Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Sally that he tried his best to persuade Victoria not to fire her and Chloe, but Victoria has made up her mind. Sally is grateful that Nick fought for her and Chloe and assures Nick she will land on her feet. Sally calls Chloe and leaves a message telling Chloe that what they were afraid would happen has happened.

Victoria tells Nikki that she has offered Nate the job of CEO of Newman Media and he is taking time to think about the offer. Victoria also tells Nikki that she thinks Nick and Sally are dating. Nikki isn’t happy about that, and later talks to Nick about the situation. Nikki thinks that Nick’s relationship with Sally will antagonize Adam and also anger Summer and Victor. Nick tells Nikki that his relationship with Sally is nobody’s business but his own.

Harrison arrives in Costa Rica for the last few days of Kyle and Summer’s honeymoon. Chelsea sees Johnny at Chancellor Park and when Victoria arrives she tells Johnny to wait for her at Crimson Lights. Victoria asks Chelsea to respect Johnny’s wishes and if she sees him in town she shouldn’t approach him.

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