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Sheila: This is it! It is over! Bill is the winner. You are a loser. I don’t want to see you again. I don’t want you anywhere near me ever again!

Bill: Sorry about that. I had to close that deal.

Sheila: There’s no apology necessary. I like the fact that you are a powerful business mogul. I… I find it very sexy.

Bill: Uh-uh, no. No. We’re gonna get right back into it. We were having a moment about you. What’s going on?

Sheila: Nothing. I’m all right, really.

Bill: “All right” isn’t good enough. I want you happy. You said that someone is missing from your life. Tell me who.

Deacon: Make sure to leave room for a dessert, because we have got a fantastic tiramisu.

Customer: I love tiramisu.

Deacon: Okay. So, was your, uh, delivery to brooke all that you dreamt it would be?

Hollis: Oh, baby, and then some.

Deacon: Uh-huh.

Hollis: But, it turns out brooke wasn’t the one that placed the order.

Deacon: What?

Hollis: Yeah, so someone else called in pretending to be brooke.

Deacon: Who?

Hollis: Well, none other than dr. Taylor hayes.

Deacon: I– yeah, I just still cannot get used to the idea of the two of them as friends. Who the hell would have seen that coming?

Brooke: What’s all this?

Taylor: I might have talked to hollis about your dinner date. You–

Brooke: Taylor!

Taylor: Hold on, hold on. He said– he said he wanted to do something special, so I offered to help.

Brooke: Oh. Well, it’s lovely. It really is, it’s just… I had forgotten how to do all this.

Taylor: It is just a date, and it is just for fun. Remember fun?

[ Taylor laughing ]

Bill: Why so secretive? Aren’t you the one who’s always telling me to open up, to be honest with you about my feelings?

Sheila: Yeah, I might have said that once or twice–

Bill: Once or twice? It’s like a mantra around here. Come on, now. I can’t help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong.

Sheila: The person that I’m missing… a person that I want so desperately in my life again… is finn. My son.

Finn: I’m glad you could come by.

Li: You know how I cherish time with my son. Where is everybody?

Finn: Uh, steffy’s at a meeting, uh, at forrester, and amelia took the kids to the science center.

Li: Aw.

Finn: Yeah.

Li: Gives us this chance to, uh, have some real talk. I heard douglas moved in. How do you feel about that?

Hollis: Look, man, I know I ran it by you earlier, but I don’t want there to be any tension of misunderstanding between us, so I could totally call it off.

Deacon: Call what off?

Hollis: My date with brooke tonight.

Deacon: Damn, dude, you move fast!

Hollis: Well, yeah, when I see an opportunity, I take it. But, look, if it’s weird, if there’s–

Deacon: No, hey, listen, hey. Uh, you know, it’s not like that between me and brooke anymore. I– she’s my daughter’s mother, so, you know, of course I’m protective.

Hollis: Understood, yeah.

Deacon: Brooke is a woman of class and sophistication, not to be taken lightly, and if I thought that’s what you were doing, then we have a problem, but I know you.

Hollis: Yeah, I mean, look, my intentions with brooke are far from frivolous. I’m genuinely fascinated by her.

Brooke: Oh, this is ridiculous! No. I– I’m gonna cancel, okay? I–

Taylor: No, no, please don’t! Please don’T. Please don’T. Remember, tonight is not serious! It’s not, it’s just a– it’s a– it’s a lovely dinner with a lovely man.

Brooke: A much younger man.

Taylor: Which is part of the fun!

Brooke: Oh.

Taylor: And, uh, plus he’s not old enough to have had life turn him into a grumpelstiltskin, you know? So just enjoy the attention. You deserve it.

Brooke: It’s just been a long time since I dated.

Taylor: I know, but you gotta start somewhere. Just– just be your wonderful self. That’s all you gotta do. You got this.

Brooke: You think?

Taylor: Yes, yes I do. I do. Just remember, there’s– there’s– there’s no obligations. This is your house, your rules, this is your night. And you know, brooke, this could be the beginning of a brand new chapter for you.

Restless nights fogging

up your day?

Finn: And I love having douglas around. He is so great with kelly and hayes. He’s helpful, fun. I welcome having him here. And besides, it’s– it’s something that steffy really wants.

Li: Happy wife, happy life.

Finn: Ex– exact, thank you. You see, those are words to live by.

Li: I’m so proud of the man you’ve become.

Finn: Well, it’s thanks to you, mom. No, I have to say, ever since I learned sheila was my birth mother, I’ve become even more protective of the people in my life, including douglas.

Bill: I didn’t want to assume that you were talking about finn, but of course you miss your son.

Sheila: I don’t want to appear ungrateful, because I have the best life. And that’s all because of you. I just… I love my son. My grandson. And I wanted to share my new good fortune with them.

Bill: You don’t have to justify your feelings to me. I get it.

Sheila: It’s hard, you know. My son wants nothing to do with me. My son. My blood. And that’s not a connection that you can sever. And yet here I am. I’m– I’m on the outside begging to be let in, and that door just gets slammed in my face every time.

Bill: I’m sorry.

Sheila: It’s my own fault. Things I did, choices I made. I was just hoping for some compassion. Forgiveness. And the hard line that– that finn and steffy have drawn where I’m concerned? I wonder if I’m ever gonna have a relationship with my– my son and grandson again.

Deacon: All right, tell me when this “fascination” with brooke started.

Hollis: Uh, pretty much always been interested in her, but you know, like I said, there was your relationship with her to consider, and then there was ridge to consider, so.

Deacon: Look, I hate to rain on your parade, but that’s pretty much how it always is with her.

Hollis: Yeah, well maybe brooke just needs a proper distraction.

Deacon: You.

Hollis: Why not?

Deacon: Why not, indeed? You know, hey, listen. As long as you’re sincere, you’re not just trying to pick up a sexy, wealthy older woman, and if you tell brooke that I said that last part, you’re gonna peel spuds for a month in the kitchen. Hollis, just remember, that’s my, uh, my daughter’s mother, okay?

Hollis: I respect that, and that’s not at all what it is about, okay? I just wanna spend time with a– with an amazing woman, and get to know her better.

Brooke: What do you think? Too much?

Taylor: No, brooke! You look absolutely stunning! You do. Any man would be lucky.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, there was a time when this was easier. It’s been ages since I– since I’ve dated.

Taylor: Yes, but now you are– you are smarter. You are wiser, you are definitely funnier. And you are eternally beautiful.

Brooke: Mmm.

Taylor: You, my friend, have been tunnel visioned for ridge most of your life. So have I. So of course, this dating thing is– it feels awkward, even scary, right? That’s because it’s the unknown. Nobody likes the unknown. So you do what you know, and that is how to be fabulous, darling. Not only can you do this, you’re gonna be so glad you did.

Brooke: Thank you. I needed that.

Taylor: You’re welcome. Trelegy for copd.

Taylor: Okay, tonight is going to be fun. I just know it.

Brooke: Okay, well, it’s too late to back out now.

Taylor: Yes.

Brooke: So, I might as well make the most of it.

Taylor: That’s the spirit! Okay, call me as soon as he leaves because I want to hear everything.

Brooke: Okay, okay. I promise.

Taylor: Okay.

[ Knocking on door ]

Brooke: Oh! My gosh.

Taylor: He’s here.

Brooke: Okay.

Taylor: Okay, are you ready?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Ready. Come in!

Brooke: Thank you so much.

Taylor: You, too.

Brooke: Hi, hollis.

Hollis: Wow, you just gotta give me a sec and I, um, I just need to catch my breath.

Li: It still galls me that sheila’s free.

Finn: Well, how do you think steffy and I feel?

Li: I still wonder what switch sheila flipped in him. Bill took me off the street. He was gentle and kind.

Finn: Bill may have been kind to you, but he is just as ruthless and self-serving as sheila.

Li: And obviously willing to help her reach her goals.

Finn: Well, bill better be satisfied with keeping sheila out of prison, ’cause her other goals can’t be reached. I will do whatever it takes to keep sheila away from me and my family.

Sheila: You know, finn was softening toward me. He was willing to give me a chance, and I knew I would have to work hard to win him over, especially with steffy being so set against me, but I was encouraged. If I could just stay patient, and stay on the right path, I’d have a relationship with my son right now and my grandson. But no, I– I– I couldn’t do that. When you look at the horror, and the pain that I inflicted on finn and steffy… I alienated my own son.

Bill: I agree. There’s no sense beating yourself up about things you can’t change.

Sheila: Finn is the best thing I ever did. I mean, just look at him. He is a brilliant doctor, a loving father and husband. He’s– he’s a genuinely good man. And he came from me.

Bill: Well, that goes to show, nobody’s all bad. Even people like us bring good into the world.

Sheila: I just want to know finn and hayes. Not from the outside looking in. There’s a world where I belong, with– with finn and steffy. And what I would give to have a relationship with my son again. I occasionally get bladder leaks. Meet mixtiles! They stick and restick. Choose from dozens of sizes, frames and styles. Go to mixtiles.Com, upload pictures, pick a fancy frame and voila! Buy 10 and get 10 for free. For bathroom odors that linger.

Taylor: Hey, hollis!

Hollis: Hey, taylor. Good to see you again, and thanks for your help with all this.

Taylor: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.

Brooke: Would you like something to drink?

Hollis: Sure, yeah. Whatever you’re having is fine.

Brooke: Mineral water, sparkling.

Hollis: I would have pegged you for a sparkling water woman. I wasn’t sure, but now I am. One of the many things I, uh, am gonna learn about you tonight.

Taylor: So, I’m just gonna get on my third wheel and scooch out of here. The dinner’s in the oven, and, uh– and I’m just gonna go. So. Okay. Bye. Have fun, you guys!

Hollis: Thanks again for everything.

Brooke: See you later. Oh.

Hollis: Oh!

Brooke: Sorry.

Hollis: Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Brooke: Yes. I’ll drink to that.

Hollis: Cheers.

Brooke: This is all very surprising.

Hollis: Which part?

Brooke: All of it. Being on a date and being on a date with you.

Hollis: Look, I have a confession to make. Brooke, I have admired you for years, and not just because of how beautiful you are, but because all you’ve accomplished in your life, and obviously I couldn’t act on it, because you were with… have I told you how absolutely drop dead gorgeous you look in that dress tonight?

Brooke: Smooth. Really smooth.

Hollis: Honest. I’m excited to see where our night takes us.

Finn: And there was a time when I thought there might be a place for sheila. I mean, she is my birth mother. Wasn’t it worth a try?

Li: Doesn’t surprise me. That’s the kind of man you are. Always willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Even to a monster like sheila.

Finn: I mean, I’d– I’d heard the stories, but I hadn’t experienced sheila’s crazy first hand. No one gets a second chance to terrorize my family. And I’m sure as hell not gonna expose my son to the dangers that sheila presents.

Li: I’m glad to hear you say that. I worry because you are so kind and compassionate, and sheila is very cunning.

Finn: Don’t worry. Sheila may not be locked up like she deserves, but she will never come near my family again. She will never know hayes, and she will never be a part of our lives.

Sheila: I love my son so much. And I miss him more than anything. And we didn’t have much of a connection, not the way that I wanted, but when we did, he would talk to me. He would look at me, if not with admiration, with curiosity. Possibilities. Now he just looks at me with hatred.

Bill: There’s a thin line between love and hate. Your history with finn is messy and complicated, but you’re his family, too. You carried him, you gave birth to him. That’s not easily discounted.

Sheila: Yeah, well, you know, that’s what I– I– I was hoping, but now I’m not so sure.

Bill: It’s not like you to give up.

Sheila: I know. I– I never admit defeat. It goes against everything that I am. But at some point, I think you just have to realize that you alienated your own son.

Bill: I told you when we got together that I was going to take care of you. Give you everything you needed to be happy. But happiness isn’t a possibility for you without finn and hayes, so I’m going to make a reconciliation happen.

Sheila: How?

Bill: Don’t you worry about that. You just keep the faith. Leave the rest to me.

Finn: I promise you, I will never allow sheila close to me or my family again.

Bill: I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to reunite you with your son.

[Clears throut]

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