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Oh. Hello. I’m sorry to come by unannounced. I haven’t seen you since the reception. Why would you? There’s nothing to say. Oh, trina, that’s — that’s not entirely accurate. You know, it’s not every day I find out that I might be a father. And I’m sure it’s a first for you to find out that you might have a dad you never knew. Here you go, dante. Ada lansing got a judge to sign off on a search warrant. Gives the pcpd complete discretion to search every inch of spoon island. Great.Is out there, we’re gonna find him. And with elizabeth baldwin’s testimony, he’ll be going away to prison for a very long time. Elizabeth, why aren’t you smiling? We got a really good deal. What’s gonna happen to nikolas? Well, he’ll be charged with a boatload of crimes. Because I incriminated him. Well, would you rather he incriminated you? And all you did was tell the truth. I mean, nikolas sucked you in to this whole esme thing. He thought she was the killer. But when you found out she wasn’t, you guys were in over your head. And I convinced the da’s office to, you know, make that deal for immunity. Still, I have to live with what I did. Yes, but you didn’t know that esme wasn’t the killer for a long time. Tell that to the woman you love — britt’s mom.

[ Gasps ] Dr. Obrecht. What — what brings you to the hospital? I’m a patient, awaiting test results. Ah. What kind of tests? That’s between me and the lab… and my darling scott once he gets here. Can’t imagine what’s keeping him. Finn? What do you know that I don’t? Yeah, my daughter needs a donor for a bone-marrow transplant. And there are people out there that can help. They — all they have to do is register to become a donor. And with crimson’s demographics, we can reach the under-35-year-olds, people with millions more stem cells to offer. Listen, we need to launch an appeal. Every — every second counts. Michael, by the time you see this, our wedding will be just a memory. What I hope you remember isn’t the tears… but the flowers and the music and the dancing. I hope the photographer takes lots of pictures and a video that you can show amelia someday when she’s old enough to understand how much — how very much I loved her daddy. Willow? What are you doing? Hey. Hey. What’s up? It’s a little weird. What? Which part? Well, the — the part where heather sticks me with the hook, and then, you know, I-I fall to the floor, and then there’s, like, this moment, right? I have this — this moment where I’m just thinking about all of the things that I didn’t get to do with my life. Oh. Well, I’m — I’m sure glad that I was able to stop the bleeding. Yeah, me too, and I’m glad you got to go after ryan chamberlain. Well, I just wounded him. Mac’s the one who took the fatal shot. Which is sort of ironic, isn’t it? That if — if I had killed ryan, it would have been self-defense, and, meanwhile, I have absolutely no defense at all for killing nikolas. We need to talk about that because it’s possible that at this point elizabeth baldwin’s been to the pcpd, given a full statement. Right, and so the cops are gonna be here soon, and they’re gonna be looking for evidence to corroborate her story. Right. But they’re gonna be looking for corroborative evidence in the north tower, not in the closet of a tack room. Only this time they’re gonna be looking for nikolas. And that puts the entire island at play. Doc… you know what we have to do.

Come in.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Uh, I can’t really offer you much to eat. But I think there’s an energy drink in the mini fridge and a bag of chips. I didn’t come here to eat. We have a lot to talk about, don’t you think? Not really. My mom lied to all of us — you, me, my dad. Yeah. Trina, I’m not here to talk about your mom. Then why are you here? I’m here to talk about us — you and me… …and where we go from here. I was just thinking about our wedding. Yeah. You’re not getting cold feet, are you? Oh, no, never. But I promise you, it’s gonna be a day you’ll always… sorry. That’s a poor — a poor choice of words. No. Please…go on. What were you going to say? I just… I want it to be everything that you ever dreamed of. Well, as long as you’re beside me when we say, “I do,” it will be. Wiley. Come here. -Hey, bud. -What were you doing? I tried to kiss my baby sister, but she spit up on me.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Well, uh, babies do that. But I am counting on you to look out for your baby sister. Big brothers are very important. I know that. But right now [Sighs] We need to take care of your mommy and let her get some rest. I’m — I’m not tired. That’s okay. I insist. Time to go to your playroom, bud. Oh! I almost forgot. I found something.

[ Chuckles ] Aunt liesl? What’s going on? Hey. Hello, nina. That’s what I’m trying to find out. It seems dr. Finn is keeping secrets. About what? Well, it’s — it’s, uh — it’s hardly a — a secret. I’m just — I’m surprised scott didn’t tell you. Tell me what? That is the question. Well, scott’s not here because — because he’s with a client. Of course. Scott said something about helping elizabeth with a legal matter. Is elizabeth in some kind of trouble? Scott is probably doing something mundane, like helping fix a parking ticket while that maniac heather webber gets away with murder. Well, no, not exactly — she’s been returned to d’archam. Yes, to live out her days in a padded cell. The police wasted precious time searching for esme prince when heather was the hook killer all along. A lot of people thought esme was the killer for a long time, not just the police. No one could have known otherwise. Oh, please. Someone must have known the killer wasn’t esme and looked the other way! And because of them…

…mein britta’s no more. When my story goes public, I-I don’t know how I’m ever gonna face liesl again. Yeah, um, liesl will be upset. Very upset. But if — if I can convince the da’s office, I can also reason with liesl. H-how do you reason with somebody who’s lost a child? Well, listen. When peter august killed franco, that’s a different story. What you and nikolas did with esme, that — that’s different. Still… if I was in liesl’s place, I… why didn’t I come forward sooner? Because you truly believed that esme was the hook killer. It wasn’t until that rookie cop was killed that you knew it was someone else. Do you really think that’s gonna make a difference to liesl? Okay, search team is assembled, and the coast guard is gonna take us out to spoon island. Great. While you’re doing that, I’m gonna go to G.H. And talk to dr. Gatlin-holt. Why? I’m curious what he was doing at wyndemere last night when all hell broke loose. You think he knows something about nikolas? Yeah, I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot. Alright. Well, good luck with that. Back at ya.

Look, I have an art history exam to prep for, and then there’s my slideshow for the post-impressionist due on friday. I-I just — I-I get it. I get it. When your whole world blows up, it’s nice to have work to focus in on. Do you know where I went the night you and taggert left me and your mother at the honeymoon suite when we were going through it? No. Where? I went straight to the savoy, the one place that I — that I knew that I was on solid ground. Did it help? Not exactly. All I wanted was a glass and a bottle to drown my woes. But, uh, fortunately, n’neka — she knew it was a bad sign that I was at the savoy on my honeymoon night, alone. So she called my father. Marshall beelined it down to the savoy, and he gave me hell. Well, you know marshall. But he reminded me… that booze is never the answer. Yeah. That sounds like something he would say. So, what happened then? Uh, well, we talked about what I wanted to forget. And I let him know that portia, she lied to me — she lied to us — for 20 years. I thought you said we weren’t gonna talk about her. And I’m not gonna start. Okay? I’m here to talk about — about you and me and, trina, where we go from here.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Telephone rings in distance ] Mommy. Did I do something wrong? No. No, no, sweetie. Not at all. No, the, uh, the necklace you found was with your mom’s things at the hospital. I-I packed them up when we moved her in to the house.

[ Knock on door ] Ah. Sasha. Michael. Come on in. Sasha! Mommy and daddy are gonna get married!

[ Laughs ] I know, wiley! That is why I’m here. I came to offer my help. Wiley, let’s go — let’s go check on your sister, alright? -Okay. -Okay. Come on. So…tell me. What can I do? You can start by getting rid of this necklace. Aunt liesl, why don’t i take you someplace a little bit more private so you can get ahold of yourself? I don’t care who sees me. All I want is a key to heather webber’s padded cell. That or five minutes alone with whoever hid esme all that time. What — what makes you so sure someone was hiding her? Esme was pregnant. I don’t believe she is resourceful enough to manage on her own off the grid. Someone must have helped her. Aunt liesl. Hey. Let’s go sit down. Come on. Come on.

[ Line ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Scott: Scott baldwin. Is it over? How’s elizabeth? Well, turn around and see for yourself. I did well. You’re looking at an innocent woman. Not guilty. Doesn’t make me innocent. You know, ava, there are other ways to do this. You do have options. I do? Yeah, you’re a wealthy woman. You can go anywhere in the world. No one would ever find you. The cops may not, but victor would. And if I were to run now, I would have to run without my child. Ryan chamberlain has already taken one daughter from me, and I will die before I lose the other. Yeah, well, it would probably make me really sad if you were dead, so… whatever you got going on, count me in. Nikolas is dead because of me. Austin, I won’t fault you, you know, if you — you go on back to G.H. And — and you forget you were ever here.

[ Knock on door ] I have to answer that. Really? Do you? I do. Who is it? Dante: Pcpd.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Witness at the absolute horrible year you had last year, from being accused of a crime that you didn’t commit and its subsequent trial… to rory’s death. And that’s not to mention the fear of knowing that the hook killer was targeting people you were close to. But, honey, through it all, you had your family — your mom and your dad. Now, I know — I’m aware that right now it probably feels like your family is up for grabs. And you’d only be human to… resent my presence in your life. I don’t resent you, curtis. You’ve always been wonderful to me. I mean, sure, you might have been a little pushy at times, but that was before we established boundaries. But those boundaries, they have a really big hole in them right now. And the odds are they’re only gonna get wider unless we answer one big question once and for all. You’re saying… we need to know what our dna says about us? If you’re here to see dr. Gatlin-holt, you just missed him. Is he off for a test? No. No. He checked himself out. So soon? Did you approve of that or…? No, absolutely not. But he’s a doctor. And you know the saying — they make the worst patients? Since I’m here, I may as well pay a visit to esme, see if giving birth has jarred her memory. Jordan, can esme wait? Sure. Why? Austin’s room is empty, and we can talk without being disturbed. I think we need to have a conversation. Just to be clear, I did not come here to lobby for nina. I’m on yours and michael’s side. Because I understand that two different things can be true at the same time. Nina has been very good to me, but I am aware that hasn’t been the case for everyone. Thank you for understanding. I really mean that. So many people think they need to choose sides. It’s just… not necessary. And I don’t want to waste what little time I have left thinking about nina reeves. My goal is to make this wedding be as perfect and joyful as it can be for everyone. And I’m definitely going to need all the help I can get. Well, you’ve got it.

[ Both chuckle ] I really need you to stop talking about the time you have left, though. Miracles can still happen. I’m not being a pessimist — just realistic. I’ve run out of options. It is so unfair. You have so much to live for and so many people that need you. Nobody said life was fair.

[ Breathes sharply ] You know that better than anyone.

[ Exhales sharply ] I, um, did something today. Think you might get a kick out of it. Please. Tell me. I went to visit heather webber at the pcpd. Oh, sasha, no! No! No. It’s a good thing. I’m really glad that I did it. I got to put a face on brando’s murderer. And it gave me a chance to finally release all the pent-up anger that I’ve been keeping in check. It also made me realize something. What’s that? When liam died and then brando did… I thought that there could be nothing worse than death. But I was wrong. I loved liam. I loved brando.

[ Voice breaking ] And I love you. And I realized that if someone goes through life having never experienced love, never having anything to lose… that would be the worst thing that can happen. I understand your pain. I do. I miss britt, too. But even if you could prove that someone knew that esme wasn’t the killer… it’s not gonna bring britt back. No. But it would give me great pleasure to give that person pain.

[ Sighs ] Nina, does my honesty upset you? No, no. It doesn’t — I’m — no. I just — I-I took a call from crimson. We’re gonna do a campaign for stem-cell donors. Don’t worry. I’m not fooling myself. I understand it might be too late. But if we can save other lives, then… nina, my nina, it — it may not be too late. I know a possible donor. What? Oh, my god. Who?! Liesl was asking about you. And she’s here. Oh, brother. Hm. Okay, well, thanks for the heads-up. Hm. Elizabeth, if you need anything, please call me. I will. Thank you. Good luck. You okay? You mean, can I live with myself after throwing a lifelong friend under the bus? I don’t know what kind of friend he is. He literally ran away and left you to take the fall. I may not be guilty of taking esme hostage the way nikolas did, but I fully enabled him. But you took responsibility. You came forward, and you — you told the truth. And maybe you want to ask yourself — what would nik have done to esme and that baby if you would’ve just walked away? Um

[Clears throat] Everythingseems to be in order. Okay. Uh, you two want to start with the main house and you two do the outlying buildings? Dante, is this really necessary? Heather is in custody, and ryan’s in the morgue. Right. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with what happened here last night. We got eyewitness testimony that esme prince was being held here against her will after you moved out. So we can’t go anywhere until we find some proof or at least a clue as to where nikolas is hiding.

Is where we’re gonna haveto agree to disagree because… I don’t need a dna test. I know all I need to know about my family — the good and the bad. I know how you feel. You know… when marshall came back into my life… I shut that door right in his face. After 40 years, the last thing I needed was some dude coming into my life claiming to be my father. All those years without him, I had learned to be strong, almost — almost unbreakable. And then I realized — who am I kidding? A piece of me was missing. I didn’t even realize that until I looked — until I looked him in the face and I saw a part of me looking back. I’m glad for you and marshall. I really like him. But it’s not the same thing for me.

[ Sighs ] You grew up

without a dad. I grew up with a dad. A dad who was always there for me. I understand that. I understand all of it. I bet you think that even asking the question of, “who is my biological father?” — I bet you feel like you’re betraying taggert. This isn’t easy for me to say… but there’s something that you need to know. Okay, but before you do, full disclosure — curtis came to me earlier today and told me what happened at your wedding reception. You tried to warn me. And I just want you to know that you were right. I kept telling myself that I was trying to protect my daughter… …protect my whole family. Um, but in reality, the only one that I was protecting was myself. I didn’t want to face the fact that dr. Portia robinson, who had risen to the top of her profession and respected by her peers and loved by the people who mattered the most…

[ Sniffles ] …Is so very far from perfect. In fact, I’m a coward. That’s simply not true. Well, we checked out amelia, and then wiley decided to take a nap. Shh! I got to take advantage of all the quiet. [ Chuckles ] We’re trying to decide between orchids and roses. Why not both? And that’s why you’re a ceo.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, I’m also a dad, not that amelia seems to really care. Is our daughter giving you a hard time? She’s just — she’s not going back to sleep. It’s that damn mobile above her bed. She’s fascinated with it. She can’t stop staring at it. Can you move it? Uh, no, she’ll just start crying if I do that. Sounds like amelia needs a dose of her mommy. Do you want me to go with you? No, I’m okay. I can still make it to the nursery on my own. -Actually, can you take this? -Yeah. Hey, um, don’t let willow limit herself, okay? I-I want this to be everything that she wants. Well, it’s your wedding, too. What do you want? I want what I can’t have. More time. If you’re looking for a donor, look no further. Oh, my god. Wait. Are you — are you telling me you’re a match?! I don’t want us to get ahead of ourselves, but I’ve been swabbed and had the bloodwork done, but I’m still waiting to hear if I’m a match. That’s why I’m here today. Oh, my god! Thank you!

[ Speaking indistinctly ] But thank you so much! You know, when — when I got tested and I wasn’t a match, I was so disappointed, and I thought that was why the universe brought me and willow together — so I could help save her life, but I wasn’t a match. I felt so hopeless. Thank you! I know, liebchen.

[ Chuckles ] That’s one of the reasons I volunteered. Well, tell — tell nina the other reason. If it turns out that I’m a match and I can save willow’s life… when carly’s silence almost killed her… that will be sweet revenge. That’s my girl. Ava: My god. Well, that certainly explains why nikolas vanished into thin air. If he got the sense that elizabeth was gonna confess to the police… well, she couldn’t do that without implicating him, right? He — he must have felt like the walls were closing in and must have run. Ava, I’m so sorry. That must have been agonizing, realizing that the man that you thought you knew inside and out was capable of keeping that poor pregnant girl prisoner.

[ Chuckles ] Take it easy. Let’s not go overboard. Esme is no saint, but no one deserves to be locked in a tower! Dante: Tower? Who said anything about the tower?

Oh, well, I’m just saying. Um, I’m just remembering that over the last few months, nikolas said that the north tower was completely off-limits to everybody, even the staff. So it makes sense. Where else could he have been hiding esme? Right? Yeah, we checked out the tower once already. Yeah, it had been painted and cleaned and looked like nikolas was trying to cover his tracks.

[ Cellphone ringing ] We could check it out again.

[ Police radio chatter ] Hi. Uh, falconeri. Alright. No. Don’t touch anything. I’ll be right there. Was something found? Uh, I don’t know yet. I’m not trying to be selfish about this. I know it’s complicated for everyone. And — and I’m sure my dad has some questions of his own. I mean… I mean, is it fair to leave him in the dark? Wondering if or when the truth may actually come — come out? Say, if there’s, like, some random medical emergency. Right. Is it fair to taggert? And — and let me just say, I do like the guy. But the only thing that matters to me is that I love my dad and I know my dad loves me. And, honey, I don’t want that to change, okay? But if there’s one thing this family has learned… oh. Okay. I know how that sentence ends. It’s the not knowing that will cause the real damage. Trina, I’m not gonna lie.I do want to know the truth. But I’m not gonna push. Okay? It’s your call.

[ Sighs ] So what do you want to do? Wait a minute. You’ve been warning me to come clean to curtis for months. And now you’re defending me? I’m not defending you. Just saying you’re not a coward. You had valid reasons for keeping your secret. Yes, you were protecting yourself, but I also know you were protecting trina and taggert.

[ Sniffles ] Even curtis, in a way. You’re a good person who puts your family first. Even though I chose to ignore all of your warnings. You had reasons to doubt my motives. In your place, I might have doubted them, too, but believe it or not, I was trying to spare you the kind of pain that you’re dealing with now. I know that. But what I don’t know — what I can’t seem to figure out is, how do I make the situation better? If there was anything I could do to give you more time with willow, I would do it in a heartbeat. Because I know how you feel. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t wish that I could hold liam in my arms again… or get a glimpse of brando and that epic smile…

[ Chuckles ] …Even if he’s just changing a tire at his garage. I’m sorry. Maybe I-I should’vechecked in with you more often. Oh, don’t be. We all suffer our burdens. And most days, I manage to put one foot in front of the other. It’s almost like I’m dancing with brando. Speaking of dancing, willow wants to dance at the wedding. Then that’s what you need to do, michael. You need to dance with willow. Even if it’s our last dance? Mission accomplished. Amelia is asleep. Wait. What did I miss? I actually can’t just sit here and wait for the results, so I’m gonna go check with dr. Randolph, see if we can’t put a rush on it, okay? Just stop. Terry knows I’m here. Hm? So, in the meantime, while we’re waiting, scott, why don’t you distract us with elizabeth baldwin’s legal troubles? Oh, you know, it’s — it’s no big deal, really. I mean, the — the cops are just questioning anybody and everybody on the whereabouts of nikolas. And what can angelic elizabeth tell the police about nikolas cassadine’s nefarious dealings? Well, you know, they’re old friends. Well, at least before — before what? Okay. You know what? There’s more important things to worry about, aunt liesl, like the test results. I’m as anxious as you are, nina. Why won’t you look me in the face, scott? What legal trouble did you handle for elizabeth? Of course, I’m so grateful — scott cut a deal for me. I’m not going to prison, and I’m not going to derail my boys’ lives. So then what are you worried about?

[ Sighs ] The police can’t sit on this story forever. It’s bound to come out. And when it does… you’ll deal with it. You know, if there’s one positive that came out of all this, it’S… it’s how you handled this ordeal. You know, there might have been a time when I thought, you know, maybe you needed to lean on someone. But I didn’t do you justice. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should take avery and run. You know, they practically gave me a medal for my part in taking ryan down, but if they find out what happened to nikolas, they won’t need to reinstate the death penalty because victor will make sure that I am dead.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Dante said he’d let you know if he found anything.

[ Ringing continues ] It’s ava jerome. Ava, hey. It’s dante. Can you and, uh, the doctor join me down here? Y-yes. Certainly, detective. Where are you? The tack room.

I don’t need to know what a dna test says. I love my dad. And I’ve come to also love you, too, curtis. It’s just — it’s just different. Okay. Well, if you decide to take the test down the road, let me know. Curtis… I just want to make one thing clear. No matter what a dna test says… taggert will always be your father.

[ Door closes ] You know, I dreaded having this talk.

[ Both chuckle ] But, um, now that we’ve had it, um… yeah. I feel the same. Don’t lose hope. The lies I told that cost me my marriage — that was me choosing to put my job before my own family. You chose family over everything. And one day curtis and trina will see that. Michael was just telling me that he doesn’t want to step on your toes at the reception, so I told him to stop making excuses and take some dancing lessons. So you went for some tough love. The best kind. But I’d better get started on those arrangements we discussed. Thank you, sasha. You take care of her. I’ll take care of everything else.

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Sighs ] Here. Let me help you. Thank you. No, I’m — I’m fine, really. No, no. Put your legs up. Relax.

[ Chuckles ] It’s fine. Do you want a blanket? Yes, please. Okay. Here you go. Just relax. I’ll put on some tea. Yeah, nina’s right. We should concern ourselves with the test results. Agreed. But why do I sense you’re keeping something from me? What has elizabeth done? Well, to be clear, it– it’s not elizabeth. It’s nikolas. What about those results? What did nikolas do? Okay, it’s gonna come out sooner or later. Nikolas held esme hostage in the tower at wyndemere. He thought that she was the hook killer. Nikolas isn’t your client. How do you know this? Well, because elizabeth helped him, even though they knew that esme… was not the hook killer. I am so grateful to you for everything that you’ve done for me… and respecting my choice to come forward. And even though I’m incredibly nervous about the fallout to come… I know I can face it. Because it’s a million times better than living in fear, waiting to be exposed. I respect the choice you made, and whatever comes, I’ll be with you all the way. Thank you. And now I’m actually just excited to get back to work.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Where do you think you’re going?

[ Horse whinnies ] Hey. Uh, thanks for coming down here. Do you know what’s behind this door? I-I don’t spend a lot of time here. But I think it’s just for storage. Right. Any of nikolas’ personal effects? Documents? Anything like that? I think if nikolas kept anything important in there, he would have collected it before I took possession of the house. Right. Why are we here? This seems like a waste of time. It’s got a padlock on it. Do you have a key for that? I’m sure there’s a key. I don’t have it. Okay. No problem. Crowbar? Yeah. Thank you.

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