Days Short Recap Thursday, November 24, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Gabi and Li what happened with Nicole. Gabi trashed Nicole for what she did to him. She told him that she will regret leaving him for Eric. Rafe told her that he threw out Nicole’s pie. She was proud of him. Li was disappointed because they didn’t have pie. Gabi continued to express how upset she was that Nicole was able to live happily with Eric. Rafe told her that it might not happen since Jada’s pregnant. Gabi loved the karma of it all, but Rafe didn’t want to gloat about it. He wanted to focus on happier things. Li wanted him to think about the wedding. Rafe agreed and made a toast. Nicole thought about Eric’s conversation about Jada and the baby. She walked away. Eric let Jada know that he was happy that she decided to keep the baby. She thought they would make it work and wondered how Nicole felt. He thought Nicole would support them. She told him that Nicole was insecure and territorial. She didn’t think Nicole would take the news well. He wanted Jada to trust him. She wanted to go upstairs to pack, but he asked her not to leave.

Nicole ran into Abe and Paulina in the town square. She told them what happened with Eric, Rafe and Jada. Abe told her to let Eric explain what’s going on. He thought she might have misunderstood what she heard. She was certain that she was out, and Jada was in Eric’s life. Abe told her to talk to Eric. Paulina advised her to fight for her man. EJ erased Rafe’s message about making a statement. Marlena showed up at the DiMera mansion and tried to make him feel better about what happened. EJ told her that Johnny didn’t know what happened to Susan yet because he’s out of town. He didn’t know how to tell him because it’s his own fault. He told her what he did to Ava. He blamed Susan’s and Abby’s deaths on himself because he needed control. He said he let down the one person who love him unconditionally. He broke down and started crying. Marlena continued to make him feel better about what happened. She told him that he was the love of her life. He mentioned how she was scared of her own shadow, but she was fierce when it came to her family. They continued to talk about Susan.

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