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[ Dramatic music plays ]

The drone was hovering over the lake. I can zoom in.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Romantic music plays ] Hey. Hi. Hey. Nice to see you. Um… I know we’re here for sasha, but have you heard anything about lucy? Did they find her? Is she okay? Uh… I wish I had good news, but t-there’s no word yet. Oh, my god. The longer she goes missing the worse it gets. I know that it looks bad, but you cannot bet against lucy coe.

[ Sighs ] Come on. We really don’t have to discuss this now. I know you’re focused on lucy, as you should be. Are you kidding? I’m doing this for lucy. She’d skin me alive if she knew I was neglecting a client. Especially when that client’s you. Are were in the right place? Nina: Hi. Thank you for coming, nina. You said the judge made a decision about my guardianship. Tell me. Felicia, listen, I-I’m going nutty. Now imagine serena’s state of mind. I-I can only imagine. Well, y-y-you gotta give me something to take back to her. Yeah, I-I-I-I’ve been texting mac constantly for updates, and there’s just no news except for what we already know. Two shots fired, and no sign of lucy anywhere.

[ Sighs ] I — I just can’t believe this is happening. I know, I know. Wait a minute. I’m gonna hire my own divers. I’m gonna send them into that harbor and let them look. Mac and jordan are doing everything they can. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know about that. I’m telling you, I feel in my gut that lucy’s alive. I-I can’t really explain it, but I-I just — I-I really do. And, you know, felicia, there’s always miracles. A-and I pray that you’re right. I’m fine, robert. What were you saying about miracles? I have a job to do. So if you don’t mind. In fact, I do mind. Victor cassadine has a team of lawyers who are salivating at the chance to sue for unlawful arrest. Well, that’s gonna be pretty difficult, considering I didn’t arrest him. But he is considered a suspect in lucy coe’s disappearance. I didn’t see victor in that drone footage. Did you? Well, why don’t we give your boss a call, see if he agrees with me? Do not involve D.A. Scorpio. Well, this is his case, not yours. With all the evidence against anna, his ex-wife and the mother of his child, robert will have no choice but to recuse himself. We are in the very preliminary stages of the investigation. It is way too soon to be talking recusal. And just to be clear, the evidence we have at this point is all circumstantial. Oh. We’ll see. Well, that kiss felt different. It did. Yeah, but, like, in the best possible way.

[ Laughs ] Okay, so what now? Like, right now, or you mean, like, in big picture? Well, I — well, both. But I — mostly right now. Yeah. Well, right now. We, um… we gotta head back to port charles.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. I knew you’d say that. Mm. Then why’d you ask? I don’t know. On the off chance that you wouldn’T. You don’t want to go home? Yeah, I want to go home. I miss my kids like crazy. I just, um — I’m just reluctant to go. And why is that? ‘Cause I found something in jacksonville that I don’t want to leave. What? You.

Dante: Anna. Oh. Hi. You’re still here? Yeah. Just leaving. And, uh, jordan cut victor loose? Oh, yeah. She had no choice. You know, he’s all lawyered up, convinced he’s got away with murder. Hm. Yeah. You know, you’re putting a whole lot of stock into what could be considered falsified evidence. And you’re giving your friend anna a whole lot of special treatment. I’m using the discretion of my office. An office anna devane held for how many years? She’s been with the pcpd off and on since the ’80s. You were her hire, weren’t you? Originally. Maybe your discretion isn’t so professional after all. How many people in this department, from the old timers to officers who’ve got five years in, feel a loyalty to anna devane? How many of them would be willing to… give her the benefit of the doubt? Or turn a blind eye? Or actively steer the investigation to another direction? There’s a case here. I intend to prosecute it.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Robert, it’s j jordan. Give me a call when you can. It’s important. What’s got the ada all fired up now? First things first. Any news from harbor patrol? I was on a police boat all night and most of today.

[ Sighs ] The divers came up empty. No sign of lucy? I was hoping you had better news. We have a suspect. But you’re not gonna like who it is. We’ll find whoever shot lucy. It’s just a matter of time. I need to share something with you. Oh, yeah, that — that woman who washed up at the quartermaines’. Not lucy. Yeah. Uh, jordan told me. Right, but do you know who it was? No.

[ Scoffs ] You’re never gonna believe this. Holly sutton. I do not believe what I see right now. Oh, did we just die and go to heaven? I don’t think they’d let you through those gates. Holly! Hey. Hey. I — careful. We just fished her out of the lake. You got a hug for me? Always. Okay.

[ Giggles ] Um, I want to take her home for a rest. I don’t need to rest. I need faces. People. Especially the people I’ve missed so much. Not as much as we have missed you. But where have you been? And how did you end up in a lake? Well, he re memory’s a littlefragile at the moment. A kind way of saying that it’s all fog. I don’t remember much about the last two years. So, wait. Hang on a second. Poof! Then you just back in port charles with no clue? That’s the gist of it. Yeah. Well, don’t worry. Now that you’re home, I’m sure everything will come back to you. Now, you can contest the decision, as is your right. But you should know that that could take months. The decision being? The judge ruled that brando’s death makes it even more imperative that you remain under the guidance of a guardian. I can’t imagine it being anyone except brando. Neither can I. Who did the judge choose? Well, that’s the thing. I’m sorry, sasha. Seeing as how you don’t have any other living relatives, it’s gonna have to be a court-appointed guardian. You mean a stranger? I’m afraid so. When I left jacksonville in my 20s, I thought I was going after everything i wanted, you know? A better, different life. And in retrospect, I mean, I wasn’t really running towards anything. I was just trying to escape all my mistakes here. The funny thing is, though, is that you — you actually ended up with a lot of what you wanted. I did. I really did. I mean, I-I figured out who I was at my core, and that’s really huge. But I never realized I was running away. And now I’m able to admit that. So you’re afraid that if you leave now, then — then — then what? You’ll somehow lose that clarity? I’m afraid that, um, if we leave, it’s gonna change us… how we are together, the ease between us. I can talk to you about everything or nothing. I love being with you, and I’m afraid to lose that.

Now, are you saying sasha’s life or day-to-day decisions are gonna be left in the hands of a stranger? That’s correct. That’s not happening. But if that’s the law, then… well, human beings make the law. We can fight it. Right. And we’re gonna win. Because if she needs a guardian, I’m in. And so am I. We will help her in any way possible. Wait. Wait. And no disrespect intended, but [Chuckles] The court is never gonna sign off on somebody with a criminal record. Well, there has to besomething that we can do. Someone else who can step in. There is. You’re looking at her. Mac: Where is it anna now? She believes she was framed. Of course she was framed! So she went looking for evidence to prove it. Obviously. Look, I get that anna wants to clear her name, but I’m a little surprised you let her walk. In a good way, you’re usually all about playing it by the book. I still am. That so-called incriminating video may have convinced the ada, but to me, it screams setup. And whether or not anna has it in her to kill lucy, I don’t, for one second, believe that she would do it in such a stupid and obvious way. There’s something else going on here, mac. You’re not gonna get an argument out of me. And in the rush to declare lucy dead and charge anna with her murder, people seem to be overlooking one thing. Lucy’s been missing less than 48 hours, and we don’t even have a body. Why didn’t you tell me lucy is missing? Oh, don’t blame robert. He was probably too busy pinching himself, making sure he wasn’t dreaming. Can you believe this?

[ Chuckles ] It is still sinking in. I’m so sorry. Do you have any idea what happened? I mean, we’ve all wanted to tear lucy’s hair out at some point, I certainly have, but wanting to kill her? I mean, who would go to those lengths? Why don’t we ask him? What? Holly is alive? Yeah. Saw her in the flesh. Oh, my god, that’s incredible. I have to call robert. Robert already knows. Oh, yeah. That’s why I couldn’t reach him, probably. Yeah, probably. I mean, he was one of the first on the scene when the quartermaines found holly in the boathouse. He must be so happy. It was a pretty wild reunion, I’ll say that. And she’s all right? And where has she been all this time? She didn’t contact us. Why didn’t she contact us? We don’t know. I mean, her mind seems kind of fuzzy on the details, but they checked her into the hospital, and everything seems fine. Holly alive and well. Mm. Maybe that’s a sign. Of what? That if holly can be found… maybe so can lucy? Um, I can’t wait to see her myself. Ada arden: Detective falconeri, kindly inform ms. Devane that she’s not going anywhere. Looking back on life, it’s — it’s a trip, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Sometimes fun and sometimes not so much. Mm. I mean, I had the same or similar experience as you when I joined the navy right out of high school. Because at the time — at the time I thought I was looking for a purpose. Or a career? Right. But now I realize I was — I was just looking for a home. And I found that. I definitely found that. I mean, those guys are my brothers in every sense of the word, and… and it did fill the void for a little while. But the void’s still there. Yeah. I mean, after everything that happened, after thinking that I was jason, it just became so clear to me. My whole life… I was just looking for who I was. For — for were to belong. For… for someone to belong to. Don’t you think you found that in port charles with the quartermaines? Yeah. But where i really feel it… is with you.

I don’t want you to think that I’m looking to you to be the answer to all my problems. Like we’re just gonna slide into bliss and live happily ever after or something. Well, that’s good, because happily ever after doesn’t exist. And it certainly doesn’t exist with me. I mean, you know me. I do. Inevitably, I’m gonna get fired up about something and I’m gonna go tearing off to god knows where, doing god knows what. I know. I know. And I’m okay with that. Really? Really. Do you remember the conversation we had in your kitchen after the quartermaine picnic? Of course I do. You said you were scared to see the end before it even begun. After our time here… do you still feel that way? No. What we have feels solid. In a way it didn’t before. Well, I guess jacksonville not only changed me, but it changed us. Now, doesn’t that tell us all we need to know? Sorry I’m late. Got stuck in traffic. Martin was just filling us in on the judge’s decision. I figured as much. Court-appointed guardian? Yeah, and as you can imagine, sasha’s not too happy about it. And you two are out ’cause of you’re… history. That leaves me. You’re serious about being sasha’s guardian? You’re the one who told me it was time to step up and be here for my family. Yes, I did. So, somebody’s gotta do what brando would have wanted. Why not me? Jordan: Well? It looks like anna with a gun. But there has to be another explanation. Either this video was doctored or… something. This I know — no way in hell did anna lure lucy to the docs then shooter her in cold blood. Which means someone else did and set anna up to take the fall. In other words, lucy may be the victim, but it’s anna who’s the real target. Exactly. And you know who’s after her, don’t you? My, uh, apologies for the interruption, but, uh, D.A. Scorpio, do you, by any chance, have an update on lucy? Okay, cassadine! Why don’t you tell us? You’re the one who’s been spending all the time with her. Well, if only I could. T-there is nothing I wouldn’t do to find her. So if anyone has an idea as to how I can help, please, please let me know.

[ Grumbles ] You’re my first call. Cassadine? Victor. The rottenest apple in the whole barrel. And that’s saying something. Yeah, it is. He seemed sincere about wanting to find lucy. Why were you so hostile to him? Because we think victor’s behind lucy’s disappearance. Really? That suit doesn’t scream “cold-blooded killer” to me. Well, looks can be deceiving. In fact… don’t give her that look. What look? The look, as if I wouldn’t catch it. In fact what? What has that man done? What is going on? Ada arden: A warrant to search ms. Devane’s car, and another has already been issued for her home. Officers are on their way as we speak. That’s really very efficient. Well, what can I say? When a system works, it works. Yeah, but I know that commissioner ashford wouldn’t sign off on this. Fortunately, the commissioner isn’t judge and jury. That’s funny. I was gonna say the same thing about you. I admire your loyalty, detective, but in this case, it’s misplaced. Your former boss, here, is the prime suspect in the disappearance of lucy coe.

[ Scoffs ] Wait. What? Come on, that is insane. Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s take a look inside your car and find out.

You know… you were right about everything. Not only is what we have worth pursuing, I want it. But I want it because it’s something I choose. Not because it’s something I’m hiding in. Does it — does it feel like you’re hiding? It feels like you’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a really long time. And if we do this, I don’t want to mess it up by doing something stupid or making a dumb mistake. You won’T. Make a mistake? Oh, no, you’ll definitely do that. We both will. But you’re not gonna lose me over it. How do you know? I just do. When I said you needed to step up your game, I didn’t mean that you should take on this kind of responsibility. I want the responsibility. I want to be here for sasha, since brando can’t be, and helped her through this awful time. Keep it in the family? That’s good, right? It’s very good. I’m not brando. No one is or could be. But I promise to give it my best shot. I know you will. The last thing I want is a stranger telling me what I can and can’t do. So is this a possibility? For gladys to be my guardian, even though she’s technically not family? It’s not the worst idea in the world. In terms of succession rights, the state of new york doesn’t distinguish between a mother and a mother-in-law. Judge might be persuaded to think in the same terms when it comes to a guardianship, provided, of course, ms. Corbin is deemed a suitable option. Worth a shot. You say yea, I’ll inquire. What’s the worst thing that can happen, huh? They say no. So…it’s decided. Unless you think I’m not up for the job. Anna is convinced that victor set her up to cover his own tracks. It’s a win-win, right? He gets rid of anna and lucy in one shot. Well, back up. I thought victor liked lucy. And vice versa. Felicia told me they were both all over each other while martin grey was out of town. They were. But according to anna, it was all an act on lucy’s part. Lucy was actually working for her. For anna. Trying to get an angle on victor to connect him to luke’s murder. Problem is, lucy went a little rogue. Sounds about right. And anna tried to call her off, but — but lucy being lucy, she didn’t listen. So anna thinks victor found out and turned the tables? Victor denies it, of course. And if that drone footage can’t be disproved… victor gets away with murder… again. Warrants have been issued already, huh? Well, that’s impressive. Remind me to make a sizable contribution to ada arden’s campaign should she ever decide to run for higher office. I think that’s enough excitement for one day. I’m gonna take you home, put you to bed. Oh, really? While I sleep on the couch. I think that’s quite possibly the worst example of deflection that I’ve ever seen attempted. What is so terrible about victor cassadine? Well, holly… where should I begin? You know, she’s not gonna stop asking you. Like a dog with a bone. Like a dog with a bone. Yeah, but a really elegant, sweet, lovable dog. Nice try. Luke is gone. Gone? As in? Yeah. Yes. Gone. No. We have reason to believe that victor is responsible. We thought it was an accident — ah! Felicia. Accident, my foot. We all know it was premeditated murder. I can’t believe it. Luke, of all people. How can that kind of energy just cease to exist? Let’s go home and talk about it there. I’m not going anywhere just yet. What’s this? You just can’t go around harassing law-abiding citizens. I don’t care how high-profile the case. You may want to rephrase the “law-abiding” part when you see what we found in the trunk of ms. Devane’s car. Which she showed us voluntarily. She popped the trunk herself. Also in here are the clothes the perpetrator was wearing when they shot lucy coe. How do you know what the perp was wearing? There’s footage. And as you’ll see, the shooter bears an uncanny resemblance to ms. Devane. Footage that hasn’t been verified. We don’t know if anything on there is real. Hey, I gotta go take care of something. We know a woman is missing after two shots were fired… listen to me right now. We gotta play by the rules, okay? The system is working against you. But the advantage we have is we know someone is setting you up. We’re gonna fix this. Trust in that. I’ll be back.

You’re not gonna lose me. Because… I — I understand the true meaning of that word — loss. The weight that comes with it. I was — I was lost for over two years. It’s not like a — it’s not like a fight or — or — or a breakup or — or differences that you can’t work your way through. When you lose something, it’s gone. And if, by some miracle, you get it back, it — it’s never the same. I mean, the time that you don’t have together… that you couldn’t reach out and just hold somebody that you love. You don’t get that back. But… loss does teach you the difference between what you simply like, what you value… and what is truly, truly irreplaceable.

You are irreplaceable. Carly, there’s nobody like you. And no one is to me what you are. That’s just a fact. I think you’d make a great guardian. But since you’re throwing my words back at me, remember I told you? We’re all in this together. And I hope that includes me. I know that we’re not technically family, either, but there’s a part of me that will always think of you as the daughter I never knew. I’m honored. Even though I don’t deserve it. Hey, if life was about deserving, people in this room would sure be in trouble.

[ Laughs ] Would we ever. I love you. I will always be here for you. Always. I love you, too. Well, you let me know as soon as possible. Thank you. Nina: Hey. Lucy? Huh? Oh, no. Nothing yet. Hey, you know what they say — no news… but right now, I gotta be honest — it feels pretty lousy. We’re all pulling for her. You don’t have to say anything without a lawyer present. Oh, she seems to have the silent thing down pat. Jordan: Silence isn’t an admission of guilt. Or didn’t they teach the fifth amendment when you went to law school? What I was taught was to follow the evidence. That’s all I’m doing, commissioner — my job. We don’t know how that gun and those clothes ended up in your car. Someone planted them. It had to be victor. Dante: Robert. Have you heard from anna? You know, my phone hasn’t made a peep all day. Felicia: Is this about lucy? Lucy still hasn’t turned up. The ada is convinced that she’s got her shooter.

[ Groans ] Of course she does. Come on, robert, I mean, she works for you, but she’s always jumping to conclusions. Who does she suspect? Anna. You’re falling for it, just like he knew you would. You see that, don’t you? You know what needs to happen. Officer williams

[Sighs] Take the evidence to forensics to get analyzed. Now it’s your turn. You have more than enough to arrest her, and you know it. Do your duty, chief scorpio. Or I’ll find someone who will. Arden’s investigating anna? Yeah. For shooting lucy? That’s ridiculous. It’s a setup. I agree. Yeah, I-I’d bet the farm on who’s behind it. Excuse me. W-w-wait. Where you go– oh, damn it. Hello. Hello. Uh, I’m sorry. I, uh — I don’t believe we’ve met. Consider this our introduction, then.

I love this. Me, too. You know, the ocean is so incredible. It’s amazing how it can make you feel so small in the face of such vast beauty. And you’d think it would make you feel the opposite. But it’s empowering somehow. I am familiar with that feeling. No, it’s true. Such a big part of this past year has been sweeping away all the stuff that doesn’t matter, just, like, letting go of everything that happened to me. It was a nightmare. But…I survived. It’s over. And it’s shaped me into who I am. Just like this experience. This experience shaped you. 100%. And it’s not like we’re gonna lose sight of us. Because who we become is — is who we are. This is us. I think I’m gonna like us. A lot. I already do. No time like the present. I will officially petition to have ms. Corbin appointed as your guardian. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Martin, I can’t imagine how distracted you are, and yet you’re here getting things done. Yeah, well, with a little bit of luck, at least will have one happy ending. Don’t lose hope. No. To better days, little one. Better days. All right, you’ll hear from me as soon as I hear from the judge. Sir. Ms. Reeves, ms. Corbin.

[ Sighs ] You ready to go home, sasha? Oh, thanks.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Hey. You got this. Thank you for everything. I’m really impressed with sasha. I mean, with everything she has to go through with this guardianship stuff, she still has empathy for martin. Well, you know, it — it just gives me hope that she’s gonna get through this. She’s gonna get through this. You know why? Hm? She has us. Damn straight. Yeah. That was for luke spencer. The next one will be for lucy coe and anna devane. I-I [Chuckles] I think you’ve made your point. Let’s go. There’s a lot more where that came from. Yeah. You know, I’m tempted to press charges. Press charges? Uh, for what? I didn’t see anything.

[ Sighs ] I was checking my e-mail. You know, I would throw this drink in your face, but I don’t want to waste good vodka.

[ Sighs ] ‘Cause, um, your day is coming. Oh, is that so? Yeah. Ticktock.

[ Cellphone rings ] Give me some good news. Ah! Mm. Yes. I thought our little surprise package would pay dividends. And what about casa devane? Oh, the search is under way. Good. You know, I almost feel sorry for anna. I’ll be such a shame if they find something in her own home, of all places, that could put her away for the rest of her life. Must be nice to be you. Defenders and special treatment wherever you go. A crime was committed. It’s my job to take the case and prosecute it. End of story. Do you not recognize a frame job when you see one? Or are you just another name on victor cassadine’s payroll? I could have your badge for that. Okay. Mac, come on. Don’t fall on your sword for me. I’m not arresting you. Then I’ll have no choice but to report you to internal affairs. Jordan, just do it. Come on, please. We’ll figure it out later. Come on. Anna devane [Sighs] You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as I’ve read them to you? I do.

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