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Allie: This is the second time I’ve had to knock this guy out.

Evan: Those concussions are gonna start adding up.

Allie: I knew I liked you. But this jake really is becoming a pain in my ass. And back in philly, he had so much promise.

Evan: What do we do with him?

Allie: Well, he wasn’t part of the plan, but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

Susan: Elvis must be right. My psychic powers are on the fritz. I just need some rest.

[Soft music]

I feel it in my bones. And you must have jumped out of dr. Marlena evans and into my sweet johnny during the exorcism. And you can’t fool me. You can’t, not anymore.

Demon johnny: Oh. I guess you’re not as dumb as you look.

Susan: It’s you. Beelzebub, I knew it, I knew it.

Demon johnny: Congratulations, susie Q. You figured it out. So now what are you gonna do about it?

Susan: Oh, oh sweet dear baby jesus. Oh, my grandbaby johnny. Oh, he’s gone and gotten himself possessed by the devil.

Belle: Did susan say why she thinks johnny’s in danger?

Ej: She kept insisting that he didn’t write the letter he left behind before he went to italy.

Belle: Well, did she happen to say who she thought wrote it?

Ej: She insists my brother, andre, did, which would be quite the accomplishment given that andre’s been dead for years.

Andre: You may have saved johnny roman’s life, but now I’m going to end yours.

Johnny: If you kill ben, you’ll be making a big mistake.

Andre: And why is that?

Ciara: Well, that was a bust. Marlena said that she hasn’t heard from– evan.

Evan: Hey, ciara. I was just catching up with an old friend.

Ciara: Ben.

Evan: You can scream if you want to; he won’t hear you.

Ciara: What did you do to him?

Evan: What does it look like? I killed your husband.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Belle: Well, susan’s your mom, and you obviously know her better than I do, but what if she’s right?

Ej: You think andre could have written johnny’s letter?

Belle: Well, I’m just saying that the reports around andre’s death tend to be exaggerated.

Ej: At first, she was convinced that tony did it. When I said that was impossible, she latched onto the idea that it was andre.

Belle: So she’s just grasping at straws?

Ej: All this talk of demonic possession seems to have gotten to her. Hopefully, a good night’s rest will get her sorted out.

Susan: I don’t understand. Why can’t I remember any of this? Heavenly father, I come to you as humbly as I know how. Now, if you can see fit to bring back your servant susan’s memory, well, then maybe I can save my elvis’s young ‘un from the hateful powers of the evil one. Okay. Well, in the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit. You’re not gonna get away with this. You are not gonna get away with this because you know what? You can slam doors to my face, but I am gonna go straight downstairs, and I am gonna tell elvis everything.

Demon johnny: You know what?

Susan: You’re gonna let me go?

[Dramatic music]

Demon johnny: And what are you gonna tell him?

Susan: I’m going to tell him that I’m leaving salem.

Demon johnny: When?

Susan: Tonight.

Demon johnny: Excellent, why?

Susan: Because roger needs me.

Demon johnny: He sure does. Well, I’m gonna help you pack your bags.

Susan: Okey dokey. You’re such a sweet boy.

Demon johnny: Yeah.

Susan: Ah, that’s why I was all fuzzy in the head. Oh, that mean, mean, mean, old devil. He touched my forehead, that’s what he did. And he made me forget he possessed my johnny.

Andre: Well, isn’t this touching? You made a little friend here in the family crypt. But unfortunately, your kinship is about to come to a short end.

Johnny: Why would you wanna strangle ben weston? The guy’s a stone cold killer. Don’t tell me you and your boss couldn’t use somebody like him.

Andre: I have my orders.

Johnny: He’s the necktie killer. You were the salem slasher. Think about all the damage you two could do in this town, the world. Or maybe the great andre dimera isn’t allowed to think for himself anymore. Maybe he’s just been turned into the devil’s little errand boy.

Tripp: Mmm, this is like the best sandwich I’ve ever had.

Chanel: Mm, please, please. Not sandwich, okay? We call it a ham and cheese croissant, monsieur.

Tripp: Mais oui. I stand corrected. And you can make these things?

Chanel: It is an awesome power, but I try to keep it under control.

Tripp: I mean, you are a wiz, dupree. Is that weird me calling you that? I know that’s what allie used to call you.

Chanel: No, it’s my last name; anyone can call me that. And besides, I am done letting things that remind me of her get to me.

Tripp: You know what, me too actually. You know, for the longest time, it was hard for me to even hear her name. Looking at pictures of her was the worst.

Chanel: But it’s better now?

Tripp: Well, I don’t look at pictures of her anymore. So that helps. And as for hearing her name, no, I’m totally okay with it now.

Chanel: Me too. Allie horton has caused us both enough misery, right? It’s time for it to stop, yeah?

Tripp: Definitely.

Ciara: No, no, no, no, no. This is not real. This is not real, it can’t be.

Evan: I hate to break it to you, babe, but it’s totally real.

Ciara: Evan, you are supposed to be in prison.

Evan: I bet that made you and hubby’s day, sending me to statesville. I was locked up, and the necktie killer was playing house with the brady princess. Well, that’s all over now.

Ciara: Ben? Ben, wake up. Baby, please wake up. Baby, it’s me. Ben. Ben, please wake up. Please wake up.

Evan: You’re wasting your breath. Guy’s dead, and you’re next.

Ciara: Ben, ben. Allie?

Allie: What happened to ben? Who was that guy with the knife?

Ciara: He’s orpheus’s son. He’s an escaped convict.

Allie: Why did he have a knife on you?

Ciara: I will explain later, but right now we have to help ben. He tried to strangle him. Oh, my god, allie, he’s so cold. Oh, my god, please let him be–

Allie: Ciara, I’M…

Ciara: Please let him be okay.

Allie: I’m so sorry, but he doesn’t have a pulse.

Ciara: Don’t say that, no. Oh, my god. Please, god, please, god.

Allie: This is out of god’s hands now. I’m sorry ciara, but ben’s gone.

Ciara: No.

Andre: I’d watched my tongue if I were you. You may have been my father’s favorite when he was alive, but he’s dead, and I’m undead.

Johnny: Okay, I didn’t mean any disrespect, andre. I just thought I should remind you of what a lethal duo the two of you could be. Your black feathers, his necktie, great visual. Could be bigger than “halloween kills,” you know, with me writing and directing, of course. So what do you say?

Andre: Oh, please. I’m sorry, old boy. I’m not interested.

Belle: When was the last time you talked to johnny?

Ej: We haven’t spoken since before I was sent to statesville.

Belle: Really? Wow, is that unusual for you two to be out of touch that long?

Ej: You’re appalled, aren’t you?

Belle: Appalled? No, why would I be? Ej, I know that your relationship with johnny is complicated.

Ej: And that’s just a euphemistic way of saying I’m a terrible father.

Belle: What? Wow, no, I’m sorry I triggered you like that. All I did was ask if you talked to johnny recently.

Ej: I know, I know. It wasn’t about your question. It was my guilt. I often feel that my son is a stranger to me. Maybe it’s because he reminds me so much of samantha. I see her in his smile, in his feistiness, if you will. And because her and i are now estranged, it makes me feel all the more distanced from my son. But I won’t give up. I hope to earn my son’s respect. Eventually. Anyways, I’ve contacted him numerous times. No response.

Belle: So the only proof you have that johnny’s okay is a letter that susan’s convinced he didn’t write?

Ej: I know my mother’s premonitions have been accurate at times, but this one was so vague I–

Susan: Oh, oh, my god! I know why, I know why! It wasn’t a premonition. It was a memory. Johnny isn’t just in trouble. Elvis, remember when I told you it was the work of the devil?

Ej: Yes.

Susan: Okay, I was wrong. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s not the work of the devil. It is him, oh! Our johnny is the devil himself.

Ciara: You’re wrong, allie. Ben always comes back to me. He always comes back. What are you doing just sitting there–go call an ambulance or something.

Allie: Ciara, ciara. It wouldn’t help.

Ciara: Fine. Then I’ll do it myself.

Allie: Ciara, ciara. That guy is starting to wake up. We need to get out of here now.

Ciara: I’m not leaving him. Allie, I can’t leave him.

Allie: Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. You need to think about yourself right now. You need to take care of yourself and your baby. When I came in, that guy had a knife on you. You need to let me get you out of here, okay? Come on, it’s okay.

Ciara: Ben, ben, I love you.

[Soft music]

Ej: What are you saying, mother?

Susan: Belle, I’m so sorry that I believed that you became satan’s vessel.

Belle: No, you did see a 666 on the back of my coat.

Susan: Yes, because that is what the devil wanted me to see. I mean, he set you up.

Belle: You know, the only other person that was here that day was johnny.

Susan: Right, right. And he was at dr. Marlena evans’ exorcism too, and when the devil left her body that night–

Ej: He took over johnny’s?

Belle: Yeah.

Ej: That’s ridiculous.

Belle: No, ej, wait. You know what, that’s not ridiculous because if what susan is saying is true, then that would explain why I don’t have the gaps in my memory that my mom did.

Susan: That’s right, that’s right, that’s right because satan wasn’t using you to do his evil bidding. It was johnny.

Johnny: Uncle andre, you’re not thinking this through.

Andre: Will you please shut up and let me get on with this?

Johnny: Andre, listen to me. Wasn’t it bad enough growing up in stefano’s shadow? And now what, you’re doing the devil’s dirty work too? Come on. You were the one that made kids in this town scared of the dark for like 30 years.

Andre: 40 years, if you don’t mind.

Johnny: Just take a minute, a minute and think about how you’ll be remembered. If you force ben weston to go on a killing spree with you, they’ll be telling stories about andre dimera for the next hundred years. Forget about jack the ripper.

Andre: It’s tedious, forever banging on his what, five victims?

Johnny: Hey, you could put him away. Why would you strangle ben weston when you could make him wanna kill again?

[Dramatic music]

Chanel: Interesting, isn’t it, how we’ve bonded over being hurt by the same person?

Tripp: We do have that in common. But I do admit that it does feel really good to be able to vent to someone who totally gets it.

Chanel: Yeah, it does. It really helps.

Tripp: Yeah, and you know what, I think I’m going to hit the gym before I go on duty.

Chanel: Oh, you’re gonna exercise so soon after eating?

Tripp: Who’s the doctor here? And besides, I need to work off the 12 million calories that was in that croissant.

Chanel: Come on. It wasn’t that big.

Tripp: Ah, it was great. But next time, lunch is on me.

[Cell phone rings] Hey, rafe, what’s up?

Rafe: Hey, can you possibly come over to nicole’s and watch henry till she gets back?

Tripp: Where’s allie?

Rafe: Nicole got a text, said she had something important to deal with.

Tripp: More important than her kid?

Rafe: Yeah, I hear you, but I’ve gotta get to work. I got a case I gotta handle myself.

Tripp: Okay. Yeah, I’ll be right there. So much for the gym.

Chanel: Why did you ask him about allie?

Rafe: He’s alone with henry, and he has to leave. He said that allie texted nicole some lame excuse about something to coming up.

Chanel: That’s exactly what she did the night before she broke up with me.

Tripp: Yeah, something bad enough she treated you like crap. Now she’s neglecting her son?

Ciara: This is a mistake. Allie, we should have stayed. You’re not an expert in taking pulses. What if ben is alive, and he’s just in shock, and he needs my help? He needs me. Turn this car around, allie. We’re going back.

Allie: We cannot go back. Okay, ben’s killer is still on the loose, and he wants you too. Ben would want me to get you as far away from that maniac as possible.

Evan: [Groaning] Crazy bitch must have turned on me. Really wanted to kill wes and the wife myself. I feel cheated. I really should get out of here before the cops show up.

[Tense music]

Belle: Okay, so the devil wiped out your memory of realizing that he was in johnny?

Susan: Yes, yes. Clean as a whistle.

Ej: So let me get this straight, the devil possessed johnny, then convinced him that italy was lovely this time of year.

Susan: Yeah, but johnny isn’t in italy any more than you and I are, elvis. And he didn’t write that dang letter. Johnny is still here in salem. I know it.

Belle: Yeah, then we better find him.

Susan: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, but I read the letter. I read the letter, and it was all highfalutin.

Ej: Hm, I noticed that myself. It started out, “my dearest family.” And he referred to himself as a dilettante.

Susan: But johnny doesn’t talk that way, and you know it. Sounds more like who? Andre dimera.

Ej: Mother, andre’s dead.

Susan: I love you elvis, but right now you are really getting on my nerves. Who stays dead in this town, huh?

Belle: Okay, let’s suppose you’re right. Where do we start looking?

Susan: Wh–ooh! Prince of darkness has a favorite spot. Oh, and it’s where he tormented john black and myself, and it is right out back.

Ej: You’re saying johnny’s been in the family crypt all this time?

Susan: Yes, let’s go. Let’s go, come on. Okay, this is a freezer, not a time capsule.

Belle: Okay, she’s right, ej. My dad told me all about the crypt. You have to go check it out. Listen, I’ll stay here. I’ll call eric. Because if johnny is possessed, there’s gonna have to be an exorcism.

Ej: Ugh, I can’t believe we’re talking like this. I thought this whole devil possession thing was some sort of mass hysteria or something.

Susan: Elvis, honey, I keep telling you it is for real.

Ej: [Sighs] Then we’ll go to the crypt.

Susan: Finally! Oh, let’s get a move on. Come on, come on. It’s gonna be us who’s gonna have to stop that devil before he ruins any more lives. All right, come on, whoo!

Ciara: Where are you going? We should be headed towards the police station. We should be looking out for christian and sending help for ben.

Allie: You’re absolutely right, okay. I’ll call rafe.

[Dramatic music]

Hey, rafe, it’s allie. I’m here with ciara.

Rafe: Thank god, is she okay?

Allie: She’s fine. Yeah, but she said that christian maddox broke into her apartment and hit ben over the head.

Rafe: I already know. I’m in ciara’s apartment right now.

Ciara: Please tell me you got there in time to help him.

Rafe: The emts have already been here. I’m so sorry, ciara.

Ciara: Oh, my god.

Rafe: It was too late.

Ciara: Oh, my god, ben.

Allie: Should we come back to the apartment?

Rafe: Not with maddox on the loose. Take ciara somewhere safe until we catch him.

Allie: Do you have any ideas on somewhere safe?

Rafe: How about the horton cabin? I’ll send a couple uniforms out there to watch the place.

Allie: Okay, rafe. Whatever you say. It’s gonna be okay.

Ciara: Nothing’s ever gonna be okay.

Allie: You have to think of your baby now. I’m gonna take good care of you two for ben.

Ciara: Oh, my god, ben.

Rafe: Jake, jake?

Jake: Yeah.

Rafe: Hey, who did this to you?

Jake: I don’t know.

Rafe: Hey, okay. Can you tell me what happened?

Jake: I was here…

Rafe: Jake!

Jake: There was a knock at the door. I answered it, and i recognized–I think it’s the guy who locked up ciara.

Rafe: Christian maddox? He escaped from prison tonight. Was it him?

Jake: No, it was somebody else. Oh, my head hurts.

Rafe: Hey, where are ben and ciara, huh? Does he have them? Jake, jake. Hey, hey, hey, jake. Stay with me, hey, hey, jake.

Andre: I can see why you got along well with those hollywood types. You learned the art of the elevator pitch.

Johnny: Does that mean you decided not to kill ben?

Andre: Yes, it does. But I did promise the master a kill. So I’m afraid your dreams of movie stardom are coming to an end. But do say ciao to nonno for me, will you?

Ben: Let him go! Let him go!

Ej: Get your bloody hands off my son!

Andre: Oh, what’s happening?

Ej: Johnny, are you all right?

Johnny: Thank god you’re here.

Ben: He was trying to kill him.

Andre: It’s me, it’s tony. I’ve been possessed by the devil.

Ej: It’s really you?

[Dramatic music]

Mother, what the hell have you done?

Susan: It was not tony dimera. That was his evil doppelganger, andre.

Johnny: [Coughs] Stuff. We love stuff.

Susan: Whew. I knew I was taking a kind of chance. But if that was tony dimera, he’d be laying there in a pool of blood. Lucky for us, it was just a demon from the fiery pits of hell. Ashes to ashes, crappy dog.

Ej: You saved my son’s life. I don’t know how to thank you.

Johnny: Can somebody get me out of these chains?

Ben: Yeah, me too please. I need to go get ciara.

Ej: Of course. Keys are right here. I’m so sorry I didn’t figure this out earlier. Thank god you’re still alive.

Johnny: I was pretty damn scared.

Ej: Yeah.

Susan: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Hi, ben, hi, ben. It’s really good to see you.

Ben: It is really good to see you too, susan. Very good to see you, but could you please work a little bit faster? I need to get the hell out of here.

Ej: Do you have the energy to walk?

Johnny: I’m gonna have to have it; I gotta find chanel.

Susan: Oh, oh, oh, oh, no. You are not gonna go anywhere until we know that you are not still possessed.

Johnny: Grandma, if I was satan, how would I have been chained up down here all this time?

Susan: And if the devil really wanted us to know that, he might just say that to us.

Ben: He’s telling the truth. Johnny’s not possessed anymore. The devil’s moved on.

Ej: Who now?

Ciara: Wait, this doesn’t make sense.

Allie: Life doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Ciara: No, allie. If ben were dead, if ben were really dead, I would feel it inside of me. I know I would. That is how connected we are.

Allie: Well, you’re probably just in shock, okay? Can’t feel anything yet. How about you just lie back, close your eyes.

Ciara: Close my eyes, really?

Allie: All this stress, it’s not good for the baby, ciara. We’ll be at the cabin soon, and then you can lie down.

Ciara: Yeah, what difference would that make?

Allie: You’ll feel better.

Ciara: Not without ben. Allie, if he really is gone, I’m never gonna feel good again.

Tripp: Thanks for covering for me, buddy. I owe you. Yeah, I’ll be there soon as I can. Thanks. Hey, henry asleep?

Chanel: Out like a light. “Goodnight moon” works every time.

Tripp: Thank you for coming with me. Henry hasn’t seen me in a while, and I was afraid he might be scared of me.

Chanel: He’s the sweetest little boy.

Tripp: He is. I miss him so much.

Chanel: Yeah, well, he definitely wasn’t scared of you. He smiled so big when he saw you.

Tripp: That did make me feel good.

Chanel: You know, I can’t believe that allie said she was too busy to watch her own little boy.

Tripp: Yeah, it seems totally unlike her, right? Chanel, do you have any idea what’s going on with her? I’m starting to worry that, you know, things have gotten to be too much for her.

Chanel: How do you mean?

Tripp: Everything she’s been through. Like realizing she’d been raped. Having henry at such a young age. Her parents taking off. What happened between her and me.

Chanel: Me and johnny didn’t make things any easier.

Tripp: The first time I met the guy, he wanted to know how I liked being with someone who kisses other girls. And he said that in front of allie.

Chanel: And then he set his sights on me, and I fell for it. It was all pretty messy. Thank god my mom stopped us from sleeping together, or things would’ve gotten a lot messier.

Tripp: Sex when drunk has a way of not working out.

Chanel: Yeah, falling into bed would’ve ruined our chances of ever being you know, friends.

[Cell phone beeps] Is that allie?

Tripp: No, it’s nicole. Holly’s dance class is over, and they’re on their way here. I can drop you at your car on the way to the hospital if you want.

Chanel: Actually, would you mind if I went with you? I’d like to visit lani.

Tripp: Not at all. I’d like the company. Especially since it’s yours.

Ej: The devil went from you into your sister?

Johnny: Yeah. She locked me up in here.

Susan: Ah, poor allie.

Ben: Susan, could you please get me out of these damn things. Please.

Susan: You know the key is not turning.

Johnny: Look, we need to get allie some help, and i need to see chanel.

Ej: And you will, but you’re going to the hospital first.

Susan: And same with you, big fella–oh, my goodness. I mean, you look pretty beat up yourself.

Ben: I don’t, and we do not have time to worry about me. Last night, allie came to my house, and she gave me something that knocked me out. Next thing I knew, I woke up here, and who the hell knows what she did to ciara. I just have to find her before it’s too late.

Ciara: Ben.

Allie: [Humming]

Ciara: Please stop that.

Allie: I know you don’t believe this, but I am going to take such good care of you.

[Dramatic music]

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