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[Machines beeping, hissing]

Li: My beautiful boy. I still can’t believe what that woman did to you. Your own birth mother, shot you and left you for dead. You never should have been in that alley. Never been put in that kind of risk. But I won’t let that be your end. You’re still alive. And I’m the only person who knows.

Taylor: Hey, sweetie? Are the kids in the back with amelia?

Steffy: Thomas took them so kelly and hayes could spend some time with douglas.

Ridge: At least that’s somewhat normal, right?

Steffy: [Sighs] It’s just tough not having finn here. You know, we used to be a team, we used to figure out everything together and now it just… it’s just me.

Ridge: Well, that’s just not true.

Taylor: Oh, I know it feels like you’re all alone but you’re not, sweetie. You have people that love and support you.

Ridge: Yeah, we’re all here to help you with whatever you need.

Taylor: You know, I think the best way that we can support you is by encouraging you to take the time that you need and just get away with the kids.

Steffy: By leaving town. Sorry, that doesn’t feel right to me.

Donna: The times that… we’ve been spending here together, they’re… the happiest since… I mean, since we were married, really. If it were up to me, I would just keep doing this forever and ever and ever. But…you have a lot more at stake here, eric. You’re married, whether I approve of your wife or not.

[Sighs] So, I just–I need you… to be honest with me, okay? Like you always are. Do you want to stop seeing each other?

Quinn: Am I really hearing this? Are you saying you want to start things back up with paris?

Carter: It’s not the worst thing that can happen.

Quinn: Stop it! Carter, no! You can’t do this!

Quinn: You’re talking about a decision that can impact the rest of your life. You can’t do that on an impulse, because I’m telling you, if you open that door to paris, she is not gonna walk back out.

Carter: There are worse things than being tied to paris, quinn, okay? She loves me.

Quinn: I-I’d agree if you loved her back. But I have never heard you say that. Don’t be rash! That’s all I’m saying.

Carter: And all I’m saying is that I– all I’m saying is that I won’t let paris’s questions about my feelings for you undermine your marriage to eric.

Eric: I don’t want to stop seeing you.

Donna: Really?

Eric: Really.

Donna: I mean… I mean, that–that’s what i was hoping you would say, but I just–I just–

Eric: You’re so– you’re so beautiful.

Donna: So are you.

[Both laugh]

Eric: This is so precious to me, these moments with you, it’s so precious to me. It means so much. What is this, you’re gonna– now you’re starting to cry?

Donna: It’s because… it’s because I’m so happy.



Eric: [Murmurs]


Taylor: You and the kids are trying to navigate this terrible tragedy, losing finn. Your life suddenly changed and it’s okay to take some time to try to figure out how to gently move forward instead of thinking you have to barrel through this.

Steffy: But I can do that here.

Taylor: I think you could… give yourself permission to just take a break and–and get away and–and gently process your loss.

Ridge: You know, your mom is right. We don’t want you to leave but maybe that is exactly what you need right now.

Trelegy for copd.

Donna: I am so lucky to have you in my life still after all of this time.

Eric: Yeah. I never… lost my connection to you. You make me smile from the inside out. You make me… feel so warm, and–and… so loved.

Donna: There you go again, making me happy. You’d better be careful, mister, because I could get used to this.

Eric: It’s the least you deserve.

Quinn: I would never ask you to compromise your life, any part of it, on my behalf.

Carter: I know.

Quinn: Making a commitment to a woman you don’t love to keep her nose out of my business is a huge compromise.

Carter: We did say “I love you” to each other.

Quinn: Yeah, but did you mean it or were you just in the moment?

Carter: I won’t let paris undermine your marriage because she’s jealous and to be honest, quinn, being with her was no hardship. There were times I couldn’t wait to see her. Like, I can– I can get back there again.

Quinn: You shouldn’t have to work on it. You’re a huge romantic, carter. You were ready to walk away from everything that meant anything to you to run away with me.

Carter: And you said no. Maybe that’s why I didn’t give this relationship with paris a fair shot, why I didn’t fight for it. I wasn’t all in.

Quinn: Or maybe you just weren’t feeling it.

Carter: No, no, I was holding back, you know. And then there was zende to consider. I didn’t want to do to him what we did to eric. Even though paris and I, we’re not…[Chuckles] We’re not you and me.

Quinn: That should tell you something.

Carter: It does tell me something. It tells me that I’d be alone forever waiting for something like what we had to hit me again. I don’t want to be a bachelor, quinn. I don’t want to be a bachelor anymore. So I can– I can reconnect with paris. It wouldn’t be difficult. It wouldn’t be difficult to make more of it.

Quinn: But is that really what you want? Do you care enough about paris to go back to her? Or would you be doing that for me?

Steffy: Good thing I’ve got thick skin.

Ridge: What do you mean?

Steffy: It sounds like you want to get rid of me.

Ridge: Are you kidding me right now?

Taylor: No, honey, your father and I are just suggesting that you take the kids and you get out of la for a minute. Just go someplace beautiful, someplace quiet. Someplace where you can really be with kelly and hayes.

Steffy: You really think it’s a good idea to take the kids away from what’s familiar?

Taylor: I think right now kelly and hayes would really appreciate some one-on-one time with mommy, you know? Just…just being with them. Answering their questions, taking all the time you need. You could do it, honey. You could…get out of this environment and… reconnect as a family.

Steffy: Yeah, I used to have that. I don’t have that anymore. Kelly, hayes, finn, we were a family, but that doesn’t exist. It was destroyed when sheila took finn away from us. I’m susan and I’m 52

Donna: This is just heaven. Being alone with you.

Eric: I love that about you.

Donna: Hmm?

Eric: How you value the simple things.

Donna: Yeah, I don’t really need a lot. Just my honey bear. When I’m with you like this, it’s just… nothing else matters.

Eric: Look, I hate to break the spell…

Donna: No… no, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t–don’t say it, don’t say it.

Eric: I have to go.

Donna: Is it wrong of me to say that I wish you didn’t have to go? I mean…

[Sighs] I live for these moments. Don’t worry, I–I’M… I don’t have any expectations, eric, I… I’m not gonna make any demands, okay? Or pressure you at all.

[Sighs] I just… I just want to be with you. I just want to make you happy, that’s it.

Eric: You do. Without even trying.

Carter: I know how important eric is to you. He’s the center of your life as you are to his and I jeopardized your marriage in the past. I won’t do that again.

Quinn: But you’re not doing anything. I’m not doing anything! We would never hurt eric like that again.

Carter: I still feel guilty. Eric trusted me. He made a place for me in his family, and what do I do? I have an affair with his wife. I practically begged you to run away with me.

Quinn: But I didn’T. And eric has forgiven both of us!

Carter: And I want it to stay that way. Paris is asking questions about my feelings for you because she can tell that I still care. How much I’ll always care about you.

Ridge: Finn is gone. And the pain of that has got to be excruciating.

Steffy: Yeah, sometimes I think I see finn out of the corner of my eye and… for a wonderful second I… I forget. And then I turn to where he should be and he’S… he’s not there. I’ll never see my husband again.

Taylor: I–I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, steffy. But you’re right, finn should be here. He should be here, living his best life with you and the kids and I… I hate that he’s not. But you–you will find the strength to cope with this sweetheart. You will.

Ridge: But–but maybe not here, you know, surrounded by all these memories. This may not be the best place.

Taylor: I think taking the kids and–and–and getting away might be better than–than forcing yourself to stay here because you think that you have to stay stuck in this sadness.

Steffy: If I leave our home, I feel like I’m abandoning finn. Maybe it would’ve been easier if I felt like I had some closure but I didn’t get that. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. And when I reached out to leave, it was too late. He’s gone. My husband is gone forever.

[Machine beeping]

[Keys clacking] If you have copd,

Quinn: I’m always gonna care about you, too. I’m just–I can’t have you make any life-changing decisions because of me.

Carter: I already came between you and eric once. And I don’t regret a single minute we spent together, quinn, but I am deeply sorry we hurt him. I won’t do that again. I’m picking up with paris, she’ll stop asking questions, and you and eric, you get to be happy without any outside interference.

Quinn: What about you?

Carter: This isn’t about me.

Quinn: Of course this is about you, you being trapped in a relationship with a woman you don’t love. Come on, no, I will not let you put that justification on me.

Carter: There’s different ways you can love! Who’s to say my feeling for paris aren’t viable?

Quinn: Come on, carter. Seriously?

Carter: [Growls] You want the truth? Fine. Here’s the truth. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone move on with their life, including you. How many weddings have i presided over? I mean, how many people have I–have I– have I walked into their future while I sit at home alone? I don’t want that. I want to be a husband in the worst way. I want a family.

Quinn: And you will have that. You will be such a great husband, the best anyone could ask for.

Carter: Yeah. To paris.

Quinn: I’m not going to let you sacrifice your future because of me. Unless you can look me in the eye and you can tell me that you love paris with all the passion you have inside of you. I’ll accept that. And I’ll wish you well. So you tell me. Is paris really the woman you love?

Carter: We both know the answer to that.

Steffy: I can’t believe I’m using words like… “closure” and “goodbye” about finn. We were supposed to grow old together. Raise our children, I don’t know. Travel the world. Finn’s not supposed to be gone.

Ridge: No, he’s not.

Steffy: I will hate sheila for the rest of my life. Hayes will grow up without a father. My husband is dead.

Ridge: Well, she’s behind bars, not gonna hurt anyone ever again.

Steffy: Oh. I want her to suffer every single day in prison. Finn was our anchor. He was the center of our world. We were supposed to have a happy life and instead I just… I watched him die.

Ridge: And I wish I could take that image away from you.

Steffy: I wish I could’ve stopped it somehow.

Taylor: Oh, honey, it’s natural to–to wish we could go back and change things but please don’t do that to yourself.

Ridge: There’s nothing you could have done, nothing.

Taylor: Please don’t–don’t beat yourself up. Finn wouldn’t want you to do that. He… he would want you to do whatever you can to find peace. Please…please consider what your father and I are suggesting. Just give yourself permission to take the kids and get away.

Ridge: Whatever it is you need, you’re not gonna find it here, not for a long time, anyway.

Steffy: [Sighs] Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is what we need. Finn is everywhere in this home. He’s upstairs, he’S… he’s in the nursery, he’S… he’s at the beach, about to come home from a surf. Like, I feel like if I… if I say his name he’ll hear me, he’ll–he’d answer.

[Sniffles] Oh, finn.

[Sighs] Oh, finn.

Steffy: Finn.

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