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While leaving his room, Eric tells Brady to just text him when Dr. Rolf is done deprogramming Stefan. As he leaves, he runs in to Roman. Roman questions if Eric was talking to someone but Eric claims he was just talking to himself and asks what brought Roman up. Roman says if he hasn’t noticed, the lights were flickering so he came to see what the problem was. Eric suggests they go down and check the circuit breaker. Roman agrees and they walk away together.

Paulina meets Abe in the town square and apologizes for being late, noting that she stopped to check on Roman. Abe asks how he’s doing. Paulina mutters about Roman talking to an urn but then informs Abe that Roman informed her that Steve and John had a chat with Orpheus yesterday. Abe questions if a chat is all and Orpheus is still living. Paulina confirms that he is, but Orpheus told them something that he’s never going to believe.

At the DiMera Mansion, Tony accuses John and Steve of jumping to conclusions that it must’ve been his sister Megan who stole the orchid because Orpheus said it was a DiMera. Anna remarks that stealing the orchid wouldn’t be the worst thing that Megan has done. Tony points out that Megan is not alive as she died in 1985. John and Steve then reveal that Megan Hathaway is very much alive, shocking Tony.

Megan Hathaway stands in the DiMera lab with the three tubes containing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. The three women open their eyes as Megan declares that the three sleeping beauties are finally awake as she laughs. Megan hopes they enjoyed their naps because now that they are back to the land of the living, there’s a lot of work for them to do…

Abe asks Paulina if Orpheus said which DiMera it was. Paulina says that Orpheus wasn’t specific, just that it was someone in that family. Paulina asks if Abe has any ideas. Nicole then approaches. Abe greets her and says it’s so good to see her. Abe invites Nicole to join them, so she sits down. Abe wishes they could’ve talked to Nicole at the funerals but there were so many people. Paulina comments on them being three special women. Nicole remarks that Marlena and Kayla were, so Paulina guesses that Nicole won’t be missing Kate. Nicole thinks back to fighting Kate in the past and says they had a very complicated relationship, always going at it, but they ended things on decent terms. Nicole then admits that she really will miss Kate.

Eric and Roman finish checking the breakers, so Eric guesses the lights flickering was just a fluke. Roman reveals to Eric that he’s been hearing Kate’s voice through the urn and that Paulina heard her too. Eric asks what Kate said. Roman responds that Kate’s worried about him, John, and Steve. Eric says that makes sense because they’ve been through a lot lately. Eric asks how Roman is doing. Roman thought the funeral might bring closure, but Orpheus dropped a bombshell and claimed to know who stole the orchid.

Anna tells Tony that it does sound like Megan to come back from the dead and not even give her own brother a note. Tony says that’s not the central issue here. Anna talks about Tony making a donation in Megan’s name every year even though he didn’t know she was his sister until after she died. Tony states that he makes that donation because Megan was murdered by Larry Welch, who threw her in to a hot tub. Steve says that’s just what it looked like. John adds that Stefano intervened and secretly kept Megan alive for years in a cryogenic state. Steve explains that Stefano kept Megan on ice until he had someone fix her and now she’s alive. John declares that they have every reason that Megan is the DiMera who took the Orchid and decided that their wives were going to die.

Megan states that she has been closely monitoring the brain activity of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Megan notes that just now there was a significant spike in activity and then they all opened their eyes at the same time. She calls it quite a coincidence, but definitely a welcome development because now her plans can finally proceed. Megan pushes a red button that opens the three tubes that the women are laying in. Megan then pulls out a syringe and injects Marlena, causing her to begin to move as Megan laughs.

Tony says it seems John and Steve have made up their minds based off nothing but words from Orpheus. John then reveals that he and Steve saw Megan last summer. Tony questions them not informing him of this. Steve says they had their reasons and she hasn’t changed a bit. Anna questions where they found Megan. Steve explains that it took place Beyond Salem…

Megan injects Kate with the syringe and says it should perk her right up. Marlena sits up and looks around. Marlena identifies Megan, who declares that she is back again. Marlena doesn’t understand as she heard Megan was alive, but questions what she is doing here. Marlena then asks where she is. Megan tells her to try to relax and asks what she last remembers. Marlena recalls being on the roof with John. Megan calls it a very romantic set up with a slideshow of their life together which Marlena flashes back to. Megan remarks that Marlena then had to go spoil the mood by dying, or so they thought.

Eric questions Roman about how Orpheus knows a DiMera took the orchid. Roman explains that Orpheus had some people on the outside do some investigating. Eric questions Orpheus being able to identify them before the police or the ISA. Roman states that John believes Orpheus, but he didn’t say which DiMera it was, so John and Steve are looking in to it. Eric asks if there’s anything he can do. Roman brings up that Nicole has been living at the DiMera Mansion, so it’s possible she’s heard or seen something. Roman suggests that Eric could ask her but Eric doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Paulina tells Abe and Nicole that she was just getting to know Kate. Paulina asks Nicole about what started the trouble between her and Kate. Nicole says it’s hard to say now. Abe suggests it was when Nicole stole Kate’s husband. Nicole guesses that probably was the first time, but points out that Kate was trying to kill Victor. Nicole adds that Kate hated her before that because she didn’t think she was good enough for her son. Paulina asks what happened afterwards. Nicole responds that Kate changed her tune and paid her $5 million dollars to marry her son. Paulina questions how that came about. Nicole explains that Lucas was trying to get custody of Will and needed to provide a stable home. Paulina jokes that Nicole hit the jackpot. Nicole confirms that she did take the money but calls it the worst mistake of her life because she was engaged to Eric and she’s ashamed to say that she gave him up for the money. Nicole adds that it wasn’t just about the money, but something in her past that she didn’t want to come out. Nicole often thinks about what might have happened if she and Eric did get married back then. Paulina asks how long ago that was. Nicole informs her that it was when she and Eric first met 25 years ago.

John and Steve explain to Anna and Tony that Megan had her henchmen grab them while they were visiting their kids in San Francisco and Seattle. John adds that they were then flown to Caracas where they had their face to face with Megan and she had apparently been using that her base of operations for a long time. Anna questions what she wanted with them. Steve responds that she brainwashed them causing Anna to remark that Megan is Stefano all over again. John adds that she then had them flown to Hong Kong to crash the DiMera Gala and steal the prism. Tony says he knew the prism was stolen but he thought it was a jewel thief or a rival company. Anna talks about knowing it was a mistake for Li to go after the prisms since they caused enough trouble in the 80s when Stefano tried to collect all three of them which led to the plane crash where she, Tony, and nearly half of Salem nearly died. Tony asks if they gave the prism to Megan. John confirms that they did and even with a small army trying to stop her, she still got away. Steve notes that Megan is still out there somewhere and now she has all three prisms.

Marlena asks Megan if she died. Megan says sort of and reveals that while she was in the hospital, she stuck something in to her IV so it appeared that she had died and then she switched the bodies in the morgue and took her away. Marlena questions John and her family thinking that she’s died. Megan confirms that they had a funeral and she hopes it gave them closure. Marlena asks whose body she used. Megan reminds Marlena that Stefano had a whole army of Marlena lookalikes. Megan says that’s why she never throws anything away because you never know when it will come in handy. Megan adds that Marlena actually was at death’s door, so she brought here here to this cryogenic chamber. Marlena guesses it wasn’t done on her behalf. Kayla wakes up, questioning where she is.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole aren’t on the best terms and things get tense when they are around each other so he wants to avoid her because they push each others’ buttons. Roman suggests they talk about why they keep pushing each others’ buttons. Eric thought Roman didn’t like talking about feelings. Roman says he’s grown. Roman argues that this is not just an ugly breakup or a casual fling, causing Eric to realize that he and Nicole have been in each other’s lives for 25 years.

Paulina tells Nicole that 25 years is a long time and asks how she and Eric first met. Nicole explains that she was a waitress at the Java Cafe and the day she took his order, he took her heart. Nicole flashes back to that moment. Nicole comments that they were a lot younger then and like different people. Nicole can’t believe it was 25 years ago. Abe calls it quite a milestone. Paulina agrees and says if they had stayed together, it would be their silver anniversary. Nicole recalls that Eric was a photographer back then and he convinced Sami to hire her as a model at Titan which is when they fell in love. Paulina asks if Eric has been a part of her life ever since then. Nicole says that Eric was gone for a long time but when he came back, she was not prepared for it. Nicole remembers Eric returning to Salem and how she was shocked to see he had become a priest.

Eric tells Roman that he and Nicole were kids when they met. Roman acknowledges that Nicole was Eric’s first love. Roman asks when he last saw Nicole. Eric says it was Valentine’s Day at the Bistro as their tables were practically on top of each other. Roman suggests that was a sign while Eric calls it a disaster since he was with Sloan and Nicole was with EJ. Roman asks if he’s getting serious with Sloan. Eric reveals that as of yesterday, they are no longer together. Roman complains about Sloan insulting his chowder while Nicole always has seconds. Roman thinks the fact that it’s always intense between Eric and Nicole is because there’s always something between them. Eric says that is until now because it never works. Roman urges Eric to try again, insisting that he won’t want to look back and realize he wasted a lot of time being right.

Tony asks Steve again why they didn’t tell him all of this. Steve explains that the ISA swore them all to secrecy since it’s still an ongoing investigation and Megan’s mere existence was considered classified information. John declares that they are not staying quiet about this anymore when they think she’s the one who took the orchid. Tony questions why. John asks who knows what her motives are. John says Megan could simply be striking back at her enemies like Stefano. John adds that if Megan took the orchid then she is the one who killed Marlena, Kate, and Kayla, and she’s not going to get away with that.

Megan fills Kayla in on everyone thinking they are dead. Megan notes that she didn’t have a Kayla lookalike in storage so she had to make do. Kayla argues that she needs to let them know they are alive and not let them suffer. Megan questions why and calls it payback for all the years that John and Steve would thwart Stefano. Marlena argues that Megan kidnapped and brainwashed them last summer, asking if that wasn’t enough. Megan complains that they made Stefano’s life Hell and says they tried to bring down a great man. Marlena questions if this is about retribution for Stefano. Megan calls it bigger than that as their so-called deaths are vital to her plans. Kayla asks if Kate also survived. Kate then wakes up and confirms she is there too.

Paulina asks if Nicole was really surprised that Eric became a priest. Nicole calls it a shock but she wasn’t surprised as Eric was always spiritual. Nicole says she told herself that she was happy for him but it got tough when she started working for him. Paulina asks how long it was before she gave in to the forbidden passion. Abe argues that they invited Nicole to breakfast, not an interrogation, but Nicole says it’s okay. Nicole informs Paulina that it didn’t happen like that since Kristen got Eric kicked out of the priesthood. Nicole adds that they then had to work through some things, but once they did, it was heaven.

Eric tells Roman that he’s sorry to throw cold water on his massive plan for his life, but Nicole moved on with EJ. Roman jokes that they won’t last but Eric says that Nicole and EJ have a long history and it looked like they have a new chapter. Roman argues that Nicole might have just wanted him to think that. Eric questions when Roman became team Nicole because he remembers Roman always insisting that he break up with her. Roman says he’s evolved and just wants Eric to be happy, so if Nicole makes him happy, he says to fight for her and get a move on. Roman guarantees that Eric doesn’t want to waste time like he did.

Kate questions everyone thinking they are dead and Megan being Stefano’s daughter. Megan calls Kate the whore who married Stefano. Kate jokes that she hopes they can be friends. Kate sees Megan has inherited Stefano’s penchant for intricate machinations. Marlena says that Megan thought of everything including lookalike bodies for their funerals. Megan talks about how Kate’s was easy because she wanted to be cremated, so she just came up with ashes for her urn and now Roman is talking to the remains of a goat. Megan declares that she loves her work. Kate asks what Megan is going to do to them.

Steve states that finding Megan won’t be easy since the ISA has been conducting an international manhunt since last July and even Hope hasn’t been able to locate her. Tony questions Hope knowing about this too. Steve confirms that Megan tried to have Hope killed. Anna remarks that some things never change because Megan was always jealous of Bo’s love for Hope. John asks Tony if there’s anything from the past that might give him an idea of where Megan might be. Tony says no since he didn’t even know Megan was his sister until after she died. Anna brings up Stefano keeping a box of Megan’s things around. Tony thinks it may be in the attic. John says it’s worth a shot and decides that while Tony is getting that, he’s going to give Shane’s son, Andrew Donovan, a call since he’s the ISA agent heading this whole investigation. John states that Megan had to come out of hiding to take the orchid, so maybe she left them a trail. Steve says he hopes so.

Paulina talks about having a vivid memory of Nicole and Eric at her and Abe’s wedding. Paulina still feels they have too much of a connection to not end up together. Abe agrees. Nicole says not to hold their breath because Eric is with Sloan now. Paulina calls Sloan a vile woman. Nicole assures that she has no doubt in her mind that Eric has moved on, just like she is going to.

Eric gets a text from Brady that Dr. Rolf is taking a break. Eric texts Brady back, asking if he needs anything but Brady says he’s good. Roman comes back and tells Eric that it seems the lights have settled. Eric decides that he will go on a run then. Roman encourages Eric to think about what he said about Nicole as Eric then exits the Pub. Roman remarks that he hopes Eric follows his advice and doesn’t take too long to follow his heart. Roman looks to the urn and declares that he would give anything to have more time with Kate.

Tony and Anna go through the box of Megan’s things that Stefano kept. Tony can’t believe that Megan is still alive and Stefano never said anything. Anna remarks that even dead, Stefano is still full of surprises. Tony wonders if Megan will try to claim her share of DiMera Enterprises, commenting that it would really shake up the balance of power. Anna says there must be some sort of clause that would keep an international fugitive from being an active participant in the company. Tony points out that it didn’t stop Kristen when she made sure that Gabi remained CEO. Anna thinks they really need to change the by laws. Tony agrees to look into it. Anna thinks Tony has something bigger to worry about. Anna brings up that Megan wanted to find the prisms because they cured all sorts of things including Stefano’s brain tumor. Anna wonders if Megan is collecting the prisms again for the same reason. Anna then asks what if Megan is trying to bring Stefano back from the dead, or what if she already has?

Megan tells Kate, Kayla, and Marlena that she’s given them enough to process and says she’s going to give them time to acclimate to their new home. Kayla argues that it’s not their home and she needs to let them go. Megan says it’s not their call. Kate asks why they are here. Marlena then asks if this is about the three prisms which Kate questions. Kayla explains that Megan was after the prisms last summer. Kate is surprised to learn that they knew Megan was alive since then. Megan explains that Hope and the ISA didn’t want anyone to know about her comeback to Earth. Kayla says they are eventually going to find her and then they will be rescued. Megan says she wouldn’t count on that since for 7 months, she’s been one step ahead of Hope, so when they do figure out where she is, it will be too late for the three women. Megan says they are giving her a headache and grabs another syringe as she declares that it’s time for another nap.

Paulina tells Abe that Nicole and Eric have quite the love story. They hope that it’s not over yet. Abe informs Paulina that in two days, it will be two years since they first met. Paulina knows they will still be together and in love in 25 years as they kiss.

Nicole walks to the park and sits on the bench as she thinks back to her and Eric’s wedding. Eric then walks by and they see each other.

John and Steve go to the Brady Pub. Roman asks if they had any luck. Steve informs him that they just talked to Tony and Anna and came up with a theory that they are looking in to and now they are just waiting to hear from the ISA. Roman questions what they have to do with this. John tells Roman to brace himself as they think that the DiMera they are looking for is Megan Hathaway.

Megan injects Kate, Kayla, and Marlena to put them to sleep. Megan calls them a real handful but says that it will all be worth it in the end. Megan declares that they are going to need some rest for what comes next because phase two will begin very shortly…

Anna tells Tony that Stefano had terminal cancer, but wonders if Megan put Stefano on ice, like he did for her and if she found a cure with the prisms. Tony thinks they are letting their imaginations run away from them. Tony adds that Stefano would be in his 90s now and probably couldn’t take the trauma. Tony comments on Dr. Rolf confirming Stefano was dead and putting his memories in a microchip. Tony admits that it’s just not adding up. Anna questions that if not Stefano, who is Megan trying to cure?

Megan leans against a cryogenic chamber and then exits the lab.

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