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Ava returns home to Wyndemere and tries to sneak off to her room, only for Nikolas to open the doors to the living room and surprise her with a romantic setup. She reminds him that she made her position clear that as long as Esme is at the house they will have no peace. Nikolas informs her that Esme is free to go back to the mainland thanks to Laura getting Sonny to agree that he would do Esme no harm. Ava wonders when she’s moving out. Nikolas admits they haven’t set a date yet. Ava informs Nikolas when he invited Spencer and Esme to move in, she realized they had more important issues. Ava says she doesn’t trust him and knows he doesn’t trust her. They argue, and Nikolas asks how he is supposed to trust her when she always has one foot out the door. They fall onto the couch, but Ava quickly puts a stop to things. She says until their have worked through their problems sex will only complicate matters.

At the gallery, Trina tells Spencer that she’ll leave him a to-do list so he can get back to the love of his life. Esme arrives as Spencer explains things with Esme are complicated. Trina tells him he threw away their friendship for his psycho girlfriend.

Esme emerges and accuses Trina of being the psycho. Trina tells Esme that she talks a good game but that everyone sees her for the horrible person she is. Trina says she has to put some things away and tells Esme the gallery is closed and orders her to leave because she’s trespassing.

At the hospital, Carly sticks around to support Willow in the light of Harmony’s accident. Joss arrives and asks why she’s in the ER. Carly tells her the whole story, and Joss doesn’t understand why Harmony attacked her in the first place. Carly explains that she found out something about Harmony that Willow doesn’t know, but she needs to.

In the chapel, Willow doesn’t understand why her mother was in the middle of the woods walking down the road. She tells Michael that for the first time in a long time she’s felt her mother’s love and she’s not ready to lose that again. Michael says Harmony is a fighter and will fight to get back to her.

In a hallway, Sasha reaches for her pills but is interrupted by Gladys. Brando arrives and Sasha rushes into his arms and says she may have killed Willow’s mother. Brando asks her to start from the beginning so they find a seat in the lobby. Sasha explains this photographer was taking photos of her at the Metro Court, so they left.  But, the photographer chased her in his car, and Gladys blurts out that Harmony just ran out into the road. Gladys blames the photographer for chasing them. Brando asks why he was chasing them? Sasha tells him he had a reason, and Gladys admits she stole his memory card. Sasha yells none of it matters because Willow will never forgive her if Harmony doesn’t make it. Brando notes this isn’t her fault, and she needs to tell Willow what happened. Sasha eventually agrees.

Sasha and Brando find Willow and Michael in the chapel. Willow explains they were about to check on how her mom is doing. Sasha tells Willow she knows this is a terrible time, but they need to talk alone. Michael and Brando leave, and Willow asks what they need to talk about. Sasha breaks down and tells Willow the truth. She explains it was an accident, and her mother came out of nowhere.

Willow asks if Sasha was with Carly and Alexis. Sasha says she wasn’t, she was coming from the Metro Court. Willow asks if it seemed like her mom jumped in front of her car on purpose. Sasha explains it happened so fast, and she felt it was more like Harmony didn’t see her. Willow doesn’t understand any of this and needs to know why her mom was in the woods stumbling into the road.

Michael asks Brando what happened with Sasha. Brando tells him that Sasha is the one who hit Harmony and relays what he knows. Michael suspects his mother might know more about what is going on.

Gladys steps into the elevator while looking at the photographer’s memory card. The doors close and she makes her exit.

Back in the chapel, Carly appears and tells Sasha she needs to talk to Willow alone as she has the answers to her questions.

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