Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric told Roman about his situation with Jada, the baby and Nicole. Eric said he wanted to be with Nicole, but they were going to have to have a conversation about how their relationship would work if Jada kept the baby. He said he wanted to be a father, but he supported her right to choose. He said he also understood why she wouldn’t want to have a baby with a man who left her for his ex-wife. Jada was packing her things when Kate came to see her. Jada told her she was moving out because Eric and Nicole were together. She said she was pregnant. Kate told her not to give up on Eric since he and Kate broke up so easily in the past. Jada said Eric made his decision. She said she had to make her decision about the baby. She said if Nicole weren’t a factor, she would be happy to raise a baby with Eric. She said she wasn’t prepared to be a single mother. She thanked Kate for listening. Kate invited her to dinner. She told Jada that it was her life, body and decision. Roman asked Eric if he would want to raise the baby with Jada if Nicole wasn’t in the picture. Eric said he would, but he loved Nicole. He said that was why it was a big mess. Kate showed up and didn’t care for his comment. Jada showed up and said Kate helped her. She said she made her decision about the baby.

Nicole went to Rafe’s house. He wanted to know why she was there. She said she came to get her things. They talked about Ava and EJ. She wanted to make the dessert she promised to make for Thanksgiving. He didn’t want it at first. He agreed to it because of Arianna. He told her he didn’t want to drag out the divorce. He thought they should get lawyers. He said he wouldn’t fight her on it considering she was with Eric. He said they would call it irreconcilable differences. When she finished the pie, she apologized to him. He thought he deserved what happened after what he did to Ava. Nicole said he wished they could be friends the way they were before. He said it wasn’t possible, at least not right now. She said goodbye.

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