GH Short Recap Tuesday, October 25, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth leaves with Terry to go to the Mariana Islands to search her parents house to see if she can find clues to Reiko’s death. Elizabeth tells Finn and Cameron she is going to a medical conference in Monterey because she doesn’t want to tell Finn until she finds out how Reiko died.

Britt and Cody find a diamond necklace inside Peter’s safe deposit box. Cody tries to persuade Britt to take the necklace with her, but Britt thinks it will be safer in the bank.

Josslyn tries to persuade Dex to stop working for Sonny because he will ruin his life just like he ruined Jason’s life.

Cameron tells Josslyn that he feels like they have been a little off, so they agree to plan to spend some time together.

Victor demands that Nikolas divorce Ava or he will take Nikolas’ confession that he killed Esme to the police. Victor also tells Nikolas he will ruin his relationship with Spencer.

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