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Anna enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and takes the newspaper from Tony. Anna searches the paper and comments on not finding anything about the death of Orpheus. Tony questions why she would think he is dead.

Paulina goes to the Brady Pub and asks Roman to join her for coffee. Roman comments on it not being too busy right now and asks if she’s okay. Paulina says she dropped by to tell him about her problems and says she knows 200 people are thinking of and praying for him. Paulina adds that she came by because she’s worried about him, John, and Steve. Roman tells her to say what’s on her mind. Paulina wants to make sure they didn’t kill Orpheus.

Steve joins John at Marlena’s grave. John thought maybe he could make sense of what Orpheus told them about a DiMera stealing the orchid because the only reason to do that is to make sure that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena died. John declares that they have to find that son of a bitch and make them pay.

Marlena, Kayla, and Kate remain in the afterlife. Kayla tells Kate to lighten up because they are in Heaven but Kate complains that they are not supposed to be here like Jake said.

Jake interrupts Nick playing a video game in the afterlife. Jake tells Nick that he made a mistake and he needs to send Marlena, Kate, and Kayla back to Earth but Nick says no.

Roman questions how Paulina found out about their plan to kill Orpheus. Paulina tells him that she overheard Anna but assures that the secret is safe with her. Paulina worries about word getting out of the death of Orpheus. Roman reveals that John and Steve did not kill him. Paulina is relieved and says she knows he deserved it but it’s not what Kate, Kayla, and Marlena would have wanted. Roman responds that he knows that because Kate told him that.

Kate reminds Kayla and Marlena that Jake told them they are still alive and asks if they aren’t curious if that’s true or not. Marlena explains that they are having a hard time believing that what Jake said is true. Marlena wonders if Jake wasn’t just another Devil’s illusion so she’s not sure they can trust him. Kate questions her not having faith. Marlena knows Kate wants to believe it is true. Marlena questions how they can be alive if they are not on Earth. Kate says all she knows is that none of this makes sense so she’s going to cling to the hope that it’s true. Kayla questions where Jake is now since he proclaimed they are alive but then disappeared with Nick. Marlena suggests they are hashing out their fates, but notes they have another issue at hand. Marlena says John and Steve were out to kill Orpheus and if they succeeded, they have to decide what happens now.

Steve wonders if this is another mind game of Orpheus. John says this time, his gut is telling him it’s no game and he’s telling the truth. Steve remarks that there’s a first time for everything. John says it makes a weird kind of sense that a DiMera would be involved since their thirst for payback didn’t end with Stefano. Steve says they need to find out which one it was and John feels they know exactly where to start.

Anna tells Tony that there is nothing about the death of Orpheus in the news. Tony suggests that’s because he hasn’t died and Anna has transformed her wishful thinking in to delusion. Anna insists that she knows for a fact that Orpheus was scheduled to be murdered in prison. Tony questions how she would know that. Anna then reveals that Roman told her and since he hasn’t called to tell her it didn’t happen, that means it happened. Tony then questions how Roman would know.

Paulina asks Roman if he means Kate told him not to kill Orpheus on her deathbed. Roman then clarifies that she told him from her urn. Roman gets a message that he has a delivery to go sign for in the back. Paulina comments that she has the Pub all to herself then and that she’s all alone with Kate’s urn. Paulina questions Kate communicating with them from the afterlife just when she thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger.

Kate believes their husbands returned to their senses just in time. Marlena suggests trying to connect with them again. Kayla suggests Kate try connecting with Roman again since it worked last time. Kate agrees to give it a try as she hopes that Jake talks Nick in to letting them return to Earth.

Jake argues with Nick that the three women are still alive. Nick calls it a minor technicality. Jake stops Nick from playing his video game. Nick tells Jake that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are going to Hell and there’s nothing he can do about it. Jake argues that he can’t steal the souls of three innocent women because he holds a grudge against one of them. Nick says there are no rules and adds that he despises Will for ruining his life and Marlena is his grandmother and Kayla his aunt, so Will can mourn them for the rest of his life.

Kayla encourages Kate to focus and think about her love for Roman. Marlena adds that they have faith in her. Kate then begins trying to speak to Roman.

Paulina begins hearing Kate’s voice through the urn, calling out to Roman and saying she needs to talk to him. Paulina tries responding and says that Roman stepped out for a moment and asks if she can take a message.

Tony questions Anna telling him that Kate spoke to Roman through her urn to stop the murder plot. Anna brings up Tony’s twin brother coming back from the dead twice. Anna decides she’s going to call the Brady Pub to see if Roman got to Steve and John to stop them from killing Orpheus. Steve and John then arrive and confirm that he did and they did not kill Orpheus. Steve then reveals that now they know it was a DiMera who ultimately killed Kayla, Kate, and Marlena. John adds that they are here to find out which one it was. Tony questions them saying that Orpheus telling them that someone stole the Orchid from Kristen. Anna calls that implausible since it’s not like Kristen to have lax security. Tony asks if they think they had anything to do with it, talking about how much they love Marlena and not having any issue with Kayla and Kate. They explain that they aren’t accusing them or saying it has anything to do with Marlena, Kate, and Kayla as individuals, but it was an act of revenge which runs in the DiMera family. John says they came to ask for their help in figuring out which DiMera it was.

Nick tells Jake not to act like he hasn’t done the same thing, bringing up that Jake and his team snatched Bo Brady’s soul from his body before he was fully dead. Jake responds that was a mistake and they corrected it, so now he’s asking Nick to do the same thing for Kate and her friends. Nick questions Jake caring a great deal for Kate. Jake says he’s not advocating just because he had a relationship with Kate and that this is about right and wrong. Jake tells Nick to think about Julie, the one person who ever saw good in Nick and stuck by him until the end. Jake adds that Julie prays for Nick’s soul every night and lights a candle every year on the anniversary of his death. Nick remarks that Julie always was sentimental. Jake argues that Julie always loved him. Jake asks what he thinks Julie will say when she joins them in Heaven and realizes that even in the afterlife, Nick is a nasty little man and everybody was right about him while she was wrong. Jake asks what he thinks that will do to Julie. Jake guesses Nick doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him, not even Julie.

Kate asks if she’s hearing Paulina which she confirms. Paulina is uncertain about talking to an urn. Kate says she needs to talk to Roman. Paulina mentions that he stepped out and she can go get him but Kate doesn’t know how much time she has, so she needs to get a message to Roman about Orpheus. Paulina confirms that they backed out and Orpheus is still alive. Paulina asks if Kate reached out to ask about Orpheus. Marlena and Kayla urge Kate to tell Paulina about what Jake said about them still being alive. Kate questions them believing it now. Paulina asks if Kate is still there. Kate tells Paulina there’s a message that she needs to get to Roman that will be life changing for all of them.

Tony questions believing Orpheus since they’ve never put any stock in to what he’s said before. Steve reveals that Orpheus told them this after they decided not to kill him. Tony thinks he could be toying with them. John says he’s known Orpheus for years and his gut says he was telling the truth. Steve repeats that it makes sense for a DiMera to be involved. Anna sees his point with some of the things Kristen has done. Tony argues that they always say it’s a DiMera’s fault. Tony tells John and Steve that they can believe what they want but he’s not going to help them in their witch hunt. John says it’s his call. Tony asks them to leave but Steve says they’re not leaving. Steve repeats that it’s Tony’s choice not to help while John warns that if he doesn’t, they will strip the DiMera Mansion right down to it’s foundation.

Jake tells Nick that Julie isn’t wrong about him. Nick argues that you don’t end up where he did from being misunderstood and he really is that bad. Jake says he read Nick’s file about how a terrible thing happened to him and no one seemed to care. Nick acknowledges that he was raped. Jake talks about how Nick did love Gabi. Nick doesn’t want to hear his life recapped. Jake wants Nick to see how one bad decision kept leading to another and he tried to control or own every woman he loved, but the whole time Julie never stopped loving him and would’ve done anything for him without reason. Jake says it’s not too late. Jake tells Nick to do this one good thing and to do it for Julie.

Paulina tells Kate that she has her attention. Kate tries to instruct her to tell Roman that they are all alive but Nick cuts the connection. Paulina complains that she can’t hear her and only heard her say that they are still. Nick tells Kate that calls to earth are not allowed. Kate argues that they have to tell Roman and the others that they are alive. Nick questions them taking Jake at his word. Jake then returns as well. Kate asks if Jake talked Nick in to letting them go home.

Paulina continues trying to get through to Kate and tries knocking on the urn until Roman comes back and asks what’s going on. Paulina tells him that she was talking to Kate and then it was just like she hung up. Paulina doesn’t think it was by choice because Kate was trying to tell her something to tell Roman and she could tell it was something really important and urgent. Paulina says she was in the middle of it until it was like someone or something didn’t want hear to hear the end of the sentence. Paulina says she has no words for this. Roman encourages her to breathe. Paulina states that Kate asked about Orpheus and she told her that Roman stopped John and Steve from killing him which made her real happy. Roman is glad that Paulina was able to tell her that. Roman wonders what Kate was trying to tell him.

Jake asks if Nick is going to tell them or if he should. Nick responds that there was a small slip up so perhaps their souls were harvested slightly prematurely. Marlena realizes that Jake was telling the truth then and questions Nick now admitting that. Kayla asks if he’s going to let them go home. Nick confirms that Jake appealed to his better side which is rare but does exit. Nick then announces that he is letting the women go home which excites them. Nick adds that they shouldn’t remember any of this when they get back to Earth. Marlena says she’s okay with that if she gets to see John and her family. Nick says what happens when their souls go back to their bodies has nothing to do with them, so they could reunite with their family or they could die instantly and end up right back here. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate decide they are willing to take the risk. Jake directs them to walk through the doors and their souls will re-enter their bodies.

After searching the DiMera Mansion, Steve says it seems to him that the only DiMera that lives there that would have a motive is EJ. Tony points out that they just trashed EJ’s room and didn’t find anything. John brings up that Kate knew that Lucas kidnapped Sami but just let EJ twist in the wind. Steve adds that Stefano always said revenge was a dish best served cold. John adds that EJ always listened to Stefano. Tony calls that wild speculation and points out that Kate ultimately exonerated EJ, but also notes that Chad was just as guilty as Kate was. Tony adds that Chad testified against EJ and EJ didn’t even go after him. John notes that Marlena was EJ’s kids’ grandmother while Steve adds that Kayla was their great aunt. John admits that EJ wouldn’t do that to his kids. Anna and Tony talk about how it couldn’t be Johnny or Chad. John then brings up Stefan. Steve calls him definitely sleazy enough. Steve knows no one wants to bring up the past, but Stefan slept with Abigail while knowing she wasn’t in her right mind and that’s pretty damn sleazy. Anna reluctantly agrees but insists that people really can change and says that Stefan has been a lot more decent since coming back to life. John asks if there are any other DiMeras floating around other than the ones covered in Salem. Tony argues that Sydney wouldn’t have a motive while Anna adds that Theo wouldn’t hurt a fly. Steve adds that Steven Hawk would never hurt Kayla. Anna then brings up Peter Blake being as lethal as he is dreamy. John says Peter Blake has no redeeming quality but he also doesn’t have a motive. Tony says they’ve gone through the whole family tree unless they resurrect Stefano or Andre, so it seems they’ve run out of DiMeras. John and Steve then declare there is one DiMera they haven’t talked about yet…

Paulina apologizes to Roman for not hearing what Kate was trying to tell her, but at least she knows Roman stopped Steve and John from killing Orpheus, so now she can really rest in peace. Roman declares that he won’t rest in peace until he finds out who did this to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Paulina argues that Orpheus did it with a big assist from Kristen. Roman informs her that Orpheus claims there was another DiMera who stole the orchid from Kristen and that’s what John and Steve are trying to figure out.

Tony questions what John and Steve are getting at when they listed every living member of the family so there are no more DiMeras out there. Anna says that’s unless Steve and John know something that they don’t..

Marlena, Kate, and Kayla leave Heaven while Nick tells Jake that all is well that ends well. Jake states that for the women, it’s not the end, but a new beginning. Jake prays their souls find their way back to Salem and their families. Nick says he does too. Nick admits that what Jake said got to him. Nick tells Jake not to tell anyone since he has an image to maintain. Jake agrees that it will be their secret and thanks him. Nick calls him a worthy opponent and jokes that he looks forward to locking horns or wings again. Nick notes that none of the women thought twice about walking through those doors, so he hopes they don’t wake up to a fate worse than death..

Tony demands to know what John and Steve aren’t telling them. He asks if Stefano had another illegitimate child and who this is. John responds that it’s not new, she’s been around for awhile and tells Tony that it’s his half-sister, Megan Hathaway.

Megan Hathaway stands in the DiMera lab with the three tubes containing Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. The three women open their eyes as Megan declares that the three sleeping beauties are finally awake as she laughs.

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