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Update written by Shane

Sasha and Gladys race over to the body of the person on the ground that Sasha has hit with her car. The photographer who was following them very closely is still in tow, he says look what you’ve done. He began his harassment of Sasha again as Gladys tried to call for an ambulance. The photographer grabbed the phone to handle the ambulance, while Gladys and Sasha turned the person over. It is Willow’s Mom, Harmony. Sasha began to perform CPR.

The ambulance arrives and Harmony was whisked away.  One of the EMTs said that Sasha had most likely kept Harmony alive. The photographer said that he wanted his memory card returned. He added that depending on how the events unfolded he would sell the story with Sasha as a hero or the cause of an unspeakable tragedy. Sasha refused to deal with him, and their argument grew physical until Dante arrived on scene to restore order.

Gladys stepped aside to call Brando. The photographer claimed he needed medical attention after the fight, and Dante urged him to drive himself to the hospital. Sasha told Dante the truth, that the photographer had been chasing her in the car and she had tried to get away. Harmony had stepped out into the roadway and she attempted to swerve to miss her but by the time she appeared in the headlights, it was too late. Dante suggested that Gladys take Sasha to GH to be checked for shock, and he told them to come to the PCPD the following day for statements.  By the time Dante left, Sasha was losing it, flashing back to the photographer capturing images of her dropping pills on the ground. Gladys tried to reassure her, although she pointed out that Sasha had been speeding. Gladys wondered what was on the memory card and admitted to Sasha that she still had it in her possession. 

At Wyndemere, Esme found Spencer on the phone, asking someone for a favor. “What favor is that?” Esme asked Spencer when he ended the call. Spencer told her that he had asked Cameron to watch what he said around Esme. He added that he was heading out to the gallery to start his “menial tasks” after hours in order to avoid Trina and Ava. He kissed Esme on the cheek. 

In the library, Nikolas attempted to reach Ava on the phone as he looked at the table that had been set for two. Shortly after, Ava replied via text message that she had other plans and told him not to wait up. Nikolas exploded. He shouted that his effort had been a waste. He overturned the table, glasses and dishware crashing to the floor. Esme feigned concern as she walked in and began to pick up some pieces. She couldn’t understand why Ava didn’t appreciate Nikolas. Esme always wanted someone who was unconditionally loyal like Nikolas. She picked up Nikolas’ phone and then hesitated when their hands touched while she gave it back to him.

Esme said it wasn’t fair that she and Nikolas were stuck in a house without the love they needed. They were surprised when Laura walked in and commented that no one was stuck. She added that Esme no longer needed to hide. Laura had spoken to Sonny, who had maintained that Esme had nothing to fear. Laura declared that Sonny’s word was his bond, and everyone could resume their normal lives with Esme moving out. “Let’s not be too hasty!” Nikolas said.

Nikolas stated that Esme and Spencer were unable to support themselves. Nikolas appreciated Laura’s stopping by. “And not a minute too soon, it seems,” Laura replied. She mentioned the moment that Nikolas and Esme were apparently having. Nikolas mentioned that he was simply trying to console Esme. Laura thought that Nikolas should be consoling his wife instead. She was also worried about Spencer, who had been fighting with his friends and was isolated. She urged Nikolas to get rid of Esme, the source of everyone’s strained relationships. Nikolas felt that Esme only wanted someone to love her, and he was confident that she and Spencer would reconcile. Laura thought Nikolas was being naïve and noted that he had a scorpion under his roof. 

Trina heard a noise while she was working at the art gallery. It was Rory. He said he had noticed that the front door wasn’t locked, and he was there on Jordan’s orders to keep watch over Trina. She accused him of overreacting to the situation just days prior when he had arrested Cameron. Rory confided that he had to follow the rules. Trina accused him of taking his job too seriously.

Rory asked for something to drink before heading back to sit in his car. When Trina returned with a bottle of water, she found Rory staring at a painting. They began a discussion of artwork, and Rory said that he saw hope in the painting, though he knew nothing about art. Spencer walked in and threw out some of his own art knowledge. Trina demanded to know why he was there.

Portia and Curtis sat at a table in a corner of the Savoy. She said she had been worried about him. Curtis replied that he had found and then lost his father. They’d had a confrontation after Curtis had discovered Marshall’s secrets, and Marshall had been upset and left town. Curtis told Portia none of it mattered now that their future was most important, and he didn’t think Marshall wanted to be found. Curtis insisted he cared about Portia and Trina, even though Trina wasn’t his.

Willow and Michael greeted Dante at the Metro Court Gardens. They made small talk, and Dante mentioned that he’d seen Sonny. Willow took advantage of the moment and stated that she wanted to check up on Wiley, and she left to make a phone call. Dante wanted to hear Michael’s side of things, but Michael replied that it was between him and Sonny. Dante pointed out that Sonny had been going through changes since he had arrived back in Port Charles. Dante reminded Michael that they would always be brothers. After Dante left, Michael told Willow that he wished Dante had not mentioned Sonny. He declared that it was a rare night out for them, though, and they kissed. Michael received a phone call from Carly, telling him to come to the ER immediately.

Sam found Alexis at the hospital, where T.J. revealed that Harmony had attacked both Alexis and Carly. Carly begged Jordan to find Harmony because she was a danger to Willow and Wiley. She told Jordan that Harmony had been desperate to keep her secrets. Carly also told Jordan about the paper she’d found in Alexis’ fireplace with Neil’s psychiatric notes from a therapy session with Harmony. Jordan wanted to know more about the attack at Rana Point. Jordan felt that Carly knew more than she was letting on and pressed her for answers but Carly insisted she was telling Jordan everything she knew.  Jordan later got a call about the accident on the highway.

A gurney carrying Harmony was wheeled into the emergency room. Jordan announced that Harmony had been hit by a car. Willow and Michael arrived and found Sam, Carly, Alexis, and Jordan waiting.

Carly calmed Willow down, but Willow asked what Carly knew. Carly and Alexis explained that they had been with Harmony earlier. Willow was trying to figure out who could have hit her mother. Harmony was then wheeled out of an exam room on the way to surgery. Sasha and Gladys also arrived.

In another exam room, Felty whined about his stolen memory card. He declared that he had been attacked. Dante was not moved as Felty spoke about pressing charges and reminded him that Sasha too would be able to file charges for assault, harassment and an illegal vehicle pursuit. Felty changed his mind as Dante ordered him not to go anywhere. Felty called Smoltz and announced that he had what the journalist wanted.

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