GH Short Recap Friday, April 29, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer continues to hide his love for Trina while trying to get enough evidence to prove Esme is responsible for posting the video. Trina and Esme have a verbal confrontation and each promise that the truth about the video will come out. Trina tells Esme that soon everyone will know the type of person she really is and justice will be done.

Ava tells Nicolas she loves him and they kiss but she says they need to learn to trust each other. Ava also says it will help if he gets Esme out of the house. Nicolas tells Ava Esme will be out of the house very soon.

Sasha tells Willow that she was responsible for Harmony’s accident. Brando tells Smoltz that if he comes near Sasha he will make sure that he never writes another story again.

Josslyn helps Carly decide to tell Willow that Harmony isn’t her real mother. Carly goes to the hospital chapel where Willow and Sasha have just finished talking. Carly asks Sasha if she can talk to Willow alone and Carly gets ready to tell Willow the truth about Harmony.

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