GH Short Recap Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Portia is upset with Curtis because he didn’t trust her enough to tell her what he did to get Marshall’s confidential police file. Curtis promises Portia he will always put her and Trina first and protect them.

Sasha is in shock because she ran over Harmony, but she performs CPR on Harmony and is able to keep her alive until the ambulance arrives but the paparazzi photographer who was chasing her takes pictures of everything and makes Sasha very nervous.

Carly and Alexis are questioned at General Hospital about the events that happened on the cliff. Alexis tells Jordan that Harmony killed Brandon and Neil to keep Willow from finding out she isn’t her mother.

Carly tells Jordan she was unconscious for most of Alexis conversation with Harmony…all she knows is that Harmony had a psychotic break because she didn’t want Willow to know she wasn’t her mother.

Sasha is grateful that, once again, Gladys was able to grab the memory card from the photographer. The photographer calls Smoltz and tells him he has a big story for him.

Trina is upset that Spencer used the fact his grandmother is the Mayor to get out of an arrest with a warning.

Laura advises Nicolas to get Esme out of the house before she ruins his family.

Nicolas is upset that he had a romantic dinner for Ava and she isn’t taking his calls.

Carly calls Michael and Willow and asks them to come to the hospital so they can talk. Michael and Willow arrive and Alexis and Carly are about to tell Willow what happened on the cliff when Harmony is brought into the hospital. TJ is able to stabilize Harmony and once again try to talk to Willow but Harmony takes a turn for the worse and TJ rushes her to surgery.

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