GH Short Recap Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Terry persuades Chet to take the job in Chicago even though it means the end of their relationship.

Britt goes to the Society Setups charity mixer but she isn’t hopeful that she will find anyone. Drew persuades Britt to stay at the mixer for at least thirty minutes since it’s for charity.

Dante and Austin help Brook Lynn and Chase realize they need to talk about their feelings for each other.

Willow and Nina have a heated argument where Willow tells Nina that the fact that she told Scott to bring up the death of Claudia proves that she can’t put Wiley’s needs ahead of her own . Willow tells Nina that she will give up her life before she allows her to hurt Wiley again.

Carly leaves the courthouse and heads to the hospital to pick up the DNA test results but when she gets the results, she doesn’t open the envelope.

Willow testifies and tells the court the same thing she told Nina in their agreement earlier. Diane and Scott rest their case and the wait begins for the decision.

Laura does her best to persuade Ava to be patient with Nikolas and not get a divorce.

Esme tells Nicolas that she and Spencer have drifted apart because he is in love with Trina. Nicolas and Esme get drunk as they talk about the fact that Ava and Spencer don’t put them first in their lives. A drunk and drugged Nikolas gives Esme a kiss.

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