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Lily: Hey. Sorry I’m late.

Billy: It’s okay.

Lily: Are you still waiting to hear back from victoria?

Billy: Straight to voicemail, like every other time. She’s not answering my text messages or my e-mails. At this point, I’m just grateful that the kids are away at school and that they don’t know their mother was involved in a car accident.

Lily: Well, look, there’s one thing that victoria needs from you right now.

Billy: What would that be?

Lily: It’s space. I know what it’s like to be a part of a car crash where there was a fatality.

Billy: You’re right. I’m sorry.

Lily: No, it’s just — it’s overwhelming. And the pain and guilt never goes away.

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ] I don’t want to add to her burden. I really don’T. I just simply want to wrap my head around how it all happened and what the hell ashland locke had to do with it.

Victoria: No, everything is not gonna be fine. I keep making the same mistakes with men.

[ Screams ]

[ Brakes squeal ]

[ Crashing ]

Ashland: Victoria, can you hear me? Open your eyes. Wake up. You can do this.

[ Papers rustling ]

[ Pen thuds ]

Amanda: Well, hello.

Devon: Hey.

Imani: Like?

Amanda: I love.

Imani: This is my “make a good impression” suit, a reminder not to overstep like i did last time.

Amanda: Aw. You were excited.

Imani: Um, who’s attending this meeting?

Devon: It’s gonna be yourself, amanda, me, lily, billy, and nate.

Imani: Nate, huh? I knew this was a smart career move.

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

Elena: I wish we could just stay here all day.

Nate: Well, okay. Um, forget my new job and your shift at the hospital. We can stay in each other’s arms all day.

Elena: Yeah. After what happened with rey, I just… I want to stop time and spend the rest of the day with you.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Telling you how much you mean to me and how glad I am that you came into my life. Are you stealing kisses now?

Nate: Mm, I give them freely.

Elena: [ Sighs ] I just want an overflow of good memories of our time together.

Nate: Yeah. Life is short. I guess there’s only one thing we can do about that.

Elena: Yeah? What?

Sharon: [ Sniffles ]

[ Shoe thuds ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Mug thuds ]

Sharon: I should warn you — if you’re here with another condolence basket, we’re all stocked up.

Adam: I’m so sorry for, um — for your loss. The lows of bipolar depression

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provided by… doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Lily: What makes you think that ashland is responsible for the accident?

Billy: Last time I talked to nick, he said there was a blueprint to get ashland out of the company and victoria’s life, that he wasn’t gonna let ashland get away with what he did. So, why was he out there with victoria on that desolate stretch of road but not in the same car?

Lily: So, what are you thinking?

Billy: Was he following her? Why is he doing that if their marriage is over? It doesn’t add up.

Lily: I mean, look, with ashland, there’s always another lie waiting to be exposed.

Billy: I agree. So, if we put our heads together, how do we figure out a way to get ashland as far away from genoa city and victoria as possible?

Lily: You didn’t let me finish. What ashland did is reprehensible. But you and I are not responsible for holding him accountable.

Nate: Have you called lola?

Elena: Yes. We didn’t speak much, though. Mostly cried.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: She did tell me some stories about what it was like having rey as an older brother.

[ Chuckles ]

Nate: That must have been tough.

Elena: Yeah. But it did give me a little perspective. I mean, rey has made such a huge impact on this world. And so many people are gonna miss him.

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Elena: And I guess it’s a good thing that that whole family has each other to lean on.

Nate: [ Sighs ] I wonder if anyone’s asking questions about this accident. And ashland.

Lily: Why? You think there’s more to it than bad weather?

Nate: If he’s capable of faking cancer, what won’t he do? Was he stalking victoria out there on that road? Did he cause the accident to be her knight in shining armor? Or because he wanted to cause her greater harm and rey was just collateral damage?

Elena: Are you saying you think rey’s death was foul play?

Nate: I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I’m just saying, wherever ashland goes, trouble is not far behind.

Victoria: [ Exhales sharply ] What are you doing here? How did you even get past security?

Ashland: Well, I had to dodge the guards downstairs, but, um, I learned a few tricks while i was working here.

Victoria: What do you want? The last time we spoke, you claimed you were leaving town.

Ashland: Yeah, I did say that, but, um — but I couldn’t really go anywhere until I saw for myself that you’re doing okay. And since you’re not answering my texts or my phone calls, i decided I was willing to risk the wrath of the newmans by coming here.

Victoria: Well, you can see for yourself I’m perfectly fine.

Ashland: Well, I can also see your cane. Please, victoria, just be honest with me, and I’ll go peacefully. How are you feeling?

Sharon: Just find a place to sit if you can. I’ll —

Adam: No, no, it’s — it’s fine. You don’t — sharon, you don’t have to move anything. I’m fine.

Sharon: No, that’s really okay. I got it.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Adam: Well, I’d ask you how you’re doing, but…

Sharon: Yeah. It’s still just such a shock.

Adam: I’m sorry that I didn’t drop by earlier. I didn’t want to cause you any more stress with your family. I know I’m the last person that they wanted to see. So, waited till the coast was clear, soon as I saw you were alone.

Sharon: Well, that’s my life now, isn’t it? Better get used to it. Being alone.

Victoria: I told you on the phone that my injuries aren’t severe.

Ashland: Is it really so terrible that I wanted to see for myself?

Victoria: I wouldn’t lie about my health. That’s your area of expertise.

Ashland: Ouch.

Victoria: What about your hand? Your foot? I know those injuries are real because I saw them.

Ashland: Well, the pain is nothing compared to everything else I’m feeling. I know, though, that I can’t really expect sympathy from you right now. I’ll just tell you what I told harrison when he saw the bandage and the boot. It’s gonna be okay.

Victoria: Harrison’s in town?

Ashland: With kyle. Yes.

Victoria: I haven’t seen him since —

Ashland: Since tuscany.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: How are you really?

Victoria: I just — I keep replaying the events in my mind, the ones that I can remember. What if you hadn’t been following me? Would I have died alone on that road the way that rey did? Would the crash have ever even happened? I-I don’t know. What if I never met you in the first place? Would rey be alive right now? Would he be at home with his family?

Ashland: I keep doing the same thing. Replaying events in my mind.

Victoria: You mean the day of the — the crash?

Ashland: No.

[ Chuckles ] Stuff that happened before that. Things I should have said, tha I should have done differently. But mainly there’s a wish. I wish that you could understand that no matter what’s happened between us, my love for you will never go away. And I keep hoping that there will be one true, perfect moment when you forgive me.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, you didn’t have to make a fresh pot. There’s a whole samovar back there that someone brought over.

Adam: You’re kidding.

Sharon: No. Bringing coffee to a coffeehouse owner? Um, but it was really nice of her.

Adam: Who brought it?

Sharon: Um, the woman who owns the diner on highway A. Apparently, rey would stop there and get a cup of coffee when he was working late.

Adam: How are you coping?

Sharon: I’M… you know, I’m hanging in. I just keep telling myself that, uh [Sniffles] One day eventually I’m — I’m just gonna come to terms with this and I’m gonna start to heal.

Adam: Sharon. That’s a load of crap.

Sharon: What?

Adam: Hey, I’m not one of those sweet, kind coddlers. Far from it. So we can skip the platitudes. That’s not who we are to each other. So, how about being honest with me?

Sharon: [ Sniffles ] You want to know how I really feel?

Adam: Yes. Why else would I avoid everybody’s well-meaning advice to stay far away?

Sharon: I’m, uh… I’m tired of everybody treating me like I’m made of porcelain.

[ Voice breaking ] I’m tired of everybody being careful around me, using a whispering voice, asking me if I’m capable of doing the things that I want to do.

Adam: Well, I would never question your strength, sharon.

Sharon: I’m crushed. I’m gutted. And I’m so, so angry. And I just — I have one question. Why? Why? How does a man like ashland locke, who faked having a terminal illness, who — who mocks death, who treats people like they are just disposable — how does a worthless piece of filth like him, who’s contributed nothing in the way of joy, nothing valuable to the world — why is he still alive? Why is he still living and rey, a man who is — is so good, who helped people, who meant so much to so many — I…

Adam: Including connor. Rey helped him get through a tough time.

Sharon: [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] My husband just — he had a way of bringing out the best in people. I was a different me when I was with rey. It was — it was just so easy with him. You know, he — he loved me with all his heart. He loved my family. And nobody has any idea of all the things that he did for me when I had cancer and the lengths that he went to. And he knew that people — he knew people are flawed, and… he forgave me for all of my mistakes. Not the least of which was that time when you kissed me.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: He forgave the woman who poisoned him. A man with such a big heart…

[Voice breaking] He was so generous. He didn’t deserve to have his life end, not this way, not so soon.

[ Sobbing ] He didn’t deserve it.

[ Breathing heavily ] Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Elena: So, even though things have been crazy, it is still your big day.

Nate: Mm.

Elena: Your first official meeting as a member of the chancellor-winters team.

Nate: You’re not hiding anything, are you?

Elena: Why would I be hiding anything? I don’t have anything to hide.

Nate: Uh-huh.

Elena: Except for this.

[ Both chuckle ] Just a little something to commemorate the occasion.

Nate: You did not have to do this.

Elena: But I wanted to.

Nate: Ooh.

[ Chuckling ] Whoa-oa-oa.

Elena: What do you think?

Nate: Very nice. I love it.

Elena: I was hoping you’d say that.

Nate: Okay. If, um — if you hated my old tie that much, you could have just told me.

Elena: Mm, well… you know how proud I am of you, right?

Nate: No. I have no idea.

Elena: [ Laughs ] Joining a corporation and leaving the medical world behind.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Elena: That is a very, very brave thing to do for someone as old as you are.

Nate: [ Laughs ] Very funny.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: I appreciate this tie. And your support. Because even though you said you’re down for all of this, I still get a sense that you have some concerns.

Elena: Well, it’s like I told you. It just takes some getting used to. You as an executive and not dr. Nate hastings.

Nate: I’ll always be dr. Nate hastings.

Elena: And you’re sure this is right for you?

Nate: I’m positive.

Elena: Then I feel good about it, too.

Devon: So, you do know that nate is in a committed relationship with elena, right?

Imani: [ Scoffs ]

Amanda: Oh, she knows. She just doesn’t care.

Devon: Mm.

Imani: I wouldn’t say that. I’m very concerned and interested in the health and future of their romance.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Okay, I think that this might be the perfect time to have a conversation about dating in the workplace.

Imani: [ Laughs ] You have my word — you will never catch us making out in the snack room.

Devon: Oh, that’s good to hear.

Imani: Because the yoga and meditation studio is going to be so much more romantic. With that lighting? Ah!

[ Laughs ] Relax. I’m kidding. I’ll be perfectly professional. But there’s no harm in a little flirting, is there?

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh! I will get that.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door opens ] Nate. Um, we’ve been waiting for you. Welcome aboard.

Billy: Hold on. You don’t want to understand why ashland was in the middle of that car crash?

Lily: No, of course i do.

Billy: You don’t think that victoria deserves justice?

Lily: Look, what happened on that highway was a tragedy. And my heart breaks for sharon and for rey’s family because now they have to live without him, wondering what life would have been like if he were still here.

Billy: Yeah. He was a good guy.

Lily: And, look, if ashland’s responsible for his death, gcpd will be all over it. They just lost one of their own. So, I’m sorry, but this is not your fight. It’s not something for you to obsess over.

Billy: Me? Obsess? I don’t obsess.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Look, just take a breath and think, okay? Because if you try to get involved, the newmans are gonna push you away, and then all that’s gonna do is just wind you up even more. So just let them handle it.

Billy: I have distance. I have perspective. I know the players.

Lily: We have a meeting to get to, a meeting that’s about our future. So please don’t let ashland take one more thing from us.

Billy: You’re right. Okay. You know how I can get.

Lily: Oh, yes, I do.

Billy: I am officially out. Tearing apart ashland locke will officially be left to the newmans.

Victoria: You don’t get to drop that in my lap and just move on. You can’t just say “I love you.” No. I’m sorry. You do not get to dream of asking for my forgiveness. You lied to me and you betrayed me and those wounds are far too fresh and deep for that.

Ashland: I know.

Victoria: You caused this.

Ashland: I’m aware of that. And I wish I could take it all back. No. No. That’s not true. Not all of it. I love you more today than i have ever loved you, despite what’s broken down between us.

Victoria: It didn’t break down! It was never real because of your lies and your greed and your deception.

Ashland: And I’ll take all the blame. I’ll take all your anger, everything you want to throw at me, because, yes, it did begin as a scheme, but, victoria…

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: …You have to believe me when I say this — the only real thing in all of this is that at some point i fell I love with you, despite my plan.

Victoria: Stop. Stop saying that.

Ashland: It must be hard for you to be reminded of what we shared. You continue to deny it, to deny that you care. You’re terrified to admit it to yourself. And you’re certainly not gonna admit it to me or to your family. But, victoria, it’s just you and me right now. You can tell me the truth.

Victoria: You want me to say that I still love you. Of course. Of course I still love you. For copd,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sharon: [ Sighs, sniffles ]

Adam: Have you gotten it all out? Or do you need to, uh, break some things?

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Adam: Okay? I’m sure there’s a full tray of cups and saucers around here that you could destroy and smash. Okay? I mean, kiwi?

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Adam: No? Or overpriced crackers. Hmm? After a breakdown like that, you should eat something. You should replenish your energy and your tear ducts. Hmm?

Sharon: I don’t want any crackers.

[ Box thuds ] Gosh. I haven’t cried like that since the night nick told me.

Adam: Wow. Wow. I’m just thinking if a friend or a patient had told you that they lost a loved one and they hadn’t expressed any emotions, you probably would say something like, “did you think you could hold those feelings in forever?”

Sharon: Oh, would I?

Adam: You got to let it out, okay? So, you could either do that here, with an old friend who would never judge or pity you…

Sharon: Or? What’s my alternative?

Adam: You could cook yourself into an early grave. Nonstop baking of pastries and desserts of all kinds. Um, you know, you could become an angry widow whose coffee is so famously bitter that it brings a ceo to his or her knees.

Sharon: Um, that probably wouldn’t be good for crimson lights’ profits.

[ Sniffles ]

Adam: Seriously. Take some time every couple hours to cry. And remind yourself that rey loved you. And no one is gonna think less of you if we see you shed a few tears. You’re sad. Be sad. And I’ll be around if you change your mind and you want me to come sweep up the pieces because you were smashing some dishes.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Thank you.

Adam: After everything we’ve been through, I will always be here when you need me. You can count on that.

Devon: Now, I’m aware this isn’t the most traditional place to hold a meeting.

Amanda: Yes, but until we finish construction on our office spaces, we’re gonna be meeting wherever we can.

Nate: Well, I love the commute from across the hall, so you can tell your crew to take their time.

Devon: Oh, I won’t be doing that. Thanks.

Imani: Gorgeous tie.

Nate: Uh, thank you. It was a gift from elena.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Devon: I’ll get it.

Imani: Well, you wear it impeccably.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: Hey, guys.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hey, everyone.

Amanda: Hi! Come in.

Billy: Sorry we’re a little late.

Devon: No, no, don’t apologize. You guys are right on time. How is victoria doing?

Billy: Well, from what i understand, she only suffered minor injuries. But, uh, I’m assuming everyone heard about rey?

Devon: Yeah. I couldn’t believe the news.

Amanda: Yeah, I never will forget how he went above and beyond when I was dealing with ripley.

Nate: It’s just so senseless.

Devon: Well, he was one of the best. It’s a real tragedy.

Victoria: You were right. No matter how hard you wanted to, you just can’t make those feelings go away.

Ashland: So there’s a chance —

Victoria: But…do you know what else that won’t disappear? The pain and the anger and the hurt. They’re battling it out inside my head.

[ Sighs ] And I can’t take it anymore. You know what I really want? I just want to feel normal again.

[ Knock on door ]

Ashland: Maybe we —

Victoria: Come in. Chance.

Chance: If you have a few minutes, I’d like to ask you guys some questions about the case.

Ashland: When you say “case,” as in investigation? I mean, do you think that this was anything other than just a terrible, tragic accident? We hit the bike trails every weekend

Chance: I just have some routine questions about what happened.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Do you really have to make victoria relive the horrors of that night just so you can close the books on something we know was no one’s fault?

Victoria: I can handle this. Please have a seat.

Chance: Thank you. Okay. Now, if this gets too tough, just let me know, and we can take a break.

Victoria: Okay.

Chance: Now, can you tell me about the events leading up to the crash?

Victoria: Um… I’ll try. Some parts of it are a little cloudy.

Chance: Understandable.

Victoria: I was in the office closing up for the night, and ashland was here. And he left before me. I got into my car, and then i started driving. It was foggy.

Denise: You remember how fast you were going?

Victoria: No, not — not really, but I know that, before the accident, I was on the phone with my mother, and then the next thing that I knew… um…

Ashland: I, uh — I was following victoria that night in my own car. She had had a tough day here at the office, and I wanted to make sure she was okay driving through the fog. We got to that stretch of highway b, and I saw headlights coming straight at us. And I realized they were in our lane. Victoria swerved and went off the road. I reacted too late to avoid contact. Rey and I — our cars made contact. I, um, slammed on the brakes, turned sideways, he ran into me, and I went spinning off the road.

Chance: So, rey stayed in the wrong lane, even after almost hitting victoria? He didn’t try to avoid the collision at all?

Ashland: No. He just kept coming straight at us, never stopping.

Chance: Well, that doesn’t make very much sense. You see, rey had very extensive training in driving in dangerous conditions like this. If he did lose control, I’m sure he could have regained it.

Ashland: I don’t know what to tell you. That’s what happened.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Chance: Excuse me one minute. I have to check this.

Ashland: Of course.

Victoria: Is everything alright?

Chance: Yes, everything is fine. I do have to run, though. So, thank you for your time. If I have any more questions, I’ll be in touch.

Ashland: I hope reliving all of that wasn’t too much for you.

Victoria: I’m alright.

Ashland: You know, recounting that puts everything else into perspective.

Lily: So, what about our official name?

Devon: I’m cool with chancellor-winters, but I am gonna be re-branding lp into hamilton streaming, as a tribute to my mother.

Amanda: That’s wonderful.

Billy: Uh, yeah, that is great. I will let our pr team know. They’re working on a release to announce the newly merged company now.

Nate: Maybe we should throw a huge party for the press, given that this is gonna be massive news.

Imani: I love the sound of that.

Devon: Well, do we want to be that flashy, though, out of the gate? ‘Cause neil — he always loved a good party, but when it came to the company, he was a bit more reserved and buttoned-up.

Nate: Yeah, but the thing about neil was — he believed in tradition, but nobody rolled with the times like he did. And the company’s evolved since the two of you had founded it. Why not make a bold new statement right out of the gate? Show them exactly who we are?

Adam: Ah, I better clear out before one of your entourage shows up and tries to accuse me of stealing a basket or insinuate myself into your grief.

[ Knock on door ]

Sharon: Chance. Hi. Come on in.

Chance: Thank you. Adam. How you doing?

Adam: [ Clears throat ] I, uh, just came by to offer my condolences. I know that, uh, you and rey were close, so I’m sorry that you lost your partner.

Chance: Thanks, man. He was a good friend.

Adam: Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Sharon: Okay. Thanks again. I’d offer you something, but I’m sure you didn’t come back here for the coffee and muffins.

Chance: No. Rey’s autopsy report just came in. I thought you’d want to hear it from me.

Sharon: Hear what?

Chance: The truth about what happened that night. Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

Lily: Well, I like the idea of a splashy media push.

Nate: With devon and lily front and center.

Billy: I can’t think of a more dynamic duo.

Devon: Well, let’s talk about that ’cause I don’t really know if I completely agree. I think that since chancellor is the more established company that lily should probably be the one who’s front and center, just ’cause you’re used to being a spokesperson and I don’t really do that kind of thing. I run stuff from the sidelines.

Lily: Well, I didn’t propose this merger so I could fly solo. I mean, this is about us joining forces, you know, coming together as brother and sister, who have deep ties to these corporate entities, ’cause not only are we the children of neil winters, but you — you are the grandson of katherine chancellor. I mean, that’s a huge selling point.

Devon: No, I guess you’re right.

Nate: So many companies are known for their leaders. We need to aim for that with our new entity and our two ceos.

Devon: Yeah. It just feels like everything’s happening very fast.

Lily: Well, look, I get it, right? I mean, we’re finding our footing, you know? We’re finding out who we are. But it’s okay. We can do it because we have clear values, we know who we are, and that’s because of what dad instilled in us. So, I mean, ready or not, we’re gonna be the face of this company.

Amanda: Oh, devon, I think you’re gonna have to get used to being the center of attention.

Lily: Come on, devon. Take a leap of faith.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Chance: Well, rey’s cause of death… it wasn’t the car crash. He had a heart attack behind the wheel.

Sharon: Oh, my god.

[ Voice breaking ] Poor rey. Um…

[ Sniffles ] Well, what — what were his last moments like?

Chance: All I know is the coroner said that it was very sudden and very fast. Probably didn’t have enough time to feel anything.

Sharon: How could he have a heart attack? He was so young and healthy.

Chance: [ Sighs heavily ] Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that. Sometimes these things happen without any warning.

Sharon: [ Sniffles, gasps ] You know, I’ve been… I’ve been saying all the right things, like, “it was an accident,” “it was nobody’s fault,” but secretly I was really angry with victoria and ashland. I just wondered if they weren’t watching the road, if they were being reckless. I — I think I just needed someone to blame.

Chance: I understand why you’d want to put this all on somebody else. I get that. But, sadly, rey’s heart just started beating too fast. There’s no one to blame.

Victoria: Get that back to me as quickly as you can. Thank you.

Ashland: I see you did some redecorating. Makes sense that you would move the portrait I had commissioned.

Victoria: I destroyed it.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Of course you did. I always loved that you were so calm and controlled on the outside, but inside an inferno. I remember something else. In the middle of everything that was revealed and all that was falling apart, there was a moment, a moment when I thought that you believed that we could start over. You later claimed that you were lying to manipulate me.

Victoria: I did what was necessary to get you to sign those papers.

Ashland: I don’t believe that. You meant every word of it. You were completely sincere. And then all that noise got in the way. But the moment was real and it was there. You know it and I know it. I am willing to do whatever it takes, whatever you ask to get back to that moment.

[ Door closes ]

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