Days Short Recap Monday, November 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Alex found Bonnie in the shed. She told them how she ended up in the shed. They took her to the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie told Sarah and Maggie what happened to her. Rafe showed up to question Bonnie. She said it was a person in a clown mask wearing a blue suit. She said his build was more of a strongman than a clown. Susan kept talking to Xander. She kept trying to get him to let her go free. She wanted to know where they were going. He said he was taking her home. Charlie kept convincing Ava to kill Susan. He said she could prove that she was a Vitalli. He said she could stick it to EJ. Xander came in the crypt with Susan. Ava pulled Xander to the side and yelled at him about bringing Susan there. She had an idea. She told him while she went to get the money, he would stay behind and kill Susan. He said he didn’t sign up for that. She said they needed to take something from EJ he couldn’t replace. Xander said she lost it. He told Susan that he was taking her home. Ava took off his mask. Susan was shocked.

Ava told Xander that he didn’t have a choice but to do what he needed to do. She gave Xander a gun and left to meet with EJ. Susan begged Xander not to kill her. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone that he was involved. She said she wouldn’t tell EJ either. Xander apologized to her, but the stakes were too high. He said Sarah would never understand this. He said he had to do it. Susan said she wouldn’t say anything. He said Ava would say something if he didn’t do what she wanted. He pointed a gun at her. EJ told Tony that he would do whatever Ava wanted to make sure his mother got home safely. He said he spoke to the banker and the money was ready to go. He said he had to deal with Ava. He pulled out a gun. He said Ava wanted to meet with him at the airfield. EJ told Tony that the gun was for show. Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion so he could talk to EJ. Tony told him where he was. Ava met with EJ. She told him to give her the money or she would put a bullet in his mother’s head. EJ sent her the money. Once she got the money, she told him she would get Susan’s body back. She told him his mother was dead. He pulled out his gun and threatened her. She told him to pull the trigger. She said she would gladly go to her grave knowing that she beat him. Susan ran in front of them. Susan told him to put the gun down. Ava grabbed Susan with her own gun. Ava dragged Susan to the car.

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