a guy for trying, right?

Brooke: It was really, very sweet, really.

Hope: I think– I think dad and i both understand why you can’t accept this ring right now. I mean, you’re still technically married and, uh, the wounds are still fresh, but mom, can you… can you please just do me a favor and… keep and open mind? You know how much dad loves you, he would be committed to you. And you would never have to question his devotion to us as a family. So, I don’t know, maybe the mood ever strikes again sometime in the future and dad wants to ask again, I just hope that, I dunno, you might possibly consider saying yes.

Brooke: Honey, I love it that you want to see us so happy. And I can see how much you love me, really, I can see how much you care and that means a lot. But… I have a husband, and he’S… he’s the man I love, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I’m not giving up on him. I mean, that door is not closed, not yet.

If you have this…

Ridge: I like that I can talk to you about anything, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to talk about brooke, I don’t want to talk about my marriage, not now. I wanna just sit here and look at you. In this cool, old house, that is, by the way, walking distance to our daughter’s house with her husband and those little kids.

Taylor: Well, you see that was all part of my master plan.

Ridge: Master plan, I knew it, you had a master plan.

Taylor: I did. And I also had one or two backups just in case–

Ridge: That doesn’t surprise me, either. And that’s why you should always be in charge of the itinerary.

[ Taylor laughs ] You never forgot I want a window seat.

Taylor: Never. This is surreal, isn’t it? Kind of? You know, being here in this house, together again.

Ridge: Well, yeah, because of you, because you didn’t give up. You didn’t give up on me, you didn’t give up on us and that would’ve been easy to do. So, thank you.

[ Door opens ]

Liam: Hey! You’re home.

Hope: Uh…

Liam: And you have company.

Deacon: Hey, liam.

Liam: Hey deacon, how’s it goin’?

> Hope: Sorry, hi. I totally missed your text. I’m sorry.

Liam: Oh, no. That’s fine. I– I just figured you were you know, busy at work.

Hope: Um, well, I am, still. I actually do have to go back, it’s just a lot with the preview right now.

Liam: Why did you come home, is there–

Deacon: It’s okay, you can tell him.

Liam: Okay… tell me what, guys?

Hope: My dad had an interesting proposal for my mom.

Liam: All right.

Hope: Marriage. He proposed.

Liam: Huh.

[ Knocking ]

Brooke: Hi, bill.

Bill: Lemme save ya the trouble. I can’t be here, ridge might see me. Well, I am here because I care about you. So you might as well let me in. I told you last time I was here that I was going to check on you.

Brooke: Yeah, I remember.

Bill: I meant it. I wanna help you get through this.

Brooke: Well, the only way to really get through this is for ridge to come home and to come back–

Bill: Brooke–

Brooke: To me. It’s going to happen, bill, it’s going to happen.

Bill: Has he given you any indication of that? He has no intention of coming back. He is with taylor now. Let me help you through this. Come back to me. Ma cherie. Just being

Ridge: I love this.

Taylor: Mm. Me too. It’s so peaceful… just being in your arms, being here together and knowing our family is– is back together, it’s–

Ridge: Yeah, I was talkin’ ’bout the sound of the ocean, but yours is nice, too.

Taylor: Mine is nice because this brings me moe peace than any ocean ever could.

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Ridge clears throat ]

Liam: D’oh! Whoa, okay. You asked brooke to marry you?

Deacon: She said no.

Hope: For now. But ridge has chosen to run off into the sunset with taylor, that’s his future. And mom will one day come to realize that and choose a future of her own. Nay. Choose a man of her own who actually respects her, unlike ridge.

Liam: A man who, uh, truly loves her, right?

Hope: Yeah, no one loves my mom more than my dad.

Liam: Yeah, except maybe my dad.

Bill: We agreed we had some wonderful memories together, we can have more.

Brooke: You are proving katie right, you know? You’re doing exactly what she said you would do. Okay, fine, fine, whatever, great. Katie’s right. You became available and here I am… where I belong. That’s after well over a year of my many, many attempts to reconcile with katie, to do the– the right thing. Well, she made it clear, she wants nothing to do with me. So, you don’t have to worry about katie, she does not want me anymore. But I want you. I have always wanted you. And I had you… and I lost you. And I forced myself at that point to stay away, to respect your boundaries. I told myself that if a life with ridge was what you wanted, that was gonna make you happy, I would respect that.

Brooke: I do want that.

Bill: The way that he treats you…

[ Brooke sighs ] Why would you want– why would anyone want that? It would be so much better if it was us. We were so much better. A true partnership, brooke, we could have that again. Don’t you remember what we had? Let me whisk you away. Let me help you forget all the pain and all the disappointment that ridge has caused you.

Brooke: I don’t want to forget. I wanna learn and i wanna grow and I wanna heal and I wanna do that with ridge. I mean, I am– I am very touched that you came here. It’s just, there’s only one man I wanna spend the rest of my life with. And I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told deacon–

Bill: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. The convict was here?

Brooke: Yes, he was here, with hope and don’t you dare call him that. Look, you two mean a lot to me, you’re very important parts of my past, and I will always care about you, bill. It’s just, there’s only one relationship for me, that’s it. I still don’t know why ridge left, I don’T. But I am going to find out. And I’m not gonna give up on him. I’m not.

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Interviews with actors from “La Brea”

TV Interview!

LA BREA -- Season: 2 -- Pictured: Josh McKenzie as Lucas, Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott, Lily Santiago as Veronica and Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella -- (Photo by: Ben King/NBC)

Interview with Josh McKenzie, Rohan Mirchandaney, Lily Santiago and Michelle Vergara Moore of “La Brea” on NBC by Suzanne 10/21/22

It was nice to chat with these four (in two separate interviews). I enjoy “La Brea” and all of the characters. I’ve chatted with some of the other actors previously, but this was my first time with these folks. They were very nice, and funny, and we had a good (albeit brief) time.

The first chat is with Josh Mckenzie (Lucas) and Rohan Mirchandaney (Scott)

The second interview was with Lily Santiago (Veronica) and Michelle Vergara Moore (Ella)!


Key art for "La Brea" on NBC

“La Brea” follows an epic family adventure after a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles pulling people and buildings into a mysterious and dangerous primeval land where they have no choice but to band together to survive. In season two, the Harris family remains separated as Eve is reeling from her son, Josh, having mistakenly gone through a portal to 1988. What she doesn’t know yet is that her estranged husband, Gavin, and their daughter, Izzy, have landed in prehistoric Seattle and now must brave the elements and animals to make their way to L.A.

The cast includes Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jon Seda, Nicholas Gonzalez, Chiké Okonkwo, Zyra Gorecki, Jack Martin, Veronica St. Clair, Rohan Mirchandaney, Lily Santiago, Josh McKenzie, Tonantzin Carmelo and Michelle Vergara Moore.

Creator/Showrunner David Appelbaum executive produces with Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott, Rachel Kaplan, Chris Hollier, Adam Davidson, Bryan Wynbrandt, Steven Lilien, Ken Woodruff, and Arika Lisanne Mittman.

“La Brea” is produced by Universal Television and Australia’s Matchbox Pictures, both divisions of Universal Studio Group in association with Keshet Studios.

Josh McKenzie
LA BREA -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Josh McKenzie as Lucas Hayes -- (Photo by: Ben King/NBC)

Lucas, “La Brea”

Josh McKenzie plays Lucas in the NBC drama “La Brea.”

McKenzie burst onto the scene in the 2009 feature film “Hopes & Dreams,” which earned him the Most Outstanding Debut Performance at New Zealand’s AFTA Awards.

Additional film work includes “Ill Manors,” “Mega Time Squad” and “Northspur.” His many television roles include “Legend of the Seeker,” “Power Rangers Megaforce,” “Filthy Rich” and “Destination Love.”

McKenzie has trained at New Zealand’s acclaimed Tori Whakaari drama school and at the Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin. As a young actor, McKenzie began his career appearing in many New Zealand theater productions, including “A Tribute to Men” at the Arts Festival Wellington and “Les Miserables” at the Raye Freedman Arts Center.”

Rohan Mirchandaney

LA BREA -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Rohan Mirchandaney as Scott Israni -- (Photo by: Ben King/NBC)

Scott Israni, “La Brea”

Rohan Mirchandaney plays Scott Israni in the NBC drama “La Brea.”

Mirchandaney recently starred in the hit ABC Australia series “Mystery Road,” opposite Judy Davis. He also had a supporting role in Arclight’s “Hotel Mumba,” opposite Dev Patel.

Mirchandaney is best known for his recurring role as Dr Rudi on the Australian series “House Husbands.” Prior to the pandemic, he starred in the national tour of Melbourne Theatre Company’s “Melbourne Talam.”

Lily Santiago

LA BREA -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: Lily Santiago as Veronica Castillo -- (Photo by: Ben King/NBC)

Veronica, “La Brea”

Lily Santiago plays Veronica in the NBC drama “La Brea.”

Santiago is a graduate of the theater program at Northwestern University as well as the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

She has appeared in numerous stage productions, including the all-female “Macbeth” at the Red Bull Theater, “Othello” at Shakespeare in the Park, “Romeo & Juliet,” at the Huntington Theatre and, most recently, the Public’s mobile Shakespeare production of “Measure for Measure.”

As a child, she appeared in a small supporting role in George C. Wolfe’s HBO film “Lackawanna Blues.”

She is the daughter of actor, director, and writer Ruben Santiago-Hudson.

Michelle Vergara Moore

LA BREA -- "Stampede" Episode 208 -- Pictured: Michelle Vergara Moore as Ella -- (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)

Ella Jones, “La Brea”

Michelle Vergara Moore plays Ella Jones in the NBC drama “La Brea.”

Moore made her first Stateside screen appearance in the crime-thriller “Side Effects,” directed by Steven Soderbergh. Other credits include a recurring guest role opposite Bob Balaban in the Epix spy thriller series “Condor” and a guest appearance on HBO’s “High Maintenance.”

Moore starred in the Australian independent film “Black & White & Sex,” which had its international premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival. She was one of the first Asian actors to play a lead series regular role in an Australian series – “The Time of Our Lives,” which was nominated for a Logie Award for Outstanding Drama Series.

In 2021, Vergara Moore starred in “The Unusual Suspects” (Hulu/ABC Australia). In a case of life imitating art, she acted opposite her real-life husband, Toby Leonard Moore, who played her character’s husband.

A dual Australian/American citizen and New York resident, she completed training at Australia’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and has also studied improv at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Ella and Veronica

Older interviews:

 cast of “La Brea” on NBC 9/15/22

Zyra Gorecki  10/18/21

 cast of “La Brea” on NBC 9/13/21

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Scott, Veronica and Lucas on "La Brea" on NBC

GH Short Recap Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth leaves with Terry to go to the Mariana Islands to search her parents house to see if she can find clues to Reiko’s death. Elizabeth tells Finn and Cameron she is going to a medical conference in Monterey because she doesn’t want to tell Finn until she finds out how Reiko died.

Britt and Cody find a diamond necklace inside Peter’s safe deposit box. Cody tries to persuade Britt to take the necklace with her, but Britt thinks it will be safer in the bank.

Josslyn tries to persuade Dex to stop working for Sonny because he will ruin his life just like he ruined Jason’s life.

Cameron tells Josslyn that he feels like they have been a little off, so they agree to plan to spend some time together.

Victor demands that Nikolas divorce Ava or he will take Nikolas’ confession that he killed Esme to the police. Victor also tells Nikolas he will ruin his relationship with Spencer.

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GH cast animated GIF

Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Abby that Nate thinks he is unwilling to have another business partner that isn’t Neil and he wonders if Nate is right but Abby doesn’t offer Devon an opinion on the situation. Abby just tells Devon the fact that he is so bothered by what Nate told him might mean that he thinks what Nate said is true.

Jack tells Ashley that Diane got herself into a sketchy situation in Los Angeles and Tucker used the knowledge of that situation to make her contact him and tell him about Allie. Jack also tells Ashley that Tucker was the one that found Allie and Ashley is upset that Tucker used Allie to get to the Abbott family. Ashley tells Jack that they must get Diane out of their lives before she causes Kyle any more pain. Jack struggles with how he is going to tell Kyle what Diane told him because it will break Kyle’s heart to learn Diane lied to him again. Jack isn’t sure how much of what Diane told him is true and how much is a lie.

Tucker is upset that Diane told Jack about their connection, but she explains she had to do damage control before Jack found out from someone else. Diane thinks Jack will be sympathetic because she is the victim in the situation. Tucker doesn’t think anyone will ever think she was a victim and she has ruined any progress she has made with Kyle. Tucker tells Diane that he isn’t done with her yet and he will make her life very difficult.

Ashley meets with Tucker and asks him to tell her the truth about what happened with him and Diane in Los Angeles if he wants her to consider giving him another chance.

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GH Update Monday, October 24, 2022

General Hospital Updates

GH logo

Update written by Shane

In the parking lot at the police station, Anna opened her trunk and found a gun and some clothing. She recalled the drone footage of what looked like her shooting Lucy. Dante interrupted her and asked if Jordan had cut Victor loose.  Anna told him that Jordan had no choice but to release Victor. Dante informed Anna that Holly had been the woman that was found in the Quartermaine boathouse. Anna was blown away and had a list of questions for Dante, few of which he could answer.  Dante explained that Holly was experiencing memory problems and couldn’t really tell them where she had been over the last two years.  Anna hoped that Lucy would be located safely as well.

Carly and Drew continued their romantic walk along the beach in Jacksonville. Drew suggested that they return to Port Charles. Carly admitted that she was reluctant to do so because she’d found Drew in Jacksonville. She explained that she’d originally left the town to escape, and while she’d found a lot of what she’d been looking for in Port Charles, she was afraid that she and Drew would change. Drew replied that his life had been similar, and he’d found a lot of what he’d been looking for in the Navy. He stated that he had still felt a void and had realized that he had been looking for who he was. He maintained that Carly had filled the void, and she agreed that they were solid. She thought that Jacksonville had changed them. As they walked along the beach, Carly declared that because the relationship was something that she was choosing, it was worth pursuing. Carly admitted she was afraid of losing Drew because of mistakes or choices that she might make, but he assured her that that wouldn’t happen. Carly said that she didn’t want to ruin the best thing that had happened to her.  Drew said that he liked their chances and Carly agreed.

Nina met up with Sonny at General Hospital so that they could attend Sasha’s guardianship meeting with Martin. They discussed the lack of any word on Lucy. “You cannot bet against Lucy Coe,” Sonny said. They found Martin and Sasha in a meeting room, and they all sat down around a table. Martin announced that with Brando’s death and no living relatives, the judge had decided that there would be a court-appointed guardian. Sasha was unhappy that a stranger would be making decisions for her, and Sonny and Nina wanted to fight it.

Martin made it clear that a court would not appoint either Sonny or Nina due to their past history. The group was determined that they find someone to take over the guardianship.  They discussed who they could find to step in for Brando as Sasha’s guardian. “You’re looking at her,” Gladys exclaimed as she walked in. She apologized for being late. She reminded Sonny that he had told her to step up, and she wanted to take over for Brando. Sonny told her it would be a big responsibility, and Gladys promised to give it her best shot. Martin agreed to petition the court.

Sonny thought that Gladys would be great, and he proclaimed that they were all in it together. Nina said that she would always think of Sasha as the daughter she’d never known, and she loved her. Martin took a phone call and revealed that there was still no word about Lucy. He admitted to feeling lousy but had taken on the meeting for her. Sasha gave him a hug and told him not to lose hope. Martin departed, and Gladys thanked Sonny for everything before taking Sasha home. Sonny and Nina thought that Sasha would get through it because she had them.

Scott and Felicia were in the Metro Court gardens. He wanted information on Lucy because he needed to tell Serena something. Felicia informed him that she had no updates, and Scott thought about hiring his own divers. He confessed that it felt like Lucy was still alive. Suddenly, they were taken aback when they spotted Holly and Robert sitting at a nearby table. There were hugs all around as Scott and Felicia ran to the table. Holly disclosed that she couldn’t remember anything from the past two years.

Scott and Felicia sat down and got around to revealing the information around Lucy’s disappearance. Holly wondered who would have done such a thing. “Why don’t we ask him?” Scott said as Victor walked in. Victor walked right over to the table and apologized for interrupting. He asked if Robert had had any updates on Lucy. Scott was perturbed as Victor announced his willingness to help out if needed.

Victor headed to his own table, and Holly was filled in with facts about Victor. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, since he had seemed so nice and was dressed so well. Felicia declared that they believed that Victor had been behind Lucy’s disappearance, but Robert stopped her before she said anything else about Victor.

At the police station, Jordan and D.A. Arden argued about Anna being responsible for shooting Lucy. Arden announced that Victor wanted to sue the department for unlawful arrest, but Jordan pointed out that while he was a suspect, he hadn’t been arrested. Jordan wanted to call Robert, but Arden didn’t think that was a good idea. She thought that Robert would be forced to recuse himself from the case. Jordan maintained that all of the evidence was circumstantial.

Arden snapped that Jordan had given Anna special treatment, while Jordan insisted that the video they had seen of the shooting had been doctored. Arden implied that Jordan wasn’t handling her job properly with regard to Anna. Arden left, and Mac appeared. He revealed that the divers hadn’t found anything. Jordan was sure that Anna had been framed, and Mac agreed but was surprised that Anna had been released. Jordan stated that Lucy had been missing for less than 48 hours, and they had no body. Mac looked at the video again and was certain that it had been doctored. He and Jordan agreed that while Lucy had been the victim, Anna had been the target. “And you know who’s after her, don’t you?” Mac asked. Jordan explained how Lucy had been working for Anna but had gone rogue. They both worried that Victor could get away with murder again if they couldn’t prove that the footage was fake.

Back at the police station parking lot, D.A. Arden arrived with a cop and announced that she had search warrants for Anna’s car as well as her home. She stated that Anna was the prime suspect in Lucy’s disappearance. She added that Jordan wasn’t a judge and jury, and Dante quickly pointed out that neither was Arden. Anna opened the trunk voluntarily.  Arden, Dante, and Anna walked into the police station lobby. Dante revealed to Jordan and Mac that the gun and clothing from Lucy’s shooting had been found in Anna’s car. Mac shouted at Arden, while Jordan made it clear that what they’d seen on the video had clearly been doctored. Dante whispered to Anna that he had to leave as the others argued. He urged her to play by the rules, but he knew that she had been set up. Mac suggested that Anna hire legal representation. Arden told the others that she was only doing her job.

Victor took a phone call at the gardens, learned about the warrants, and told the caller that he would be willing to contribute to Arden’s campaign if she ever decided to run for higher office. At the other table, Robert suggested that he get Holly home to bed, but Holly insisted that she hear more about Victor. Felicia revealed that Luke was gone, and it was believed that Victor had been responsible. Scott deemed it premeditated murder. Holly glared at Victor.

Dante rushed in and announced that Anna had been arrested as Lucy’s shooter. Scott thought that Arden was always jumping to conclusions. Holly stood up and headed for Victor’s table. He stood up to introduce himself, but Holly slapped him. She declared that the slap had been for Luke, and the next one would be for Anna and Lucy. Robert pulled her away.  Victor said he had half a mind to press charges but Dante and Felicia assured Victor that they hadn’t seen anything. “Your day is coming, tick-tock,” Scott said.

Victor received another phone call. He smiled and told the caller that he knew that little “surprise package would pay dividends.” He inquired about the house and confessed to almost feeling sorry for Anna. Victor confessed what a shame it would be if the police found evidence in Anna’s home that would put her away for life.

Anna said she couldn’t believe that Arden had fallen for the whole “doctored drone footage” exactly as Victor had known she would. Jordan wanted the evidence analyzed, but Arden wanted Anna arrested. Mac refused and cited the fact that Anna had been framed. He was dumbfounded that Arden couldn’t see that and he suggested that Arden was on Victor’s payroll. Arden threatened him, and reluctantly, Jordan placed Anna under arrest. She read Anna her rights and asked if Anna understood them.  “I do,” Anna said.

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Days Update Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie and Chad go to the Horton House as Stephanie is on the phone with Paulina. Stephanie assures that she has this all under control and she has come up with a fool-proof strategy. Stephanie promises Paulina that Sloan won’t be a problem for her or Chanel anymore as they hang up. Chad asks Stephanie what the plan is that they have. Stephanie admits it beats the hell out of her.

Allie comes home to Chanel after dropping Henry off with Nicole for a sleepover with Holly. Chanel comments that it’s great that Nicole decided to make that a weekly thing. Allie points out that it means they will get one night a week all to themselves. Chanel asks what she wants to do tonight. Allie suggests they could call Alex.

Sonny is at home on the phone with Will. Sonny gets that Will has to stay and do his job, but admits he was really looking forward to seeing him. Alex walks in. Sonny asks Will what about next weekend and guesses he will try. Sonny tells Will that he loves him and hangs up. Alex asks what the hell Will did now. Sonny says nothing and that he was just supposed to come for a visit but he’s stuck in LA. Sonny asks Alex if he wants to stay in and hang out tonight. Alex informs Sonny that he actually has plans as Sonny might not be getting lucky tonight, but he sure as hell is.

Sloan walks through the town square and comes across a campaign table promoting Paulina for Governor with Leo dressed up in a donkey costume, handing out free cookies. Sloan stops and demands that he take off the mask, threatening to scream for the cops if he doesn’t. Leo reluctantly removes his mask and Sloan tells him that he is so busted.

Chanel questions Allie really wanting to call Alex. Allie asks why not. Chanel thought they agreed that the threesome wasn’t going to be a regular thing. Allie clarifies that she meant that they could go get drinks. Allie assures that they are on the same page regarding Alex and that the threesome was a one time thing. Allie figured that the sooner they go back to hanging out, the less awkward it will be. Chanel agrees that makes sense but asks if they can do it another night because she’s not really in the mood to go out tonight. Allie asks if everything is okay. Chanel admits that it’s not.

Sonny questions if Alex is just back to being a player. Alex reminds Sonny that he told him he needs to get over Stephanie and move on. Sonny questions him taking his advice. Alex informs Sonny that he found out that Stephanie is not just not in to him, but she’s hung up on someone else. Sonny asks who, so Alex reveals that it’s Chad.

Chad questions Stephanie telling Paulina that they had a plan when they don’t. Stephanie says she was up all night trying to figure out a way to neutralize Sloan but came up with nothing. Chad suggests hiring a private investigator to try and dig up dirt on her but Stephanie worries that would take too long. Stephanie wishes they could just get the original copies of what Sloan has on Chanel. Chad notes that would be complicated and suggests there’s always the option of paying off Sloan’s client. Stephanie says Paulina refuses to be part of extortion and also worries that Sloan’s client would keep demanding more. Chad points out that he never said Paulina had to be the one to pay it. Stephanie questions where else they would get the money. Chad suggests from himself.

Leo questions how Sloan knew it was him. Sloan informs him that her private investigator told her that he was hiding in plain sight, dressed as a mule and she thought he was kidding. Leo corrects her that it’s a donkey and says he’s not hiding but working for Paulina’s campaign committee. Sloan questions someone actually hiring him. Leo calls her rude. Sloan then demands the money he owes her now, unless he wants to play a very unpleasant game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Paulina texts Chanel that she can relax now because their problem is getting solved and everything is looking up. Abe then arrives at her office and asks what she is so happy about. Paulina tells Abe that her polling numbers went up. Abe advises her not to let her guard down because the other side will attack. Paulina assures that she’s tough. Abe relates his experience that the other side will come after the fact that Lani is in prison. Paulina remarks that it’s one thing to come after her but no one is going to come after her daughters.

Allie tells Chanel that she can tell her anything but they get interrupted by a knock at the door. They answer the door to see Johnny, who says he really needs a favor from them.

Sonny tells Alex that there is no way that Chad is interested in someone else when it hasn’t been that long since Abigail passed away. Alex complains that he just saw Chad with Stephanie and they didn’t even notice him because they only had eyes for each other. Sonny repeats that there’s no way. Alex adds that they denied it when he asked if they were hooking up which Sonny questions. Alex states that even if Stephanie wasn’t with Chad, it’s clear she’s not in to him. Sonny questions him going back to being a player. Alex reminds Sonny that he warned him someone would come in to his life to change his ways and that was Stephanie. Alex declares that now he’s going to soothe his broken heart with as much meaningless sex as possible.

Stephanie tells Chad that she would never ask him to use his own money to solve a client’s problem. Chad points out that she didn’t ask, he offered. Stephanie notes that Sloan’s client wants a million dollar payoff. Chad informs her that he has a trust fund. Stephanie repeats that she will not allow him to use his personal funds to get her out of a jam with a client. Chad reminds her that they are in this together. Chad comments that there’s worse things he could do with that money than help out the future Governor of their state and adds that he could use Paulina on his side. Stephanie asks what if the wrong person finds out and people say she used her company to help a DiMera get the Governor in his pocket. Chad admits he didn’t think of that and just thought throwing money at the problem would help. Stephanie then decides he could be right. Stephanie declares that they are going to give Sloan the payday she’s been looking for.

Sloan tells Leo not to play her since she successfully defended him against some serious charges so she tells him to pay up. Leo argues that he thought the free publicity was payment enough. Sloan warns that if Leo doesn’t cut her a check, she will send him to a collection agency that won’t take no for an answer. Sloan asks if they understand each other now.

Allie tells Johnny to start calling before he just comes over because they were in the middle of something. Chanel says it’s okay and that their conversation can wait until later. Chanel then asks Johnny what’s up since last she heard, he was moving in to the DiMera Mansion with Ava. Johnny confirms that he did but Ava had to leave town. Allie questions Ava not saying goodbye to her grandson Henry. Johnny explains that Ava had to make a quick getaway because EJ was going to have her arrested.

Leo argues that Sloan is threatening him with bodily harm which is against the law, so he could make a citizen’s arrest. Sloan tells him that he’s absolutely right but he misconstrued what she was saying because she would never threaten someone with bodily harm. Sloan warns that she’s getting fed up. Leo complains that he’s strapped for cash which is why he took a low paying job. Sloan remarks that she always gets her man and tells Leo that he bet on the wrong horse because there’s no way that Paulina will ever be moving in to the Governor’s mansion. Leo asks how she knows that since he saw she is pulling ahead in the polls. Sloan responds that all it takes is one dirty scandal and Paulina’s political career will be over as quick as Leo’s romance with Craig.

Abe praises that Paulina’s daughters are lucky to have a mom as fierce as she is. Paulina jokes that they both say she gets on their nerves but she loves them so much. Abe assures that they love her just like he does. Abe says he’s proud of her for wanting to be of service to the people of the state. Abe informs Paulina that he has made an important decision and hopes she thinks it’s a good one. Paulina questions what he has decided. Abe announces that if Paulina is elected as Governor, he will resign as Mayor and move to the capitol with her.

Sonny doesn’t think Alex should give up on finding the one. Alex responds that he met the one and it was Stephanie. Sonny argues that if she was the one, he wouldn’t have to convince her and it would just happen. Alex doesn’t like to let things just happen and wants to be proactive. Alex declares that he’s going back to doing what he does best which is having as much no strings sex with as many beautiful women as humanly possible. Alex reveals that he just finished an incredibly, smoking hot threesome. Sonny laughs it off at first but questions if he knows any of the parties involved. Alex confirms that he knows both of them and reveals his threesome was with Allie and Chanel. Sonny is shocked and asks if he’s kidding. Alex assures that he’s not but Sonny doesn’t want to hear any details, pointing out that Allie is Will’s little sister. Sonny warns Alex that he cannot let anyone find out about this. Alex then gets a text from Sloan to skip dinner and come straight to his place. Alex tells Sonny that’s his companion for the evening so he has to go. Sonny asks if Alex was just kidding about Allie and was just trying to mess with him. Sonny yells after Alex as he exits the mansion.

Stephanie tells Chad that they are paying off Sloan’s client now. Chad says he’ll go get his trust fund but Stephanie reminds him that she told him she won’t let him use his own money. Chad questions how else she would get her hands on that much cash. Stephanie responds that she just realized it’s easy as she will go to her father. Chad did not know Steve had that kind of money laying around. Stephanie responds that he does technically since John and Steve helped the DEA bust a drug dealer and used counterfeit money to set him up. Stephanie knows for a fact that the bogus bills are still stashed at the Black Patch office in case they needed to use it again. Chad argues that she can’t be serious. Stephanie feels that if the money fooled a drug lord then it will fool Sloan and she’s sure that Steve and John won’t mind. Chad questions Stephanie wanting to pay Sloan Peterson off with counterfeit money. Stephanie hoped to put Chad in charge of that while she breaks in to Sloan’s apartment.

Alex goes to Sloan’s apartment. Sloan tells him to just come in and shut his mouth as they start kissing.

Paulina tells Abe that she can’t let him move out of Salem when he dedicated his life to serving the people here. Abe says he’s very proud of that but now it’s Paulina’s turn to serve the people of the state and he wouldn’t want to miss that while his deputy mayor is capable of handling things. Paulina questions Abe giving up his career to be her first gentleman. Abe responds that there’s nothing he wants more. Paulina asks what she did to deserve him. Abe says she was just her and kisses her. Paulina then tells Abe that there is something she has to tell him but they are interrupted Leo in his donkey mask, saying he came for his check. Abe tells Paulina that he will let her handle this while he goes to pick them up some food. Leo then removes his mask so Paulina asks if she knows him from somewhere. Leo says he doesn’t think so. Paulina feels like she has seen him before.

Allie can’t believe Ava used a fake marriage license to get Jake’s shares at DiMera. Johnny explains that EJ figured her out as if he hasn’t done way worse things. Chanel asks about the favor Johnny needed. Johnny wonders if their couch is still available. Allie immediately says hell no and absolutely not. Allie tells him that they talked about this and he cannot stay here again. Chanel tries to argue but Allie says the last time drove her nuts and they are not going through that again. Johnny then clarifies that he’s staying at the DiMera Mansion and he’s asking for a friend. Johnny reveals that it’s Wendy who he just met but assures that they will love her.

Abe walks through the town square and comes across Maggie. They hug as Maggie says it’s been awhile. Maggie tells him that she was just shopping for Victor. Abe asks if she knows if Victor is going to support Paulina in the Governor race. Maggie assures that the whole Kiriakis family will and that she already mailed in her and Victor’s ballots, noting that she voted for Abe too. Abe says that means more than she knows. Maggie asks what if Abe and Paulina both win and if they will hate being apart. Abe reveals that they won’t be apart. Maggie questions how they will manage that. Abe responds that she’s the first to hear this news but if Paulina is elected Governor, he will be leaving Salem.

Paulina comments that Leo Stark’s name sounds familiar. Leo claims it’s just a common name but Paulina disagrees. Leo then acknowledges Paulina’s shoes as being from Theresa Donovan’s new collection which impresses Paulina. Paulina gives Leo his check and he questions that being it. Paulina says that’s the going rate for handing out cookies. Leo remarks that he’s going to have to hand out a lot more then. Paulina asks if he’s on hard times. Leo complains about a money grubbing lawyer breathing down his neck and reveals that it’s Sloan. Paulina questions how he got mixed up with her. Leo explains that she defended him for two weeks and now she thinks she owns him. Leo remarks that if he doesn’t pay her off, he’s going to be sleeping on a bench in the town square. Paulina says they can’t have that and that she might just be able to help him out.

Chad questions Stephanie planning to break in to Sloan’s apartment. Stephanie says they have to get their hands on the documents she’s holding over Paulina’s head. Chad asks what if they aren’t there. Stephanie says they have to start somewhere. Stephanie mentions being Steve’s daughter and that in school, she used her student ID to break in to the teacher’s lounge. Stephanie declares that she will do whatever it takes to get her hands on whatever Sloan is hiding.

Sloan and Alex kiss in bed until Sloan’s phone rings. Alex tries to convince her to ignore it but she gets up and answers the call from Stephanie. Sloan says she wondered when she would hear from her and hopes it’s good news for her client’s sake. Stephanie responds that Sloan is getting what she wants and her associate will be at the Brady Pub in one hour. Sloan says she’ll be there and hangs up. Alex questions where she’s going. Sloan responds that she has a very important meeting. Alex questions it being more important than the best sex of her life. Sloan jokes that he thinks highly of himself. Sloan says the meeting shouldn’t take long so she suggests Alex stay put. Alex tells her to forget about it but Sloan then pulls out handcuffs and cuffs him to the bed. Alex says that’s what he’s talking about as they kiss.

Stephanie tells Chad that his meeting is all set so she will go pick up the fake money and then head over to Sloan’s apartment. Chad asks if she really thinks this is going to work. Stephanie says it better and then exits.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Sonny in the living room, watching a movie and eating pizza by himself. Maggie joins him and guesses he is missing Will. Sonny confirms that Will was supposed to come visit but he’s stuck in LA doing rewrites. Maggie relates to being in relationships with men who are married to their careers. Sonny asks if she ever wishes that they would put her first more. Maggie admits that she still wishes Victor would sometimes which Sonny relates to. Maggie knows this has been a problem for he and Will before. Sonny responds that something has to change as he can’t let this break them up again. Maggie suggest Will talk to Abe because she just ran in to Abe and he said if Paulina wins the governorship, he will resign as mayor and go wherever she is. Sonny would love to know how he made that decision.

Leo questions how Paulina can help him deal with Sloan Peterson. Paulina points out that he needs money to pay her off. Leo excitedly asks if she’s going to give him a loan and calls that so generous, asking how he can ever thank her. Paulina asks if she looks like a credit union to him and clarifies that she’s not offering him a loan, but a job.

Allie questions Johnny wanting them to let some random girl that he just met move in to their apartment that she has with her son. Johnny argues that she’s not some random girl as she is Li Shin’s little sister which means she will soon be Gabi’s sister in law. Chanel and Allie question why Wendy doesn’t just buy her own place or move in to the DiMera Mansion and take Ava’s old room. Johnny doesn’t want her living in the same house as him since they are working on something that involves EJ and Li. Allie questions what he’s up to now. Johnny says they just don’t want EJ to catch on to the fact they are working together. Chanel asks when Wendy wants to start staying here. Johnny says tonight. Allie complains that she and Chanel haven’t been living together that long and this will be their second houseguest thanks to him. Johnny insists that Wendy won’t be staying that long and just needs to save up enough money to get her own place. Chanel asks why she doesn’t just borrow from her brother. Johnny says she doesn’t want to do that. Allie asks what Chanel thinks. Chanel responds that she’s okay with it if Allie is. Johnny excitedly thanks them and promises to make it up to them. Johnny hugs Allie and calls her an angel.

Sloan leaves her apartment and after she walks away, Stephanie approaches. Stephanie calls Chad, who is waiting at the Pub. Stephanie asks Chad if he’s ready. Chad says he’s as ready as he’s going to be. They tell each other to be careful and hang up. Stephanie then starts to try and pick the lock of Sloan’s apartment.

Sonny asks Maggie about Abe giving up his whole career just for Paulina. Maggie confirms that’s what Abe said and he didn’t seem to have any doubts about it. Maggie asks what Sonny is thinking. Sonny responds that maybe getting stabbed in the back with a knife was sign from the universe. Sonny points out that Alex is in charge of Titan and is doing just fine, so maybe he should take a page out of Abe’s book and just quit to move to LA with Will. Maggie asks if that’s what he really wants. Sonny admits he loves being the CEO of Titan and it feels like what he was born to do while Maggie points out that Will loves making movies. Maggie thinks they should figure out a way to meet each other halfway which Sonny agrees with. Maggie hugs Sonny and tells him goodnight as she then exits. Sonny then picks up his phone and calls Will to tell him they need to talk.

Allie prepares things for Wendy while Chanel checks her phone and sees she missed a lot of calls and a text from Paulina. Allie asks if everything is okay with her. Chanel says Paulina is fine and just checking in. Allie reminds Chanel that they never finished their conversation when Johnny came by where Chanel said she had something to tell her.

Paulina informs Leo that her assistant Mary has been trying to handle the books for her campaign and her business from Florida and it’s not working out, so she needs another assistant here in Salem. Leo asks if that would be him. Paulina says it would pay better plus benefits. Leo exclaims that he will take it. Paulina compares herself to the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Leo assures that he’ll work his fingers to the bone to make sure her every need is met. Abe then returns and questions what Leo is doing here. Leo points out that he was there when Abe left. Paulina announces that Leo is now her new assistant, shocking Abe.

Chad sits at the Brady Pub with the briefcase of counterfeit money and says it looks real to him. Sloan then arrives and warns Chad that for the sake of his client and his boss, she better like what she sees in the briefcase.

Stephanie successfully breaks in to Sloan’s apartment and finds Alex inside, handcuffed to the bed. Both are shocked and question what the other is doing there.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, October 24, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Cellphone rings ]

Noah: Glam club. How can we make your night unforgettable, chance?

Chance: Well, you can reserve the best table in the house tonight for date night with my beautiful wife.

Noah: Consider it done. You and abby celebrating anything special?

Chance: Just the fact that she still loves me, considering I haven’t taken her out in centuries.

Noah: [ Chuckles ] Alright, I got you. I’ll make sure it’s a night you remember. You guys deserve it.

Chance: I appreciate you. Thank you.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Well, hi.

Abby: Hi, babe. I am so happy to see you. Today has been a complete nightmare in the kitchen. I mean, patricia I cut her finger. She had to go to the E.R. Then the dishwasher broke, so I’m back there scrubbing dishes. I don’t even want to talk about the little fire that I had to put out, but at least now I know how to clean a grease trap. What’s going on? What is this? Did I miss, like, a birthday or an anniversary or something? What is it?

Chance: Surprise.

Abby: Oh.

Noah: Hey, nate. Why are you here byyourself, man? Don’t you want to be part of the action?

Nate: I’m good.

Noah: Okay, well, if you want to vent about whatever’s going on —

Nate: Thanks, but I wouldn’t subject my worst enemy to what I’m holding back right now.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

[ Sighs ]

Lily: Did you confront nate?

Devon: Yes, I did. And then I went for a drive to try and cool off afterwards, and that didn’t work. I just don’t understand for the life of me what the hell he was thinking, how he could look us in the eyes while he’s stabbing us in the back, and then throw around all these ridiculous accusations after the fact.

Lily: Like what?

Devon: He has the nerve to say that I drove him to betray us because I haven’t gotten over neil’s death.

Lily: What? I don’t even follow that logic.

Devon: Yeah. And then he said that I only want to be partners with neil, and that’s the reason why I shut down all of his ideas.

Lily: I see.

Devon: Why would I agree to do this merger with you if that were the case?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, well, it did take you a long time to come around to the idea.

Devon: It didn’t take me that long, and it’s a pretty big decision, so, yeah, I was going to take time to think about it.

Lily: Yeah, and we do keep our two areas of the company separate. I mean, we don’t have any projects together.

Devon: Okay. And you’re saying this why? You think he has a point or what?

Lily: No, no, no. Look, there is no justification to what nate did, okay? I’m not saying that you drove him to betray us.

Devon: Thank you.

Lily: But, I mean, I’m sure that you want a better relationship with your next coo, so… I don’t know, maybe it’s worth it to do some soul searching and see if there’s any truth to what he said about dad.

Devon: Okay. What I’d really like to do is change the subject, if you don’t mind, okay? We can talk about literally anything else. How about you catch me up on what’s been going on here?

Lily: Sure. Okay. Well, there have been some developments.

Tucker: Hey.

Audra: Hey.

Tucker: Sorry I’m late. Nikki newman made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and it turned out she was setting me up.

Audra: For what?

Tucker: An interview with that journalist, talia morgan.

Audra: Wait, I know that name. She’s the reporter who wrote that article on diane jenkins. Why would you agree to be grilled by her after you had her series killed?

Tucker: Uh, show the world that I’m an open book. Nothing to hide, no one to fear.

Audra: [ Chuckles ] Bottle that self-confidence, and it can be your most profitable endeavor yet. But did you find out anything from nikki or her daughter?

Tucker: No, I was not able to verify that victoria is the ceo in cahoots with nate, but even if she was, she’s backed off now that he’s given away their plan. And the same would go for anyone colluding with him. So we need a new plan of attack. If you think all pads are exactly the same…

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provided by…

Chance: I got it all planned out. I got the night off, I cleaned up, got you some flowers.

Abby: Well, these are lovely, and you look even more handsome than usual, but I am a complete nightmare.

Chance: What? You look absolutely incredible. Are you kidding me? What’s sexier than a woman who works hard?

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: You’re the boss lady. You get things done. Let me take you out. Let me show you just how much I love you.

Abby: Mm, well, if you think I look good tonight, just wait until what I look like tomorrow night.

Chance: I can’t tomorrow night. I got a stakeout. I mean, I might be able to do the night after. I’m going to have to juggle some things around.

Abby: No, no, no, we’re closed for a private party. We need all hands on deck. I have to be here to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Chance: I miss you.

Abby: I miss you, too.

[ Sighs ] You know what? Let’s do this. Let’s do this tonight.

Chance: You sure? I mean, you said —

Abby: I know what I said, but there’s a time in my life when I would’ve shut that club down, and I think it’s important that I go there for noah to support him. Family first, right? I know that we have our own family, and I am crazy about being a mom, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop being me, you know? I should still go out and have fun when I get the opportunity.

Chance: You absolutely should.

Abby: I think it’s important for our son to see his mom have a well-balanced, well-rounded life. So I’m going to go in the back and I’m going to work out some minor miracles, and then you better put out an apb.

Chance: Oh, yeah? Why’s that?

Abby: You better put genoa city on notice because the chancellors are going up tonight.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Audra: I wish I had the perfect plan “b” for you. Chancellor-winters’ ipo was our best option. That is, if convincing devon to merge his years with yours for the controlling majority wasn’t just a pipe dream.

Tucker: Doesn’t matter if devon and lily have given up on it.

Audra: If they have, your only way in is to do something to undermine the company and force them to sell it to you in a hostile-takeover scenario.

Tucker: I hate that word “hostile” ’cause I’m anything but. I just operate under a different set of beliefs.

Audra: Oh, this I’m dying to hear.

Tucker: I believe in family and that some things are sacred. And there are only two people who should be running a katherine chancellor company.

Moi and her grandson. Everyone else is superfluous. So you need to figure out a way for me to set things right.

Noah: Well, I’m happy to play bartender and listen with an objective ear, offer some sound advice. Judgment-free zone.

Nate: Thank you, but I’m sure you have other customers to attend to.

Noah: That’s true, and I’ll attend to their needs, as well, but most of those people are strangers to me, nate. You’ve literally saved the lives of a lot of people I love, so…

Nate: I was a different man back then.

Noah: I doubt that. I hate seeing you beat yourself up like this.

Nate: There are plenty of people out there who believe I deserve it.

Noah: Sounds like you’re really going through it.

Nate: We all have our challenges, right?

Noah: Well, if it helps, we can compare troubles. I’m in a little bit of a situation myself. My ex-girlfriend, she’s back in town out of the blue. Part of me’s wondering what she’s really up to. She’s definitely trouble with capital “T.” And the other part of me is wondering if people can change. I kind of feel guilty for assuming the worst about her.

Nate: Look, I see what you’re trying to do here, noah, and thank you, but there’s no comparison. I don’t want to elaborate.

Noah: Alright, I got you. I won’t push. But if you need anything, just let me know, okay?

Nate: Thank you. Right now, I would just like a quiet drink alone.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Alright, what are these new developments? Has someone else betrayed us?

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Yeah. Billy and I, we spoke to jill.

Devon: Mm, I’m sure that was fun. What did she have to say?

Lily: Oh, yeah, she was furious.

Devon: I bet she was.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: She merges her company with mine, and it takes, what, a week for nate to ruin every idea we had.

Lily: Oh, yeah, she definitely had some choice words for nate, that’s for sure. But what was surprising is that she wants to move forward with the ipo.

Devon: You’re kidding.

Lily: Only after we figure out where the other threat is coming from.

Devon: It doesn’t matter where the threat’s coming from. It opens us up to too much risk, as we just learned.

Lily: Okay, I understand your reluctance. I do. Trust me. But we don’t have the threat with nate anymore. He doesn’t have any shares to sell, so he can’t sell anything behind our backs.

Devon: Lily, it doesn’t matter what you say. You’re not going to convince me this is the right thing to do. I’m sorry. It’s just not.

Lily: Okay, look, let’s just table the ipo for now, and we’ll revisit it. I just — I want to talk about the family issue. I mean, this company was supposed to bring us together, and instead it’s torn us apart.

Devon: That’s not true. Company didn’t do anything to us. Nate did. And if you ever expect me to forgive him, you can stop ’cause it’s not going to happen. You can go ahead and exclude me from all the family holiday get-togethers if he’s going to be there, ’cause I won’t be. I’m done with him. He crossed a line that you don’t come back from. Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

Lily: Devon, I am not asking you to forgive nate.

Devon: Well, that’s good.

Lily: Because I’m just as furious as you are.

Devon: I would hope you are, because what he did was an attack on your company, too. You know that, right?

Lily: I know that.

Devon: Good.

Lily: But I hate this. I hate it. This is our family. Like, we’re supposed to be stronger than this. I mean, how do we fix things?

Devon: Everything got fixed the day that he walked out of that door. You and I, we move forward together. Who cares what happens to him?

Lily: I mean, what happened between you two today?

Devon: It doesn’t matter, really, and I don’t want to talk about it. The only thing that you need to know is nate isn’t telling us who this other ceo is.

Lily: Well, who knows? Maybe when things calm down, he’ll come clean.

Devon: Don’t hold your breath. And my money’s on tucker still.

Lily: Even though he’s continued to deny it?

Devon: Yeah, absolutely, ’cause he says his main motivation for coming back to town is knowing that he has a grandson, and he’s known that for a year, so he picks the one week we’re going public? No.

Lily: I mean, like we said, it could be a coincidence.

Devon: Well, it’s a better chance that it’s just more betrayal from someone that we’re supposed to be able to trust.

Lily: Look, devon, I know that this hurts, and I know how much it’s costing us, but if you’re going to fight back, you have to do it carefully.

Devon: Yeah, I plan to.

Lily: Okay, good. So what are you going to do next?

Chance: Whoa.

Abby: [ Gasps ]

Chance: Not bad.

Abby: Wow. This place is incredible. I love the music, the color, the vibe.

Noah: Hey, you made it.

Abby: Hi. Come here. I am so sorry that we missed your opening night.

Noah: Don’t worry about it. You’re here now, and you two are my guests of honor.

Abby: Oh, stop.

Noah: No, come on. How often do you get to go out and have some child-free fun?

Abby: I mean, chance has been so busy, it’s kind of been like we’re two ships passing in the night. But you know what? We’re here now, so it’s all good. Mwah.

Noah: Well, as a special thank you for spending your night with us, I’m going to give you two the early bird special.

Abby: No way. I am offended. Yes, we might be here opening this club up tonight, but I assure you we will also be shutting it down.

Noah: Okay, I like a challenge.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Alright, best spot in the house reserved for my two newest regulars.

Abby: Ooh.

Noah: First round’s on me.

Chance: Hey, thanks, man.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Nate’s sitting all alone. Should we go say hi to him?

Noah: I wouldn’t recommend that. He’s not having the best day, apparently.

Chance: We’ll check on him later.

Abby: Okay, well, how’s allie? Where is she? I thought she’d be a regular at your club.

Noah: She was here earlier when she was on break from the lab but had to take off. But, you know, she’s good.

Abby: Is she really? ‘Cause I can sense something in your tone.

Chance: Oh, hey, detective abby, what are you doing? I thought we left the badges at home.

Abby: Okay, yes, I did, but I am still a nosy aunt. So how is allie really?

Noah: Couldn’t be better. Look, I should probably get to my other customers, but I’ll have a server bring over a signature cocktail, and you guys should go check out the multimedia art installation next door.

Chance: Alright. Thanks, man.

Abby: Nice. Okay, did you notice how noah tensed up when I mentioned allie? Do you think there’s something going on with them?

Chance: You know what? I didn’t even notice. You’ll have to forgive me. I’m out with my beautiful wife, and I just couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful face.

Abby: Mm.

Chance: Just keep asking myself, how did I get so lucky?

Noah: Three days ago, you said you were excited about going with me to this opening. All of a sudden you’re refusing?

Audra: Yes, because the gallery owner is a money-grabbing troll. Look, I have no respect for her.

Noah: You were just trying to get your own show there. What did you have this great epiphany?

Audra: Since I found out what she’s really looking for.

Noah: What is that? What is that? Some kind of dig at my work?

Audra: [ Chuckles ] Come on. Look, we both know the only reason you got this is because the owner wants to sleep with you.

Noah: Why? Why do you do this? What the hell is wrong with you, audra?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Audra: Anyone important?

Tucker: Very. Hey, what’s the latest?

Devon: Hey, I was just wondering if you had time to grab a drink tonight.

Tucker: Of course. Where?

Devon: How about we do the glam club?

Tucker: Perfect. See you there.

Devon: Alright, I’ll see you in a bit. Well, it’s all set.

Lily: Good.

Devon: Let’s see what kind of information I can finesse out of him. If you’re on medicare, remember,

Abby: This was a spectacular idea. I mean, when was the last time that the chancellors were out after dark without dominic, having some fun?

Chance: It was about time the earth was cooling [Chuckles] And I’m sorry about that.

Abby: We’ve both been busy. I get it.

Chance: And, hey, I know things were bumpy there for a minute, but we rallied just like I knew we would. We got right back on track.

Abby: Better than ever. I think this calls for a toast.

Chance: Oh, yeah?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Chance: What are we drinking to?

Abby: To the lucky few who have found their perfect spouse. I love you.

Chance: I love you 10 times more.

Abby: Mm. Cheers.

Chance: Cheers

Abby: Really? He has to show up here tonight of all nights?

Chance: Just ignore him, alright?

Abby: If he showed up in town trying to stir things up with my mom —

Chance: Look, whatever happens with ashley, that’s her call, alright? And she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

Abby: Well, there’s someone else who’s even more important that can’t protect themselves that I’m worried about. That’s our son, dominic. At some point, tucker is going to want to meet him, and I do not want him anywhere near our family.

Chance: Hey, don’t do this to yourself, not tonight.

Abby: I know that you think I’m being some crazy, overprotective mom, but, I mean, yes, devon wants to have a relationship with his father, but even he doesn’t trust him as far as he can throw him.

Chance: Well, did devon say that tucker was going to be a danger to dom?

Abby: Devon said he thinks he has some sort of hidden agenda.

Chance: Well, maybe he’s had a change of heart.

Abby: Why would you say that?

Chance: Mm.

Tucker: Hey, good to see you, son.

Devon: Yeah, man, i appreciate you doing this.

Tucker: Anything for you.

Devon: Well.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: I wanted to make the most of this position I had been given, to be a full participant, for at least some of my ideas to be implemented. But it became clear that as long as devon could pull rank, that was never going to happen. So when a different opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it, took the initiative, set things in motion that would allow my voice to be heard and respected. Because I knew it was the only way I’d ever have a chance to prove myself.

Lily: But it wasn’t the only way, nate. It was a choice.

Nate: Yeah. So, uh…I guess that’s it.

Lily: Get out.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Lily: [ Sighs ] Audra. Hi.

Audra: Mind if I join you?

Lily: No, please. I would love the company. But if you’re looking for an answer on whether we go public or not, I think you will be disappointed.

Audra: It pays to be prudent in situations like this. There’s a lot to consider. But if there’s anything I can do to help tip the scale, I’d be happy to lend an ear or make suggestions.

Lily: Yeah. I don’t know. I think I’m too blindsided to look at anything from a business standpoint right now.

Audra: I understand. This is a very complicated family issue for you. Every emotion that you’re feeling right now is absolutely valid.

Lily: Yeah. Well, I mean, it’s not just me. You know, devon and billy are just as furious. It’s like, we trusted nate, you know, and he let us down in the worst possible way. And, honestly, I feel like I can’t even talk to devon about it because I feel so guilty.

Audra: Why?

Lily: Because it’s my fault. You know? I proposed the merger. I encouraged nate to take the job. I convinced devon that we should go public. I mean, I thought we were protected from a hostile takeover, but who knew that it would come from our own inner circle?

Audra: I mean, no one ever does. You know, I’ve seen more backstabbing and betrayal in the corporate world than you can imagine.

[ Sighs ] It’s never pretty. I mean, from a stranger, you might expect it.

Lily: Yeah, but when it’s family…

Audra: It’s downright brutal.

Lily: You know what? Changed my mind. Why don’t you tell me whatever advice that you have?

Audra: Trust no one.

Tucker: Is there a problem? Is it the venue? Is it me?

[ Both chuckle ] Seem a little upset.

Devon: No, not at all. It’s not you. I actually specifically chose this place ’cause I thought I’d be able to avoid running into him.

Tucker: Oh, nate?

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Thought you two were tight.

Devon: Things changed.

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Devon: Don’t leave on my account. Please.

Nate: What I said about you and neil was the truth. One day, I hope you finally accept it.

Devon: Why don’t you leave neil’s name out of your mouth, since he’d be disgusted with you if he were alive?

Nate: Keep telling yourself that, but we both know the truth. Neil would want new blood, new ideas.

Devon: You don’t know a damn thing about what he would want for his company.

Abby: I think I should go over there. Maybe I can help.

Chance: No, honey, they are fine. They’re family. It’s an argument. Let them hash it out.

Abby: A couple of months ago, devon told me that he and nate were having some work-related issues. I thought they had resolved them, but clearly not. They’ve come to blows before.

Nate: You were the one who brought neil into this…

Chance: Alright, let me handle this.

Abby: No, no, no. I know them both really well.

Chance: Trust me, I’ll calm things down.

Nate: That’s what I think.

Devon: And this is coming from the guy who’s never ran a business a day in his life, right?

Nate: Wow. I know how to treat people with respect at least.

Devon: Respect?

Chance: Can I offer an opinion here?

Devon: If you had any bit of self-awareness, you’d actually be ashamed of what you did, but you’re not.

Nate: Me? Ashamed of what I did?

Devon: You have the nerve to stand here in front of me and point fingers like you’re the victim when you’re the one that crossed the line with your family.

Chance: Gentlemen. That’s enough. I don’t know what’s going on here, but this is not the place.

Devon: I agree. And you’re not worth any more of my time.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, you’re not worth my time, either.

Devon: Sorry about that.

Noah: Hey. Is there a problem?

Devon: No, man. Everything’s great. Couldn’t be better.

Lily: I mean, there have been occasions where I’ve made the mistake of trusting the wrong person, but I refuse to believe that I should be skeptical of everyone, you know? Like devon, for instance. I trust him completely. I would do anything for him, and I know he would do the same for me.

Audra: I admire that, truly, but I got a reminder today about putting too much faith in someone. There was a man in my life who I thought would never betray me, but then he disappeared from my life, moved on without even dealing with our unresolved feelings. I mean, of course he sees things differently and blames everything on me. I’m oversharing. Sorry.

Lily: No, no, no, please. It’s fine.

Audra: What I’m saying is, i sincerely hope devon won’t ever turn on you.

Lily: Why do you say that?

Audra: When money and power are involved, people’s true selves emerge. Their masks come off, and it’s not always pretty.

Lily: Well, I don’t know. I like to think that people can surprise us in good ways, too. That’s something that my father taught us and lived by. God, I wish you were here to help me fix this mess. He would know exactly what to do.

Audra: I’ve heard of neil winters. He was very well-respected.

Lily: Well, whatever you heard does not do him justice. I’m really sorry. I have to go.

Audra: One last piece of advice, if I may.

Lily: Yeah, sure.

Audra: I know you must be feeling a little traumatized right now, but in all the ipos I’ve worked on, very few companies have regretted taking that big step. Should the transgressions of one person with an ax to grind rob you of that glory?

Chance: [ Sighs ] Potential fight averted.

Abby: What the hell happened?

Chance: I don’t know. I think you were right, though. It did sound like it was work-related. But, hey, nate left, devon said he’s all good, so there shouldn’t be any more problems.

Abby: Well, you know whose fault this is, right? It’s tucker’S. That man is toxic. He poisons everything he comes in contact with.

Chance: I don’t know, honey. It kind of sounded like he was on the periphery of whatever this was, and his name didn’t even get brought up.

Abby: Well, he certainly didn’t do anything to cool it off.

Chance: I got an idea. How about we quit worrying about everybody else, and we get back to enjoying our night? Huh?

Nate: Last man you wanted to see, right? In fact, as far as you’re concerned, I’m probably public enemy number one. Tattoo studio gel pencil liner from maybelline new york.

Tucker: Hey, I don’t want to pry into what’s going on with you and nate, but, judging by your reaction, I’m guessing nate is the chancellor-winters insider who’s been sharing information with some predatory ceo?

Devon: That’s personal company information, tucker, and I’d really rather not talk about nate, if you don’t mind.

Tucker: Roger that.

Devon: Thank you.

Tucker: Hey, I’m happy you called. It’s good to see you. I felt like last time we got together, it kind of got off track.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. No, that’s — that’s really ’cause of me, and I apologize for coming at you so aggressively. I’m sure you can understand how it looked from my perspective to have you randomly show up in town the same week and find out there’s a mole in the company.

Tucker: Yeah.

Devon: So I think if I wasn’t suspicious, I’d be a fool, right?

Tucker: Right, right. I guess if I were in your shoes, I’d be pointing fingers at me, too. I’m just sorry that — although I’m not surprised, that anytime anyone hears my name in this town, they instantly conclude the worst.

Devon: Well, give me a break.

Tucker: No, it’s a nuisance, man. There’s nothing but rumors and innuendo. Nobody trusts me.

Devon: I mean, yeah. I think you kind of relish in that, though, ’cause it adds to your whole mystique.

Tucker: My mystique.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Is that how you see me? Really?

Devon: I mean, I think that’s just how you are. You know, no one expects you to ever be the good guy, so you have to play by any rules. Sounds freeing, if you ask me.

Tucker: Yeah, I suppose being a ne’er-do-well has its advantages, but I’m very pleased that the apple has fallen far from the tree.

Devon: Is that right? Why do you say that?

Tucker: Well, because two guys exactly like me, that wouldn’t work. But the two of us balances everything out.

Devon: Yeah, I can — I can agree with that. I’ve actually been thinking that you and I should spend some more time together.

Tucker: Really?

Devon: Yeah. I know you’re a busy man, of course, but I have dominic this weekend and was wondering if you’d like to find some time to come and meet him.

Tucker: You kidding? Meeting my grandson means everything to me.

Devon: To me, too.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: You know what I want to do?

Abby: What’s that?

Chance: I want to kiss you on that dance floor over there. You know what? I’ll kiss you in the art gallery. Doesn’t matter to me. What do you say?

Abby: Mm. I would love that.

Chance: That wasn’t a yes/no question.

Abby: Okay, so you assume that because I’m eavesdropping on tucker and devon’s conversation that I didn’t hear what my very handsome husband was saying?

Adam: Eh, something like that.

Abby: Let me clarify. I would like to kiss you on the dance floor and in the art gallery.

Chance: Ooh, with pleasure.

Abby: Mm.

Chance: I say we start in the art gallery. We can “ooh” and “ahh” at all the artwork.

Abby: Nice picture you’re painting, mr. Chancellor. I think I am the one who’s with the artist tonight.

Chance: Ooh.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Abby: Work?

Chance: It can wait.

Abby: Are you sure? ‘Cause, I mean, what if there’s some sort of crime spree in genoa city, and you are the only person who can stop it, but you and i are in the art gallery making out?

Chance: Ouf. I’m not going to lie. That does sound like something right out of an action movie. Alright, you convinced me. I’ll see what it is. Not urgent. You have my word. Genoa city will be safe for a few more hours. Now, before we head into this art gallery, I say we take a peek at this menu, see what other masterpieces they can whip up back there, because that last drink was actually pretty good.

Abby: That is a wonderful idea.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Alright, so when do you think would be a good time to come and meet your grandson?

Tucker: Oh, you just tell me when you’re free. I’ll clear up my schedule. It’s not every day a man gets to meet his first grandson.

Devon: His first. No pressure. Hey, listen, no pressure at all to talk to me about what’s going on with nate. But I want you to know I’m a pretty decent sounding board. Alright? So it’s an open offer. You just let me know. I’m here. Whatever you need.

Devon: I appreciate that. And… you were right that nate is the one that sold us out. He lied to all of our faces and was ready to sit back and watch us lose everything that we built. You know, I just — I don’t, for the life of me, understand how someone who calls himself family could do something that malicious and that unforgivable.

Audra: If you’re worried about running into your potential enemies, you just missed lily.

Nate: Last thing I want is another run-in with top brass at chancellor-winters. I almost got into a fistfight with the devon tonight. And, frankly, I wouldn’t be shocked if you wanted to take a swing at me, too.

Audra: Why would I do something like that?

Nate: I’m the guy who potentially torpedoed your well-crafted plans for chancellor-winters.

Audra: True. I did have to put in some overtime figuring out what might come next, but trust me, I don’t consider you an enemy.

Nate: Why not?

Audra: Well, I’ve been in this cutthroat business world for a while now. I mean, I’ve seen it all, and there’s not much I take personally. In fact, I appreciate your creativity. This is gloria.

Audra: What’s with the look?

Nate: I feel like I should remind you of which side you’re supposed to be on.

Audra: Make no mistake. Look, I know very well who pays my bills. I’m not condoning what you did, but I appreciate a man who sings for the fences. You can’t win big unless you take chances.

Nate: Hmm. I see. You like to live dangerously.

Audra: Life is short, so you should grab every single morsel of excitement out of it. I want to know your story.

Nate: Why?

Audra: I’m curious to know why you did what you did.

Nate: Why would i share that information with you?

Audra: Because you look like you need someone to talk to. And I like an exciting story. Something tells me this one’s going to be a doozy. Pull up a chair. I want the inside scoop.

Nate: I guess I have a few things to get off my chest.

Audra: Mm.

Nate: But I know better than to think that anything I say here is going to stay between the two of us.

Audra: You’re underestimating my ability to keep a secret.

Nate: Mm. I will say this much. Maybe I made the mistake of putting business before family, but devon was so focused on family that it got in the way of the business.

Audra: Oh. In what way?

Nate: You know what? It’s a chancellor-winters issue. You should ask the man yourself. Although, he lacks the self-awareness to give you an honest answer.

Audra: That’s why I’m asking you.

Nate: Forget about it. I’m in this mess because I shared too much information with outsiders. I’m trying to learn from my mistakes.

Audra: [ Sighs ]

Tucker: I might not be the best guy to talk to about family loyalty given my business history with katherine. But I have changed since then, so you know.

Devon: Yeah, let’s hope so. No, it’s just the fact that the winters half of the company is what I created with neil, and it’s a piece of him that he left behind. And it means a whole lot to the family. And you would just think that it’d meant a little more to nate. That’s all.

Tucker: That’s interesting you should say that. Does that tie into what nate was saying regarding neil?

Devon: Why would you bring that up?

Tucker: Well, first of all, i don’t want it to be difficult for you to talk to me about neil. I know what he meant to you. He was dad, right?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah.

Tucker: Yeah. Also, I’m really — I’m really sorry that I wasn’t there for you when you lost him.

Devon: You really don’t need to apologize for anything. It’s completely fine. But, yeah, I mean, neil was everything to me. And, you know, when you share so many good memories with someone on top of a lot of dreams that didn’t have time to come true, how can it might affect you?

Tucker: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, it’s been difficult for you.

Devon: Sure, yeah. But not to the point where it’s held me back from anything. Nate said some nonsense about me not being able to move on from his death and how my connection to him is going to be the company’s downfall, ’cause, according to him, I’m convinced that no one could ever measure up to the legacy neil left behind.

Tucker: Well, is that true? I mean, is that why all this is affecting you so profoundly? Is he right? ‘Cause if he is, I think that you need to think long and hard about it and figure out a way to deal with your issues before they take down chancellor-winters.

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GH Transcript Monday, October 24, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

GH logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


[ Dramatic music plays ]

The drone was hovering over the lake. I can zoom in.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Romantic music plays ] Hey. Hi. Hey. Nice to see you. Um… I know we’re here for sasha, but have you heard anything about lucy? Did they find her? Is she okay? Uh… I wish I had good news, but t-there’s no word yet. Oh, my god. The longer she goes missing the worse it gets. I know that it looks bad, but you cannot bet against lucy coe.

[ Sighs ] Come on. We really don’t have to discuss this now. I know you’re focused on lucy, as you should be. Are you kidding? I’m doing this for lucy. She’d skin me alive if she knew I was neglecting a client. Especially when that client’s you. Are were in the right place? Nina: Hi. Thank you for coming, nina. You said the judge made a decision about my guardianship. Tell me. Felicia, listen, I-I’m going nutty. Now imagine serena’s state of mind. I-I can only imagine. Well, y-y-you gotta give me something to take back to her. Yeah, I-I-I-I’ve been texting mac constantly for updates, and there’s just no news except for what we already know. Two shots fired, and no sign of lucy anywhere.

[ Sighs ] I — I just can’t believe this is happening. I know, I know. Wait a minute. I’m gonna hire my own divers. I’m gonna send them into that harbor and let them look. Mac and jordan are doing everything they can. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know about that. I’m telling you, I feel in my gut that lucy’s alive. I-I can’t really explain it, but I-I just — I-I really do. And, you know, felicia, there’s always miracles. A-and I pray that you’re right. I’m fine, robert. What were you saying about miracles? I have a job to do. So if you don’t mind. In fact, I do mind. Victor cassadine has a team of lawyers who are salivating at the chance to sue for unlawful arrest. Well, that’s gonna be pretty difficult, considering I didn’t arrest him. But he is considered a suspect in lucy coe’s disappearance. I didn’t see victor in that drone footage. Did you? Well, why don’t we give your boss a call, see if he agrees with me? Do not involve D.A. Scorpio. Well, this is his case, not yours. With all the evidence against anna, his ex-wife and the mother of his child, robert will have no choice but to recuse himself. We are in the very preliminary stages of the investigation. It is way too soon to be talking recusal. And just to be clear, the evidence we have at this point is all circumstantial. Oh. We’ll see. Well, that kiss felt different. It did. Yeah, but, like, in the best possible way.

[ Laughs ] Okay, so what now? Like, right now, or you mean, like, in big picture? Well, I — well, both. But I — mostly right now. Yeah. Well, right now. We, um… we gotta head back to port charles.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I knew you’d say that. Mm. Then why’d you ask? I don’t know. On the off chance that you wouldn’T. You don’t want to go home? Yeah, I want to go home. I miss my kids like crazy. I just, um — I’m just reluctant to go. And why is that? ‘Cause I found something in jacksonville that I don’t want to leave. What? You.

Dante: Anna. Oh. Hi. You’re still here? Yeah. Just leaving. And, uh, jordan cut victor loose? Oh, yeah. She had no choice. You know, he’s all lawyered up, convinced he’s got away with murder. Hm. Yeah. You know, you’re putting a whole lot of stock into what could be considered falsified evidence. And you’re giving your friend anna a whole lot of special treatment. I’m using the discretion of my office. An office anna devane held for how many years? She’s been with the pcpd off and on since the ’80s. You were her hire, weren’t you? Originally. Maybe your discretion isn’t so professional after all. How many people in this department, from the old timers to officers who’ve got five years in, feel a loyalty to anna devane? How many of them would be willing to… give her the benefit of the doubt? Or turn a blind eye? Or actively steer the investigation to another direction? There’s a case here. I intend to prosecute it.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Robert, it’s j jordan. Give me a call when you can. It’s important. What’s got the ada all fired up now? First things first. Any news from harbor patrol? I was on a police boat all night and most of today.

[ Sighs ] The divers came up empty. No sign of lucy? I was hoping you had better news. We have a suspect. But you’re not gonna like who it is. We’ll find whoever shot lucy. It’s just a matter of time. I need to share something with you. Oh, yeah, that — that woman who washed up at the quartermaines’. Not lucy. Yeah. Uh, jordan told me. Right, but do you know who it was? No.

[ Scoffs ] You’re never gonna believe this. Holly sutton. I do not believe what I see right now. Oh, did we just die and go to heaven? I don’t think they’d let you through those gates. Holly! Hey. Hey. I — careful. We just fished her out of the lake. You got a hug for me? Always. Okay.

[ Giggles ] Um, I want to take her home for a rest. I don’t need to rest. I need faces. People. Especially the people I’ve missed so much. Not as much as we have missed you. But where have you been? And how did you end up in a lake? Well, he re memory’s a littlefragile at the moment. A kind way of saying that it’s all fog. I don’t remember much about the last two years. So, wait. Hang on a second. Poof! Then you just back in port charles with no clue? That’s the gist of it. Yeah. Well, don’t worry. Now that you’re home, I’m sure everything will come back to you. Now, you can contest the decision, as is your right. But you should know that that could take months. The decision being? The judge ruled that brando’s death makes it even more imperative that you remain under the guidance of a guardian. I can’t imagine it being anyone except brando. Neither can I. Who did the judge choose? Well, that’s the thing. I’m sorry, sasha. Seeing as how you don’t have any other living relatives, it’s gonna have to be a court-appointed guardian. You mean a stranger? I’m afraid so. When I left jacksonville in my 20s, I thought I was going after everything i wanted, you know? A better, different life. And in retrospect, I mean, I wasn’t really running towards anything. I was just trying to escape all my mistakes here. The funny thing is, though, is that you — you actually ended up with a lot of what you wanted. I did. I really did. I mean, I-I figured out who I was at my core, and that’s really huge. But I never realized I was running away. And now I’m able to admit that. So you’re afraid that if you leave now, then — then — then what? You’ll somehow lose that clarity? I’m afraid that, um, if we leave, it’s gonna change us… how we are together, the ease between us. I can talk to you about everything or nothing. I love being with you, and I’m afraid to lose that.

Now, are you saying sasha’s life or day-to-day decisions are gonna be left in the hands of a stranger? That’s correct. That’s not happening. But if that’s the law, then… well, human beings make the law. We can fight it. Right. And we’re gonna win. Because if she needs a guardian, I’m in. And so am I. We will help her in any way possible. Wait. Wait. And no disrespect intended, but [Chuckles] The court is never gonna sign off on somebody with a criminal record. Well, there has to besomething that we can do. Someone else who can step in. There is. You’re looking at her. Mac: Where is it anna now? She believes she was framed. Of course she was framed! So she went looking for evidence to prove it. Obviously. Look, I get that anna wants to clear her name, but I’m a little surprised you let her walk. In a good way, you’re usually all about playing it by the book. I still am. That so-called incriminating video may have convinced the ada, but to me, it screams setup. And whether or not anna has it in her to kill lucy, I don’t, for one second, believe that she would do it in such a stupid and obvious way. There’s something else going on here, mac. You’re not gonna get an argument out of me. And in the rush to declare lucy dead and charge anna with her murder, people seem to be overlooking one thing. Lucy’s been missing less than 48 hours, and we don’t even have a body. Why didn’t you tell me lucy is missing? Oh, don’t blame robert. He was probably too busy pinching himself, making sure he wasn’t dreaming. Can you believe this?

[ Chuckles ] It is still sinking in. I’m so sorry. Do you have any idea what happened? I mean, we’ve all wanted to tear lucy’s hair out at some point, I certainly have, but wanting to kill her? I mean, who would go to those lengths? Why don’t we ask him? What? Holly is alive? Yeah. Saw her in the flesh. Oh, my god, that’s incredible. I have to call robert. Robert already knows. Oh, yeah. That’s why I couldn’t reach him, probably. Yeah, probably. I mean, he was one of the first on the scene when the quartermaines found holly in the boathouse. He must be so happy. It was a pretty wild reunion, I’ll say that. And she’s all right? And where has she been all this time? She didn’t contact us. Why didn’t she contact us? We don’t know. I mean, her mind seems kind of fuzzy on the details, but they checked her into the hospital, and everything seems fine. Holly alive and well. Mm. Maybe that’s a sign. Of what? That if holly can be found… maybe so can lucy? Um, I can’t wait to see her myself. Ada arden: Detective falconeri, kindly inform ms. Devane that she’s not going anywhere. Looking back on life, it’s — it’s a trip, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Sometimes fun and sometimes not so much. Mm. I mean, I had the same or similar experience as you when I joined the navy right out of high school. Because at the time — at the time I thought I was looking for a purpose. Or a career? Right. But now I realize I was — I was just looking for a home. And I found that. I definitely found that. I mean, those guys are my brothers in every sense of the word, and… and it did fill the void for a little while. But the void’s still there. Yeah. I mean, after everything that happened, after thinking that I was jason, it just became so clear to me. My whole life… I was just looking for who I was. For — for were to belong. For… for someone to belong to. Don’t you think you found that in port charles with the quartermaines? Yeah. But where i really feel it… is with you.

I don’t want you to think that I’m looking to you to be the answer to all my problems. Like we’re just gonna slide into bliss and live happily ever after or something. Well, that’s good, because happily ever after doesn’t exist. And it certainly doesn’t exist with me. I mean, you know me. I do. Inevitably, I’m gonna get fired up about something and I’m gonna go tearing off to god knows where, doing god knows what. I know. I know. And I’m okay with that. Really? Really. Do you remember the conversation we had in your kitchen after the quartermaine picnic? Of course I do. You said you were scared to see the end before it even begun. After our time here… do you still feel that way? No. What we have feels solid. In a way it didn’t before. Well, I guess jacksonville not only changed me, but it changed us. Now, doesn’t that tell us all we need to know? Sorry I’m late. Got stuck in traffic. Martin was just filling us in on the judge’s decision. I figured as much. Court-appointed guardian? Yeah, and as you can imagine, sasha’s not too happy about it. And you two are out ’cause of you’re… history. That leaves me. You’re serious about being sasha’s guardian? You’re the one who told me it was time to step up and be here for my family. Yes, I did. So, somebody’s gotta do what brando would have wanted. Why not me? Jordan: Well? It looks like anna with a gun. But there has to be another explanation. Either this video was doctored or… something. This I know — no way in hell did anna lure lucy to the docs then shooter her in cold blood. Which means someone else did and set anna up to take the fall. In other words, lucy may be the victim, but it’s anna who’s the real target. Exactly. And you know who’s after her, don’t you? My, uh, apologies for the interruption, but, uh, D.A. Scorpio, do you, by any chance, have an update on lucy? Okay, cassadine! Why don’t you tell us? You’re the one who’s been spending all the time with her. Well, if only I could. T-there is nothing I wouldn’t do to find her. So if anyone has an idea as to how I can help, please, please let me know.

[ Grumbles ] You’re my first call. Cassadine? Victor. The rottenest apple in the whole barrel. And that’s saying something. Yeah, it is. He seemed sincere about wanting to find lucy. Why were you so hostile to him? Because we think victor’s behind lucy’s disappearance. Really? That suit doesn’t scream “cold-blooded killer” to me. Well, looks can be deceiving. In fact… don’t give her that look. What look? The look, as if I wouldn’t catch it. In fact what? What has that man done? What is going on? Ada arden: A warrant to search ms. Devane’s car, and another has already been issued for her home. Officers are on their way as we speak. That’s really very efficient. Well, what can I say? When a system works, it works. Yeah, but I know that commissioner ashford wouldn’t sign off on this. Fortunately, the commissioner isn’t judge and jury. That’s funny. I was gonna say the same thing about you. I admire your loyalty, detective, but in this case, it’s misplaced. Your former boss, here, is the prime suspect in the disappearance of lucy coe.

[ Scoffs ] Wait. What? Come on, that is insane. Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s take a look inside your car and find out.

You know… you were right about everything. Not only is what we have worth pursuing, I want it. But I want it because it’s something I choose. Not because it’s something I’m hiding in. Does it — does it feel like you’re hiding? It feels like you’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a really long time. And if we do this, I don’t want to mess it up by doing something stupid or making a dumb mistake. You won’T. Make a mistake? Oh, no, you’ll definitely do that. We both will. But you’re not gonna lose me over it. How do you know? I just do. When I said you needed to step up your game, I didn’t mean that you should take on this kind of responsibility. I want the responsibility. I want to be here for sasha, since brando can’t be, and helped her through this awful time. Keep it in the family? That’s good, right? It’s very good. I’m not brando. No one is or could be. But I promise to give it my best shot. I know you will. The last thing I want is a stranger telling me what I can and can’t do. So is this a possibility? For gladys to be my guardian, even though she’s technically not family? It’s not the worst idea in the world. In terms of succession rights, the state of new york doesn’t distinguish between a mother and a mother-in-law. Judge might be persuaded to think in the same terms when it comes to a guardianship, provided, of course, ms. Corbin is deemed a suitable option. Worth a shot. You say yea, I’ll inquire. What’s the worst thing that can happen, huh? They say no. So…it’s decided. Unless you think I’m not up for the job. Anna is convinced that victor set her up to cover his own tracks. It’s a win-win, right? He gets rid of anna and lucy in one shot. Well, back up. I thought victor liked lucy. And vice versa. Felicia told me they were both all over each other while martin grey was out of town. They were. But according to anna, it was all an act on lucy’s part. Lucy was actually working for her. For anna. Trying to get an angle on victor to connect him to luke’s murder. Problem is, lucy went a little rogue. Sounds about right. And anna tried to call her off, but — but lucy being lucy, she didn’t listen. So anna thinks victor found out and turned the tables? Victor denies it, of course. And if that drone footage can’t be disproved… victor gets away with murder… again. Warrants have been issued already, huh? Well, that’s impressive. Remind me to make a sizable contribution to ada arden’s campaign should she ever decide to run for higher office. I think that’s enough excitement for one day. I’m gonna take you home, put you to bed. Oh, really? While I sleep on the couch. I think that’s quite possibly the worst example of deflection that I’ve ever seen attempted. What is so terrible about victor cassadine? Well, holly… where should I begin? You know, she’s not gonna stop asking you. Like a dog with a bone. Like a dog with a bone. Yeah, but a really elegant, sweet, lovable dog. Nice try. Luke is gone. Gone? As in? Yeah. Yes. Gone. No. We have reason to believe that victor is responsible. We thought it was an accident — ah! Felicia. Accident, my foot. We all know it was premeditated murder. I can’t believe it. Luke, of all people. How can that kind of energy just cease to exist? Let’s go home and talk about it there. I’m not going anywhere just yet. What’s this? You just can’t go around harassing law-abiding citizens. I don’t care how high-profile the case. You may want to rephrase the “law-abiding” part when you see what we found in the trunk of ms. Devane’s car. Which she showed us voluntarily. She popped the trunk herself. Also in here are the clothes the perpetrator was wearing when they shot lucy coe. How do you know what the perp was wearing? There’s footage. And as you’ll see, the shooter bears an uncanny resemblance to ms. Devane. Footage that hasn’t been verified. We don’t know if anything on there is real. Hey, I gotta go take care of something. We know a woman is missing after two shots were fired… listen to me right now. We gotta play by the rules, okay? The system is working against you. But the advantage we have is we know someone is setting you up. We’re gonna fix this. Trust in that. I’ll be back.

You’re not gonna lose me. Because… I — I understand the true meaning of that word — loss. The weight that comes with it. I was — I was lost for over two years. It’s not like a — it’s not like a fight or — or — or a breakup or — or differences that you can’t work your way through. When you lose something, it’s gone. And if, by some miracle, you get it back, it — it’s never the same. I mean, the time that you don’t have together… that you couldn’t reach out and just hold somebody that you love. You don’t get that back. But… loss does teach you the difference between what you simply like, what you value… and what is truly, truly irreplaceable.

You are irreplaceable. Carly, there’s nobody like you. And no one is to me what you are. That’s just a fact. I think you’d make a great guardian. But since you’re throwing my words back at me, remember I told you? We’re all in this together. And I hope that includes me. I know that we’re not technically family, either, but there’s a part of me that will always think of you as the daughter I never knew. I’m honored. Even though I don’t deserve it. Hey, if life was about deserving, people in this room would sure be in trouble.

[ Laughs ] Would we ever. I love you. I will always be here for you. Always. I love you, too. Well, you let me know as soon as possible. Thank you. Nina: Hey. Lucy? Huh? Oh, no. Nothing yet. Hey, you know what they say — no news… but right now, I gotta be honest — it feels pretty lousy. We’re all pulling for her. You don’t have to say anything without a lawyer present. Oh, she seems to have the silent thing down pat. Jordan: Silence isn’t an admission of guilt. Or didn’t they teach the fifth amendment when you went to law school? What I was taught was to follow the evidence. That’s all I’m doing, commissioner — my job. We don’t know how that gun and those clothes ended up in your car. Someone planted them. It had to be victor. Dante: Robert. Have you heard from anna? You know, my phone hasn’t made a peep all day. Felicia: Is this about lucy? Lucy still hasn’t turned up. The ada is convinced that she’s got her shooter.

[ Groans ] Of course she does. Come on, robert, I mean, she works for you, but she’s always jumping to conclusions. Who does she suspect? Anna. You’re falling for it, just like he knew you would. You see that, don’t you? You know what needs to happen. Officer williams

[Sighs] Take the evidence to forensics to get analyzed. Now it’s your turn. You have more than enough to arrest her, and you know it. Do your duty, chief scorpio. Or I’ll find someone who will. Arden’s investigating anna? Yeah. For shooting lucy? That’s ridiculous. It’s a setup. I agree. Yeah, I-I’d bet the farm on who’s behind it. Excuse me. W-w-wait. Where you go– oh, damn it. Hello. Hello. Uh, I’m sorry. I, uh — I don’t believe we’ve met. Consider this our introduction, then.

I love this. Me, too. You know, the ocean is so incredible. It’s amazing how it can make you feel so small in the face of such vast beauty. And you’d think it would make you feel the opposite. But it’s empowering somehow. I am familiar with that feeling. No, it’s true. Such a big part of this past year has been sweeping away all the stuff that doesn’t matter, just, like, letting go of everything that happened to me. It was a nightmare. But…I survived. It’s over. And it’s shaped me into who I am. Just like this experience. This experience shaped you. 100%. And it’s not like we’re gonna lose sight of us. Because who we become is — is who we are. This is us. I think I’m gonna like us. A lot. I already do. No time like the present. I will officially petition to have ms. Corbin appointed as your guardian. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Martin, I can’t imagine how distracted you are, and yet you’re here getting things done. Yeah, well, with a little bit of luck, at least will have one happy ending. Don’t lose hope. No. To better days, little one. Better days. All right, you’ll hear from me as soon as I hear from the judge. Sir. Ms. Reeves, ms. Corbin.

[ Sighs ] You ready to go home, sasha? Oh, thanks.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hey. You got this. Thank you for everything. I’m really impressed with sasha. I mean, with everything she has to go through with this guardianship stuff, she still has empathy for martin. Well, you know, it — it just gives me hope that she’s gonna get through this. She’s gonna get through this. You know why? Hm? She has us. Damn straight. Yeah. That was for luke spencer. The next one will be for lucy coe and anna devane. I-I [Chuckles] I think you’ve made your point. Let’s go. There’s a lot more where that came from. Yeah. You know, I’m tempted to press charges. Press charges? Uh, for what? I didn’t see anything.

[ Sighs ] I was checking my e-mail. You know, I would throw this drink in your face, but I don’t want to waste good vodka.

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause, um, your day is coming. Oh, is that so? Yeah. Ticktock.

[ Cellphone rings ] Give me some good news. Ah! Mm. Yes. I thought our little surprise package would pay dividends. And what about casa devane? Oh, the search is under way. Good. You know, I almost feel sorry for anna. I’ll be such a shame if they find something in her own home, of all places, that could put her away for the rest of her life. Must be nice to be you. Defenders and special treatment wherever you go. A crime was committed. It’s my job to take the case and prosecute it. End of story. Do you not recognize a frame job when you see one? Or are you just another name on victor cassadine’s payroll? I could have your badge for that. Okay. Mac, come on. Don’t fall on your sword for me. I’m not arresting you. Then I’ll have no choice but to report you to internal affairs. Jordan, just do it. Come on, please. We’ll figure it out later. Come on. Anna devane [Sighs] You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as I’ve read them to you? I do.

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Days Transcript Monday, October 24, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Honey, I’m, I’m fine. Actually, I’m doing better every single day. Yeah. I miss you too. Hey, John just walked in. Okay. I will. I’ll tell him. Yeah, and I will call you as soon as I get home. Love you too, sweetie. Bye. And that was semi. Hmm. Well, you’ll be talking to her real son. Oh, and why is that? Well, because you said you would call her when you got home and I just ran into Dr.

Patel in the hallway and he said they’re springing you outta here in an hour. Oh my gosh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t start quit. No, no. You start, I starting and get all this falls apart. I need to call be and you need to call Brady. He’s been very conservative. What’s the matter, uh, about Brady? What about him?

Ran into him when I was back at the house and, um, he just broke up with Chloe.

Have you completely lost your mind? There’s no way in hell that Brady would ever let you move in here. Well, I understand your reaction. I mean, I could hardly believe it myself, Brady, this, this, this can’t be true. Right. Please tell me that she’s making it up and then throw. The hell out of here.

Chloe. Stephan, listen, I heard about you and Brady. I came to check on you.

Chloe. Ah, come on,


I hope you’re not giving up on her that easily.

Kars nice this time of year. He says you love it. He says

What changes? Scenery can be good for his mind and new lab beans. New work. No ideas,

and after all, Salem is nothing without Ste. Anyway, so, so long. Good rids

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Coming somewhere, you’re all packed up. It looks to me like you’re fleeing the scene of a crime. As I told the police, I’ve done nothing wrong. And then why are you so anxious to leave? If you must know I’m leaving town, I have a plane to catch. So if you excuse me, I’m No, you’re not. You’re not going anywhere.

Not until we talk about what you did to step in. I’m not giving. Fun, Chloe, but seeing as she’s not here, I’m going to give up on knocking on her door. Just keep trying. Remember faint heart. Never one fair lady. Right? Thank you. It’s always nice to get advice from someone you barely know. It’s not advice, but encouragement.

Keep fighting for her. Don’t become discouraged just because for the moment she’s with Brady. Okay, not that it’s any of your business, but Chloe and Brady are not together anymore.

I on understand why you fired me and it wasn’t because a budget mandated downsizing. It’s because you and RA got in a fight last night. What? Well, you and Ra were arguing about the fact that you and I were working together and how exactly did you learn that? Jada told me. Wouldn’t she just go put it on her?

She was on her way home and she happened overhear the two of you fighting outside the pub. Oh, and she decided to listen in. It wasn’t on purpose. But you did hear enough to understand why you suddenly fired me this morning. Oh, I’m, I’m sorry. No, don’t be. I do wish you would’ve told me in person, but I understand that I’m, listen here, I know you’re here for my badge.

Oh. Um, this is why you’re here, isn’t it? No, I’m. We hire you. I want you to stay. What? What? Really? Yeah. And I, and I also want, um, to forget that this ever happened in the first place.

What about ra? Well, when I told him that I, I fired you, he was really upset. He didn’t wanna be the reason that you lost your job. He pretty much insisted that I hire you.

It’s really big of home. You know, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

So, apparently Brady felt the need to end things with Chloe for Rachel’s sake.

I understand the impulse. Mm-hmm. , but what? I also understand that Rachel doesn’t want someone to replace her mother, but Brady can’t succumb to every tantrum that Rachel has. If he does, she will simply learn that she can manipulate people with her moods. Yeah. Well, you know what? I think you can tell him that, but it’s not gonna do any good cuz he also said he didn’t have a choice.

What does that mean? Well, I’m not sure. Think I have a pretty good idea. Oh, so we sense Kristin’s handy Work here. Well, I am so sorry, Chloe. I, it seems I caught you in Unawares Brady. I, why didn’t you tell Chloe yourself about our plans? I mean, men, they will forget to tell you the house was on fire.

I was gonna tell you. I had no idea she was showing up here today. But you knew she was moving in? Yes.

Oh my God. I don’t, I don’t understand. This is Marla’s house. She almost just died. And you’re gonna let the woman who spent a lifetime tormenting her move in here? No. I was really hoping that we can conduct ourselves. It’s a dull. What is John gonna think? But sitting across from her at the breakfast table every day, oh, maybe a train is around you don’t what, Kristin?

You can take your snide remarks and just shove. Now I understand you breaking up with me for Rachel’s sake, but moving her into your dad and Marlena’s house, that is madness. Mm-hmm. . Well, you know, you’re gonna have to take this up with Brady because it was all his idea.

Nicole, clearly my working with you and for you has caused problems for you and ra. So if I go back who say those problems aren’t gonna start all over again, well, no, they, they won’t because RA and I cleared the air, so things are much better. Is he like a ra? Just thought I rushed. He thought you rushed what?

Nothing. Nothing. No, no, no. You said you cleared the air with ra. I think you need to do the same thing for us.

Ry thought I rushed into marrying. Because of you, but why? Well, didn’t Jada tell you that part? No. No, no. Stop. Jada is not a part of this conversation. Stop using her to dodge answering the question. Why was Ray so worried about you rushing in to get married because of me.

Ra thought I married him too. Have avoided my feelings for you, , which is ridiculous. You see?

Wait, it, it was your idea to have Kristen move in?

Obviously it’s not ideal, but Rachel wanted to spend time with her mom. Yeah. Rachel wants to spend time with her mom, but you’re gonna inflict her on your dad and your stepmom. I think it’s going to be a time for healing. Wouldn’t sharing custody be better than this? Oh wow. Yeah. My dear, dear Sweet Chloe.

Thank you. Thank you so much for your loving input. Um, shared custody. Oh my god, that sounds like a reasonable solution. Uh, but I don’t think the judge is going to allow it because your big mouth made it sound like I was, uh, dangerous and unhinged because you are dangerous and unhinged. Okay, well, in a real way, you were responsible for, um, this new living arrangement, Brady.

Come on, you’ve gotta go back to the judge and make something else work. Other than this, Chloe, I just, this is, this is my only option. Your only option. What the hell,

Brady? Why are you really doing this?

Brady and Chloe broke up. That’s what my sister said. What happened? You know, I don’t know. Christian was so busy doing her happy dance. I didn’t get a lot of the details. Wow. good for you with Brady out of the way. Now you have a clear shot with Chloe. Worked out for both of you. Yeah. Worked out for you too.

What do you mean? You know, Lee, ever since I’ve been back, you’ve been shoving me at Chloe. You said you were in love with her. Right. You just want me to be happy. Had nothing to do with me being married to your fiance.

You want to know what I did to Stephan? I saved his life. So you are welcome and goodbye. Not so fast. What are you doing? Give that back. Oh, is this important? Is it fragile, irreplaceable, give it back. Nope. Mm-hmm. . Not until you tell me what else you did. I don’t know what you mean. Oh, well, Stephan. Stephan was madly and passionately in love with me, and now he hates me with a vengeance, and I know it’s because of you.

What did you get?

Yeah. Come on, start talking. Because I’m not just gonna destroy everything in this box. I’m gonna destroy the entire lab. All I did was bring s Stephan’s son back to life, which was a challenge because thanks to you, he was missing a heart. You told me there was nothing you could do to save him. And after I figured out how to keep him technically alive, I wasn’t sure if I could ever revive him, as in Jake’s heart became available.

And since severe twins, it was a perfect night. Wait a second. Stephan has Jake’s heart. Duh. Jake dies and sucker blue, his twin comes back from the dead. Didn’t you find that timing just a tag coincidental? Oh my God. Chris and I first tried to save Jake, of course, but, and we realized it was a lost cause. I made this switch and.

And then he was alive. Isn’t that enough for you? No. No. Go stop doing that. I can’t help it. If you woke up a little different, my theory is that I took a near death experience for him to realize that you weren’t worthy of him.

No, that is not what happened. Okay. You better start telling me the truth, or you are a dead. Right, and this time there’s not gonna be a doctoral to save your life.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ask you that. That’s none of my business. Let me know what it’s, it’s okay. I, I could see. Dragging rape off to City Hall to get married. It looked a little knee jerk on my part, but you know, he, he was, he was buried in work and he was in charge of Abigail’s murder investigation and I, I just didn’t think we needed all that fuss and bother.

Makes sense.

And, You know, last night is, it’s just bottom line. I, I, I should have told RA that I was hiring you in the first place. And it, and it bothered him that I didn’t, and, and he just, he started to think, you know, why did I move up the wedding and maybe, you know, did it hash something to do with us being at, at Abe and Paulina’s.

Like I said, we just needed to clear the air and, and we, and, and we did, and now everything’s fine. So, yeah. Yeah. I’m, I’m, I’m glad. Okay. Well now that that’s settled, um, are you willing to come back to work for me?

You know, Doug, I, I could point out that you think Kristin is responsible for every bad thing that’s ever happened, but then again, you’d be right. You know what scares me? Kristin’s ferocity when it comes to that child. I mean, what about the note in the lunchbox? Yeah. Trying to flame. The child’s hatred for Chloe with, with no regard for what it might do to Rachel.

Yeah. Well, you know what? And she will do anything to get her hands on that little girl. And what about Brady? She wants him back too. Ah, that’s not gonna happen. Doc. I think Brady has finally seen the light about Kristen. I wouldn’t be so sure. It does seem to have a weakness for her. Not anymore. Not anymore.

She no longer holds any sway over Brady. Thank you again. God,

call me please. Can you please accept the fact that I am, I am doing this for Rachel and you think it’s, it’s gonna be healthy for Rachel to live in this at. You don’t think there’s gonna be a certain level of tension in this home? All right, Brady, I’m gonna have to ask you to put an end to this and perhaps you can let her know that none of this, and especially Rachel, is any of her business, just stop.

Okay, Brady. It’s fine. I’m going, you know what? I hated it, but I understood why you had to break up with me, but caving to her. I don’t think I know you anymore.

Well, hmm. Given what I heard about you and Gabby, I was a bit thrown when you came back on the. Yeah, the least a dead husband could do is stay dead. Right. But since you keep saying things along the lines of, she turns my stomach, I can safely assume you no longer have feelings for her, right?

Yeah, sure. I mean, when I died, My feelings for Gabby died with me, although I’m not entirely sure. Why

does it matter? It all worked out. You can be with Chloe now. Hmm. And you and Gabby can live here happily ever after.

Uh, start talking doctor. Are you gonna be reun with Stefano in hell? You wouldn’t dare. Oh, that’s what fell and thought. And I put a bullet in his chest. And for you, I’m thinking cutting you up into tiny pieces and fitting you to the rats. Your deranged No, no. I am determined to get the truth. One last chance, Ralph, what did you do to Stephan?

This is your Caro, isn’t it? Alright. All right. You’re right. I brainwash you.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew you might step and hate me. So now that you know it, could you move that scar away from my throat? Oh, no, no, no, no. I’ve noticed, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re more forthcoming with a knife to your neck. But I told you what you wanted to know, and now I wanna know why do you really hate me that much?

Of course I do, but it wasn’t personal. I was just, they’re just following waters. Kristin Dara’s orders, Kristin White. She was hoping that if Stephan Beta, Chloe, he would come between her and Brady. She could have free to herself. She remembers at that one time Stephan was lasting it, sorry, had feelings for Ms.

Lane. She asked me to pump up his old attraction to her, and at the same time, Rekindle his initial hatred of you. This really had nothing to do with me, Ms. Hernandez, a scalper in a minute. Good old Kristin. Always get what she wants. And this time it’s to break up. Chloe and Brady. Yes. That’s what she wanted.

Wait, what does that mean? Kristen wanted to break up Brady and Chloe, but your fiance wanted to protect his investment. Lee, Alicia, he knew everything he knew all along. I had Ste on ice, but the brainwashing , it was his idea. Reef. Hi. I was actually, um, gonna call you later. Do you have time for a drink?

There’s something I’d like to ask you. Um, yeah, sure. I don’t see why not. I’m about to hit you up for a favor. Okay.

I was wondering if you’d be my best. Me, I, I know we are not exactly old friends, but I think it’d mean a lot to Gabby. I know how close the two of you are. Yeah. Wow. Uh, okay. So this means that you two have set a date. Not yet, but now that she and Stefan have signed their divorce papers, there’s nothing stopping.

Unless, of course Stephan isn’t acting of his own free will.

What are you doing here?

Hey, there was, uh, leaving your note. I heard you and Brady broke up and what? You’re here zeroing in on me when I’m down? No, I’m actually. Check on you. Make sure you’re okay. Did your sister tell you that she’s moving in with Brady? No, she didn’t. I’m surprised cuz she, she had a lot of fun telling me she was rubbing my nose in it.

Sorry. Why am. People break up every day. It’s not a big deal.

You’re enjoying this immensely, aren’t you? Oh, yes I am. I have been waiting a long time. For this whole family thing, right? Chris, let me tell you a little something that you might not know. Our daughter Rachel, she’s razor sharp. She’s old for her age. She has a very clear eye. You know, a lot of her adoration that she has for you is based upon the fact that you haven’t even been around.

You convinced her that you were taken from her by this, this, this fairytale villainist, but you. Romantic figure. Just a, an illusion of what a mother is supposed to be. And it’s worked. It’s worked Mainly because she doesn’t even know who you really are.

I mean, is this going someplace? Yeah. Rachel loves my dad and Marlena, and if you try to pull the crap with them that you pulled with, It’s gonna register Kristin, and it’s gonna register in time with Rachel, and she’s gonna realize that you only give a damn about yourself. So I would rethink this family thing.

I would rethink spending a lot of time with Rachel. That might be a tactical era because it’s gonna be really hard, really hard for you to maintain that maternal illusion 24 7 up close and personal. As a matter of fact, I happen to think that that illusion is not gonna hold up. The second your daughter looks you dead in the eyes and says, you know what, mom?

No, are you done? Yeah. Yeah. I’m just giving you some food for thought. Okay, good, good, good. Brady, cuz I’m gonna give you the ground rules. Don’t you ever, ever question my relationship with my daughter again, and don’t you ever forget that I have the upper hand permanently. If I want us to be a family, we are going to be a family.

And if I wanna to live here, we are going to live. Because as only you and I know my lane and her lady friends are gonna need more doses of that serum or they will die. Oh, sweetheart, don’t look so put out.

You see couples fight and then they kiss and then they make up. And they do get on with their lives.

Well, can you ask her to come back? Well, thanks for nothing.

The model thought the shoot was canceled and she got on a plane back to new. I have to get these photos done for Bella Magazine today. Brady and Chloe are gonna kill me.

Do it yourself. What? You know, like you’re the best one I’ve ever worked with. Trust me. Sounds like Gabby told you about her, um, theory that Ralph somehow brainwashed. Mm. . Yeah, that’s right. Hmm. I think it’s just, uh, wishful thinking or a wounded ego on her part. Sure. It’s hard for her to, I accept how Stephan feels about her now.

Well, I guess we’ll be fine out soon enough. What do you mean? I mean that J is grilling raw as we speak.

No, no. Lee wouldn’t do that. Come now, do you think he’s too high minded? No, he wouldn’t do that to me. But he did do that to you. He wants you to himself. He didn’t want the risk losing you to Stephan to the extent that he tried to murder him in his sleep. Papa, he realized Kristin was about to let that happen.

He pitched the idea of brainwashing him and Kristin climbed on board with it.

Okay. Okay. I can’t think about all of that right now. Right now what is important is for you to, to take it back. The brainwashing. Oh, funny you should say that cuz it happens. I’ve already created an antidote. In that box, wouldn’t it be ironic in your fury you had destroyed it too? Get it. Get it.

One dose of this and Stephan will be back to normal.

I’d imagine your encounter with Kristin was pretty rough. She’s not exactly a gracious winner. You can say that again. She’s not exactly a gracious winner.

I mean, it’s hard enough that Brady broke up with me, and I understand that he was doing that for Rachel, but to let Kristen move in with him, It’s sickening.

I just wish I could get on a plane and get the hell out of Salem.

Right here, I got an idea. Oh, where are you going?

You know, shouldn’t I be carrying you across a threshold or so? Oh, hi. Hi. Oh my God, dad, I was, I was gonna call you Mar home. Oh, . I’ve never been so happy to be anywhere in my life. So let’s get you into bed then. Come on. Nope, nope. You know, I just wanna, I wanna sit right here and enjoy the fact that nobody’s walking in and sing.

How are you feeling today, ? That I, I, um, I didn’t know that. Um, there’s something I have to tell you. What is it? Ernie Brady? Do you know where La Marlena puts the, oh, John Marlena, welcome home.

How I look

that bad, huh? I know. You, you, you look great. Did I? I was just, you know, trying to figure out how am I gonna shoot the dress? That’s knockout, isn’t it the right words? For sure. Um, hey, can you stand over here and let me a few sample shots.

Oh, oh, . Sorry. Nervous. Oh my God. Yeah.

Well, I hope this is a kinda like riding a bicycle. I knew it. Camera loves you. Yes’, one thing.

It’s perfect. Hey.

Well, Marlena, you look so much better. I mean, back at the hospital, you really did look like you were on death store. What are you doing here? I am surprised that they let you home so soon. I asked you a. What? Why are you here? Oh, Brady, do you wanna tell them or should I

what? Saw this, you said you wanted to get away, but we are both tied to our jobs, so I thought I would recreate Miami. I think we did that time in Doug’s place. Remember? It’s kind of hard to forget. Yeah. Well, you need to relax now even more than you did then, Stephan. I, I, I, I appreciate this, but I’m sorry I’m in, I’m really in a terrible mood.

Okay. So being in a bad mood. On a beach with a margarita. Salton knows Salt

Gabby’s at the lab right now. I can’t believe you let her go there by herself. She didn’t ask my permission. I I, I’ve gotta get over there. How much you need the address right? Text it to me. Will you? Ga Gabby. Oh, I was, um, just, just coming to. I was talking to roll, you know, re just told me, Gabby, what did he say?

He said Gabby, what did RO say? Um, I’m sorry, I lost my train of thought there for a second. Um, he said that he didn’t do anything to turn stuff in against me and for some weird reason. Honestly believe him.

Mr. Shield was right. I’ll be better off than Jakarta. At least there I won’t have. Luda takes barging in on me whenever they feel like. And that Hernandez woman was the craziest as all . Thank God I had that vial of CRS 17. She won’t remember a thing. Gabby. No one, especially you ever believes Ralph. Well, I held a scalpel to his throat and he still said he didn’t do anything.

Okay? And if you have to hold a scalpel into someone’s throat, you shouldn’t tell a cop about it. You believe it? Yes. Yes I do. And I think it’s for the best. Makes moving on a lot easier. I’m so glad to hear you say that. Speaking of which, I just asked RA to be my best man at our wedding. Oh, that is a great idea.

I’m actually still waiting for an answer. It would be my.

Thank you ra. Mm-hmm. . I hope that, uh, our marriage is as happy as yours and Nicole’s.

Yeah. Oh, Eric, these are great. Well, I wasn’t lying. You still have what it takes? Well, after all these years, We still make a great team.

Ah, you like that one? Yeah. We’ll star that one.

So how’s your drink? Actually, it’s kind of perfect. Hmm.

Oh, I almost forgot.

There. What do you think?

I think this is the nicest thing anyone’s done for me in a while. Hmm. Thank you S Stephen.

You’re very welcome.


so. You’re going to be living here with us? Mm-hmm. . I mean, isn’t that great? Oh, I better get back to the kitchen. I wouldn’t wanna burn our first dinner together as family,

so I think. You have some serious explaining to do.

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