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Phyllis: Hey, what are you doing here?

Amanda: Hello. I have a chipped nail. I was hoping that one of your wonderful manicurists can repair it for me.

Phyllis: Oh, definitely, definitely.

Amanda: Thank you.

Phyllis: We’ll make room for you. It’s been a while.

Amanda: Yeah, it has been. Work has been keeping me pretty busy. Turns out that merging two large corporations is quite challenging from a legal standpoint. Who’d have known?

Phyllis: And all the personalities involved — ooh, that can be complicated, right?

Amanda: Surprisingly, no. Lily and devon, they agree on most of the important things, and nate, he is excited to join the family business, and I’m thrilled, too, because I get to work with imani and it feels like a family business for me, too.

Phyllis: So no complications, everybody’s happy?

Amanda: Yeah.

Phyllis: Good for you. Wow, I’d like for once to not experience family drama like that.

Amanda: Okay, I’ll bite. Is this about the newmans, the abbotts, or none of the above?

Phyllis: It’s the abbotts this time. Jack.

Kyle: Dad, this is impossible. I know you wouldn’t lie or joke about something like this, but my mother isn’t alive. She was murdered, for god’s sakes.

Jack: I understand that you’re shocked by this. I was every bit as stunned as you are.

Kyle: No, no, no, whatever you were told, it can’t be true. I…I vividly remember her funeral. We — we…we buried her. It was heartbreaking.

Jack: Diane wasn’t in the coffin. If I had known that, I could have spared you so much pain.

Kyle: Okay, okay, okay. If…if she is alive…where has she been all these years? Was she held against her will by — by — by one of the people that wanted her dead?

Jack: No. No, we all thought she was dead because that’s what she wanted us to think. Your mother faked this entire thing, and she has been staying away by choice.

Diane: [ Groans ] Look at me. All cooped up in here like a prisoner in a gilded cage. Oh! I’m going insane. Okay, okay. I’ve got to get out of here. There’s no harm in me taking a walk and grabbing a cup of coffee, is there?

Mariah: Um, do you — do you want to invite your roadies to the wedding?

Tessa: Huh?

Mariah: From your — from your tour. Do — do you invite them?

Tessa: Uh…I don’t know. What’s our head count?

Mariah: I don’t remember.

Elena: Hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Elena: I just heard the horrible news. I’m so sorry.

Mariah: Yeah, thank you. Yeah, we are still shell-shocked, obviously.

Elena: How’s sharon holding up?

Mariah: I honestly wish i could answer that, I just — i don’t know. You know, she’s trying to stay in control, and she’s putting on this whole façade. And I’m just scared it’s gonna come crashing down.

Sharon: Where did I leave that wedding-planning folder?

Jack: I know this is hard to comprehend.

Kyle: What has my mother been doing all this time?

Jack: That is a long and complicated story.

Kyle: Okay, well, let’s start with the highlights, like why did she pretend to be dead?

[ Knock on door ] Don’t tell me. Is that her?

Jack: It damn well better not be. Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

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Amanda: You know, every time I talk to you, your mind always seems to be on jack. Okay, so what’s going on? What’s going on with him and his family?

Phyllis: I can’t tell you. And it’s so complicated and it’s so personal. Kyle’s in town.

Amanda: Okay, well, that’s good, right?

Phyllis: It’s not good. The reason he’s in town is because jack needs to tell him some big news.

Amanda: Does this have anything to do with the son who passed away?

Phyllis: That’s how it started, yeah.

[ Sighs ] Amanda, there’s a person in town from kyle’s past… from our past. This person can create so much danger for kyle, for jack, for so many people in this town.

Amanda: Including you?

Jack: Ashland, um…come in.

Ashland: Hello, kyle. I’m sorry to just show up like this. In fact, I ran into phyllis earlier, and she said I should wait until you reach out to me, and I know that harrison’s probably very tired from the trip, but, um, on the off chance that he’s awake, I would love to see him.

Kyle: Uh…are — are you alright? What happened?

Ashland: Um…

Rey: What we have is more than just physical attraction. I meant what I said before. I love you.

[ Sighs ] I have lived with lies for way too many years. So please just — just tell me. Do you feel the same way?

Sharon: You know that I do.

Rey: I need to hear it.

Sharon: I love you, too.

Rey: Ha ha! You got it? You got it?

Sharon: I got it.

Rey: Whoo! There we go.

Sharon: Whoo!

[ Chuckles ]

Rey: Happy new year, mrs. Rosales.

Rey: Well, it feels like we haven’t traveled more than a couple feet since our wedding, since it happened right over there.

Sharon: Yeah, that was a magical night.

Rey: It was. And our love grows stronger with each passing day.

Sharon: I agree. And I have very high hopes for 2022, also.

Rey: Mm, I don’t know, i can’t imagine being happier than I am right now.

Noah: Mom? Mom.

Sharon: Oh. Oh, noah, I thought I was home alone.

Noah: I was up in my room.

Nick: Everything alright?

Sharon: No, no, everything’s definitely not alright. Faith, what are you doing out of school?

Elena: Oh, my heart goes out to sharon. I can’t even imagine how difficult this must be for her.

Mariah: Yeah, I mean, it’S… it’s just crazy, you know. I keep looking over there, expecting him to walk through those doors like he always does. And he was such a rock. And not just for my mom, but for the whole family. And now my mom feels like she has to be that rock…and that that’s what rey would expect of her, and he wouldn’t want her falling apart, so…

Elena: He was such a pillar and protector of this entire community. Everyone’s devastated by his loss. I’m sorry, am I interrupting your wedding planning?

Mariah: Oh, no, um…we’re just waiting for my mom before we get too deep into our preparations.

Elena: Are you guys still going forward in spite of everything?

Tessa: Sharon’s insisting on it.

Elena: I mean, I could see where she’s coming from. I think we all need a little happiness to focus on and a reminder that life still goes on.

Tessa: Where’s justin?

Mariah: I — I don’t know. Things have been so crazy around here. I’ll go handle it. Hi, sorry to keep you waiting. What can I do for you? I’m steve.

Phyllis: This person who’s in town is not a match for me. She knows it.

Amanda: Oh. So this mysterious individual is a woman.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Is it jack’s ex?

Phyllis: Among other things, yes.

Amanda: So are you concerned that she might want to get back together with him?

Phyllis: No, because that would never happen. Jack gets it, and if she even tried, I would take her out.

Amanda: Because you’re trying to protect your good friend jack. It has nothing to do with your hopes that you two might find your way back to each other.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I’ve told you a million times that there’s nothing going on between me and jack. I mean, it is strictly platonic.

Amanda: Okay, then why? Why are you so concerned that this woman is back in his life?

Ashland: Oh, my! Look at how big you are. How did you get to be so big?

Harrison: Father, you have two big ouchies.

Ashland: Yes, I do. I burned my hand and I hurt my foot in an accident, but I’m gonna be okay.

[ Chuckles ] Um…I’m sorry, I don’t know if this is appropriate, but would it be possible for me to, um… maybe take him to the park for a few minutes or just a bite to eat?

Jack: I think that’s a lovely idea. I’m sure the two of you could use some time together, and kyle and I have our own catching up we need to do.

Kyle: Yeah. Okay, harrison, um…hey. Be a good boy, okay? Alright. I’ll see you in a bit.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Take my hand. Come on, here we go. Kyle. Thank you. Come on, let’s go. Here we go.

Kyle: I know I’m new to being a dad, and every day is a learning experience. But…even though I’ve only been a parent for a short while, i still have a hard time saying goodbye to my son for any length of time. So, dad, tell me, how is it my mother disappeared all those years?

Mariah: I’m so sorry for the delay. We had a death in the family, so everything’s been a little disrupted.

Diane: I’m so sorry to hear that. What — what happened?

Mariah: A car accident.

Diane: Really? Was it one of the owners? Or who — who owns this place anyway?

Mariah: Sharon rosales. It was her husband.

Diane: Did she used to go by sharon newman?

Mariah: Uh, yeah, she did. Have I seen you in here before?

Diane: Um…it’s — it’s — it’s been a while.

Mariah: Okay.

Diane: Thanks. Ohh.

Faith: I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t mean to upset you. Sitting through school was just too tough.

Nick: The principal said it’d be okay if she skipped the rest of the day. I didn’t think it’d be a problem.

Sharon: Oh, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You know, this has been a really tough time for everyone, but you’ve missed so much school this past year already.

Faith: It’s fine, mom. I’m a second-semester senior. I’m just waiting for my college acceptance letters to start coming in. The rest of the year is basically coasting. But today, I just want to be with my family.

Sharon: I understand. You’re right. Sometimes family is more important than anything. And rey knew that more than anyone.

[ Sighs ] I’m just so grateful that you’re all here with me. It means everything.

Nick: We are all here for you.

Noah: And for each other.

With age comes more…

Noah: Mom, I know you didn’t get much sleep last night, so why don’t you just relax today? Take a nap. We can handle things at the coffee house.

Faith: Yeah, we’ll even have dinner ready for when you get up.

Sharon: No, no, that’s not necessary. Um…besides, I have to meet with mariah and tessa there about wedding plans. I just want to make sure they’re not hedging on the date.

Noah: You don’t have to worry about that. I know for a fact they’re pretty determined to move forward now, so there’s really no need for you to check on them.

Sharon: No, that’s actually all the more reason why I do need to take the meeting, because we’ve got a lot to plan in a little time, and, yeah, if we want to put this wedding together, it’s less than a month.

Nick: Well, I can drive you.

Sharon: Oh, thank you, but that’s alright. Think I can manage myself.

Nick: Well, actually, mariah asked me to stop by the coffee house too. She wanted to talk to me about something regarding the wedding. Do any of you know what that’s about?

Jack: Kyle, I’m trying very hard to answer your questions without letting my personal feelings get in the way. But it’s not easy because i think you deserve to know the truth.

Kyle: I do. That’s right, and I am counting on you to be straight with me.

Jack: Diane claims she conceived this entire deception to get away from the bad things she had done to seemingly everyone in this town.

Kyle: That makes no sense. Does she not think letting her son believe his mother was dead was a bad thing? And not just dead, murdered.

Jack: She claims that she hit a horribly low point, and she saw no way out but to start fresh, to start over.

Kyle: So why come back now? Hmm? Why leave her fabulous, fresh new life for the son she… literally ghosted all those years ago?

Jack: She claims it took her all these years to finally feel that she was ready to face what she had done.

Kyle: I missed her so much. All this time without her. All these memories that I wanted to share with her, and — and I find out she could’ve been there. And you’re telling me she chose not to, and suddenly she wants to make up for lost time?

Jack: Kyle, I wish there was something I could say to take away all this pain.

Kyle: I can’t even begin to process my emotions yet, so let’s just — let’s just stick to the facts, dad. Tell me exactly what happened. She, what, anonymously lured… she lured you to finding out about keemo’s death and his daughter as a — an olive branch? No. The hope that she might get a shot at forgiveness?

Jack: Her method was devious, yes, that’s typical diane. But the truth is, if she had come to me directly, I would have shut her down instantly. No, she waited till allie and i were together to reveal that she was the person that orchestrated this entire thing.

Kyle: And she did all this to what? To soften you up so you could smooth the way to get to me? Was that the idea, dad?

Jack: Yeah. I’m supposed to help the two of you reunite. But, kyle, you are under no obligation to accept her overture. You don’t have to do anything. You can take harrison and get right back on that jet and go back to your wonderful life in milan.

Kyle: Yeah. You know, part of me wishes you never even told me.

Jack: Kyle, that was my first instinct. But phyllis helped me realize it’s not my call, and she’s right. This is up to you, son.

Phyllis: My concerns with this woman have very, very little to do with her being jack’s ex.

Amanda: Well, then what is the problem? Why is she a threat to him?

Phyllis: Because…I know her. And I know what she does. She takes somebody’s weaknesses, their vulnerabilities, and she ma– I don’t want to talk your ear off. Come on, let’s go. I’ll set you up in the salon, and do your manicure.

Amanda: I would love to keep listening.

Phyllis: No, you’ve been such a good friend. We’ll talk later, okay? I don’t want to talk your ear off. Just go relax, have fun.

Amanda: Okay. Alright, thank you.

Phyllis: No, thank you.

Diane: Thank you.

Phyllis: What are you doing out of your room? We had an understanding.

Elena: Sharon, my heart broke when I heard the news. Rey was a wonderful man.

Sharon: He really was.

Elena: You know, when lola and I were roommates, he would always stop by the apartment to fix things and always with a smile. I think that’s what I’ll remember about him most.

Sharon: Me too.

Elena: Yeah, you know, if you ever need anything at all, even just to talk, please don’t hesitate.

Sharon: Thanks.

Elena: Okay, well, I’m gonna head to work, but promise me you’ll reach out if you need to.

Sharon: I will. Okay. So where do things stand with the wedding?

Mariah: Mom, do you really want to talk about all of this right now?

Tessa: We totally understand if you just want to wait a day or two.

Sharon: Would you please stop babying me? I don’t know how many times i have to tell you, I need this. What more do I have to do to convince you? (Cyclist) why is ice t in a speed walking crew?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Mariah: Mom, we’re sorry.

Tessa: We were just trying to be sensitive.

Mariah: And we can’t help but be worried about you.

Sharon: Look, um…I’ll probably be up and down and all over the place these next few weeks. I don’t know when or if the grief and the shock is gonna bulldoze over me. But I can’t sit around, worrying about it. I — I have a life to lead. There are people who count on me. I have things to do, you know? I’ve got errands and order paper towels. I…I… I really need to grab on to whatever I can to stay afloat, and your wedding is just one of those life rafts. So please don’t take that away from me.

Mariah: Yeah, we get it. We really do, and this wedding is gonna be the perfect port in this storm, so, you know, let’s just move forward and no more interruptions or hesitations, okay?

Tessa: Yeah, okay, let’s make this wedding happen.

Mariah: Yeah.

Nick: Yep, I’m all in.

Sharon: Great. What’s next on the agenda?

Tessa: Well, I think I know where to start, and it’s a — it’s a pretty big ask.

Kyle: I need to phone summer before I make any decisions.

Jack: I completely understand.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Where is my mother now? Is she here in town?

Jack: Unfortunately, yes. I asked her to keep her distance, but in classic diane fashion, she rejected my wish and flew to genoa city and now has a suite at the grand phoenix.

Kyle: Why? Why would she do that?

Jack: She claims she wanted to be close so that she could make her own case in the event that you took off for italy without meeting with her. I guess I should be grateful that she didn’t jump the gun and tell you herself. At least she let me break the news.

Kyle: You know, for years, years, I heard the whispers and rumors about my mother. And some people came right out and trashed her to my face. But in spite of all that, i still tried to believe the best in her. My recollections of her, they’re all loving and fun. For years, it was just the two of us. She used to call me her little hero.

Jack: I’m glad that you were able to hold on to those positive memories.

Kyle: She was a good mom. Always cheering me on in hockey and life. But a good person doesn’t deliberately put their own son through hell. Dad, be honest with me. Is there anything that I don’t know about my mother? Have you told me everything?

Jack: Kyle, the last thing i ever wanted to do was destroy your love for your mother. I thought it best that you always see the good in her, that it would somehow ease the pain of losing your mother at such a young age. And, yes, there are probably many things that you don’t know about her, and you don’t need to know.

Kyle: Well, I read that exposé about her in

restless style all those years ago.

Jack: Kyle, you were a child. And the magazine didn’t cover all of it. She did unforgivable things long after that was published. But now she says there is a reason she did all of those things. And she wants a chance to explain them to you, if you’ll just hear her out.

Kyle: Is she really as bad as so many people think?

Jack: The simple answer is yes. And I struggle to believe that she has transformed herself quite as dramatically as she says. Son, I wish you were not going through this. A part of wishes that she had just stayed dead. It would’ve been easier for all of us, and you could’ve held on to the few good memories you have. But she’s not dead, kyle. She’s here. And she’s not gonna let this go. So you have to decide one way or the other.

Phyllis: I thought jack and i seared into your brain that leaving the room was a bad idea.

Diane: Just leave me alone, phyllis. I don’t want to talk about any of this. I just want to go up to my suite.

Phyllis: Why are you so rattled? Who did you see?

Diane: No one recognized me. I saw nothing but a bunch of old memories.

Phyllis: Oh, visions from your past, maybe one of the suspects who tried to murder you? You know, I have a great idea. Why don’t you reconsider being dead? How ’bout that? Reconsider being dead. – Look, this isn’t my first rodeo,

Faith: I can’t believe rey is gone. Why did this have to happen?

Noah: Hey. Life can be really unfair sometimes.

Faith: I’m so glad you’re here with us. We all need you. Especially mom. I don’t know why she’s pushing so hard and rushing things. We all know how hurt she must be inside. I mean, why won’t she just let it all out?

Noah: Maybe she just needs to keep busy right now. You know, I don’t think she wants us to see her broken down, so that’s her choice to make.

Faith: But we all want to help her.

Noah: I know. But it’s her pain. And she has to feel it and express it however she needs to. And if this is what gets her through the next few weeks, who’s to say it’s not right?

Faith: Yeah.

Tessa: Sharon, I know you and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on everything.

Sharon: Well, that’s all ancient history now. We’ve gotten far beyond that.

Tessa: Absolutely. We’ve done so much more than move past our issues. We’ve actually bonded, and you’ve become a true friend and a source of support for me.

Sharon: I feel the same way.

Tessa: Well, I’m really glad to hear you say that because, as much as I would love crystal to be my maid of honor, her legal issues might prevent her from even coming to the wedding, and my family’s out of the picture. So I was wondering if you would stand in for my family and walk me down the aisle.

Sharon: Of course. I’d be honored. And as far as I’m concerned, you are already family.

Jack: Well, I have an update.

Phyllis: Okay. I can tell by your face you told kyle.

Jack: Kyle knows the truth, or as much of the truth as diane deigned to share with us.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I’m glad you got to him. It was almost too late.

Jack: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Diane snuck out of her room again.

Jack: Oh, god, that woman is shameless.

Phyllis: Don’t worry about it. I took care of it. But she doesn’t that kyle is in town. We’re just buying time now.

Jack: It doesn’t matter what we say to her, what we do to her, she’s always gonna be a wild card.

Phyllis: Unless…

Jack: Unless what?

Phyllis: Unless kyle decided not to see his mother. I mean, what did he say? How did he take the news?

Jack: He was completely blind-sided and hurt by the whole thing.

Phyllis: Okay, what do you think he’s gonna do?

Kyle: Hi, summer. Um…given the time difference, you’re probably wrapping up your dinner meeting. Uh…hey, there’s something i need to talk to you about. Can you call me back when you’re free? Love you.

Traci: Kyle? Kyle, honey, oh.

Kyle: Aunt traci, hi.

Traci: Hello! Oh, I’m so glad to see you. Your dad said you were coming home, but I didn’t know you were here already. Um…so the two of you have talked?

Kyle: I’m still reeling from what he told me.

Traci: We’re all in shock by the news of diane and, um…

Kyle: I’m not sure how to process it all.

Traci: Alright, well, usually, when there’s a problem you need to face, it’s a good idea to maybe talk it through with someone you trust.

Kyle: I tried calling summer and got her voicemail.

Traci: Oh. [ Chuckles ] Well, I could be a close second, you know? You can always tell me anything.

Kyle: I don’t even know where to begin.

And it’s easier than ever to get

your projects done right .

Sharon: Just think how proud I’ll be with my beautiful daughter and daughter-in-law on my arm.

Mariah: Well, I love you, but I actually had another idea. So, nick…I know that you’re not actually my dad, but you’ve been an amazing person in my life, and you’ve loved me like a daughter. And I know what an amazing father you were to my sister, so I was hoping that you could do for me what you couldn’t do for her. So would you walk me down the aisle?

Nick: I’d be honored to do that.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Jack: To tell you the truth, I don’t know which way kyle’s gonna go where his mother’s concerned. He needs to absorb this, he needs time to think it through, to talk to summer.

Phyllis: Right, well, at least he’s not running into his mother’s open arms, and that’s good. He’s smart.

Jack: I can’t just overlook the fact that he — he did love her very much. He knew she had issues, but he still thought the world of her. That’s why I tried so hard to protect him from so much of the truth.

Phyllis: Do you regret that now?

Jack: Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I protected him for too long. I always wanted him to be able to hold onto his cherished memories of his mother at her best, not spend his whole life haunted by her crimes. Today, kyle came right out and asked me if his mother was — is — as bad as everyone said, and, god help me, I could not bring myself to condemn her completely in his eyes.

Phyllis: Alright, well, you didn’t want to pile it on. I understand that. It won’t matter, jack. When everyone in town realizes, “hey, she’s still alive,” they’ll think she’s more wretched than they thought before. That she faked her own death? If she wants absolution, she’s never gonna get it.

Jack: I really don’t care how everyone else is going to react. Right now, I care what this is going to do to kyle.

Traci: Diane’s behavior has been outrageous and cruel. And as a mother, I can’t imagine walking away from your precious child like that.

Kyle: No way in hell I’d ever do that to harrison.

Traci: No, of course not. So I guess the big question is, setting all of that aside, now that you know that she’s alive, do you want to see her?

Kyle: Part of me never wants to see her face again. And then, on the other hand, I remember her being this incredible mom to me. But there’s still so much about her that I don’t know, and she’s this complicated person and i can’t seem to get past the biggest question of all.

Traci: What’s that, honey?

Kyle: How could she let me believe she was dead? I don’t know, aunt traci. What am I gonna do?

Diane: [ Sighs ]

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