Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam worries when Chelsea doesn’t show up to see Connor in his Halloween costume before he goes to his best friend’s Halloween party. Connor tells Adam that Chelsea is sad about Johnny all the time and she doesn’t care about him anymore. Adam worries when Chelsea doesn’t answer her cell phone, so he heads to her hotel room to check on her. Chelsea tells Adam she is feeling under the weather, but the truth is she didn’t answer the phone because she was asleep. Adam and Chelsea head to Crimson Lights to see Connor in his costume. Connor is having fun talking with Sally about her favorite Halloween movies.

Billy advises Nate to apologize to Devon and try to mend the rift between them. Nate talks to Devon later and apologizes to Devon and he admits that he was blinded by power and Devon admits that he didn’t let the company grow because he was holding on too tightly to Neil’s memory and the way Neil would want things done.

Lily is upset with Billy because he spoke to Nate and advised him to apologize to Devon for what he did.  Lily thinks Billy did it because he feels guilty about leaving the company.

Devon asks Nate to give him the name of the CEO to which he was giving company secrets. Nate refuses to do so and Devon tells Nate he will never forgive or trust him.

Nick does his best to persuade Victoria not to fire Sally and Chloe from Newman Media but she tells Nick she is replacing Sally even if Nate turns down the job. Nick heads to Crimson Lights to give Sally the bad news. Victoria asks Nate if he wants the job as CEO of Newman Media.

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