Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance doesn’t tell Abby that he still feels insecure about his place in Dominic’s life, instead, he tells her he has worked through the problem in therapy. Nate and Imani talk about the fact that it is sometimes hard to work with family, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything because they enjoy their work.

Lily gets upset that Billy talked about his feelings of insecurity about his job on his podcast instead of talking to her. Billy tells Lily he is sorry and assures her he has worked out his problem and is happy to be her second in command.

Kyle asks his mother to stay in town and he will pay for a room for her at the Athletic club. Summer isn’t happy but she hides it well and supports Kyle in his decision. Kyle tells Summer that Jabot has the money to buy Marchetti to and it could even be a tax right off. Kyle and Summer decide to present the proposal to Jack because despite all the problems they want to move back home so Harrison can grow up around family.

Ashland asks Jack if he can visit with Harrison but Jack says she can’t allow him to see Harrison. Jack tells Ashland that he can’t go against Kyle and Summer’s wishes and advises Ashland to get a court order in order to see Harrison.

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