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Hey, hey yourself. I wasn’t through with that. Well, I left you the sports section. Oh, sure. I’m gonna read the sports section, and then after that I’m going to go down to the schoolyard and shoot hoops with the bros. Well, you have fun. Well, you know, you would think it would be on the front page. It’s not in the metro section.

Guess I’m gonna have to check the obits. The Aries. Is that just a gla, are you looking for someone in particular? Oh, of course I am. Mylo harp off. Yes. What makes you think he’s dead?

Hey, following? Uh huh. Coffee. Oh, if you’ll join me. Okay. Well, not a big crowd this morning, as you can see. Usually pretty lively about this time, but, uh, business kind of falling on. So how are you? Everything okay? Yeah, Roman. Um, that’s why I dropped by to tell you about my problems. Oh, I’ve got nothing to say that’s profound.

Wish I did. But I do know at least 200 people that are thinking of you praying, praying for you. Well, that does mean a whole lot for me. And now I’m gonna butt in. But Roman is only because I care about you, because I’m worried about you and, and Steve and John, save what’s on your mind? Paulina? I just wanna make sure that you all, you all didn’t kill office, did you?

Hey buddy

to hear.

I thought maybe I was close to,

makes some sense that refuse to stall us. According to him, some mystery damer stole. Orchid from Kristen. Man. The only reason for that was to make sure Kayla, Kate, and Doc did die.


Mm mm mm. Have you tried the Ambrosia? Not yet. Oh, you really should. It’s just out of this world. Oh, fer. Excuse me. Look out of this world. Where’d you hear that joke from? A thula. She’s in a great mood. You’d be happier when there’s an open bar. My God, I, I, I can’t believe the two of you. I mean, look at you.

You are eating ambrosia. You’re, you’re eating easily. I mean, we’re in heaven. Okay? There’s no calories, there’s no heartburn. You’re eating. Well, who needs heartburn when you are around? God’s sakes. So sorry. Sorry. But like you said, we are in heaven. So for the love of God, and I mean, literally lighten up.

Not gonna lighten up even though we’re in heaven. You heard what Jake said. We’re not supposed to be here. Ugh. Oh God.

Ba boom. . Looks like your wings have been clipped you holier than now. Arch Angel, battle of the Angels. I know it’s a fiery death for that heavenly host, . Hey, Grimer.


Don’t you know, these explicit video games are gateways to aggression and violence. Literally, that is why Satan invented them. Okay. What, what, what do you want? You’re disturbing my precious downtime. I’m here to tell you, you made a mistake. You need to send Marlene ca and Kate back to earth. You know what?

That’s such a great suggestion, Jake, and I’ve thought about it and it’s a, it’s a no for me. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a hard no, but thank you.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Wait a minute. How did you find out about the Tres Amigos planning a. Anna, well ask stupid questions. So what, you were on the group email she sent out? No, no, no, no. In her defense, she didn’t tell me. I overheard her. Did you tell Abe he’s married after report it? No. No. Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me, if not with Anna.

But mama, don’t you see once, once the word gets out of Sophia’s death, you guys are all gonna be in deep a word I can’t use. Well, it’s not. Stephen John didn’t go through. Oh, thank God. Oh, oh. Believe me, I understand the impulse and I would’ve understood if you had killed Evil Ard, but that’s not what Marla and Kan you, Kate would’ve wanted.

I know, I know that. In fact, she told her in so many words,

I’m calling you. What, what? What am I, am I talking to? Didn’t we just see Jake stand right here and tell all three of us that we’re still alive? I mean, we’re not curious about whether that’s true or not.

Uh, okay. Okay. So what’s the look? So what are you not telling me? Well, uh, Kayla and I are having a hard time believing what Jake said is true. I mean, if you think about it, look who we supposedly talked to. Uh, Susan Bangs and Adrian, and, and none of those people were people that we thought they were. So how do we know that, that Jake wasn’t just some devil’s illusion, I’m just not so sure you could trust him.

Oh. Oh really? Miss Catholic schoolgirl. Raise your faith. I’m sorry, Kate. I know you wanna believe that what Jake said is true and that that actually was. But wanting it doesn’t make it true. Oh God, I should have known that you’d take her side. I’m not taking anybody’s side, but if this isn’t earth, how can we be alive?

I don’t have an answer to that. All I know is that none of this makes sense. So I’m going to clinging to the hope that that really was Jake and what he told us was, But where is Jake? Anyway, he makes this big proclamation that we’re all alive and then he disappears with Nick Fallon. Maybe they’re hashing out our faith, but we have another issue at hand.

What’s that? Well, John and Steve, were out planning to kill ours if they. We have to figure out what’s gonna happen to them.

Well, nobody. What if this is just another one of Orpheus’s Mind games. After all these years, I know all about his damn mind games, but this time my gut is telling me that it’s no game. He’s telling the truth. No, it was the first time for everything. And I’ve been thinking about it, I think so a weird kind of sense that Jamir would be involved.

Their, um, their thirsts for payback didn’t just die with stephano. So we need to find out which one of them slowly, or, and we know the obvious place to start.

Why are he still looking for news Onia? There’s nothing on Orpheus’s death in the paper or online. Oh, well, maybe, and this is just coming from the top of my head. It’s because he hasn’t died, and that once again, you’ve taken your wishful thinking and transformed it into a full-blown Deus. Oh, you think you’re so smart,

No, I don’t think I’m so smart. It’s not that this is that. I think that you are very . Watch it. sensible. Tony Orpheus’s death is not a flight of fancy. I know for a fact that he was scheduled to be murdered in Statesville. What? Oh, I how That’s what you know that. Roman told me, and since he hasn’t called me to tell me it didn’t happen, Q e d, it happened and he asks, with dread hurrying God’s name with Roman now.

Well, that was pian on her deathbed. Kate could foresee that you guys might take revenge on office and told you not to. No, not from her jet bed. She told me from her earth,

I have a delivery outback I gotta sign for here. Help yourself tomorrow. Coffee.

No, I think I’m stimulated enough over me.

Looks like I got the place all to myself. Yeah, that’s right. I’m all along with the earn. Alone with an inanimate piece of Potter

through which your dear Kate has been communicating with us from the afterlife. No, my Lord, it’s just when I thought life in Salem couldn’t get any stranger.

Well, my belief is that our husbands returned to their senses. Frightened the nick of time. Well, from your mouth to God’s ears now, maybe we should try to connect with them again. I could try to reach John, why don’t you try to connect with Roman first at work last time? Well, I suppose you mean I could give it a try?

Maybe the line’s still open. Maybe it would help us pass the time until Nick comes back and we find out that Jake talks him in to letting us return to our earthly bodies. Now they had problems in sound.

Those three women are still alive. Nick, both you and your boss know it. Yeah, but that’s a minor technicality. Really? Wow. I was just about to complete level 13 to hell with your video game. Yeah. It’s funny you mentioned the bad place because that is exactly where Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are going, and there is nothing that you can do about that Angel boy.

You can’t steal the souls of three innocent women because you hold a grudge against one. There are rules. Not down here. Besides, I loathe and despise Will Horton. He sort of helped ruin my life. Marlene is his grandmother, Kayla’s his aunt, so that little cupcake’s gonna be mourning them for the rest of his life.

Okay. Okay. Let’s just do it like you did last time. Okay. Just focus and relax. Think about Roman, how much you love him, how, how happy you are with him. How much you miss him. Yeah. You can do this. We have faith in you. Okay. Just stop. Okay.

Ramen. Ramen. Could you hear me? Ramen. Well, I hope you don’t get offended. Little earn, but since you’re not holding up your end of the conversation, huh? You know, I’ll just look. Roman, are you there? Roman? It’s me. It’s Kate. I need to talk to you.

Okay. Hello? Uh, well, Roman stepped out for a. Can take a medicine

So Kate spoke to Roman from her own and told him to call off a murder plot. Don’t you dare start making fun of earns. You know how I feel about that? Oh, I wouldn’t dream of making fun of hers. I toured Europe in.

you think you’re so dry and so Dr. That I don’t understand and that your cynicism goes right over my head. . Well, I don’t think that someone who’s twin brother came back from the dead twice. Has any business scoffing at talking errs? I’m calling the pub. Oh, to say hi to Kate for me, I’m calling to see if Roman got to Steve and John to stop them from killing Orpheus.

Yeah, he did. We didn’t kill Orpheus, but now we know it was a Dememer who ultimately killed Kayla, Marlene and Kate, and we’re here to find out which one it was.

So you’re telling us that RFI has told you that someone’s stole the author from Kristen, right? That sounds so implausible. I mean, Kristen, it’s not like her to have lax security. Well, you don’t think that we had anything to do? I mean, John, you know how much we loved Marlena Of course. And she was like a second mother to my Carey, and we certainly didn’t have any issues with Kayla or Kate.

Michelle, you, but your just, just slow down here. No one is accusing the two of you of anything. And we’re not saying this had anything to do with Kayla or Marlena or Kate as individuals. There’s an active revenge, which you have to admit, kind of runs in your family. Well, Tony’s not like that and you know it.

Oh, I do know that Steve and I both know that there are exceptions to the rule. Tony, you’re one of them. We just came here to ask you for your help to figure out which Dara it was.

Yeah. Please don’t act like you haven’t done something similar. Okay? You and your team snatched Bo Brady’s soul from his body before he was all the way dead, right? Hey, that was a mistake and we corrected it, and I’m asking you to do the same thing for Kate and her friends. You seem to care a great deal for Kay.

I understand you too. Knew each other in the biblical way when you two were on Earth. Huh? I’m not advocating for these women just because Kate and I had an earthy relationship. This is about right and wrong. Oh, okay. So you want me to make some grand active contrition? Is that right? No. I want you to think about Julie.

What? Julie Williams, the one person, whoever saw a shred of good in you who stuck by you till the end now past the end. Julie Williams who says a prayer for the repose of your soul every night who every year lights a candle on the anniversary of your death. Yeah. Wow. Julie always was sentimental, . She always loved you.


what do you think? Julie’s gonna say when she joins us in heaven, and she realizes that even in the afterlife, and you are a nasty little man, that everybody was right about you and she was wrong. What do you think that is gonna do to her? Hmm.

But that’s right. You don’t care what anybody thinks about. Not even Jill Williams.

Paul. Paul Price, is that you? Yeah, it is me. And you are Kate? Yes, it’s Kate. Of course it’s Kate. What did you think? It was a robo. Oh, no. Need to get snippy with me. I’m mean, you not talking from an ear. It is a little disconcerting. Okay. Yes. Okay. I, I, I understand Paulina. I I need to talk to Roman. Is he there with you?

No, he stepped out. I can go get him. Wait, Paulina, I, I don’t know how much time I have left and I just, I need to get this message to Roman. Okay. It’s about, it’s about Orpheus. Did Roman, did they? No, no, no. They backed out of it. Office is still alive. Oh, thank God. Well, that is that why you reached out to ask about Oria.

Tell her, tell her what J said. Tell her. Tell her that he said that we were still alive. Try that part. Oh. Oh. So now you believe it. Oh, just tell her. Okay, honey, are you still there? Yes. Paulina. There’s a message that I need for you to get to Roman. It’s something that I think is going to be life changing for all of us.

Let me ask you this, given the fact that you were there to kill office, Don’t you think the sun revelation of a Mr. Damer could be something of a Hail Mary pass that’s from football? It means last ditch effort. Thanks. And you never put any stock into anything off officer said before this. Well, the fact is he told us that after we decided not to kill him.

Well, Kate will be so pleased to hear that, but he may be toying with you. Well, you know, at first I thought that. But I’ve known my little heart for years, so trust me when I say I’ve been toyed with this time, my gut says he was telling the truth. And that goes back to what I was saying before, it makes sense for a dememer to be involved.

Well, sadly, I see your point. I mean, some of the things Kristen has done are really mean, darling. Stephen John, don’t mean Kristen. What they’re saying is it’s a Demaris fault, which is what they always do. Uh, gentlemen, you know, you can believe whatever it is you want, but I’m not gonna help you in this witch hunt you want, aren’t your car?

Well, then I’ll have to ask you to leave. No, we’re not leaving. And if you don’t want to help, like John said, it’s your choice. But if you don’t, we’re gonna strip this Mali you call home right down to its foundation.

Juli isn’t wrong about you, Nick. You’re just what? Traumatized. Redeemable, please. You don’t end up where I ended up because you were misunderstood. Okay? I really am that bad. I read your file. Pretty terrible thing happened to you and no one seemed to care. You can say it down here, Jake, right? Ray. I was raped.

I was raped because you really did love Gavin. You were gonna care for her just like you were really gonna care for that little girl and you loved her. You were always trying to make things work. Don’t do this. Okay? It was bad enough having to live that life. I don’t need to hear it recap. No, but you need to think about it.

And you need to see how one bad decision kept leading to another and another. And you tried to control own every woman you ever loved, and they would slip away, everybody, I don’t need to hear this. And the whole time, Julie Williams never stopped loving you. She would’ve done anything. And not once did you give her a reason for all that love, but it is not too late.

Nick, do this one Good thing.

Do it for Julie.

Well, it would be an understatement to say, you have my attention. Okay. Paulina first. Tell Roman. Have, we’re all a lot. Uh, Kate. Say that again. You’re still what? Sorry, Kate dropped. Call Kate. I, well, I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up. You’re still, you’re still what? I’m afraid calls to earth are not allowed.

Okay. Well, we have to tell Roman and others that we’re still alive. I see. You took Jake at his word. Why wouldn’t we? Where is he anyway? Right here. Were you able to talk him into it? Are you gonna school home?

Okay. You broke up.

Hello, honey, you still in there?

Hold in there. What going on? I was talking to Kate and then just like that, she went all crackly and then she just stopped talking. Like she hung up, hung up. Oh. Well I guess if you’re talking from an ear, you wouldn’t say hung up, would you? So let’s just say she abruptly stopped talking to me. But you know what?

I don’t. I don’t. Think it was her choice, you know? Um, because she was trying to tell me something so I could tell you, and I could tell it was something really important. Urgent. What was it? Well, that’s what I’m saying. She didn’t get that far. See, she was in the middle of saying, tell Roman we still, and then she went crackly as if someone or something didn’t want me to hear the end of that.

You said it was urgent? Yeah. Well, you know, it’s not like she was calling from beyond the grave to say that, you know, they still waiting on their rooms or you know that there was a sale on hell or whatever. Oh, oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Roman. I’m sorry. Oh, I, I shouldn’t be making jokes, . Oh, but you know this, this really is, you know, there’s no word.

There’s no word for what it is, worthful. I know, I know, I know, I know. All right, calm back. Okay. Take a deep breath.

She was asking about, And I told her that you stopped. You stopped John and Steve and that they didn’t kill him. And oh, and Roman sh she was, that made her real happy. Good, good. I’m really glad you were able to tell her that. Me too. She was very worried about it. Okay, so the last thing she said was, tell him we’re still, then it went crackly.

What was she trying to tell me?

So, Nick, you gonna tell him, or should I just tell us? Well, the, the fact is there. There was a, a small slip up and, uh, in fact, perhaps your souls were harvested slightly prematurely. So, so Jake was telling the truth, and why are you admitting that? Yeah, you’re not exactly the type to come clean, so you’re going to let us go home.

Let’s just say Jake appealed to my better nature, which while rarely experienced. It does exist. Shall we get to go home? Yeah. And incidentally, you, uh, you shouldn’t remember any of this when you get back. Yeah. Well, I’m okay with that. I just wanna see my husband and family. Sorry to interrupt, but just a, a small point of clarification.

When I say home, I mean back to earth. So what happens with your souls when they’re reunited with your bodies really has nothing to do with us. I mean, you could find your way to the people that you love, or you could die instantly and end up right back here. So you need to decide if you’re willing to, to take that risk.

I am. And so say real

suit yourself. All you gotta do. Lets walk through those doors and your souls are re into your bodies. Let’s do it. Yes.

So it seems to me the only dememer who lives here who might have a motive would be ej. Even though you just trashed his room, you didn’t find. Now Tony, the boys were actually very neat. You know, Kate knew that it was Lucas that kidnapped Samantha, yet she just let him twist in the wind. It is tic way of saying that Kate let EJ go to prison even though she knew, Hmm, that a drunken son committed the crime.

Tony, alcoholism is a disease. Ste always said revenge was a dish best served cold. Can EJ listen to every word his old man said? Even if his wild speculation was. And skipping the fact that Kate exonerated, ej finally, Chad was just as guilty as Kate was. I mean, Chad testified against my brother and his brother, and EJ didn’t even go after him.

And Marlena was his kid’s grandmother and Taylor’s there. Great aunt. No, you he wouldn’t do that to his kids. Thank you. And he can’t be Johnny. No. He was bereft when his grandmother, Marlena passed and Chad was too. Kate was like a second mother to him. Okay, so let’s talk Stephan. Oh, he’s definitely sleazy enough.

Oh, now? Now, okay. I know no one wants to dread her up the past, especially now, poor Abigail is gone. But the fact that Stephan slept with her knowing full well that she wasn’t at her right mind. Well, that’s pretty damn sleazy. Okay. I agree. But under the heading. You know, people really can change for the better, which I do believe STE has.

Well, he’s been a lot more decent since he died and came back. And of course now he’s all caught up with Chloe and Gavin. Can we just stop dredging up at just the on point here Now, are there any more D mirrors floating around out there other than the ones we’ve covered here in Salem? Well, heavens say you can’t think it’s young.

She didn’t have a motive and Theo wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s Stephen Hawk. No Benji’s son would never do anything to hurt Kayla. I know. I know Peter Blake well. He’s as lethal as he is dreamy.

Well, if you, if you like the strapping, hairy tie, but I personally like the Suave and Dier type myself. God knows that Peter Blake doesn’t have one redeeming quality, but he also doesn’t have a motive,

seems has gone through the whole family tree. Unless of course you wanna resurrect Father or Andre. Don’t even joke about.

Well, it seems that you’ve run out of Damaris.

Actually, no, no. There is one Damari we haven’t talked about yet.

I’m sorry, I, I couldn’t hear what I did. Kate was trying to tell me, but at least she knows that you stopped. You stopped Steven John from killing office. Right. And now, so now she can really rest in peace. Well that makes one of us, meaning I won’t rest in peace till I find out who did this to. And Kayla and Marlay.

But you do know it was obvious with a big assist from Kristen Orpheus claims it was another Dememer who stole the orchid from Kristen. Did he happen to mention that Dara’s first name? No, but that’s what John and Steve are trying to find out. So what are you two getting at? We’ve literally listed every living member of the family.

There are no more Demaris out. Unless you two know something, we don’t.

What’s that? That they say down on earth? Alls well that ends well. Hmm. Except for them, it’s not the end. It’s a new beginning. I just pray that their souls find their way back to. And to their families. Yeah, me too. You really mean that what you said. Uh, it’s sort of got to me only. Don’t tell anyone. Got an image To maintain be our secret.

Oh, and Nick, thank you. You are worthy opponent. Hmm. I look forward to locking horns with you again. Well, I don’t have horns, but, uh, maybe we’ll lock wings. . Yeah. Whatever.

None of them thought twice about walking through those doors, did they? No. Now I hope they don’t wake up to a fate worse than. Dammit. Answer her. What aren’t you telling us? Did father have yet another illegitimate child?

Who is this new relation? No, this one isn’t new.

She’s been around for a while. Your sister Megan, at the.

Well, finally, the three sleeping beautiesreĀ  aawake.

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