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, please tell me your journey about Leo. No, I hired him as my assistant. I’m the new Mary. No, no. Mary says in Florida. Hailing my real estate business. You’ll be here working for the campaign. Don’t get comfortable, babe. Why you being such a funny du about this? What’s wrong with my hiring, Leo? Where do I begin?

Pack your Thanks, Johnny. I, I spoke to my sister, Allie said that you’re more than welcome to stay with her and her girlfriend until you find some place more p. Oh my God, you’re my savior. And this is so unbelievably nice to them. Well, maybe as a thank you, you could, uh, use your hacking magic and double their wifi speed.

Yeah, I’ll totally do that. No, that was a joke. You don’t, there’s no cyber crime necessary. Hmm. We’ll see. Now when you say girlfriend, is that girlfriend as a roommate or they’re a couple. Yeah, they’re a couple. Oh, so your sister’s. Uh, actually she’s bi. They both are. Uh, oh. One other thing you should probably know.

My sister’s girlfriend used to be my wife.

What did you wanna tell me before?

Oh, honestly, um, I, I don’t even remember. So it must not have been that important, but you seemed really upset. How could you just not.

Did, uh, Stephanie send you alone? Please take a seat.

I don’t understand why she wouldn’t be here. This is a major deal. Well, I’ve handled plenty of major deals in my time. We’re gonna be, just find the two of us. Can I get you a drink? You’re quite the charmer, Mr. Damira. That is not lost. Neither is the fact that you still haven’t told me where your boss is.

Well, I’m waiting. What am I doing here? You first Stu? I.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our.

Isn’t it, uh, obvious what I’m doing here? Looks like you’re doing it alone. Sloan have to run to a meeting. Were you expecting a sit here? Why else would I have come?

What? You’re okay with her just leaving you like this? What if you have to use the bathroom? Seems pretty inhumane. Wow. Seems a little judgmental. Just so you realize, Stephanie, what’s happening here is between two consenting adults, which means it’s not a crime. You, on the other hand, have just committed a felony.

Felony. Sloan had that door locked when she left and you picked it. Hmm, which means that you did not expect her to be here. Which also brings me back to my original question, Hey, what the hell are you doing here?

My boss isn’t here because it allows her a certain plausible deniability.

But why this is an urge to deal. Well, Stephanie told you we are waiting to get the funds together. Now we have. So we’re as anxious to get this deal done as you are. So why don’t you give me the materials and I will give you what is in this briefcase

who talked Ms. Price into this deal. She seemed pretty dead set. Well, I can be very persuasive.

Why don’t you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Now I’m starting to understand why they sent you to meet me.

So your ex-wife is dating your sister? My twin sister. Her name is Ali Buck. We have different dads. Now you’re just messing with mouth. No, I, I swear I’m, I’m telling you the truth. Well, if it is, I don’t wanna stick my foot in my mouth. So, d you said Allie’s, girlfriend’s name is Chanel? Uh, yeah, Chanel Dupre.

She, um, she and I hit it off right off the bat, and then I found out that she and Allie were actually old pals, but at the time, there was nothing going on between. Uh, they kissed a couple times, but Chanel claimed she was over it and Allie was in a serious relationship at the time. So, you know, life went on.

Uh, they opened a bakery together. I started working on my first big film, Chanel and I flew to Italy and got married. Um, then the devil came along and just ruined everything. So, wait, what Devil sound? Metaphor. I wish. So anyway, uh, fast forward through a bunch more drama to Allie and I both wanting to be with Chanel.

We told her she had to make a choice and she chose Allie, the end. Johnny, that must have been really hard for you. It was. It was, um, Now I’m really happy for him. Chanel is, uh, one of a kind now. He’s a very lucky woman. What makes you think I was upset? I asked if everything was okay and you said no. And now you’re acting like you can’t remember why.

Shoot, what? Uh, I, I gotta run. Um, I have to run an errand. I will be right. You’re, you’re gonna leave Johnny’s about to run that girl over. I’ll be quick, I promise.

If you had vetted your new hire more closely, you would’ve found out that Mr. Stark was recently facing multiple felony charges. I know you looked familiar. You were arrested for the murder of Abigail Dara and stabbing Sonny Kakkis. Hello. I was totally exonerated that you were hardly innocent. You blackmailed Sonny in the marrying you.

You conned Craig Wesley into becoming your unlawfully weighted husband. So do you sense a pattern here? I have excellent taste in men. You are a gold digger. I was a gold digger. Now I’ll be earning my own gold working a legitimate job. Oh, so I don’t deserve a second chance. But your wife does. Are you seriously comparing yourself to Paulina?

She’s made mistakes like cooking up a secret plan to bulldoze the beloved town square. Should she be prohibited from running for office because of that? Should your daughter be shunned in perpetuity when she’s released from prison? I say he who is without sin, you know, however the rest of that line goes.

Amen. I like this young man’s. Don’t let him fool you. Have you ever known me to suffer fools? I had a feeling about Leo, a gut instinct, and when I trust that, it almost always pays off. So I’m still hired. Do not make me regret it. Never. You will count your lucky stars, as do I that our paths have crossed Ms.

Price. I look forward to serving your fabulousness tomorrow morning. 10:00 AM sharp. Well then you’ll be an hour late since we start at nine around here. Nine. It is. Yay. You. So exciting.

You know, no disrespect intended, but I know you, you want to give people a second chance, but, but I can’t believe you hired this jackass. Such a bummer how things ended with Chanel.

So, are you seeing anyone else down? No, no. I, uh, did come close with someone who I, who I really cared about, but then, uh, then my dad forced her to leave town. Is that something your dad does a lot, act like a total jerk? Yeah. All, all the time? No, no. I mean, make people leave. Because I was talking to Trip earlier and he said that, wait, you know Trip?

Yeah. I met him and his brother Joey in Hong Kong half summer. Huh. Anyway, when I talked to him earlier, he said that your dad drove his mom out of town.

Wait his, is this the same person we’re talking about Trip’s? Mother is the one that you were interested. But isn’t she old enough to be your mother? Yeah. Yeah. So what? I mean, a Ava was great, you know, she’s funny, smart, beautiful, right? Yeah. Oh, I’m sorry. It ended. Yeah, me too. But I mean, at least it wasn’t as humiliating as what happened with Chanel, meaning, Meaning I didn’t lose her to my sister.

Sunny. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hey, I thought you were still, um, at home recovering. Yeah, I’m just getting a little better every day. Oh, well come on. That’s so great to hear. Um, so what brings you by right. Um, so Will reminded me that Ari made you something in our class. I know it’s. It’s a couple days late, but happy birthday.

Oh my God, I love it. Stop. This is so cute. . Well, please tell her thank you for me. How is my brother, by the way? I owe him a call. I, he’s good. You know? Busy. Yeah. Yeah. Bet you miss him, huh? Yeah. Well, well, you know, if you’re ever lonely or bored, you can always come over, although it’s pretty, pretty dill around here most nights.

Really? Um, cuz I heard, um, that you guys are friends with my brother Alex. He’s not keeping things exciting. Not talking fine. I guess I’ll just have to ask Sloan, when she gets home, why you broke into her place. Don’t. Then answer me. All right. Sloan is blackmailing one of my clients. She represents someone, I don’t know who, but they have a file full of damaging materials and they want money in exchange for silence.

And who’s your client? I can’t tell you that. Well, it’s obviously not me, so it has to be some high profile client who’s rich, has a lot to lose,

like a governor’s race, like polling a price. All I will say is it’s a dirty deal and Sloan is the one fronting it. My God, you have horrible taste in women. I used to be attracted to you. How did I ever pass at my chance with you? Only I’d known what a kink Myer you were. Mm-hmm. . You’re lost. Seriously. Alex, how does this not bother you?

You’re sleeping with a snake. Come on, whatever. Whenever this woman has no conscience, no. Jesus represents scum like Leo Stark. She profits off of greedy cowards who dig through people’s paths and then threaten to destroy them if they don’t pay up. That is a crime. Okay. You just broke into this place, Stephanie, and as I pointed out to you earlier, that is a crime.

So I do have one other question about your little breaking and entering routine. How did you know that Sloan wasn’t gonna be home?

I’m ready to do this if you. No, no, I am, I just, I just didn’t know if I could trust you, so I didn’t bring all the materials you were asking for, but I can just go back to the house and get them Well there. There’s no rush. You just said you were ready to do this. Well, as you said, my boss isn’t here, so why don’t we take advantage of that?

I’m sorry. Well, instead of working against each other, why don’t you and I find a way to work together? I don’t quite know what you. I could go to Stephanie and tell her I couldn’t make a deal. And since we couldn’t settle right away, you doubled your price. Paulina pays up and you and I split the surcharge right down the middle.

I thought you were the good damira. Yeah. Well, something very bad happened in my life recently, and that changed the way you see the. So

why don’t we grab a drink and talk about the specifics. Are you giving that away? Count me in baby Leo. What are you doing here? I smelled money next to your cologne. It’s the sweetest smell I know.

You know, Ava is a, uh, she’s, she’s a very special person. She was going through a hard time. I was rebounding. Nothing happened though, and uh, I’ll never know if anything would have thanks to my dad. No wonder you’re so motivated to take him down. I realize. This isn’t just about having your Uncle Stephan’s back after what your father and brother did to him.

You’re right. It’s more than that. It’s personal for me, but honestly, I, I just, I wanna move through it, all of it and move on to something or some less complicated.

Uh, anyway, uh, we should probably get going to my sisters. It’s, it’s getting late, right?

Uh, yeah. Your brother can be a lot of fun. Chanel and I really like him. You and Chanel actually like Alex. Yeah, we ran into him over the summer in the square. The three of us really hit it off. We were actually just talking about having him overnight, seeing he wanted to hang. Oh, wow. Spicy. What was, uh, on the agenda?

Uh, I don’t know. No set plans. We were just going to see where the night took us.

Are you looking at me like that? Ah, okay. Um, I am just wondering. Okay.

Did you and Chanel and Alex? Um, I’m just curious, uh, did you guys okay, did you guys have a threesome with my brother?

You don’t seem too worried about Sloane catching you in the act. Why is that? I have arranged for her to be otherwise. So that phone call earlier that was from you where she’s just hanging out with Chad now. He’s just coming through for you in all kinds of ways, huh? Okay. Let’s not go there again. Okay.

Okay. Fair. Oh wow. What are you doing? Aren’t you embarrassed? Nope. Wow. Where you going? What are you going? Looking for the file that Sloan is using to blackmail my client. If I can’t find that, maybe I can at least find the name of the person who hired her and then I can neutralize a threat. Well, sweetheart, I thank you’re forgetting that even if you do find something, you still got another problem.

What’s that? Me?

Could you please move it along? We’re in the middle of something very important. Oh, I’m so sorry for the interruption. It’s just that Ms. Peterson was so pleasant when she came to my place of business to remind me that I owe her money. Oh, it was town square and you were passing out free cookies. And you looked like a complete idiot in that jackass outfit.

It was donkey and I’ll have, you know, I was promoted to a high level position in the price gubernatorial campaign. I find that very hard to believe. Oh yeah, this is my first paycheck. Oh, let me just, oh, goodie. And it’s already endorsed. I’ll just take that as a down payment. Hey, I was just about to head to the ATM with that.

You gotta pay up on your deadly. You don’t want that collection agency I told you about coming after. Well at least gimme a little something to get by on. A boy’s. Gotta eat.

Mel. Watch. Obliged.

Wait a minute. Leo, can you please leave? Sloan, I would really like to get back to our discussion. Oh, your discussion about what to do with all this fake. Excuse me. Listen lady, I don’t know what you’re doing with these fake bills, but I could have gotten in real trouble if I tried to use this somewhere.

Never trust a lawyer. Speaking of trust,

Don’t listen to Leo. He doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. I’ve never met anyone who’s more obsessed with money. If anyone knows a fake, when he sees it, it’s him. I’m out of here. Hey, so listen. They just, please don’t go. We, we can figure something out. I remember, I’m, I’m just a messenger. If you wanna tell me that Paulina Price sent you with a briefcase full of phony cash to pass along to me.

No, I don’t think so. Since the moment I came in, you’ve been working that charm and now I know why you want money. Hmm. Real money. I’ll write you a check right now after what you just pulled. I don’t trust you or your check. You can tell your boss that the deal gets done. Otherwise her daughter’s secret is gonna go public.

Very stuff. Marie, I’m so glad you came around on. I wouldn’t go that far , but I do believe in second chance. Like a breath of fresh air. We need that around here. An infusion of energy that carries down the home stretch. That election is getting so close. Mm. Well, you know, if the polls are any indication, you are well on your way to victory.

Mm. And you are the most supportive husband anybody could ask for, although you are stepping down as mayor. If I win, not aim, I a, I don’t know. You know, that’s already been settled, so why don’t we just, just stop arguing with me about it. Okay? Okay. No more arguments. I’ll just. Express my gratitude and tell you how much I love you.

Oh, well, you know what, , I love you too.

You know, um, well, I hate to mention this, but uh, before Leo showed up, he said you had something that you won’t tell me. What is Mama? Oh, hey Heidi. Hi, Chanel. Come on in. Well, Chanel, it’s great to see you. Hey, you know what? Your mother and I were just going to have dinner. You wanna join us? Mm-hmm. , Abe got some takeout from Julie’s place.

Oh, uh, thanks. But I was actually hoping that we could talk privately. Oh, uh, sure. You know, I’m going to keep this all very morph, . Okay. I’ll see you at home. All right. You will. All right, Madea.

Did you get my texts? Yes, but not until after I told Allie there was something she needed to know. Did you tell her about the black man? I was about to, but then someone interrupted us. But she knows some things. I don’t think she’s gonna let it go.

And, and, and like I said, like I’m totally just wondering, there’s no judgment here at all. And if you don’t wanna tell me, you don’t have to. But I mean, if you, if you, if you wanna tell me, please tell me, because, you know, um, Alex just kind of, you know, he’s a. A braggadocious, dude, so I just, I want to hear from the horse’s mouth.

I’m not calling you a horse, but I just, I cut me off whenever you want to.

Okay. I’m a little nervous. Don’t be all. And Chanel are great. Youre. Since you asked, I will tell you yes. Janelle and I had a threesome with your brother. What?

You’re not going to say anything just long. Why not? Why should I protect you? Bingo. I asked you a question. The file has to be in here. Two minutes I will be gone, and then you can go back to your fun games and pretend you never saw me

crap. Sloan’s on her way back. She could be here any minute. Oh, great. I can’t wait to fill her in.

Please, please, why keep my mouth shut? Forget about it. I don’t owe you anything, babe. I know,

but if this job blows up, so does my career and I should care because, because there is a lot more at stake here than SJR or Pauls campaign. I am begging you, Alex. Have a heart. Okay. You wouldn’t bust me just because I refuse to go out with you, would you? You’re not that petty. Sure about that.

Oh, I’m back. Oh. Anything interesting happened while I was gone.

Didn’t realize we were walking in on a game of truth or dare. Hi, you must be Johnny’s friend. I’m Allie, and then this is my brother-in-law. Sunny, I’m Wendy. It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for agreeing to this. Yeah, no, of course, of course. Um, Wendy’s gonna stay with us for a little while. Oh, great.

Okay. Well, I should get going. Well, you sure? I mean, maybe Allie’s got some other fun facts you’d like to share with us, that it could be fun.

Well, I guess it’s just the three of us now. Yeah. Guess. God, my, my back’s been hurting a little bit lately. Is there a place around here I could get a good mage? Oh, massage. Sorry. I meant to say massage. Grow up, grow up, and don’t let him bust your chop. So for what it’s worth, I’m totally cool with it, what we overheard.

Thank you Wendy. It is very nice to have here. Who’s not being a jerk about this, like my brother. I was just having some fun with you. Okay? Uh, no you. You are trying to embarrass her, which is not so smart. Considering, considering what? Oh, come on. Isn’t it obvious you’ve got some history too, Johnny, that some people might be just as snarky and doll mannered about as you’re being with your sister?

Damn it, Stephanie, why aren’t you texting me back?

Should have never left you. Big mistake will let that happen again. Something did happen while you were gone. Oh. It was all by myself. Oh, I was getting so lonely. Oh dear.

Oh, look who it is and look at you. Why Jackson Cus it’s almost as if you weren’t stabbed by someone who turned out not to be. Yeah, I’m uh, definitely on the man I can tell. And I have some good news on my own to share. Oh yeah. I am newly employed, so you can tell that smoking hot brother of yours, I don’t need a job from him anymore.

Well, not that kind of job anyway. Someone in Salem actually gave you a job. Yes. Mr. Snarky Pants. I was hired by none other than Paulina Price. You are looking at the new executive director of Candidate affairs. That woman doesn’t so much just make a phone call without consulting me first. Oh, so you’re her assistant.

All I can say is that it is a huge honor to work for the future governor of this fine state. In fact, you and I should go out and celebrate since I can tell how thrilled you are for me. Yes, I am very thrilled for you, Leo. But in terms of celebrating, how about we wait until she actually wins the election first?

Oh, please. Like there’s any doubt. Leo Stark, the guy accused of murdering Abigail, he’s the one, Sloan, represented him. So as soon as he spotted us, he. And recognize the counterfeit money right away. Guess it’s one of the skills you require being a lifelong grifter. I’m sorry, Steph. I should have never took the bills outta the briefcase.

No, it’s not your fault. Leo walked in. So what’s our next move, Ms. Sloan’s probably at the police station right now riding this out. I don’t think so. And if she tells the cops that we tried to pass her fake money, then she’d also have to tell them that she was blackmailing us and she’s too smart for that.

Either way, we are in a very tight deadline, so I hope you had better luck than I did, or Paulina and Chanel are gonna pay the.

Honey, I implicitly trust Stephanie Johnson to But Mama, it seems like you’re putting a lot of faith in one person. Do you really think she can handle this? She told me and I quote, by the end of the night, Sloane Peterson won’t be a problem for you as Chanel. So, have you heard from her? No, not yet. But as I said in my text, everything’s under control.

You don’t have to worry, baby. I promise you. I’m not just worried about what’s gonna happen to me. I’m also worried about Allie. She’s been through enough. She doesn’t need this. She doesn’t need it. Oh, honey loves you. Yes, she’ll stand by you no matter what.

Chickening out because I, I don’t wanna tell her. Part of me is scared that she’ll never look at me the same. No, you’re not chickening out. You’re trying to protect her the same way I’m trying to protect Abe. Do you know what that meant to, he offered to step down as mayor, if I win to move to the capital with me and to fully embrace his role as the first gentle.

Wow, that, that is amazing. It truly is. That man on my husband, he, he made the most selfless, generous, loyal gesture. And I just wanna reciprocate by not dragging him into this. Yeah. It’s just so the waiting, it’s just so hard. No baby. I know. It’ll be over soon. Now we just gotta, we gotta hang in there and then we’ll be in the clear.


Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. Are you not team price? No, I am. I’m just, you know, waiting to celebrate after she wins the election. Oh, okay. Well then let’s celebrate something else. Like what? Me getting this fabulous new job, pick a night, I’ll take you and will me out to dinner. It’s time we put our differences aside.

Well, Will’s not here. He’s in LA for work. Well then it’ll just be the two of us. Then should be epic. Text me some dates. Okay. Any night next week, but Thursday I’m having cupping therapy on Thursday during the day, so I’m gonna be very fluffy at night. Right. Got it. Do take care of your adorable self.

Jackson. K. So glad you’re better. I’ll see you at our celebration.

Hey, everybody. Hi. You’re back. Hey, is this our new guest? Yes. Uh, Wendy. This is Chanel. Hi, Wendy. Welcome. Thank you. I, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. Oh, our pleasure. Um, you’re gonna really love it here. We’re pretty chill, chilling. Yeah. Most of, most of the time. What does that mean? Ignore. Well, uh, my work here is done.

Ladies, I will leave you all to get better. Acquainted. Oh, Johnny, wait. So I know that it is a little late, but I wanted to celebrate your guys’ birthday together. Oh, to breathe That is, uh, that’s really nice. . I, um, knew that Johnny was coming by tonight, so I, uh, I went and I got this from the bakery.

I this

All right,

you go. And All right. Make a wish. You too, right? Ready? Yep.

Holly, what’d you wish for? Oh, it didn’t come true. He’s still here.

Hmm. Alex Kerrys was handcuffs to the bed. It was quite a sight, but if I had just a little more time, I could have gotten into that filing. Well now that loan’s on high alert, we’re never gonna get back into the apartment.

What are you thinking? Alex? Totally could have busted me, but he didn’t. Is it possible? Is what possible?

It’s Paulina. I told her I would have this handled by tonight. What am I gonna say to her now?

I’d say that is worth the weight, wouldn’t you? No questions, but my arm is starting to fall asleep. I think I’m losing feeling. Mm-hmm. . Okay. I’ll set you three. Mm. It’ll cost you. I’m good for it. Mm-hmm.


better much.


You’re right. I should have called. When we spoke earlier, you said you had a full proof plan and that our problem would be solved by the end of the night. Now, did you make me a promise you can’t keep? Absolutely not. I meant every word. I’m hearing a lot of words. Ms. Johnson. What I’m waiting for is the action.

Where’s the file? You’ll have it in your hands by tomorrow. Why? Better? I will stake my reputation in the future of my company on it. It’s not just your future. It’s my. And I was just with Chanel and she’s counting on you as much as I am. Do not let us down.

I just keep digging myself deeper. You were gonna say something about Alex before, what was it? Yeah. Um, earlier at Sloan’s Place Heat. He could have, he could have blown me outta the water, but he didn’t. Okay. Well, maybe he wanted to wait until he got his clothes back. Alex isn’t modest or patient, I think something else could be going on.

Like what? Well, without disclosing any details, I made it very clear that the woman he’s sleeping with is not only sleazy and shameless, but she’s a criminal. So I wonder, wonder why, if, if he wasn’t just saving me the moment, if. He’s on our side in this now.

Oh, oh, final. How’s your arm? Most better. There’s some other parts of me that could really use your attention. Mm-hmm. , you’re sick. Um,

Don’t peek. I won’t. I I won’t. Wait a minute. Something smells really good. Okay. You can live now. I can. Oh my goodness. Look at you. I’m a princess. You are a princess. Oh my goodness. Yes. These look spectacular little princess. They’re pumpkin. I made them from scratch. Oh, did you? Hello everyone. Mommy, you look great.

She’s a queen. Yes, I know. And daddy’s going to be a king, which makes us the royal family. Can grandma be a part of the royal family?

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