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 [ Indistinct conversations ] Wow. Quite the scene. Very… tacky.Fancy. Oh. Thank you. Sure. Cheers. Because he used all of his cash.

[ Chuckles ] Uh… cash meaning… u-um, let me give you my card. Oh, uh — hey, spinelli. Oh. Dr. Gatlin-holt. Hmm. I thought you said this was a charity benefit. It is. Looks more like a meat market. Well, the — the invitation I n clearly stated that this afternoon’s events were, first and foremost, a fundraiser. Huh. How do you account for everyone having great hair and sparkling white teeth? Merely the icing on the cake. Um, is — is maxie accompanying you, or… perhaps is she attending solo? Maxie and I were supposed to come together, but she got stuck at work. Thanks for inviting me to this. Hey!

[ Chuckles ] How’d you hear about it? How did you not? Whoever does the pr for society setups stopped only at skywriting. Yeah, you’re not kidding. Everyone who’s anyone is here. Should make for an interesting party. Scott grossly distorted your history. No one is gonna believe a word that he said. Least of all wiley. No, I-I can explain away fiction, but… today made me realize that one day, wiley’s gonna have to face the bad parts of my past, and nelle’s and — and even harmony’S. And I’m just — I’m just thinking, like… will wiley ever forgive any of us? Do you ever miss?

[ Chuckles ] Hi.

[ Chuckles ] Hi. Well, you know what they say. Practice the way you play. What are you practicing for? Not what, laura. Who. Looks like we’re both having a bad day. I, uh, didn’t hear you come in. Is spencer with you? He was. But then he left me. Again.

[ Sighs ] Guess we’re both on our own. You want me to move to chicago? Of course not. But this isn’t about what I want. What if it is? If you’re as interested as I am in seeing where this goes, I should stick around, right? The judge just ordered a recess, aunt liesl. Yeah. You won’t believe — I think I can meet you, though, for a quick cup of coffee.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not going anywhere. Listen, aunt liesl, something came up, so I’m not gonna be able to meet you after all. I’ll call you after the hearing. Let go of me, little girl. Nina, I will if you will. What do you want? I want you to give up the pretense that you’re a loving grandmother who only wants what’s best for wiley. That is all I want. Then why did you let scott attack wiley’s father on the stand?

excuse me for a second. Okay. Another new outfit, spinelli? Or are you just here to impress the ladies? I only aim to impress you, fair samantha. Beverage? Sure. Look, I could only say this to another quartermaine. Drew: Uh-oh. It actually feels really good… so, uh, what’s going on with you and brook lynn these days? You on? Off? It’s unclear. Oh. Even to me. Mm. Are you available to help out a former partner? I may need an emissary. At your service. I happen to speak fluent blqlq you should go mix. Mingle. Have fun. You trying to get rid of me? I’m trying to get you to seize the opportunity to find some good investors for aurora. Careful. You’re gonna live down the cliché that quartermaines eat, sleep, and drink business. Well, what can I say? I learned at my father’s knee.

[ Both laugh ] Hey, has ned spoken to you about the offer that michael and I made him? Actually, our — our paths have not crossed since the last time my dad turned down your C.O.O. Offer. Hmm. Look, if you and michael want my dad involved, this aurora-elq merger has to happen. So you better flash your smile. Actually, there is a woman at the bar, and she keeps glancing your way. She’s carrying the newest cartullo bag. Ah. I’m sure she’ll be good for a few hundred shares. Yeah. That’s not how it works. Michael, someday, wiley is gonna discover that his parents are flawed, just like you did with sonny. No, I never want wiley to see me the same way that I see sonny. I hate that sonny brought you to this point, but it’s not gonna be the same with wiley. I’m not the one who wanted to take this to court. You and michael forced my hand. Nobody forced your lawyer to say that michael is violent toward women and a baby thief. Scott just presented the facts. So it’s the fact that nelle was protecting wiley when she put a dead baby, my dead baby, in michael’s arms, and told him his son was dead? What’s the point of a pool party if nobody’s swimming? Uh, taking a wild guess here, but maybe no one wants to ruin their hair and makeup?

[ Scoffs ] Hey, I’m gonna need your help tonight. Ready and able for wing man duty. No, I-I meant keeping my glass filled. I can only survive this party in a state of cheerful oblivion.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, you’ll want to stay sober for him. Britt, brad, hey, guys. Hi. You here for the fundraiser, for the singles mixer, or both? Uh… both. Um, the company behind this is the matchmaking service my mother signed me up for. I thought the name sounded familiar. So I guess you’re feeling a little bit more optimistic. I’m optimistic about free cocktails.

[ Laughs ] Um, as for the rest, jury’s still out on. Aw. That sounds serious. What’s going on, ava? I’m just blowing off steam. Okay, but who’s got you so steamed up that you’re here at the firing range? Is it esme? Spencer? Nikolas? Do I have to choose just one? Do you have a favorite? Your son. So things aren’t any better between the two of you?

[ Gunshots in distance ] Nikolas knows that we need time alone, just the two of us, to work on our marriage. But he resents my efforts to make that happen. Do you think maybe it has something to do with your house guests? Mm, oh, I would love to blame everything on spencer and esme, but, really, they’re just a symptom. And what’s the disease? Hope I didn’t cause trouble earlier when I told you that ava had asked me and spence to move out of wyndemere in exchange for her giving him control of his trust fund. An allowance from his trust fund. I take it you and ava talked? You could say that. You argued. And I’m to blame. Can you forgive me? I thought you already knew about the arrangement and had approved. Spencer and my failure to communicate is not your fault, esme. And neither is the fact that he didn’t tell me himself. Well, don’t take it too personally. Spence only seems to communicate with trina these days. I assumed spencer and trina didn’t have much of a friendship anymore. Oh, they keep running into each other. It’s like port charles has a population of two. Sorry my son isn’t more considerate. But word of advice? Pick your battles. There’s no battle. The fighting is over. And…so is my relationship with your son.

Excuse me. Austin. Is maxie here? Uh, she’s stuck at work. She’ll be here soon. Just wanted to thank her for inviting me to bailey’s 1st birthday party. Right. Yeah. So you and brook lynn will be attending together? I can’t speak for brook lynn, but I’ll be there. Right. Can’t speak for brook lynn. So you two haven’t gotten off that roller coaster yet. Perfect timing. I’m so glad you’re here! Oh, really? Why? Well, because you’re my friend and my step-sibling. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah, I guess we are. It’s good to see you, too. Yeah, and, um, I need a favor. Damn it, I knew it. I knew it. How many people have you asked already? I’m still adjusting to the new look. It’s not a crime to overhaul my — my threads. I mean, and besides, sartorial splendor is underrated in these modern times. Yeah, but not underpriced. Wait, does this mean you’re ready to move on from ellie? Well, I mean, if I was contemplating a new romance, I could do worse than sign up for society setups and their proven track record. You know, you and nikolas both come into this marriage with your fair share of baggage. Just wondering if maybe the root of the issue is not really in the here and now but more in the past? The truth is, I fought my feelings for nikolas tooth and nail because I knew that I couldn’t trust him. But I thought you worked through that. Yeah, I thought so, too. Now I wonder, did we fall in love because we — we solved our trust issues or despite them? You and spencer broke up? In every way that matters. Spence made his choice, and it’s not me. He’s young. You both are. However bad things seem now… are you sure you can’t ride out this particular rough patch? Mm. It depends. How do you know when it’s time to give up? Wish I knew. I like you, chet. A lot. And I’ve enjoyed getting to kalso a lot.

I aut to get one of t don’t turn down this amazing job opportunity for me. What if we don’t work out, and you regret not taking the job and moving to chicago? What if I regret missing out on my chance with you? If a train doesn’t stop in your station, it’s not your train. I have no idea what that means.

[ Chuckles ] What’s meant to be won’t pass us by. But right now, this job opportunity is waiting. I just hate ending us before we’ve really begun. Today was hard. We knew it would be. But you were amazing on that stand, and there’s no way the judge is gonna grant nina’s petition. I mean, I wish I shared your optimism. You wondering when the judge is gonna finish tearing into scott? That, and I was just wondering if I have enough time to run a quick errand. Willow: Nelle made me believe my son was alive. She used my little boy, my newborn son, as a prop in her sick manipulation. You have to understand, nelle was abused by her father. No, you stop! You stop trying to rehabilitate nelle. She was irredeemable. No, she was a product of her upbringing, willow. If she hadn’t been stolen from me, then — what? You could have made all the difference in nelle’s life? Steered her off the path she was on? How would that work, nina? You were in a coma until nelle was in her 20s. Exactly. I didn’t have a chance to help her. No. You may not have raised nelle, but it’s obvious she inherited your nature. So you’re implying that people are born bad? Look at your mother. Now look at yourself and then nelle. I’m saying the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Well, if we can’t escape our dna, you must be terrified, willow. Too bad — hello, michael. Too bad harmony’s not here to tell you who or what your real mother was. Hey. Not worth it, not worth it. Haven’t you done enough damage, nina? Oh, shut up! No, I will not. Nina doesn’t care what damage she does. She’s ripped this family apart. She’s not done yet. Distorting michael’s past and weaponizing it against him, when all michael’s done is love and protect his son in a way nelle never did. I never told anyone that you and michael weren’t great parents. No, right, you had your lawyer do it for you. You are so disingenuous, nina. You pretend to care when the reality is you never treated me well, starting from when I was charlotte’s teacher. I thought we were past that. No, i got past that. Despite your attacks on me, I gave you multiple chances when I learned that you were nelle’s mother. And how did you thank me? By exploiting my generosity and trying to manipulate me. You are not worthy of wiley. That’s not your decision to make. Well, whatever the judge rules, wiley is my son. And his childhood will be different from mine. I wasn’t protected, but wiley will be. I would never hurt that little boy. So you keep saying. But you already have. And I will lay down my life before I ever let it happen again. I commend you for your bravery. It’s hard putting yourself out there.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, as my mother puts it, time is not on my side. Why would she say that? Oh. You know, any way to find fault.

[ Chuckles ] You know, now that my mom is paired off, she sees my singledom as a failing. Hmm. Hmm. Refills, anyone? I’m on it. Yes. I’ll take one. So, drew, how about you? On the prowl or here for a good cause? I’m not much of a prowler. Never have been. Brook lynn wanted to check out the party. Besides, it’s always great to support a good cause. Yeah, brook lynn and i have our off days, but this is one of them. I don’t know. Maybe we’re a lost cause. Is that why you’re at a singles’ event? Alright, brook lynn, what’s the favor? I have a linc issue. Why didn’t you talk to chase about it? Wait, did you ask him to do something illegal or unethical? Alright, you know what? I don’t want to know, I don’t think. Look, I thought he would be supportive. He has been supportive. Isn’t that how he got suspended from the force in the first place? He helped you out in a big way. Why don’t you cut the kid some slack? Wait, since when have you been a fan of matchmaking? Um, well, p-professional help can be more reliable than certainly my judgment. Uh, remember, I-I chose ellie, and in the end, our lives diverged because we wanted different things at different times. But perhaps… with proper vetting, I could be matched with someone whose life fits more in with mine. Yeah, but now you have a new look, which is different from your old look, which is different from the look that I’m used to you having. Uh, what’s going on, spinelli? You know what? Maybe the why doesn’t even matter. The fact is, our marriage isn’t working. Nikolas can be unfailingly generous when he wants to be, when the — the gift is something that he wants to give. But if it’s something that matters to me? He’s oblivious. You know, this may not be the right time for me to bring this up, but I-I just wanted you to know that I sent in my letter of recommendation to the adams day school. You — you wrote a letter for avery? Yeah, I did, because, well, I know the headmistress. And I also put in a call to the head of admissions. Looking forward to meeting with her to talk to her about avery. Laura, I-I don’t know how to thank you. No, no, don’t thank me. Thank nikolas, because he was the one who told me that you wanted to get avery in there. And he suggested that you write the letter? He did. And I was very happy to do it. I think it’s a great idea. I think it’s a terrific school, and avery is a terrific kid. You know, I-I mentioned the application to nikolas, and I didn’t think he was paying any attention. Mm. Well, it’s nice that he was able to pleasantly surprise you for once. Is this where you tell me not to give up too soon? Esme: Are you considering giving up on your marriage? That’s private. I only ask because… I could use advice. I mean, I’m not very experienced. Spence is my first real relationship. All I know is that we don’t bring out the best in each other anymore. We don’t put one another first the way we used to. Yeah, nobody wants to feel like a consolation prize. I deserve better. And so do you. Your wife should put you first. Or…set you free to find someone who will.

So, how much do you just hate unwanted advice? On a scale of 1 to 10? Here it is anyway. Aren’t you and brook lynn just tired of this dance? This is just how chase and I roll. One day, we’re besties, and the next, we’re not speaking. But it always blows over. Okay, yeah, sure. You know, until one day, it doesn’T. Look at you, mr. Pessimist. Look, chase is a patient guy. But everyone has their breaking point, right? There will be a day where you push him too far and he doesn’t come running when you call him. Ava… do you still love nikolas? Love isn’t always enough. Well, that’s true. But where there’s love, there’s hope.

[ Gunshots in distance ] And you know something? You have been so generous with nikolas, encouraging him to reconcile with his son. But the thing is, he’s not that good at finding the balance. He isn’t, so, you know, do you think you could be just a little more patient? And give him — give him just the time he needs to work on the two most important relationships in his life. I would give nikolas all the time in the world if he was actually working on our marriage. But he’s not. And he doesn’t even acknowledge that I deserve better. He’s not asking me to be patient. He’s asking me to keep my head down and shut up and face east.

[ Sighs ] I’d rather not discuss my marriage. Oh, of — of course. I was only trying to be a good friend to you like you’ve been to me. Can you forgive me? How can I help you? Do you need one of the maids to help you pack? Thanks, but, uh, I’ve already finished packing. Not that I know where I’m going. You’re cold.

[ Clears throat ] Old houses get drafty. Wyndemere isn’t old and drafty. It’s stately and formidable. Like the cassadines themselves. I was proud to be associated with this family, even for a little while. You know, it’s possible that, with time and — and distance, that you and spencer will find your way back to one another. Even if we could get past the mistrust, the neglect, the dishonesty, something else has changed between us, and it’s a deal breaker. What’s that? Our attraction. Spence doesn’t want to make love to me anymore. Esme — and that hurts. But I don’t have to tell you that. Spence and I aren’t the only ones in this house sleeping apart. Let’s talk about these new beginnings. Director of mental health outreach. Sounds like you’re gonna have your hands full. Well, the facility has some innovative programs that do a lot of good. And you’re already thinking of ways to make them even better. To be honest, I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Present company excluded. Hey, you’re entitled to feel excited about this opportunity. Isn’t there any way I can take this job and still see you? What are your feelings on long-distance relationships? I’m not opposed, but this job is gonna require all your energy and attention. You won’t even have time to date all those midwestern women who will be flinging themselves at you. And if this job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and those midwestern women can’t compare to you? Then there are planes from chicago to port charles every day. But the way I got the job — your sister may have applied for the job in your name, but you got it based on your experience and credentials. All you have to decide is if you want it. And I think we both know the answer to that. I respect that you’re looking out for wiley. But don’t you understand? I’m doing the same thing. Then drop the petition. Accept that your forced presence in wiley’s life is self-serving, not to mention a constant reminder of a mother he will thankfully never know. You really want what’s best for wiley? Then give him a different lineage, a new legacy. I can’t do that.

[ Scoffs ] It’s ironic that you wear those heart pendants when you are heartless.

[ Willow sighs ] Hey. Are you okay? It’s okay, mom. I-I got this. Alright. You have a errand to run, right? I do. I do, and I wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t very important. I will be back. You stay strong. I am so sorry I lost my cool. Hey, no, hey, hey. I couldn’t be more proud of you. And wiley couldn’t ask for a more protective mother. Well, that could’ve gone worse. What, really? Judge skinned me alive. She’s gonna put my hide on her wall like a trophy. I’m so sorry. You’re not the only one who got flayed, though. Willow went after me like a mama bear. You’re not changing your mind, are you?

[ Door opens ] Bailiff: All rise. Be seated. Ms. Miller? Thank you, your honor. I would like to call willow tait to the stand.

ooh. Hi. Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ] The more I look around, the more I wonder, what am I doing here? Come on. You’re supporting a great cause. If that was the reason, I would have stayed home and written a check. Okay, so you’re stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit. Right? You’re giving society setups another try. Really, though, why bother? Everyone knows I’m hopeless at dating. Who’s everyone? Maxie. My mother. Spencer. Spencer? What does spencer cassadine have to do with this event?

[ Sighs ] The point is, this is a colossal waste of time. Hey. Thank you. You never answered my question. What’s going on? Samantha, I-I truly respect your sleuthing instincts. But isn’t your docket full? I mean, I know you’re looking into victor — s-spinelli, no. I always have room for you. So whatever you’re hiding, spill.

[ Sighs ] Ms. Tait, would you please state your relationship to wiley corinthos? I am wiley’s mother. And would you tell the court why you believe the petitioner’s request for visitation should be denied? Ms. Reeves does not have my son’s best interests at heart. Are you saying that ms. Reeves doesn’t love wiley? I believe that she does — on her terms, as she defines love. What worries me is that nina — ms. Reeves — feels she has a right to wiley. But I don’t believe sharing dna automatically entitles you to a familial relationship. Could you be a bit more specific? Nina kept wiley from his grandfather for months. She played an active role in breaking up the marriage of wiley’s grandparents. Today, at this hearing, she directed her attorney to attack the character of wiley’s father by grossly distorting a tragedy. And she did all of this without thinking of the cost to my son. As a mother, there is nothing I won’t do to protect my child, and that includes putting his best interests ahead of my own. And everyone worthy of being in his life should feel the same. I love my son, but I know who he is, and I know that he puts pride ahead of all other emotions. We’re both proud. Not very conducive to compromise. Ooh. That makes marriage tough, but not impossible.

[ Laughs ] You have any words of advice? Well, you know, the myth that marriage is 50/50 and that responsibilities are shared equally? Mm, I wish. Yeah, I think it’s more of a give-and-take thing. You know, one — one partner falters and the other one steps up, and — and vice versa. You know, I think that kevin and i have a really good relationship, but it’s not without its troubles. Really? Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, we both have really, really tough jobs that — that take up a lot of our time. So we often feel like we don’t have enough time for each other. So we have to work on shutting the world out and, you know, making time to focus on each other. That’s exactly what I want. But nikolas won’t reciprocate. And so what am I supposed to do, just hold on indefinitely while I feel like I’m selling myself short?

[ Gunshots in distance ] Only you can decide that, ava. But I’ll tell you — I’ll ask you the same question that I’m going to ask my son. Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy? Never forget that you, nikolas cassadine, are a powerful, attractive man in his prime. I admire the way you care for your family, and… while you’re trying to make ava and spence happy, you’re losing yourself. What is it you want? What is it you need? Respect. Peace. Faith. Ava should give you all of that. And more. The woman lucky enough to be in your life shouldn’t hesitate to strip herself down to the studs and give you everything she has. Everything you need. I would.

So, will it be difficult to decipher the dna results? No. Sometimes there are mutations in the markers, but the report should draw a clear conclusion based on probability. Okay. Thank you. Please confine your answers to your counsel or myself. Mr. Baldwin, cross? What? Enough.

[ Sighs ] No further questions, your honor. Have you both presented your arguments? Yes, your honor. Yes, your honor. I’ll be ready to issue my ruling within the hour. All rise. About my sister — amy only wants what’s best for you. And so do I. I’ll call the recruiter. Congratulations. If you don’t have a date next valentine’s day — you’ll be my first call. There’s nothing to spill. Just enjoy the festivities. Hold up. Nice try, spinelli, but you’re not getting off that easy. What’s going on? How annoyed are you with me, on a scale of one to really ticked off? Funny. I was about to ask you the same thing. Okay, this is pointless. I’m going to my room and going to bed.

[ Grunts ] Since when are you a quitter? You survived your demented half-brother, cassadine island, but you can’t handle an extra hour of mingling?

[ Scoffs ] That’s something my mother would say. Well, liesl’s a sharp lady. When she signed you up for this, maybe she was onto something. Society setups has got a great track record. There’s a lot of people here. Not all of them are gonna interest you, but someone might. You pack it in now, you go home, you may never know what you missed. Half an hour, not a minute more. Ava, I just have to say that… I’ve noticed that since my son’s been with you, he has grown enormously as a father, as a husband, and as a man. And as his mother, all I want is for him to be happy and to live his best life. And I guess I just always felt like he could have that with you. That’s what I wanted. I w– I wanted to live my best life with him. That doesn’t have to change, then. It doesn’T. You know, if you and nikolas want to reclaim your happiness, you can. I think it’s worth fighting for. I, uh, should be going. I told you before, you’re welcome in my home. Spence wants his trust fund back. You said it was over with spencer. What do you want? To belong. Then stay. I wish you meant that, but I know you’re just being kind. Nobody is choosing me. That’s not true. Isn’t it? Even my own boyfriend doesn’t want me. I want you. Here. Now. Prove it.

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