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 I don’t understand why he failed to mention that he was attacked by the hook killer in the fall of last year.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Yes? Ask the A.D. For a warrant for a record search, check to see if mr. Cassadine purchased a burner phone in the months before february 7th. It’s possible he’s been planning his disappearance for a while.

[ Receiver clicks ] Shouldn’t you be at the airport? When’s your flight to tuscany? There’ll be no honeymoon in tuscany. At least not for portia and me.

[ Door opens ] Josslyn: Hey. I’m so glad you’re here. Hey. Did you hear? Heather webber is the hook killer? And she’s esme’s mom?! And ryan chamberlain is her dad. I mean, if she hadn’t caused so much damage, I’d feel bad for her. No wonder she is the way that she is. I know, right? Well, aren’t you relieved that it’s all over? Sure. One horror story ends… and another one begins. Why didn’t elizabeth come forward sooner? Well, you’ll understand once you hear her story. Now, I advised her to be quiet.

[ Scoffs ] You had her sit on information that could help us in a multiple-homicide investigation? My job is to protect my client. At whatever cost. We’re waiting for the A.D.A. To show up. Have I made a mistake by turning myself in? You’re doing the right thing, elizabeth. I have to admit, I had my reservations. But they’ve offered you immunity. I’m just afraid that they’re gonna take the deal back once they hear what I did.

[ Knocking ] Austin: Come in. Hey. How was your night?

[ Monitor beeping ] Esme used me. On ryan chamberlain’s orders. This was all… one big manipulation. Spencer, honey, you’re still in shock. And where is my father? Why is he not here right now?! Because — because esme just gave birth to his child. I don’t know where he is. I wish that I did. You know just as well as I do… that my father would be here right now were it not for me. Heather: Hey, kiddo. Aren’t you gonna say hello to your mother? Alright. That’s it. Escort her back to pcpd until we have a chance to sort this out… esme: Wait! I want her to stay.

Why you disappearedfrom the wedding reception? What happened? Hey. You’re scaring me. Are your mom and dad okay? What’s going on? Last night, after the reception, I found out… my mom told me that my dad might not be my dad. She’s been lying to me my entire existence. What? I keep hoping that this is a nightmare that I’ll wake up from and everything will be back to normal. I’m so sorry. Did she tell you who your real dad is? I’m sorry the honeymoon is off. You want to know why? The wedding was perfect. The reception, amazing. Except for trina disappeared for most of it. Is she okay? Yeah. She wanted to go talk to her new aunt by marriage. Trina was concerned that aunt stella was so sick that she couldn’t come to the wedding and that she decided to ask laura to officiate instead. So imagine trina’s surprise when she realized aunt stella wasn’t sick. I don’t know what aunt stella said her, but it drove her back to the reception hot as fish grease. Portia wanted to talk to her in private. Look, I can tell that none of this is a surprise to you, so why don’t I just skip to the end? Trina robinson might be my daughter. I’ll keep you posted. Bye. Did the D.A. You change his mind about the immunity deal? No, no, no. We — we are good here. The A.D.A. Is gonna come in and take down the details of what happened with nikolas and esme. Is there anything that could make the deal fall through? Yeah, if you don’t give them what they’re looking for. Hey. Scorpio assigned you elizabeth baldwin’s case? He did. Nice. Where is she? Interrogation room. Hey. How do you think she got mixed up with esme prince? Hopefully, elizabeth will tell us that. Well, it shouldn’t be a problem. It was her decision to come forward. Apparently, she wants to tell us everything she knows. My night? Same old, same old. You know, dinner, dancing… death match with a serial killer. Right. Well, at least we’re on the winning side. Are we? Yeah. Heather webber’s in custody. That’s a win. No more hook attacks. That’s a win. And me, I get the dubious honor of being her final victim, so I feel like a winner. How are you doing? Eh, I suffered a very deep laceration, but I’ve been stitched and sutured and stapled. I can relate. I’m sure you can. And you know what else we have in common? Heather didn’t put the venom on the hook when she got me, didn’t use the venom when she got you. Very good news. Mm-hmm. I was super psyched about that. And the winning icing on the win cake — ryan chamberlain, he’s not breathing. You and I, we’re still breathing. So we’re champs. I’m not feeling very victorious. Spencer, please don’t blame yourself. You know, if I knew where your father was, I’d make damn sure that he was here with you right now. Because you should not be shouldering this burden all by yourself. No, I deserve it. I let ryan chamberlain use me. No. You didn’t let him. You didn’T. You believed what absolutely everyone else believed, that he was suffering from locked-in syndrome. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. I mean, judging by your argument, we should

all feel guilty. No, it’s not the same thing. Ryan chamberlain used me like a weapon against my own father. And I had no idea. That’s my point, spencer. You had no idea. So it is — you’re not to blame. Of course I’m to blame! I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Ryan — he wanted ava all to himself. But he needed to ruin my father’s life in order for that to happen. And he couldn’t do it on his own. So he needed someone close to father that he could manipulate to his own selfish end, and here I am! Come on, now. I opened the door. And I let in esme. You look radiant. How’s the baby? Fine. Ohh. Boy or girl? Boy. Boy. Baby boy. My firstborn was a boy. Steven lars. He would be your older half-brother. He was a beautiful baby. Born blond. Just like you were. How about my grandson? They say the color changes. Yeah. Well, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you and the baby are healthy and safe at last. And that little baby can move beyond all that tumult around his birth and on to brighter things and meeting his grammy

Ryan manipulated everything. And he was somehow able to manipulate me into killing nikolas! I mean, not that it was intentional. You know it was an accident, but accident or not, it would not have happened if not for ryan. You’re giving the guy a little too much credit, don’t you? I mean, he was a psychopath, but he wasn’t psychic. Maybe a little of both? I keep thinking about something that ryan told me in the woods last night. He said that — that he and I were the same. That’s ridiculous. But it’s why he always felt so connected to me. Right? I mean, for the last two years, he was able to destroy my life from afar because of this connection that he felt. R-ryan was a master string puller, a-and he was able to — to manipulate me. And nikolas is dead because of it. Spencer, esme would have found her way to your father, whether you had helped her or not. But i did help her. I came back to port charles determined to ruin my father’s life. And I remember that esme would whisper in my ear… and she would tell me that my anger was justified… …and noble. Your anger towards your father is justified. Spencer, when your dad came back, I was thrilled. But when I found out that he chose to stay away from us for three years and let us believe that he was dead… yes. …I was angry, I felt betrayed. Yes. Yes. It took me a long time to get over that anger. Mm-hmm. And I was angry, too. Yes. That’s why I wanted to stay in europe. I wanted to keep my distance, and esme wanted to come to port charles. Oh. And now I wonder if me and my dad’s relationship was ever broken or unsalvageable. I don’t know.

[ Sobs ] I don’t know if I wanted to take revenge on ava or not. Ohh… I’m so sorry. And now ryan is dead. And esme doesn’t remember, which is truly the worst part. Why? Because it means that I’ll never know. Oh, spencer. Honey, come here. You won’t be allowed to meet your grandson. Now, the cops will say anything to try to intimidate you. Don’t pay any attention. You’ve got a beautiful little baby boy to think about now, and that’s plenty. You’re gonna make mistakes, esme. ‘Cause you’re a new parent. You’re just learning. It’s okay… not to feel like a natural mother. For some women, that — that just comes later. I don’t know what I feel. Of course you don’t, honey. That’s okay. Oh, and let the nurses do the night feedings so you can get some sleep. Don’t wish this time away, even if it’s hard. You’ll never get it back. You and I didn’t get a lot of time together after you were a baby. And I regretted that. Always. But I always kept an eye on you. From afar. I knew I had to. I mean, ryan was your father… after all. Marcus taggert is my dad and always will be my dad! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That came out wrong. I’m just so scared, joss. I’m so scared. What does this mean for my family? To my dad? I just — he was trying to be so strong for me. But in the inside, I know he has to be feeling just as much of a mess as I am. And curtis, I mean — he’s supposed to be my stepdad. Who is he to me now? I knew that portia had concerns about trina’s paternity. I can only imagine what you must be going through right now, and I am more than willing to hash it all out with you. But right now I am underwater, dealing with last night’s events from spring ridge and spoon island. Right, right, right. I figured as much. I really just dropped by to see — to see if you’re at all sorry. Sorry for what? What, do I have to spell it out for you? Okay, I cut myself out of matters that were none of my business. Right, jordan, but that didn’t stop you from discussing it with aunt stella, didn’t stop you from discussing it with portia, but it did stop you from thinking that, “maybe I’ll give curtis a heads-up.” Unless — unless you just enjoyed knowing that I was left in the dark again. Molly: As you know, the D.A. And mr. Baldwin have worked out a deal which grants you full immunity. You will tell us everything you know about esme prince’s whereabouts during the hook killings. You and your attorney need to read over the agreement. Sign and date where indicated. Do you understand? I’ve already looked at it. It’s good. Looks good.

[ Beep ] This is assistant district attorney lansing-davis. In the room with me are detective falconeri, elizabeth baldwin, and her attorney, scott baldwin. Elizabeth, uh, I assume you know where esme prince was hiding. Oh, she wasn’t hiding. Esme was imprisoned by nikolas cassadine.

You and I, we don’t knoweach other very well, but when I saw you that night at the stables at wyndemere, what I saw was a woman who had been pushed to the edge. Pushed to the edge by people like ryan chamberlain. Pushed to the edge by people like your ex-husband. Ryan convinced esme to work with spencer to gaslight me, to seduce my husband, to separate me from the people who loved me. Ryan got exactly what he wanted. I will pay the price for the rest of my life. Only if they find nikolas’ body. Ava, what I hear you saying is that you’re done. So be done. Don’t let ryan win. Don’t let yourself be ryan chamberlain’s last victim. It all started the night I ran into esme on pier 55. This was the night of november 11th? You saw esme on the pier, called 911, and then you were found unconscious? Yes. Yeah. After I hit my head, I was — I was confused and disoriented. And nikolas was standing over me, asking me to trust him. And after that, I lost consciousness and woke up at G.H. I did not tell commissioner ashford that I had seen nikolas on the pier. Why not?

[ Sighs ] Because he was my friend and he asked for my help. Later, I got angry. Like, why did he put me in that position? Why did he leave me on the pier? So I went to wyndemere to confront him, and that’s when I found out that esme was there and pregnant with his child. And at the time, we both thought that she was the hook killer and dangerous. Nikolas was terrified that she was going to hurt his unborn child, and that’s why he was keeping her there against her will, to protect his baby and to keep her from killing anybody else. Except that esme wasn’t the one doing the killings. You came here looking for a fight, didn’t you? No, not a fight. Answers. I’m entitled to that. Look. I might be trina’s father, okay? Don’t you think that’s an important thing to know? I don’t know if you are or not, and neither does portia. When we spoke, I begged her to come clean. I reminded her of how my dishonesty broke up our marriage, but she wouldn’t budge. She said it was her business and none of mine. So what was i supposed to do? Wait. How many times did you talk to portia? Jordan. How long have you known trina might be my daughter? I can’t imagine how much it must hurt to know that your mom has kept that secret from you. And even though it was wrong… …you’ve just got to know that your mom loves you. And your dad loves you, too. Yeah. I know. And I know that you might not want to be around your mom right now, and I completely understand that. But she is your family, for better or for worse. Right now, it feels incredibly for worse. I’m so sorry. I wish that there was something I could do to make things better. I wish you could do, too. I love you and I support you and I have your back. I just wish I was there when you found this out. It’s okay. I wasn’t alone. I was with spencer. I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t with him. I’ve been trying so hard…

[ Clears throat ] …Trying to take responsibility for my actions… trying to build a stable home for my baby brother, trying to be a better man than my father. And now I learn that I’m the reason that my father is gone because I let myself be manipulated by a psychopath.

[ Baby cooing ] But you pulled yourself back from the brink, spencer. You recognized that it was esme who framed trina, and then you broke up with her. You even managed to make some sort of peace with ava. In my book, that makes you a good person… yes, and maybe even one day a great person. Thank you. Spencer, you don’t have to just stop blaming yourself. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, because we can’t go back in the past and change what happened. The best we can do is learn from it. Okay. So what will I learn from this? Think before you act. Examine your motives. Take responsibility for what you did wrong, but also what you did right, spencer. That’s how wisdom is acquired. And wisdom takes time. But right here, right now, there is an innocent baby boy who desperately needs our help. I can’t wait to hold my little grandson. To sing him songs… read him stories. And how do you expect that will happen? Well, you and the baby will be transferred back to spring ridge, and in the state of new york, you can keep the baby up to 18 months. I checked. And so I’ll get transferred back there, too. And how will you do that? I’m pretty good at working the system. And then we’ll all be together. You’ll protect your baby. And I’ll protect you. That’s been my plan. That’s what this whole thing was for, esme. So that we could finally be together. I will be… …an excellent grandmother. I promise you. Never. What? This is the last time that you will see me, and I promise you, you will never, ever get anywhere near my baby.

Spencer was there for me last night, and it was at my lowest time. Well, I still think he’s a jerk, but he has a way with words. Not just words. What does that mean? Spencer and I kissed.

[ Chuckles ] When exactly did it cross your mind that I might be trina’s father? About two years ago. Two — it was the night that portia and I got trapped in that basement. I was semiconscious from the leaking gas, and portia thought I was passed out. She thought we were dying. She mentioned trina’s father. Sounded like she had a question over paternity. I asked her about it later, and she brushed me off. Then a few months ago, I overheard her on the phone ordering genetic tests for trina. And it was around the same time that you were being tested for schizophrenia markers. Again, I asked portia about it. She told me to back off, and so I did. Did you? Or did you tell aunt stella, hoping she would use that information to blow up my wedding? Okay, stella figured it out all on her own and brought what she suspected to me. I had no choice but to confirm her suspicions. Of course you did! If I had any desire to interfere in your relationship, I would have said something months ago. Curtis… you have every right to your anger and pain, but you have no right to say anybody set out to hurt you — not portia and definitely not me. What was nikolas’ intention after esme gave birth? He said that he was gonna take care of the baby himself. Meanwhile, esme was insisting that she wasn’t the hook killer, but of course I didn’t believe her, not after all the horrible things that she had already done. Yeah, like recording her son having sex with his girlfriend and then posting it on a website, framing trina robinson. Yeah, scott, we know. Okay. Thank you. Please, continue. Well, once esme was locked up at wyndemere, the killings stopped. Until… cabrera was slashed with a hook. Heather webber killed the exotic animals dealer, as well. I told nikolas that we had to let esme go, that because of our actions police were focusing on her instead of the real killer. But he insisted that he was only gonna keep her until she gave birth. And then I started to fear that her life was in danger, but before I could do anything, she jumped from the tower. It’s a miracle she and the baby survived. Officers, please come get her out of here. No, esme. Please. Just let me stay. Whatever you want, I’ll do it! You have killed people. Do you even understand that? People who hurt you! I was only ever trying to protect you! Like any good mother would. Yeah, you think a good mother is protective? That’s what you think? Well, y-yeah. You know what? I think that you’re right. I think that a good mother protects her child. Yeah. And I’m going to protect my child by keeping him the hell away from you. No! Esme! All I wanted was to be a mother to you. My father is dead. And as far as I’m concerned, my mother is dead, too. No! Esme… I was convinced that once she had been found, nikolas and I were about to get caught. But then uncle victor swooped in to protect nikolas by destroying any evidence of esme’s imprisonment in the north tower. And you have no information on nikolas cassadine’s current whereabouts? No. No. Sorry. I don’T. Okay. Thank you very much for coming. Um, may I speak with you in private? Yeah. Wait. That’s it? We will let you know if we need to speak with you again. And what about the, um — the immunity? I mean, t-that’s the agreement. Even if I don’t deserve it? Laura: The best thing you can do right now, spencer, really, is to take care of yourself so that you can take care of that little baby until your father comes back. Thanks, grandmother. You always give good advice. Thanks. Now, listen. I’m gonna say this as many times as it takes for you to really hear it. You are not responsible for what ryan chamberlain did to this family. No. My father would still be here if I didn’t push him away. No, that’s not true. Not true! Your father is a grown man who made his own choices. Oh, yeah. And, unfortunately, some of those choices were really bad. That’s true. There’s still nothing I wouldn’t give to see him walk through that door right now. I love you, spencer. I love you, too. Well, I don’t want to be ryan’s final victim, but my present situation is “compromised,” to put it mildly. The police are already suspicious. Alright. What are we talking about here? Mac. He asked me what you were doing at wyndemere last night. I said I didn’t know. Well, felicia asked me the same question. I had a really good answer for her. Care to share? What? No. No, it’s — I think it’s better — it’s more believable if i don’t tell you, right? Okay. Glass half full, this is what’s going on. The police — they’re busy looking for heather webber. I’ll get out of here soon. You and I go back to wyndemere. Yeah. Move nikolas’ body. That’s right.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Gasps ] Relax. You alright? Yeah. Yeah. Come in!

Y that spencer hasfinally come through for you. Oh, yes. The joy is just rolling off of you in waves. Listen!

[ Both laugh ] Okay. I’m happy that you’re happy, alright? Just take things slow. Well, right now I only have so much headspace for romance. The rest of it’s filled by whatever I’m gonna say to my mom when she finally tracks me down. And knowing her, it’s gonna be sooner rather than later. Jordan: Is this really what you want to be doing? Fighting with your ex-wife about who knew what and when? Shouldn’t you be talking to portia? I have. And? I don’t know what happened, you know? One minute, I was this happy, newly married man, and the next minute I’m canceling my honeymoon and picking up the pieces of my life. Have you spoken to trina yet?

[ Sighs ] Trina does not want to talk to me. She’s already accused me of trying to replace her dad. Maybe she’s right. I grew to care about that young lady so much. I looked forward to her coming home from college, hearing about her classes and her art projects, wanting to keep her safe when the hook killer was still out there. And now she finds out that I might be taking the place of the father that she adores. Has anyone brought up a dna test? What if you are trina’s biological father?

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] The A.D.A. Wants to talk to me. I have to go. I’ll see myself out. Regardless of what happens, trina needs to know she can count on you. Elizabeth, do you have anything more to say? She doesn’T. I’m good. Hey. Um… you came forward. And you owned up to some mistakes that you made. Not everyone would have done the same thing.

[ Door closes ] According to elizabeth’s statement, nikolas committed a serious crime. Any reason to doubt her story? Uh, no, none. We didn’t even know she was involved. She could have stayed silent, but, uh, she came forward out of a sincere desire to do the right thing. Does she have any idea where cassadine is? No, and given his wealth and connections, he could literally be anywhere. I didn’t realize you were in here. I-I was just thanking austin for last night. You both went through quite an ordeal. But no toxins were found in your bloodwork, so once that wound heals, you’ll be good to go. Thank you. You’re welcome. Hey, um, I’m sorry to hear that nik skipped town. What? Classy move, leaving your wife stranded on an island with a crazy person. Ex-wife. And w-who told you that nikolas skipped town? Was it elizabeth? Just a poor choice of words. How is elizabeth? I mean, she gave such a lovely speech at curtis and portia’s wedding. She really did. Yeah. Is she working today? ‘Cause I’d love to tell her in person. I haven’t seen her. You think she could be working on another floor or…? I wouldn’t know. If you’ll excuse me, I have another patient to see. Austin, if you have any questions, you know where to find me. What? There goes our breathing room. We’re out of time. Heather: No! Esme! You’re making a mistake! You need me! You need your mother! You! This is all your fault! We could have shared our grandson! We could have been grammies together! But, no, you wanted that baby all to yourself! That’s why you had me dragged out of wyndemere! So you could fill my daughter’s head with lies about me! I wanted esme to give birth in peace without any added distress from you. You know, heather, you’re the same as you always have been. You’re selfish, unfeeling, and dangerous. Esme. Spencer. How’s ace? How’s my, um — my baby boy?

I was a little hesitant about you coming forward, but you did a great job. Thanks… though I don’t feel completely unburdened. I don’t know how to live with myself for aiding and abetting nikolas. Well, I’m sure he’s in the bahamas somewhere, soaking up the sun, but they will catch up with him eventually. And when they do? They’re gonna throw the book at him, aren’t they? Well, I will have to recuse myself from the case. I’m nikolas’ cousin, and he’s been accused of a serious crime. I’ll notify D.A. Scorpio and have him take over. Let robert know the department is working with the state police to track down mr. Cassadine. It keeps coming back to nikolas, huh? I recommend you search spoon island. Victor may not have destroyed all the evidence that could corroborate elizabeth’s story. Well, we need to start that search immediately if we have any hope of finding anything that’s left to be found.

[ Gasps ] Elizabeth is at the pcpd, isn’t she? Good luck to you. Okay. Unhook yourself from all those machines. Alright? And get dressed. What’s going on? You’re checking yourself out. Right now? Why? Because the entire port charles police department is about to descend upon spoon island, only this time they’re gonna be looking for nikolas.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Mom, I can’t deal with you now.

[ Knock on door ] Have you seen my baby? He’s amazing. Of course he is. Yeah, my grandmother and i are gonna take very good care of him while you’re in prison. What? I-I thought I got to keep him. In prison? How’s that going to work? Esme, the arrangements have been made. No expense will be spared. You can trust that your baby will be in good hands while you are in prison. No. You are stealing my daughter and my grandson! And you have the audacity to call me selfish and unfeeling?! And dangerous. Oh, well, you got that right, laura! You are gonna pay for this. How, heather? Where you’re going, you’ll never again see the light of day. Oh, really? Are you sure about that?

[ Elevator bell dings ] I’d watch out if I were you! You have not seen the last of me yet! You better be careful, laura! Esme! Esme!

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