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Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in "A Christmas Spark" on Lifetime

Interview with Jane Seymour and Joe Lando in “A Christmas Spark” on Lifetime by Suzanne 11/7/22

It was great fun to see these two together again and speak with them. I’m a huge fan of both actors, and not just for their partnership in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”  I’m sure their fans will be happy to see them in this cute holiday movie that airs 11/27 on Lifetime.

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"A Christmas Spark" key art

Recently widowed Molly (Jane Seymour) has lost her zest for life and given up on ever finding love again.  But when she decides to visit her daughter for Christmas, she has no idea what holiday magic is in store for her.  A former drama teacher, Molly reluctantly takes on the job of directing the town’s Christmas pageant and soon finds herself falling for her leading man, Hank (Joe Lando), the town’s most eligible bachelor.  As Molly and the irrepressible Hank fall in love, she rediscovers her inner free spirit and finds a new lease on life.  And when the star of the pageant loses her voice moments before the show, it will be up to Molly to step into the spotlight and shine brightly for the first time in her life.

A Christmas Spark is produced by Lighthouse Pictures and is being distributed by Sony Pictures Television. Toni Braxton, Stephen Bulka, and Jamie Goehring are executive producing. Rhonda Baraka directs from a script by Eirene Tran Donohue.

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A scene from "A Christmas Spark" starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando.

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