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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf called Li from Wendy’s phone. Rolf told Li about what happened with Johnny and Li. Rolf said he had them restrained. Rolf wanted to take their vocal chords for an experiment he was working on. Li said he had a better idea. Gabi walked in and heard Li say he wanted Wendy back empty handed. Gabi questioned him about what he was talking about. He lied to her about what he was talking about. He said he wanted Wendy back in Salem. He said when she got back he was going to fire her. Gabi defended Wendy to Li. She said Wendy and Johnny were cute together. Li said Johnny was a spoiled brat. Gabi said he should let them enjoy their vacation. He said there were consequences. Johnny and Wendy woke up in restraints. Rolf showed up and destroyed the recording Johnny made. Rolf got the syringe ready. He said he was giving Johnny the same injection he gave Gabi. He said when they got to Salem, they would have forgotten why they came. Rolf prepared the syringe for Wendy, but Johnny stopped him. Johnny argued with Rolf. Wendy knocked Rolf out from behind. They restrained him on the gurney and threatened to expose what he did to Stefan. They left him in the lab.

While Rafe was at the airstrip, he called an APB out on Ava. Ava drove Susan on a slick road. EJ followed them in his car. Charlie told Ave to drive off a cliff with Susan. EJ went to the edge and yelled out for his mother. Rafe said he called the FBI since a member of the DiMera family was kidnapped by a Vitalli. While he was talking to the FBI, he got a call about the crash. Rafe showed up where EJ was. He stopped EJ from going down to the cliff. The car exploded. EJ wanted to go to his mother. Rafe followed him. Rafe sat with EJ until the rescue team showed up. A firefighter told EJ there was no one way Susan could have survived the fire. Rafe wanted to take him to the police station to get his statement about Susan’s kidnapping. EJ said it wouldn’t bring him back. Rafe wanted to put it on record. EJ said he didn’t want to relive that again. He left.

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