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Update written by Shane

Victor and Nikolas argued over Nikolas’ relationship with Ava.  Victor told him that Helena had indulged him too much and that it was time that he embraced his future as a Cassadine without Ava.  

At Nina’s apartment, Ava opened the confession letter that Nikolas had given her and found the note that Victor had left for her, which said “missing something?”  Ava showed the note to Nina and they both initially misconstrued the circumstances surrounding it.  They each blamed Nikolas for stealing the note rather than placing the blame with Victor.  Ava seemed furious and vowed to get revenge on Nikolas.  Nina asked her what she planned to do. Nina added that Nikolas stealing the confession letter didn’t make sense.  Ava said that she was absolutely right and that she didn’t think that Nikolas had stolen the letter.  She also showed Nina the confession that Nikolas had recorded on her phone.

At the salon, Holly soaked her feet and declared Felicia a genius. Felicia smiled because she had been worried that Holly had been humoring her by agreeing to go to the salon. Holly confessed that she had been, but the pedicure had changed her mind. Felicia was pleased and hoped that Holly would stop lying to her. Holly argued that the stiff upper lip was the British way and acknowledged that she felt confused and a little embarrassed because she had always prided herself on being able to take care of herself but someone had clearly gotten the better of her. The conversation turned to Luke’s death, and the investigation into the possibility that Victor was behind it. Holly admitted that she had trouble believing that Luke was really dead, but Holly wanted to help uncover the truth about the cable car crash. Felicia giggled out loud as she recalled the slap Holly had given Victor. “Trust me, I’m just getting started,” Holly said.

At the PCPD jail, Anna rested on a cot as Mac arrived to check on her. Anna stood up and admitted that she’d been going stir crazy, while Victor had been getting away with murder. Robert came in beaming with joy as he shared the news that Holly had returned. Mac was happy for his brother, and Anna was eager for news about her friend. Robert explained that physically, Holly was fine, but she had no memory of the past two years. Anna was desperate to get out of jail, but she conceded that the police had incriminating evidence against her. Robert revealed that he had to recuse himself from the case, so Anna would have to wait for her arraignment. Anna implored Robert to call Valentin to let Valentin know what had happened. Robert was reluctant, but Anna explained that she was concerned because all her calls had gone to voicemail, and Victor had made Valentin’s travel arrangements. She suspected Victor had intended to keep Valentin from interfering in Victor’s efforts to frame her for murder. After Robert left to make the call, Anna took the opportunity to warn Mac that Deputy Mayor Ashby was in cahoots with Victor.

Anna explained that Lucy had overheard Victor and Ashby’s phone conversation the night before Lucy had been shot. Just then, Robert returned to report that his call to Valentin had gone to voicemail. Anna’s concern mounted, but Holly’s arrival offered a brief respite. After Holly exchanged greetings with everyone, Holly passed along a message from Felicia for Mac to meet Felicia at the hospital. Mac wanted to postpone the DNA test, but both Anna and Robert insisted it was too important for Mac to miss. Mac left, so Robert and Anna filled Holly in about the incriminating evidence against Anna. Robert confirmed that a box of bullets had been found in Anna’s home that had matched both the brand and caliber of the casing recovered from the pier. Holly agreed that it sounded like a setup. Anna revealed that she had recognized the trench coat worn by the shooter, which Anna suspected had been taken from her home — along with Anna’s gun — when the bullets had been planted. Robert admitted that forensics had found gunpowder on the trench coat.

Anna was certain Victor had arranged everything. Holly pointed out that the WSB might intervene, but Anna explained that she’d been digging into Luke’s murder privately because the case had been closed when someone had confessed to sabotaging the cable car that had killed Luke. Holly was curious why Victor would target Luke in the first place, so Anna told Holly about Victor’s search for the Ice Princess. Holly asked how many people had to die for the infamous diamond. “Far too many,” Anna said.

Holly recalled that Luke had once mentioned that Helena Cassadine had put a curse on the jewels. Anna told Holly how devastated Robert had been when he’d been told that Holly had died. Moments later, a furious Robert returned to let Anna know that her arraignment had been pushed back to the following day. Robert promised to get Anna out of jail. Anna was confident Robert would succeed, and together, she and Robert would go after Victor. “Count me in,” Holly said.

At the hospital, Austin greeted Maxie and Georgie. He gave Maxie a quick kiss, while Georgie remained silent and grimaced. Maxie and Austin were eager to take Georgie for ice cream, but Georgie refused to play along. Georgie demonsrated what a complete brat she could be and Maxie demanded that Georgie apologize to Austin for her childish behavior. “Never,” Georgie said. Maxie made it clear that there would be no ice cream until Georgie apologized, prompting Georgie to blame Austin for ruining everything.

In Britt’s office, Britt explained that she knew about Sam’s checkered past, and she told Sam she was curious if Sam had ever been a jewel thief. Sam tensed as she asked if Britt was wearing a wire. Britt assured Sam nothing of the sort was going on but she told Sam she did want to retain her to investigate the necklace. Britt showed Sam pictures of the diamond necklace that she had found in Peter’s safe deposit box. Sam admitted the necklace was worth millions if the diamonds were real. Britt assured Sam the gems had been real enough to cut glass.

At Volonino’s, Cody was working out on the weights when Dante arrived. Dante apologized for being late, and they spoke about the past when Dante and Cody had been kids and Dante had given Cody a bloody nose. The conversation turned serious when Dante admitted he’d had a rough day because he’d been forced to arrest Anna, who he knew was innocent. Dante asked about Cody’s day. Cody only admitted that he had spent some time with Britt. Dante chuckled because Britt had clearly not heeded Dante’s advice to stay away from Cody. Dante explained that he’d been looking out for Cody, but Cody told Dante he didn’t want him getting between him and Britt.

Cody reached into his gym bag when he received a reminder notification about the DNA test. Cody sighed with apprehension. Cody opened up to Dante about Mac and the possibility that Mac might be Cody’s biological father. Dante couldn’t believe that Cody hadn’t mentioned it to him sooner, especially since Dante knew what it was like to find a long-lost father. Dante explained that despite everything, Dante and Sonny had managed to forge a close relationship, and it had been Sonny who had gone to Turkey to rescue Dante from a dire situation. Dante admitted that Sonny was a good man despite Sonny’s “questionable lifestyle.” Later, Sam was waiting when Dante and Cody emerged from the locker room. After Cody left, Sam and Dante exchanged a kiss, and they each admitted they had had a crazy day. Sam decided Dante won the prize when he told her about Anna’s arrest. Dante was certain she had been framed by the Cassadine’s and he acknowledged that he was unable to do anything about it at that moment. Sam smiled when Dante decided to focus on them, and he leaned down to kiss her.

Britt noticed Mac and his family gathered at the elevator, and she realized Cody was there for the DNA test. She told Cody that she hoped he got what he wanted, but Cody confessed he wasn’t sure what that was.

After Ava left, Nina called Valentin, but the call went to voicemail. She admitted she was jealous that he was able to visit with Charlotte, and she was eager to hear all about it. However, Nina wanted Valentin to know that things were “weird” in Port Charles because Lucy was missing — and his father might have been responsible.

Victor explained that the world was in chaos, and the Cassadines were positioned to bring order to that chaos. “And order begins at home,” Victor said. Victor announced his decision to move into Wyndemere to keep an eye on Nikolas. Nikolas objected, and claimed the castle was under extensive renovations, but Victor didn’t care. After Victor walked away, Nikolas spotted Ava. Nikolas realized Ava was upset, so he urged her to leave before she ran into Victor. Ava refused, and she told him about the confession that Victor had taken. Nikolas admitted that he already knew, and he filled Ava in about Victor’s threats. Ava wasn’t intimidated, but Nikolas warned her that Victor might deal with Ava the way Victor had dealt with Lucy.

At the elevator, Victor praised Nikolas, but Nikolas warned Victor that Helena had once believed she could control Nikolas, too — and it had not ended well for her.

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GH Update Monday, October 24, 2022

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Update written by Shane

In the parking lot at the police station, Anna opened her trunk and found a gun and some clothing. She recalled the drone footage of what looked like her shooting Lucy. Dante interrupted her and asked if Jordan had cut Victor loose.  Anna told him that Jordan had no choice but to release Victor. Dante informed Anna that Holly had been the woman that was found in the Quartermaine boathouse. Anna was blown away and had a list of questions for Dante, few of which he could answer.  Dante explained that Holly was experiencing memory problems and couldn’t really tell them where she had been over the last two years.  Anna hoped that Lucy would be located safely as well.

Carly and Drew continued their romantic walk along the beach in Jacksonville. Drew suggested that they return to Port Charles. Carly admitted that she was reluctant to do so because she’d found Drew in Jacksonville. She explained that she’d originally left the town to escape, and while she’d found a lot of what she’d been looking for in Port Charles, she was afraid that she and Drew would change. Drew replied that his life had been similar, and he’d found a lot of what he’d been looking for in the Navy. He stated that he had still felt a void and had realized that he had been looking for who he was. He maintained that Carly had filled the void, and she agreed that they were solid. She thought that Jacksonville had changed them. As they walked along the beach, Carly declared that because the relationship was something that she was choosing, it was worth pursuing. Carly admitted she was afraid of losing Drew because of mistakes or choices that she might make, but he assured her that that wouldn’t happen. Carly said that she didn’t want to ruin the best thing that had happened to her.  Drew said that he liked their chances and Carly agreed.

Nina met up with Sonny at General Hospital so that they could attend Sasha’s guardianship meeting with Martin. They discussed the lack of any word on Lucy. “You cannot bet against Lucy Coe,” Sonny said. They found Martin and Sasha in a meeting room, and they all sat down around a table. Martin announced that with Brando’s death and no living relatives, the judge had decided that there would be a court-appointed guardian. Sasha was unhappy that a stranger would be making decisions for her, and Sonny and Nina wanted to fight it.

Martin made it clear that a court would not appoint either Sonny or Nina due to their past history. The group was determined that they find someone to take over the guardianship.  They discussed who they could find to step in for Brando as Sasha’s guardian. “You’re looking at her,” Gladys exclaimed as she walked in. She apologized for being late. She reminded Sonny that he had told her to step up, and she wanted to take over for Brando. Sonny told her it would be a big responsibility, and Gladys promised to give it her best shot. Martin agreed to petition the court.

Sonny thought that Gladys would be great, and he proclaimed that they were all in it together. Nina said that she would always think of Sasha as the daughter she’d never known, and she loved her. Martin took a phone call and revealed that there was still no word about Lucy. He admitted to feeling lousy but had taken on the meeting for her. Sasha gave him a hug and told him not to lose hope. Martin departed, and Gladys thanked Sonny for everything before taking Sasha home. Sonny and Nina thought that Sasha would get through it because she had them.

Scott and Felicia were in the Metro Court gardens. He wanted information on Lucy because he needed to tell Serena something. Felicia informed him that she had no updates, and Scott thought about hiring his own divers. He confessed that it felt like Lucy was still alive. Suddenly, they were taken aback when they spotted Holly and Robert sitting at a nearby table. There were hugs all around as Scott and Felicia ran to the table. Holly disclosed that she couldn’t remember anything from the past two years.

Scott and Felicia sat down and got around to revealing the information around Lucy’s disappearance. Holly wondered who would have done such a thing. “Why don’t we ask him?” Scott said as Victor walked in. Victor walked right over to the table and apologized for interrupting. He asked if Robert had had any updates on Lucy. Scott was perturbed as Victor announced his willingness to help out if needed.

Victor headed to his own table, and Holly was filled in with facts about Victor. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, since he had seemed so nice and was dressed so well. Felicia declared that they believed that Victor had been behind Lucy’s disappearance, but Robert stopped her before she said anything else about Victor.

At the police station, Jordan and D.A. Arden argued about Anna being responsible for shooting Lucy. Arden announced that Victor wanted to sue the department for unlawful arrest, but Jordan pointed out that while he was a suspect, he hadn’t been arrested. Jordan wanted to call Robert, but Arden didn’t think that was a good idea. She thought that Robert would be forced to recuse himself from the case. Jordan maintained that all of the evidence was circumstantial.

Arden snapped that Jordan had given Anna special treatment, while Jordan insisted that the video they had seen of the shooting had been doctored. Arden implied that Jordan wasn’t handling her job properly with regard to Anna. Arden left, and Mac appeared. He revealed that the divers hadn’t found anything. Jordan was sure that Anna had been framed, and Mac agreed but was surprised that Anna had been released. Jordan stated that Lucy had been missing for less than 48 hours, and they had no body. Mac looked at the video again and was certain that it had been doctored. He and Jordan agreed that while Lucy had been the victim, Anna had been the target. “And you know who’s after her, don’t you?” Mac asked. Jordan explained how Lucy had been working for Anna but had gone rogue. They both worried that Victor could get away with murder again if they couldn’t prove that the footage was fake.

Back at the police station parking lot, D.A. Arden arrived with a cop and announced that she had search warrants for Anna’s car as well as her home. She stated that Anna was the prime suspect in Lucy’s disappearance. She added that Jordan wasn’t a judge and jury, and Dante quickly pointed out that neither was Arden. Anna opened the trunk voluntarily.  Arden, Dante, and Anna walked into the police station lobby. Dante revealed to Jordan and Mac that the gun and clothing from Lucy’s shooting had been found in Anna’s car. Mac shouted at Arden, while Jordan made it clear that what they’d seen on the video had clearly been doctored. Dante whispered to Anna that he had to leave as the others argued. He urged her to play by the rules, but he knew that she had been set up. Mac suggested that Anna hire legal representation. Arden told the others that she was only doing her job.

Victor took a phone call at the gardens, learned about the warrants, and told the caller that he would be willing to contribute to Arden’s campaign if she ever decided to run for higher office. At the other table, Robert suggested that he get Holly home to bed, but Holly insisted that she hear more about Victor. Felicia revealed that Luke was gone, and it was believed that Victor had been responsible. Scott deemed it premeditated murder. Holly glared at Victor.

Dante rushed in and announced that Anna had been arrested as Lucy’s shooter. Scott thought that Arden was always jumping to conclusions. Holly stood up and headed for Victor’s table. He stood up to introduce himself, but Holly slapped him. She declared that the slap had been for Luke, and the next one would be for Anna and Lucy. Robert pulled her away.  Victor said he had half a mind to press charges but Dante and Felicia assured Victor that they hadn’t seen anything. “Your day is coming, tick-tock,” Scott said.

Victor received another phone call. He smiled and told the caller that he knew that little “surprise package would pay dividends.” He inquired about the house and confessed to almost feeling sorry for Anna. Victor confessed what a shame it would be if the police found evidence in Anna’s home that would put her away for life.

Anna said she couldn’t believe that Arden had fallen for the whole “doctored drone footage” exactly as Victor had known she would. Jordan wanted the evidence analyzed, but Arden wanted Anna arrested. Mac refused and cited the fact that Anna had been framed. He was dumbfounded that Arden couldn’t see that and he suggested that Arden was on Victor’s payroll. Arden threatened him, and reluctantly, Jordan placed Anna under arrest. She read Anna her rights and asked if Anna understood them.  “I do,” Anna said.

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