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 Just text pull updates about Ralph. Some brainwash his step. Okay. Uh, dad, what are you doing? Were you, uh, talking to somebody? Just myself. Um, why am are you up here? Wait, you didn’t notice the lights been flickering off and on. I’m trying to track down the, Why don’t we go down and check the circuit breaker?

Well, that’s a good idea. You know it’s supposed so me. It’s snuck a hot plate in the room. Do you , don’t we? Up here? We do a thing like that.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m late. . I stopped by the pub to see Roman. Oh, how’s he doing? Better than I expected. Well, after everything he’s been through, I wouldn’t blame him if. Talking to the walls more like an urn. What? Nothing. Um, but um, he did tell me something very interesting though. Apparently Stephen John had a chat with Orpheus yesterday.

Stephen. John had a chat. That’s all. Morpheus is still among the living Yes. If told them something, you are never going to believe. So obvious a man, not exactly known for his veracity says that a demir stole the orchid from Kristen, but he neglected to give you the first name. Said the two of you. Jumped to the conclusion.

Must have been my sister, Megan. Well, Tony, you have to. Stealing an orchid wouldn’t be the worst thing Megan’s ever done when she was alive, but she’s not alive. She died in 1985. She passed on. She ceased to be doing. I know this may come as a shock and we are in Salem. Maybe not. What are you talking about?

The fact is Megan Hathaway is very much alive.

Well, finally, the three sleeping beauties are awake,

Well, ladies, I hope you enjoyed your naps. Because now that you’re back in the land of the living, there’s a lot of work for us to do

sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Did Orpheus say, which demerit was, I asked the same thing. Roman said Orpheus was not specific. Just that it was someone in that family. Do you have any ideas, Nicole? Nicole Walker at de. Oh, . Hi. Well, it is so good to see you. I tell you what, why don’t you join us here? We, we haven’t ordered yet. Oh, that sounds nice.

Yeah. Um, hi, you, Colleen, that. Hi. Well, I tell you, we wish we could have talked to you at the funeral, but there were so many people there. Mm-hmm. . Those were three highly regarded ladies. Well, Marlena and Kayla. I take it. You won’t be missing Kate in the same way.

You shut up, you ungrateful bitch. Who are you calling? Bitch I’m calling you

Kate and I had a very complicated relationship, always going at it, you know. We ended things on decent terms.

Can’t believe it or not. I, uh,

I really will.

Well, everything checks out, so the lights flickering just seem to be. For Kate, I’m not quite there. I’ve been hearing her, uh, voice through leonne. Okay. Look, I don’t need cynicism about the afterlife from someone who performs exorcism, and Paul hurt her too. All right. What’d she say? She’s worried about me and John and.

It makes sense. I mean, you’ve all been through a lot lately. How you doing? Well, you know, I thought maybe the funeral might bring some closure. He didn’t. I didn’t get a chance to find out. Orpheus dropped the bombshell. He claims to know who stole the.

You look . I know I may be skating on thin ice here, darling, but that does sound like Megan to come back from the dead and not even drop you a note. You her own brother die. Can you understand that? That is not the central issue here? No. Okay. I know how much you donate every year to the, the daily mass for the repose of her soul.

And you didn’t even know she was your sister while she was alive, but you are such a good man, Anna. I make that donation. Because Megan was murdered in 1985 by Larry Walton thrown into a hot tub because she died. That’s just what it looked like, because once again, Stefano intervened, and for years he kept her secretly alive in a cryogenic state.

Was that part of the Soviet Union? You know, back then? Okay. Stefano kept Megan on ice until he gets somebody to fix her boo boos and make them go away. Then he thaw her out and. She’s alive. Well, why didn’t you just say so? Anyway, we have every reason to believe that she is the damir who took the orchid and she determined that our wives were gonna die.

I have been closely monitoring your brain activity as minimal as yours is

and just now. There was a significant spike in the activity and then you all opened your eyes all at the same time. That’s quite a coincidence, but definitely a very welcome development because now my fans can finally proceed.

So it seems the two of you have made up your minds based on nothing but another article from office. No, no, no, no, no. Tony, there’s more to it. Steve and I saw her last summer is Omega. You actually saw her. That’s right. It didn’t occur here. That possibly could inform me about this. We had our raisins.

Let’s just say she hasn’t changed a bit. Where did you find her? Was she here in Salem? No. Her little run in took place beyond Salem.

This should perky right up.

It’s uh, Megan, right? That’s right. Megan Hathaway is back again.

don’t understand. I, I, I heard you were alive, but

what are you doing here? Wait. What am I doing here? Where am I? Just try to relax. What’s the last thing you remember?

I was on the roof with John. Exactly. There was a very romantic setup, twinkly lights, slideshow of your life together.

And of course strawberries and cream,

and then you had to go and spoil the mood by dying,

so they thought.

Oria said Amira took the orchid. How does he know that he had some people on the outside investigate for him? What? He can identify the thief before the police in the isa. Yeah, I know, I know, but I’m telling you, John believes him. He didn’t happen to say which Damira was He know how the guy loves riddle, so No, he did not.

John, Steve are checking. Is there anything I can do? Well, well, what? You know, I wasn’t gonna bring this up. All right, but since you out just put it out there, dad. What? Since Nicole has been living at the Demaris, well, affordable housing is hard to find her. Yeah. Look, I know this is a sore subject, but it is possible she may have heard or seen something.

Maybe you could ask her. You know what? To be honest, I don’t think that’s a good.

I can understand you’re missing Kate. I was just getting to know her. She was what? The French called for me. . She was a formidable lady. Mm-hmm. . So what. Even if you didn’t get along, kind of like saying armed warfare is not getting along. Oh, well it’s fun to have a good sparring partner. I married mine. Yeah, I, uh, I hung up my gloves now.

Don’t you believe it. So who laid down the first gole and what was, what was the trouble that started between you and Kate? Uh, it is hard to say now. Well, perhaps it’s when you stole our husband. Oh yeah, that probably was the first time. But she was trying to kill Victor, you know? Oh, well. Anyway, she, she hated me before that.

She didn’t think I was good enough for her son. Mothers of Sons, they think they’re all Princes . So what happened? Well, she changed her tune later. I mean, she paid me $5 million to marry her son. Well, that’s quite a dowry. . How did that come? Well, Lucas was trying to get custody of Will and he needed to provide a stable home.

Oh, so you, you, you hit the jackpot, . I mean, uh, you did take the money, didn’t you? I did.

It was the worst mistake of my life. Wow. So,

well, I was engaged to Eric. And I gave him up for the money. I’m ashamed to say, but it wasn’t, it wasn’t just about the money. You know, there’s just something from my past that I didn’t want to come out. But I often think about what would’ve happened if Eric and I got married way back when. Um, how far back?

Oh my gosh. Um, the first time we met was, It’s 25 years ago

I was visiting Paul in San Francisco when one of Megan’s henchman Shanghai. Me, you Damaris and your henchman. Yeah, she had me snatch when Kayla and I were visiting our kids in Seattle, and then she flew both of us down to Corus and that is where we had our face-to-face with. Father has an nu compound down there.

Apparently she’s been using that as her base of operation for quite a while now. But what did she want with you two? She brainwashed us. Dear God, she’s Stefano all over again. And then she flew us to Hong Kong so we could crash. The Damir Gala and steel prison. The damn prison. That’s a fact. I knew it was stolen.

Mm-hmm. , but we thought it was some ju th maybe some rival company. Well, I knew it was a mistake for Lee Shin to go after those prisms. I mean, they caused enough trouble back in the eighties when S Stepo tried to get his hands on all three of. And that led to that plane crash where Tony and I and nearly half of Salem almost died.

Did you give the present to Megan? I did. And even with a small army of people trying to stop her, she still got away. She’s still out there somewhere and now she has all three prisms.

So I died sort of actually while you were in hospital. I snuck something into your IV so that it appeared that you had shuffled off this mortal coil. Then I switched the bodies in the morgue and whisked you away. So John and my family think I’m dead. Well, I doubt they would’ve had a funeral for you if they didn’t.

Anyway, even though it wasn’t you that was interred I, I hope that it gave him some sort of closure. Whose body was it? Surely you remember that my father had an entire army of Marlena look likes. That’s why I never throw anything away. You never know when it’s gonna come in handy. I just use one of those anyway.

You actually were at death store, so I brought you here to this cozy little cryogenic. Not entirely altruistic. You didn’t really do it on my behalf, did you? Where am I? Look who’s decided to join the park. Oh, Kayla. I think so.

Uh, Nicole and I are not the best of. When we’re around each other, it gets pretty tense. That doesn’t tell you something. It tells me that I need to try avoiding Nicole because we push each other’s buttons. Have you tried talking about it, asking why it is that you keep pushing each other’s buttons? You know what, I’m pretty comfortable with that.

Laconic Irish dad, who does not like to talk about feelings. What can I say? I’ve grown. Look great. Eric. Eric, this is not just an ugly. With a casual flame. Nicole has been a big part of your life for for how long now? Actually,

it’s been like 25 years. 25 years. That’s a long time. How did you and Eric first meet? Oh, well, I was a waitress at the Java Cafe and. The day I took his order, he took my heart.

Good morning. Good morning. Can I get you some coffee? Uh, actually I was thinking of a double espresso and maybe a club sandwich. White bread, whole wheat. Oh wait. And some chips with that too. Okay. Thank you. Excuse me. You’re new here. Huh? Started about a month.

Ooh, you were a lot younger back then. Actively different people. I guess that’s the day you walked into Eric’s life. . Wow. No, Tony. Encourage him, please, please. He thinks he’s a comedian. Oh my gosh. Still, I, I, I can’t believe it was 25 years ago. That’s quite a m. It sure is. Oh, if the two of you sat together, we’d be behind you.

Silver Candle six for your anniversary.

Eric was a photographer back then and he convinced Sammy to hire me as a model at Titan. And that’s when we fell in Love


So Eric’s been a part of your life since then? No. Um, actually he was gone a long time, but when he came back, let me say, I, I was not prepared for it. Eric, is that you?

What the hell? Ah, Nicole. I don’t think you should talk like that around me anymore. Okay. I mean, is that a ? I’m sorry, but is that a joke? Well, I hope on we’re very hard to get it. Yeah, but you’re a, a, a, I don’t mind you can say the word priest.

We were kids when we met. She was your first love that she was. When was the last time you, uh, saw her? Not me, prior or anything? Of course. Nine.

It was Valentine’s Day at the bus yard. Sure. Our tables were practically on top of one another. Maybe that was a sign. It’s more like a disaster. I was with Sloan and she was with EJ Sloan. Huh? Is that getting serious? Well, as of yesterday, we are no longer together, so please try to contain your disappointment.

She insulted the chatter. There’s no soul in a person like that. Nicole always has seconds. Ed, you know, Barry down at the hardware store, he sometimes has three bulls, so maybe I should ask him out. Right? That’s good. That’s good. But doesn’t the fact that it’s always intense every time you two meet, tell you something.

Whatever there is between you two, it just never goes away. No. Whatever there is between us never works up until now. Try again, damnit. Okay. Trust me, you don’t want to have to look back on your life and say, damn shit. I waste a lot of time being right.

I’ll ask again. Why didn’t you tell me all this? The ISA swore us all to secrecy. It’s still an ongoing investigation. Megan’s mere existence was considered classified information, but we’re not staying quiet about this anymore. Not when. We think she’s the one that took that orchid, but why know who the hell knows what her motives are?

She always worshiped. Stephanie could be as simple as just striking back the enemies, but I’ll tell you one thing if we’re right about this, is she took that orchid, she’s the one that killed Doc, Kayla and Kate. She’s not gonna get away with that.

So everybody thinks we’re. Bye job. I think she’s got it. You know, I didn’t have a Kayla lookalike though, in storage, so, oh, I just had to make do well. You need to let them know that we’re alive. You cannot let them suffer like that. Why not? John and Patch spent years trying to thwart my father. It’s time they got a little payback.

You kidnapped and brainwashed them last summer. Wasn’t that enough? No. They made my father’s life hell to two. Little arrogant. Nobodys trying to bring down a great man, a visionary. You are as fatty as ever. So that’s what this is about. Retribution for Stefano partly, but it’s bigger than that. Your so-called deaths are vital to my plans.

Wait just a second. If Marlena and I survived, does, does that mean that Yeah, I’m here too. Oh,

wherever the hell here is.


I have this Catholic girlfriend, . Every time she sees a really dishy priest, she. Father, what a waste. Oh, probably not . What? I’m just telling the call what my girlfriend said, . So I mean, was it really a surprise that Eric was a priest? I mean, was looked like he a wild child when you first met him. Why? I mean, it was, it was a shock, but I wasn’t surprised and he was always kind of spiritual.

Something we have in common, right? Oh yeah. It’s always kind of hard to land those spiritual types. I told myself I was happy for him. I lie to myself a lot, but it did get pretty tough when I started working for him. Oh yes. How very Thorn Birds. Yeah. So how long was it before you gave them to the Forbidden Passion?

Paulina? Whoa. We invited Nicole to breakfast. Not an interrogation. It’s o It’s okay, Abe. It didn’t, it didn’t happen like that. Actually, Kristen Damira got him kicked out of the priesthood. Then you went in for the kill? Mm, no. We had to work through some things, you know, but once we did, it was heaven.

Keep going.

Dad, I am sort of sorry to throw a cold water on your master plan for my life, but Nicole’s moved on. She’s with EJ . Yeah, those two will last about as long as a couple mayflies, man. There’s a long history there. All right. And by the looks of the other night, it’s, they’re in a new chapter. Maybe that’s what she wanted you to turn.

When didn’t she become such team, Nicole? Because. Pretty much remember all the time you insisted that I break up in Nicole. Well, like I said, I’ve evolved. All right? All I want is for you to be happy. And if it’s Nicole that makes you happy, I say fight for it and get a move on. Dammit, come on. I guarantee you, you don’t wanna waste time like I did

and everyone thinks we’re dead. That’s right, and that’s Stephanie’s daughter and you are the whore that married him. Well, I won’t ever try to take your mommy’s place, but I do hope we can be good friends. You’re off to a great start. So I see that you have inherited your father’s pension for intricate machinations.

She’s thought of everything, including look-alike bodies for our funerals. You are the easiest you wanted to be cremated. So all I had to do was come up with an urn full of ashes for you. Oh, well, I’m glad I didn’t put you out. And now your husband is talking to the remains of a goat . Oh, you really are enjoying this, aren’t you?

Immensely. Mm. What can I say? I love my work Well, about that work. What are you gonna do to me? I mean, I mean, nice.

You know, finding Megan won’t be easy. The ISA has been conducting an international manhunt since last July. Even Hope hasn’t been able to locate her. Hope knows about this too. Megan tried to have her. Oh, some things never change. Megan was always jealous of Bo’s. Love for Hope. Tony, is there anything from the past that might give you an idea of where Megan might be?

No. I mean, I didn’t even know she was my sister until after she died. But darling, didn’t your father keep a box of her things around here somewhere? If it might help, I think there may be a box up in the antique. Nice. So it’s worth a shot. All right. You go grab that. In the meantime, I’m gonna give Andrew down.

I’m gonna call Shane Kimberly son. Yeah, he’s an IS agent. In fact, he’s heading up his whole investigation. I’ll check in with him, see if he got any leads. You know, Megan had to come outta hiding. Take the work. Maybe she looked as a trio. Well, let’s hope so.

I have this vivid memory of you and Eric at our wedding, and I still say you two have too much of a connection not to still end up together. And I must say I. Oh, don’t hold your breath. Because he is with Sloan Peterson now. Oh, file woman. Well, how does he like it there at the bottom of the barrel? Oh, he likes it just fine.

So I have no doubt in my mind he has moved on just like I’m going to.

Well, it seems like, uh, all the lights have settled. Okay, well, if you don’t need anything, I think I’m gonna go on a run. Okay. While you running, think about what I said about Nicole Cole and Nicole, who, you’re funny guy.

I hope he takes my advice. It doesn’t wait too. Follow his heart


Give to have one time.

I still can’t believe that father’s Golden Girl is still. And didn’t say a word, even dead. Stefano is still full of surprises. I wonder if she’s gonna try and claim her. She has of demand prizes now that would really shake up the balance of power. Mm. Well there must be some sort of clause that would keep a, an international fugitive from being an active participant in the company.

Ah, but that didn’t stop Kristen when she was on the run. Oh, she made sure that Gabby kept her seat as c e o. You really need to change those bylaws. Yes, turn. In the meantime, Tony, I really think there’s something bigger that you have to worry about. I’ve been thinking Megan wanted to find those prism.

Because they cured all sorts of things, including your father’s brain tumor. Is it possible that she is collecting them again for the same reason

he suggested? What if she is trying to bring Stefano back from the dead? Or even worse, what if she already.

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. I’ve given you ladies enough to process, so relax and take some time to acclimate to your new home. So this is not our new home and you need to let us. Sorry, not your call . At least you could tell us why we’re here to love, honor, and serve God in this world, and then to be happy with him in the next.

Is this about the three prisms prism? What? What Prisms. Megan went to a lot of trouble to call our three prisms last summer. What? What? So the two of you have known that she’s been alive since? Don’t feel too left out apparently. Hope Williams Brady and the ISA didn’t want anyone to know of my comeback tour.

Well, they are eventually going to find you and they will be rescued. I wouldn’t count on that. You see, for the last seven months, I’ve been one step ahead of old frowny. And so when they do figure out where I am, it’s gonna be too late for the three of you.

You’re giving me a headache.

I think it’s time for another now.

Oh, oh. Nicole and Eric have quite that love story. Yes. And I hope it’s not over yet. Me too. You know, in two days it will be two years since we first met and. Well, I’m sorry, it’s not 25. Oh, no, no, no, no. Not yet. But what it is, I know one thing will still be together. Ooh, yes, yes, yes. Gimme something. Gimme something.

And still in Love,

You have forgiven me for some unforgivable things. You’ve done the same for me. And no matter what life has thrown at us, we’ve gotten through it.

No matter what life throws at us in the future, I know. And we will get through it together.

I love you so much. I love you warm.

Infinity times one

We just talked to Tony and Anna. We came up with a theory. We’re looking into, we’re just waiting to hear from the isa. What have they got to do with us? Embrace yourself, Roman. We think the damir that we’re looking for is Megan Hathaway.

You three are a real handful, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Mary. Oh, don’t get some rest, dog. You’re gonna need some strength for what comes next.

Phase two will begin very shortly.

Tony, your father had terminal cancer. Is it possible that she put him on ice, the way he put her on ice and then once she got her hands on the prisons, she’s found a cure? You know, I think we are letting our imaginations run away with us, and besides father would’ve been in his nineties by now and no, his probably couldn’t have taken all that.

And besides Ralph said to us that he was. As if we could trust him, but he put all the father’s memories and inserted them into a microchip and then implanted him to Steve. He wouldn’t have done that if father was still alive. Oh, this just doesn’t add up. But if it’s not Stefano, then who is she trying to cure?

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