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I am glad your father convinced you that violent trucks wasn’t his wish. We knew who did belong to. Okay, I’ll keep my eyes on yours open later. What the hell is wrong with you, ej? Father, long time no see.

So you think Stephan drugged you with that, but why? What in God’s name would make you wanna do that? That my dear is the burning question so much. Bitch, I did it. And this is not the Eric I know. Yeah. Well I guess Eric is finished posing his A saint coming in here and lying to us getting Rolf to sign that damn thing.

Yeah, I know. I know. Now we can finally navle. So I guess in the end it’s gonna be all right, Sam. Well will. So let’s put you in a better mood and turn this into an arrest. Go for it. Maybe you’ll put a smile on your face, which I haven’t seen in a while. And I do miss,

uh, Lee, Gabby, you know, I’m thrilled you took me up on the offer of my shares in d. But, but what? But not as thrilled as I am that you signed on to six more months of marriage. Which begs me to ask the question, do married couples really shake on deals? Shouldn’t we seal it with a kiss?

Where did you go, Eric? Only one way to find out,

and here he is. There he is. The patience.

One time he. I refuse to be roasts Guinea pig again.

It’s time to finish what you started, doctor. Now you made Stephan fall in love with Chloe again, so it’s time to undo it. Let’s go with English. Okay, your friend. And let me get a bird in edgewise on the way here. I could have saved us all in a lot of. Sorry, but I cannot help you

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So you think s Stephan is drugging you? I’m quite sure of it actually. That’s a serious accusation, ej. And yet it solves a mystery. Don’t you see what mystery? Well, as you all know, I was feeling under the weather yesterday. Yes, that brain fog hit me again this morning and then today I gave that interview.

And the next thing I know, our stocks are in the toilet. I mean, that just doesn’t happen to me. I don’t slip up like that. No, you don’t. And it tongues out. There is a reason this gin when none other, why are you in that chair? I’m just installing some antivirus software. Mr. Damaris computer. The only extra protection this company needs is from incompetence.

Speaking of which, where is. Well, he is obviously not here. I just talked to his son who saw him at home, the coward. First, he takes the stock. Then instead of confronting the catastrophic mistake he did, he goes awol. Just as your brother has who used to be my eyes and ears here until he went off to fall in love, marriage or not.

This deal is strictly business. Wait, let’s not make this more icky than it already is. Pardon a man for holding on to hope. Meantime, you wanted this in writing. It’s all right here. Hang on. Gimme that pen. All right. Best this takes me off the market for the next six months. It also means that you must wear your wedding ring again.

Come on. Part of the deal. Fine. Whatever. I’ll wear the damn ring. May I? Place it on your finger.

Yes, yes, yes. See now people will see that you are off the mark. Yeah. Well, you know what? I don’t care if people see or think of this marriage made in hell. Doesn’t matter to me right now. Nothing matters to me other than me getting my shares. Okay, here you go. As long as you remain my lawfully wet or wife for six months, they’re all yours.

Otherwise, they revert to me. Now, all that’s left is for you to pack.

Are you too new with satisfied? This is a dumb idea to begin with. What do you, what do you mean there’s nothing you. You’ve done this twice already, under very specific circumstances. The first time I had state-of-the-art equipment, which is now halfway across the world, my second attempt was made using older, less reliable machinery that Ben up in smoke.

In the middle of the session you saying, you’re saying This man is gonna be perpetually in love with two women for the rest of his life. I’m not a miracle worker, you know? Well then maybe it’s time that you become one

you. Pineapple and pizza. Not gross after all. Hello. It would be much better if I was sharing it with you. Where’d you go? I just got an alert. Call me.

Rolf was freed. How the hell did that happen?

You want me to pack? If we’re gonna stay married, we have to be living together. Stipulation of the deal. Surely you saw it in the document. Should’ve read that thing more carefully. We have to be under the same roof. If I’m gonna have a fighting chance of winning you over, we can’t be at your house because I doubt your brother would tolerate that.

Oh, he’s gonna do a lot more than not tolerate it. He’s gonna kick you on your ass. Well, uh, I’ll find someplace cozy while you organize things on your end someplace for you and. Ariana n Nevermind Ari, she’s with Will and Sunny in New Zealand. Just in time to spare her from having to share a home with the likes of you.

Oh, uh, I see that New Zealand. Well that makes it a bit simpler, doesn’t it? Anyway, uh, this shouldn’t take long. I have great connections in local real estate. Fine. Probably should get outta that house. Everything’s not gonna be thrilled with me when he finds out I’m gonna deal with you.

What is it? Huh? Just thinking about the fallout when it becomes public that I have these, well, it’s nothing we can’t handle, I’m sure of that. So Lee and EJ are nowhere to be found, and meanwhile, millions are being lost. I’m here. Hello. Remember me, your precocious daughter with an amazing work ethic whose only fault is that she was for a female.

Oh, and other than feeling ignored and unappreciated, I’m doing fine by the way. Thanks for asking. I have more things on my mind, Jen, than stroking your ego. Now, I was in New York. When word of stoplight happened, I came here immediately, but I seem to be the only one concerned because no one in charge here is greeting me or explaining what the hell is happening.

Yeah, as I’m just pointed it out about two seconds ago, I’m here. I can tell you all about I new fire, raw Sarcas. In this dire situation, oh, we are missing Fairbanks. Are we genwen? Well, at least there’s one more co c o I can get answers from. Where’s E J’s brother? Where’s Stephan Damara? He’s not here either.

Okay. Set the time. The judge should have that arrest warrant for Lee very soon. And then justice for Ste demand and for my sister. How dare you set my client? Free A lawyer who wants her client locked up. That’s a first. As Dr. Rolf’s legal representative, everything has to go through me. I demand answers.

Why did you set him free and who paid his bail? Bail, . Uh, no counselor. Uh, Dr. Rolf is not out on bail. He’s out, period. You see, he signed his confession, which was a key element of the original plea agreement. And so he held up his end of the bargain and we held up ours. No, that’s, um, it’s, IM. He couldn’t have signed it.

Jada, would you be so kind as to get Ms. Peterson a copy, please? Mm-hmm. , just don’t bother. I have it right here.

Up. This guy’s a duplicitous swine. How am I being duplicitous? I’m only being honest about my limitations. I thought you didn’t have any limitations. You’re supposed to be some kind of a genius, but not a miracle worker, as I said. Okay, stop being so modest, Dr. Rolfe. You brought Stephan back from the dead.

Is that not a miracle?

And then you screwed with this man’s affections for the women in his life. And then you recently did it again. You’re telling me that you can’t go any further now. Why the hell not? You’re telling us that you have no more tricks up your sleeve. There’s no way to overcome this obstacle.

Come on. You know, somebody told me that Dr had lost his mojo. He’d laugh in his face, wouldn’t we?

Problem. Counsel, do you know how much trouble you’re gonna be in for accepting stolen materials and using them in an official capacity? How about you can just kiss that pension of yours? Goodbye. Stolen. Do you know what she’s talking about? It can hardly be considered stolen if your own employee brought it over to the signed, oh, Brady Black doesn’t work.

She wasn’t talking about Brady. She was talking about your paralegal. Eric, wait, what? And this is an interesting arrangement you two have. So is there paralegal on odd days in your boy toy on evenings? Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised. That the two of you treat this very serious matter the same way you treat your jobs as a joke.

When I’m done with you, you will not be laughing.

You seem mad to you.

We don’t have all day.

Hold this. I get the off Lion Wli. They operated in unusually high voltage. When I can divert to my purposes, that’s key.

Are you sure all this is gonna do it? What, what’s with the look? That look is one of disdain free, insulting question. And don’t say for one minute, I didn’t see Saru, your pathetic attempt to appeal to my ego before. You’re not answering my question. Fines answers yes. It’ll most likely ver most likely, most likely is not going to cut it.

This has to succeed. Are you sure there’s this, you don’t need anything else to make this work? Hmm. This, this and this. Just in case. And some clam chowder. Clam chowder. I’m starving. Make it snappy.

You know what this is, right? I do. I know. I know. It’s kidnapping an. Only worse. Stephan, you can turn me in after this is all said and done. But trust me, you’re gonna be thanking me when this is over. Oh, fat chance of that. You will. You and Gabby, you’re gonna be stuffing my Christmas stocking with Christmas presents for the rest of your life.

I’ll tell you exactly. You can stuff your stocking. I know it feels like I’m the villain here in this whole scenario, but trust me, at the end, I’m gonna be the hero in this whole piece. Hero. Yeah, you, no, you’re a selfish son of a bitch. Who’s stopping nothing to get me outta Chloe’s life. And once you are out of her life, you will realize that that’s what you wanted all along.

You just don’t know it yet.

I don’t get it. Ej. So Stephan drugged you to go on TV to hurt the company, but it’s his livelihood too. It just doesn’t add up. And how would he even manage to get away with it? He went at breakfast this morning. He offered me coffee, said that I needed caffeine if I was to be my best for the interview.

Later, he even tried to push a refill on me, but I had to get going. I remember feeling fine then, and then when it was time for the interview. Post hok. Go Proctor Hawk. What? He set me up. He made me look like a fool, like a moronic deck can instead of man steering the ship. Buty, we, we talked about this. You and Stephan are fine.

He forgave you for staying quiet. When you found out about what Lee and Kristen did to him, Unless he didn’t,

unless he didn’t actually forgive me and now he wants revenge.

No, Stephan either. Sorry, it’s God usually likes this. You in the recent state of affairs, I’m not entirely sure. Listen, I know I didn’t greet you properly and ask how you were doing Jimmy, but I do care even though I haven’t shown it recently, but all that has to wait until I deal with this mess. It all started with your Brothern, his unfortunate obsession with Gabrielle Hernandez, Gabby.

She’s actually okay. We funded. Become friends. Hmm. You’re never gonna choose your friends wisely. Now, excuse me, I’m going to tell my son exactly how disappointingly he has failed me.

Hi. What if I wore him first? Father was on the war path.

You must have thought this through, worked out all the angles, shrewd conniver that you are must have known that I was gonna go for it if you went to all the trouble of having these documents thrown up in advance. Scott’s motto be. , but even as I was working out all the angles as you put it, something was missing what you, you’re my X-factor.

I’m always better when we team out. That’s why I can’t let you go without a fight.

Go find us somewhere and live.

Okay. Ej, I’m, I’m trying to follow along, but there are a lot of ifs in everything that you’re saying. Stephan didn’t forgive you if he was okay with hurting the company, if he managed to spike your drink without you knowing the mimosa. I I thought you had coffee. No, no. That was, that was earlier today, I’m referring to a while back the morning after Stephan for me, in fact.

Come again. He wanted to toast to our nude sense of brotherhoodhood with Moses. I left for a moment to send the paperwork firing lead to the office. When I got back, he was gone. That was the day that Gabby snatched him and tried to undo Ralph’s programming. Oh yeah, I sure do. Remember that day. I came in and then we shared them with Moses instead.

Right. And wow, it is all coming back to me now. A a afterward, you nearly. Because I was feeling, I drank this spike mimosa Osa, oh my God. In mine, it didn’t mean like a a ton of bricks, and it was crazy because I knew it. I knew I wasn’t that much of a lightweight. Oh my God, your son of a bitch brother drugged us both.

We went over this at the park. I decide whom I love and whom I don’t. Not some whack job doctor in his stupid equipment. S. , I’m just trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Okay. You know the way he was before the happy Humpty Dumpty. The one woman man, Humpty Dumpty. Oh, one woman man. Right? Like, like you Brady.

Right? Let’s see, uh, I guess Chloe is one woman and so is Kristen. And, and, and, and Nicole. And you got Teresa. Yeah. No, no, no. You misunderstanding it. I’m, I’m talking about one woman at a time. Oh. So Brady Black, who has been in love with more women than anybody could count, draws the line of monogamy. Oh, for God’s sake.

What about what I want? Huh? Don’t I get a say in any of this? Ste. I don’t care what you do after this. All right? Do whatever you want. Be with Gabby. Don’t be with Gabby. Join a cult. Have 10 wives join a band. I don’t. I am going to be with Chloe. As soon as Rolf gets back. We’re gonna take the necessary steps to make that happen and to hell with what you want.

Hmm. This is for you? Hmm hmm. Smells delicious. That after you do your voodoo, let’s keep going.

You son of a bitch.

And not that there was any doubt before the Sloan was right. Eric pulled a fast when he stole that confession, brought it here for Ralph the Sun and yeah, she’s suspected. Brady did it. Well, yeah, for good reason. Brady’s crazy about Chloe and until. Unless Ralph can Deprogram Stephan, then he’s still fighting Stephan for her heart.

Sloan was right about one thing that Eric broke the law. Yeah. Impersonation, interfering with the police investigation. We might have to get a second warrant.

Yes. Got it Eric, we’ll have to wait. The warrant for LE is ready. Let’s go pay that man a visit, shall we,

Wendy? Gabby, Hey, you’re in a hurry. Where’s the fire? How, wait. In my brother’s room, what I came here for, Lee father’s in town. He’s looking for someone to take his anger out on and leaves an easy target. I’m thinking high ceilings, fireplace deck. You know what they say? Happy wife. Happy wife. Am I right?

Excuse me, Gabby. Did you forget something?

I’ll call you back. Father your misadventures with Stephan der. He’s paying dividends, but I am the one doing the pain. Uh, what are you talking about? What the hell do you mean? The stock could dive thanks to EJ Demaris stupidity and indiscretion. Oh, I, yes, I did see that. It’s what you don’t see, that’s the issue with you out of the mirror.

I have no one inside to do damage control. Uh, it’s a short term. I assure you, I’m in the process of setting things right and I could be back at the company very soon. And how do you figure that? Well, Dr. Rolf’s confession would give the authorities what they need to come after me, but I have an insurance policy, a great lawyer, and she’s keeping Rolf from signing the confession and locked away where he’s no longer an issue.

See, father, your worries are un. Everything’s coming together. I, I’m even getting things back on track with Gabby. I thought she washed her hands with you after the brainwashing. Oh, oh, well, we made a deal. I have six more months of marriage to make her love me again. And how much does this deal cost you?

Virtually nothing. Uh, I knew how to reel her in. Sign my Demer shares away. Cut it.

Someone wear big case . Doctor. I don’t know what Eric has told you, but he’s not to be trusted. He’s still documents from my briefcase. And you are the one who is not to be trusted. You are never really representing me, don’t you. Don’t be ridiculous. No. He’s gotten into your head. You kept be on ice because it served your purposes.

Yeah, this serves mine. You’re fired.

I para. Do you have any idea how much trouble this puts you in? Slow down. It doesn’t have to be ugly. The only reason why I’m helping my brother is you’ve refused.

Finally, where’s Eric detained? Oh, all right. Whoop. We might have to start without him. I don’t want someone discovering what we’re doing. I can only hope that you miserable pieces of, I still have somebody digging to do. Uh, are you really planning on reviving his brain with that junk? Well, len’s junk isn’t as a jewelry or IN’S case.

The tools for a scientific breakthrough.

Don’t worry. Just want her to

that. No good bastard. Mine scheming dirt bag. I get your anger, but you want Stephan’s target. You were merely collateral damage. Oh, I’ll show him collateral damage that he’ll never forget. Your brother needs to own up to both of us. Let’s go find that son of a bitch. Oh, I’m so.

Please not picking up. Sounds like your father got to him before you can. I guess I was only delaying the inevitable father does not quit easily. Oh, that must be where he gets it from. What do you mean?

Wait. You and Lee spent part of Valentine’s stay together. I was feeling kind of hopeful afterwards. Was he being too confident? Look, I don’t know if this answers your question, but I’m not divorcing him not for another six months anyway.

What the hell do you need? Those talks have incredible value, not to mention voting power, and yet you hand them. To stay married to a woman who hates you. That’s what the six month extension is all about, to win her back before she divorces me. But the shares, they’re the least of my problems. If Gabby and I stay married, what’s hers is mine, including those shares.

I know what I’m doing. Father,

you are always overly. And not very smart. A lethal combination. So your insurance policy has just been released, so you know what you’re doing.

You dug into my privileged files, took what you wanted. To help your brother and to hell with me. You betrayed me, Eric. Oh, that, that’s funny because that’s the word that I would use. The way you treated Dr. Rolf, you kept him from signing that confession to protect Lee sh. Right? That is so not the point.

Sounds like a confession to me. You’re not gonna get away with this. Dammit. And that sounds like a threat, a careful counselor. That is, if you enjoy having a law license.

You really gonna let him hook me up to that crap? Huh? What if he fries my brain? You gonna sit idly by while he turns me into a zombie? Think we need to trust in Ralph here. The man’s a coke, a lunatic. I resent that. What about you, Ralph? Come on E. Even you have to realize that these are less than ideal Condit.

What about the pride you take in your work? What about my father, Stefano?

What about him? You were always loyal to him Always. And him to you. How do you think he’d react? All this.

Hello, doctor. We both know that he’s gonna say just about anything right now to stop this because he’s terrified of losing. Chloe. You need to do what you do so brilliantly. You need to fix this, man. Come on, let’s finish this extraordinary work that you started.

Okay. I’m, I’m lost. I thought you wanted to get back at your brother. I do. I do. Most assuredly, but not without sufficient proof that he is culpable, that he was the one who drugged us. You were off on your interview and I was out of it when I drank one or two mimosas. Isn’t that proof enough? It’s a solid theory, but we need to take.

And get it analyzed. If it turns out to be what we assume we’ll have our confirmation and then we’ll go after it, right? No, not yet. The last thing we need is for s Stephan to know that we are onto him, but when I make move, I promise you he will not see me coming.

So when you agreed, was this all about just getting those shares or does my brother actually have a shot with you? Where does that leave stuff in? What is this 21 question? I’m just, I’m just trying to understand. Well, maybe I don’t understand it all on myself. Okay. If you would’ve asked me a month ago, I would’ve told you Lee burned all his ches.

It seems like that’s not the case, at least not with. Right. Well, you know, your, your brother keeps on showing me that, unlike Stephan, he loves me and only me with all his heart. And maybe, maybe he is right. Maybe we are sort of kindred spirits.

Come on, Sloan. Pick up voicemail. Damn it. What is going on? She said she had this all under.

Uh, sometimes being a cop has its purse.

Please shin my great pleasure to place you under arrest yet again for what you did to s Stephan Damira. But this timer. It’s for keeps.

Dr. Rolfe, I’m begging you, it’s not too late to stop this. Sorry, Stephan, I think your father would want you put back civilian.

Sounds like we’re back on track. How can I help?

Do you have any pictures of Chloe on your phone of fine am asking? Of course you do. Young people these days do nothing but take pictures of each other. But the vernaculars akin use are doing it for the Gram . Yeah. What, what, what do you want? What do you want me to do with this? Uh, connect it to that projector over his there.

So then turn it on when I give you the signal.


Do it. Do it now.

Soon. Soon, baby. Soon.

I may not be in the legal field, but I know the conflict of interest, kind of like the one that you have with Dr. Rolf can land you into some serious trouble. So it seems that we’re at a standoff. We can both hurt each other or not. You’re only hurting yourself, Eric. I dunno what kind of madness is going on upstairs.

But you and me we’re through

maybe. You can go crawling back to Nicole. Oh, right. It all works. She’s already screwing EJ DIR five ways to Sunday. Enjoy that image in your head. You bastard

us. Excuse me. You said Stephan will never see you coming. He’ll never. Us coming that he lungs two, can play this game.

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