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At Kelly’s, Dex confronted Josslyn and asked if the current state of things between them was how it was going to be from now on. She asked him if he still worked for Sonny, he replied in the affirmative and she then said that she didn’t see a change in things on the horizon.  Josslyn tried to appeal to Dex to quit Sonny’s organization by bringing up Jason.  She told Dex how loyal Jason and her Mom had been to Sonny and she asked him to look where they all are now.  She told Dex that Jason had been working for Sonny since he was younger than Dex is currently and that Sonny regarded Jason as family.  She reiterated that Sonny had still betrayed Jason and asked Dex how long he thought it would be before Sonny betrayed him.  Dex recalled his secret arrangement with Michael to take down Sonny and told Josslyn that he needed the job with Sonny.  Cameron then walked into Kelly’s and noticed that Josslyn was upset.  He asked what was going on.  Dex said that he had upset Josslyn by bringing up Sonny.  He apologized to Cameron.  When Dex left, Josslyn admitted to Cameron that she had known Dex longer than she previous admitted and that she had saved him from one of Sonny’s “employees.”  Cameron told Josslyn that he had known Josslyn had rescued Dex because Michael had already told him. Cameron wondered why Josslyn hadn’t told him, and she claimed it had been because she didn’t want Cameron involved in any of Sonny’s dealings.  Cameron said that he and Josslyn had been distant for months and that they needed to plan something together soon.  Josslyn agreed and the two embraced.  But, Josslyn still had a look of disappointment on her face.

Earlier, at the hospital, Cameron had been worried about an upcoming trip that Elizabeth planned to take with Terry to Monterey. Cameron noted that Elizabeth’s parents, Jeff and Carolyn lived in Monterey, but Elizabeth thought the chances of seeing her parents were slim.

Cameron confided that things hadn’t been going well with Josslyn. Elizabeth blamed Esme and said she hated what that horrible girl had done to them. Elizabeth vowed to spend time with Cameron and his brothers when she and Terry returned.

Later, Elizabeth appeared in Finn’s office. Elizabeth saw that Finn, Violet, and Gregory looked sad. Violet and Gregory left, and Finn said that he had just told Violet about Reiko’s death. Elizabeth asked if Finn would check on her boys while she was gone. Finn said that he would and then Elizabeth and Terry departed for Monterrey.

Britt and Cody, at an undisclosed bank location, wondered what was inside Peter’s safe deposit box. A man returned with the box, and Britt briefly hesitated before she agreed to search the box. Britt was shocked to discover a heavy diamond necklace inside. Cody said he knew how to tell if the necklace was real, and he used a compact from Britt’s purse to scratch the glass with one of the diamonds. Cody noted that real diamonds scratched glass, and he said the necklace was authentic.

Britt wondered about the necklace’s origins and how Peter had gotten his hands on it. Britt decided to keep the necklace stored away at its current location. 

At Nina’s penthouse, Ava and Nina shared martinis, and the two recalled the events of their day. Nina surmised that something was wrong with Ava, and she asked why Ava was avoiding her problems with Nikolas. Ava said she couldn’t decide what to do about Nikolas. Nina assured Ava that she wouldn’t judge Ava, regardless of her decision. Ava admitted that part of her wanted to cut Nikolas out of her life but that she’d reconsidered after Nikolas’ offer to confess to a crime. Nina wanted to know what Nikolas had done. “That’s just it. He didn’t do anything. I did,” Ava said. Ava said that if the secret ever became public, it could be the end for both Nikolas and her. Nina wondered why Ava hadn’t made Nikolas pay. Ava said it was because Nikolas would lay down his life for her. Nina’s phone rang, and she promised to continue her conversation with Ava when she returned. After Nina excused herself, Ava went to her purse to retrieve what she thought was Nikolas’ letter of confession. Instead, Ava was startled when she saw a letter that had been written on the same stationary. “Missing something???” 

At the Metro Court, Victor and Nikolas argued over whether Nikolas should divorce Ava. Victor called Nikolas’ feelings for Ava an “obsession.” Victor stated that he wouldn’t allow Nikolas to put the Cassadines at risk because of Ava, and he added that he had gone to great lengths to ensure the Cassadines’ future.

Nikolas said the Cassadine legacy was in his hands, not Victor’s. Victor wanted to know what Nikolas had meant, and Nikolas suggested that the two agree to a mutual exchange of information.

Victor remarked that Nikolas and Valentin were a lot alike because they were each focused on their own desires instead of the greater good. Victor and Nikolas’ argument became heated, and Victor accused Nikolas of loving Ava more than Spencer. Victor said that Nikolas had allowed Ava to destroy Nikolas’ relationship with Spencer. Victor remarked that Nikolas had not once visited Spencer in Pentonville.  Nikolas remained surprisingly cool throughout Victor’s grilling until he learned that Victor had stolen his letter of confession that he had given to Ava.  Nikolas was stunned that Victor had found the confession. “You will do exactly as I say and divorce Ava, or one way or the other, Nikolas, I will take you out,” Victor threatened.  Victor was still unaware that not only is there a letter of confession, but also a video.

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