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are divorced. You just signed the papers. Oh yeah. I’m sorry. No, no, no. It’s

Don’t pee. I won’t, I, I won’t minute. Something smells really good. Okay. You can listen now. I can. Oh my goodness. Look at you. I’m a princess. You are a princess. Oh my goodness. Yes. Well, these look spectacular little princess. They’re pumpkin. I made them from scratch. Oh, did. Hello everyone. Mommy, you look great.

She’s a. Yes, I know. And daddy’s gonna be a king, which makes us the royal family. Can grandma be a part of the royal family? Oh, well that’s up to her, isn’t it?


so tell me, what are you doing going through Kristin’s things?

Oh my goodness. What a surprise. , you look terrific. This for you.

I dunno. Come on, come on in. I’ll get you some coffee. Honestly, Stephan, I was just gonna drop this off with Harold and keep going. Well then it’s a good thing I open the. But you’re working? Nah, it’s nothing important. I’m just getting caught up on stuff to mirror, that’s all.

So, which one of you wants to sign first?

I do.

I cannot wait to be rid of you once and for all. Stephen. Hey, what is it? What’s wrong? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Dr. Ralph Lee Shin everything okay in Ja. I’m sorry to hear that, but the reason I’m calling is Gabby told me about going to the lab.

Yes. It was very wrong of her to hold a scalpel to your throat, but I wanted to know how you managed to convince her that you hadn’t brainwashed Stephan, because we need to keep our stories straight Now. What exactly did you tell her that got her to back down?

What? What kind of. But why in God’s name did you have to erase her memory? You told her the truth. Do you understand? You wouldn’t have had to erase her memory if you hadn’t told her what she was never supposed to know. I know Gabby was in attack mode, but still you spineless little.

I think you, who are you talking to?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Thanks for the update. Catch you later, Don. You look provocative. Hmm. Uh, I asked you who you were talking to. Well, curiosity killed the cat. Yeah. I am curious, I mean, you said I was in a attack mode and, well, that doesn’t sound particularly complimentary, so I’d like to know who you said it to. To a venture capitalist and they think attack mode.

Is the sexiest thing going Venture capitalist. We have to raise a lot of money in a very short amount of time. That is, if we’re going to take over me, really think we can do it. All you have to do is trust me.

So I was just thinking about you. Well, if I’m honest, I’ve been thinking about you kind of nonstop since our fake trip to our fake beach. Uh, that’s, that’s why I stopped by. I wanted to return the sunglasses and the shirts. No need. It’s a gift, yo. Okay. Thank you. Well, I, I, I should go, but, uh, you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Oh right. Yeah. Thank you.

You know, I was, uh, thinking it is very kind of you to stop by and drop that stuff off so quickly, but if I’m honest, I was hoping you were just stopping by to see me.

Well, I think, uh, Marlene is enjoying the pancakes, Rachel, and I’m quite pleased at how they turned out. Well. They’re very good. Rachel. Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry. I mean, princess Rachel, thank you so much. You know what, Rachel? Sweetheart, you know it’s gonna make those even better. Jelly. Do you mind going to the kitchen and grabbing some?

Sure. Be right back.

Well, I can see you’re having a wonderful Halloween. You’re just including joy and excitement. I think Rachel’s pretty excited, , but you treat her mother like a intruder, you know? Don’t you think your granddaughter can see you searing at me. This is Brady’s home. He’s invited you here. Without notice, I might.

We weren’t warned about it, but I feel kind of sad for Chloe because I think she and Brady have been very happy together. If you’re so upset at how Chloe was treated, you can take that up with Brady. It was his idea to dump her

that, come on. I wasn’t going through Kristen’s things. I was, I was looking for this guy. Here he is. It’s Rachel’s favorite dog. Had to find him. She was worried about it and. Found him, right? Oh, that explains everything. Yeah. So mission accomplished, I guess. So how about you and I just cut the crap now, I’m sorry.

Out of the blue, you break up with Chloe. I bring Myla to home from the hospital, and now we have Kristen Dira as our star border. And when I ask you. Repeatedly what’s happening here? You just go into your, I’m doing this for Rachel Mantra. I am. But what about the fact that it’s not good for Rachel and now in the name of God, could you even move that woman into this house here without talking to Mar later?

You know how long she was on death store? She comes in here and finds out Christ and Demira is living in her house. No. Have you even forgotten what that woman has done to Mar Lane? And not to mention everybody else she loves including No. No. I haven. I’m sorry, things with Kristen moved really fast and I, um, I meant to tell you before you headed out, and I’m really sorry about what this is doing to Marlena, but I, um, how you calling me?

Hanging here kid? Come on. But what that, what will you just believe? But believe me when I say that I’m doing what I think is best for the people that I love, I never doubted that poor moment. Thank you, but kid, I am your dad and you can trust me. So whatever the hell is going on here, you can tell me.

What kind of car are you driving these days? You know I can’t drive. Yeah, well you still have the greatest smile in the world. And you’re still goofy. Yeah. Sadly. Yes, I am. I missed you so much.

So come with us to H Town Square. Oh, Eric’s working, honey. Yeah, but it does sound like fun. It is. They give out like a thousand pounds of candy every year. A thousand p what? Hey, aren’t she supposed to be in a costume? It’s in the, it’s a surprise. Mm-hmm. . Okay. I got. Why don’t you come by in your costume here afterwards and we’ll take some photos and then I can still tell your candy

Hey, uh, are these the photos from the dude? Oh yes. But you are not working today and you are on your way to the warden town Square.

Oh, actually, uh, I do have to work today too. Then who’s gonna take my trick or treating? I have to tell you. I like your outfit a lot. Well, it’s not for you. I’m taking art. The Horton Town scare. What is that? Well, they, they decorate the square. The shops all give out candy. The kids get dressed up. So you’re a kid now.

Very funny. Now Ari, Ari wanted us to be cats and I’ve just missed so many Halloweens with her, and either I was working or she was in Phoenix, but not that I’m outta work, I just feel like I’m making up for lost time. Hmm, that’s nice. Yeah, she’s almost a teenager now. Pretty soon she’ll want nothing to do with me.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting nothing to do with you. Well, what about Stephan? The truth is I did wanna see you, but it just didn’t seem fair. Why not? Well, I’m not the greatest company these days. I’ll be the judge of that.

Okay. It’s, it’s also cuz you said that you were, you know, madly in love with you.

I think what you want is a girlfriend, and what I want is pretend trips to pretend beaches, and it just didn’t seem fair to let you think it was something else. Well, don’t worry about being fair. I enjoy spending time with you

and I know you’re not gonna get over Brady in a day. Especially after the way he dumbed me. Yeah. That was not cool. Yeah, but I even, I understand that, you know, Rachel hates me and he’s really worried about her. That still doesn’t excuse the way he treated you. I still get that. You know, he’s under pressure.

You know what I don’t understand is letting that evil woman move to John and Marlena’s. I, I just don’t get it and I keep forgetting. I’m talking about your sister. I’m sorry. That’s okay. I am well aware that Kristin is not about to win any popularity contests. It just doesn’t make any sense moving her into the house.

Well, maybe it’s because they have a shrink on call 24 7. Sorry, that wasn’t funny. No, but it’s just so absurd. I’m sorry I didn’t, I didn’t come here to unload all my problems onto you. No, no, no. Come on. That’s what I’m here for.

Have you had breakfast? They put out a hell of a spread. It sounds great, but I’m late for work. 30 minutes tops, huh? Tell you what,

we will pretend that we are at the breakfast buffet at the Villa Costa Costa Arena, Miami Beach. Hmm. And we will also pretend that neither of us has ever heard of sale. Heard of what

I’ve always been impressed and a bit mystified at, uh, Chloe’s talent for soliciting sympathy. Maybe because sympathy. A completely foreign concept to you. Take go. Mommy . Thank you darling.

Were you still having a fight? ? No, honey, we were just waiting for Daddy. Oh. Or should I say King Brady? Yeah. Come to think about where. Brady and I, grandpa John, dad, I trust you more than anyone on the planet, and I know it’s gotta be hard for you to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, because you won’t tell me what you’re doing.

You’re just handing me a cover story, don’t you think? I know. I know, I know. This is, let me tell you this. I am doing what I think is best for my family, and I’m doing it the way that you would do it. I’m asking you to trust me on this one. I do, I do. Are you sure? There’s nothing that I can do to help you

there. You boys are in my room going through my things and, uh, apparently talking about me. Well, you know what, Kristen? It’s my house. This is my. And I can talk to him when I want to, where I want to, and about any damn thing that I wanna,

this is only day one. I hope he doesn’t crack under pressure. He won’t, neither will Marlena. Well, don’t expect me to. I can take whatever they dish out. What about Rachel? Have you given one ounce of thought about the, the loving, stable environment you’ve created here? You know, there is a petulant streak in your family That I find very annoying.

Okay, then just move out. But is she right now? This invasion of my privacy forces me to, to state the obvious. Brady. I may be many things but stupid. Stupid is not one of them. My hold over you is that I alone have the serum so that I can help your beloved. Beloved stepmother says that she doesn’t well crook.

Now, if you had a hold of that serum, then I would not have hold of you

So no Brady. It is not in my underwear drawer. And. Under the floorboard, it is someplace where you will never find it, and you are under my thumb.

I know this doesn’t hurt you, but any man who doesn’t want to be with you is a damn fool. It’s. It’s just why, I mean, it’s the way that Stefan hates me. It’s like when we first met and we were at each other’s throats, but it’s not, it’s different. I mean, we used to fight, but there was this underlying connection and now he looks at me like, like I make him sick.

That’s why I knew that Ralph had to have done something except I talked to Ralph and I know that’s not true. I wanna remind you of something you said because I think it is true. Stephan’s attitude towards you makes moving on easier. The Stephan you knew and loved is gone, but I’m here and I swear the way I feel about you will never change.

I, I feel the same way about you, and I’m gonna concentrate on you. Okay? And I’m gonna forget about stuff, and I swear

I’ve forgotten how good these croons are, right? They’re out here every morning. Hey, we could have a standing breakfast date. I know I’m nothing if not relentless. Hold on. Oh, it’s Nicole. She’s probably what I am. Nicole. Hey, I’m on my way, Chloe. I, I’m sorry. I need a big favor. Sure. Can you take Holly to the Horton Town Scare?

I promise we’d go and something came up. Yeah, sure. I’d love to. Do you need to swing by the office to pick her up? Yes, of course. I’ll be right there. Hi. Must be my lucky day. First I get to have breakfast with you and now I get to take Holly. Trick or treating. Huh? That’s great. How about I go with you?

Look what iPhone.

Those pancakes look great. Those are better than great . Mommy and me made them together. Mm. You look thirsty. Would you like some orange juice? I would love some orange juice. Princess, Rachel, thank you very much.

Is everything okay? Well, I don’t think so Do you,

Brady, I want you to know that I am not angry with. Whatever leave. I expect you to go searching for the serum. You are take action kind of man, but you’re not gonna find it. So right now, for all our sakes and more, even for Rachel’s sake, I’m asking you to accept what you cannot change. Like you always.

Except what you cannot change. That’s a serenity prayer, isn’t it? I mean, don’t you think that the three of us need a little Serenity Brady? Come on. Right now. Right now. I mean, what we wanted, it’s, it’s, it’s within our grass, so just please just stop fighting it. It wasn’t long ago that you, you wanted us all to be a family and now we are.

No, we’re not. You will always be Rachel’s mother, but what we had is gone. You resent by taking the res, they’re shaking the re no on. What I resent is you using three human beings to blackmail me in a submission. That’s not a family. Kristen. That’s tyranny. Do you want power over me? Do you wanna bring me to my knee?

You know, grad, this could be the time and place to do just.

No, Kristen? Not here. Not now, not anywhere. Not ever. I wouldn’t count on it. You see, there’s a, a cliche now it goes, there’s a thin line between love and hate. And, uh, we both remember that you used to love me, but you are not the woman that I used to love. See, the Kristin that I loved would never humiliate herself by trying to blackmail someone into sleeping room.

Kristin, I can see that you have all the power at present. I’ll concede that you have me under your thumb at present. You can make me do whatever you want me to do. Do you know what you can’t do? You can’t change how I feel and what I feel for you is contempt.


You are not gonna win this one Brady. Come on. Holly and I are old friends. We used to hang out all the time when you guys lived here. Remember she was the Sant person in this house, albeit a very low bar. She always liked you. Yeah. Then it settled. The three of us will go together. Um, well, we don’t have any costumes, Uhha.

Oh, but we do.

I’m sorry. I keep talking about Stephan. Gabby, I’ve said it before, your husband who you really love very much came back from the dead, or is she going to talk about it? Just having a hard time accepting that he hates me, and that’s why I was sure that Ralph had done something to him, but I know that’s not true.

It feels like when Stephan died, so did his love. But I, I know it’s over. We’ve signed the divorce papers and thank God I have you and you always will love you, right? I have to get going cause I gotta go pick up Ariana Sons. How come with you? It’s, it’s a who in town scare. It’s corny. Kids running around.

Not a drop of champagne anywhere. You’d hate it. I think it sounds like a really good way for RA and me to get to know each other a little better. Don’t you have to go into the office? Nah, I can take the morning off. I just, uh, I don’t have a costume. Ears. Ears. I’m going to the town. Square dresses, ears. No.

Ariana and I are both cats, but she doesn’t wanna wear her ears because, well, she says it messes up her hair. So here you go. How do I look like the cats me?

You look so beautiful, sweetheart. Say to you, mommy. Oh, thank you. And what’s taking your daddy so long? Got me to go get him? Oh, no, no, no, honey. Um, we’ll give him another five minutes. Um, Yeah, you should come with us. Yes, please. . Well, thank you. I’m afraid we don’t have any costumes. Oh, well what about that old, uh, devil’s costume from last year and, uh, John, I’m sure you can find a Roman collar around here someplace.

What? Too soon we’ll pass. Oh, well, maybe next year. Oh,

You look great, daddy. Right? Thank you so much. Is this Princess Rachel J. King Brady? Yes, I am. You may call me Your Majesty. Okay. Your Majesty . All right. Shall we go? Huh? Princess Rachel, king Brady. Sure. Queen Kristin. All right. Time to go.

Thank you.

This is a nightmare. Rachels having a good time. Yeah. Yeah. And that helps.

Him and Dog Brady refuses to tell me what’s going on here. I’m baffled. I can’t figure out why he brought that awful woman here to,

they didn’t like the proofs. They didn’t like the proofs. They loved them . Really? That’s great. Yeah. What? Well, um, the problem is they want more photos and they want them yesterday. It’s for the Black Friday marketing blitz. So they’re pulling more clothes and they’re sending them over. Okay. That, that’s, that’s good news.

Yeah. Yeah. I guess, I guess. Um, but there’s, I talk to them, um, I try to actually talk them out of it really, but they want me to do this shoot too. I’m not saying why this is bad news. I wanted to spend time with Holly. She, you know, she did seem pretty happy about going with Lou and Stephan. Yeah. How would you sit through it and we’ll get you there in time so you can catch up with him?

No. Eric, I, I don’t want you to rush through the photo shoot. I’m telling you they were crazy about your work. I mean, this, this could get your photography career started again. Listen, when you’re the model, everything just works better and faster. I mean, you said it. We work really well together.

You know, it’s like we planned this. Chloe and I are dressed for the beach and. Or a shark, which means we are very, very scared of you. Good. You’re supposed to be scared on Halloween, right? I mean like that’s the point, isn’t it? Absolutely. Yeah. I’m going to Sweet. It’s before all the brownies are gone. Okay.

Go. Go. Hurry, hurry. I like that kid. Yeah, she likes you too. Yeah. She seems to remember all the stuff that you guys did together. Well, you know it’s because I exposed her to the finer things in life. Oh, really? Classical music, foreign films. I’m pretty sure Metallica is not classical music and the past and the furious movies are not foreign.

Well, you gotta start somewhere. I know why you guys get along. You’re probably the same age emotionally. Okay. That’s only when I’m with you. Okay. When I’m with you, it’s, it’s like I’m not this money driven corporate warrior. I’m, you know, laid back surfer dude. Oh wow. Okay. Well, I’m gonna start calling you surfer dude.

Then call me anything you want.

Well, stuff it really didn’t expect to see you here.

Hey Nicole. I am ready whenever you are. Okay. So where do you want me,

Stephan? Chloe, do you know Gabby’s daughter, Ari? Yeah, of course I do. Happy L Honey. Uh, do you know Holly Nicole’s. Hi. Hi. You are smart to ditch the hair. Yeah, they look dumb. Did you just get here? Yeah, I’ll pick you to the high though. They’ve got popcorn balls. Is that okay? Yeah, sure. Have fun. Sorry, it’s my dad.

I have to take this. Oh, Holly looks like she’s having problems with that door. So fin, I’ll be right back.

So who are you pocket or tubs? Neither. And, uh, trust me, Gabby, you don’t need to make small talk. Yeah, no. Yeah, you’re right. We have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

Kristen wasn’t kidding. That kitchen does look like a tornado. Hit it,

John. They’re gone. You can talk to me now. Excuse me, you haven’t said a word in 20 minutes. Well, I, I, I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’m just, I’m just mulling over something that, uh, that Brady said. You know, I was pounding him pretty hard about leaving Chloe, Kristen moving in here, and then he finally said something he said,

I’m doing what I think is best for the people that I love. He didn’t, he didn’t say for Rachel, he said For the people that I love, doc. I think I know why Brady was in Kristen’s room going through her things. What are you thinking? He was looking for that serum.

Okay. Don’t go too far. Okay. I can see you. I really nice doing these things together. We’re standing here together. We’re not doing this together. Would you mind just meeting me halfway? For Rachel’s sake, you need to stop saying for Rachel. None of what you’re doing is for Rachel’s sake, okay? You’re wrong.

You’re wrong. I’ve never seen her so happy. Everybody living under the same roof, everyone she loves. I mean, think about how I must feel living in the same house with John and Marlina. I am making a huge sacrifice for her. Hmm. Oh my God. Look at that little creep. He’s just cut in front of her. Oh, he’s gonna regret this big time.

As much as I regret the day I laid eyes on you.

We know that Ralph has always been on the Demira payroll, so what, what if, what if Kristin got the serum from Ralph and has been using yet the blackmail Brady doesn’t make any sense if Kristin. Had had Blackmailed Brady with a serum. And the moment he knew that we’d all recovered, he would’ve left her, he would’ve gone back to Chloe.

But instead he moved Kristin in with us. So what was he looking for in her room and why the hell won’t he tell me what’s going on here? I, I, I swear to God, I don’t know how or why, but Kristen is calling all of the shots here, Brady. He’s doing everything he can to try to change. Brady. Hey, I’m assuming that you’re King Brady.

King Brady. I still don’t believe adults should wear Halloween costumes, at least past the age of 10, but yeah. But you’re doing it for Rachel’s sake, right? Yeah. I know Chloe, I saw that you came with my, uh, brother Stephan. I know how much he adore. I hope Rachel has a fun Halloween. Oh, she will. With her mom and her dad.

She’s very happy that we’re a family again,

Chloe, actually, I was, uh, meaning to ask you, I noticed your way with Holly. Is Nicole okay?

What about. Oh, no. That’s awful. No, no, no. You’re beautiful.

Well, um, that’s, that’s the one you’re gonna go with. I’m gonna go change and meet Holly of this square. Yeah. Okay. Go have fun.

Nicole asked me to bring Holly here, and then I volunteered to tag along. How does Brady feel about that? Brady and I aren’t together anymore. Oh, that’s why he’s here with. And Rachel, he’s here mainly for Rachel, right? Yeah. Stephan, looks like you didn’t waste any time making your move. Stephen and Holly are my friends.

Yeah, of course. Stephan came to hang out with Holly. Well, it was great bumping into you. Happy surfing. Hey, hey, hey. You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. I, um, I just, I’m surprised to see that Chloe and, and Brady broke up because I saw them like two minutes ago and it looked like there was still a connection. I’m gonna go check up on Ari,

just like there’s still a connection between you and Stephan. Uh, I’m, I’m sorry for whatever that was with Gabby. Are you two? No, no, no. You two are divorce. I just signed the papers. Oh yeah. I’m sorry. No, no, no. It’s exactly what I wanted. It still doesn’t make it easy. Trust me. I, I have experience.

Well, it looks like we’ve both got what we.

Stephanie, what up?

Sorry to keep leaving messages, but I’m pretty wound up as you can imagine. So I’m telling you again that as soon as you get that file from Sloan Peterson, I wanted live it to me immediately. Stephanie, I wanna thank you again for all you’ve done to neutralize that Viper. Me and my Chanel, we forever your dead.


what the hell? Hope this isn’t a bad time. It always is for you, Ms. Peterson. Not to mention our business is concluded. And who gave you that idea?

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