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(missing first 6 minutes-we’ll have to run it again)

Where is all of this coming from? You and spencer have always been thick as thieves. What can I say? Times change. People change. Meaning? Meaning… your son came here asking for a favor, just like you are. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he retaliated by saying some incredibly unkind things to me. Bang-up job you’re doing, raising that one. Yes. I’ve made a lot of mistakes with spencer.

[ Scoffs ] I mean, this might be a wild guess, but the whole “pretending to be dead” thing might have really messed him up a little. Not that either of you have any excuse for your entitled behavior. So you know what, mr. Cassadine? You can shove that big, fat donation up — is there a problem here? Let me get this round. If you’ll allow. Oh, yes, of course. Thank you, uncle victor. I had no idea you were back in town. Yes. My, uh, business overseas has been concluded. You missed a lot while you were gone. Then you must catch me up. Well, for starters, they found luke spencer’s killer. I imagine that’s quite a weight off your shoulders. Ah. Thanks for checking in. Alas, I am far from okay, but I’m managing. Some days, managing counts as a win. Exactly. I-I keep trying to tell myself that this title ix report is just that — a report. It’s not like a-a ruling in the court of law. Yeah, all this title ix stuff is a little new to me. Oh. You never had your university investigate you for a misconduct? No, but that’s probably because I didn’t go. Oh! Oh, my god. Um… foot, meet mouth. Hey, it was my choice. After I saw how much debt had to be taken on, I realized that there were other, better ways to achieve the life I wanted. So I started taking classes to try and figure out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, you know, find a passion. But nothing really spoke to me until one day, I saw the pcpd doing an outreach program, and, well, that did speak to me. I realized I could make a difference, maybe help right some wrongs. Right. And how’s that working out for you so far? Well, I’m still pretty new, but the first wrong I plan on righting is what’s happening to you. I can’t believe ava finally convinced your father to kick us out. No one is kicking us out. In fact, ava agreed to give me an allowance from my trust fund. What’s the catch? No catch. I get $10,000 a week. Really? Although we do have to move out. But, spence, uh — this place has just been so stifling, hasn’t it? Almost as much as ava’s stranglehold on my purse strings, but now you and I are both going to be free from both my father and ava, which is exactly what we’ve always wanted. Right? You’re early. I just need a few minutes, and then lunch at kelly’S. Yeah. Take as much time as you need. Are you okay, chet? You seem preoccupied. Yeah. No, it’s, uh — something sort of crazy just happened. Recruiter for the veterans hospital called this morning. They’re looking for somebody to be the director of their mental health outreach. I remember that one. You showed me the job listing a couple weeks ago, right? Yeah. But I was pretty sure I wasn’t qualified for that position. Stop doubting yourself. You worked as a medic. You volunteer. I’m sure you’d be perfect. And I’m proud of you for applying. That’s the thing. I didn’t apply. Somebody submitted my info to the recruiter. Two years ago, I was on a bridge. It collapsed. I suffered head trauma. I — I lost my memory. I was carried downriver to a small town named nixon falls. I was there a few months. Nina found me. And she knew that I had been missing and that I was presumed dead. She didn’t tell anyone that I was alive. So your son, michael, and his girlfriend, willow, the parents of wiley, they believe that nina is responsible for keeping you from your family. Nina… was responsible. But she, uh — she wasn’t the only one. Well, who else? I was.

Somebody applied for you?How would that even work? Well, the hospital goes through a recruiter who reached out to me. I just don’t know how the recruiter got my info. Maybe it was someone you served with or something you helped. A lot of people love you, chet. Well, I wouldn’t go that far. But the guys I served with were close. Maybe it was one of them. I don’t think they’d do this without telling me. Right. Well, we may never know, but let’s focus on the now. Did you get the job or not? I did. Ahh! That’s wonderful. When do you start? A few days from now. That’s fast. Yeah. And it’s in chicago. Chicago. Oh. I forgot about that part. Well, I’d hate for you to leave port charles. Yeah, me, too. Then again, we did talk all the time when you were overseas. And chicago’s, what, like a two-hour flight? That’s nothing. I guess. What’s the matter, chet? This is good news, right? Well, it’s — it’s supposed to be, but… I’m sort of seeing somebody here. Well, this is the first I’m hearing about it. Who’s the lucky lady? Dr. Randolph, I am so glad you’re here. This magnanimous donor is not listening to me. Perhaps a tag team will get through to him. What can I do for you, mr. Cassadine? I am just trying to get some information on elizabeth. That’s all. You know we can’t release medical information without a patient’s consent. Yes, I understand that. But as a friend of the patient, without revealing any confidential information, I can assure you that elizabeth herself will be able to catch you up soon. Thank you, dr. Randolph. I can live with that. You see how easy that was? Dr. Randolph is elizabeth’s friend. I am not. Are you anybody’s friend? Don’t come back here unless you’re injured or dying. Hope to see you soon. Okay. Clearly, that wasn’t entirely about nikolas. What is going on with you? Of course this is what I wanted. Then let’s get packing. But moving out of wyndemere, I mean, that’ll be complicated. Uh… we haven’t shared a room since before you went to prison. If we got our own place, does that mean… you’re ready to share a bed with me again? I’m thinking that we should get a place with two bedrooms. At least. $10k a week may not be quartermaine money, but it will keep us in style.

[ Chuckles ] Sounds perfect. So, all of the craziness happening at your house, that was your mom. Yeah. I mean, not consciously, but the medication was making her sleepwalk. Does anybody know why? I mean, not the medication, of course. I get that. But I mean why she was doing the specific things that she was doing? We don’t know. And I am terrified that my mom will not get better until we find out. Scott: So you’re saying that you’re responsible. Could you enlighten the court as to what you mean? Your honor, if opposing counsel continues to chew the scenery, I will order him a side of hollandaise. Mr. Baldwin, in the interest of everyone’s time, just let your witness answer the question. Mr. Corinthos, be my guest. I was living in — in nixon falls for months before nina found me. I did not know who I was. And before too long, I stopped trying to find out. By the time nina arrived in nixon falls, I had decided… I didn’t want to know who I used to be.

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