GH Short Recap Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Amy secretly gets a job for Chet in Chicago to get him away from Terry. Chet intends to take the job even though he is sad about leaving town and leaving Terry just when they started their friendship.

Britt tells Terry how much it hurt when Spencer told her he thought she wasn’t capable of having a romantic relationship with anyone.

Spencer and Jocelyn offer support to Cameron who is worried about his mother. Josslynn has a plan to break up Spencer and Esme but Cameron tells her they can’t break up Spencer and Esme because it could backfire on them.

Rory asks Trina out on a date but she says she doesn’t want to hurt his career. Rory says he searched the rule book and he can date her because she hasn’t been convicted of a crime. Trina tells him that may be true but it is frowned upon by the department. Rory says he can handle it and Trina says that she appreciates him being willing to put his career on the line but she won’t let him do it.

Spencer sees Trina and Rory together looking at a painting and he looks upset when Rory puts his arm around Trina. Spencer tells Esme that Ava is going to give him ten thousand dollars a month from his trust fund as they move out of Wyndemere. Esme later tells Nikolas that Ava is releasing Spencer’s trust fund to him as long as they move out of the house. Nikolas storms out of Wyndemere and heads to the Metro Court to talk to Ava.

Sonny tells the court that when Nina found him in Nixon Falls, he had decided he didn’t want to know his identity. Diane asks Sonny if he has forgiven Nina for everything she has done to him even kidnapping Avery when she was a baby. Sonny says he has forgiven Nina because he has also made mistakes. Sonny tells the court Nina will have to pay for her mistakes but she should be able to visit Wiley. Diane wonders why we should trust Sony’s judgement since he did have a traumatic brain injury. Sonny tells Diane to stop and she concludes her questions. Scott calls Michael to the stand and asks him to tell the court about Claudia Zakara.

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