Y&R Best Lines Monday, November 7, 2022

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Lauren: Do you want to finally rethink your support of Diane and her return to Genoa City?

Michael: I’m withholding judgment until I know all the facts.

Lauren: How many more do you need? She lied. She colluded with Tucker in L.A. after swearing up and down she had no connection to him whatsoever.

Michael: Okay, okay, technically true, but context is everything.

Lauren: I’m sorry, but there is no context that’s going to change the truth.

Michael: There are gray areas.

Lauren: Ugh, your constant support of Diane Jenkins is just unbelievable. I don’t get it.


Devon: There you go. This playpen is a godsend, huh? Thank you.

Abby: Oh, Dominic loves it. Creates this whole home-away-from-home thing.


Devon: Well, I’m happy that both of you guys feel so comfortable here.

Abby: I’m sorry. Was I overstepping with my tea brewing? I feel like, since Dominic has two homes, I do, too, but that’s probably a bit presumptuous of me.

Devon: No, it’s not at all. Come on. You’re family. This is always your place.

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