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I can’t believe you’re finally here. I know I don’t remember much of my life, but I know that I’m your mommy. We have each other, and that’s all that matters.

[ Door opens ]

[ Gasps ] There you are. My baby girl. And your new baby boy.

[ Gasps ] My family. You shouldn’t be here, heather.

[ Scoffs ] I’m your mother. Where else would I be?

[ Breathes deeply ] I’m gonna call for the nurse. We don’t want anyone interrupting our family time, do we? I can’t wait to start spoiling my little grandson. In fact, I think I’ll start right now. No, let me go. No. You just — you stay away from my baby! Stay away!

[ Breathing heavily ] Esme? Is everything okay? Where’s heather? Heather is in custody. She’s at the police station. Look, please don’t let her take my baby away.

[ Baby coos ] Uncle sonny, come here. You were up early. I figured you’d be here. Come here. Look. That’s him. Aw. Right there. That’s my baby brother. He’s handsome, isn’t he? Oh. So vulnerable. So does the little guy have a name? I-I don’t think so. Not yet. So now that you’ve seen your baby brother, are you still going to sue for custody? I may not have to now that my father has disappeared. I was hired to find evidence that would put sonny away once and for all. But I will tell my employer that I’m out if that’s what you want.

[ Scoffs ] That’s not my decision to make. Okay, let’s not make this about sonny. Okay? Let’s make this about you and me. You hate that I’m working for sonny. How do you feel about me working against him? Scott: I can’t believe you let nikolas talk you into that cockamamie plan. If you can’t help me, I’ll understand, but I can’t live with this guilt. And I have to mitigate the damage to the boys.

[ Door opens ] Mom. Hi. I wasn’t expecting you home this morning. Do you want some breakfast? I don’t know. Hey, mom? Mm-hmm? Are you as freaked out about esme as I am? Good morning. I was wondering, is — is dr. Gatlin-holt allowed visitors? Why do you want to see austin? Why would I want to see the man who nearly bled to death on my living room floor? Does that really seem so strange? Depends. Felicia told me that you encouraged her to leave austin behind when heather webber said you could go. Yes, so we could go to the mainland and get him help. But instead of doing that, you went after ryan with a gun. It occurred to me that austin didn’t need both of us to get him help, and I needed to confront the man who made my life a living hell. Anyway, you’re the one who ultimately killed ryan. The world’s a better place now that ryan chamberlain is dead. Well, we agree on something. So, are — are you done? I still have a few more questions. Why don’t we start with why dr. Gatlin-holt was on spoon island in the first place? Good morning, commissioner. Da scorpio. Big congratulations on catching heather webber. I can go to the public now and assure them they’re safe, that the hook killer has been caught, and she’s going away for good. My people have already made progress. Ah. Dante: Commissioner? Oh, hey, robert. Good, you’re here. Heather’s ready to make a statement. Oh, hey, hey, hey. Hold on there, mr. Da. Baldwin, look, I got a busy morning. Can this wait? I’m about to make your life a whole lot easier. Detective falconeri says you want to make a statement? I do, commissioner. I’ve done some very bad things. And I’m ready to confess. You want to confess… to the hook attacks without a lawyer present? I don’t want a lawyer. Only want to unburden my soul.

Dante: This is detective falconeri. In the room with me is commissioner ashford. This is the statement of heather webber. Ms. Webber, for the record, it is your right to have an attorney present. I don’t want an attorney. I just want to tell the truth. We’re listening. Start talking. I do have one condition. I have a client with information on the hook attacks. And they want to make a deal. How long do you think esme has known that ryan and heather are her parents?

[ Exhales deeply ] I have no idea. I only know what’s being reported online. I mean, you realize that if heather really is esme’s mom, that makes her franco’s half-sister. Yeah, I know. When esme moved to port charles, I really tried to give her a chance because spencer was so into her. I know you did. You think she was working with ryan when she was interning in spring ridge? Before she lost her memory? What if she never lost her memory at all? What if she’s been faking this amnesia the whole time?

[ Exhales deeply ] I wonder if joss knows about everything that’s happened. Sonny was in my life for a very long time. Not as a father — I had one, obviously — but as a step-father. And we were family. He was good to you. He was. When I was little, before I knew about his business. Sonny still considers you family. It’s one of the reasons he thinks I’m not good enough for you. Like he has the right to judge anyone! After what he’s done? He’s had you beaten and tortured and you’re one person. Sonny’s hurt so many people, I can’t even count. Where does he get off thinking he’s better than anybody else? I mean, the hypocrisy of it all. So does that mean you want me to see this through? To make sure sonny goes to prison? What do you mean your f ather’s gone? What — what are you talking about? Gone for good? Sonny, I — I don’t know what to think anymore. I really don’T. I mean, how can someone just walk out on their child? I don’t even mean me at this point. You really think that my dad could turn his back on… an innocent baby? If he did, you’re not responsible for his actions. You know? Y-you can’t fix his messes. Someone has to. Uncle sonny, my baby brother has an absent father and a mother that’s in police custody. Look at him. That little guy must feel all alone in the world. You know we can fix that, don’t you? Everything’s okay here. You can leave us alone. I’ll be right outside. Okay. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] It’s okay, esme. You had a nightmare. Please tell me that’s all it was — that I wasn’t forced to break out of spring ridge and that my parents aren’t serial killers. Unfortunately, that is true. But, esme, as I told you, heather’s in custody. She can’t hurt you, hon. Where’s my baby? In the nursery. Well, is he okay? Yes. In fact, the doctors checked him out, and he got a perfect bill of health despite his, uh, impromptu entrance into the world. Thank god. And thank you, and dr. Collins, for helping me bring my baby into the world. Well, I feel very lucky that I could be there for my grandson’s birth.

[ Chuckles ] I just realized that I have a son. Yes.

[ Both laugh ] Would you like me to go talk to the staff and I’ll have them bring him in so you can visit? Uh, no, no. Um… he should stay away. Why? It’s not safe. I mean, my parents are killers. For all I know, I could be a killer, too. That’s all I want. Pretty simple. Don’t you think? You cooperate fully… and we’ll see about your request. Oh, detective, you know that’s not how this works. Okay, that’s now how any of this works. What? Waste of time. Okay. Fine. Fine. What do you want to know? Dante: August 26, 2022. Did you attack ava jerome? Yes. September 13, 2022. Did you attack and kill brando corbin? Oh, my god. This is gonna take all day. I’m the hook. Okay. Anyone stabbed with a hook, it was me. We need details. Okay. Fine. Details. Um, ava jerome — with a hook at the quartermaines’. Brando corbin behind charlie’s with a hook. Except that was a mistake. I was really after josslyn jacks for making my daughter’s life so miserable. Diane miller in the garage. Bartender oz haggerty at the docks. Um, nikolas cassadine. All with a hook. Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. You attacked nikolas cassadine? I have no idea why austin came to wyndemere last night. T-that’s one of the reasons I’m here. I want to see how he’s doing and — and ask him what he was doing there last night. I didn’t realize that you and austin were friends. Well, I don’t know that I would use the word “friends.” Friendly, perhaps. Austin treated me after heather attacked me at the quartermaine picnic, but I wouldn’t say that we bonded over it or anything. Alright. Very well. Thank you for your time. You know, there’s one thing that I just can’t wrap my head around — that esme, spencer’s girlfriend from boarding school, is actually ryan and heather’s daughter. Quite a coincidence. Oh, but it isn’T. It isn’t at all. No, ryan told me that he sent esme to that boarding school specifically to ensnare spencer. Ryan was intent on splitting up nikolas and me. And he succeeded. Well, maybe now that the truth has come out, you and nikolas can find your way back to each other.

Why did you attack nikolas cassadine? I don’t know. The fall? It was breezy. And where did this happen? At wyndemere. Not my finest hour. He escaped without a scratch. Well, obviously, because he’s still breathing. Unlike that doctor on new year’s eve. Britt westbourne. Was she your intended target? No. No. She appeared out of nowhere and then decided to play hero. And again josslyn jacks escaped. But they were none of them innocent. Everyone stood between me and protecting my little girl. Okay, let’s talk about officer cabrera. A keepsake from one of ryan’s victims was found on rory’s person. How did it get there? Have you heard from nikolas? No, I have not. And I don’t expect to. Things between us have gone too far. I’ve accepted that I’ve lost nikolas for good. Ryan has destroyed my life again. At least it’s for the last time. I have you to thank for that. I’m only sorry that I didn’t kill the bastard myself. After everything that ryan has put you through, killing him would be self-defense under any circumstances. You’ll never know how much ryan has taken from me. So, what does this client know about the hook attacks? Well, my client has information on pcpd’s number-one suspect, the one and only esme prince. Keep going. Well, esme’s whereabouts before she showed up at the haunted star soaking wet, with child, and no memories!

[ Sighs ] So this client of yours will only divulge said information if you make a deal? That’s why I’m here. If this client knows what they know because they’re an accomplice to the crime, you should be telling them to turn themselves in. Have you spoken with josslyn recently? Mnh-mnh. And I don’t plan to. I know the breakup really hurt you, but you guys have been friends your entire lives. I feel like that kind of makes it worse. Are you hoping that maybe you guys can be friends again someday? I don’t know, mom. What josslyn did… she’s not the person I thought. Maybe she never was. You know, I think it would be a lot easier for me to figure out how I feel about this if you tell me who you’re working for. I’m sorry. I can’T. Why not?! All I can say is… I trust my employer.

[ Scoffs ] And this mystery person wants to take sonny down. It’s the whole reason I’m here. How close are you? I don’t have any solid evidence yet, but sonny is about to get involved with people in arms trafficking. The plan is for me to get evidence to my real boss, who will turn it over to the feds. Well, my first instinct is to say do it. No one’s forcing sonny to break the law, and you would just be reporting on what he’s doing. True.

[ Sighs ] But if this goes wrong and if you get caught, this lands on you, not on your mystery boss. What happens if you call the whole thing off? I mean, do you — do you have to work for sonny for real? I’d have to. Because sonny’s not just gonna let you walk away. Heather and ryan want my baby for themselves. They were talking about all of these plans and — heather is locked up. Yeah, for now. She has a revolving door in and out of spring ridge, and ryan is just — ryan is dead. I’m sorry, sweetheart. He… he died last night on spoon island. Good. He was a monster, and I-I’m glad he’s dead. I was terrified of that man. And what about heather? Heather kept saying that she would protect me, but, I mean, she’s so crazy. I-I’m the offspring of two monsters, so I must be a terrible person. Oh, my god. I did all of those things that I’m accused of — the — making the revenge porn and trying to kill that man? Do you remember doing those things, esme?

What? This baby has every right to meet his family. You know, you were this small once. It’s like all I want to do now is just protect him from every bad thing that could happen in the world. Oh. Hi!

[ Baby coos ] I know. It’s — having a baby is just the most amazing thing. You think my father felt like this when I was a baby? Guarantee it. Well, that’s good, right? That means he has to come back. Now that his new son is here. ‘Cause how could he stay away knowing what he’s missing, huh? I thought you didn’t really care if your father came back. Unless…you’re changing your mind.

[ Baby coos ] Do you remember your past? No. Sorry. My, um, life before I showed up on that boat deck is still a blank. Then why did you say you were guilty? With parents like heather and ryan, how could I not be? Well, you are not destined to be bad no matter who your parents are. Do you think your baby is bad? No, he’s completely innocent. I mean, do you — do we even know what’s gonna happen to him? If I’m found guilty, then I’m going straight back to prison. You haven’t stood trial yet. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Where’s nikolas? I mean, why isn’t my baby’s father here? When I discovered that I was pregnant with esme, I left ryan, and I took this chain of trophies that he had as insurance in case he ever decided to come after me. But that was 20 years ago. How does cabrera end up with it? I wore ryan’s chain for all the hook attacks. Because I was getting justice for our daughter, I just thought it was fitting. That’s the sound that josslyn heard when brando was attacked in the alley. Yeah. Brando heard it, too. Well, cabrera surprised me, and we tussled a bit, and then in the struggle, he managed to grab one of the trophies off the chain. And I didn’t realize it till I got back to spring ridge. So you’re confessing to murdering six people and attacking four others? No, it was five, not six. Brando, oz haggerty, venom guy, rory cabrera, and dr. Britt… whatever you said her name was. What about corrections officer williams? He was stabbed to death when you and ryan and esme escaped spring ridge. I didn’t kill him. That was ryan! He stabbed williams. He planned the escape. He forced me and esme to go with him. You — you can’t pin this on me. I have bent over backwards convincing sonny that I want to work for him. I can’t just “change my mind” and tell him I’m not really cut out for this, not without him getting suspicious. If sonny had any idea that you were working against him… he’d kill me. Yes, you’re right. He would. So he can never know. So either I keep working for sonny… or I have to leave port charles. She found it.

started this conversationby saying you could quit. So your mystery boss would be okay with that? Not “okay.” He’s gone to a lot of trouble to set this up, and he’s close to getting what he wants. But if I tell him I want out, he’ll let me go. Okay, but that doesn’t solve anything. True, you wouldn’t have to spy on sonny anymore, but you’d still have to work for him. You’d still have to smuggle arms and commit crimes and whatever it is. And if you get caught… I go to prison. So as long as you stay in port charles, you’re trapped. You don’t have to go into detail, but is what josslyn did so unforgivable? Yeah. Yeah? It’s just that simple? Pretty much. Ooh. What josslyn did…

[ Scoffs ] I just could never in a million years predict that she would hurt me the way that she did. Makes me feel like I never knew her at all. It always hurts when someone you love lets you down, but it doesn’t negate everything the two of you had. I mean, people make mistakes all the time, cameron. Big ones. And all you can do is come clean and deal with the consequences. Are we still talking about me and joss, mom? My client got…involved in a crime that was already in progress, and they would like to make things right and testify against the real perpetrator. Say more.

[ Sighs ] I need to hear the deal. For what? I need more information. Well, what can I say? My client is a good person. They’re not a criminal. They got mixed up in some bad business. So you can either go after a person who made a mistake or you can actually go after the real felon! Ava. Hey! You’re not here to see the — I mean, it’s fine if you are. Just surprised. No. Actually, I’m — I’m here to see you. I saw you with the baby, though. Cute. You’re a natural. Thank you.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Exhales heavily ] So what did you want to talk to me about? I-I take it you know that, um… ryan was esme’s father? Yes, and heather webber is her mother. It’s odd how something can come as a total shock and at the same time make perfect sense. Yeah, that’s right. I think we all felt that way… totally. …When we found out. Right. So is that it or…? No, not quite. Um… spencer, esme and ryan, they, um — they knew who they were to each other. Okay. For how long? Since esme got to port charles? Since before you met her. Spencer, ryan sent esme to that school in france to get close to you.

[ Scoffs and chuckles ] You’re saying that ryan sent his daughter to france to wha– to what? Seduce me in some long game to break up you and my fa– that’s pretty good, ava. Well… that’s good. Think about it, though. Whose idea was it to come to port charles and “stalk” me? Was it yours? Or was it esme’s? I spoke with ava. I’m about to question esme prince. Check her answers against what heather told us. I think once I talk to esme, we’ll have a much clearer picture about what happened on spoon island. I don’t know where my son is. But he came to see me at spring ridge to get me to sign my rights to the baby over. Why isn’t he here now? I wish I knew, esme. Hello? Esme. Laura. Yeah, I-I remember you from the roadside outside the prison. You stopped to help us. And then ryan hit you over the head. Are you okay? I’m fine. Thanks. I’m chief of detectives mac scorpio, and I have some questions. Heather and ryan kidnapped me. T-they forced me to escape. Ryan even killed a guard right in front of me. Ryan killed the guard? Did heather help him? No, um, the guard was questioning me and heather, and then ryan snuck up from behind a-and just stabbed him in the back. It was horrible! Then what happened? Then heather told me that, um, I had to do what ryan said. Otherwise, he’d hurt me. Did heather seem scared of ryan? Well, now that you mention it, not really. What happened next? Heather led us out of the prison. Whose idea was it to escape? I’m not sure. I think heather and ryan were planning it together. But heather was the one who knew her way out of spring ridge. Dante: We know you and ryan were working together. You’d been planning this escape for months. No. No, no, no. I didn’t even know that ryan could walk and talk until esme showed up at spring ridge. No — he never even told me. He didn’t tell me that he could — you got to believe me. He showed me that he’d been faking his condition only when she showed up. And it was just because he wanted my help getting her out! Which you were more than happy to provide. Hardly! Ryan terrified me! I had to do what he said! Well, ryan isn’t saying anything. He’s dead. Esme was always going on and on about how you pushed me out of my father’s life. And she said that I should push back. She encouraged me to get revenge. Did you ever ask yourself… why she cared so much? I was no one to her. The two of you, you had the kind of life that teenagers dream of. You had europe at your fingertips. Wouldn’t living your best life have been the best revenge? No, apparently not. Esme was determined to get me back here. Because ryan ordered her to do all of that. And — and look what happened. Nikolas and I are divorced. And you and your father are more estranged than ever. It was ryan. Ryan played us all.

Ryan’s dead? Oh, thank god! Ohh! Come on, heather! Give it a rest! Alright? You wanted ryan gone. That way, he can’t contradict your narrative. We know you gave ava a gun and sent her after ryan. So ava killed ryan? No, but she shot him in self-defense. Well, of course it was self-defense! After everything he’d done to her, to her life… her daughter! Ryan was a cold-blooded murderer! Unlike you. I’m just a mother protecting my child. A child you abandoned! Because I wanted to give her a better life! But I never stopped missing her! When esme arrived in port charles, I was overjoyed! Then I saw what her life had become. I saw trina robinson’s relentless attempts to humiliate and destroy her! What else could I do? I had to defend my family. You know, I feel for you, heather. I really do. I just disagree with your methods. Please, detective! I’ve told you everything I know. I’ve given you everything. I’ve confessed to the hook murders. Can’t you just grant me the one little thing that I ask you? Once we — ’cause, otherwise, I could always recant. After all, who’s gonna trust the word of a crazy person anyway? Laura: Sonny. Hey. What are you doing here? Oh, I’m just looking after your grandsons — both of them. Congratulations, by the way. Thanks. Were you just — were you in there with esme? Yes, I was, but now mac’s in there questioning her. Ohh. Is there anything that I should know? I don’t think so. Not yet. Is, uh — is spencer at the nursery? Yeah, he’s been here all morning just doing the big-brother thing. He’s really good at it. Okay. Oh, I don’t know if you heard, but ryan died last night. Yeah, I heard the good news. Um, and I also heard that… heather webber killed my cousin brando? It would appear that way. That’s a mistake going after my family. Sonny, let the justice system do what it does. You know me. I… I just protect the people I love. Okay. Option one, I disappear from port charles. Sonny may come looking for me, but I can cover my tracks. But if sonny can’t find you, neither can I. Not for a while, anyway. I’m not liking option one. No, me neither. Option two, I — I tell my real boss I’m out. I keep working for sonny, legitimately following his orders. But he told me I can’t go near you. So we would have to hide that we were together indefinitely. Okay. Marginally better than option one, but not by much. Option three… I stick with the original plan. I get evidence against sony. I turn it over to my real boss, who turns it over to the feds. Sonny goes to prison. I’m in the clear. I doubt it will be that easy. Probably not. But it’s the only option that gives me what I really want — a chance to stay here… a chance to be with you, free of sonny. Option three it is. Option three. No matter what happens… I can’t walk away from you. Good. I don’t want you to.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi. What’d he say? Yeah. I’m sure. Um, I’ll be right there. I have to go. Mom, is everything okay? I love you. I have to admit, ava, I didn’t think that you knew me so well. But you’re right. I didn’t want any of this to happen until I met esme and she used my resentment towards you to talk me into stalking you. And I own up to what I did, my part of it. But the escalation, putting that bear on avery’s bed… setting your car on fire… putting kiki’s hospital I.D. Badge next to the wreckage? That was all esme. I didn’t even know that it was done until it already happened. I believe you.

[ Groans ] All that misery because ryan couldn’t stand me being with someone else. Oh, my god. I cannot believe I was so blind. We all were. We were all blind… and used and manipulated. Manipulated or not, I did ryan’s dirty work for him. I drove my father away. I drove my father away. Spencer, no. No, it wasn’t you. You listen to me! Nikolas would still be here if not for ryan chamberlain. And when was the last time you saw ryan? He was in the woods with ava jerome. She had a gun on him. He was focused on her, so I made a break for it. Uh, is she okay? Ava’s fine. Tell her, um, thank you for helping me get away from ryan. I’ll pass along that message. Um, thanks for the answers. If I have anything more to ask… you know where to find me. Congratulations yourself on the birth of your son. Oh, um, before you go, um, maybe you could tell me what’s gonna happen to me and ace. Ace? My baby. You named your baby ace? It just came out. Sounds right to me for some reason. “Ace.” Where did that come from?

Do you think heather’s telling the truth? I think she likes to tell us what we want to hear, but in this case, I do, yeah. We may have some additional answers on this hook business. Baldwin has a client he says knows what esme was doing at the time she went missing. Who? Scott: Well, well. I think you all know my client. Elizabeth baldwin? I’m glad spencer is spending a little time with his baby brother because he really needs to focus on something positive right now. I feel like he needs the baby as much as the baby needs him.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Hang on. Oh. Everything okay? No. We got to go. Come on. Well, okay. Okay. I got to go. I got to go back to my family, and I need to talk to trina. It’s been a crazy couple of days. Go. People need you.

I need you. So do whatever you have to do, but just watch your back. Option three only works if you’re alive at the end of it. I’ll be careful. I promise. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Spencer? What’s wrong? I messed up, grandmother. Okay. Just take a deep breath. Tell me what’s going on. Because of me, my baby brother and i no longer have a father. Even in death, it seems that ryan chamberlain wins. Spencer, we will find your father. And when we do, we will explain to him what took place here. And I’ll talk some sense into him, you know? And until then, take a look around you. You’re not alone. Sonny’s here. I’m here. Always. You and your brother are gonna have more support than you know what to do with. Esme, are you sure about this?

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