Y&R Best Lines Monday, October 31, 2022

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Lily: What do you think about getting out of here and going back to our place?

Billy: I knew it.

Lily: You knew what?

Billy: Well, you were gonna get me on the dance floor and you were gonna want to take me home.

Lily: Oh, really? Or maybe I just want to take you home so you can stop embarrassing yourself.

Billy: “Potayto,” “potahtoe.”


Nate: Trick or treat.


Victoria: Nate. Happy Halloween.

[Chuckles] Come on in.

Nate: Thanks. You know, I almost forgot it was Halloween until I saw your security guard downstairs dressed as

Victoria: Oh, yes, that’s — that’s Donny. The only problem is he dresses that way year-round.

Nate: Well, it’s good to see someone with holiday spirit. I’ve been wrapped up in my own head lately.

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