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Deacon: Are you ready for someone who’s committed to you and only you? Devoting himself to your happiness? Brooke, you will never have to question my priorities or doubt my loyalty. So, what do you say? You wanna make me the luckiest guy in the world? Tell me you’ll marry me.. tell me you’ll be my wife.

Ridge: I can’t believe it. You– you actually bought it back, you bought the house back.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Filled with all these memories.

Taylor: And now we can make more memories. So, what do you think? You wanna do it?

Ridge: I’ve got the blindfold on, might as well–

[ Taylor laughs]

Taylor: No, turn– turn our old house into our new private hideaway?

Bill: Well, this doesn’t mean you get time off. Have a son on your own time.

[ Laughs ] All right, I’ll see ya later.

Liam: What was that about?

Bill: Ah, it’s official. Taylor bought back the beach house and your brother is already moved out.

Liam: What the hell?

Bill: Ah, what can I tell ya? I– I, uh… you know, she used to live there with ridge and now that they’re back together, I guess she’s feeling nostalgic. I wasn’t about to sell, uh, the bel air house, that– that is my home. And now that brooke is free of ridge, well, I want a place big enough for her to move into.

Liam: You’re that cocky. I mean, you really think brooke is gonna turn to you.

Bill: Absolutely.

[ Taylor sighs ]

Taylor: You’re speechless.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m just thinkin’ about all the great times we had in here, all the– all the fun we had even after the kids were born.

[ Taylor laughing ]

Taylor: Yes, we did. Oh, ridge, I– I know this is a lot. I do. And I also know that you do not like surprises.

Ridge: No, I hate surprises. But I’m gonna make an exception. Thank you.

Taylor: So, yeah? Yeah?

Ridge: Yeah.

Bill: Ridge bailed. Full pivot back to taylor. He and brooke are done.

Liam: Yeah, uh, o– okay, but– but does that just automatically mean that you’re in? Dad, there are, uh, other men in the world.

Bill: Why’re you whispering, liam? And there are none that have the history with brooke that I do.

Liam: None that you are allowing yourself to imagine, but you just mentioned one of them– hope’s father.

Bill: Deacon?

Liam: Yeah.

Bill: I brought him up as a joke. You seriously think brooke would entertain the idea of having that low-life back in her world? No. Our favorite convict doesn’t stand a chance of a life with someone like brooke.

[ Brooke laughs ]

Wow, I– I actually can’t believe this. I mean, you… you brought a ring. You’re proposing.

Deacon: Look, I know it’s premature, I mean, I– I know you’re still technically married to, what’s his name? I’m sorry. Look, brooke, what can I say? You bring it out of me. I’m a man of action.

Hope: Dad, I’m a little confused. I mean, how and when did you even get that ring?

Deacon: I have wanted to come by here so many times since I’ve been back in L.A. And just dropped on one knee. I’ve carried this around for a long time, just waiting for the right moment to propose my love to you. And thanks to, uh– thanks to our daughter, that moment’s now. Brooke, look at this ring as a symbol of a better future, not just for us but for our daughter, too. Imagine what that would mean to her. All you have to do is say, “yes.” W memories to be made.

Taylor: So, wyatt took all his personal things, so everything that is left here at the house comes with it. And it’s a good thing, because, um, this new couch is a lot more comfortable than our old one.

Ridge: Interesting, ’cause I remember getting very comfortable with you on the old couch, quite a few times.

Taylor: Well, like you said, there are new memories to be made.

Ridge: I like this.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: An old place for a new start.

Taylor: Yeah… yeah, and this is a new start for us. And as happy as it is, it doesn’t mean that, you know, that your heart isn’t heavy right now. Ending a marriage, that’s a lot. You know, I– I still don’t know exactly how we got here, except something about a– a pine cone falling on your head.

[ Both laugh ]

Ridge: Huh.

Taylor: I know there’s something. And, no matter what it is, I am here for you, ridge. Good or bad, I am here. So, whenever you’re ready to open up… I’m ready to listen, okay?

Bill: So, you’re telling me that thomas spends all day with hope–

Liam: Yes, for this tofu–

Bill: And most evenings as well.

Liam: Most, no, but a good chunk–

Bill: And sometimes spends the night–

Liam: With beth, yes.

Hope: And hope has no idea what thomas is doing, that he is completely manipulating her?

Liam: Oh, she doesn’t appear to, no. But– but brooke and I certainly do and we don’t like where this is headed especially given how much time they’re spending together.

Bill: Okay, well that’s– that’s good, you and brooke are on the same page, at least, and– and presenting a united front. And once I’m back in brooke’s life, which should be soon, I can help steer hope away from thomas, as well.

Liam: I actually really appreciate that. Although, I think, maybe, you’re getting a little ahead of yourself.

Bill: Really? All right, listen, you can think whatever you want. Okay, in fact, I’m gonna kind of enjoy that and– and it’ll be funny. You know why it’ll be funny? Because i am going to choose you to be my best man. That means you’re gonna have to make the best man’s speech and you’re going to tell everyone how wrong you were.

Liam: All right, you know what? I look forward to that. You tell me when and where to show up and I’ll be there.

Bill: Well, I better get crackin’ on that right now. I’m gonna pay brooke a little visit and get workin’ on her future.

Liam: Hey, dad.

Bill: Yeah.

Liam: Just… be careful. She’s hurt.

Bill: I know.

Brooke: I am touched. Truly, I am. But as for you and me… uh, well, we’re always going to be hope’s parents. We’re always going to be grandparents to hope’s children. But as a couple, deacon, I mean, you know how I feel about ridge. I’m not gonna give up on him.

Deacon: You can– you can’t blame a guy for trying, right?

Brooke: It was really, very sweet, really.

Hope: I think– I think dad and i both understand why you can’t accept this ring right now. I mean, you’re still technically married and, uh, the wounds are still fresh, but mom, can you… can you please just do me a favor and… keep and open mind? You know how much dad loves you, he would be committed to you. And you would never have to question his devotion to us as a family. So, I don’t know, maybe the mood ever strikes again sometime in the future and dad wants to ask again, I just hope that, I dunno, you might possibly consider saying yes.

Brooke: Honey, I love it that you want to see us so happy. And I can see how much you love me, really, I can see how much you care and that means a lot. But… I have a husband, and he’S… he’s the man I love, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I’m not giving up on him. I mean, that door is not closed, not yet.

If you have this…

Ridge: I like that I can talk to you about anything, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to talk about brooke, I don’t want to talk about my marriage, not now. I wanna just sit here and look at you. In this cool, old house, that is, by the way, walking distance to our daughter’s house with her husband and those little kids.

Taylor: Well, you see that was all part of my master plan.

Ridge: Master plan, I knew it, you had a master plan.

Taylor: I did. And I also had one or two backups just in case–

Ridge: That doesn’t surprise me, either. And that’s why you should always be in charge of the itinerary.

[ Taylor laughs ] You never forgot I want a window seat.

Taylor: Never. This is surreal, isn’t it? Kind of? You know, being here in this house, together again.

Ridge: Well, yeah, because of you, because you didn’t give up. You didn’t give up on me, you didn’t give up on us and that would’ve been easy to do. So, thank you.

[ Door opens ]

Liam: Hey! You’re home.

Hope: Uh…

Liam: And you have company.

Deacon: Hey, liam.

Liam: Hey deacon, how’s it goin’?

> Hope: Sorry, hi. I totally missed your text. I’m sorry.

Liam: Oh, no. That’s fine. I– I just figured you were you know, busy at work.

Hope: Um, well, I am, still. I actually do have to go back, it’s just a lot with the preview right now.

Liam: Why did you come home, is there–

Deacon: It’s okay, you can tell him.

Liam: Okay… tell me what, guys?

Hope: My dad had an interesting proposal for my mom.

Liam: All right.

Hope: Marriage. He proposed.

Liam: Huh.

[ Knocking ]

Brooke: Hi, bill.

Bill: Lemme save ya the trouble. I can’t be here, ridge might see me. Well, I am here because I care about you. So you might as well let me in. I told you last time I was here that I was going to check on you.

Brooke: Yeah, I remember.

Bill: I meant it. I wanna help you get through this.

Brooke: Well, the only way to really get through this is for ridge to come home and to come back–

Bill: Brooke–

Brooke: To me. It’s going to happen, bill, it’s going to happen.

Bill: Has he given you any indication of that? He has no intention of coming back. He is with taylor now. Let me help you through this. Come back to me. Ma cherie. Just being

Ridge: I love this.

Taylor: Mm. Me too. It’s so peaceful… just being in your arms, being here together and knowing our family is– is back together, it’s–

Ridge: Yeah, I was talkin’ ’bout the sound of the ocean, but yours is nice, too.

Taylor: Mine is nice because this brings me moe peace than any ocean ever could.

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Ridge clears throat ]

Liam: D’oh! Whoa, okay. You asked brooke to marry you?

Deacon: She said no.

Hope: For now. But ridge has chosen to run off into the sunset with taylor, that’s his future. And mom will one day come to realize that and choose a future of her own. Nay. Choose a man of her own who actually respects her, unlike ridge.

Liam: A man who, uh, truly loves her, right?

Hope: Yeah, no one loves my mom more than my dad.

Liam: Yeah, except maybe my dad.

Bill: We agreed we had some wonderful memories together, we can have more.

Brooke: You are proving katie right, you know? You’re doing exactly what she said you would do. Okay, fine, fine, whatever, great. Katie’s right. You became available and here I am… where I belong. That’s after well over a year of my many, many attempts to reconcile with katie, to do the– the right thing. Well, she made it clear, she wants nothing to do with me. So, you don’t have to worry about katie, she does not want me anymore. But I want you. I have always wanted you. And I had you… and I lost you. And I forced myself at that point to stay away, to respect your boundaries. I told myself that if a life with ridge was what you wanted, that was gonna make you happy, I would respect that.

Brooke: I do want that.

Bill: The way that he treats you…

[ Brooke sighs ] Why would you want– why would anyone want that? It would be so much better if it was us. We were so much better. A true partnership, brooke, we could have that again. Don’t you remember what we had? Let me whisk you away. Let me help you forget all the pain and all the disappointment that ridge has caused you.

Brooke: I don’t want to forget. I wanna learn and i wanna grow and I wanna heal and I wanna do that with ridge. I mean, I am– I am very touched that you came here. It’s just, there’s only one man I wanna spend the rest of my life with. And I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told deacon–

Bill: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. The convict was here?

Brooke: Yes, he was here, with hope and don’t you dare call him that. Look, you two mean a lot to me, you’re very important parts of my past, and I will always care about you, bill. It’s just, there’s only one relationship for me, that’s it. I still don’t know why ridge left, I don’T. But I am going to find out. And I’m not gonna give up on him. I’m not.

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