GH Short Recap Friday, May 27, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Amy admits to Chet and Terry that she got him the job in Chicago to break up their relationship. Amy apologizes to Chet and Terry and asks Chet not to take the job. Chet doesn’t think he should take the job but Terry thinks he should still take the job.

Spencer has an argument with Trina because he is jealous of Rory. Trina tells Spencer she has a life and heads to the Metro Court pool. Trina is pleasantly surprised to see Rory at the pool and she thinks its sweet that he saved her a lounge chair and ordered a drink before he knew she was coming to the pool.

Spencer and Esme have an argument because Esme thinks that Spencer is taking her for granted and is always thinking of Trina. Spencer tells Same that he is going for a ride and they will talk later.

Nikolas and Ava argue about Spencer and Esme since Ava feels that Nikolas is taking her for granted. Ava tells Nikolas she is thinking about divorce since he isn’t making their marriage a priority.

Nina apologizes to Sonny for bringing up the details of Claudia’s death in court, but she had no choice. Nina is about to leave the courtroom but Willow tells her she isn’t going anywhere until they have a talk. Esme sees Nikolas drinking in his bedroom and she smiles, as she waits for her opportunity to do what Ryan told her to do and sleep with Nicolas to break up his marriage.

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