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oh, yes. Oh. Home sweet home. Yes. You know, red-eye flights always make me feel like I’ve been through some sort of a sandstorm or something. I have kind of itchy eyes. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Dry skin. All that recirculated air is killer. You know what’s funny? I think you look as beautiful as you always do.

[ Chuckles ] Says the guy who’s gotten, what, like 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours? And that includes dozing off on the plane. I think you might be a little delirious. You think? $20, $40, $60, $80, $100. There. You happy? I just thought, if the meter was broken, you were allowed to park there free. Nope.

[ Sighs ] You got a problem? Heather webber, right? That woman is a raving lunatic. I cannot wait till she’s transferred to pentonville to await trial. Excuse me. I’m here to see heather webber. Morning. Morning. What are you thinking? How much I like waking up next to you. Congrats on your new granddaughter, uncle sonny. The whole family’s raving about baby amelia. She’s a real knockout. That’s what I hear. You haven’t seen her yet? Only, you know, through the windows in the nicu and pictures. That– that’s why I’m here. It was wondering if you can help me. Drew: I’m a member of the extended family. They asked me to finish up the paperwork now that willow’s gone. I’m sorry. What do you mean, willow’s gone? Welcome home, mommy! Oh! How has my big boy been? Very good. Everyone says so. Wiley’s been a champ. He helped get everything ready for his baby sister. I can help you, too, mommy. You want me to open the door? I would love that. Thank you, wiley. Grandma, mommy’s here! Oh, hey. Welcome home. Home.

[ Amelia fussing ] It’s exactly where I want to be. You’ve evolved. You’ve changed. So have we. That’s why new dove body wash now has 24-hour renewing micro moisture for continuous care. New dove body wash. Change is beautiful. When cold symptoms keep you up,try vicks nyquil severe. Just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. For max-strength nighttime relief, nyquil severe. You know michael and i are still fighting, right? Yeah, I’m so sorry. Ah, it doesn’t get any easier, but, you know, there was a moment before baby amelia was born, and after, that I thought I was getting through to michael. But…nothing’s changed. It must be so awful for you. I appreciate that. But I’m not — I’m not here for… I’m here because I’m going to have a lot of years to try to get through to michael, but willow and nina may have only a few weeks, so I need to find a way to convince willow to see her mother. My baby sister is pretty, but she’s really small. She’ll grow, buddy. Soon, before you know it, she’ll be sitting up, and then she’s gonna start crawling. Your little sister will need you to help her. Help her crawl? Sure, you can — you can show her how it’s done so she hassomeone to copy. I can do that. I didn’t have an older brother growing up. Amelia is lucky to have you.

[ Willow speaking indistinctly ] Hey, mom, thank you for taking care of the kids, you know, just getting everything ready. Are you kidding? Of course. Anything you need, I’m here for you. Think amelia was hungry? Yeah. What I need is a miracle, but it doesn’t seem to be coming. Willow’s gone as in home, back to the quartermaines’. Oh. Sorry, I just — I misunderstood. I heard you say that willow… I-I just feared the worst. No, she checked out this morning. Michael drove her home. I’m just here to finish up the paperwork, that’s all. Wait, shouldn’t she be here at the hospital? D– won’t she get better care and more aggressive treatment here at G.H.? There’s nothing more the doctors can do for her without a bone marrow donor. She wanted to be home with michael and the kids, enjoy them for as long as she can. Willow’s giving up? What?

[ Chuckles ] Nothing, I’m just wondering why it took us until now to be together in your bed, and why we never moved farther than the couch until last night. Well, for starters, you neverspent the night before. That’s true. And maybe the couch helped things feel more casual? Like it was just happening in the moment, no pressure. Just…connecting. Do you want it to be more? Yeah. I-I don’t want to ask for too much too soon, but… my feelings for you are not casual at all. Thank you. For what? For saying it first. My feelings for you aren’t casual, either. I’ve never felt like this before. And I don’t want it to stop. You think it’s, uh… mwah. …Too early for champagne? Mnh-mnh. Don’t you think we deserve it? I mean, we took the longest of long shots and found out that ryan chamberlain is esme’s dad.

Was. Thank god that freak is finally dead. Yeah. You know, from reading that invader article, it sounds like all hell broke loose on spoon island last night. I think the best thing that came from that is heather webber was captured and is in police custody, and hopefully on her way back to where she belongs, d’archam. Honestly, I’m kind of kicking myself a little bit for not picking up on things, because we knew the hook was a woman. Heather’s escaped from tons of facilities, and every time I met with her, I felt like she was gloating. Like — like she knew something that I didn’T. No, no, no. Don’t do that. That’s heather’s M.O. She likes to torment people who she thinks have wronged her. It’s ironic we both ended up on her hit list, huh? You know what? I’m too tired for irony. I just want to shower off the past 48 hours. Do you want company? You know, now that you mention it, there’s this spot, like right — like there on my back that I can’t reach. Okay, I got it. I got it.

[ Both laugh ] Are you ms. Webber’s lawyer? Yes. I need to confer with my client. I’ll have ms. Webber brought up from the cells. You know what you’re doing? Absolutely. That murdering bitch killed my husband. I’m gonna see to it that she’s brought to justice.

Baby amelia has been fed,changed, and she’s fast asleep. Baby amelia sleeps a lot.

[ Chuckles ] She sure does. Well, sleep is good for babies. It’s good for all kids, you included. It helps you grow. Mommy, are you growing, too? You sleep a lot. Yes, I do. I was — I was very tired when baby amelia was in my tummy. But babymelia’s born now. Will you be able to play with me again? Carly didn’t tell willow and nina that they were mother and daughter. They wasted months when they could’ve worked towards a reconciliation. Must be tearing you up, watching nina go through this. All nina wants is to be a mother. Nina’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But she wants the best for willow. She was evenxcited to donate her bone marrow for transplant. That was so generous and loving. Not that I’d expect anything less. But willow doesn’t want to see her mother. Nina’s never even held her granddaughter. I want to fix that. Willow’s condition is terminal, nina. She made a decision about how she wanted to spend whatever time that she’s got left. I understand that. It’s her right. But? But… drew, she has two small children who need her, who shouldn’t have to grow up without their mother. So if there’s a chance of prolonging her life, being here at the hospital just until we find another donor — she should take that chance. I mean, she should be here at the hospital. I mean, did anyone tell her that? She was aware that she had the option to stay at the hospital. She chose not to. She chose to go home. But by — by leaving, she’s not acting against any medical advice. Did michael and willow get a second opinion or a third opinion? I mean, can you just tell me this? What exactly did the specialist recommend? There’s nothing else they can do. Michael and willow accepted that. They made the decision together. With carly’s input, no doubt.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knocking louder] Hold on. Hey. Hey, sam. Uh, is dante here? I tried his phone. He’s not picking up. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, he’s here. We were in the shower. Oh, hey, man. Sorry. I got your messages. What’s going on? Um… sasha corbin’s in trouble. I can’t help her. I’m hoping you can. Please wait outside. I need to confer privately with my client. Are you sure you want to be alone with the prisoner? The prisoner is in shackles. But I will yell if I need your help. Good luck. And be sure to keep a taser handy.

[ Sighs ] Really?

[ Door opens ] So you’re my lawyer? Well. I’m so sorry, I — I just don’t remember hiring you. Were you court-appointed? I could so easily have forgotten. That happens sometimes. I find myself in a prison cell, and I have absolutely no idea how I got there. It’s really unsettling. I can forget days at a time.

sorry, wiley,but I still need to take it easy for a little while. Yeah, we just have to be extra careful of mommy, okay? I’ll play very quietly to help you get well. You don’t have to be quiet all the time. I’ll take you to the house, because aunt olivia and leo are making a pizza. And olivia loves it when you help her roll out the dough. Yeah! Yeah? Okay. Let’s go. Here you go. So what’s your favorite thing about making dough? Eating the pizza. Pepperoni pizza, right? Bye, grandma! Aww, bye. Aww. Do you want me to save some pizza for you? What do you think? Of course.

[ Chuckles ] I love you. I love y, too.

[ Sniffles ] I just didn’t know it would be this hard.

[ Crying ] Well, carly must be loving this — having willow at home on the quartermaine estate where I can’t have access to my own child. I can’t have a conversation with her. I can’t even look at her! Carly is not loving one aspect of this tragedy. Nobody in the family is. Well, nobody else in your family, drew, went out of their way to keep me and willow apart. Carly chose to lie and manipulate, hide the fact that I was willow’s biological mother. She not only lied to me and willow, she lied to you, drew,

for months. I can’t believe that you would be okay with that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Tony? Yeah. I’ve got an update on the pikeman shipment. Boss is dealing with some family stuff, so he asked me to handle prep. Look, when the merchandise arrives at pier 55, wee going to need trucks ready to deliver it to the warehouse. We’ll store it for 48 hours, and then we’ll deliver it to pikeman’s buyers. Look, this is heavy ordnance, so we’re gonna need six trucks. Make sure the mechanic’s checked them in advance. If anything breaks down, we’re all doing federal time. What’s pikeman? And how can it land you in federal prison? So sasha gained access to heather by claiming to be her lawyer. What?! You — you didn’t you didn’t tell the — I didn’t want to bust her, okay? I-I mean… I didn’t want to get in any more trouble than she’s already been in. You know?

[ Sighs ] She’s — she’s a nice lady. She’s been through hell. And now she’s just putting her life back together, and then… from what I read about heather webber, she’s gonna run through her like a buzzsaw through tissue paper. Heather webber lives to play mind games. Once she finds out that sasha is brando’s widow, it could be — it could be brutal. Is there any way you can go to the station and run interference without exposing sasha’s lie? Uh… yeah. Yeah, I can do that. I won’t be long, okay? That’s okay. Take as long as you need. Thanks, man. Yeah. Hey. Why do you care so much about sasha? I just — I don’t want her to be heather webber’s next casualty.

I’m sorry to even ask you to do this, and I understand if you don’t want to be put in… I’ve lost count how much I owe you, okay? I’d be happy to help any way I can. No, you don’t owe me anything, brook lynn. I just know that he’ll listen to you, and if you could just tell him that I need to talk to him. Michael: There’s no need. I’m already here. So what did you want to talk to me about? The less you know about pikeman, the better. Well, it’s a little late for that. I already know that there’s a shipment headed to pier 55 with heavy ordnance and six trucks. I should have been more careful. No, no. I don’t want you to be careful around me. That’s how it was with my mom and with sonny. And he went about his business, and she pretended not to know anything — and in reality, she knew quite a lot. Must have been hard for her. Yeah, it was. She did a lot of pretending. I don’t want to pretend with you. You said you’d be done working for sonny in six months, t what’s the point if you’re arrested on federal charges? I won’t be. Sonny’s the one who’s gonna get arrested on federal charges. You got it? Thank you. Okay. While I was at the hospital, all I could think about was getting home. And it’s so good to be here… but is it good for my kids when I’m so weak and only getting weaker? I think the answer’s written all over wiley’s face. He’s thrilled to have you. But he thinks I’m going to get better. Michael and i are letting him think that. And it’s a lie. Homuch longer can we keep lying to our child? I am not okay with what carly did, and I made that very clear to her. But we are members of the same extended family. We are both connected through michael and willow. Connected, yeah. You two seem to be very close these days. The whole family is rallying around willow right now. Well, I’m pa of willow’s family, too, and I’m not allowed to be near her, thanks to carly. She ruined any chance of me having a relationship with my child. Look, nina, I’m really sorry that willow doesn’t want to see you right now. I can’t imagine how painful that is, but you have nobody else to blame but yourself. Got to warn you, the coffeeis probably a little strong. I’m fighting off jet lag. Well, thank you for the warning, and thank you for the coffee. I’m actually surprised you didn’t show me the door two seconds after dante left. You know, a couple of months ago, I may have done that, considering when you first showed up to porcharles, you were coming down from a parachute, crash landing into the pool at the metro court hotel. And then you were sort of, kind of running one con after another and never really saying why you were in port charles to begin with. And then you — you blackmailed spinelli to set you up with britt for society setups. And you do have a sealed juvenile arrest record. I am the model citizen. But ever since britt died, you have… showed that you obviously cared about her a lot. And I really appreciate you showing concern for sasha. What I’m trying to say is, okay, maybe I misjudged you. You didn’T. I only have the vaguest memory of ryan chamberlain dragging me and my daughter away from spring ridge. Ryan is terrifying. Every time I was with him, I would lose time for hours afterwards. Sometimes I really think he was trying to hypnotize me. Hey, bennet. Is heather webber in with the lawyer? Interrogation 1. The lawyer wanted privacy. I double-checked, but she still wanted me out. If it’s any consolation, the prisoner’s still in shackles. That’s not going to stop her from getting inside the lawyer’s head. Oh, hello, detective. Hello, heather. How’s it going in here, counselor? All good. Heather just gave me a demonstration of how she plans to fake insanity to get away with the hook killings.

And I hadthe perfect opening just now. When wiley brought up how much I sleep, we could have told him that I’m sick and I won’t get well, that I’m going to die soon. I thought for a minute there you were going to explain that to him, but, uh… it’s a really difficult conversation to have with anyone, especially a child, your child. I think wiley’s too young to understand the concept of death, and it’s okay if you didn’t want to tell him your first morning home. I’ve been reading all the literature about it. I know we have to explain this to him. But when I think about actually saying the words, my mind goes blank. How do I tell my little boy that I’m going to leave him forever and it didn’t have to be that way? I’m working on the pikeman shipment in order to get evidence against sonny. Are you a cop? Or an undercover fed? No, no, nothing like that. I’m not law enforcement. I don’t have a badge or work for any official authority.

[ Sighs ] Is anything you told me about yourself true? All of it. Okay, I’m an ex-soldier. I did a tour in afghanistan. I joined the military right out of high school. What I didn’t tell you is that after I left the army, I went to work for a private security contractor. That’s who set me up with my currenemployer. Doing what? I was hired to work my way into sonny’s inner circle to gather information and incriminating evidence that my employer could use against sonny. Who’s your employer? That is my cue to leave. But before I go, I do want to share some personal experience. Look, you’re never angrier or more disappointed or, frankly, less rational than you are with family. The people who know you the best are the people who can hurt you the worst. They’re also the people who can save you. She’s right, you know. Yeah, I’ve long gotten over being surprised by brook lynn. What are you doing in the main house? I brought wiley up. He’s in the kitchen making pizza dough with olivia and leo. We used to do that, remember? Yeah, I remember. So…[ Sighs ] I’m guessing you’re here about nina. After those summers at camp, life took mend dante in very different directions. You know, he became a cop, a family man. I admire that. I admire him. You ow, his dedication to the law, to rocco, to you, to your kids. I never thought I wanted anything like that. I was always after the big score. Yeah, and you — you thought you found that with the diamond necklace britt inherited.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, yeah. I knew that leopold taub and cesar faison were business associates, and as soon as I realized that britt was faison’s daughter, I thought that maybe she could get me close to some money or, I don’t know, jewelry or something that originally belonged to taub. And so that’s why I blackmailed spinelli into setting me up with her. And it worked for a minute. How so? Well, you know I was with britt when she opened up peter aust’s safe deposit box. We found the necklace. Yeah, I’m sure you felt like you hit the jackpot in vegas. Eh, for about two seconds. In retrospect, I wish we never found it. Why? That necklace was the beginning of the end for me and britt. I don’t know. Maybe it was fate. Fate? I have heard that that necklace is cursed, just like the diamond it came from. I was up all nig researching heather’s past. She is a kidnapper, a murderer, a vicious maniac. She should never have been given life without parole. Truthfully, she should have been given the death penalty 30 years ago. But heather repeatedly exploits her mental illness. She gets herself committed rather than going to prison then somehow regains her release, either by escape or by manipulating the legal system. You’re right. I mean, there are a lot of loopholes in the system, and heather’s been pretty masterful in working her way through them. Well, this time will be different. This time, I will be a witness for the prosecution, and I’m gonna take you down for good.

everything possibleto fight your leukemia. I haven’T. I had the option to begin treatment as soon as I was diagnosed. Was that a real option? Not… for me. I would have had to terminate the pregnancy because of the damage chemo would have done to the fetus. It was unthinkable. I understand that. I convinced myself that I could wait, that I could have a healthy baby and still recover from leukemia. Well, I was… I was half right. Amelia is healthy. But now, I’m going to die and leave wiley, which means I put amelia ahead of my little boy. Okay, hey. You made a choice that was right for you as a mother. You gave your daughter the best chance at life, and you put your own life at risk to do that. You may be leaving wiley, but you’re also leaving behind the gift of a baby sister. You did the best you could for both of your children. You’ve got to stop blaming yourself. I’m afraid, carly. I love my children so much. I love michael so much. I don’t want to leave them. I know. I know. Willow is estranged from you not because of anything carly did, but because of what you did. You alienated her for years. Come on, nina. You sued her and michael for visitation rights to wiley. I’m sorry, is it a crime to want to see my grandson? It’s the way you went about it that hurt her. And if in turn, she doesn’t want to spend time with you, that is her right. But that all changed when I found out that willow is my daughter. No, you changed. Willow hasn’t changed. Yes. But if we’d known when we were supposed to know the truth, willow would have come to me for a bone marrow donation a lot sooner, and we would have had all this time to work out our differences and reconcile. Yes, carly should have told willow that you were her mother and then left the decision up to her whether or not to tell you. Yes, but instead, she decided to lie to both of us. Well, that’s not the same thing. She owed willow the truth. She didn’t owe you anything. Wow. You’re just as righteous and unfeeling as carly. I see it now. And when payback comes, you’ll be just as deserving. Nina went to the hospital to try to visit willow. Willow’s not at the hospital. I-I brought her home this morning. What do you…? So there’s no hope for treatment? We’re still waiting for a donor. But we’re running out of time. Well, then it’s important, michael, for willow and nina to connect. Is there any way you can persuade willow to see her mother? I can’t do that. Yocan’t do it or you won’t do it? ‘Cause you’re still holding the grudge against me and nina. This isn’t about you or nina. This is about willow. She’s dying, and she gets to spend her last days the way that she wants, not trying to make nina feel better. You know what, I’ve done everything to reach you,

everything. I’m done. If you can’t have any compassion for nina, even when her child is dying, then what happens next is on your head. Dex, who are you working for? And I don’t mean the private contractor. Yes, I want to dismantle sonny’s life, but not at the cost of my mom and sister. Their involvement was a one-time thing. Maybe for my mom, but you and I both know that josslyn is an issue. Look, I need you to hear me when I tell you I’d rather blow this whole operation up than put my sister at risk. You need to find a way to keep her at arm’s length. Do you understand? I’m sorry. That’s the one thing I can’t tell you, not till it’s over. Okay, when will that be? You were beaten and tortured. Isn’t that incriminating enough to finish the job? This pikeman shipment is on a whole nother level. Okay, I am talking federal charges, potential violations of the national security act. When I get the proof, I turn it over to my employer and he turns over to the feds, sonny’s going away forever. Is that what you want? Because hating sonny and seeing him behind bars for the rest of his lifeare different things. If you want… I’ll tell my employer I’m out before the pikeman shipment ever lands. And sonny will be in the clear? It’s up to you. What do you want? Have you ever heard of the ice princess?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Only in reference to the necklace, but no specifics, why? Well, at one time, it was the world’s largest uncut diamond, and it belonged to my grandfather, mikkos cassadine. I had heard that you were related to the cassadines somehow. I’ve never been a particularly superstitious person, but once I found out that the diamond in britt’s necklace was part of the ice princess, I was like, “no way.” I saw all these flashing lights, and it was just like — ooh, chills up my spine. Nothing but misery has ever come out of that diamond.

[ Scoffs ] I wish that I could blame all my failures on some cursed diamond, but I only have myself to blame for all the mistakes I made with britt. I let my greed get the better of me. Now, that is very big of you to admit. Shocker, right?

[ Chuckles ] But greed… gets the best of me over and over and over. Yeah, greed has caused me to make a lot of bad decisions. And then guess what? I just stopped. How? I guess I have realized that there were more valuable things to chase. If I could figure that out, you could figure that out, too. Here’s hoping. Yeah. Thanks for the coffee, sam. Of course. Have a good one. You, too. I haven’t done anything! All I want is to see my daughter! She was having a baby, you know, and they ripped me away from her! Ryan chamberlain was threatening me! Wow, heather. I’ll give it to you. It’s a compelling act. But you know what? I can be compelling, too. I was with brando in charlie’s in his last moments, before he went to follow josslyn jacks into that alley where you callously, brutally murdered him. I-I don’t even know anyone named brando.

[ Chuckles ] The jury will know him. I will tell them. I was eating pie when he left. Our last kiss tasted like cherries. I will testify to brando’s frame of mind, to his courage, his kindness. I will make the jury feel the terrible injustice of my husband’s murder. Your poor, pitiful lunatic act won’t stand a chance against my grieving widow. And I won’t stop in the courtroom. I will try you in the court of public opinion. I will go on podcasts, talk shows, anyone who will give me a platform, and I will crusade about the loopholes in the legal system that allowed a psychopath like you to rampage through port charles when you should have been stopped decades ago! I will do whatever it takes to see that you are found guilty on all counts. Multiple murders, consecutive life sentences. You, heather? You will spend the rest of your days in solitary in pentonville, right where you belong. Okay, while I do look forward to your testimony, this interview is over. You know how to get out of here? Exit is down the hall and to the right. Just the two of us, huh? Yeah. Good. I’m ready to confess.

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