Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 30, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis surprised Jack with a picnic in the park. Jack told Phyllis that he had to look at the Marchetti proposal from all angles, and he couldn’t buy the company just to get Kyle, Summer and Harrison to move to Genoa City. Kyle and Summer visited Diane. He told his mother about the possible move to Genoa City. Michael and Victor made plans to bury Ashland in subpoenas. Adam tried to convince Victor that they should ignore Ashland instead of trying to run him out of town. Victor told Summer that he considered Harrison a Newman, and he encouraged her to get Kyle to legally block Ashland from seeing Harrison. Summer talked to Kyle about Victor’s idea. Kyle didn’t want Ashland influencing Harrison. However, Kyle was concerned about how Harrison would be affected if he was cut off from Ashland. Summer thought it was better to do it now, while Harrison was young. Ashland had his attorney look over the custody agreement for Harrison.

Sharon told Ashland that she knew about his donation in Rey’s name, but no amount of money could make up for his cruelty when he made Victoria and Harrison think he was dying of cancer. Noah stepped in to make sure Sharon was okay after she confronted Ashland. Noah and Allie learned they both liked Billy’s podcast. They also both liked The Grinning Soul, the podcast no one knew was Billy’s. Noah told Allie about Ashland Locke’s history. Ashland and Diane inadvertently interrupted Jack and Phyllis’s picnic. Ashland tried to talk to Jack about visiting Harrison, but Jack said Kyle and Summer got to decide who saw the boy. Diane mentioned in front of Ashland that Kyle and his family might move home. Diane and Ashland swapped stories about their past misdeeds and commiserated about their sons. While Diane felt for Ashland, she said that she couldn’t plead his case with Kyle, because that might jeopardize her chance at a relationship with her son. Ashland vowed to battle for Harrison, no matter the cost.

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