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[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Yes, yes, of course you’re gonna get the exclusive.

Eye on fashion always has the first position. Of course. Okay. All right, I’ll see you at the preview. Bye, bye. If you’re looking my father, he’s not in. I’m assuming he’s with my mother.

Brooke: You love rubbing it in, don’t you?

Steffy: Rubbing what in?

Brooke: How delighted you are. You worked hard to undermine my marriage. I’m sure you’re thrilled with the way things worked out.

Steffy: I wasn’t undermining you, brooke. But it is true, I am happy that my parents are back together.

Brooke: For the moment.

Steffy: For good. My father is filing for an annulment. So, if you don’t mind, I have to get back to work.

Brooke: Oh, you’re dismissing me?

Steffy: I’m just really trying to avoid another one of your predictable lectures about destiny. I heard it from hope a few days ago, I don’t need to hear it from you.

Hope: Hm. Yeah, I can’t still believe that paris told you.

Thomas: That you think I’m hot.

Hope: That’s not what– okay. Look, context is very important here in this.

Thomas: Hope, you don’t exactly have to be, like, self-conscious or anything. Look, I’m flattered. Obviously, you know how I feel about you.

Hope: You know what, let’s just– let’s move past this.

Thomas: Move past the greatest compliment I’ve had to date? Okay. All right. Well, you wanna discuss the lineup for the preview? ‘Cause, I actually have a few thoughts.

Hope: Actually, I was hoping to see the chiffon dress with the tapered waistline.

Thomas: Hope wait, before you go back there.

Hope: Is that it over here?

[ Hope gasping ]

Douglas: Checkmate!

Liam: Wait. How– who– who taught you how to play chess this well? Is it– was it– is it your great-grandfather?

Eric: Yeah, his grandfather, his father as well. It’s kind of been a group effort actually. Now, he is teaching all of us. And you, too, it seems.

Liam: Clearly.

Eric: You’re really good at this.

Douglas: Should I tell him?

Donna: Oh, okay.

Eric: Tell me what?

Douglas: Donna’s been giving me pointers. It’s a secret.

Eric: What? Donna? You play chess?

Donna: Not only do I play, I was actually scorekeeper of my high school chess club for a year. What? I needed an extra curricular!

Eric: I never would have guessed.

Douglas: Donna is a lot of fun.

Donna: Am I? Really? How fun? How fun?

Liam: Seems like there’s a lot of that going around here. Fun, the fun, the fun.

Eric: We have really enjoyed having douglas here with us.

Douglas: I’m having an awesome time, too.

Liam: That is so cool. I’m so happy but, I gotta tell you, your mom and beth and me, we all really, really, really miss you. Do you think… maybe it’s time for you to come home?

Brooke: Hope says what she feels.

Steffy: And surprise surprise! It’s exactly how you feel. Like my parents reuniting is somehow orchestrated by my mother and me.

Brooke: Wasn’t it?

Steffy: No. And you know that. But instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that you’re the one responsible for your failed marriage, you want to point the finger at us. But my mom and I are used to it. You’re not gonna get what you want, brooke. My father has made up his mind. He wants to be with my mother and he’s making it permanent by ending it with you legally. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but you had it coming, especially after aspen.

Brooke: Where’s hope right now?

Steffy: In a meeting with thomas. I’m sure that’s an issue for you, not that it matters to him.

Brooke: Yeah, well, you conveniently forget the way thomas was. He was completely detached from reality, but, you know what? I haven’t forgotten and I really am concerned. And hope shouldn’t forget either because there is the slightest possibility that it could happen all over again.

Hope: What is that mannequin doing here, thomas?! Explain!

Thomas: Someone downstairs brought it up.

Hope: Why?

Thomas: I don’t know. Maybe they thought that it would be good for me to put dresses on something that looked like you.

Hope: Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. Who in their right mind would go and take–

Thomas: Hope, hope, I would never want someone to bring that thing up here, all right? I don’t understand why it wasn’t burned to the ground after the last time I saw it. That reminds me of a painful, dark past. I don’t want to remember that. Right now, I am focused on being a great father to my son. Tell me you believe me. I need you to say that you believe me.

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Steffy: Your concerns are unfounded, brooke. Thomas’ life doesn’t revolve around hope anymore.

Brooke: Oh, really? They work together! They’re raising douglas together! Thomas makes sure that hope’s over at eric’s as much as possible–

Steffy: They share a son! He’s not obsessed with her anymore! You need to drop this, brooke.

Brooke: Oh, you mean look the other way? Steffy, there’s already warning signs that thomas is getting too close to her and I’m not gonna let that happen.

Steffy: Let me ask you something. How would my father feel if he knew that you were harassing his son? I think it would just reaffirm why he left you and went back to my mom.

Brooke: I’m not harassing his son. I’m concerned about my daughter, and I think ridge would understand that. I know he loves his son, he’s giving thomas the benefit of the doubt, but he also knows his history. And if thomas is trying to drive a wedge between liam and hope, and using douglas to do that, I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

Douglas: You want me to–

Liam: Come home. Yeah. Only because your mom and beth and me, we really miss you, like, a bunch.

Douglas: Do I have to leave?

Eric: No, of course not.

Douglas: See? It’s okay with great granddad if I stay!

Liam: No, sure, yeah, you can stay. It’s just–

Eric: I’ll tell you what. I’ll leave you two here to talk, all right? Donna and I will go into the den.

Donna: That’s a great idea. Okay.

Liam: Can I level with you? Home just isn’t the same without you, man.

Douglas: But mom and beth can come here. They can see me.

Liam: No, yes, of course they can. I just–

Douglas: I love it here. This is where I wanna be. What I really want is to be with both my parents. My mom and my real dad.

Thomas: I swear I didn’t put it there. I had no idea that thing still existed, let alone it was still in the building. Just please tell me that you believe me.

Hope: I… I believe you. I’ve seen the changes that you’ve made, thomas, especially with douglas and you’re a devoted father and it’s beautiful to see and also you’ve been doing really amazing work for my line and for that I am grateful to you.

Thomas: So, it’s not because you think I’m hot?

[ Thomas laughing ]

Brooke: Am I interrupting?

Hope: Mom? Thomas and i were just… do you need me?

Brooke: I would like to talk to you. Alone.

Thomas: Okay.

Brooke: What are you doing? What’s going on with you and thomas? Suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night?

Liam: Hey, douglas. You know that I would never claim to be or try to be your dad, right? I mean, like, I just, I don’t know, I kind of think we’ve been having a lot of fun. Like all the soccer games I’ve been taking you to, and the science projects, and– oh, my god, do you remember when I helped you design your halloween costume last year? That was dope! Right? We had a lot of fun, I thought.

Douglas: Yeah.

Liam: Nice. Well, yeah, I mean– I just– I kind of feel like we were buds. Like best buds, even.

Douglas: We were.

Liam: Nice. Well, I really miss that and, I dont know, I was kind of hoping maybe you did, too.

Douglas: I do, but…

Liam: It’s okay. Trust me, you can’t hurt me. You can say it, whatever it is. Douglas, I will understand.

Douglas: It’s just, you’re really cool and all, liam, but so is my dad. I like hanging out with him and my mom. They’re my family. My real family.

Thomas: Yeah, so then brooke barges into the design office saying that she has to speak to hope “alone”, like her and I aren’t working on our preview right now and have a thousand things to do.

Steffy: What did brooke want?

Thomas: I don’t know, like, bashing me to hope? What? What’s going on?

Steffy: Nothing, it’s just… brooke and I exchanged words.

Thomas: When?

Steffy: Right before she came to see you. Obviously, she’s still upset about losing dad. So, now she’s starting on you as a way to get back.

Thomas: Okay, look, you know what? It doesn’t matter because brooke’s trying to do the same old, same old. Just saying that I’m losing my mind, going crazy. But hope isn’t gonna believe her. Not this time. Hope is solidly in my corner. If I didn’t know before today, I do now.

Brooke: Are you really encouraging thomas?

Hope: Mom, when thomas is not here working hard on my line, he is spending quality time with douglas and their bond has grown and it has been a really beautiful thing to see.

Brooke: Okay, that’s not what I’m talking about. What really concerns me is–

Hope: Mom, I– I get your concerns! And I do appreciate them, but you’re not the one spending all this time with thomas. I am! I’ve seen how he is at eric’s, when he gets to play baseball with douglas. And, also, how much he’s helped me here with my line.

Brooke: So, you have complete faith in thomas?

Hope: Yes.

Brooke: Well, that’s what concerns me. Because you’re too trusting and when it comes to thomas–

Hope: I already know what you’re about to say, it’s what you’ve always said. That I can’t forget about his past, that I need to keep my guard up, which I am. But I also am allowed to think that he is capable of change, especially for our son’s sake!

Brooke: Okay, look, I know this is complicated for you. I do. But I was standing at the door and I heard you both talking. Is it true that you think thomas is hot?

Hope: Okay– it is not– it’s not what you think.

Brooke: Well, it certainly seemed like something.

Hope: All right, then. Paris and I, we walked into the office. We caught thomas in a state of undress. He took his bike to work that day, he was in the middle of changing, and then paris was going on and on about how hot she thought he was–

Brooke: And you feel the same way?

Hope: And I only agreed with her so that we could get back to work! Mom, it is nothing to worry about!

Brooke: Honey, yes it is! I’m very concerned about this! Thomas was obsessed with you. He had a mannequin that looked just like you. You’re spending a lot of time with him here at work. So, yes, I’m concerned. And, in fact, liam is very worried. And you’re over at eric’s a lot to be there with thomas.

Hope: Not with thomas, to be there with douglas!

Brooke: You know the difference, but does thomas? I’m not convinced that he does.

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Hope: I don’t wanna argue about this.

Brooke: I don’t want to argue either, but liam, beth, and douglas, they’re your family. Not thomas and douglas.

Hope: Mom, I know that. And I get why you’re concerned, but I also need you to understand that I believe thomas has changed and he’s not a threat to anyone anymore.

Brooke: I don’t know about that, honey. I mean, he still resents me. Every time I look at him, I see the hate in his eyes.

Hope: Okay, I think you might be reading into things just a little.

Brooke: No, I’m not. I know thomas for who he is. He has a history of instability and of manipulating people to get what he wants. He says he’s past all that, that he’s accepted your marriage to liam. But, I dont know, it certainly hasn’t stopped him from doing–

Hope: Mom. I hear what you’re saying, but, believe it or not, I actually have to get back to work. With thomas. Because we have a very big fashion preview to get ready for. So, let’s put a pin in this. Okay?

Brooke: God.

Hope: Love you!

[ Brooke sighing ]

Steffy: You’re preaching to the choir about brooke. I don’t want to waste any more time on her. She’s out of dad’s life and dad’s back with mom.

Thomas: Yeah, thank goodness. You know, I just don’t want brooke interfering with my relationship with hope.

Steffy: Relationship?

Thomas: You know what I mean. Like, we’re working together, we’re raising a kid together, and things are finally clicking between us.

Steffy: Good, I’m happy for you. Just don’t let her catch you half-naked again.

Thomas: Ha!

Steffy: Hope! We were just talking about you.

Hope: Oh?

Thomas: All good. I assure you. Are you and your mother done?

Hope: Yeah, but I would love to get back to work if that’s okay?

Thomas: Sure.

Steffy: I have a meeting, you two can use my office. Just keep your pants on, stud.

[ Thomas sighing ]

Hope: So, steffy knows?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, just about the part where you and paris walked in on me pretty much half-naked, but not the part about you calling me hot.

Hope: Oh, gee, thanks.

Thomas: You’re welcome.

Hope: By the way, my mom overheard us as well.

Thomas: Oh, great. I’m sure she came down on you wanting to warn you that I’m a crazy person.

Hope: Oh, I don’t need to be warned by my mother or anyone else. Thomas, I meant what I said. I’ve seen the effort that you’ve put into working on your relationship with douglas, and now the way he lights up when you’re in the room. It’s a beautiful thing. And I, also, again, am very grateful for all your help on my line. You’re an exceptional designer with an eye for beauty and fashion.

Thomas: Well, it’s not hard to exemplify beauty on the line when I’m working on your line–

[ Phone ringing ] And thinking about you. Uh, do you want to try on my most recent design? It’s right back there.

[ Ringing continues ]

Hope: Okay, sure. Why not?

Thomas: Okay, cool.

[ Ringing continues ]

Thomas: Hey! Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I was looking for those colors, it’s like an aqua. Basically all the blues and the reds are kind of missing. Yeah, I just need the samples. Okay, great. Yeah, a half hour’s fine. Okay, cool. All right, thanks. Bye. Wow. What do you think?

Hope: It’s breathtaking.

Thomas: You’re breathtaking.

Hope: Here, come here.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Do you think if we bring it in in the sides, it will help with the fall of the dress a little bit?

Thomas: It was just

a fantasy. Stop.

Hope: Are you okay?

Thomas: Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah. What am I doing? Hope’s married. I can’T.

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